A Weekend in the Life of a Classless Douchebag

Let me start this heading by saying that he is completely out of material. He is now lying about lies before he lies about them. As a "Gen Popper" has already said on his blog, I wouldn't want anything to do with your classless weekend plans. Half-rate clothing? Check. Skanks? Check. Party that you do not know anyone attending? Check. Sounds fun! You are seriously past your "use by" date and are completely floundering. God, you can't even win biggest cunt in your own city. This is a new one; speculative delusions from our dancing monkey....

It’s amazing the degree to which the Gen Pop lives through the beautiful and exciting eyes of Arthur Kade, and the stuff that I get to do that Gen Poppers will never be able to experience on all fronts of “The Biz”, “The Journey”, being invited to the hottest parties as a celeb to party with other celebs, and of course developing a number 1 hit TV Show with IMG Media and authoring a NY Times Bestselling book “Repped” by Trident Media Group, and after dominating Rouge last night where I had 2 girls making out with each other for me at the bar, and then one of them making out with me for kicks, The Brand thought it would be a cool idea to show Kade Nation what a weekend in the life of a celebrity like Arthur Kade looks like in NYC and Philly in advance, and get their glands salivating waiting for the coverage blogs of this weekend.


I have been invited to be a guest judge and will be blogging about TITS Shirts doing an open call for gorgeous girls who want to be selected as their next “Wifey” for the new campaign for their T-Shirt Line and a collaboration “TITS X Michael K Calendar” (Ad Below), (These are the T-Shirts that I have been wearing a ton lately, and all Arthur Kade can say is that they are the hottest and edgiest line in KA right now, and he was even stopped on Collins Ave in Kadeami where a guy said, “I love their shirts!! You are the first person down here I have seen wearing one, and they are about to explode as a clothing line, and I have even tried to get them to use some of my photography”) The casting will be Friday the 11th from 1 - 7pm. Girls should come photo ready with something sexy to wear. Girls will have a chance to model in the store front window and be photographed for the blog. If they are selected they will be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday to shoot. There will be a LIve DJ all weekend, body painting, and a scene with Arthur Kade being approached by Kade Nation Fans and admirers that will rival Sundance.

Since Arthur Kade has created what “The Biz” considers to be the most accurate, revolutionary, honest, and amazing system of breaking down and assessing a girl’s beauty and sleepability in “The Kade Scale”, I will be helping choosing the finalists that will eventually have their images on the “Hottest T-Shirt” line in KA right now” (With all the media domination that my brand is creating on a global scale, I wonder if Arthur Kade will be compared to Donald Trump soon, and I think it would be great to see The Brand create a “Beauty Pageant” in the form of Ms. America, that uses “The Kade Scale” and “Arthur Kade” to help find the hottest girls in the world and make them celebs like myself), and I can’t wait to see the “Stripper Hot” and “Club Hot” talent that comes out to audition for the roles and meet The Brand.

After I guest appearance this event, I will head down to Trenton to watch The Philadelphia Passion’s next home game, and then head back to Philly for “Kade Style” social domination of it’s nightlife so that “Arthur Kade’s City” feels loved and wanted since he will begiving so much of it to NYC the whole weekend.


As any other celebrity, rising actor and author, and famous person needs to do, Arthur Kade is heading back to NYC in the morning to hang out with “Smokin’ “”Porn Hot”" Porn Star legend, Courtney Cummz (When I mentioned this to one of my friends, he said, “Holy Shit!! She is probably my favorite porn star, and she is smoking hot” and I replied, “These are the times everyone loves being my friends because I give them this kind of access to other BIG names” and other guys who have heard I will be hanging out with her have been begging me to take them with me because they think she is “The Hottest Thing on Earth” ) during the afternoon while she does her signing (I have hooked up with Porn Stars before ((Outside of being stars and talents beyond our years, this is just another thing Tiger Woods and Arthur Kade have in common)), and can tell anyone in the Gen Pop that hasn’t, there is no sex that can touch someone that is in the industry. Porn Stars know their body inside and out, and will do the amazing tricks and give the greatest sex on Earth possible, and the best part for The Brand is that they understand their role and aren’t trying to get “KadePregnated” or “Wifed” and are super clean because they are always being tested for STD’s and I told Papa Kade today at the salon, “Sometimes I think I may just settle down with a Porn Star because they just “”Get It”"”.

