The Brand in Playgirl?

I don't want to take away from the post about Sabrina Strickland and her plea deal on drug charges, but I had to post Cock Gobbler's latest stupidity. If you haven't read the Sabrina post, scroll down when you're done. I tried as hard as I could to post the pictures associated with this post, but for some reason the upload kept failing so you'll have to visit the liars site to see them. If you do, just remember, I was looking at them for WAY TOO FUCKING long to try to get them up here and now my appetite is gone forever. Enough said about this shit. Enjoy the delusion of Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)... 

As Arthur Kade was walking around on Saturday and Sunday debuting his amazing new look (My new hair style and fashion trend that I introduced to the Gen Pop which I call “Casual Couture”), I must have had at least 20 different girls come up to and tell me how “Hot” I looked, and much my new hair style makes me look 10 years younger and I even had one girl that I was debating “Kadeing” a couple months ago say to me, “I would fuck you right now” while we dominated “Kade Style” at the ultra-exclusive, Philly “A-List” packed, Sonia Rykiel Fashion Show, that I attended at Recess that night (The Nouveau Image put on a NYC style fashion show that was fast paced and “Kade Style” hotness), where I sat in the first row as a celeb of my caliber belongs (Seating at these shows is everything because it shows where a celeb is on the “Famous Ladder”, and I want to only be in the first row with fellow celebs, or I will prob just not come). The Show went amazing, and all I kept thinking about was how very soon I will be first row at the major fashion shows during Fashion Week in my NYC, Miami, and Milan, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would sit next to other M.I.M.’s (Moguls in the Making) like Martha, Oprah, and Puff, and what types of conversations we would have about my movies, book, TV show, and which supermodel walking the catwalk I was taking home for some fun that night. We could even compare investment portfolios, and talk about business and artistic mergers we can collaborate on in the future, and how it was funny to watch other models walk the runway like I did at such a high level in my incred youth.
With how great and sexual I look right now, I then see the pictures of that ridic tool, Levi Johnson, in Playgirl.com (He looks absolutely horrible with no great body, he looks like he is totally uncomfortable, and is just doing it for the money instead of the Craft of showing “The Human Body”, and he doesn’t even have the balls to show off his penis which means he isn’t hung, and compared to the studs they usually have in the mag, he should be embarrassed of his look), and I started thinking about whether I should have one of my “Reps” set it up where I do Playgirl, and show my amazing body (I posted my old Philadelphia Magazine Pics below which when I posted months ago set the Media world on fire, and I had Gen Popper girls stopping me on the streets to tell me how amazing I look), and how it would impact my ultra-fast rising acting/authoring/celebrity career and my rise in “The Biz”. Many “A-List” celebrities have shot nude before, and considering that I am looked at as “The New Bad Boy Of Hollywood”, I think it might be a great career move to continue to show my versatility and range as an actor, generate some additional income for “The Journey”, getting some added exposure, and it will elevate me to Global Sex Symbol status once all the 18-25 year old girls see me naked (I can only imagine how many girls will masturbate to the magazine, or many Gen Pop wives and girlfriends will have sex with their man thinking about The Brand and his spread. Also condsidering that I just dominated Dusk with some gorgeous Playmates, this could all be destiny telling me something
Anyone who has ever seen me naked knows that I have a beautiful and statuesque body, and that I could have paintings and art drawn off my shoulders, waist region, and especially chest which pops out beautifully when I am lifting heavy, and with the popularity of ArthurKade.com, my soon to be number 1 TV Show i America, and a Pulitzer Prize winning/NY Times Bestselling Author, I will probably sell Hef a record number of mags and get him a record number of Internet hits. I would need to hit the gum super hard right now, but when I diet and work out hard, my body is an absolute 10.
Top 5 moments of another crazy “Kade Style” Weekend:
1) When I walked out of my building, 3 guys said, “It’s the guy with the Website?”, to which I quickly responded, “Yes…It’s Arthur Kade”, and they all went nuts, and one got on the phone and started calling his friends and telling them he saw Arthur Kade.

