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Yes, I know he posted the KNN entry 5 days ago; I've got an actual life, but I'm trying to catch up!

(Matt & Jo - Best of Tuesday - 2nd February 2010; download the MP3 here.

…my recorded interview aired on the Number 1 listened too show on the continent, “The Matt And Jo Show on FOX Radio” to a million plus listeners (My interview with them was an unprecedented 25 minutes, with another 5-10 minutes for commentary which in Radio World is like a 3 hour Oscar Winning movie)

Time that Kade was on The Matt & Jo show (from the second his voice was first heard): 4 minutes and 44 seconds. Is it possible that the podcast is the condensed version of the interview? Yes, but since I have no other sources of information on this, I have to conclude that it’s the only version. Kade’s claim that the interview was “an unprecedented 25 minutes, with another 5-10 minutes for commentary” is, as usual, total bunk.

The interview does raise an interesting question or two about human beings rating one another one their appearance, and the possibility that some of us may be closer to Kade than we’d like to admit. However, I attack the notion that a woman is not worth any man’s time simply because her level of attractiveness may fall below a certain number. That kind of thinking hearkens back to the 1950s and the idea of the nuclear family, where the woman knew her place (the kitchen) and was obedient to the man of the house. That time is LONG gone!

Kade, you’re fully admitting that you’re part of a materialistic society that values looks more than intellect; a biological “style over substance” theme, if you will, and for that, you deserve to be herded into a FEMA work camp along with all the other mind-numbed sheeple and made to do slave labor when martial law is declared.

Had DB1 from http://www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com/ not mentioned you, I doubt MANY of us would have heard of you, Turd Radish (myself included), so please discard the notion that people were genuinely interested in “““““““““““““““““The Journey””””””””” from its inception. I liken this site to a poor man’s HCwDB (no offence to the admins who help out) because my writing ability is FAR below that of DB1’s, so props to that man for his incredible wit.

Here’s an interesting article that came out shortly after Kade did his balls-ass hot Aussie interview…

This Is Where Arthur Kade Messed The F*ck Up
(check out the comments as well)

An outsider has to admit that, even though many people in Australia hadn’t heard of Arthur Kade before, they’re definitely talking about him now. His controversial views are helping to spread his name around…even if those views are negative. Is it so easy for people to forget a person (such as Kade) who has such shallow and unrealistic views about the opposite sex? Kade may think this is all going in his direction: to get as many people as possible talking about him, but Kade, you've got to know that not all negative press is good press. You’re the only one who has a high opinion of yourself; sure, some of your family and a friend (or two) may want you to succeed, but other than that, who’s rooting for you? Certainly not anyone who’s read your blogs and knows your opinions! I'll bet if someone were to tally up all the comments you've received on your site to this very day and arrange them in terms of positive and negative, the ratio would be 1/9. I'll fuckin' betcha.

Let’s bring another conundrum into the mix: many people have said that Dingy Von Slobbertrap hates women, yet two of his most famous enablers (GN Kang and Marissa Rosen) are WOMEN! What about Lindsay Furman and Sabrina Strickland? In fact, aside from Chad Boonswang and Kent Osborne, I don’t hear much about Kade’s male friends (yes, I’ve read the “Douchebag spotlight post”). He refers to the Entourage once in awhile, but we never SEE them. Why is that?

“The Matt And Jo Show” even referred to me as a celeb, and called my blog “One of the biggest blogs in the world right now”.

As has been said before, Kade may be suffering some kind of psychotic break from reality. I liken it to a sort of escapism from the reality in which he was once living. His lust for the life of a rich and famous actor could be the yearning for acceptance, the love that he needs to fill the empty void that is his consciousness. The life of an actor is so much more than receiving awards, being recognized/praised, and revered for one’s talents. In fact, the aforementioned things may be a microcosm of an actor’s busy life, and Arthur may be overlooking everything else in order to see the reward, the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Could he, in fact, be deceiving himself? Pulling the wool over his own eyes? Has he more than one personality that takes over his mind when it feels the other mindset is not doing what it should be? Is it a sort of game, or battle, between the two mindsets? Could he be deliberately changing aspects of his mental attitude from time to time so that no one person can really know who he is? Does he purposely throw himself into things he does not know to see if one of his personalities will pick up on it, and therefore make him a greater (more talented, perhaps) person? With all the mind games that Kade may be playing in his head, would he become so confused that the perceived reality (that he wants to exist) and the one that actually exists have fused together? Kade may even be deluding himself into thinking that he is above everything in this reality, that he is perfect and can do anything as long as he puts his mind to it. But how far will he go? Because he wants the life of the actor so much (or at least the rewards of one), has he started believing that he already IS one? Does he envy that kind of life so much, and if so, how far is he willing to go? Those of us who have seen “The Talented Mr. Ripley” have an idea what envy (and jealousy) will do to a person.

The following films deal with deception and different levels of reality. I believe they are worth checking out, even if I’m referring to reality as Kade attempts to mold it for himself while the films deal with people who are realizing that their reality is not the ‘real’ reality.

