Returning The Favor

Holy Christ on a popsicle stick! This fucking asshole is now claiming to be an expert in sexual etiquette. And then you know what he tells a friend? That if he gets a chick off and she doesn't "return the favor" he should jerk off on the chick. That is clASS with a capital A S S. Then he goes back to his delusions about having to watch out for Gold Diggers trying to get their claws into him because he has "The Biz" calling him "Young Hollywood's Next Big Thing." You can't make this shit up. Arthur, I know you're reading this, so do me a favor, produce ANYBODY who is more than a fringe player in "The Biz" who has even SUGGESTED you could do ANYTHING other than stand in the background of a scene between real actors. Oh, and while you're at it give us the name of ONE of "the most beautiful women in the world" you've been with. Shit, give us the name of ANY woman you've been with, just one, even if she's a Philly 3 we'd love to chat with her to see just how fucking terrible a person you really are. No doubt we'd be proven 100% correct in our summation of what a goddamn fucking cunt you are. Fuck, I'm going out and kick some nuns because this fuck faced cunt infuriates me so much. More deluded ramblings from the misogynistic, ugly, cock gobbling, jerkoff known as Arthur Kade...

Being an expert in sexual etiquette can be sometimes be a blessing and sometimes can be an amazing curse. Having been with the most beautiful women in the world, I am able to talk to people about some of their sexual and dating problems (One friend just said, “Arthur, you have an answer for every shitty situation”, and I replied “I have turned don girls who most average Gen Pop guys would slobber over, and then they want me more”), to help guide them through what needs to be done to make their sexual experience a better one filled with joy and orgasm, and sometimes I even sit back and think that even though I am becoming a top master of The Craft, and am changing the future of “The Biz” forever, maybe in a past life Arthur Kade was some type of sex therapist who helped people.  I have even thought about creating a section on the blog where peope can send in questions around dating and sex, and allow me to change their lives for the better and save marriages, “Kade Style”, but I don’t want anything taking away from “The Journey” right now since I am so far ahead of schedule (A had a fan ask me last night, “Will it be disappointing if you win an Emmy before you win an Oscar?”, and I responded, “I want both now because they will make a cute couple on my mantle”).
Whenever I’m out with The Entourage, we are always talking about our sexual experiences and conquests and comparing notes on the many girls who either just put out at will as we seduce them, or the many follies that occur (Our sexual conversations should be written in books because we are all such experts in the field because we are the most desirable men in Philadelphia and possibly New York).  One of the stories that came up recently brought up a great point in sexual etiquette that turned in to a great discussion over dinner.  One of my friends hooked up with a girl who said that she didn’t want to have sex with him but went home with him anyway and as guys when a girl says she won’t have sex with you, but come home, 8 out of 10 times if you’re good in bed you can close.  They did everything but sex (He said he went down on her for 45 minutes), and he got her off several times, and from there the expectation for a guy is “If I got you off, now it’s my turn” (I just had this same situation occur and it pisses you off beyond belief because you expect the girl to want to return the favor without even asking, but instead she pulls up the sheets and goes to sleep, and I almost asked her to leave since she was totally disrespecting me not making me cum).  He told her that it was his turn, and she just got pissed off and left, and at that point his attitude is “Beat it”.
I told him that the best thing to do in that situation is instill your authority by getting revenge and sending a message by masturbating right next to her and then finishing on her to say, “Since you wouldn’t do this, then enjoy this little present”, and another friend who was involved in the conversation said he had done something similar and hit the girl in the eye causing momentary blindness.  Some girls can be so selfish sexually and those are the girls that celebs such as The Brand try to stay away from because you can tell a lot about a girl’s personality by how she is sexually, and if she is a “Dead Fish” or “Non-Returner” in bed, than chances are that she will either suck in life and be miserable, or is a Gold Digger who is not attracted to you and just chasing coin (This is a HUGE problem for me because now that I have the “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, a principal role that’s about to film for a potential pilot, another HUGE announcement coming, and “The Biz” calling me “Young Hollywood’s Next Big Thing”, I have every girl who meets me wanting to get in my pants and lock down America’s future biggest star).
Either way, it’s important to as one of my girlfriend’s (A Philly 9 who knows a lot about dating) put it at ZBar last night, “Try the milk before buying the cow”, and I kept thinking to myself, “How can a girl expect you to take her seriously if she won’t be generous in bed, because it translates to life.
“Some people train their whole life to run a marathon.  Arthur Kade trained his whole life to sail around the world in his 300 Ft. Yacht”…Arthur Kade…10/03/09
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The Brand’s Logo

