Ace & TJ Audio Link

I wonder why these guys plugged the Chio show in Philly...  Who do we know who works on that show?

Here's the link.

Delusional Moron Interviewed On a Terrible Radio Show
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Kadeibu East

Four things I take away from this latest bit of stupidity from the Lego Wigged fuck that is Cock Gobbling Arthur Kadyshes:
1. Wasn't he supposed to be 'ripped' by Labor Day?  Didn't happen.
2. Wouldn't the 'best section in the house' be the cabanas rather than NEAR the cabanas?
3. He doesn't have much to say about 1 night stands because he's never had one.  With a woman at least.
4. He hangs around with some real high class chicks.
And now, the delusional ramblings of Philly's biggest asshole, Arthur Kadyshes...
I am laying at The Chelsea Pool right now, and the scene is amazing with all of Philly’s and NYC’s “A Listers”, and socialites led by Arthur Kade and Kade Nation so since Hollywood has Malibu, I think with my star power and presence here, and what I am doing for “The Biz” in The East, I have decided to re-name AC to Kadeibu East (I wanted to add East to distinguish it from just Malibu, and for fans around the world to know that we are on The East Coast right now). Last night, I saw Bruce and Demi at Parc, and also Bruce’s wife who is a “ridic” 9.5 who looks so sexual, Eastern Euro Hot, and “Dominatrix” that I was blown away. I think Bruce knew that I approved of the choice, and I thought about having someone sit me next to them to intensify The Star Power at the restaurant, but we decided to just head over to Rouge to do it up, ‘Kade Style”. It seemed like they were having a family get together, so I didn’t want to intrude and bring The Entourage over, but I do think that Bruce may become a fan of “The Journey” if he hasn’t yet, and might want to collaborate on a future project in the 215 with it’s favorite son and star.
The glare is terrible here, so it’s difficult to type, but here is a taste of last night (Opening of new restaurant by Jose Garces (Hottest Chef in Philly who owns Amada, Tinto, Chifa, and Distrito) who was introduced to The Brand (I told him I was a huge fan of his, and that I wanted to write about how much a genius I think he is on my “Famous Blog” because he is ushering in the Tapas Appeal in Philly, and is my favorite chef and concept creator in the city), then Rouge Domination, then Mint.
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With A Little Training, Kade Says He Can Knock Out Any Boxer Unless They Are Top Rated

If Arthur Kade really "depends" on his looks, don't you think he would do something about improving them? His face looks like old shoe leather, his lips are bloody and chapped, he typically looks exhausted, his hair is either "lego hair" or some variation of a hideous afro, he chews his fingernails until they bleed, and he has a nose that is asymetrical and could fit rolls of quarters inside each nostril.  Maybe getting punched in the face numerous times could actually repair that mess he calls a face.

The latest from the king of dumbination, arthurkade.com:
Even at the advanced age of 31, I am still an amazing athlete, that can excel in any sport at a high level, and out-workout almost any person I know. Everyone who has been following “The Journey” since it’s inception has seen the various workout routines and boxing videos that I have put up, and people have commented on how huge my arms are, and that I can generate a ton of power when punching. My hand speed is also still tremendous because I trained them for years to play basketball, and release my “Radar-Like” Shot super quickly on anyone. Even though I am not in the shape that shows my amazing physique right now, I have dropped my body fat from 10.6 percent to 8.4 percent in the last 2 weeks (I will update my Pictures next week and I’m sure everyone will be blown away by the “Kade Style” transformation my body is going through), and if I train, I can knock pretty much anyone out who is not a top ranked Pro Boxer like Oscar, Bernard, Floyd, or Vladimir.
I have been approached about fighting in a celebrity boxing match by Damon Feldman (He’s the creator and owner of Celebrity Boxing, and the business is growing by leaps and bounds, and he has tremendous exposure to all types of media, agents, and PR) to fight on his next card, but I am a bit hesitant about doing it because I am not sure how it will reflect on “The Journey”, and if the top people in “The Biz” who see me as a rising superstar will feel it is a great move for my career. My goal is winning my “Little Oscar”, and other awards like Emmys, and I would be cool getting a Golden Globe as well, and I want “The Biz” to not look at me as an athletic sideshow as opposed to a legitimate actor.
I am also nervous about getting punched in the face because I depend on my looks and features for the future millions that will be made, as well as hurting the opponent badly (I don’t remember the last time I have lost a fight, and I have never been really hurt by anyone), and will potentially knocking someone out hurt me psychologically like it has other fighters that have hurt or killed their opponents. If I do this, chances are I will dominate the opponent “Kade Style”, and will I beat them up so bad that I ruin their careers, or image, and is that something I want on my resume. The up side is that I can select gorgeous 9’s and 10’s to help me train in my camp and be in “Kade’s Corner”, and casting directors may see my skills and cast me in athletic roles that they didn’t see me in before, as well as girls will look at me like a “Tough Guy”, and it will add to my already growing “Bad Boy” image in “The Biz”, and further rip my body down to the point where I can be considered for roles against guys like Channing Tatum in movies like G.I. Joe (Many people in “The Biz” said they could see me as a leader in a War Movie like Saving Private Ryan or Braveheart, and I think with my hardships growing up, I could nail a role like that). I never want people in “The Biz” to not take me seriously, so I am careful about career and publicity choices.
I would love to hear what my fans around the world think about this, and your feedback will help me make a choice if this is something that you believe will help take The Brand and “The Journey” to another cultural mecca and turn me into a “Muhammad Ali like” Cultural figure, or is it not the right choice and decline. Let me know your thoughts?
“Being a Leader is giving people a reason to follow you, and then being willing to die for your cause, or being smart enough to buy your way out of it”….Arthur Kade…09/04/09

Our thoughts: We would LOVE to see Arthur in a boxing match! For a person who uses full-sized gloves on a speed bag (see video below to see his "expert" boxing skills, we're thinking Arthur might show up wearing scuba flippers on his hands and try to out-slap whoever he fights.