Arthur Kade will then will check into my hotel in NYC, and then attend an invitation only party at a guy’s loft in Soho (I am told that this guy is considered one of the biggest socialites in NYC as well, and spares no expenses on his events, and considering he is throwing it for one of his best friends, and the party is called “Naughty or Nice”, I expect The Brand will have girls throwing themselves all over him trying to “Wife Up Hollywood’s next Big Thing”, and get written about how they had sex with “The Golden One” in his blog. I expect that this party will give us a fill of gorgeous girls to play with, but in case it doesn’t, Arthur Kade will use his “King Of NY” status and transfer the party to anyone of NYC’s most popular clubs.


Once Arthur Kade wakes up from “Kade Style” domination from the night before (I am hoping that there isn’t an NYC 9 or 10 in my bed that refuses to let me leave because she just keeps wanting to get “Kaded”), he will begin his “Kade Style” Domination of “The Biz” with a HUGE audition for a principal part for a Feature Film (I am waiting for the sides to be sent over so I begin my Crafting work into becoming the character for the audition) at 1PM (The casting director just told me that the Director of the movie specially selected me because “My look is perfect for the role” and all I kept thinking was “My look is pretty much perfect for most roles, but he probably wants an up and coming name in his movie to “Headline” or “Carry” his investment like Arthur Kade), and then head over to begin “Fight Training” for the “Warrior Part” that I have bee cast in with other cast mates the whole afternoon. We will be working with swords and spears, so it will be interesting to see how much knowledge was retained from my training and acting on “The Last Airbender” and whether my “Quick Twich Muscles will fire at will”.

“Most Gen Poppers are “”Attention Whores”". Arthur Kade is just an “”Attention Magnet”"”…Arthur Kade…12/10/09

Here is the promo for The “TITS Event” that I am guest judging and appearing at, and some of the super hot past images that they have used for their T-Shirts in the past


  1. Wow. Ol' cock muncher is getting really desperate.

  2. Sweet get drunk and go home alone 7 nights a week, gets some help you fucking loser.

  3. classless and clueless
    the ol' kade train steams along
    gets closer to hell

  4. schush schush goes kade's nose
    up and down cocaine mountain
    thinks it's a ski hill

  5. objects in mirror
    closer than they appear, but
    nose really that large

  6. his coke caked boogers
    are a great dessert when kade
    wakes up with pizza

  7. If he's a "Guest Judge" and as "amazing, revolutionary..blah blah blah"



    Just as we thought!

  8. Forgot to add his own words:

    "After I guest appearance this event"


  9. Name one porn star you've fucked, Kade.

    That's what I thought. I'm one up on you, asshole.

  10. Here is an epic sonnet with serious undertones - I hope you all enjoy this and realize how delusional kade really is.
    Kade thinks gen poppers will never know life
    Is life a furniture-less apartment?
    Is life a coke induced zombie being?
    Is life an STD orgy of pain?
    A life without humanity or soul?
    Without passion, emotion or virtue?
    A godless state of obliviousness
    Materialistic and Jealousy
    Runs Rampant in a life of partying
    No self awareness, no friends, no money
    This is not the life of a Gen Popper.
    We value morality and kindness,
    We Treasure friends, family and success,
    Gen Poppers hate everything about Kade.

  11. Zombie here, with a short stack of hatekus:

    Art's big weekend, eh?
    But it's just like the weekdays-
    alone, sad, and broke

    Delusional is
    Just a word. But for anal
    it's a way of life.

    A creepy douchebag
    Greasy, balding, talentless
    No one will "wife" you.

    Says he is like trump
    But anal don't talk so good
    Meant to say "like Gump".

    Wow, he's on a boat!
    Now he's alone at a club!
    Next he fucks a goat!

  12. "KadePregnated" has to be the dumbest word he's made up thus far.

    Art, the English language called, and it would like you to stop the abuse.

  13. Beauchamp - You nailed a porn star? You're awesome.

    Way to brag to strangers on the internet, Kade style.

  14. judging a model search for crap shirts. a random party at some guy's loft.a stupid girl football game.clubsclubsclubs.48 hours of you abusing your body.then you show up for an audition and combat training for a part you now say you have.did i miss that?
    your skin is a mess.you don't sleep.you are a diabetic and you eat bar food.it shows.you ignore your body from the chest down.

    you showed a girl at a bar 1 year old pictures of your body.you don't look like that now.you "raw dog" random women.(ew).your apt is empty.you offer nothing.you can't even get to 2nd base.

    when you wear that red shirt you look like a waiter.that's why people stare at you.
    dick kitten is gd funny.

  15. Get some rest tonight shit sock cuz you got to get up and do it all again tomorrow.

  16. Zombie here-

    @hell kell, re: kadepregnated.

    Obviously the work of someone seriously Kadetarded. Or in a state of Kadeatonia. Or Kautistic.