Arthur now has a new East Coast BFF and goddamn if the guy doesn't have eyes as creepy, if not creepier, than the rapey eyed one himself. Also we get to see more of Arthur's food. Why is it that every meal he eats seems to have a jizzy looking sauce on it? I think the "The Perfect Ass" video might just be the creepiest thing he's ever shot. I think he actually sniffs the person's ass (I won't guess if it's girl or guy ass cause you can't see shit in the video - though when you're video taping an ass you probably don't want to see shit.) His logos seem very fitting in that they look like the sign for a mens room and we know how much time he spends trolling those looking for Larry Craig. More idiocy and delusion from the giant cunt himself, Arthur Kadyshes...

The last couple weeks have been an amazing example of the difficulty that Arthur Kade is going to have moving forward in my pioneering career in “The Biz” of walking the delicate line between “”Celebrity” and “Actor” because I have to devote extensive time to both sides of the coin because Hollywood demands it, and I have to keep my profile high for movies or TV shows that I am working on (One actor said to me this week, “You could sell a TV show now on your name alone now, where most people have tooled around for 20 years and would dream of your exposure) to promote them. I could live for The Craft and be a working actor like I am now without ever making anymore money (I was joking with a friend last night that my first 7-figure paycheck for my first hit movie I am going to buy a 100 foot casual boat just to ride around the Mediterranean Sea for a month with some models and fellow celebs and celebrate my arrival), but the reality is that I have created something so unique and genius in “The Modern Actor” that there is a chance that I will become the Tiger Woods of acting (The first Billionaire Actor). I have been in a holding pattern waiting for the production schedule to come out for the potential pilot I am cast on as a gay doctor, so it has been every difficult to commit to any new projects because I didn’t want it to interfere with my current 2 projects (That and IMG Media “Dev Deal”), but yesterday we finally got word that the staff for the shoot for The Trailer for the pilot has been put into place (There is an excellent Director, Production Manager, and other additions and I am so excited because I think that my character and the script are groundbreaking and could have a Sopranos effect), and we will not be shooting before October 16th, so I can turn my focus away from all the mainstream media attention that I have been getting with National Radio Interviews (I had a fan come up to me and say last night, “Listening to your radio interviews is so interesting because you sound so composed and in control the whole time) and tabloid exposure, and get back into the acting pool selecting the Cool projects I get to work on, and gearing up for crazy progress with my “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, and the development of my other show.
Last night, I attended a Charity Dog Event hosted at Boyds (They did an unbelievable job in structuring a beautiful and top notch event for the Utley’s All Star Animals charity), hit the Philly Mag Cocktail Competition and then met some fans (Video Below) who are actors, writers, and producers who had a short film debuting in University City at The Bridge and had contacted me by Facebook telling me they were fans of “The Journey” and would love it if I made an appearance. I really love showing young actors that I can be there for them, and pass on much of the experience and knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 6.94 months, and if you could have seen the excitement of when they met me at Distrito, and got to know me, it was almost like an orgasm to watch (I imagine it will be a similar moment for me when I meet Bobby DeNiro because it will be a meeting and mind-meld of Old Lion and Young Lion to further Young Hollywood, and the expectations of everyone in “The Biz” will be enourmous of what would come out of such a summit). You could see that they were soaking every moment that they had with me ( I could only stay a short while with them because I had to meet a 9 and some friends, out but wanted to give some mentoring time to some young local talent), and we did some videos and took pictures for them to always remember that they got to meet The Brand on his way up.
“If you swing for the fences every time you’re up, you may strike out more, but in the end who do you remember more, “”Wade Boggs or Hank Aaron”"?”….Arthur Kade…10/02/09
In the meantime, Here are the 3 logos that I have come up with so far, and why I chose each one (They all bring something different to my Brand’s image), but I would also love some feedback or other creations that my fans around the world can create that may be better for Kade Inc.
1) “The Trump”-I love the picture of the man in the middle because I think it shows the stature and size of my “Humaness” of The Brand and how the name is nothing without the tool that is my look. The colors are also much more industrial. powerful, gaudy, and raw, and give a more business/corporate feel to The Brand and represents my position as a M.I.M. (Mogul In the Making). I could see this logo at the top of my 100 story headquarters in KA, but does it make me seem too “Donald Trump”, and not enough “Martha Stewart”?
2) “The Rachael Ray”-This logo creates a warmer, softer, and more inviting feel to The Brand because it is very simple and fun, the lines are less refined and more curvy and shows me more as a charitable activist and pioneer, rather than a “Corporate Entity”. It humanizes me more and connects me more to The Gen Pop, where I could see one saying, “He’s just like one of us”, and want to see more of my movies or buy more of my clothes, but I am scared that it takes away from the eliteness and superiority that is The Brand and come off a bit more feminine Hygiene Products.
3) “The Russell Simmons”-This one is my favorite so far because it gives a “Larger than Life” feel to The Brand (I think this is what fans and “The Biz” think of when they feel Arthur Kade), and the little person in the middle represents the Gen Pop and shows that they are still inside of me, and connected to me, but in the end the first thing you still notice is the Hugeness of my name. The colors also speak power and comfort, and the connection of Arthur-Kade shows a unity across all the different media genres that I am expanding into, but also gives a more “Urban” and “Hip Hop” feel so that my under 30 fans can also connect