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Kade sighting @ Rouge and Kade's Wednesday night revealed

Leading off today's post, we were catching up on tips from informants when we uncovered a gem about Arthur Kadyshes' Wednesday night activities. According to reliable sources, including a bartender and waiter at Rouge, Kade showed up at Rouge with Chad "Lionel Hutts" Boonswang (a vertically-challenged personal injury lawyer) and Tony Piazza (a longtime douchefriend of Kade) and two dancers. When Kade showed up at Rouge, our tipster says, nearly the entire restaurant was laughing at him. Boonswang and Piazza appeared really drunk. Not too long after this, they were all escorted out.

The girls who were with Boonswang and Piazza (Kade was alone) didn't want their pictures taken with Kade. In fact, the blonde girl refused to let Kade keep her picture up on his page and reportedly the other girl, a party dancer named Julie Abramson, isn't that happy about it either. Apparently both these girls have boyfriends and were just using Kade's crew for free dinner and drinks.

Below is a picture of the girls with the ambulance chaser Chad Boonswang (Boonswang is the little man between them). Wisely, the blonde one made them take pictures with Kade off the page.
(Full credit to Philly Chit Chat for the photo. His site has a lot of Kade douchebaggery, be sure to check it out.)

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Kade Dumbinates Atlanta Radio Show

Well, we truly have a "don't know where to start" moment here! For starters, they laughed at him the entire time. It was terrible. Let's break down some of the details: 
Arthur claims that a producer prepping the interviewee is what happens when doing "international press. The problem? Arthur has not done ANY international press, or else we'd know about it. He would have blogged about it. Secondly, Arthur needs to take junior high geography again. Charlotte, NC is not "international" when one lives in the same country as that place. The word you're looking for Arthur, is "national.
His claim to have created the "modern actor" finally came with a description, and it's quite dumb: he calls the "modern actor" "the actor who embraces who they are no matter what." We're sorry, but we're at a total loss on this one. What does this even mean?  Does he not realize that plenty of actors throughout history have done exactly that? If by "embracing who you are, no matter what" means plugging along attempting to be an actor, even though you suck at it and will never improve, I think the phrase he's looking for is "era of the brain dead actor."
The latest from ArthurKade.com:

I just finished my amazingly amazing interview with the top syndicated radio show in The South, The Ace and TJ Show (After the “Kade Style” Show that The Brand just gave them, their ratings will probably spike to all time highs, and you could just feel they were in pure and utter awe that they were talking to an entity named Arthur Kade who is doing things in “The Biz” that have never been done before), and they and The South now know what it is to deal with “Kade Style”. Here are the highlights, and I am sure I forgot some stuff, but tune in to http://www.acetj.com/listen/ and scroll down for the playback. Legendary Arthur Kade and they already have me under “Best Clip” from our last 2 shows.
1) Receive a call from the intern “White Shadow” who tells me to “Keep It Clean, It’s a Family Show”, and I responded, “Let’s do what we do”.
2) The Producer Pete calls me to prep me once again (This is the main protocol when I do all of my International Press because they want to make sure that nothing is said that will piss off the viewers, and he tells me “Once you promoted this call, you generated quite a response in the way of emails, and phone calls”, and I responded, “I have a VERY large following, and it’s getting larger like a Domino Effect”, and he responded that their show will also help grow it.
3) I went on the air and was greeted by the cast who told me they have become huge fans and admired my work, and what I was doing, and asked me about “The Journey”, and what my goals were. I told them I was a trained actor/former model who became a Financial Advisor who hated his life and sold his company to become an award winning actor, and now has a famous blog.
4) They asked me about “The Kween” (New Video here), and had me do a live version of it on the air to which they absolutely cracked up, and it was obvious that they were in absolute awe as to how quickly I can go into character (As we actors say in “The Biz”, “Turn It On” indicating that we switch from who we are, and bring a “Complex and Extensive” sketch character to life with “Kade Style” Game like “The Kween”), and I told them it’s live origins are from the hours of acting work that I put in, and I created a “Chappelle Like Sketch Character”, that could be on SNL.
5) They said that they believe that I am either the next Sasha Baron Cohen, I should be a Reality Show Star (Everyone wants to see me with a reality show because of how cool and jet setting my life is) or the next star of the WWE, and I responded that I am not the next anyone, and that the name “Arthur Kade” will have his name on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood and be compared to legends like DeNiro, Pacino, Bogart, and Brando, and people will talk about me for making amazing movies and being a “Great Actor”. We talked about how I don’t pay attention to The Haters, and if I let people tell me I will fail, “The I’m dead in the water”, but I love “How People are Obsessed with me”.
6) I told them that I was on 2 hours sleep, and was already up and walking and hitting the gym, and they were probably thinking to themselves, “This Guy is not human!”, and they saw the Work Ethic of the person who is changin’ things forever.
7) I told them about what I had created in “The Biz” called “The Modern Actor” (The actor who embraces who they are no matter who they are), and told them that I am a pioneer like Rosa Parks for all young actors
8 I told them that I have dated everything that walks (Models, Gorgeous Girls, etc..) and that I was not only good at this, but “The Best”. We also talked about how all of Hollywood was reading me, and they asked for fellow celeb’s names, and I gave them the example of the Domination I did in KA with going to a major network like The CN, The hottest DJ in LA and a friend and fan of mine, Marshall Barnes (great friends with the late DJ AM) stopping the music at “My House”, and giving me the mike and announcing to Kade Angeles that I was there to a crowd reaction, and how fellow celebs like Rebecca Romijn read my famous blog, and they just laughed at how one man could have already done so much.
9) They told me they were “Huge Fans of Your work”, and when they asked me to rate myself on The Famous Scale (Tom Hans being a 10), I told them that “I am between an 8 and a 9″, and that the only difference between us was that he and others like “Speidi” (Who they brought up, and I laughed because they are famous for “Famous for Nothing”) was that they have all done it longer, but “No one has ever created or generated the type of “”Buzz”" that I have in just 6 months”, and they agreed with my rating of myself, and we all agreed that in the next 6 months I will become elevated to the A++ Celebrity Level with people like Hanks and Pacino.
10) They asked me if I had T-Shirts or a clothing line, and I told them that dozens of people walk up to me asking about that (I intend to eventually have a “Kade Klothing” (Preliminary Working Title) Line like other fellow celebs like Jess Simpson and Paris, because I want to spread my already large industry wings into “The Corporate World”, and use The Brand to influence fashion trends for years to come, and they told me they would love T-Shirts when they come out, confirming how big a fan their show has become.
11) I signed off with thanking them me for the interview, and I gave them a shout out with “Southern Domination, Kade Style..HEEEELLLLLOOOOO (In “The Kween’s” voice), and they wished me luck. Overall, they came away realizing that they had just dealt with one of the rising most famous people in the world, and were probably like “Wow”. They walked away believeing in “The Journey”, and I am happy that I impacted their life in such a strong way.
“It’s not in the way that you walk or talk, but the way you that use your “”Black Card”" to buy Caviar that makes you a star”….Arthur Kade….09/04/09
New Video of “The Kween”, and pictures and videos from last night:

