A Weekend in the Life of a Classless Douchebag

Let me start this heading by saying that he is completely out of material. He is now lying about lies before he lies about them. As a "Gen Popper" has already said on his blog, I wouldn't want anything to do with your classless weekend plans. Half-rate clothing? Check. Skanks? Check. Party that you do not know anyone attending? Check. Sounds fun! You are seriously past your "use by" date and are completely floundering. God, you can't even win biggest cunt in your own city. This is a new one; speculative delusions from our dancing monkey....

It’s amazing the degree to which the Gen Pop lives through the beautiful and exciting eyes of Arthur Kade, and the stuff that I get to do that Gen Poppers will never be able to experience on all fronts of “The Biz”, “The Journey”, being invited to the hottest parties as a celeb to party with other celebs, and of course developing a number 1 hit TV Show with IMG Media and authoring a NY Times Bestselling book “Repped” by Trident Media Group, and after dominating Rouge last night where I had 2 girls making out with each other for me at the bar, and then one of them making out with me for kicks, The Brand thought it would be a cool idea to show Kade Nation what a weekend in the life of a celebrity like Arthur Kade looks like in NYC and Philly in advance, and get their glands salivating waiting for the coverage blogs of this weekend.


I have been invited to be a guest judge and will be blogging about TITS Shirts doing an open call for gorgeous girls who want to be selected as their next “Wifey” for the new campaign for their T-Shirt Line and a collaboration “TITS X Michael K Calendar” (Ad Below), (These are the T-Shirts that I have been wearing a ton lately, and all Arthur Kade can say is that they are the hottest and edgiest line in KA right now, and he was even stopped on Collins Ave in Kadeami where a guy said, “I love their shirts!! You are the first person down here I have seen wearing one, and they are about to explode as a clothing line, and I have even tried to get them to use some of my photography”) The casting will be Friday the 11th from 1 - 7pm. Girls should come photo ready with something sexy to wear. Girls will have a chance to model in the store front window and be photographed for the blog. If they are selected they will be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday to shoot. There will be a LIve DJ all weekend, body painting, and a scene with Arthur Kade being approached by Kade Nation Fans and admirers that will rival Sundance.

Since Arthur Kade has created what “The Biz” considers to be the most accurate, revolutionary, honest, and amazing system of breaking down and assessing a girl’s beauty and sleepability in “The Kade Scale”, I will be helping choosing the finalists that will eventually have their images on the “Hottest T-Shirt” line in KA right now” (With all the media domination that my brand is creating on a global scale, I wonder if Arthur Kade will be compared to Donald Trump soon, and I think it would be great to see The Brand create a “Beauty Pageant” in the form of Ms. America, that uses “The Kade Scale” and “Arthur Kade” to help find the hottest girls in the world and make them celebs like myself), and I can’t wait to see the “Stripper Hot” and “Club Hot” talent that comes out to audition for the roles and meet The Brand.

After I guest appearance this event, I will head down to Trenton to watch The Philadelphia Passion’s next home game, and then head back to Philly for “Kade Style” social domination of it’s nightlife so that “Arthur Kade’s City” feels loved and wanted since he will begiving so much of it to NYC the whole weekend.


As any other celebrity, rising actor and author, and famous person needs to do, Arthur Kade is heading back to NYC in the morning to hang out with “Smokin’ “”Porn Hot”" Porn Star legend, Courtney Cummz (When I mentioned this to one of my friends, he said, “Holy Shit!! She is probably my favorite porn star, and she is smoking hot” and I replied, “These are the times everyone loves being my friends because I give them this kind of access to other BIG names” and other guys who have heard I will be hanging out with her have been begging me to take them with me because they think she is “The Hottest Thing on Earth” ) during the afternoon while she does her signing (I have hooked up with Porn Stars before ((Outside of being stars and talents beyond our years, this is just another thing Tiger Woods and Arthur Kade have in common)), and can tell anyone in the Gen Pop that hasn’t, there is no sex that can touch someone that is in the industry. Porn Stars know their body inside and out, and will do the amazing tricks and give the greatest sex on Earth possible, and the best part for The Brand is that they understand their role and aren’t trying to get “KadePregnated” or “Wifed” and are super clean because they are always being tested for STD’s and I told Papa Kade today at the salon, “Sometimes I think I may just settle down with a Porn Star because they just “”Get It”"”.

