Artwork From Our LegoWigKade Fans!

We're starting to receive some great submissions from our readers - verifiable proof that you are choosing the Lego Wig Brand as your preferred brand. If you've got the skills, or even if simply smearing mud on a white canvas is your idea of creating a realistic rendering of Arthur Kade, do it, and send it to us!

One of our first submissions was absolutely stellar. The picture captures all that is disgusting about Arthur Kade, from the giant eyebrows and the width-of-a-silver-dollar nostrils, to the creepy eyes and the dissatisfied pout, finished off with a typical Arthur Kade slogan. Want to cross paths with this wretched creature on a dark night? We think not!

Thanks go out to Mr. F for this first submission:

More submissions:


  1. Not bad!

    Shouldn't AK still be given a few hits so that he keeps his blog going?

    We don't actually want it to fold do we?

  2. I would imagine that even if Kade's site does become unavailable, people will still visit this website for a long, long time.

  3. shit she disappearedAugust 27, 2009 at 8:40 PM

    Zits. All those need more zits to be more kade like. Also grease, if it doesn't shine with grease it aint a Kadyshes. That's how they tell each other apart in the Old Country.

  4. LWK

    Personally, I'd like to see "The Journey" travel full circle. I think we all know that it will not end well. And it would be terrific to see it come to its inevitable demise. Presumably through the suicide or arrest of the protagonist; please don't rob us of that opprtunity!

  5. shit she disappearedAugust 27, 2009 at 9:02 PM

    Personally, I'm putting my money on:

    1. Triple Murder Suicide: Monkey brains Kaids goes on a coke fueled rampage (or glue depending on what he's managed to earn sucking dick)once the comments on his site completely dry out. He will kill the Organ Grinder Lady Boy Lego Tits G.N. Kang first. Then he'll kill his dad and mom, who are equally responsible for turning him into such an abomination. This would be a horrific, disturbing tragedy if the involved were not complete and total monsters. Also, I'm betting that his last video will be a buffalo bill in silence of the lambs deal in which he shows up tucking his balls in. Which probably isn't hard for Kade to do after years of practice.

    That or a brief career in gay porn.

  6. shit she disappearedAugust 27, 2009 at 9:04 PM

    And if he does go into Gay Porn or as he will call it Kade Porn - the only fitting insertion of his last name (although he won't be doing any of the insertions in his movies). If his step mom gives dyes his hair blond, he will have a good chance of scoring a gig as the scarecrow in the kade porn production of the Jizz-ard of Oz.

  7. Geez I missed comments like the last two!

    Well played sir!

  8. Serious and specific threats, promotion of violence, anti-asian hate--I doubt this site will be up for long. If blogger doesn't take it down, look for the exposure of the haters.

  9. WTF I rim GN Kang... did you ever bother to read Arthur's fucking blog?

    I'd like to hog tie you and toss you on all floors into an inflatable pool filled with elephant bile. I'd spread your ass cheeks apart with a homemade ass speculum made of coat hangers and speaker wire, and proceed to shoot dildos at you with a dildo gun after lubricating your ass crack with pureed anteater snouts.

  10. shit she disappearedAugust 27, 2009 at 9:36 PM

    @I rim GN Kang

    You are like the weak, mildy discomforting static shock one gets from touching an electric appliance after walking on a thick carpet. That's all you are. A little insignificant shock. At least Kaids is an organism. You on the other hand, are nothing.

    Carry on little troll, no one is noticing, not even that lego tits cunt you worship in your masturbatory fantasies.

  11. shit she disappearedAugust 27, 2009 at 9:39 PM


    Thank you sir. I forgot to include that in Arthur's suicide note he will explain: the lego wig made me do it. He will also blame it for his uncontrollable gay urges (yes, this was one of my predictions in the "Brief History of KAIDS" post. And I wouldn't have recycled material if it didn't feel like an apt response in this case.)

  12. shit she disappearedAugust 27, 2009 at 10:22 PM

    Now that new picture looks more like it. Keep it up!

  13. Now your drawing pictures of AK? This is what this blog has become? Are you fucking kidding me?
    @Babs Buckshot
    What are you scared of? That post exposes you as more pathetic than AK.
    Classic intellectual lightweight. Attempting to demonize the poster in an attempt to relieve onself of the necessity of countering the message.

  14. shit she disappearedAugust 27, 2009 at 10:53 PM

    I think, ladies and gentlemen, that I know who our little troll is. It's not Kade, it isn't G.N. Kang. I believe its noon other than the obese basement dweller Doug!