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Running Around

I have nothing today. Well, nothing other than pure hatred for a complete jerkoff who thinks he has so many fans they would constitute a "Nation." More from the deluded, big nosed fuck face Arthur Kadyshes...

I’m on the run all day night to some amazing Philly events tonight (1 “Biz” and 1 Non-”Biz”), but I had some videos and pictures from today to put on the blog. When you’re a celeb like Arthur Kade, you don’t get much time to actually live your Non-”Biz” Life, so today was what I would call an afternoon off from The Craft to run around and actually get some errands done in my personal life. Until I get an assistant on board soon to work under me and do all the dirty work, I have to to all the normal Gen Pop stuff like paying bills, sometimes driving myself to places, and life errands on my own. My radio interview today with the station in Palm Beach went fantastic, and it was fun and playful, and I think they did a Great job of expanding my stronghold on the eastern Florida coast (Especially Miami where I have a huge Latino Fan Base I am told) and The South in general, and this will continue to expose The Brand to new markets and wealth, and I will try to find the podcast when it goes up and link it. Every day I am learning how popular and widespread “The Journey” has become, and it’s amazing to know the influence I am having on people’s lives around the world. The day of “The Modern Actor” is upon us, and with my “Dev Deal” with IMG Media in place and moving briskly, and my other principal role in the potential pilot, the day of the Emmy is near.
“If Jeezy’s payin’ Lebron, I’m payin’ Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade…10/01/09 (Courtesy of my Boy Jay-Z). I can’t wait until he mentions me in one of his songs.

My “Personal” Afternoon:

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Pure “Kade Style” Excitement

Plain and simple, he's a dick. Doesn't get that Gawker is mocking him. Thinks he cheated death in an amazing way. Asshole. More stupidity from the deluded asshole, Arthur Kadyshes....

After cheating an amazing death yesterday as only Arthur Kade can do, I was looking forward to what my next day of domination and moving closer to the Next Step of “The Journey” was going to look like. I spent a lot of the night really focusing on how I can’t let anything stop me right now, and most of all how much I have to be grateful for everything in my life because people around the world are depending on me, and I am delivering better than The Mailman, but in the end I am still human and need to take care of my most important tool, my body. Being a celebrity means also having tabloids like Gawker covering this stuff, and they even wrote an article today about what a shame it would have been to lose The Brand to a tragic death, and it really enlightens me as to my importance to “The Biz” that media that I have never met personally has taken such an emotional path to connecting with “The Journey”, and supporting my in my trek to Little Oscar. Here is the story that they wrote about my near death experience. http://gawker.com/5371154/what-would-we-do-without-fameballs
It was also an amazing day because I had a development call with my people over at IMG Media this morning as we continue to work on my groundbreaking “Dev Deal”, and the creation of the coolest and most unique Television show the world has ever seen. This is the most exciting and amazing process that a celebrity of the growth and magnitude of The Brand can ever imagine, and I want to run naked through the streets and talk about how we are about to change the course of television history, and maybe put Emmy on my mantle before Little Oscar, but it’s one of those things where I have to let the process take it’s course. I would imagine that Networks are salivating right now at the thoughts of what our creative juices are concocting. All I can say is that when Arthur Kade says “This is the maybe the greatest thing to hit television ever”, then the world will learn the true unadulterated power of The Brand.
As I was talking to my friend today, I was telling him, “People don’t realize that I am a corporation now, and it’s like running Kade Inc. these days with all the press, crazy “Biz” stuff I’m working on, and still killing the social scene, and I’m not far off from expanding into other areas like clothing, merchandise, and memorabilia, so I need to have a face for The Brand”. I have starting to explore the type of logo that I want representing My Brand, and I want it to symbolize everything that is special about Arthur Kade, and “The Journey”, but also shows power, eliteness, and gives a vibe that is “Kade Style” I have created 3 so far, but I also wanted to ask for help or suggestions from my fans around the world and see what they come up with. I am having trouble downloading them so I will attempt to tomorrow, but feel free to let your creative juices rip on me anyway.
I also just finished my favorite Mike Lemon Film Class to date, and he actually came up to me and said, “Your work has gotten very nice”, and I responded “I appreciate it”, and he said “No I appreciate it, thank you”, and he fist pounded me to symbolize the growing bond between Wise Teacher and Hungry Student, and it was great to know that I am growing as an actor, as a human, and most of all as an artist. One classmate said about my dialogue from, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, “That was perfect for you. You were born to play a part like that”, and I joked back, “Because it allows me to show my natural dickhead side” (I think roles like this are wehere the Vince Vaughn comparisons come into play).
I have a huge interview tomorrow morning at 10AM with The Jennifer and Danny Show on 97.9 WRMF in Southern Florida which will be taped and played on Friday and I will attempt to link the podcast then (Palm Beach is a HUGE market for me to dominate because it’s more metropolitan and there are a large number of wealthy retirees who can associate with what The Brand stands for, and will probably want to invest in future projects that I can globally create as my name becomes the biggest in “The Biz” and I’m sure residents like Donald Trump and Tiger Woods will want to hear me speak). I am also contemplating a new tattoo after seeing a cool one in the video below, so would love some feedback on that as well, and I am still working on my next announcement and can’t wait to share it, but right now my level of excitement and belief in myself is at all time levels.
Here are the videos from today and pictures of a Jewish Style Deli Lunch I had:

