It's all over for Kadyshes

Hi, it's the original Lego Wig Kade again, making my first post in almost half a year. On or around the New Year, I turned the blog over to "Alex B", a college student in Western Canada. I got bored of writing about Kade at all, after just 2 months and I was really "mailing it in" in November and December. I thought, maybe someone new, who still cared, could inject some interest back into watching Kadyshes flail and fail. It turns out, we'd unearthed much of the dirt on Kade in September and October, thanks to Kade's "friends" (he doesn't have real friends, more like acquaintances from clubbing). After the sad, pathetic details of the Kadyshes clan came out, there was no "there" there. Once it became obvious that Arthur Kadyshes isn't some spoof or faux-guido, that he really just is an obtuse, classless case of child abuse writ large, it became sad to watch Lispy McSlobberfuck mess up his chance at a respectable middle class life, much the same way his father and mother fucked up their respective lives.

I'm here today to shut down this blog, because it's really the only attention Arthur is getting from anyone. He only blogs 2 or 3 times a week these days, he attends guido parties far more than he works (even as an extra), his lies have gotten repetitive, and there really is nothing more to the Kade story than Groundhog Day-like repetition and emptiness. I'd like to thank all of Arthur's "friends" and former co-workers who emailed us tips. I apologize that we didn't want to post everything, because we couldn't cross-check or verify everything... and if we couldn't be 100% sure, we didn't want to detract from our credibility and become as pathetic as Kade.

Before I close the blog and change the password (the former password was "cockgobbler", in honor of Kade) I wanted to present a few facts as a trip down the sad, Norma Desmond (from Sunset Boulevard) "journey" that is Kade's waste of a life. A final, factual round up on the failed douchery of Arthur Kadyshes:

1.) Kade's site is a ghost town. Just look at the trajectory of site visits presented in this snapshot.

2.) Kade isn't getting the attention and feedback he desperately needs as an insecure, immature, formerly abused and neglected boy. Comments on his blog are way, way down. I guess you can only kick a loser so many times before you feel bad about it (or get bored of it).

3.) Kade isn't busy on a TV show, book, or even with extra work. He's writing a free column on Gawker (a site that relentlessly mocks him) once a week. A column that makes him look like a retarded wannabe 33 yr old guido and assures he never gets real acting work. Good job, Lispy.

4.) Both of Kade's parents are convicted small time criminals, Kade was clearly abused growing up, and he still invites a father into his life who has no fatherly interest in his 33 yr old son. A caring father would be able to connect with Kade, get him to stop the drug use and partying, and get into therapy. Ultimately, the groundwork for Kade being a massive zero was laid many years ago. The best explanation for Kade leaving a mediocre, but decent paying, job to start this search for attention and approval is that he's never felt loved or accepted in his life. And now that he's a punchline, even his former girlfriends are avoiding him like the plague, including the one who just got serious with a new (and better) guy and takes care of Arthur's dog that he can no longer care for.

I started to feel bored and kind of evil for mocking someone like this, so I stopped a few months ago. I'm finishing up my psychiatry residency this summer and I didn't want to keep carrying around the guilt of destroying the remaining shreds of Arthur's self worth. I hope we can all move on and I apologize to those who have still enjoyed kicking Arthur while he's down. We'll all be better people for just ignoring this fool and spending our time improving our own lives, careers, and communities.

Thanks to everyone else who helped design and write the blog and especially to those who took care of the blog for the last 6 months while I wasn't active here. After conceiving the blog and setting it up, I did almost none of the work of adding the Twitter feed, designing the site, creating the logos, or even writing the terms of service--that was all contributed by others who volunteered their time and skills. This left me free to email and text message with several of "Kade's Players" (mostly girls) who actually do NOT like Kade... and this led me to the facts about his sad life. I think it's fair to say that we had plenty of laughs and won in the end, but the only way to truly "win" when you're dealing with an attention-needy famewhore is to move on and live a better life yourself. Let Kade keep raging until he's even more haggard and old looking, with less money and prospects than ever.. while we live productive and happy lives.