Arthur Kade will then will check into my hotel in NYC, and then attend an invitation only party at a guy’s loft in Soho (I am told that this guy is considered one of the biggest socialites in NYC as well, and spares no expenses on his events, and considering he is throwing it for one of his best friends, and the party is called “Naughty or Nice”, I expect The Brand will have girls throwing themselves all over him trying to “Wife Up Hollywood’s next Big Thing”, and get written about how they had sex with “The Golden One” in his blog. I expect that this party will give us a fill of gorgeous girls to play with, but in case it doesn’t, Arthur Kade will use his “King Of NY” status and transfer the party to anyone of NYC’s most popular clubs.


Once Arthur Kade wakes up from “Kade Style” domination from the night before (I am hoping that there isn’t an NYC 9 or 10 in my bed that refuses to let me leave because she just keeps wanting to get “Kaded”), he will begin his “Kade Style” Domination of “The Biz” with a HUGE audition for a principal part for a Feature Film (I am waiting for the sides to be sent over so I begin my Crafting work into becoming the character for the audition) at 1PM (The casting director just told me that the Director of the movie specially selected me because “My look is perfect for the role” and all I kept thinking was “My look is pretty much perfect for most roles, but he probably wants an up and coming name in his movie to “Headline” or “Carry” his investment like Arthur Kade), and then head over to begin “Fight Training” for the “Warrior Part” that I have bee cast in with other cast mates the whole afternoon. We will be working with swords and spears, so it will be interesting to see how much knowledge was retained from my training and acting on “The Last Airbender” and whether my “Quick Twich Muscles will fire at will”.

“Most Gen Poppers are “”Attention Whores”". Arthur Kade is just an “”Attention Magnet”"”…Arthur Kade…12/10/09

Here is the promo for The “TITS Event” that I am guest judging and appearing at, and some of the super hot past images that they have used for their T-Shirts in the past

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Arthur Kade Gets Nominated for Award by Philebrity.com

Looks like Arthur Kade is up for an award sooner than we thought! Oscar? Emmy? Pulitzer? WRONG! Philebrity, a Philadelphia nightlife blog, has nominated him for an award much more fitting than any of the ones he wants to win:

To quote the poll: "As a city, we vote to cast this demon out and see it never again"
With voting closed, Arthur came in fourth place behind Michael Vick, who won, and some other Philadelphia people we don't know and don't care about. 
Now, We can just see Arthur saying this proves the city loves him, since only 420 of 3,368 people voted for him. On the contrary, let's look at what awards HE likely thinks he should have been nominated for:

"Good deeds inspire us all. Whose work brought just a little more light into our city and our world?"

"This award is near and dear to us. Which Philadelphian most represents our town as a living, breathing monument to all that is "fabulous?""
To see the poll and results, if that kind of thing is interesting to you, go here: http://www.philebrity.com/awards/ 

We think this is hilarious, especially since Arthur has bestowed upon himself the title of "Philly's Favorite Son." 
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New Years Eve, “Kade Style”? (”The Year Of The Brand”)

I used to enjoy these intros when I first started writing them, but somewhere along the line I realized to write a good intro I needed to READ Cock Gobbler's deluded ramblings. Well, today I'm not going to read it, I'm just gonna guess. Here's EXACTLY what will happen based on a look at the title and a glance at places he is considering to ring in the new year... Arthur Kade will ring in the new year in Philadelphia. He will not bang ANYONE, let alone a 9 or 10. He will wake up in his bed, alone, with some half eaten take out food smeared on his sheets. That is the end of the story about his New Year's Eve. Now I can talk about the videos... they are just more bullshit from the stain in Philadelphia's underpants, Arthur Kadyshes. Riding in a limo and acting the way he does? Reminds me of a director I once worked with. The car service company sent a stretch limo instead of a town car because he, and the company I was working for were good customers and they didn't have a town car available. Well, needless to say the limo shows up and there is a lot of excitement and wonder at this big, giant car that you can practically run around in. It was kind of cool to see someone get so much joy out of a vehicle that is really just a car with more room. Did I mention all that excitement was from the director's 8 & 9 year old daughters? One more thing... another picture of Artie in a bathroom. Please, vote as to what you think he's doing in there. Here are your choices: 1) Pissing 2) Shitting 3) Looking for coke 4) Looking for cock. More lies, bullshit and delusion from Philthydelphia's most hated non-entity, Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