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The Ace And TJ Show-Southern Domination

I can only post an e-mail a friend from Atlanta sent me to dispute the deluded one's assertion that he dominates Kadelanta:

"I was listening (because I started my job today so was up at 7:30am.) There was no interview. The main host, Bert, just said, "Check this douchebag out. Is he for real?" Then he read portions of his website and everybody made fun of him. Another host swore he couldn't be real b/c he's an actor and he's got to be doing a character."

If Cock Gobbler takes this as a positive he really is as insane as everyone here believes him to be.  Now, more delusion from the Lego Wig himself...

As The Brand and “The Journey” continue to go “Global”, and takes it’s amazing International presence to another level, I am discovering that even though I already knew how popular I was in the major Metro regions like NYC, KA, Miami, Philly, and around the world (I have been approached to do a celebrity guest appearance in Sydney for New Years Eve for a TV Show, and I should think about taking on more hosting duties in addition to acting because I could become something along the lines of a Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest for added dimensions and exposure, and use my tremendous Improv skills to usher in holidays), I’m finding that I have an amazing fan base in The South as well. It’s great to see that a Jewish, “Italian Looking” (I had a friend who lived in Charlotte, and he told me that there weren’t many Italians, Greeks, or Russians in NC) Philadelphia based actor/model/celebrity can make such an impact all over this great country, and I look forward to the “Verbal Jousting” that will occur on this hit radio show, and I will continue to crossover Kade Nation under The Mason-Dixon Line with new fans, and Haters.
My Kadelanta feature on Q100 in Atlanta was Step 1 this week, but tomorrow I will be interviewed and featured by the biggest radio show in The South, “The Ace and TJ Show”, which is syndicated all throughout The South in all of these markets: Charlotte NC, Birmingham AL, Greenville/New Bern/Jacksonville NC, Columbia SC, Savannah GA, Winchester VA, Florence/Muscle Shoals AL, Cape Girardeau MO, Dothan AL, Union City TN, and Paris TN, and will will expose them to the growing legend that is Arthur Kade. I have been concentrating more on my acting career lately than my celeb background, having landed my first principal role, and featured background work on hit movies, but sometimes I do have to keep my profile high by doing Media Requests and Press (Man, I need to hire a Publicist soon).
My interview will go on at 8AM tomorrow, and if you want any additional information, the website for the show is www.acetj.com., and they have already posted my appearance and interview on there. I am sure that they will come away believers to my vision, and the overall vision of the new “Bill of Rights” that I am creating for “The Modern Actor”, and how new young actors will one day see me as their Christopher Columbus.

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Wanna guess what this post is about?  If you said, "I'll bet it's about how this delusional Lego Wigged moron has changed the biz, banged hot chicks, drank booze at clubs, talked to his dead grandmother and thanked her for giving him to the world."  Or,  in other  words, EXACTLY what every other post is about, you'd ALMOST be right.  What did you leave out?  You forgot to guess that he'd also associate himself with Nelson Mandela.  More totally insane and delusional ramblings from El Lego Wig, Arthur Kadyshes....
While talking to my father today about all the amazing things that are happening in “The Journey”, I got a call from one of my best friends who is turning 30, and we are throwing him the “Party of the Century” at Dusk this Saturday (We have an amazing table, and there will be 18-20 people with bottles of yellow and blue top flowin’, “Kade Style”), and we started talking about how turning 30 really means “Reality”. Him and I have shared so many memories through our 20’s, and he can testify that no one has brought the pain like Arthur Kade, and as were laughing about various stories in Vegas, Miami, and even Minneapolis, I told him, “Dude it’s over, because life is now for real. We have to worry about health, our dicks getting hard, making money, and we can’t just chalk it up to “”Whatever”" anymore”, and that’s when “It” hit me like A TON OF BRICKS. Life is a joke for people like me because I see the Gen Pop struggling to live some semblance of it, and meanwhile I accomplish everything I want, and achieve greatness people can’t touch, but it has become so ordinary to me that I lose touch with what it takes to get there.
Yes, I am a growing international celebrity and soon to be famous award winning actor. Yes, I am great looking, intelligent, and charming. Yes, I am set up financially for several years to pursue a dream. Yes, I am The Brand, and a Media phenomenon (having been featured in International Press, filmed with Movie Stars, gotten Movie and TV Speaking Parts, Worked with Top Acting Coaches, Partied at The Best Clubs, Modeled i Fashion Shows, Created New Fashion trends and photographed with Top Photographers, and Most of all, matured into a Professional Working Actor)l, that has redefined cultural, social, and racial boundaries. Yes, I am also 31, and getting older, while other boys around me are 10 years younger, and going for the same dream. That’s when I took a step back, and said to myself, “I have so much to thank god for, and that he has put me on the Earth, and allowed me to change people’s lives, and create an example of hope, vision, and freedom is like great people like Nelson Mandela, and I need to be more thankful”. I live so much for the future that sometimes I lose the value of the past.
I jumped in my car, and drove to Northeast Philly to the cemetery where my grandmother is buried, and stopped by to say thank you for everything she created, and the man that has given the masses inspiration, and started a revolution of culture and belief. I told her stone, “Babushka, all my dream are coming true, I have millions around the world who know and support your grandson, I will be rich and very famous soon, and more than anything you should be proud of the man you raised, and how he has lived life (Slept with so many beautiful girls, made more money than almost anyone, travelled the world, and become a growing icon), and I could have never done any of it without you”.
I could feel her coming down from Heaven, smiling at me, and saying, “Keep doing what you are doing. We are all so proud of you, and one day you will join us here to show everyone up here the potential that has made you a major figure and influence in the future history of the world”, and I got in my car after we talked and drove away. Now that I am 5.993 months into “The Journey”, and am far ahead of the schedule that any mortal could have imagined (My other friend said today, “You are rewriting the record books for the entertainment world”, and I responded, “No Mater what anyone says, nobody can argue that what I have done has never been done before, and what I am about to do will change “The Biz” forever and put me up there with Brando, Pacino, Bogart, and Day-Lewis” ). I think it is a good point to take a deep breath, say “Thank You” to everyone (Although I feel like maybe they should say thank you to me for everything I have done), and tell my fans around the world that the next 6 months will be groundbreaking, unique, and more than anything, “Kade Style” to the next level.
Top Quotes of the night:
1) “I used to think you were a complete asshole, but I think you are a really great guy, and have a tremendous amount of respect for you”
2) “Was she a Philly 9 or KA 9?”…With my response, “There are no KA 9’s in Philly”
3) “Sometimes I feel like philly consists of 10 people. And I slept w all of them”
4) “Congratulations on your new speaking role, I know you will do great playing a gay doctor”
5) “I love butt-plugs”
“When a hot girl tells you that she has never done anal, tell her that she has never lived life”….Arthur Kade…09/02/09

