Political Fans

Arthur Kadyshes is a huge, steamy pile of deluded shit. I read this and my head hurts. Also, when I read his words they sound like the adults in the Peanuts cartoon. How he manages that I have no idea, but it really is just a lot of blah, blah, fucking blah by this deluded asshole. Without further ado, I bring you the incoherent, deluded ramblings of Philthydelphia's stupidest son, Arthur Kadyshes...

It’s amazing how every day I found out how far and how influential “The Journey” has come and is reaching, and how people at the top of industries, and governments are fans of The Brand. I already know that most of the top of the “A List” of The Biz is following my progression to the top, and now that I have a “Dev Deal” with IMG Media in place, and more big news on the way, “The Biz” is seeing the next step of “The Journey” take hold, and a young actor take his rightful spot on the throne of KA. Today, I was twittered by a new fan, that tells me that now The Brand has crossed over to the upper echelon of the political arena, because the Senior Correspondent to The White House for ABC News, Jake Tapper, actually twittered me and someone else (The twitter said: ” @ndcollier you have to check out @ArthurKade”) for her to check me out (It gets me so excited to know that there could actually be conversations in The Capital or Pentagon about “The Journey”, and the specialness of Arthur Kade), and I assume he is now a HUGE Fan. It must be amazing to watch a regular socialite rise to my ranks, and see the greatness that is America in full swing.
I think about politics a lot because I want to be able to dabble in it once my acting career is done, and help spread some of my Gen Pop views to the legislature to help with National and Global Policy. I was thinking that if Jake knows me, is it possible that Barack Obama might know me at this point? I would love to sit down with him one on one and discuss the Health care reform because having been an ultra successful Financial Planner (I sold a great deal of Life Insurance and Long Term Care, so I understand the needs of the elderly Gen Pop, and I am sympathetic to helping people who can’t live “Kade Style”), and I think I could lend him and the administration some insight into how people think, and I would love to develop a relationship with people on The Hill so that once I am done dominating “The Biz”, I might want to think about a career in politics (Many people tell me that because of how charming and handsome I am, I could be my generation’s Ronald Reagan where I transition from award winning actor to Awesome President, although my first lady would probably be someone of Megan Fox’s caliber who is a “Stripper Hot” 10 and looks great on camera), and help change so much of what is wrong with this country (”The Journey” is the first step to unify America by showing them a real life example of the American Dream, but I want to be a White Knight of Freedom and reform like I am for “The Biz” right now). I may want to have Team Kade contact CNN or Fox News to have me do guest spots on shows like Meet The Press to start building “Street Cred” on The Hill.
I have a killer outfit selected for Nicky Hilton’s Birthday at Dusk tonight, and will have to skip the Fashion Show in Philly because they pushed it back to 11PM-12AM, and that’s when I am supposed to be on The Red Carpet with my fellow celebs there. I hate making commitments and having to break them, but it’s important to show support to one of Young Hollywood’s other stars and fulfill my celeb duties for the public. I am tired from last night, and have been working on a script for Lemon’s class since a fabulous brunch at Parc this afternoon, so I may take a cat nap to re-energize for the crazy “Kade Style” night tonight with Nicky and David (Katzenberg-Son Of Jeff Katzenberg at Dreamworks who I think knows Arthur Kade), Sean Kingston and others.
Here are pictures from last night, and a Video showing the press I just received in Philadelphia Magazine this month (They profiled all of the area’s top Celebs for a Halloween story like Patti Labelle, Mayor Nutter, Gov. Rendell, Chase Utley, and Mike Vick), and I am featured with Senator Vince Fumo and Eagles Coach Andy Reid popping out of a pumpkin and talking about wearing us as your Halloween costume this year which I thought was super flattering (Although I think I may be more well known around the world than both of them now).
“It’s not about getting any girl I want because that’s a lay up, it’s about making them not fall in love with me after one night of The Brand”…Arthur Kade…09/26/09


  1. The costume needs a ratty Barnes & Noble bag to be complete.

  2. All sorts of COKE sniffles in that video....

    He looks at least 40.

  3. Does he intentionally pick the WORST POSSIBLE still off his videos to be the screenshot placeholder? Good Lord, man; looking up the entryway to that probiscus felt like having a glimpse into the gateway to hell. This has happened quite a few other times, too.

  4. This video is probably the worst we've ever seen him look. He looks old, tired and like he's been up for three days on some crazy coke binge. This isn't going to end well for Cock Gobbler.

  5. I was having a blast reading the various Twitters from last night, notably iPhillyChitChat's twitters to Arthur:

    @ArthurKade bub u left @MissNickyHilton @DuskCaesars VIP party for a dj somewhere else I never heard of? Guess she wasn't a kade 10?

    @legowigkade we're never gonna hear the end of it, he's made it into their VIP area

    @legowigkade I'm trying. He must know someone down here because he was on the carpet w/nicky hilton, but she looked frightened - lol

    and my favorite:

    @arthurkade is so full of himself that he is going up to ppl saying do u know who I am, then asks them if they have gum

  6. I couldn't actually read this post. I tried, but it just didn't happen.

  7. I'm reposting information here in case The Man with the Screaming Nose erases it from the comment section of his "Political fans" blog entry:

    # MC 900 Foot Douchebag on 27 Sep 2009 at 1:20 am
    Hey everyone, call his parents and tell them what a failure they raised…


    Tell them MC says “Hi” also.