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I haven't read this yet, but I'll guess it has something to do with how "amazing" Kade's life is and a bunch of other lies. More lies, stupidity and deluded thoughts (I'm guessing) from the idiot, Arthur Kadyshes....

When I look in the mirror, I see myself as the Lance Armstrong of life because I have such an amazing level of stamina that I barely sleep, always practice my craft, and network relentlessly to become the biggest star in the world. So many people are jealous of what I have accomplished, and stars that are less than me would let “The Haters” affect them, but I use that as motivation to become bigger, better, and sexier to my fans, and try to make “The Journey” move at an even faster rate than the unnatural one that I have already done. The human body can only take so much, and sometimes even Arthur Kade needs a reminder to take a night off and slow down or I will potentially have a heart attack and die, and today was one of those reminders.
In any given day, I will drink anywhere from 4-6 RedBulls or other energy drinks to keep myself wired and do my pre-workout supplement of Black Powder (Or any other NO2 supplement for my strenuous and insane workouts) to always keep me on edge so that I can do the special things that The Brand does on a daily basis in The Craft and “The Journey”. My friends always scream at me that it’s too much and that I will give myself a heart attack living this “On the Edge”, and I just laugh it off and say, “Sleep is the third cousin of death”, and just push forward even harder. Lately, I have been sleeping less and less, and working more and more, and have battled a cold, and my anxiety level has been much higher than usual, and then today while in the gym for the second time with one of my good friends (I had just taken his NO2 supplement at his house), I started feeling lightheaded and my heart was racing, and I actually pulled him into the locker room because I thought I was having a heart attack. It’s amazing what you think about when you may be dying, and what went through my mind was in this order: 1) I can’t let millions around the world down, 2) I wonder what the media will say about this if I land in the hospital in front of the Gen Pop, so I need to do this in private, and 3) I can’t let this happen when I am about to make millions, I can have any girl I want being Arthur Kade, and I am clearly on my way to Little Oscar.
I have had an experience like this before years ago where I had a 6 day bender of drinking and partying (With little to no sleep where I had some fun with several girls in NYC and Philly), and was taking Hydroxycut to “Rip Down” for a photo shoot, and while doing Sunday Brunch with friends at Rouge, the heat lamp over me caused my heart to speed up and I thought I was going to die. I had a girl that I was friends with walk me around Rittenhouse Square to help me calm it down, but I got ultra light headed and jumped in a cab and headed to Jefferson Hospital. I have never been that lightheaded before, and actually had the cab driver weaving in and out of traffic to get me there, and after I got in the the ER, they admitted me and told me my heart had almost stopped. They asked if I had done drugs and of course I answered “No”, and when they did the EKG they told me that whatever I did almost caused a heart attack and that they wanted to do blood work to be precautionary.
Of course, once I started feeling better, I told them I wanted to go (Blood work takes way too long, and I was feeling a lot better), so I told the doctor, “Is it OK if I head back to Rouge?”, and he said, “I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s your call if you’re feeling better”, so I checked out headed back to Rouge and ended the night in a strip club with friends being the warrior that I am (I would love to do an Epic movie like BraveHeart one day that shows that Primal side of me). Today was a tough reminder of that same sensation, and once I got home, I relaxed, and decided that I’m not that same animal I used to be back then that was reckless and careless, and have to know when The Brand’s body is telling me to pull back. All I could think about on the cab ride home was how much my fans around the world are depending on me and “The Journey” for their lives to be better, and that I can’t let them down now when I am about to do the impossible with a TV “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, and other Huge things in the works. Overload can be my greatest asset because I outwork the world, but if I am not careful, it can kill me, and I would disappoint millions from watching me hold Little Oscar.
“I wonder how much seats next to Jack cost for Lakers Games at The Staples Center, or will they just hook me up next year? because I am Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade…09/29/09
The interview with 107.5 in Greensboro was an amazing one where they had me on for about 11 minutes I think to talk about “The Journey” (I can’t find the podcast or MP3 to link on their site, and they never emailed it to me), and I made them staunch believers after our talk. I received several emails from new fans in that area, and now the Legend that is The Brand is taking over North Kadeilina, and The South is almost completely mine by state. I also spoke to the Producer from the project I am a principal in that will be used for pilot presentation, and he is finalizing the production schedule now so I hope to be shooting soon. He texted me if I played BBall, and I just smiled and thought, “If you only knew” and answered yes. Here are acting videos from my lesson with Sharon today working on a scene from “He’s Just Not That Into You” for Lemon’s class tomorrow as well as an improv scene to get into character:

