Cockgobbling Arthur Kade not invited to Tamburino Wedding

Arthur Kadyshes, perhaps more accurately described as Crisco McLispo, was not invited to this weekend's wedding of Sabrina Tamburino, a girl Kade has claimed he is friends with. In his "Players" section, Lispy wrote all about how he was good friends with "Bling" (his name for Sabrina Tamburino). Now, she's been avoiding him and the negative attention that comes with it for months.

We were made aware of this situation by two people who used to hang out with Kade. The first person who passed the info along said if we didn't believe it, to confirm with someone else. Now that we have confirmed it, we wanted to share it with all our readers.

Meanwhile, last night in the big metropolis of Reading, PA, the Cockgobbler's main enabler, the festively pumpkin-headed* GN Kang was playing football in her underwear in front of a tiny crowd. I'm sure her parents are proud! The Philadelphia Football Team for Underemployed Women opened its season looking ridiculous and playing in front of a tiny crowd. Congrats.... we think... are in order for GN. For the rest of us, uncomfortable laughter. And for GN's parents, probably a lot of embarassment if they ever find out.

Tonight, Lispy McDouchefaggot is probably going to stay in Philadelphia and act like a retard. Just a prediction. We hope you'll check back tomorrow to see what The Failure..... errrr, the Brand... lies about next. Til then..... se ya! Hope your weekend is better than Kadyshes'!

* unfortunately GN's pumpkin head is not just a Halloween costume.


If she touches you as she says, "Thinner." watch out.
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Insatiable Hunger

More delusion, more food, more lies. More from Cock Gobbling, cum gargling, anal wart Arthur Kadyshes...

For 7.913 months, “The Journey” has moved at warp speed and Arthur Kade has accomplished things in “The Biz” that almost no other person has done this quickly, and yet, last night I found myself complaining about where I am at. While watching My Phils (This Phillies team exhibits all of the same “Rocky-Like” characteristics that I do, and somehow I feel that we will forever be linked together in history as having put Philly on the map with other world cities like KA and NYC because of our heart, personality, and will power) almost steal another game from The Yanks, I was talking to a girl and told her, “I Love acting. It just sucks because I have spent like 50 hours the last 2 weeks concentrating on writing a book (I love authoring as well, but I wish I could have a camera on me while I did it), and have a hit TV Show that I am developing for networks with IMG Media, and haven’t been able to get out there and do what it is “”The Journey”" is all about (The Craft and partying with fellow celebs)”, and she answered, “Are you seriously complaining right now? People would kill for both of those opportunities.” Between writing and conference calls, I have been doing everything to take these opportunities to the next level, but I miss the smell of a movie set, having the cameras on me, and doing my part to make the movie or TV Show a hit. I am “The Buzz” right now in “The Biz”, and yet I am never happy.
When I was in Sharon’s Improv class this week, it was just The Brand and his craft (No Cameras, no publicity, no celebrity) and I was just able to be an actor, and it felt so good, but at the same time I crave the limelight and have an opportunity right now to become the biggest star in the world, and can’t do it half way. For anybody who is not an author like me (I was talking to a writer at Cosi who recognized me who told me he has been writing a novel for 4 years now, and told me that what has happened to me is “A Home Run”), they will never understand the time and effort that is involved in writing an award winning book, and how much acting work, I have been turning down like background on The Beaver, Fringe, White Collar, and other shows and movies to get “The Book” ready.
While walking home, I thought to myself, “Yes, I am in this holding pattern because I have to focus my energy for the next few weeks on creating a hit TV show with IMG Media, and writing a NY Times Bestseller for Trident Media Group, but I should get on my knees for god everyday because he has blessed me with the talent and drive to make this happen so quickly, and there are hacks out there like the guy who did videos of me a few months ago in KA, who labor around in obscurity and would give their right testicle to be where I am at. Success and Celebrity are a gift and a curse at the same time, because sometimes I become so used to being on top, that I can’t accept why I am not moving even higher right away, but the reality is that I have years to act in major productions, but only moments to make 2 HUGE national things like a TV Show and Book a hit. I guess this insatiable hunger and never being satisfied is what has made me the media sensation I am today, but at the same time it’s why I battle constant anxiety and depression because I wonder if i will ever be satisfied?
I am still deciding if I am going to party with Audrina Patridge at our table at Dusk tomorrow (My friend and fan Marshall Barnes, who is considered by many right now the hottest DJ in KA is also spinning there), but will let Kade Nation know as soon as I decide.
“In the heat of the battle, the hot girl will always go home with the guy who has the biggest dick”…Arthur Kade…10/30/09
Here is a picture of a fan who stopped me in my building and said, “Oh my God, Can we take a picture. Me and my friends stalk him” He was a real cool dude so I took it.