2) The Brand received a twitter from a well known Food Writer in Philly for The City Paper about how Philadelphia’s favorite son, Arthur Kade, was seen at an event, except I was never there. Here’s the twitter: “@PhoodieCollin says he just saw @ ArthurKade here. I missed him. The Brand: he is everywhere and he is nowhere. #ironchefgarces”, and I think it’s funny how my favorite Philly chef, Jose Garces wins The Iron Chef, but people are still focused on Arthur Kade, and now there are ghost sightings of The Brand.
3) The Guy who came up to 2 girlfriends of mine at G, and said, “Is that Arthur Kade?” and they allowed him to pass through and meet me, and the smile on his face and “Little Boy” fan reaction made me feel like he was going to try and make out with me. Welcome to Kade Nation.
4) The girl who came up to me at The Sonia Rykiel Fashion Show, and said, “I have to admit that as much as I want to hate you, you are hilarious and get me through the work day”. I smiled and thought to myself, “If you read my blog everyday, then you know you’re a Philly 6, and should not even think about approaching me when I am in my celeb element because it could hurt my image to be seen with you”.
5) The 2 girls in The Mogul Room at G who stopped me when I was leaving, and said, “We heard you’re some kind of celebrity. Can we take a picture with you?”, and we pulled out our cams and killed it.
Finally, A “Kade Style” Shout Out to a person who acted like a complete retard with a stupid prank he pulled on a friend:
When you are going to play a prank on someone else (The Vogue Call), make sure it isn’t someone who has more talent and drive in their craft than you can ever dream of dreaming about. The saddest thing in the world is wasted talent, but what’s even sadder is not realizing TRUE talent that a Gen Popper will never have”….Arthur Kade….11/23/09
Here are the Shower Pics from My Philly Mag shoot showing my great body and Levi’s shots from Playgirl.com, and pics and vids from the weekend:


  1. he needs to be killed with FIRE!

  2. Also, Wig, give us the dirt on the coke sniffer Boonswang.

  3. Ardvark hasn't tweeted a twittin tweet in quite a while... hmmm.... I'll bet he's been deflecting all the shit he's getting from the Non-tourage... or he's in the pokey!

    Now what will the Ross clearance rack, betwixt the folding chairs aisle-way model do? Ick, I can see the Tomato-red stiff shirt and pink & blue (?) poly-blend tie as I type... Shut the FUCK off!

    Loo :(

  4. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 23, 2009 at 5:07 PM

    Ghost-Written. No doubt. Art doesn't really use terms like "ridic", "cams", or "incred". Those are cheesy terms used by cheesy girls.... like Furburger and Gunt.

    THere's also a reference to a prank someone pulled on one of his plague-ers. Has he ever given a shit about anyone but himself?

    I love "I would have to hit the GUM hard". Sounds like a Furman typo for those who read that abortion of a press release, it's right up her "allie". She might be a worse writer than douchenozzle himself. But Art would never publicly admit that he has to hit the gym and diet hard - he thinks he's a fuckin god. I think it was a Freudian slip by Lindsay; the "gum" is a subconscious reference to her own very gummy horse-mouth and she would love Arthur to hit that shit. Why, I have no clue. But 'twould explain why she's stuck to him like a fatty on a cupcake.

  5. @ awe fer crissakes…

    In the ‘Artest’ post you commented…

    “Arthur, do you need someone to post bond? I’m here for ya man.”

    “What up Kade? No one to post for you while you are in the county?”

    I hoped he went to jail, but I couldn’t find him with ‘Vinelink.com’. I don’t believe he wrote this post, with the used pictures and better form than usual, do you know something? Give it up (info, that is)…please.
    Also, I can’t believe that he didn’t/wouldn’t have something to say about legowigs stats. And ‘dev’ deal. And new kanabler information that should make them proud to be with hanus kanus.

    And as always lisperado, good job douchefag!