When your an amazingly popular celebrity like Arthur Kade, anytime there is an event, holiday, or social status line up happening, the whole Gen Pop, Kade Nation, and the world are trying to figure out where you are going to be on New Years Eve so that they can party with a future “A-Lister” at the highest level (I was telling my girlfriend at StrongBox last night, “I want to start a NYE televised event soon like Dick Clark that will be very edgy and forward thinking, and not lame like the ones out there now”. I also met a really NICE girl last night who’s face was a Philly 9.6, and it reminded me of a cross between Ali Larter and Elizabeth Banks, but because of what she was wearing I couldn’t tell what her body looked like ((I spent the whole night trying to analyze it and decide if I wanted to pursue but I couldn’t get a correct read on what wonders lay underneath)) so I actually asked her what her body type was ((I said, “Do you have a rower’s body?)), and she said, “Lean and Toned”, and I loved that she was 5′10″ ((I Love MODEL Height then I look like a GQ ad)), but I totally forgot to get her number so I will have to make that happen through our common friends because she was def into The Brand). Since this will be the last NYE that I am not doing a paid guest appearance on National Television or hosting a party at some of the hottest clubs in the world like other fellow celebs in Vegas, St. Tropez, or NYC, here are the places that I am looking at for The Brand to dominate “Kade Style” for the biggest party of the year and would love the thoughts of Kade Nation to help me make a choice.
1) London-One of my favorite cities on Kearth, and I have a tremendous Kade Nation following in the capital of the U.Kade, and the clubs are crazy hot, plus there are 2 girls that I have Kaded in the past who may be up for a second time (One I met in SOBE years ago who I took back to my hotel room that I was sharing with Papa Kade because we were down for “Biz”, but it was so awkward that we went back to her suite and we “Played” out in the living room while her girlfriend was miserable in the bedroom, and when I offered for the other one to join, she said, “I don’t think my boyfriend would like that”, and I replied, “Trust me, after this he will be happy with what you’ve learned”, but she didn’t go for the bait and I almost missed my flight the next morning home until Papa Kade called me at 6AM). I have already looked at prices for the trip, and it will fit into the budget, but without any of The Entourage with me it may not be as fun?
2) NYC-the “Second Home” of Arthur Kade, I have done NYC several times for NYE before, and each time I have closed an NYC 9 or higher, but I would prefer to get a 2-3 bedroom suite with people so that we can do a crazy elite “Kade Style” after party at the suite after wherever we go, and just ring in the New Year with me and 2 new girls celebrating “The Year Of The Brand” (2010 is going to be the breakout year for Arthur Kade and there is no doubt that The Brand will be tabloid fodder and “The Biggest Star in “”The Biz”" after his TV Show and Book hit the market, and he stars in his first movie) in my bedroom celebrating my birth to the world as “One of the sexiest men alive in People Magazine”. It’s easy and convenient, but is it extravagant enough?