If you're looking for funny sites that are still relevant, I suggest 419eater.com and rebloggingns.wordpress.com . Matt Beauchamp and other commenters from this blog have joined me over there, I have noticed. I find the topics on those humorous blogs FAR more intriguing and hilarious than anything Kade has done in months. His life is sad, not funny.

Have a great summer and best of luck to everyone,

P.S. If you want to re-live the douchery of Kade for laughs sometime, all of our videos and other content are still online, the blog will remain online, it's just that I'm closing the blog to new posts/comments to stop feeding Arthur's pathological need for attention. If you're looking for something to remind you of the days when mocking Arthur was high fashion, click here and then check out our other videos.


  1. Lisperado

    It seems the fun here is over
    you're still a man blower
    it's plain to see
    you are a loser
    and an every night boozer
    good luck with this hot mess you call the journey

    the haircut jokes have all been told
    and laughing at you is getting old
    you just repeat your lies everyday
    although you still rub people wrong
    whatever thrill was there has gone away


    I can't say that we'll miss you
    it was fun just to dis you
    but that's over now
    your still a dickhead
    who talks and acts like he's brain dead
    So good luck with that Oscar
    (you won't win an Oscar)
    good luck with that Oscar
    that you just want to 'hide' anyway





  3. It's that time, huh? Ah well. I was in the midst of creating a video that would only have taken about another month to complete! I also had another video idea or two, but I think that, since we're going to abandon Kade, those ideas should be laid to rest (just as he should be).
    Many thanks to the original LWK for all the good times and, most importantly, for giving me a platform to share my creativity!

    The Magistrate.

  4. @ Magistrate - Thanks for your creative submissions over the last 8 months or so! We really did appreciate those who helped with artwork, videos, and the like. Feel free to take your creative talents to either of the creative and continually relevant sites I mentioned-- RBNS or 419Eater.

    Like this blog, it's a little "insider-y" as far as the jokes and humor go, but you'll catch on and come to love them.

    Kade just isn't relevant anymore, even as a joke. He's just recycling the same garbage over and over. I felt it's best to cut him off with one of his last sources of attention. He was never worth hating, only laughing at... but now he can't even claim to have haters.

  5. to all concerned at lwk - thanks for all the laughs and info, a good job well done

  6. WOW! It's all over now, eh? OK, let me admit to a few things...

    I, as MC 900 Foot Douchebag, gave up posting to this site and Cock Gobbler's site as of January 1, 2010. My only problem was I just couldn't stay away. This caused me to feel great shame, but I just HAD to be able to spout off when need be. That is when I created the new handle of "HOLDEN CAULFIELD." (give me a break, I was re-reading Catcher at the time)

    So, I wasn't 100% truthful when I said I was going cold turkey and I did things like this:


    Which was nice to see it get singled out on the LWK site when nobody here knew who Holden really was.

    It was also great to see my Twitter feed added here without anyone other than me knowing that AKZlist was actually MC 900 Foot Douchebag and subsequently ArturdTheZero when AKZlist got blocked by Cock Gobbler.

    All, it was fun and stupid all at the same time. Arthur Kadyshes will end up dead by his own hand in a pool of blood and cumb in a few short years (months?) and the world will be no worse off. Fuck Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)

    Now, get back to helping me Mock The Douches over at www.hotchickswithdouchebags.com

    Arrivederci cocksucker!

  7. MC 900 Foot Douchebag is Holden Caufield!?!?!?!?!?! That's awesome!

    Thanks Lego Wig for all the laughs!

  8. hey its hangin back again to check this shiz out. like the MC 900 I took off but came back a few time to check it. had the urge to check today and what timing I had.

    great work guys. shout out to the old school peeps and you know who you are, too many to name but we were family in a strange way....


  9. Anna turned and looked at me and said "He was so nice and polite, a little kid, like a hurt little kid." I agreed with her.

  10. Even if you don't accomplish another thing in this crazy mixed-up world, you will be remembered as a beacon of excellence.