  6. He’s not going to be in playgirl. He’s not an actor…nothing, zero, not even once. No book, no deal, no anything. The only way people want to see chicken legs (extra lispy style) naked is at the morgue. He’s old, tired and I doubt he even wrote this post. Blowzo, you truly make me tired. Your hair is perfect, by the way, good job douchefag. You never fail to disappoint

  7. I think he meant “Hit the gumb hard”

  8. Looks like a wannbe 20 something fucking indie rock loving hipster. Gross. Grow up.

  9. Like that fucking haircut hasn't been around forever and sported by douchenozzles just like him.

    His twitter feed is strangely silent... in jail or crying about The Wig going further than you, Kadipshits? Aw...

  10. Which of the following was NOT missing from the Amazingly Exclusive Sonia Rykiel Runway Fashion Show to Raise Money for Pigs and Other Good Stuff Too Amazing Event?

    A. Sonia Rykiel
    B. An actual Runway
    C. Any A-list Celebrity
    D. Any celebrity at all on the "Famous Ladder"
    E. Real-life pigs (wait! keep in mind, the Gunt was there)
    F. One giant douchebag wearing a short sleeve red silk shirt with a clown tie.

  11. Zombie Kade here- we need a photo shop ace stat- in the latest gallery of stupid, fourth row down, middle of the row there is a great picture that could be used. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.

  12. Hanus kanus last tweet was from the web…all the others have been from uber twitter

    Someone’s trying to cover for him, he’s gone MIA! Yeah, oh I mean I hope nothing has happened to it/him

  13. I'm sure it was hard for Raya to debate having her step son "front row" at her little show. On one hand, you don't need to make some third rate event seem fourth rate with Lispy prowling around and doing his trademark rape stare (that isn't his at all, he totally stole it from Brian Peppers). On the other hand, he's a psychotic asshole on the brink of snapping who knows where you live. Tough call. Especially now if he's MIA he could have flipped his lid already. I'd imagine him masturbating furiously to his own photoshopped images, coated in semen collected from the floor of his favorite truck stop glory hole.

  14. A Random Teradactyl(sp)November 23, 2009 at 9:06 PM

    Great job today LegoWig! Awesome info on that bitch, site is doing well, your own dev deal, and Kade is obviously somewhere crying and
    masturbating in his own kadelive oil.

  15. Kade is a greasy failure, thanks for taking down him and his crew!!

  16. Looks 21???


    Try 41, you insufferable douchebag of a cumstain.

  17. Love that someone pranked him by letting him think he was going to be in VOGUE!!!! Bwahahahahahaha!!! That was the HUGE NEWS he twittered about the other day and it turns out the "Gen Pop" was fucking with him. Absolutely brilliant!!

  18. "Couture" - literally "sewing". When used in the context of fashion industry-speak (i.e. haute couture) a reference to the high-end, meticulously executed, hand-worked craftsmanship performed by the artisans of a select and limited number of design houses that make WOMEN'S DRESSES.
    Men have TAILORs (or at least grown-up men do). Ladies have couturiers.
    Artard has some ready-to-wear schmatta made by slave labouring children in China that I would not bury a dead dog in (a dead, greasy, coked-out guido faggot sure, but never a dog).

    His "new look" was tired back in 1985. His hair is better being only 5-6 years behind the curve.
    He looks like a creepy old man desperately trying to hang with highschool kids at the Fall Out Boy concernt(*shudder*)

  19. "Lifting heavy"? BAHAHAHAHA. I think we saw you do 3 reps on the bench once with what I consider a warm-up weight. You took a couple of pics and then quit.

    It is also disturbing that you know the "usual kinds of studs" you find in Playgirl. What the fuck.

    Oh, and by the way Mister Jet Setter? I just got back from a week in Belize diving. If I'm not mistaken, since you started this blog, you went to L.A. ONE time. Little old gen pop Matt Beauchamp went to Belize twice and to Australia for 3 weeks. Not to mention the U.S. Open and other assorted concerts.

    Actualy jet setters take more than one 3-day trip a year to the slums of Los Angeles.

    You're just a limp dick who writes poorly about unattainable dreams.

    Kill yourself.

  20. Although this is aimed at an Australian audience, I really think it's perfect for Arthur. Click the link in my name for our take on 'couture'. He would definitely be a nouveau-bogan if he lived here.