3) Las Kadus-I did NYE there several times as well, and the one that I will remember most fondly is when I made out with a “Real World” star who I thought was ugly on the show, but smokin’ hot in real life (She was so incredibly dumb though that it hurt my brain just to listen to 3 words out of her mouth), and this was before Arthur Kade was a celeb himself, but she told me, “You act like the most important person in the room, your cockiness is hot”, but wouldn’t go back to my room for sex because “I don’t want to look like a slut”, which I replied “Your Loss”, and took home another girl where we didn’t get out of bed for 2 days. The strip gets shut down so it’s hard to move around, and with the amazing CED conference right after, this may be a very viable option.
4) KA-this is one that could be amazing because with how big a star I am there, the arrival of Arthur Kade for NYE would probably be greeted with throngs of hot girls waiting to get Branded by The Brand. I could also do some of The Craft while I’m out there like search for my home that I will move into next year, work with one of the top acting coaches in the world, Aaron Speiser (Will Smith’s acting coach whom I met in Philly when he was working with Gerry Butler on Law Abiding Citizen), meet with some agents who love The Brand, discuss some potential endorsement deals that are in the works, and network with fellow celeb friends and Fans that will want to introduce Arthur Kade to the power of “The Biz”, and of course the closing rate I will have out there may approach 100% with how popular “The Journey” is out there, but is it too much to fit into one trip?
5) Kadeami-Where Arthur Kade spent NYE last year when he ended up leaving The Setai and Macy Gray (I have a great pic of her looking like she is going to eat me), and ending up at the table of the owner of ‘Ultra Hot that year” Mokai with Jared Leto and friends. That trip was legendary because The Brand hooked up with 3 girls in 4 days, and 2 of them were Miami 10’s, and the weather will be amazing for laying out at the W pool, I will have fans and friends in there from KA to network with, and it is a HUGE celeb haven for a few days so I can meet new ones last year who are probably fans of “The Journey” like I did last year. The only problem is I was just there and when Arthur Kade travels to dominate, he loves to have something “Biz” related happening.
6) Philly-Ugh, my head hurts even considering this, but I will definitely close a fan who’s a Philly 9 or higher, it’s cheap so I can save money for my move to KA, it’s easy so I won’t feel like shit starting “The Year Of The Brand” running, and I will be paying Homage to the city where I am “Favorite Son”. It just sucks that I will run into 6000 girls I have had over the years, and the cockblocking may be at ultra high levels because each girl will want to enjoy Arthur Kade, “The Celeb”, versus when they had Arthur Kade, “The Man”, and will I be overwhelmed to the point that I have a “Mickey Rourkish” orgy occur?
“Arthur Kade is stealing scalps like Danny Day Lewis in the “”Last Of The Kadehicans”"….Arthur Kade….12/09/09
Some Kade Nation Fan mail from Waco, TX:
“Hey Arthur!