The Matrix
The Thirteenth floor
Dark City

It’s interesting to see that a man whose own mind is so damaged wants to become a person whose occupation it is to create and showcase other personalities. An actor must know who they are through-and-through, and their mental faculties should be stable if they are to remain competent and be able to deal with ever-increasing pressures both in their professional and personal lives. Although it can be argued that some of the greatest actors “were not all there” and had very messy private lives, it goes to show that there is no one formula for success in this particular industry.

An interesting comment from the “Kade scale” page…

Rhino on 02 Feb 2010 at 7:09 pm

That’s the nature of satire Jasmine, it highlights a serious issue and promotes discussion about.
This ‘Kade’ character is a mirror of the whole ‘looks are everything’ issue in Western society.
He is designed to make you think ‘well yeah I judge people based on their appearance, maybe I should try to do that a little bit less.’
The ‘Kade’ character is actually helping your cause!

…and some great comments from the KNN blog on Kade’s site…

Women Against Kade! on 03 Feb 2010 at 7:35 pm

After listening to Arthur’s “Aussie” interview, how he wouldn’t spend one precious moment of his time on a woman he deemed “unworthy”, it occurred to me that in 2010, many women are :
Casting Agents
Decision makers in the “Biz”
Many of us fall below that Morons ideal of “kade worthiness”. Well, Ladies, we hold the keys to the Kingdom that he wants to enter.
Word spreads, reputations are formed, blackballing occurs.
Henceforth, we are forming a “sub-chapter” of the “Katers”………. Help me out with a witty name. Lets spread the word of his misogeny!
Oh, men, you are welcome as well.


This post is dedicate to Paul Major and his Lovely Wife!

aussie girl on 04 Feb 2010 at 8:07 pm

hey Arthur Im with all my fellow Australians we are laughing so hard at you .I just had to click on your site to see what you looed like and yep just as I thought you have a face that looks like a busted asshole .Your ugly inside and out and holly cow your STUPID

I don’t know what one looks like, but “face that looks like a busted asshole” brings back memories of the good ol’ days when the comments on Kade’s blog were rife with harsh, yet funny insults. Aussie girl rocks.

Finally, I’m closing this entry with my favourite comment from Kade’s Youtube page:

Icee1231 (1 month ago)
Your videos are like a massive train wreck in which everyone on board and several pedestrians are killed.
That is how bad your shit is. Please leave the internets.


  1. I made a graph of the number of words in Dr. Douchbag's various posts, over time. Click my name.

    Over the last year, his sentences have been getting longer and longer, culminating in a massive 460 word sentence in Appearance Requests on December 11th.

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  3. Eg

    I have lived on the edge of the english pond for near on 20 years. I have never come across someone as crass as you in all this time. Your well spokenness and your base attitude is odd to say the least. You are humorous but I don't believe it. Prove you are english and not an american who is pretending.

    Tell me about Fat Boy Slim (who I am listening to right now and is around your age). Explain Jonathan Ross. I will know if you googled. Stephen Fry me and watch-dog my ass. I am giving you BBC even though I mainly Sky. I am making it easy for you.

    My problem is that you act as english as I do. You are rude *and* well educated. That doesn't happen. Where are you really from? Fess up.

  4. Fucking impertinence.....fack off you nosey bugger!
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    Seeing as you are somewhat twisted, I have a present for you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54_hTQk9GqM

  6. EG

    Not sure I copied it right. Click my name.

  7. Then... get mad at me because you can't get the song out of your head. hahahhahaha

  8. Damn, I was just about to use the "well fed eel" reference myself.

    Question: Is a regular sized female rectum and 19-minute arse fuck (with a 12" modestly chunky eel) an oxymoron?

  9. Kudos - lol, not if it's a virgin bum. Anyway, my vulgarity was partly inspired by the first poster, 'piss flaps' - a name that I found rather crude. The chart of Arthur's sentence lengths is clearly made up and so I thought I'd use that well worn comedic device of exaggeration to mock Mr/Ms Flaps.....it all went a bit wrong and I got a bit carried away with the bum love side of it.
    ....' can you fix it?....
    It truly is a paradox (or hypocritical) that on the one hand I rebuke Arthur for the silly way he rates the ladies and yet here am I writing the most awfully crude things about them. I have reduced them to a gaping anus....but I too come out of this looking ridiculous - which is only fair, I suppose.
    Rada - you seem to know something of my quaint culture. Of course, there is no way of proving that I am English but why would I want or need to? We are a race of mediocrities....Anyway, you don't have to go far back in my family (greatgrandparents) to find Irish on both sides, so, were I any good at football, which I was before injury, I could have played for the Republic. If Vinny Cunting Jones can play for Wales...I mean Fuck me, fucking useless that cunt was and what a cunt he proved to be on BB....I don't watch that type of shit, my friends told me what he was like. Couldn't play football, can't act, petty cunt, alpha male type cunthole - how the fuck has he had TWO careers?.. That's England for you - utter fucking mediocrities succeed, whereas a genius as myself has to entertain on Autistic Arthur's site. Fuck God and baby Jesus

  10. Did'nt Vinny Jones get his ass kicked in some podunk town in South Dakota or something? I seem to remember this a few(?) years back.

    Yep... thought so...


    Best line of the article...
    "In other surprising news, at least one Mexican guy lives in South Dakota."

  11. Judging by the comments over there, I think Artoad's blog is officially DEAD.