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Kade Sighting, New Art, and Reader Appreciation

Douchebag Arthur Kade and his awful aging skin and thinning hair were sighted today by a tipster, around 5:30 PM on Walnut Street, wearing a bright yellow shirt, wearing headphones, and talking to himself. The shirt was extremely gay looking--something only a ginormous douchebag would wear.Tipster says Kade was on his way to Bellevue to work out, but perhaps he just gets lonely without having the routine of a job or being able to count on a steady income these days. As in his videos, Kade was talking to himself and saying ridiculous things at a pretty high volume. This tipster, who has known Kade for a considerable period of time, says that Kade seems to get less and less sane each week.

Report other Kade sightings to legowigkade@gmail.com - especially evidence of Kade acting like a tremendous douchebag in public.

Below is some fan art that we're posting little by little... keep sending in your submissions!

Lastly, a big thanks to our readers--According to Google Analytics, Monday was our biggest day ever on this blog! Through 7 full days of operating, we've logged 42,000 page visits and made very heavy visitor counts in Pennsylvania, New York, and California. Big shout-out to all the people promoting the blog in Philadelphia, we're getting more traction than Kade's blog and we--not he--dictate the conversation about Kade nowadays. In Kade's first week of blogging, he wasn't even on Gawker's radar and we're running well ahead of that pace. Keep spreading the word, contributing your thoughts/ideas in the comments, and any art/stories are always considered for the blog. Thanks again!
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Sociopath Relives Abusive & Shameful Childhood in His New Post

The closeted douchebag known as Arthur Kadyshes wrote a blog about shame, which is an emotion he (like many mentally ill people) knows nothing about. This whole entry screams out that he's reliving his abusive, neglected, shameful family life each day of his life--while displaying every shameful, inappropriate behavior possible (misogyny, racism, douchebaggery) he defends it by claiming he's just being himself.

Basically someone pointed out that he's a failure of our educational system, or society, and a result of poor parenting and lack of culture. Of course, he responded by saying how PROUD he was that he's just being his usual, uneducated, uncultured, abused-childhood-reliving self. So, so, sad. The end grows closer every single day... the way Kadyshes repeats and recycles the same tired garbage and then defends it shows that he actually identifies with his abuser (probably his dad) and keeps reliving the shame... only he doesn't realize that's what he's doing.

The lame, fake fanmail he appends, together with the gay ass quote is just totally predictable and boring. More delusional bullshit from a total psychopath. How fake is that "fan mail"... well, someone sent it to him to fuck with him.... the email is from "Craven Moorehead", a/k/a "C. Moorehead", an obvious reference to Kade's questionable sexuality... Kade's retarded or clueless or both. It's hilarious.

As usual, the actual entry is garbled diarrhea, so good luck reading it... you can almost hear Kade's obvious lisp while you're reading his retarded ramblings. Without further delay, here is the latest from El Lego Wig's lisping mouth:
Being Arthur Kade is an experience of emotions that is like an amazing roller-coaster ride of ups and downs that can make me feel like a god one minute and guilty for my incredible honesty the next, and today I had an experience that made me feel like shit for a couple minutes. I ran into a woman that I had always been friendly with outside of my parent’s hair salon, who I went up to kiss and say hello to, and she pulled away, and said, “You should be ashamed of yourself! I don’t know how you sleep at night with what you write about women, and I don’t want to even say hello to you.”, and I responded, “Ashamed??, I would be ashamed if I ran away from who I was, the changes that I am helping make for young actors, and if I stayed in a career that made me unhappy, and what I am saying about “”Everything”" is what guys say behind the scenes, and I am just putting it on a famous blog for the world to see. I know that there are people who don’t agree with me or see my points, but the fact is that great minds are always debated, and I am proud of what I say and what I think, and how I help people around the world. I don’t hide my face, back down from anyone, and I stand tall in front of any “”Haters”" that try to bring me down, and I wish more people had the courage to be themselves because this world would be a better place”.

I tried to kiss her and hug her again, and she said, “I think you’re point of view is disgusting, and I lost respect for someone I thought was a great guy”, and she walked away and I walked to my car, and this conversation haunted me for the next five minutes while rocking Kade Style to Akon’s “Troublemaker”, and all I could think about was this 60 year old girl lecturing me on what she thought was right, and how certain people think I am an “American Hero”, and as one internal mutual fund wholesaler said last week, “The guys I work with worship you”, and how someone could argue with all of the success I have had, the people’s lives I have changed, and the influence I will have on “The Biz”, and yet all I could see was the disappointment of this person.