Off camera there is a Kadecomplis holding a gun to Sharon's head.

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The New Chateau Kade

I'm guessing we never see this place again. I say that because despite it only being a 6 month lease (so he claims) I don't believe he really signed a lease. I bet he shot this video when he was pretending to look for a place and now is claiming it as his own. If he's telling the truth - why start now? - it'll never get decorated and he'll live in it like a transient. More stupidity, delusions and pictures of food the Cock Gobbling deluded one, Arthur Kadyshes...

Arthur Kade is now in the process of relocating The Brand to an amazing new bachelor pad that will help give him the privacy and ability to explore his sensual and sensitive side for the next steps of “The Journey”. The new “Chateau Kade” has so much personality and charisma, and will be great for the next 6 months as I finish up the East Coast legs of “The Journey”, and take my looks, talents, and celebrity to KA for “Kade Style” domination. I would describe The Chateau as “intimate, sexy, and inspiring”, and I am sure that any 9 or 10 that makes an appearance will want to stay over and experience it.
Here is the video of the new Chateau Kade, as well as videos and pictures from last night.
“The Phillies are everything that is good about Philadelphia. Arthur Kade is everything that is great about America”…Arthur Kade…10/29/09

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Famous or Infamous? (Also Submit Any Questions For Q&A)

He just gets dumber and dumber by the post. That's all I'm saying cause it's World Series time! More misogyny, more lies, more bullshit from the Cock Gobbler, Arthur Kadyshes...

While walking through the city on my way to my amazing acting coach, Sharon’s house, to prepare for today’s audition for a sports commercial, I ran into an old acquaintance (I met her at Continental, and took her home the first night, and the sex was ridic because she was SO sexual), and she stopped me on the street, and said, “Well look who it is. Mr. Arthur Kadyshes. Excuse me, I mean Mr. Arthur Kade.”, and I responded , “Ha Ha, What’s that supposed to mean?”, and she answered, “I hear you’re becoming a big shot famous celebrity, but is it exactly the way you want people to view you?”
I can’t stand when Gen Poppers talk to me like that, because she would never have had the balls to even think about selling her career to take the chance of a lifetime, plus I think she is still bitter with me that we slept together (She used to be a Philly 9.45 model with great boobs, an amazing pair of legs, and DSL Lips that were so soft to kiss, but she wanted a boyfriend at the time and that was a total turn off for me. Last night, I barely recognized her because she had a kid, put on around 20Lbs., and her boobs looked disproportionate, probably from all the breast feeding, and I almost told her she needed to hit the gym because I was annoyed by her sarcasm with me), and I blew her off at Public House to take another girl home, but I wanted to know what she was getting at, so I asked, “What do you mean by that question?”, and she responded, “Do You think you’re becoming more famous or more infamous?”. I replied, “That’s the whole point of what I am creating. I don’t care what people think of Arthur Kade, all I care about is winning awards for my acting and writing, and being ME in the process.”. She smiled and we kissed good night (She used to have the best skin, but now she has pimples which is one of my biggest pet peeves on a girl((Almost as bad as pubic hair)) and I joked about it, and she joked, “I see you are still an asshole), and she said, “Well you’re either really smart or really dumb, but you’ve got some guts”, and I said, “I’m just being me and living my dream”.
I get asked the “Infamy” question all the time and it’s funny because I almost never care to even think about or answer it. I remember when “Super-Fan” James Frey (NY Times Best Selling Author of A Million Little Pieces) came here to meet “Arthur Mothafuckin’ Kade” (His Words), during his book reading, he talked about how when Oprah outed him as a liar, it made him Infamous, and how his idol was Ernest Hemingway who was also Infamous, and how somehow he had achieved his dream because he was this bad boy in the literary community now, and that it’s so much cooler to be Infamous than to be liked. I found that comment strange because our innate qualities as animals are to be liked and accepted (Hence 9 years of therapy for The Brand), but I understood what he meant. He meant that is was cool to be looked at as a “Bad Boy”, because it’s sexier and hotter to the other sex, and people love the “Bad Boys”, and that here was this goofy writer and literate who was now in the club that guys like Arthur Kade run.
If I could go back in time, and finish the conversation from last night differently, I would have said, “I don’t care about Fame or Infamy. “‘The Journey”" is about an amazingly talented and good looking person who wants to live a dream, but on his terms. I am not infamous because people like Al Capone, Jeffery Dahmer, and Bernie Madoff are infamous. I am just Young Hollywood’s newest and coolest Bad Boy, and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m the most honest actor and author out there because I don’t hide who I am, instead I embrace it, and I am working day and night and moving up the acting and writing ladder. People can think whatever they want” I think she would have hugged me and probably tried to take me home and have sex with me again just because that is the type of stuff that makes me so Bad and that is that I don’t care if Gen Poppers think I am famous or Infamous but they should care that I have the confidence to push forward through all the “Katers” at all costs and live my dream. Paris, Kim, and Brooke are driven by Fame. I am driven by being the best and fame is a side effect of that.
Anyway, I just finished another amazing conference call with my “Dev Deal ” team at IMG Media (I wish I could really share with Kade Nation the details of this TV show, but all I can say is “Wow!!”, get ready for the number 1 show in America to happen and it’s all moving at warp speed), and I’m jumping on a train (I am still writing Day and Night for the “The Book”), and heading to NYC where I have a sports commercial audition, and then rushing right back trying to make Sharon’s improv class at The Walnut Street Theater (It’s going to be tough) and watching the Phils take Game 1. Here are some Improv exercises we worked on last night.
“Arthur Kade is not scared of success. Success is scared of him”…Arthur Kade…10/28/09