  11. Finally found out the name of that horsefaced chick in a lot of Artshitz's pics: Hacina Saadi. Click me.


    Case Type: Personal Income Tax

    Court: Judgment

    3/26/10 PA State Lien Filed: $2740.56

  13. I'll miss the Lego Wig, but it's true: the glory days of mocking Kade are over. And truthfully, the stuff he puts up these days mocks itself all to readily. There's no point in jeering at a video of Arthur running into "his boy, Stew" when the star athlete looks at Arthur incredulously and says "Have we met?", returns Arthur's lascivious remarks about models with a calm "You mean that charity thing? It's for charity", and refuses to do the asinine "Kade-out." It's kicking a dead horse to make fun of someone who humiliates himself all too painfully.

    Bye, everyone! Stop by my blog sometime if you care.

  14. p.s. My ten year-old finds Arthur hilarious in his pretentiousness, so we may occasionally mock him over at www.drunkenhousewife.com. Even a child sees through Arthur Kadyshes.

  15. Its been fun, but time to move on!

  16. Great blogging, but it was clear there was little effort or new content the past few months. The information you gathered was priceless and far, far more entertaining than any jokes or comments--because it was TRUE.

    There's only one way this whole charade ends up--Kade lying facedown after overdosing at his empty, sad apartment. Loser-buddies GN Kang, Chad Boonswang, and Sabrina Strickland probably won't even care enough to make the funeral (unless coke is provided). Sad.

  17. I'll supply the coke at Arthur's funeral if it means GN, Chad, Sabrina or Teefs will possibly OD.

  18. what about that creepy little event planner/party promoter guy, mike something? i forget his name, but he didnt get enough attention here for being a massive douchebag with a tiny stature.

  19. I was originally 'husky' and then I turned into 'Al-Kade-a'. Cheers! and that is funny as fuck that MC is Holden as I recognize that voice from a couple of the voice mail messages (that are now no longer available unfortunately). I probably will continue by my trademark message on a daily basis until he either a) comes out of the closet or b) kills himself. Thanks all

  20. Your "Trademark message" has become very popular. It has taken over the comment section. Now if he would just listen...

  21. Al-Kade-a, I believe you also referred to Teefs as"Sonic the Hedgehog" once. Classic! Thanks for the laughs!

  22. RIP, Lispy/Teefs/Gunt/Midget lawyer guy

  23. The dumb cunt went to NYC in a Bolt Bus to pick up a shitty $100 gift bag and went back to Philly to tape his bullshit in Ron Hansen's spread in his building, and he's going back to NYC tonight. Cheap fuck can't even spend a few hundred bucks on a hotel room.

  24. anon 11:25 makes a good point.

    a) arthur filmed that stupid gift bag shit in Ron Hansen's apartment (bonus fact--ron got fat this past winter)

    b) it's internet week in NYC this week. everyone who is someone in new media/blogging is there. yet, kade is not. can't afford it, i guess? bc he is NOT working on a movie or anything. so he's making a 2 hr trip each way to and from NYC to avoid paying for a hotel? what a lisping moron.

  25. checked his site a while back and WTF happened? looks like it was redone by a 12 year old with a 486 dx266. if you click on a pic it takes you to 3 pics and no one is commenting.


  26. Al-Kade-A...

    As you know I love your trademark message and occasionally copy and paste under my name. That and L Region's "Great Stuff!" make me laugh every time. So simple, yet so perfect.

    The midget PROMOTER guy is Mike Fazio. Creepy looking little fucking troll. Usually creepy little trolls become actors or musicians to get chicks. Obviously that creep has no acting or musical talent. Just like Cock Gobbler.

  27. shit she disappearedJune 9, 2010 at 4:15 PM

    Best of luck Legowig. The commenter's wit made Kade's pathetic existence interesting, if only for a brief amount of time. You've given him something neither his friends nor his parents could ever give him: attention.

    Godspeed everyone.

  28. Legowig,
    I don't get it. Reblogingns comments are making derogatory remarks about you. I only went there 'cause you suggested. The comments kade made about julia stirred them up. Most of them are trying to say kade is an act...all the while believing that julia is for real? One even said that you are Kade? Worried that you might start commenting again? Fuck them and fuck feeling sorry for the cockgobbler. And fuck julia.