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A Tale Of Two Nights (Part 2: Old School)

I guess I'm supposed to say something about this asshole here, but what more is there to say? Kade has some pictures taken NEAR a celebrity and then through careful presentation of additional pictures, he spins a tale of how he's one of them and they were all hanging out and blah blah blah fucking blah. What it comes down to is he has friends who work in PR (Lindsay J. Furman in this case) who get him into events and then he pretends like he's a "baller" (God I fucking hate that term) and lies his ass off spinning a yarn that is just a GIANT FUCKING LIE. Notice, he gets pics out front, but there are NEVER pictures at the table of the VIP WITH the VIP (Nicky Hilton a VIP? Only cause of assholes like Kade - she's actually just a lucky girl who hit the genetic lottery) because he is NOBODY. Arthur, yes, you are a fucking nobody and you need to wake up to that fact. More from the deluded fucking cunt, Arthur Kadyshes...

The amazing number of emails, phone calls, and responses to The Brand’s Big Celebrity Night on Saturday at Dusk was so flattering because it tells me how many people live for seeing Arthur Kade socialize at a VIP table with other celebs and their entourages, and how they live vicariously through me. Those types of experiences show the “New Arthur”, the one who is always at the hottest parties with the hottest people with the hottest VIP access, but there is also another side of Arthur Kade that I don’t get to show anymore, the one who partied at the hottest clubs with the hottest club/house music, and wasn’t about just sleeping with 9’s and 10’s, but just enjoying great music and dancing for 2-3 straight days without sleep, and then usually concluding with a fun threesome or relaxing vacation to follow. Those were days where I was still a king like I am now, but not one that was constantly being photographed with or being approached because of the phenomenon that is “The Journey”.
Saturday night made me remember what it was like to just put away The Brand, and “The Journey” for a few hours, and leave my “A List” celebrity life with Nicky Hilton and Lance Bass at our celebrity table, and then headed over to Harrah’s Pool where one of the most famous DJ’s in the world, Oscar G, was spinning. Oscar G is rated by many as one of the top House DJ’s in the world, and is a resident at the world famous Space in Miami, and travels around the world to play gigs. Space used to be one of my favorite places to party in Miami because you would get there at 4-5AM and then party until 11AM, and then walk out to sunshine and run over to News Cafe on Ocean Dr. for some Eggs Benedict. One of my favorite stories with Space is going there after partying at CrowBar all night many years ago, and I met a professional model who I started making out with at the club (She asked me what I did, and I told her I was on a Soap Opera ((Guiding Light I think)), and next thing I know I am at some random mansion on “The Bisc” (Biscayne Bay) for 2 straight days where I was in and out of a drug induced coma, and girls being ushered in and out like a Victoria’s Secret fashion Show (I remember seeing at least 2 orgies), and a party with people I had never met that reminded me of St. Tropez. style partying. The guy who owned the house had a small yacht out front, where I ended up taking one of the girls (She was a Miami 9.5 with a size zero body, tiny but sexy boobs, sick DSL Lips, and the longest legs you can imagine, plus she was a former Volleyball player, and was very tight and limber) and having amazing sex, but we never exchanged numbers so I figured that was that (I’m pretty sure I ran into her at Mynt last year, but she looked so horrible because she had gained 30 Lbs. and looked like a used prostitute, and when she made eye contact, I decided not to approach and just cherish our tremendous half an hour together).