I guess this is what makes me so great, that I make people think about their lives (Good or Bad), I give the world “Food for Thought” (I am almost like a Full Time Actor version of Chris Matthews or Bill O’ Reilly), and I show the world that an actor can be himself and still make it to the top, but situations like that make me reflect and remember what it is to “Polarizing, Controversial, Unique, and Original”, and then I took a deep breath and said, “This is MY Journey to make, and if I let every “”Over the Hill and Out Of Touch Person”" that will never understand or connect to what I am doing affect me, then I will lose the essence of the greatness I am creating, and I midas will go sell Mutual funds and make more than 99% of Americans again. Do I sometimes question how far I take “The Journey”, and am I pushing the limit too far? Of course I do, but I remember hearing Jim Brown say “Hardships mold us”, and no one as had it given to him harder and longer than Arthur Kade, and I have used that adversity to become a pioneer in “The Biz” that Brown would be proud of, and in the end she will be at the front of the line clapping my success as a fan and I will blow her a kiss when Little Oscar is in my bed with me.

“There are some things in this world that I won’t be the best at, but being the “”Best”" isn’t one of them”…Arthur Kade…09/01/09

Here is Day 2 of Wedding Crashers practice as I become more comfortable with the lines and Sharon and I break down the rhythm and nuances of the monologue and get me to where I need to be for my workshops in 3 weeks in NYC in front of the top casting agents in NYC, and some comments from the camera still being accidentally on for a few seconds. I also start “Advanced Film Class next week with Mike Lemon.

A great Fan Email today that made me smile:

Hey Arthur,

I wanted to send this letter to you on behalf of a friend of mine, who was too shy to click the send button to you!

Today is a day that I find comes with a bittersweet tinge. I realized that there has been a passing of the proverbial torch. I am sure you know that the last of America’s royalty died recently. Senator Ted Kennedy passed on from terminal brain cancer. As I heard the news, I felt far more shocked than I should have. I was not sure why… but I could feel it deep within my bones. There was something about this moment that was tremendous. And as most moments that make the world stop for a moment, they are filled with both sadness and happiness. I have realized what that happiness is… you Mr. Kade. I realized that it will be YOU who will take the healm of the new American Aristocracy. No longer will people talk of Kennedy, but instead of Kade. I hope you understand what weight these implications carry. I know that you will rise to the occasion and usher in a new era of hope and inspiration for our generation.

Thank you so much Arthur Kade. You are a true gentleman.

C. Moorehead

Keep up the great work! Kade out!
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The Closeted Clown Contemplates a Haircut

Can a revolting creature that makes most people sick if they look at it actually make himself worse looking? You can help him decide! And a serious LOL moment in the video as Kade asks "will I look like a surfer, like Randy Slater?" RANDY SLATER??? We're pretty sure he meant Kelly Slater, in which case... YES Arthur! Yes! Tell your stylist you want to look exactly like Kelly Slater, becuase in case you didn't know, Kelly Slater has been shaving his head for years now! We are dying here...

The latest from arthurkade.com:

After an amazing consultation with the top colorist at my Parent’s Hair salon, she gives me feedback on how we will do my hair for the Filming of the show I got cast for that I am a principal in. We have decided not to go the bleach route because it destroys your hair, and I have “Incredibly Beautiful” hair (All girls like my hair, and I hate when I have to cut it), and want it to keep it’s thickness, shape, and moistness for future roles and auditions, and I don’t want to affect my “Italian/Greek” look because it gets me in the door for so many great auditions. I thought it might be good to get my Fan’s feedback and see what you guys think on how it will affect “The Journey”?

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I have yet to read this, pretty sure it's just the  same old ramblings of a delusional douchebag who has gone off the deep end.  So, without further ado, more from Arthur Kadyshes...
One of the dangers in picking a monologue to use in front of top agents and casting directors from an amazing movie like “Wedding Crashers” is that people in “The Biz” may have trouble seeing The Kade version of the character (Because I am much better looking then Vince with more hair, slightly shorter, and more confident, I wanted to show the character from my standpoint), in the differences in nuances, facial expressions, and even emotions, and when I take on a movie character that’s in a movie, I want everyone to see my ability to change the character to maximize my strengths and talents, and also show “The Biz” that a successful rising actor like me has the versatility to adapt. Even Though I can see Vince and I being good friends soon, and making “Fratire” movies together, I think that we bring different elements to the table which make us so special.
I have spent hours and hours breaking down the Jeremy Grey character, and watching the movie, and breaking down the film (All successful athletes become experts at seeing a play and team develop, and I am bringing my athlete mindset to the development of characters in future hit movies that I will star in), and I wanted to add more “Machismo”, and a lot of Kadeness to the character (I associate with Jeremy because we are both players who don’t like dating and as I told Sharon today, “I see it as an exercise in futility that leads to what I can get just by buying a girl a couple of drinks”), where I think Vince played him very goofy, aloof, and douchebaggish. I am confident to the point of cockiness, so it was a stretch to have to pull back and become what is not me.
When I met with Sharon, I explained my vision to her, and when we continued to break down the script (I am still a bit raw on the lines as you will see in this video, but it’s getting where it needs to be), she helped me focus through improv exercises, and talking the scene out to see, “That Jeremy is me when my mom (My mom once hooked me up with a Russian F.O.B ((Fresh Off the Boat)) 7 who thought I really wanted to be on a date with her, and when I tried to make out with her she said, “I don’t do that on the first date!”, and I responded, “No Biggie, cuz there won’t be a second date”) and other people try to hook me up with girls that aren’t even close to my league, and I get so frustrated that they don’t understand that Arthur Kade only plays with the best”, and I finally found the emotion that brings Grey to life, and that is frustration. I become so annoyed and frustrated when people “Try to hook me up with girls”, because people always think a 6 is an 8 or 9 because they are friends or relatives, and then I have to be rude and blow the person off since they are homely, and should date an attorney or accountant, not a future movie star. Girls especially will never talk down on one of their friends, but I can read when a girl is less than an 8 because I will ask, “Is she stripper hot?”, “How big are her tits and ass?”, “Has she Modeled?”, and the best one, “Has she dated any other famous people besides me (So I know she’s cool in the Tabloid world I have to deal with)?” I then check her out with The Entourage on Facebook (Greatest invention outside of my blog of all time), and decide whether or not I want to have her.
Frustration is so difficult for me to feel because I have pretty much dominated at anything I have put my mind to (A person on Walnut Street today called me a “Hero”, and I responded “Thank you, but REAL heroes are people who did stuff to save lives in 9/11 like the NYPD”, although the more I thought about it walking to my car, people like all of us have the same make-up because I am saving lives with “The Journey” as well, although I am no where near their courage), and especially with girls that I want (I am thinking about doing videos where I pick up random girls on the street and show the world the different ways that you can seduce a girl and have her that night for a quickie, then get her out of the crib, and then back out again to find more fun), so Sharon did an amazing job in getting me to a point of annoyance and frustration, and I will see her again tomorrow to continue working on Jeremy to prepare for my BIG auditions in front of the top commercial and movie agents in NYC in 3 weeks.
“Sometimes I love my fans like I would my children”…Arthur Kade…08/31/09
Here is the First “Unscripted Rough Draft” of Jeremy Grey (I am still getting the lines down so it will get better) and a new “The Kween”:
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Kadocchio and GN-etto