  29. One of the other editors put some links up to Kade over there a few months ago. The posting of our link over there made people think that we were *promoting* Fin Face in some way? Some people speculated that Kade was running his own hate blog to try to get more attention for his "act". Because they didn't really believe anyone that ugly and stupid would be trying to "make it in Hollywood". It makes sense. This blog is over and if you want to see another fame ball get skewered by some pretty funny writers, RBNS is great. The thing is, they want to bash Julia over there and they a) don't believe Kade is for real and b) don't want people linking to other sites.

    I don't know who linked to here from over there, as my role in this whole thing was to get information and opinions from people who know Kade (his "entourage") who actually hate him, and then share it with you. That and just to create a forum for people to post other information like court records and tax records, so everyone can see what Kade is about. I've been posting at RBNS for a pretty long time--it predates this Kade project--and it's one of the best snark sites on the web.

  30. What's funny is how at one point during 'the journey' we were thinking of having some kind of Kade bashing convention. People were going to fly out from all over the country to meet one another and come up with even more mockery on the shit stain on the blanket of life himself.

  31. An updated picture of the death of a former insurance salesman's website.

  32. Legowig (12:44 pm),

    I didn't come here from a link on RBNS, I went over there because of your suggestion (and link)...

    "If you're looking for funny sites that are still relevant, I suggest ---419eater.com--- and ---rebloggingns.wordpress.com--- Matt Beauchamp and other commenters from this blog have joined me over there, I have noticed. I find the topics on those humorous blogs FAR more intriguing and hilarious than anything Kade has done in months. His life is sad, not funny."

    It was by coincidence that kade happened to slam julia that same day. I didn't like what was being said about you and just wanted you to know that they were not as kind to you as you were to them.
    Hypocrites that lack self-awareness if you ask me. Thinking that they are any different than the commenters here. Oh wait, julias real and kades a fake (little do they know). Dumb ass humps know nothing and sure can't see themselves for what they are.
    On the other hand, I guess you don't care and this is over anyway, but you might consider using a different name over there.
    I personally think julia is a pimple on kades ass when it comes down to whom is more affected. Julia tries to not be fucked up; kade is just fucked up and makes sure everyone knows it. Pretentious fucknuttery he is.
    I know none of it matters...just saying.

  33. They're actually both just really fucked up people. I have never cared if RBNS was gracious towards this site. It's clear a bunch of them read over here. I think what rubbed them wrong (rightfully so) was that someone from over here was posting our link over there--more than a few times--in random threads. It came off like spam.

    Also, a lot of them think that Kade is an act and/or that this site was also written by Kade.

    Anyway, I recommend both the sites I mentioned, because they rock. Nothing more, nothing less. My work here is done, God bless all of you... even the oily fin faced fan who I *know* spent a lot of time reading this blog with his midget ambulance-chasing friend and his big-toothed wannabe PR lady friend.

  34. Artshitz's comments fell off even more than I thought. Maybe he should hire the Nouveau Image to do PR for him…oh, wait…

  35. my father said that I would end up a bartenderJune 11, 2010 at 1:38 PM

    Posted: 25th February 2009 by arthur

    "Yesterday, I was having dinner with my father... I was telling him how the blog was getting various levels of interest, and he stopped me mid sentence ... 'nothing beats having a son who gave away a five-figure career and comfortable life to pursue a potential path of failure and couch-sleeping'"

    end story

  36. Lego, (1:10 am)

    Thanks for the reply; it's all good. We'll probably cross 'paths' again someday. It has been fun.

    And to lispy, choda and teef's... sucks to be you!

  37. someone else, radda radda, hypnogogialJune 19, 2010 at 1:36 AM

    Lego, I am going to miss you but I am truly glad that Kade is turning into muck. Lots of people say that we will miss him as something to pick on, but seriously, not gonna miss anything. In a way I feel like I have saved part of the world from the crap he is. We banded together and kept him from sliming innocents. Lego's attitude helped ruin his plans. YAY!