Mad props from here in Waco TX! This is not Waco but Kadeco!! Big fans down here in the Lone Star State. Get down here soon cuz we want to show you some real Texas hospitality. Balls ass Longhorn domination!



Pictures and vids from “The Sixers Dancers Calendar Release” party Last night, with the after party at The Box (StongBox) and I have my final Improv class tonight with live performances
***For some reason these videos did not post. Until that can be corrected here at the links***

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He dominated "The Biz" in Miami? He didn't get the role he flew down there to audition for. Fucking moron. Lies and BULLSHIT from Arthur Kadhyshes...

Getting back from an amazing domination of “The Biz” and The Craft in Kadeami has been quite a transition because I have been forced to acclimate away from the celeb parties, and “Millionaire Life” that I am accustomed to when I travel, and refocus my amazing mind on building The Resume, and gearing for the New Year, while coming back to my humbling abode at Chateau Kade (It’s so difficult to humble Arthur Kade when he is already a celebrity, and about to become one of the biggest stars in the world by creating a “Third world existence” after just partying with some of the most well known and important “Bizzers” in the world like J-LO and Russel Simmons), and training for what looks like will be an extensive “Warrior Part” in a major motion picture that I will be filming on in January. Even though Arthur Kade is developing a “Hit TV Show”, and writing a potential Pulitzer Prize Winning Book, nothing gives him a bigger erection than starring in movies and bringing home Little Oscar which would be the icing on the cake for “The Journey” when I am living in The Brand’s “McMansion” in Kade Angeles.
One of my favorite movies ever made was Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart”, and I have always hoped that one of my award winning first starring roles would be as a character similar to William Wallace. The Brand would be great at carrying a movie as a warrior/leader because I command such respect from everyone around me in the Gen Pop, and this would translate beautifully to a movie format using a character like William Wallace, and I will also be finding somewhere to “Brush Up” on horse riding (The few times that I have ridden horses, Arthur Kade has been told by the trainers that I was “terrific”, and a “Natural”, and I could feel a definite “Unique Bond with the horse, and it’s primitive need to be the best and be a showpiece for the Gen Pop just like Arthur Kade), and also need to find a place that I can also train on my sword fighting and spear fighting so that I am prepared to look great on film (Every indication is that I have been cast in the role, but in “The Biz” even stars like Arthur Kade aren’t sure what can happen minute to minute, or what new or better projects might be thrown into my lap). I can only imagine theaters full of Kade Nation members cheering on Arthur Kade while he chopped heads off, and led a tribe of warriors to “Freedom”, and the chants of “Brand” and “Kade” at the end of the credits would be deafening.
The experience that I had as a Northern Tribe Warrior in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender” (The movie that I filmed on for almost a month, where I gained enough waivers to become “SAG-Eligible” because of my unique “Combat Skills” and “Green-Eyes”) was amazing because I truly was like a leader for my fellow Crafters on set, and was constantly put “On camera”, and got extensive face time for the movie, all while impressing the production crew and staff along the way with my professionalism, determination, and commitment to making Night’s movie everything it could be to catapult him back to the top of the “Biz” ladder, and show them that a rising actor like Arthur Kade can work in a team environment (This is why I was such a great Basketball player for years, because Arthur Kade had a premier scoring ability to “Fill it Up” at will, but knew when to pull back and involve my teammates who needed more confidence and reassurance to play better ((When they weren’t as good as me)), because they new that at crunch time, The Brand was money). The excitement that I have if I get this roll is that it may open up a door for The Brand to get a starring or supporting role in a combat movie/epic, or perhaps lead to more work in “The Biz” around stunts and fighting. With The Brand’s “Leading Man” looks, and extensive athletic background, and being 6′2″ which is unheard of for stunt work, I could really build myself a “Rep” as a great working “Combat/Fighting” actor.
Here is some recent Kade Nation Fan Mail from around the world, with one being a “Kade Style” shout out to a fan getting married (WHY????) by video and my U.Kade (United Kadeom) fans have been telling me that I need to “Jet Set” over to London for a “Quickie” (This is what international socialites like The Brand call a night of partying in another country, and then coming right back across The Pond to get back to The Craft), and I am now looking into what pricing would be for a London NYE, “Kade Style”. I also have some HUGE Media/Press things happening right now for “The Journey” that I cannot comment about due to confidentiality requests, but 2010 will officially be “The Year Of The Brand”, “Kade Style”, and finally an amazing vid from SET in Miami at the Loubintin Party.
“If Jay-Z gets “”Spiked”" out in MSG, then Arthur Kade gets “”Jacked”" out in Staples”…Arthur Kade…12/08/09
Hey man, love the site, my buddies and I follow it. Actually, some of my buddies are from Conshy and used to see you at the gym down there. They are a bunch of regular gen poppers. Anyways -
One of my buddies is getting married soon. His name is Sean - he’s a pretty legit attorney in DC but his wedding is in Philly. Can you do a Kade video shout out to him at some point? He’s a big fan, worships the Kade Style and The Brand. Like a little bitch, he’s stressing about his wedding and his severe OCD has made it comical. A Kade Style video shout out capitalizing on this would be ALL TIME.
Alright man, best of luck and keep at it. Later man-

Dear Arthur,
There’s a really hot party going down this Friday in London, England, at two of the most exclusive clubs there - Embargos and 151. I’d be so honoured if you could jet over and join me and some friends for a private birthday party beforehand. We’re all on the list for both events, and i’m sure you could just strole in anyhow, kade-style and dominate the place with all the 9s and 10s. Apparently George Galloway and Kerry Katona may be there too, so you’ll have an A-list crowd to party with. Hope you can make it. If not, see you in London soon.