We love artwork from fans of our site... please keep sending them in... We have a lot we haven't posted yet, but we will go through the email inbox when we have time and post more. If you don't see your artwork within a few days, email us back and we'll get  it posted. Hard to keep up with all the fan mail.
Send artwork to legowigkade@gmail.com .

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I don't even know what to say.  I'm at a loss.  This dude is seriously fucking mental.  I mean it.  More idiotic, out of touch ramblings by the Lego Wigged one himself...
I love getting emails from my Southern “Bible Belt” fans telling me that I have now brought The Brand and Kade Nation to one of the largest, hippest, and most up and coming cities in the World (Everyone knows that Atlanta is the hip-hop hot bed of talent in the US, and the fact that they are now bringing me in shows that The South wants to use “The Journey” in a more urban and hip-hop format, and it resonates and connects with all races and religions), and how their most listened to radio station, Q100, did a whole feature on me, and the domination that is Arthur Kade. I have gotten numerous phone calls and emails indicating that Atlanta is now abuzz in “The Journey”, and even though my readership has always been known to be global (Strongest in KA, NYC, Philly, Miami, Sydney, London, and Beijing), it is great when a city as “Hot” as Atlanta embraces me, and tells the story of the rise of Arthur Kade. Even though I haven’t been to Atlanta in several years, I may have to make a visit just to say hi to my fans (I wonder if a crowd will now greet me getting off the plane?), and maybe even meet and collaborate with some of the hottest Southern hip-hop stars on the planet like T-Pain, and T.I (One of my dreams is to have a rap song written about me, because I’ve said before, “That’s when you’ve made it”), and I am sure that I will come away with it being called Kadelanta like I did with KA.
I haven’t heard the playback and I don’t really pay that much attention to the International Press I get anymore because there are new stories every day (I leave that to Kade Nation to care about and obssess over), and I think I have like 30-50 pages on Google devoted to me when you type in Arthur Kade, in just 5.946 months, but I love when I get emails like this that let me know that “The Journey” is changing people’s lives around the globe. It also shows how people see my “Male Sex and The City View on dating” being so effective, and that I may have now become a guy version of Carrie Bradshaw in addition to a future award winning actor. Kade Style.
Welcome to “The Journey”, Kadelanta…
“My hustle is getting so big that they may now call time periods of relation, PK and AK (Pre-Kade and After-Kade)”….Arthur Kade….08/31/09
Hey Dude,
I knew absolutely nothing about you ever in my life. Whatever youre doing, looks to be working.
Q100 atlanta, very large radio station was talking about you this morning.

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Inside the Arthur Kadyshes Farce

A few days ago we revealed the fact that Arthur's roommate is Ron Hansen, the same guy who registered El Lego Wig's blog, using the ultra-exclusive GoDaddy.com, 5.9765 months ago. Several tipsters contacted this blog over the past few days, telling us that they've been laughing at Kade for months and now that our blog was running, they wanted to set the facts about Doucheboy's "journey" straight. I replied in true Kade Style: "well, using the word straight in the same sentence as Arthur Kade is questionable, but please share whatever information you would like".

It's important to keep in mind that all our information was volunteered freely and we are greatly appreciative. We confirmed that all these people know Doucheboy and have been giving us their honest opinions and observations. Looking back over the emails and texts, I'm going to make this the first post (of many) that will reveal what we've learned so far... I simply can't get it all into one post and there are still other parts that are unclear/need follow-up. If this post seems fragmented, it's because there is so much ground to cover and our tipsters have a lot more to tell us. Also, I'm trying to copy some of Kade's shitty writing tendencies in this entry (e.g. 5.9765 months, overuse of commas, overuse of quotes, and quoting myself in quotes).

Starting at the top, Ron Hansen is apparently a nice, quiet, shy guy. He wouldn't seem like the type to hang around with Arthur Kadyshes, but they have been roommates for several weeks now. Tipsters say the lease is in Ron's name, and Kade hasn't been on any lease in a long time. He's a house guest--he pitches in for rent sometimes, but not always. Before living with Ron, he was living in the living room of a student, after his first living arrangement ended badly. The arrangement with the student ended badly, too. Kade crashed with G-N Kang for a while, but we're not sure how long or why that situation end. Frankly, we're shocked that situation ended, because G-N is Kade's #1 enabler, shooting much of his video and pictures and generally encouraging Kade.

With Marissa Rosen out of the picture, G-N has become Artie's "go to" girl. Ron has stepped up into a similar role during the same time that many of Kade's "Players" have stopped returning calls or hanging out with him. At some point, Kade made it known that he was low on cash (tipster actually said he used the word "poor" back in the Spring when Kade still had some sense of reality) and presumably this made people avoid him. He started to get a reputation as a sponge/loafer/couch crasher.