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Day At The Cemetery

Arthur Kadyshes visits the grave of his long dead grandma and I don't feel any sympathy. I actually feel anger. A couple of things we can blame her for with this asshole... he says she taught him to be a man. If this is the type of man the woman raises I'm glad she's dead. Not only am I glad,  I actually hope someone figures out how to re-animate her so she can die again. Arturd also credits her with  keeping him out of jail and from ending up dead. I think this is the bigger of the two offenses she committed. He adds a few lies to his resumé here, the top one being he graduated in the top 20 of his high school. Only if there were 10 kids in your class, Cock Gobbler. More stupidity from Arthur Kadyshes...

Most of Kade Nation knows that I was raised by my grandmother, but what most people don’t know is that she died when I was 20, and I had just come home from work at Neiman Marcus, and when I walked in, my whole mom’s side of my family was sitting on the couches, and they told me she had died of a heart attack during the day. It was because of her that I didn’t end up in jail or dead growing up in the “Russian Projects” of The NorthEast, why I finished top 20 in my high school, why I excelled in college, why I modeled at a high level, why worked at 2 of the top retail stores in the world (Allure and Neiman Marcus where I slept with the hottest girls who used to come in and where I became a “Local Celebrity” in my late teens and early 20’s which allowed me to function in the spotlight like I do now), why I put my self through school, and why I have become an amazing man who is about to take over “The Biz” and the world. She will be the person I give the biggest “Thank you” to when I am holding Little Oscar on the podium in front of the world and will always be my heart.
“She taught me to be a man. I taught myself to be a star”…Arthur Kade…10/27/09
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What Should I Do For Halloween?

Michael Jordan. Cock Gobbler should definitely go out dressed as Michael Jordan for Halloween this year. He should then find a very "rough" area of Philly and swing by to say, "Hi!" to all his fans in that community and maybe bring them a little joy. 

So, what else do we have in this post? Well, believe it or not we have some more delusions about him partying with a famous woman. This time it's Audrina Partridge. What I don't get is that he's debating partying with her in A.C. or staying in Philly and hanging out with the same people he hangs with all week long. So, really, what we have, is him setting up his excuse as to why he wasn't partying with Audrina Partridge.