    Saw it in a movie called "Kain Main". Or maybe "the Many Faces of Keve". Or perhaps "Kadery, portrait of a serial Kader". Might have been "Kadey and the Kadeycats". No wait, I'm sure it was "Kadeback Mountain".

    Lispy, you festering diaper muffin- you are a fucking blight, a horrible no talent pit of despair and stupidity.

    Your only hope is to douse you and your sole piece of furniture (the fabled camp chair) in lighter fluid and then spark up some crack.

    You can do it, anteater face.


  17. Corpse here, long time lurker.

    Well done guys, this blog is fantastic.

  18. 4th in poll of cunts
    if people had heard of him
    would have been higher

    lisping and insane
    did umbilical leave you
    oxygen deprived?

    snow all year for kade
    snow as dandruff from his head
    snow as coke up nose

    cocaine and comped veuve
    MDMA and red bull
    kade's sole ecstasy

    philly's favourite son?
    feckless fuck isn't even
    Papa's favourite son

    if kade's such a stud
    why is he still in a drought
    like the sahara

    nose like vulture
    piggy eyes and stray dog breath
    yet he is human?

    best years behind him
    monotonous fall to come
    watch like a car crash

    big nose, bald and spots
    not the epitomy of
    greek/roman good looks

    kade can't wait to see
    father christmas's huge sack
    thinks it's full of cumb

    one featured background
    and no lispy speaking roles
    in 8.4 months

    penchant for wildlife
    would you be surprised if kade
    tried to kade rudolph

    KA, kadelanta
    and the united kadedom
    what's next? kade-nada

    if kade ever gets
    his hands on little oscar
    please call the police

    doesn't seem to know
    to top the best-seller list
    you need to sell books

    perfecting the craft?
    you can see better acting
    on the muppet show

    self-pics are so lame
    let's help kade out, buy him a
    tripod for christmas

    kade will wife porn star?
    it's more likely to get a
    blowjob from the pope

    only time kade woke
    with two bitches in his bed
    was while dog-sitting

    night out for the brand
    kade wakes up next to pizza
    looks just like his skin

    kade's career will be
    a champagne supernova
    followed by black hole

    brando, de niro,
    pacino, james dean and kade
    which is odd one out?

    describes himself as
    a mogul in the making
    mogul means failure?

    when you brag about
    things which have not yet happened
    you know you've failed

  19. Nose Pillages Face
    Just like Atilla the Hun
    Such Brutality

  20. I think we need to set up a fund to save the camping chair. Poor little guy.

  21. ...I can't cut and paste but the bit about being stopped by some bloke on the street who admired the Tshirt etc....probably the biggest lie the cunt has told so far. I mean, he's clearly sucking up to the company ....it's so fucking infantile it's almost beyond belief that an adult can actually say these things.

    Fair play to you Matt if you've had intercourse with a porn star - personally I think those girls who sell their bodies and allow themselves to be filmed whilst being sodomised by complete strangers are in need of therapy. They need to respect themselves . But I suppose it has to do with money. They'd rather be sexually abused than get a proper job and remain dignified ladies. As you can see, I don't approve of the 'adult film industry'. And it makes me laugh when they call it that....' I'm in adult films'.....No, you allow strange men to enter your anus and vagina for money because you're too much of a lazy slut to go out and work. Don't dress it up in some benign euphemism - you have little or no morals and your genitalia is for sale to any degenerate with a cam-corder.
    Right, glad that's off my chest, yes, I am a bit of a prurient tosspot....can't help it, just got this thing about porn, it's mucky and I pity girls who get caught up in it

  22. ZKWDY here:

    Pissflaps, this right here is a beeeeg Winnah!

    "if kade ever gets
    his hands on little oscar
    please call the police"

    Well done, and you owe me for a coffee I just spit up.

  23. @eg
    If they are paying him and/or giving him free t-shirts than by the new law he has to disclose this on his blog. Arthur is probably too dumb to know this so hopefully someone drops a dime.

  24. ZKWDY here, with a limerick of loathery for everyone:

    There once was a pig named artie
    Who insisted that he liked to party
    Did tons of crap blow
    And whaddya know
    Now he talks like he's a retardy

    Thing you berry mujj...

  25. ZKWDY here-

    let's share the hateku, spread it all out:

    Ooh! Ooh! Godzirra!
    Wait, only underwear clad
    Panface eejit Kang

    A mighty forest
    once stood here in majesty
    And then teefs moved in

    tiny gloves and shoes
    zippity do dah and shit
    it's Jiminy Chad!

    Anal lost his keys
    Looked all over, can't find them
    Ah- under gunt's gunt.