    And I assume that by message, you mean arguement, which I would be happy to rebuke if it wasn't because it's total nonsense. There is no point to your moronic accusations other than to give you the rush of mattering in some way. Since there is no arguement to challenge, I can simply put you down for being a complete moron.

    That is all.

  15. Artiholics AnonymousAugust 27, 2009 at 10:56 PM

    @SSD - AAhahahaa, nice theory!

    Hey Doug, got any boners in your raceing (sic) suit lately?

  16. @SSD
    "no one is noticing"
    It seems I have struck a nerve.

    For months we had fun mocking AK's delusions. Now we have....this site. Your lust to destroy others coupled with your delusions that you have the capabilty to do so have escalated into dark, unfunny commentary. Plus attacking AK is no longer enough, now you must go after G-N. Are your lives actually this pathetic? Apparently so.

  17. So, was there a big juicy to-do tonight posted at 9PT, or did I miss it?

  18. 8/01 - 7/06 IDS Life Insurance Co.
    1/98 - 7/01 Neiman Marcus (King of Prussia, PA)
    7/96 - 5/01 Temple Univ.


  19. People, people!

    The internecine conflict between "I Rim GN Kang" and several other commenters on this blog is drawing attention away from what's REALLY important: the utter mockery and degradation of Arthur Kade. We can argue about whether or not it's kosher to go after the Powers Behind Kade, as well as his minions and lackeys...or we can focus the entire power of our hatred on The Evil Entity himself.

    Let's not lose sight of the mission! No mission creep!

    @ "I Rim GN Kang"- I think you actually made some good points in terms of out-of-line racism and misogyny in this comments section. But are you pro-AK or anti-AK? I think it's important that we all make our positions clear, and I do seem to remember you being of the Anti-Kades on the other blog. Just curious.

  20. Arthur Kade Twitter- "why do fat girls fuck with me?"

    ...because no one else will?

  21. Bravo with the site and bravo with the pictures ... I particularly like the 'Popeye' one!

    I do agree that this blog should be Kade-bashing based, some of the racial, misogynistic and homophobic comments on here are a bit out of line.

    But if 'I rim GN Kang' has a problem with it, he/she should vote with his/her mouse and bugger off. I don't see how anyone can complain about misogyny when his/her username is affectively hinting about tonguing a person's (and, specifically, a young woman's) arsehole.

    Lawd above, guv'nor! Kade is a complete Brighton Rock, innit! Off to the rub-a-dub with a monkey to get Brahms an' Lizt.

    Love The Cockney Rebel

  22. I love the cockney rebel...


  23. Much obliged darlin'! *tips cap*

    Love The Cockney Rebel

  24. Can I advise that everyone completely ignore and disregard "I rim GN Kang" much in the same way his gigantic-headed object of lust does?

    Babs, great to see you here. You sure know how to class up a joint.

  25. You want to mock AK's delusional rantings? Fine. But the problem with your blog is:
    1) Your anti-AK posts are just not that funny or entertaining anymore. You've lost your touch.
    2) The overwhelming majority of your posts have nothing to do with AK.
    3) Your decision to go after his "crew", specifically G-N is out of line. Almost all of the "inside info" on them here is wildly inaccurate. You're just making stuff up or are reporting tips received from people who are making stuff up. None of the people on this site know G-N and she doesn't know any of you.

    I will not "bugger off" so long as the G-N bashing continues. Deal with it.

  26. This from Arthur's blog, and my riposte.

    # LegoWig Loseron 28 Aug 2009 at 8:18 am

    I just wanted to make you all aware that before contributing to giving Legowig information about Arthur or his friends, here are some facts about Legoloser -

    1. This person is very smart and articulate
    2. They have spent time in a mental institution
    3. They have been convicted of stalking a real life celebrity
    4. They are posting items that could be considered libel
    5. Most likely their identity will be exposed and they will either have one of 2 things happen
    6. a lawsuit or worse
    7. they will turn on you if you give them your personal information
    8. This person is extremely violent and dangerous
    9. They can not hold a full time time, hence all the time they have to create a blog centered around Arthur
    10. This will come back to bite both you (if you’re feeding them info) and him in the butt

    @ Legowig Loser

    You make a number of unsubstantiated allegations about the people/or person behind the "other place" which are at best, an attempt to put people off posting there with veiled threats about libel and lawsuits, at worst libellous if you can't back them up with solid proof.

    Not the best way of going about this is it?