Duncan out!x

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Vogue And Insanity

I don't think the words I highlighted in RED are just a typo, but rather his subconscious peeking out. Otherwise more bullshit I don't even care to comment on. How can someone claim to make out with so many women that he never bangs? If I start chatting with a woman at a bar it's a pretty good bet I'll close the deal within a short time. Maybe not that night, but I'll get a number and go from there. How can he fail so often when it comes to women? Oh, I know, I'm a good guy and he's a disgusting lunatic with delusions of grandeur. More bullshit and lies from Arthur Kadyshes...

When a celebrity like Arthur Kade arrives in Kadeami, it’s easily expected that the weekend is going to be an amazing spectacle of excitement, glamour, and intrigue unlike anything the Gen Pop can ever imagine, but as The Brand writes this blog, it even amazes him how much one entity can accomplish in 2 days, and how both of those days can showcase his ability to “Own The Night” (This is my ability to have the top party in a top club, and when Gen Poppers leave the club they say, “Arthur Kade always brings his “”A Game”") and bring insane insanity to Kadeami, followed by a night of fashion, and The Brand partying it up with Kadeami’s other elite celebs and most importantly forwarding “The Journey” through networking and domination (This was an absolutely amazing vaca that lived up to the hype it had, with the only disappointment being Arthur Kade not booking the PSA he was hoping to film, but it’s the drive and effort of lying to another city to book the rule that make a champion). Here is the breakdown and top moments from both nights:
Insanity at SET: Friday night, The Entourage decided to “Light Up” the party at SET (This was the ultra exclusive Christian Loubintin Party which was also the after party for Russell Simmon’s charity event earlier in the night), where one of our top promoter friends in Kadeami placed our group at the table right next to his, right in front of the DJ Booth in the middle of the club. SET is my favorite club in Kadeami because it provides an intimateness of being next to all the hottest people (It’s designed perfectly for partying, and allows space to meet hot girls to take home, and isn’t cavernous like LIV where you feel like you’re in a warehouse and need a HUGE Group to kill it “Kade Style”), the door is near impossible to get into for the average Gen Popper, and they always get the best DJ’s in the country and the sound system is just incredible for dancing all night. We were all in “Kade Style” party mode ready to pounce on every hottie that wanted The Brand, and the night definitely didn’t disappoint because we killed 3 bottles, had more girls at our table brought over than can be imagined, and The Brand dominated the room as always. Here are the moments:
1) The Brand was looking forward to taking home the “Modelesque” 9.36 from the night before and working and breaking her down all day at the pool that afternoon (She is described in the prior blog), but when she gets there, she “B-Lines” to another guy, and never acknowledges that Arthur Kade is breaking The Drought with her so instead he gets so drunk that he ends up making out with some TV Show host (I remember someone telling me who recognized her, “Do you know who that is you’re kissing?” about the girl, and I said, “Do you know who I am?” (”Dev Deal” for hit TV Show and NY Times BestSelling Author and she told me who it was ((Can’t remember the name she said)) which didn’t really impress me because I am a way bigger celeb anyway) whom I don’t even remember meeting or kissing, and when I woke up in the morning I asked my friend, “Was the girl I hooked up with Brunette?”, and he says, “Nope, she was blonde, and you guys met when they were brought over to us while walking by, and within 3 minutes you guys were making out without even saying 2 words to eachother”. I remember feeling something weird on her lip while kissing her which bothered me, so I got bugged out and stopped, but I think I was just out of my mind drunk and stupid.
2) The Ballet show at SET was absolutely insane, and so was the prime positioning of The Brand’s table in relation to the rest of The Gen Pop where I am directly in the middle so that the hot crowd can see “A-Listers” partying. When the check came, I remember signing the amount I owed, but In Kadeami, they automatically plug in gratuity, but I was so drunk that I think I tipped on top of the amount they already plugged in so I can’t wait until it hits Arthur Kade’s Amex to check. If I did, than it’s OK because it’s important that a celeb of my caliber represents The Brand and his mystique by taking care of the staff, although if you tip too much, then the staff may think that Arthur Kade is just flaunting his soon to be vast fortune, and “Showing Off” for the Gen Pop and is slightly insecure which is common in “The Biz”.