    The original lego is a psych major? That makes total sense. That is what pulled me in too. I am fascinated with abhorrent psychology. Kade is abnormal. Good luck with your studies. Consider narcissism as your master's thesis. Use Lego as your 'proof'. I suggest you show that narcissism is NOT accepted by the general populace. It might pull a mate but when recognized by the group, it is unacceptable.

  38. So I just had an interesting exchange with some vodkatard that reminded me of Kadyshes as I was playing hearts online:


    Bubbles!@[XXX].btcentralplus.com is here.
    greygoos@[XXX].comcast.net is here.
    aLICE@[XXX].net.au is here.
    CAPSLOCK@[XXX].comcast.net joins the game.
    Pass 3 cards to aLICE:
    hi, aLICE...what happened back tehre
    was a strange thing
    allo - good name
    i wuz kikd 2
    hi bubbles
    allo aL
    i was ahead by about 20 pts when kikd...go figure
    not to worry
    Pass 3 cards to greygoos:
    hOO hA?
    perhaps you can learn polite conversation just as readiliy
    You must follow suit!
    it's greygoose, knucklehead, as in vodka
    ran out of room
    Pass 3 cards to Bubbles!:
    just doing me nails...
    are you socially challenged,C
    from a gray dog
    Pass 3 cards to aLICE:
    sent of a dog
    doing me toes now...
    come on GOO
    stop sipping it and play luv...
    greygoos leaves the game.
    sipping the goo?

  39. Stick a fucking cock inside this throat hole.

  40. I actually felt nostalgiac reading this. im gonna miss the hilarious wit of some of the commenters here and some of the more crude ones as well.. Peace

  41. Fucknuts's current address is 1925 Poplar St, Philadelphia 19130. He's crashing at a condo for sale owned by Girvin Gerald and Younis Basim. Basim was apparently the resident. Sold in spring '09 for $240K, on sale now for $309. Fat fucking chance there, the assessment is for a whopping--get this--$11,520. JP Morgan sued for foreclosure at the end of December. The bed and bath Artie won't show in his "Taj Ma Kade" are actually much nicer than the ones he's using.

  42. Scratch that, it's inhabited by Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue. Terry Jue.

  43. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with the admin? I know the blog is over but I want to speak with him.

  44. Unless the admin is checking up on this blog from time to time (which I seriously doubt), I don't think you'll be able to get ahold of him. I myself was running this blog for a few months and I don't remember how he and I kept in touch. Do you have interesting info, anonymous?

  45. Were you the person who ran the site temporarily? Is there anyway I can speak with you?

  46. Yes, I ran the site from February to April, 2010. Whatever you would like to say will have to be said here, as I can't simply be giving out my email address. Either that or you could email the former admin at legowigkade@gmail.com and hope that he replies (this, of course, is dependant on whether or not that person still checks that email address).

  47. Now that Kade has shut off comments on his site - any chance this one will be resurrected?

  48. FUCK, would that ever be awesome! I mean, that's why this site was created in the first place! But, as the original 'Wigman said in this post, he's shutting it down and moving on with his life. I'd start the site up again if he let me, but I think he's long gone. Perhaps, with his departure, he was insinuating that we all should leave Kade/Kadyshes alone and go on to lead productive, meaningful lives, not worrying about what others are doing and criticizing them for it, but spending our time improving ourselves in some way, shape, or form.
    If that was his hidden message, I think he has a point, but I also think that one can improve by dashing Kade's character against the rocks. For example, making fun of Kade helped me to improve my video editing skills! Not the greatest videos, mind you, but I finally started using the video editing program that had been sitting on my computer, unused, for the past 9 years.
    We can still comment on his site (the Q&A section) and call him out on his bullshit, but we've got to go other, less obvious routes now.

  49. Is there anywhere that people who want to post about Kade can now congregate? He has shut down every outlet for commenting on his main site, so where can we all go?