  26. arthur's face looks like
    a roman statue, chiselled
    with a sledgehammer

  27. platinum amex
    the closest arthur's been is
    chopping blow with chad

  28. a-list, b or c?
    we need more letters to match
    arthur kade's status

  29. Occasionally I like to reflect on my time spent witnessing all that is Arthur Kade, and I'm again joyful to be very certain of the following things:

    1. Kade will never be married
    2. Kade will never have children
    3. Kade will never act in a major movie
    4. Kade will never win awards for acting
    5. Kade will never have a TV show
    6. Kade will never win an Emmy
    7. Kade will never have a book published
    8. Kade will never win a Pulitzer prize
    9. Kade will never be a NY Times Best Seller
    10. Kade will never be paid decent money for acting
    11. Kade will never be able to reenter the working world

  30. @Mr Vomit
    It really makes you wonder why? Why destroy any chance you have of ever leading a somewhat respectable life? Even when people say that this is fake or a performance piece I still wonder why. What could someone possibly gain by destroying their and everyone around them's credibility?

  31. a trip to the store
    would be known by arthur as
    a guest appearance

    going down in flames
    with a gargantuan nose
    arthur and concorde

    arthur is putting
    the sucking and the cess pit
    back into success

    a downward spiral
    arthur, is this the journey
    you were looking for?

    acne-ravaged face
    and delusions of grandeur
    kade has syphilis

  32. JBone,

    Even if it were all some performance piece, there's no escaping the damage. He's ruined his life, plain and simple.

    That's why I've known all along that this was for real. Nobody would degrade women, or religion, with such regularity as a joke, or think that one day they could just say "I was just kiddin' around" and everything would be OK.

  33. @Mr Vomit
    Oh I totally agree that this real. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the hr department of where he applies next year. "Jim you have checkout this guy that just submitted his resume. Looks like a real dick kitten!"

  34. Mr. Vomit,
    Does the name Sacha Baron Cohen ring any bells?

  35. Sacha Baron Cohen created 3 dimensional Charcters........... none of which is call Sacha B. Cohen.

    Stephen Colbert created "Stephen Colbert" with tongue firmly entrenched in cheek. We are in on the "joke".

    Arthur Kade is Arthur Kade.......pitiful

  36. Artshitz has two viable options for future employment that pays more than a pittance:

    1) Work at Raya (his family's salon) and hope it's in the black
    2) Be (or pretend to be) born again and leverage that

  37. after vile kade sex
    out of sabrina's gunt comes
    a ruinous queef

  38. T-shirts scream, are you listening,
    On his face, grease is glistening
    A horrific sight,
    We know he just might
    Stalk the sleezy T-shirt wannabes.

    Gone away are “The Players”
    Here to stay are Nay sayers
    He lisps to the throngs
    It won’t be too long
    Stalking sleezy T-shirt wannabes.

    In the bathroom he will buy some snow, man
    That he will proceed to Hoover down

    He'll say: Are you married?
    She'll say: No man,
    He’ll ask for a blow job
    And get turned down

    Later on, he'll conspire,
    As he schemes, such a liar
    To face his style Kade,
    It’s starting to fade
    Stalking sleezy T-shirt wannabes.

    And in Philly we can build a Kademan,
    Cos we think he’s just a circus clown
    We'll have lots of fun with mister Kademan,
    Until the other kids knock him down.

    There he goes, though he’s illing.
    Through his nose sugar’s filling.
    He'll fumble his plays, the Warren Moon way,
    Stalking sleezy T-shirt wannabes.

  39. You guys who do not know these people.. that is why you ask yourselves "how could they do this" The people that personally know arthur and his fucking moron crew have an answer to that..

    They are literally insane.. the whole group.. nutty famewhores we have NO CONCEPT of the world around them..

    This is it.. Arthur isn't aware his life is ruined because he is a sosciopath who has no concept of it all.. This is the truth

  40. I can hardly bring myself to care about Kadyshes anymore. Even though I started this blog, I rarely check it out more than once a day for 2-3 mins. I've been killing my down time at work and before bed by working on my 419eater.com exploits and starting to comment at rebloggingns.wordpress.com where we bash Julia Allison. She's more fun than Kade, at least she puts effort and originality into her pathetic famewhoring.

  41. @Anon 10:19

    I don't know them, and DO NOT WANT to know them. No thanks... They reflect everything in life that is wrong and what me and my friends stear clear/make fun of. I have circus music in my head when I read his blob and about his non-tourage. It's not as good as Jersey Shore, definitely worse than Pauly Shorr, and sweet as panties on the floor... I'm sorry, it's Friday. Let the weekend commence!! You know... the weekend. When the Celebs get rest and don't want to be hounded by famewhoring starfuckers who go 'clubbin' and make nincompoops out of themselves and eachother...