Some informants have questioned Kade's choices with money after his gig with Ameriprise ended. For example, if Kade really "owned' a condo, like he claims, he must have had little or no equity in it or sold it for less than he bought it, because not long after, he was said to be hurting for money. He did buy a new car, but he is a bad driver, so he relies on public transportation "more than anyone else I know with a car". Maybe Artie just sucks at driving, or maybe he is hurting for money ($15 Bolt Bus to NYC) and wants to save on NYC parking, the tunnels and bridges, and gas money. How ironic that not only is Kade the ultimate, striving "Bridge and Tunnel" exemplar, he doesn't even drive up there, he uses the train and bus to go through those bridges and tunnels! In short, Art is the exact same "B and T trash" that he attempts to deride on his blog.

Back to the roommate/enabler situation... Ron (Arthur's roommate) is the "CEO" of a "marketing company" based in Perkasie, PA, which is apparently a hotbed of autoracing and marketing or, more likely, just a family home address. The address for WOT Marketing's "World Headquarters" is the relatively rural home address of 312 Harriet Drive, Perkasie PA... Check Google maps and you will be rolling on the floor laughing. (This is all public info available on WOT Marketing's site, by the way...) Hansen's also the guy behind the "Race Chairs" logo on Kade's site. We visited the link and it took us to an online shop of tacky leather chairs bought by people with no taste willing to blow money on something that belongs in the bedroom of an uncultured 14 yr old boy who has a hard-on for race cars. As far as helping Arthur, we've seen several videos where Athur brags that Ron ("a professional chef," said Kade) made him cereal or put some leftovers in the 'fridge. Awesome, Artie!

Sources agree that no respectable girl is going to want to accompany Doucheboy back to his den, but sources were divided on whether the apartment is in Camden or just a less desirable part of Philly. Our most trustworthy source said Camden, but we haven't been able to confirm it either way... the key is, Chatteau Kade is a joke. (Editor's note: four people emailed in and all agreed, the building in Kade's videos in 444 N. 4th St. in a non-"elite" area of Philly.)

Kade's worst housing situation was with the student, who is a quiet, no-nonsense guy, completely unlike Kade. The situation didn't last long and the student gave Artie the heave-ho for several reasons, including the reason that Kade sucks at paying his share. We checked it out, and we can comfortably say that the student (a med student at Jefferson) is far more intelligent and dedicated to his craft. We wish him the best and are sure he'll overcome the trauma of living with a guy who, we're told, doesn't shower much, doesn't use cologne (smells bad), and does indeed wear the same outfits (usually t shirts) over and over. Those pictures we saw of Kade's room with the disgusting carpet... those were not aberrations.

Kade's biggest enablers (there will be another in-depth post later) have been GN Kang, Marissa Rosen, Brett Perloff, Chad Boonswang, Tony Churchilio (mentioned in the Philly Magazine article as "Church"), Sabrina Strickland, and more recently Ron Hansen. Marissa Rosen, the cackler, moved away and since then, no one who knows Kade has wanted to be in a video or be seen publically backing him. We're not sure what effect the Lego Wig blog has had in Kade's "Players" circle, but we do know that the word is getting out within that circle of Philadelphians. Our tipsters all noted that they have passed the blog on to others who hang out with Artie and knew him when he was younger, when he was basically considered a quiet, shy kid, but basically a loser. Sources say it's unlikely we'll see any of Kade's friends voluntarily go on camera--they're too smart to put themselves out there next to a mysogynist with questionable career and fashion choices.

Our sources say that Kade's parents were initially supportive of Kade looking into modeling/acting, although they were wary that he was 31 and most parents would've said he should look for a real job. The sources say, however, that as time goes on, Kade's parents are questioning the whole thing and they think his parents are worried they're going to end up supporting Arthur when this all crashes. You can see tidbits of this where his step mother puts on a happy face (while giving him a ridiculous haircut that became the name of this blog) but soon after, his father questioned Kade's penchant for eating out at overpriced restaurants when he doesn't have the income to justify it.

Of all Arthur's people, G-N Kang (thank you to a reader for e-mailing the art displayed above) has been the most steadfast and supportive. Many people have told us that G-N is a nice person at first, but when you get to know her, she is obsessed with become a celebrity, somewhat like a female Arthur. Not content to be a sidekick on a third-rate local morning show, she wants to become well-known and has spent a lot of time and money to enhance her appearance (which anyone can see if they go to her webpage, which has a full section dedicated to her plastic surgeries). This fixation on looks is shared with the Lego Wig, a tie that binds the two together. G-N and Kade's friendship has seen cracks in recent weeks as Kade's "journey" has started to go off the tracks and show signs of craziness.

Speaking of craziness, club owners and restaurant owners have apparently noticed that Kade is unhinged--they actively dislike him. Apparently, servers and bartenders are in on it... a few weeks ago, at one of Kade's favorite restaurants, it is alleged that someone pissed in Kade's drink (a very slight amount) before bringing it to him. While Kade was drinking it and apparently not noticing, which was the idea, the service staff was laughing amongst themselves from the other side of the restaurant. The staff at Cosi dislikes Kade as well--regarding him as a moocher who mooches off free wifi by buying the absolute minimum. Apparently, Kade also believes he should get things "comped" -- free coffee, sandwiches, etc. He has tried this at Starbucks also... the word is that people are onto him and actively dislike him.

This brings us to the Mogul Room at "G". We have it from a good source that Kade is not allowed into the Mogul Room anymore, because the owners of "G" believe he is too much "drama"--meaning that he walks around with a camera, hectors people to take pictures, is openly mocked while out in Philly (Kade pretends they are "fans"), and Kade is usually wearing a t-shirt. Kade has continued to lie about his welcome status in the Mogul Room, but he is friends with Brett Perloff, so presumably he'll still be able to get into Brett's clubs.