We met up with Oscar G at Harrahs where it was a crazy packed house, and had the purest “Kade Style” VIP access in his booth (See Video), and in some respects people will tell you that he is a Huge World Known Celebrity in his own right (The House Music world is like another version of Hollywood), and we got to party with him full force. It was great to just forget that I am a rising celebrity for a few hours and just chill with great friends and unbelievable music, and just dance like it was Old School Kade when I used to dominate SoBe. Almost no one recognized me or asked for pictures or talked about “The Journey”, and for a few hours I was just Arthur Kade “Pre Journey”, and it was nice to feel regular again. I was telling my dad right now on the way home from Yom Kippur dinner how lonely it can sometimes be being the biggest of big deals, and he responded, “You chose this life, and it’s the destiny you wanted”, and although I wouldn’t change it for anything, sometimes it’s nice just to party and live Old School.
I have to get up early tomorrow because I have another Radio Interview in Greensboro, NC at 8:20 AM (North Kadeilina?) with their number 1 show, Murphy In the Morning, so I’m sure that it will be another prime showing by The Brand, and bring me thousands of new fans of “The Journey”, and get another crazy day off on the right foot.
“Every great talent needs a great rival. Ali had Frazier. Magic had Larry. Woods has Mickelson. Arthur Kade has Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade….09/28/09

A good friend just called and told me there are some “Haters” who seem to not believe that I was at The VIP Table with Hilton and Bass, so here are the pics again where you see me with her cake, one of my friends cutting the cake with the VIP Bouncer, the back of Nicky’s head in front of me as we watch Sean Kingston perform in 2 of the pics, Me drinking Rose’ with Lance’s Boys, and a picture of the whole table. Witness the power that is The Brand and next time check your facts.  I always wonder why “Haters” hate, and then I realize they are just Gen Pop fans who may be having a bad day and need some Kade in their life.

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Kade Watching Nicky Hilton Celebrate Her Birthday From the Gen Pop Crowd!

Click for a larger version

Thanks to one of our great readers for sending in this photo of Arthur Kade way the hell far away from Nicky Hilton's private table as she celebrated her birthday with Lance Bass, friends, and actual celebrities! There's our Arthur, right where he belongs in the crowd with everyone else wishing they were part of the party, his cheap fedora shining like a beacon to alert his presence.

What gives Arthur? You said you were partying with Hilton and Bass? You said you would be at a table together? Why are you in the back of the crowd? Why aren't you right beside her at YOUR table living it up?

Oh, wait, we know... IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE A LIAR! At best you got a photo of yourself with her in front of the photo background. She didn't know who you were, and still doesn't.

This picture cracks us up to the n'th degree. Thanks for the laughs Kade!

Finally, here's the ONLY picture of Arthur that we found anywhere on the web today in regards to Hilton's birthday party. He looks like a perfect sulking shit-brain! We thought being a celebrity was more fun that that Arthur! What are you so upset about - the fact that you had to drop a few hundred dollars to get inside of Dusk?!?

Here's another photo that surfaced of Arthur on the Press of Atlantic City web site. Why, why why does he refuse to smile when he's standing next to women? He looks aimless, lost, confused, sad, depressed, rapey, all rolled into one. Is he trying to be stoic and cool? Arthur, not that she's a huge celebrity or anything, but you're standing there next to a beautiful woman! What gives!?! Check this link for more pictures from the same web site, and be sure and spot the one where Kade is smiling ear to ear, standing arm in arm with men - the only thing that seems to get him to smile other than himself.

Click for larger image
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A Tale Of Two Nights (Part 1: All Access)

Cock Gobbler claims that people always say his life seems like a "fairy tale," well, that's partially right, he IS a "fairy" and he IS telling a "tale."   He also lets us know that he's giving us an inside look at "what it's like to be a rising celebrity in Young Hollywood."  Uh, Artie, unless celebrities sleep on people's couches and wear t-shirts EVERYWHERE you can't tell us anything.  Christ, my head hurts, and now more bullshit from the forked tongue of Arthur Kadyshes...