  42. Hey LWK...

    Somewhere on Julia's site was ripped something about "You: The Brand" by Ardvark. (It was a picture of a magazine cover.) I didn't know who she was until you guys mentioned her, so I perused and saw that. How lowly. Although, she is gettin paid... Severely Annoying, but paid.

  43. @Loo -- love it! A holiday themed Kade bash. Wonderful!

  44. There's another buddy of Kade's "moderating" calling himself "Bob Clairemont". I noticed that one of his comments was removed last week and it had nothing to do with anything, really... Now he's baggin on the wig. Some fools just can't eat at the big kids table.

  45. Kade is just boring and one-dimensional at this point. Since there is 0% chance he goes anywhere in "the Biz", you can't really get worked up enough to truly hate him. Personally, I feel bad for him.

    On the other hand, while Kade had a hard life and currently is a mentally ill person with no income, no job, and no advantages in life, Julia Allison actually has a chance (albeit small) to make it somewhere. Her dad is a rich lawyer from an "old money" family, her mom wrote speeches for Nixon, she grew up rich and went to good schools. Kade is a poor kid from a blue collar part of Philly who has a speech impediment, uneducated parents (hair dresser and salon manager), and is poorly educated himself. No advantages in life. So I feel dirty making fun of Kadyshes and mostly feel sad for him. I'm happy to keep this blog up as a place for us to have some laughs, but personally I rarely contribute anything and I haven't felt energized to post any original content in weeks. I think it's worn off on me, he's too stupid to care about, mostly bc he is not going to get anywhere with his lame journey.

    I think, in the coming weeks and months, I will undertake to remake this blog into a more general site about internet losers--not only Kade but also Allison and others. If I can get someone to figure out a simple design, there will be tabs at the top where you can pick what fameball you want to read about/laugh at.

    This site served its purpose--it catalogues Kade's lies, allows free commenting, encourages the flow of info, and most importantly it crushed Kade's dreams. It didn't take too much pressure from us, about publishing his misogyny, to shame Kang, Hansen, and others to stop enabling Kade. Once they could no longer support him in public, he became a very lonely guy in his videos. Most likely this worsened his mental illness, hastening his ultimate implosion.

    Truth is a bitch, huh Kadyshes?

  46. My eyeballs are burning. I just read his most recent Tweets..............

    how else to say HE'S A FUCKING MORON!

  47. I'm on the same train, LWK... I've just about maxxed out my Kade time. Rehashing the same insults over and over about this that or the other sub-par area of his lowly 'life'. Bigger fish to fry and this alley cat is starting to really bore me. Although, thanks to ZKWDY, I can't wait to call someone a Whomping turd muffin! Probably when they're dancing like an epileptic giraffe... what a word smith!

    Have a good'n, ya'll!!

    The Loo :)~

  48. My head hurts when I read Cock Gobbler's shit, but I think this blog should stay dedicated to Artie and Artie alone. I just can't bring myself to bash another one of these morons.

    Oh, and really the only thing I've been doing lately is reading OUR comments. We are some funny people, people!

  49. Well, HERE's the party shitbrains is talking about. Query whether he was invited as one of the 100 guests or is going to be working.

    Click to see actual Craigslist ad.

    On December 12th, I am hosting an exclusive holiday party with a "Naughty and Nice" theme; the party will be at my loft in Soho and is for an attractive, sophisticated, elegant group of about 100 friends...most of whom are in the"Nice" category. In addition to 1-2 bartenders and 5-7 waitresses, I also need light entertainment/role players, preferably centered around the "Naughty" part of the theme (i.e. Bad Santa, Bad Mrs. Claus, poorly-behaved elves, etc.). I am planning every detail well in advance as I want the night to be perfect. No expense will be spared, so expect the compensation to be very generous/excessive; however, I am looking for very attractive professionals only to complement what will be an amazing crowd. Pictures and references required.

  50. Ahhhhhh, now it all makes sense... he's been hired as a professional DOUCHEBAG. Fucking hysterical.

  51. ZKWDY here...

    MC900- the ad DOES say no expense will be spared, of course this guy is going to find the finest Douchebag in the Land- our boy Anal Dick Kitten.

    Daaaaah Loo- thanks for the kind words. Knowing that they come from the songwriter that gave us "Stalking Sleezy T-Shirt Wannabes" make them even moster special.

    Zombie, zout.

  52. Blonde posting-

    Wait for the next exciting 'post' or give my dog an enema?

    Hhhmmmmm, come here Chuck! Damn dog.