3) When I left SET, Arthur Kade went next door to the pizza place and grabbed 2 slices, and as he was sitting there, he struck up a conversation with 2 Black Girls who called him “Cute” and “Funny”, and as the discussion became sexual about threesomes, I asked them if they like “White Guys”, and would do a threesome (It’s truly amazing that when you are “Italian Handsome”, and “Charming as Hell” (A girl at the audition said this when she talked to me because she thought Arthur Kade would be stuck up and pompous, but as she said, “You’ve got this really funny sense of humor where you can get away with your sexual innuendos and crass remarks”), and they replied, “Do you think YOU can handle US”, and I said, “Probably Not” because they were both 7’s and would probably tear me apart in the bedroom so I ate and went back to my room, but we hugged when I left and they said, “You made our night”.
4) “Crunch…Crunch….Crunch” This is the sound of latex meeting vagina that Arthur Kade woke up to on Saturday morning. This will go down in the annals of all funny jokes told by Arthur Kade, and had the Entourage laughing for at least 10 minutes while describing what he was hearing and how he wishes he was still unconscious and was even debating running into a wall head first to knock himself out not to hear it anymore.
VOGUE/Versace Fashion Show and Party: As wild and insane as the night at SET was, the following night was all about the Glitz and Glamour of Hollywood, KA, and “The Biz”, showcasing some of the biggest celebs in Kadeami for “Art Basil” (Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Dave LaChapelle, Katrina Campins, Arthur Kade, Russell Simmons, Scottie Pippen, and more models and scene makers from the city than the Gen Pop can imagine, and my friend even said, “This is probably the hottest party I have ever been too”, although this is The Brand’s life for the last 12 years) and doing it in a setting that was absolutely amazing. This party was held at a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion on the Bay which had the owners small yacht (75-90 FT?) parked in front of the guest house, and the “Big Boat” (150 Ft?) parked right behind it, and there was a tent which housed an unbelievable VOGUE Fashion Show, Hor D’evourves, Open Bar, and an absolutely gorgeous Kadeami Crowd. There were 2 security check points, and if you were not on “The List”, there was no entrance.
1) Meeting and talking to fellow M.I.M. (Mogul In The Making), Russell Simmons, whom I look up to in many ways because like The Brand, he came from a very humble background and has recreated his Brand to redefine His Biz, much like The Brand is doing for The Craft and KA, in “The Biz” and I could tell that he was impressed by my composure and stature for such a young rising “Bizzer”.
2) When I was in Kadeami last year, a gorgeous girl who looked familiar walked by me outside the Gansevoort, and we walked right past each other, and then I met friends at Phillipe for dinner in the hotel, which was followed by a random text from a friend in Philly five minutes later that said, ‘Do you know who Katrina Campins is (She almost won the first Apprentice, and is the star of Bravo’s “Miami Social” and one of the top Entrepreneurs in the Country)?” and I wrote, “Sounds Familiar”, and my friend wrote ” She just texted me that She thinks she just walked by you and recognized you from my facebook”, and ever since then, Me and Katrina have been Facebook friends, and got to finally see each other at this party. We compared notes on “The Biz” and “The Journey”, and she was an absolute sweetheart. I also got to meet one of my favorite players, Scottie Pippen who I caught up with for a “Hot Minute” as well.
3) After the party, we grabbed an amazing dinner at Mr. Chow in the W Hotel, where we joked about how people have been calling the hotel asking about me and if I was staying there, and I joked about how Arthur Kade is becoming so big, “That I will have to start using aliases and diversions wherever I stay like Julia Roberts and George Clooney” because obsessed Kade Nation Stalkers are checking where and what hotels I am at and are probably wanting to show up and meet me and get an autograph or get in a blog vid saying hello . I was joking that I will use names that are funny and have an influence and symbolism to The Brand and “The Journey” like: Donkey Kong, Earvin Johnson, Bruce Lee, William Shatner, Jesus Christ, Mark Twain, and Muhammad Ali to throw my fans off and give me some much needed privacy when I am away.
Check Out these AMAZING VIDS from the weekend, and the pictures from the parties:
“Being “”A-List”" means knowing that you’re the first letter in the celebrity alphabet”….Arthur Kade….12/07/09

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