    # FUCK YOU YOU FUCKTARD on 27 Sep 2009 at 3:27 am
    [Leonard] Kadyshes began verbally and physically sexually harassing Complainant by telling sexual jokes, making comments about Complainant’s breasts, telling Complainant that she would be good in bed, telling Complainant that he would personally perform an abortion if she became pregnant, calling Complainant a “bitch”, touching Complainant’s rear end, placing his arms around Complainant, placing his hands in Complainant’s pockets, rubbing up against Complainant, and repeatedly poking Complainant in the shoulder. This steady behavior continued from 1995 to 1997 when Kadyshes became Employer’s business manager and Complainant’s direct supervisor.

    Complainant complained to Employer’s owner on at least six occasions and no action was taken with regard to Kadyshes’ conduct. … Based on the evidence presented, the Commission found that Complainant established by a preponderance of the evidence that Employer unlawfully discriminated against Complainant in her employment by subjecting Complainant to a hostile work environment and discharging her because of her sex.

    … the Commission rejected, as not credible, Kadyshes testimony … The
    Commission found that other testimony of record contradicted Kadyshes’
    testimony … The Commission further found that Kadyshes’ complete denial was
    not believable.

    Can someone post the link to the court case? Also, Kade's cell number was posted in the comment section of one of his blogs awhile back. Repost here in case he deletes/has deleted it?

  8. @Magistrate...


    Kade = 215-350-0539

    Give him a call and tell him MC says "Hi."

    The Gawker link shows his card so if you ever lose his number just go there to get it again.

  9. the English gentlemanSeptember 27, 2009 at 4:02 PM

    What was all that about Kadyshes senior? Has the dirty old bastud been cunting about in his shop?
    Fucking beastly cunt

  10. @ Joe (older post)…

    First off, no one said you have to ‘hate’ to post (hmmm…)

    You didn’t mind mentioning Chad and Tony. Who was the mutual friend that introduced you to Kanus?

    Your comment about GN freaking out…what makes you so sure it was GN?

    Your reply to my comment…was way too defensive.

    Maybe I’m wrong (but I’m not), it really doesn’t change anything. GN thinks she’s clever, I think…not so much. GN try’s to disguise her identify, but her nuances are still apparent. She’s very bitter and shrill.

    I’ll offer an apology up front, if I’m wrong. I laugh anyway because I’m not. Saline Kween

    Joe = I’m sorry GN = HaHa

  11. I guess it wasn’t ‘ladies night’ at the club. Must not have much of a dress code, at least the d├ęcor is…

    Can you imagine the facial contortions when Fart K packs that ‘screaming nose’?

  12. @Magistrate, I put the link to the court case (a pdf) in my user name.

  13. "I wasth thumbing through Phildelthia Magathine..."

    Hilarious. Arthur, not only do you look like serious crap (when are going to fix those wrinkles on the sides of your mouth?), your lisp is really getting worse.

  14. Nice, nice. Thanks Radda Radda. I figure that it's best to have all the concrete information in one place so it can be referred to with a minimum of fuss.
    I've seen Sabrina Strickland in a recent picture, but there's no mention (or, as far as I know of, sighting) of G.N. Kang (otherwise known as 'She whose face was hit by a frying pan'...which STILL cracks me up to this day! Who came up with that?). Also, I assume Count Chocula is still living with Ron Hansen?

  15. notice how in the first video he says his hair is back to its normal color. could this mean his "principle role" in a tv show thats filming a pilot and being pitched didnt get picked up anywhere?

  16. oops i posted early, the post im talking about isnt up on here yet, just the douches own website

  17. He is so proud of being a halloween costume amongst so many dignitaries and celebs I have never EVER heard of except Patti Labelle and that Fumo guy. If I was Patti Labelle, I would be really depressed to even be in that group of nobodies when there are many more interesting and well known people from Philly to be included with instead.

    Check out the Philadelphians Wikipedia page, the actors and musicians especially -- seriously impressive, and reminds everyone how small Kade really is. (linked to user name). Kade is NOT on it of course. He would have to be listed at the end under 'Other' with "douchebag blogger" as his claim to fame. LOL

  18. uh, dude. my name is joe. i always have been joe. i grew up on the mainline. i moved to new york about 4 years ago. other than that, i'm not going to tell you who i am. especially because you post under anonymous. and i'm not going to tell you who my friend is, she doesn't even read all this crap, or particularly care about kade.

    so, let me get this straight: if someone posts here, and doesn't show seething, unmitigated hatred, then they must be GN. or Arthur. Or, someone else trying to infiltrate your site. And if they mention GN, then well, that's proof that it must be her.

    That's your position?

  19. art's cell number. Real. It's on his facebook.


  20. @Joe...

    I read your original comment and then what the other person wrote and thought they were way off base. F them if they can't comprehend simple English.

    Shit, that must mean the Anon was Artie...

  21. Just a note about the Youtube videos. You can't pick them anymore because it used to be the frame exactly in the middle, but spammers started putting a frame of scantily-clad chicks exactly in the middle to get people to click on their videos. Now it's a random frame. Since there are so many good frames in his videos (see above) we end up with the double-barrel-shotgun nostril view quite a bit.

  22. Another thing: who is Ron Hansen? People talk about him in the comments like we should all know who he is. Maybe he's known in Philly? I know that's who Artie lives with now but what's the guy's deal?

  23. yo thanks, lego wig. i don't think i've ever been mistaken for an asian chick with fake tits before.

    i guess i was just trying to provide a little insight into arthur, seeing as how i met him the one time.

    and i'm really trying to bait gn into posting again. that was fuckin hilarious -- "people come up to me and say i make their day special! what have YOU done?!" BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA

  24. This is the greatest webpage ever. Kade blows little boys.