  53. @Arthurs Little

    YOU NAILED HIM! Exclusive loft party! HA!

  54. exxon call me back
    specialty is grease and oil
    limitless supply

  55. Bitches Flock to Me
    to gossip about my life
    tabloid sensation

  56. Do you think when Arthur kills himself he will get over 100 comments on his site?

  57. LW - I can relate to what you say - and Allison or Baugher, I concur, is a fine target as she also is a cunt. You know what - just the other night I was explaining to a friend, who doesn't know of Arthur, what he was like and for a fleeting moment I actually felt profoundly sad and sorry for anteater face...Christ, I thought, he's actually a harmless wanker really....relentlessly cheerful (probably the coke but still)...I mean, he's an enormous fucking liar, but then he's trying to succedd in an industry full of liars and arseholes....anyway, maybe I'm going soft on him, but that Braugher girl, I think I could work up some invective for her and not be in danger of slacking...she's not from my class...she's way afuckingbove me, that's enough to cement that chip on my shoulder about these wealthy family types. Well, it's not exactly a chip, I couldn't give a fuck, but with some effort I could tenderly nourish it into a nice hatred for the privileged silly pretentious cunt.
    419 eater - I once baited a certain Austin Chidubem, a gentleman from ......can you guess? Anyway, despite me being a clergyman running a young girls' orphanage, Minge College, this deplorable cunt still wanted to fleece me. He was as think as fuck, and I had some marvellous sport with him but it ended when he just wouldn't send me a photo with a sign saying...'I Love Minge'.....fucking spoilsport

  58. Well will you look at all the love for Arthur here... You've all gone soft! LOL...

    I agree that the repetitive insults are tiring, and AK is more sad than evil.

    I think he'll fade out rather than flame out... crawl back under the rock he came out from...

  59. Pillage and then rape
    is Kade-style domination
    GHB in drink

    What's the "Kade effect"?
    A powerful emetic
    just like ipecac

  60. ” Christians worship Jesus, Gen Poppers worship Arthur Kade—-But since gen poppers outnumber Christians 3 to 1, looks like we have a clear winner for the title of “New Messiah”

    “Sometimes I love my fans like I would my children”

    “There are some things in this world that I won’t be the best at, but being the “”Best”" isn’t one of them”

    “When a hot girl tells you that she has never done anal, tell her that she has never lived life”

    “It’s not in the way that you walk or talk, but the way you that use your “”Black Card”" to buy Caviar that makes you a star”

    “Being a Leader is giving people a reason to follow you, and then being willing to die for your cause, or being smart enough to buy your way out of it”

    “I am not an “”Idiot Savant”, because they are only brilliant at one thing, I am a “”Life Savant”"”

    “Cockiness is only insulting to people who will never be as good as you, so make sure you tip them well”

    “My Drug of Choice is Excellence”

    “Admit when you’re not the best, and then figure out how to become the best, and if that doesn’t work, then sabotage the best, and replace the best”

    “I’m not trying to be the next MJ, Ali, Gretsky, or Montana. I’m trying to be the first Arthur Kade”

    “Some people were born to do good. Some to do great. Some to do the impossible. I was born to set the bar for all of those people”

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make sure you only date someone Beautiful”

    “Arthur Kade was once a man, but he has evolved into something more”

    “On the way up, everybody wants a piece of you, and when you’re at the top, buy them a Bentley”

    “When you know you shine bright, make sure to buy yourself another light bulb so you shine even brighter”

    “Sometimes Arthur Kade is a lonely road with a bright ending ahead with his “”Little Oscar”"”

    “If you are ever feeling old and tired, then have a threesome with 21 year olds”

    “The Craft wants me…”"The Biz”" needs me….The Girls love me….I am….The Brand”

    “When I was a kid, someone told me, “”Arthur you’re very different”", and I remember thinking to myself that I was a true genius at that moment”

    “Arrogance is only Arrogance when you aren’t killing it “”Kade Style”", but Genius tastes so much better”

    “Being a celebrity is amazing because you are treated so much better than everyone else, but at heart, I am just a humble master of The Craft”

    “”King Arthur”" wasn’t a fairy tale, it was a prophecy. Welcome to Kadealot”

    “”The Journey” is going to be a LONG Trip to the top. Thank god I am a Ferrari”

    “Most people ask if you came. Champions know how to make you cum”

    “I know I’m not perfect, but I figure out what’s not perfect and then I perfect it”

    “It’s not about getting any girl I want because that’s a lay up, it’s about making them not fall in love with me after one night of The Brand”

    “When you stop and reflect on what you are doing in your life, than your wife is already sleeping with another guy”

  61. “Every great talent needs a great rival. Ali had Frazier. Magic had Larry. Woods has Mickelson. Arthur Kade has Arthur Kade”

    “I wonder how much seats next to Jack cost for Lakers Games at The Staples Center, or will they just hook me up next year? because I am Arthur Kade”

    “If Jeezy’s payin’ Lebron, I’m payin’ Arthur Kade” (Courtesy of my Boy Jay-Z). I can’t wait until he mentions me in one of his songs.