Update: So we spent some time browsing the web today for any information about Arthur Kade being "with" Nicky Hilton and Lance Bass at Dusk. Know what we found? Zero. Nothing. Nada. Not a mention of his name anywhere. See for yourself!

Arthur was found in ONE photo amongst anything we found. Why oh why doesn't he smile?! It's baffling - he actually looks like he frowns on purpose.

People always ask me, “Arthur, you’re life seems like an amazing fairy tale, and you give the world this show of what it’s like behind the scenes of being a celebrity, but is it really what happens? Is that how you guys really live?”, and I respond, “It is absolutely what happens. People aren’t used to someone like Arthur Kade giving them the inside look of what it’s like to be a rising celebrity in Young Hollywood with a No Holds Barred approach because other actors like Pitt, Maguire, DiCaprio care about image and rep, but I care about being The Brand and taking millions along for the ride of a lifetime. The best stuff happens when I don’t even have the camera around (The jokes, the girls, the jet-setting, the celeb interactions), but I can only show so much in each blog”. It’s almost surreal sometimes that 6.812 months ago, I was selling annuities and life insurance, and now I have captured the hearts and minds of a generation in cheering for a Young Handsome Jewish Boy to find his prized Little Oscar, and create a new movement of acting along the way (The Modern Actor), and also give the world a look into “The Celebrity Lifestyle” that is being The Brand. I always knew that this dream was my destiny, but when you’re in the a pit of a super hot club with other celebs and socialite power, and flashbulbs are going off like you’re The President, you just smile and say, “My life rules!!”. The only thing left is to have those cameras going off while I give my Best Actor acceptance speech one day, and think about the crazy after parties with my celeb friends to celebrate my emergence as one of the great actors of all times.
Saturday Night at Dusk is a perfect example of The Brand’s Life, because where most Gen Poppers are out with friends or family sipping Bud Lights at a bar, I was at the hottest club in The Northeast with “A and B List” celebs (Nicky Hilton and Lance Bass) celebrating birthdays in private VIP areas, drinking Rose’ and watching live performances of Platinum Artists (Sean Kingston who is taller than me and huge, but kind of reminds you of a huge teddy bear that you just want to hug and wrestle). Hilton was much prettier in real life (KA 7.35) than I expected with great legs (Nice shape and length but really boney knees) and a unique face and a super cool personality (I heard someone in her camp say she was “A Real Sweetheart to work with”), and seemed very down to Earth in how we all partied together in our VIP area. Lance Bass and his boys were absolutely cool as can be and socially comfortable and if he hadn’t been one of the biggest stars in the world like I am about to become, I could see just killing shots with him somewhere in a dive bar in West Hollywood (I talked with someone at Dusk about how “When I really take this to a level that’s never been done before, I will never forget that I was a kid on Welfare who just slept with average girls in his teens”) and talking about normal stuff that the Gen Pop talks about. I talked to Lance’s boys about my groundbreaking “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, and we exchanged numbers so that we could network in NYC where one of them is a personal trainer to the stars. The music was great, and overall the vibe was electric, and there was press everywhere that wanted a piece of all of us, and I had several fans approach me to tell me hello or take pics and everyone loved my outfit from Jack and Jill Boutique in Philly.
Dusk was so hot, and I actually was texting friends, “The girl to guy ratio here is 3:1, and there were so many 9’s running around that I hated having to do my celeb duty and help Nicky bring in her B-day at our private table. People were trying to climb around the security that was set up to protect us, and they were snapping pics from every angle trying to get all of our pics (To probably sell to tabloids or brag to their friends that they saw Arthur Kade), and when Sean Kingston went on, the crowd went nuts, and people were dancing to 911 and Beautiful Girl like it was a U2 concert in a stadium. I found myself right behind Nicky and her crew jamming away, and I almost tripped and fell into her cake, but our VIP bodyguard caught me coming down.
Once we ate the cake, we drank Rose’ like it was going out of style, and I looked around and thought, “People tune into HBO to watch Vinnie Chase do this type of stuff, meanwhile Arthur Kade is LIVING it and giving the world “”Full Access”" to what we all dream of growing up”. Sometimes I want to pinch myself and ask why I am so lucky to be in this position, but then I look in the mirror and know that I was put on this Earth to live “The Journey” and inspire a world to become better and change their lives. The responsibility of being Arthur Kade can sometimes be overwhelming, because I have to constantly become a better actor, get great jobs in “The Biz”, hang out with the hottest girls on the planet, and go to the hottest VIP Parties there are, and then I can here my Dad’s words where he says, “Are you really complaining about your life. People have to run businesses and balance checkbooks everyday, and you get to chase your dream for a living so be grateful”
Stay Tuned for The second half of my night hanging out with one of the top 5 House Dj’s in the world in tomorrow’s blog…
“When you stop and reflect on what you are doing in your life, than your wife is already sleeping with another guy”….Arthur Kade…09/27/09