  50. Unless someone creates another anti-Kade blog, there is nowhere else for the Katers to go, unfortunately. You can still leave a comment in the "I want your feedback!" section of his website by scrolling down the left side of Kade's main page and clicking on the "Click here: I would love to hear your feedback!" link (that's if you can make it past that hideous shirtless Kade picture that he STILL hasn't taken down even though Gawker stopped mentioning him after July 9th, 2010). You could also go back into the archives of that trainwreck of a blog to page 7 (as of this writing) and leave a comment on his "Arthur Kade Goes MMA With World Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez" post (April 24th, 2011), or any post before he disabled the comments.

  51. As of today, Kade has disabled the commenting in the "I want your feedback" section, so unless you've got a YouTube account, he will not see any more hateful comments on his website (then again, he has disabled commenting on most of his videos as well).

  52. Raya met her husband in a similarly unconventional way.

    "He was physiotherapist. I had problem with my back and hired him for massage. Two weeks later I decided this is it. Two months later I left my husband and two months later he left his wife... He is incredible, he is unbelievable man."

  53. anyone remember how funny those voice mails were back in the beginning of Arturd's 'climb to fame'?

  54. So once a month or so I check out Artshitz's fucked up failure of a site. He changed it again into something even more fucktarded. His old comments are all deleted now, but his legacy lives on here. Thank Jebus for that. In a week it'll be three years since that deluded asshole started his journey into irrelevance and failure.

  55. STEAK WITH SHIT ON IT...where has it gone?

  56. Someone please start up another Kade blog! Reading all of those comments was one of the highlights of my day. "Anxiety attack fuck you die" forever!

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  60. The past three posts are nothing but idiots whoring themselves out for the almighty dollar...like Kadyshes himself in those god-damn-awful interviews he does (and every single one of them starts with the same old cattle call of banality and stupidity: "HEY EVERYONE, IT'S ME, ARTHUR KADE"). The aforementioned posts are meth marks on the face of what could have continued to be a great blog (had I not fucked around with it near the end)...for awhile.
    I often wonder what another anti-Kade blog would be like in this day and age, and if there would be anything more (in the way of originality) to say. Kade has been circling the drain of the interview world for the past 2 years now, and his lack of antics have pretty much dried up any criticism that we anti-Kaders may have of him - aside from his horrible interviewing skills and deplorable personality, that is.
    Kade is nothing more than a talking head in a sea of talking heads, and if that's the kind of fame and notoriety that makes him happy (or the only kind that he can afford), I say let him drown in it. I don't believe he will amount to anything anyway, no matter how many interviews he's done with famous, semi-famous, or non-famous people. In my view he's simply another famewhore trying to get his face in the public eye as much as possible to satisfy some sort of popularity contest that he's having with the voices of doubt that exist only in his own head.
    I know I've got one more Kade video left in me, this final one being a summation of his life, past, present, and future, as well as his state of mind, but I constantly question whether it's worth making. The original Lego Wig stated that we shouldn't waste our time on him and instead lead happy and productive lives...and he's right. But if that's true, then why do I get the feeling that I'm not done with Lispy McSlobberfuck every time I revisit the Lego Wig site? I realize I would be tooting my own horn and giving the impression that I wanted the same attention that I'd be claiming he lusts after, but it's not about me getting recognition, it's about alerting people to the ilk that is Arthur Kade (and others like him) in an attempt to clean up this messed up society of nowadays...but then the question of free will comes into play, and that's a whole other ball game...
    The character of Arthur Kade is a travesty, no doubt about it, and as thinking, rational human beings, we should rally against such characters at every chance possible. The question to be asked, however, is whether or not we should spend our precious time hating/rallying against such a character, or keeping silent and ignoring said character until it pervades nearly every sector of our world. Do we act, or not?
    As it was said in The Matrix Reloaded, "The problem is choice."

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  62. Please do start up another Kade blog. Or at least make another video. I think everyone would appreciate it!

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  67. As the one and only original Al-Kade-a (srs), after 3 years, all I have to say is...






  68. hahahahaha! ^^^ miss this. miss all the pithy and awesome comments. *sigh* come back Kade - in all your douchy glory.