    “If you swing for the fences every time you’re up, you may strike out more, but in the end who do you remember more, “”Wade Boggs or Hank Aaron”"?”

    “Some people train their whole life to run a marathon. Arthur Kade trained his whole life to sail around the world in his 300 Ft. Yacht”

    “When I look outside the window, I don’t see the world, I see Arthur Kade’s own personal playground”

    “Don’t ever be scared of the next step, because there is no right or wrong, there is just “”IS”"”

    “Arthur Kade doesn’t drop bombs. He is a Nuclear Weapon”

    “You asked J-Tim to write you a symphony, but you already know Arthur Kade is Mozart”

    “Philadelphia is my home, but Kade Nation is my heart”

    “When there’s 2 seconds left in overtime and you’re down by one, don’t be afraid to take the last shot. If you miss it you can say, “”I had the balls to lose”", and if you make it, then you can say, “”Who wants to go home and sleep with the champion”"?”

    “Girls want me. Guys want to be me. Kids want to look up to me. Mothers want to adopt me. Welcome to Kadealot”

    “The Craft is my lab, and The Brand is the next Thomas Edison”

    “Arthur Kade…The corner where Park Avenue and Rodeo Drive meet”

    “Great Talent always bring their “”A”" Game, I bring my “”AK”" Game. I Win”

    “People always tell me I’m better looking in real life, so since I get paid for my looks already, should I charge more for appearances?”

    “When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them, “”I’m Arthur Kade”"”

    “The Gen Pop gets scared when someone is doing the impossible, but they worship you when you have done the impossible. Welcome to Kadealot”

    “It is truly amazing and remarkable to be Arthur Kade. It’s a shame no one else can do it”

    “I wonder if The Phillies will give me an honorary World Series Ring because I am an important symbol of Philadelphia?”

    “Arthur Kade is not a role model. He’s an artist who’s becoming a god”

    “The measure of a man is not how much money you have, but it sure helps when you have a 10 in your Bentley” (Who just wrote his 300th post!!)

  62. “I Love when writers from Rolling Stone meet me out, and they know who Arthur Kade is, and I tell them “”You Guys should do a story on me”"”

    “Arthur Kade is the Christopher Columbus of “”The Biz”", and Little Oscar/The Pulitzer is his America”

    “She taught me to be a man. I taught myself to be a star”

    “Arthur Kade is not scared of success. Success is scared of him”

    “The Phillies are everything that is good about Philadelphia. Arthur Kade is everything that is great about America”

    “In the heat of the battle, the hot girl will always go home with the guy who has the biggest dick”

    “Arthur Kade stopped being a man long ago, and transformed into a symbol for the Gen Pop”

    “The Gen Pop tries to party. Celebrities own the party. Arthur Kade is the party”
    “Will Arthur Kade be a more successful actor or author? Many think he will be the Jewish Oprah”

    “Arthur Kade is starting a Kadeolution, and is our generation’s Napoleon Bonakade”

    “I wonder how long it will take Arthur Kade to win “”People’s Sexiest Man Alive”" award?.. 2010?…2011??”

    “Arthur Kade is not about winning or victory. He has already won. He is about being a once in a lifetime experience that the Gen Pop will talk about for generations to come. Welcome to Kadealot”

    “Some People sling rock to survive. Arthur Kade slings brilliance to redefine”

    “When your dignity is bleeding, make sure your ass crack isn’t sticking out”

    “When Arthur Kade tells a hot girl to go home with him, the only excuse not to is she got hit by a car”

    “Arthur Kade doesn’t worry about how history will judge him. He is worried about how many chapters they will give him in the textbook”

    “Jay-Z did Marcy Ave. Arthur Kade did Algon Ave. We’re both about to own Park Ave.”