I do think this statement has to be his most ridiculous of all time: "...I often compare my career path to the heights of my favorite actor, Bobby DeNiro..." Uh, Arthur, you do realize he was in movies at a younger age AND in "Mean Streets" at 30 and The Godfather at 31, right? Your career path couldn't be further from De Niro's if you had decided to become a farmer.

Man, my head is going to explode. Anyway, more stupid pictures, another creepy video appearance by Noseferatu and Natasha Fatale, a video where Cock Gobbler looks at food and says, "this is called food, folks." and a very special picture of the Puppet Master herself, G.N. Kang. More moronic stupidity from two legged ipecac, Arthur Kadyshes... 

The biggest question being asked in the city right now is where is Arthur Kade going to be partying for Halloween and what is he dressing up as (It’s funny that Philadelphia Magazine ranked me as one of the top 3 costumes to where in the city this year along with Andy Reid and Vince Fumo), and I wish I had an amazing answer to both of those questions, but I don’t yet. Right now, I am on the fence between heading over to Dusk and giving a Brand appearance where I will be at the celebrity table with “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge (One friend asked me to rate her today, and I said, “Sometimes she looks like a KA 8.5 and sometimes she looks like a 7.5, but when I hung with Kristin she surprised me that she was prettier than I expected so it would be interesting to see”), and can probably talk to her about my show that is in development, and her people may ask my team if I want to do a spot on “The Hills” since I have such a HUGE Fan Base in KA, and would probably increase ratings for the show this season. I know Dusk will be out of control, and with me and Audrina leading the Kade Brigade, we could make it a celebrity party for the ages.
My other option, is all my friends, and The Entourage are heading to a blow out party at Public House, then Recess, then Z Bar, and although I am so “Phillied” out right now (The City not the team), last year’s Halloween party was the most fun night of the year, and it ended with me in bed with a Philly 9, so I can’t really complain. I am also debating what I am going to go dressed as, and here is what I am thinking right now, but would love the feedback of Kade Nation on both questions. Here are my thoughts, and tell me what you think or if you have some other great ideas:
Arthur Kade: This will probably be the hottest and edgiest costume of the year in Philadelphia, and it won’t require any dressing up, but it lacks originality on my part, and will probably be so overdone that I won’t be the fashion trendsetter that I always am for The Gen Pop. As Philly Mag suggested, I could also have my usual girl entourage with Kade ratings on their shirts and a killer new Fedora. This will work well for Audrina since Kristin probably told her about meeting me already.
Michael Jordan: I will paint myself really dark brown so that it looks authentic, wear a black cap so it looks like his bald head, and will wear a vintage Jordan outfit. Since I have been compared to him so many times, and I was a tremendous collegiate level player in my day, it would be fun to pay homage to MJ, but will it potentially hurt my ability to land a 9 or 10 because people won’t recognize that it’s me.
Superman: I already look a lot like him because of my body shape, hair color, and Greek/Italian appearance, so it would be funny to see The Brand dress up as The Man Of Steel. This is a dark horse right now because it seems to ordinary for Arthur Kade, but I would do something special for the crowd since all eyes will be on me like Britney Spears in Circus to make the Gen Pop go “Oh My God!!”.
Jesus Christ: This one would be interesting because of the obvious coincidences between “The Journey” and his life that I have pointed out in past blogs, and I could really spice him up to be really funky for a 21st century Jesus. I can’t grow facial hair well, because I grow a beard with holes in it, but with my acting abilities I could memorize scripture lines and recite them to Audrina at our table if I end up at Dusk
Bobby DeNiro/Jake LaMotta: this would be a blast since I often compare my career path to the heights of my favorite actor, Bobby DeNiro, and Raging Bull is one of my favorite all time movies, but I don’t want to be shirtless in the cold, and my abs are not where they need to be right now. I think that this could be great as tabloid fodder because shots of me without my shirt on would definitely show up on Gawker like they did this time (http://gawker.com/5313741/which-phone-is-suitable-for-arthur-kade) but if I am with Audrina and not at Public House then we will end up on Celebrity sites like The Insider and USA Today like I did with Kristin Cavillari anyway.
“Arthur Kade is the Christopher Columbus of “”The Biz”", and Little Oscar/The Pulitzer is his America”…Arthur Kade…10/27/09