    In this particular case, a suit for libel would stumble against the very reasonable defence, that Arthur and his team encouraged and published negative comments, as a way of fuelling controversy and garnering attention for "The Journey" and "The Brand". In short, the hate, much of it funny, was what hooked people and got them coming back to the blog. It was integral to it's existence. Without the amusing commenters and their bile, there really wasn't anything to see.

    By soliciting ever more outrageous comments, and by then moderating them, and STILL publishing them, Kade and his "people" are in effect the authors of their own alleged libel. It could be convincingly argued that they as "authors and publishers" of this blog (and I use those terms advisedly) are as culpable as any of the original author's of any alleged libellous comments.

    And that's before we go down the satire as defence argument.

    So - nice try, but no biscuit.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jew Steel, MA LLB QC

  27. @Jew Steel

    See, you deviate from the established successful script of AK bashing, and these are the kind of comments you get.

    Not funny.

    Not entertaining.

    No reason to visit this site.


  28. I think you can take it as read that I rim = Legowig Loser

    I rim G/N/K/a/n/gon 28 Aug 2009 at 10:31 am

    @Jew Steel

    1) Fuck you.
    2) Your site is, well, not funny. Very, very few attacks on AK, and the few that there are are not entertaining.
    3) 90% of the posts are the posters having inane conversations with one another. Boring.
    Sorry Dude.
    # Jew Steelon 28 Aug 2009 at 10:34 am

    @ I rim G/N/Ka/n/g
    Compare like with like GN - the mirror post that relates to this blog has 61 comments.
    The 27 you refer to above, relates to the following post about Arthur artwork.
    Therefore, legowigkade.blogspot.com has had more than 50% more comments than this trainwreck.
    Again, nice try GN, but no effing biscuit.

  29. @Jew Steel

    You're still reading and posting on AK's site. What a dancing monkey.

  30. The artwork is intriguing, some of it is going to be of an excellent quality I would guess... But is this not the same risk being run, that any publicity is "good" publicity for a narcissist?

    Still, the creativity shown is impressive. :)

  31. I particularly like the way that Gina's first reaction to my cogently argued analysis is to say fuck you.

    In court, this would be the moment when you know that your opponent is losing the argument.

  32. @Jew Stell
    Losing the argument that this site is not a funny and entertaining AK-bashing site? Right...

  33. @ I Rim

    By all means call me a dancing monkey, but bear in mind that I was posting a rebuttal to the threats of Legowig Loser, and a further rebuttal to your claims that Artie has more hits than this place, when a simple comparison proves otherwise, whereas you, you're just still posting there, and dancing.

  34. Haha Gina's fucking dumb. But still, this site feels a little dirty. Whatever. Where's the chrisDUDE?

    - the russDUDE

  35. great stuff guys! keep it coming!

  36. http://www.123people.com/s/arthur+kadyshes


    "He was an incredibly nerdy guy, and I have found that when people brag as hard as he was about their successes, they are usually failures or trust fund children (although we googled him on the way home from the city, and he was totally legit; go figure). I told him that the only way that he could continue to talk to Radio Babe was to buy me and her drinks, and he did!!! He probably spent at least $200-$300 on us, and it was great using someone the way my friends and I are usually used by women. My next life I am coming back as a hot woman so I can spend 75 years manipulating men and ruining their lives."





    kade out.

  37. @Jew Steel
    Great stuff? These comments? Are you LRegion?

  38. This is awesome!

  39. @ I Rim GN Kang

    "Right..." "Boring" = you're too dumb to win this argument, Gina,

    Next time pick a fight you can win. I would suggest having one with a box of rocks or a lipstick.

  40. @Jew Steel
    It's still AK 49-41. You're going to need a few more devoid-of-AK-bashing-no-entertainment posts!

  41. Notice how "I Rim GN" never DENIES they are in fact GN herself. Hmmm. And just to satisfy I Rim's baffling obsession with making sure legowigkade remains STRICTLY a blog that bashes AK, can someone launch www.sweetjesusihateGNKang.blogspot? Please?

  42. @Dr. Engine
    This site has become an anti-GN site. Do you want your comments to drop to zero?

  43. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlAugust 28, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    I think if we all leave that silly I Rim Myself person, I would think that would piss them off even more. The more we respond to them, the more they enjoy it. Leave them alone and they'll suffer more.
    Plus, they're comments suck anyways. How many times can you say the same thing?

  44. Gina - can you fucking count?

    The dirty old man post on Arthur's blog has 49 comments. The equivalent post on legowig has 63.