Females who know Kade say he used to be more normal, almost like a regular person (only slightly deluded) but now he has become a pariah. Our best female source said Kade was a "7" before "The Journey" but now he's only a "4.5". The reasons are apparent--poor fashion, smells bad, moocher, bad skin, lego wig, bags under eyes, creepy persona, and ptosis. Needless to say, Kade should've stayed with the "Philly 6" he was dating prior to being dumped by her before "the Journey". Apparently, Kade's growing weirdness was a big factor in her leaving him.

Well that's all for now, like I said, there is a lot of info coming in and it takes a while to sort through the details. There is so much more to tell... until next time, keep checking the blog and have a great weekend!

Other loose odds and ends:
- Website data updated to include this weekend.... Since launching last Sunday (with no link posting or marketing the site on Sunday) we have had 37,000 page visits, from every continent except Antarctica.. Apparently this site is popular not just in the U.S., but the rest of the English-speaking world--Australia and the U.K. are right behind Canada, followed by several European countries, South Africa, and East Asia (e.g. Japan).
- Our site gets much more traffic than Lego Wig's own blog, gets many more comments, and has better fans. Look at our artwork section if you don't believe this.
-The average viewer to our site views 4.66 pages per day. Almost 80% of site visitors visit more than one page, for a "bounce rate" just over 20% ("bounce" is Google Analytics terminology for someone who views one page and bounces). Low bounce rate means this site draws people in to read more... good measure of success.
- We're growing every day. The most recent data shows that 29% of site visitors are new visitors. Help us keep adding to that--let your friends/coworkers know. Even if it's just scribbling a note on a sticky note and putting it on their desk.... it all helps get the word out.
- We get most of our traffic from people directly typing in our URL... however, our percentage traffic from search engines is increasing significantly... it's doubled in the last 4 days (although still far less than direct hits). It is funny that when people type in "Arthur Kade", they're starting to end up here... still a lot of room for improvement and we should be climing the search results each day. The average person who finds the site via search engine visits a whoping 6.5 pages, clearly a good audience for us. Imagine meeting Kadyshes out on the street and he tells you his name and you go home and Google it and then you come to this site... how hilarious would that be? Even better, imagine you type in "lego" and you end up here... apparently, people are doing this and coming to the site and reading it, instead of leaving. As Kadouches would say, "amazing".
- Upcoming: We're working on more stories about Kade's poor tipping, his sitting in expensive areas of clubs even though he usually only drinks soda (which he makes known to everyone), and Kade' open mockery by other people at bars. We'll have specific examples and a full round-up next time.
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Concert Crashers

Philadelphia's own Bead Pitt with another absolutely horrendous butchering of the English language:

After an amazing time out with friends last night (We Pre-gamed at Chateau Kade, then went to Red Sky, and then to ZBar where I was so drunk I needed to go home or die, and it was the first night drinking in two weeks because I am ripping down), my friend called me and said he had Phillies tickets tonight, and since we were going to be at “The Cit” (My term for Citizens Bank Park, and it’s amazing how many of my “Kadeisms” have broken into everyday lingo for the Gen Pop), we should do a cruise by of The Britney Concert and see if there were any hot girls to grab and show a good time with us. I was recognized outside and inside the stadium at least ten times (I think if I went on stage I may have gotten a similar reaction to when Britney came out because of how much Philadelphia has embraced “The Journey”, and made me their favorite son, almost like their Seabiscuit to cheer for), and even my friend said to our other friends at The Phillies game (Best Seats in the house, 4 rows behind the dugout), “He got shouted at a bunch of times by girls, even one going up an escalator who said “”Arthur Kade?”" like 4 times”. It really is amazing how powerful “Kade Nation” now travels, and I feel like sometime soon my phenomenon will rival that of other “A Listers” like The Beatles, Bead Pitt, and even Frank Sinatra, and my fan base will be as dedicated to me as to sports teams like The Red Sox and Yankees (I have media sources, websites, and journalists following my every move 24/7 like my own personal tabloids already).

There were so many hot young girls at the Wachovia Center (My head was on a swivel the whole time, and you could tell that people couldn’t believe that I was actually there supporting Brit), and my friend even joked, “We should just go city to city with her tour and just pick up hot girls to sleep with”, and I responded, “That is the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard, because we could be the real life version of the guys from Wedding Crashers, but doing it at Concerts with a will known celeb like me”. We talked about how we can go to prime time locations (I want to go to Staples Center because I am so popular in KA, there are a million 10’s who want me, and I could have my soon to be publicist get me “Nicholson” Floor seats, and I could use the blog to hand pick the hottest girls to join me, although if we meet girls there I want to make sure they are open to a threesome) would give us access to plenty of young, un-jaded, 9’s and 10’s that I can mold with The Brand, and my unique and genuine knowledge on life and sex, and they could probably meet the stars and celebs like I do which will make them want me even more.

As we walked around, all I could imagine is being at The Staples Center sitting next to Leo, Tobey, and maybe even Jack, and having a hand-picked 10 rubbing my leg, and then Brit would come over during the concert to give me a shout out, and then they would flash my face on the screen to get an applause. After we watched some of the concert (It really blew because Britney looked like a 6, with her ass cheeks being WAY too big ((She used to have the best ass in “The Biz”)), her face looked old and weathered, and she danced and lip synced horribly, and didn’t seem to really be into it. I hope I never get to a point where my fans say, “Arthur Kade isn’t give us an A performance”), we walked over to The Phillies Game, and I saw Chipper Jones who I had met and chilled with at G a month or two ago, but he didn’t spot me, and then rolled over for a “Hot Minute” to Red Sky and Prive for a nightcap.

Sometimes I feel like my ideas and visions are so visionary that if I applied it to politics, I could make an excellent President, and correct many of the problems that our country has, but I don’t feel the rush of passion like I do acting, and being featured in hit movies alongside “A List” actresses like Angie and Jen, or getting principal roles in hopeful pilots for TV shows, gives me the greatest thrill imaginable, and exposes me to the hottest girls who just want a taste of The Brand, so I will stick to becoming and acting legend and biggest star in the world (My Cali BFF Kent Osborne called our planet “Kearth” because of my growing global appeal).

Why are people so obsessed with me? Oh yeah, because I’m Arthur Kade.”….Arthur Kade 08/30/09-08/31/09

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