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Kade Goes Solo (The Hermit Kade)

One can only hope that Arthur's moving out of Ron Hansen's condo means it's yet another place he's been kicked out of! And will someone please tell Arthur that it's ridiculous to use the words "best selling author, soon to be bestselling book, bring me into the eyes of other NY Times Bestsellers like Clancy, Brown, and Steele as a leader of industry and someone they can look to as a protege and fellow genius, and groundbreaking piece of American literature?" HE HAS NOT WRITTEN A SINGLE THING YET!

More completely absurd ramblings from our favorite 31 year old 10 year old...

After an amazing 7.889 months, and bouncing around various apartments and residences where I have allowed myself to experience the trials, tribulations, and plight of my fellow “Working Actor” (I wanted to live a “Third World Lifestyle” in stages, and it has allowed me to stay grounded through these beginning stages of “The Journey”), The Brand is ready to move into his own apartment, and allow myself to now experience the full maturation of my creative genius, both with The Craft, as well as a best selling author. I have been searching for the last 2 weeks for a place that would give me the “Kade Style” existence that I am used to, as well as give me the privacy that a “High profile” individual needs to explore his inner soul in order to finish the creation of my TV Show with IMG Media, continue the writing of my soon to be bestselling book represented by Trident Media Group, as well as continue building my growing resume of acting, and I have found the perfect place. I will be doing a video of my new apartment this week to introduce Kade Nation to the new and improved Chateau Kade.I’ll miss the current crib and people, but this is another growing step for me as an artist.
Great artists need privacy to tap into their “Creative Well” (Many of the greatest minds like Socrates, Plato, and Nietzsche lived a hermit like existence), and now that I have no personal privacy with the website, tabloid, and journalistic coverage that I get on a daily basis (I can’t walk through Penn Station without someone commenting on my walk on Gawker), I need to have a place where I can escape the pressures of my success and just be Arthur Kade, the actor, the author, The Brand. Superman would escape to the Fortress of Solitude when he needed a break from saving the Gen Pop, and I haven’t had an emotional break in what seems like ages, and I need the space to spit everything inside of me out for the world to taste and enjoy.
It was extremely important for me to find this level of solitude right now because I am reaching an apex of where I need my talents to be on full display, and with all of the girls that I have either been bringing home or having sleepovers with, I need privacy knowing that we are alone and can enjoy amazing sex and potential threesomes where no one is coming in and interrupting or even creating an Erin Andrews situation that could hurt my brand (I am always nervous that their are people looking through my windows or sneaking in my current place trying to get behind the scenes footage of my crazy life). It is also vital that I keep it a short term residence (I will have the flexibility to leave faster than my current place which will keep me right on schedule with my move to KA in 2010 as well as allow me the financial flexibility to look for a part time place in KA earlier so I can travel back and forth with the creation of my hit TV Show, and the finishing up of my book (All I can say is that this book is “The Talk of the Town” and is going to be so cool, so unique, and so “Arthur Kade” that I think it will bring me into the eyes of other NY Times Bestsellers like Clancy, Brown, and Steele as a leader of industry and someone they can look to as a protege and fellow genius).
I wonder if when James Frey (NY Times Best Selling Author of “A Million Little Pieces”) and Anna David (Author of “Party Girl” and “Bought”), who are Both Mega Fans of Arthur Kade and “The Journey”, came down to Philadelphia to meet and experience me a few months ago for dinner, did they imagine that I would be joining their ranks as an acclaimed author so quickly, and what is their reaction now to everything I have accomplished so far? Are they proud of me for changing the game at such a rapid rate, are they surprised that everything I have prognosticated happening in “The Biz” has happened, and am I the talk of the literary community right now to the point that everyone is wondering what this book will contain, and whether it will become “A groundbreaking piece of American Literature along the lines of Hamlet, The Da Vinci Code, and The NoteBook?”.
“I Love when writers from Rolling Stone meet me out, and they know who Arthur Kade is, and I tell them “”You Guys should do a story on me”"”…Arthur Kade…10/25/09

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