    If you include the artwork post which has 42 comments. Then this sight has had 100 per cent more comments since Arthur's post of yesterday.

  45. @TLCVG
    As many times as necessary. Still waiting for the first funny AK-bashing comment. That was the original intention of this site, correct?

  46. shit she disappearedAugust 28, 2009 at 8:06 AM

    @ Jew Steel.

    Please ignore the mild discomfort that is I rim G.N. Kang. Don't reply to his/her inane comments. Eventually it will go away, like an STD. Let's stay focused on Artzits and his crowd of kadipshits.

  47. @Jew Steel
    I really have you upset. It's MY fault that this site chose to stray from the established successful practice of all comments tied to the latest AK blog entry? This site decided to have extra posts to comment on. Big mistake and one of the reasons that you clowns ARE NOT FUNNY ANYMORE. Boring, boring, blah, blah, .....

  48. when do you think Artie will post a pic of his new golden locks? I am aching in anticipation....

  49. I'm not defending I Rim, but the GN Kang angle is a little tiresome already. This site is about Kade, is it not? I think too much time is being focused on bringing someone down who the blog only has to do with involuntarily.

  50. @ SSD and TLCVG

    Gina isn't going away - she's going to do her damnedest to make sure this blog fails - her reputation has been caught up in this and she's pissed at me because I took ten minutes of my day to point out how a libel suit (which neither she nor Artie can afford) could be successfully defended.

  51. @ TattooedLunaChic
    "I Rim Myself" LOL!

  52. @Jew Steel
    AK wants you dancing monkeys to give him publicity. You see, the problem is you're not commenting on AK anymore!
    Oh, and fuck you.

  53. @Snake. The nice thing about blogs, is you can actually bash MORE than one person. I will drop comments about AK. But I will now devote much of my time to roughing up GN Kang. All Day. Every Day. Time, after all is what I have. Oodles of it. (he says in his best Hanibal Lecter).

  54. If you want a comment, then here's one.

    No self-respecting casting director is going to give Arthur a decent job once they've read his hateful ramblings. The "all publicity is good publicity" lie is just that, a lie.

    When OJ drove his white Bronco down the freeway - the makers of white broncos didn't go, "Gee, look at all that free publicity we're getting, you couldn't buy this coverage."

  55. @Dr. Engine
    No delusional G-N posts to comment on--yep, sounds entertaining.

  56. @Jew Steel
    God, what an ass.

  57. Gina - if all you've got is calling me an ass, and telling me to go fuck myself, then you're even more pathetic than I would give you credit for.

    It must hurt that your damage limitation exercise is making things worse.

  58. Ok, dancing monkeys--AK has a new post. Let's try again.

  59. But you see, now making fun of GN Kang is fun because someone's jumping up and down, freaking out, and acting like an ass about it.

    That makes it way more interesting than if no one cared at all...

  60. @ I Rim

    isn't your screen name the ultimate affront to GN? you defend her to the death yet announce to the world you lick her ass......not sure I get where you are coming from.

  61. @ Anastasia

    ... Exactly what I said on a previous post's comments!

    There's nothing that says 'I love you' to someone more than annnouncing to the world you like to tongue their arsehole*

    *British sarcasm, not actual belief of The Cockney Rebel

    Love The Cockney Rebel

  62. Oh, and:

    @ I rim GN Kang

    Cheer up luv, if the wind changes, your face will stay that way ya know.

  63. @ I Rim GN--you're right, Kang doesn't have any delusional blog posts because all she has on her blog are delusional videos of her and her vapid friends bouncing their fake tits around a room. Guess I'll have to find a way to download/stream her inane morning show for roast-fodder. The end is nigh, GN.

  64. Have any of the other site admins checked the Google Analytics reports today?

    What did the traffic look like yesterday (I haven't checked yet, been really busy).... Update, anyone?

  65. @ SSD at 9:04:

    Clearly, Sir, your exposure to gay porn has been minimal. Those people have standards. Although I wouldn't describe those standards as "exacting," Kade wouldn't even make it as a fluffer.

    And, consider the fact that people involved with gay porn get paid and you'll see just how far your second scenario has gone astray.

  66. arthur isn't a good enough actor for gay porn!

  67. Babs,
    I just jerked off 5 times while having a MIME read your comments to me through a mega phone. Thank goodness I am riding a unicorn, otherwise this belt around my neck would have killed me.

  68. hahaha ohhh this blog is too much fun

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