Anyone else see the two dudes making out in the background of this picture???
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Political Fans

Arthur Kadyshes is a huge, steamy pile of deluded shit. I read this and my head hurts. Also, when I read his words they sound like the adults in the Peanuts cartoon. How he manages that I have no idea, but it really is just a lot of blah, blah, fucking blah by this deluded asshole. Without further ado, I bring you the incoherent, deluded ramblings of Philthydelphia's stupidest son, Arthur Kadyshes...

It’s amazing how every day I found out how far and how influential “The Journey” has come and is reaching, and how people at the top of industries, and governments are fans of The Brand. I already know that most of the top of the “A List” of The Biz is following my progression to the top, and now that I have a “Dev Deal” with IMG Media in place, and more big news on the way, “The Biz” is seeing the next step of “The Journey” take hold, and a young actor take his rightful spot on the throne of KA. Today, I was twittered by a new fan, that tells me that now The Brand has crossed over to the upper echelon of the political arena, because the Senior Correspondent to The White House for ABC News, Jake Tapper, actually twittered me and someone else (The twitter said: ” @ndcollier you have to check out @ArthurKade”) for her to check me out (It gets me so excited to know that there could actually be conversations in The Capital or Pentagon about “The Journey”, and the specialness of Arthur Kade), and I assume he is now a HUGE Fan. It must be amazing to watch a regular socialite rise to my ranks, and see the greatness that is America in full swing.
I think about politics a lot because I want to be able to dabble in it once my acting career is done, and help spread some of my Gen Pop views to the legislature to help with National and Global Policy. I was thinking that if Jake knows me, is it possible that Barack Obama might know me at this point? I would love to sit down with him one on one and discuss the Health care reform because having been an ultra successful Financial Planner (I sold a great deal of Life Insurance and Long Term Care, so I understand the needs of the elderly Gen Pop, and I am sympathetic to helping people who can’t live “Kade Style”), and I think I could lend him and the administration some insight into how people think, and I would love to develop a relationship with people on The Hill so that once I am done dominating “The Biz”, I might want to think about a career in politics (Many people tell me that because of how charming and handsome I am, I could be my generation’s Ronald Reagan where I transition from award winning actor to Awesome President, although my first lady would probably be someone of Megan Fox’s caliber who is a “Stripper Hot” 10 and looks great on camera), and help change so much of what is wrong with this country (”The Journey” is the first step to unify America by showing them a real life example of the American Dream, but I want to be a White Knight of Freedom and reform like I am for “The Biz” right now). I may want to have Team Kade contact CNN or Fox News to have me do guest spots on shows like Meet The Press to start building “Street Cred” on The Hill.
I have a killer outfit selected for Nicky Hilton’s Birthday at Dusk tonight, and will have to skip the Fashion Show in Philly because they pushed it back to 11PM-12AM, and that’s when I am supposed to be on The Red Carpet with my fellow celebs there. I hate making commitments and having to break them, but it’s important to show support to one of Young Hollywood’s other stars and fulfill my celeb duties for the public. I am tired from last night, and have been working on a script for Lemon’s class since a fabulous brunch at Parc this afternoon, so I may take a cat nap to re-energize for the crazy “Kade Style” night tonight with Nicky and David (Katzenberg-Son Of Jeff Katzenberg at Dreamworks who I think knows Arthur Kade), Sean Kingston and others.
Here are pictures from last night, and a Video showing the press I just received in Philadelphia Magazine this month (They profiled all of the area’s top Celebs for a Halloween story like Patti Labelle, Mayor Nutter, Gov. Rendell, Chase Utley, and Mike Vick), and I am featured with Senator Vince Fumo and Eagles Coach Andy Reid popping out of a pumpkin and talking about wearing us as your Halloween costume this year which I thought was super flattering (Although I think I may be more well known around the world than both of them now).
“It’s not about getting any girl I want because that’s a lay up, it’s about making them not fall in love with me after one night of The Brand”…Arthur Kade…09/26/09

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