    “For most actors, “”The Craft”" is a way of life. For Arthur Kade, it is an erection of excellence”

    “Sometimes The Brand has to rest his mind so that he never has to rest his Platinum Amex”

    “If Marlon Brando, Paris Hilton, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ronald Reagan were combined into one person, he would be Arthur Kade”

    “Celebrity isn’t a gift, it’s a responsibility for the chosen few Like Arthur Kade to be cherished”

    “Arthur Kade is the Jewish Steinbrenner who uses “”Katers”" like Deodorant”

    “Arthur Kade isn’t about making millions. He is about making “”History”". Welcome to Kadealot”

    “Failure is Arthur Kade’s heroin, which is why he will never be in Rehab”

    “Fashion isn’t about looking the best, it’s about being the best looking”

  63. “Arthur Kade doesn’t need to be the “”Center Of Attention”". He needs to be the “”Center of The Kadeiverse”

    When you are going to play a prank on someone else (The Vogue Call), make sure it isn’t someone who has more talent and drive in their craft than you can ever dream of dreaming about. The saddest thing in the world is wasted talent, but what’s even sadder is not realizing TRUE talent that a Gen Popper will never have”

    “Most Gen Poppers want to climb Mt. Everest. Arthur Kade wants to travel to other Solar Systems. That is true greatness.”

    “Arthur Kade is Michael Jordan in the 92′ Finals, Muhammad Ali in “The Rumble In the Jungle”, Bobby DeNiro in Raging Bull, Roger Federer at Wimbledon, Jay-Z in the Blueprint, Shakespeare writing Hamlet, and Pamela Anderson on Tommy Lee’s cock. He is an anomaly of nature that shits greatness and pisses excellence, and then decides who will Flush. Arthur Kade is the very definition of living at peak performance with a Ducati engine in a Bentley Body. No One can match “Kade Style”, so don’t ever forget it.”

    “If Fame and Success are like sex, than The Brand is a nymphomaniac

    “Arthur Kade writes it. They Hate it. We Live It”

    “The Craft is what brought Arthur Kade to fame and sex symbol status, and it is what will keep his Legend alive. Welcome to Kadealot”

    “Arthur Kade’s heart is what taught him how to lose, it is his pain that taught him to become a champion, but it will be his balls that make Him a Dynasty”

    “The Hardest Things in Life are Doing The Hardest Things”

    “Being a celebrity means not ever being able to hide when you’ve fucked up, so make a bunch of money so that you can buy your way out”

    “If Being Beautiful is like a marathon to most Gen Poppers, then The Brand is Carl Lewis”

    “”Jet Setting” isn’t about where you travel, but what stewardesses you get to play with in your personal private Jet”

    “If Sleeping with hot girls is like baking a cake, then the Brand writes recipes like Betty Crocker for The Gen Pop”

    “The Gen Pop works to live. Arthur Kade Lives to Dominate. Welcome to Kadealot”

    “Being “”A-List”" means knowing that you’re the first letter in the celebrity alphabet”

    “If Jay-Z gets “”Spiked”" out in MSG, then Arthur Kade gets “”Jacked”" out in Staples”

    “Arthur Kade is stealing scalps like Danny Day Lewis in the “”Last Of The Kadehicans”"

    “Most Gen Poppers are “”Attention Whores”". Arthur Kade is just an “”Attention Magnet”"”

    “The Brand is Guts, Hustle, and Gangsta’ all wrapped inside of Beauty”

  64. “My hustle is getting so big that they may now call time periods of relation, PK and AK (Pre-Kade and After-Kade)”

    “Why are people so obsessed with me? Oh yeah, because I’m Arthur Kade.”

    “Don’t be afraid to lose, be afraid not to win”

    “It’s hard to become the Best, but only a few can be known as “The Greatest”"

    “I wasn’t born to do great things. I was born to change the world so others do “GREATER” things

    “My type is “”Models”"”

    “Being President is for Great Politicians, but being a Legend is for Great People “

    “Balls are not what you have in your pants, but what you have in your heart”

    “Domination is a not a state of mind, it is a state of Existence”

    “I don’t date girls under a 9 because I don’t want a stain on my credit report”

    “Winners like to win, and losers valet their cars”

    “Kade Style isn’t about just being the best, but about teaching the rest”

  65. I love that he was tagging along with Teefs again. Arthur, if you were a big deal and not just buddies with the help than you would have been on the poster.

  66. @Anon posting Arthur's quotes and tweets...

    Dude, his Twitter posts are linked on the right hand side of our blog and the quotes are included in the posts. No need to cut and paste all his shit here in the comments section.

  67. Arthur, I'm growing tired of you. It used to be fun to watch your slow decline into nothingness. Now you're getting boring and repetitive and absolutely nothing new is happening. The gay doctor role disinegrated just like the rest of the claims and promises you've made. Now it's all about the clubs and "dev deals" and "authoring" which I know will never see the light of day. Seriously. You're not doing anything that the rest of us haven't done. Can you spice it up a bit?

    Oh how I long for the good old days. When you blogged about how you were going to nail some model/actress (complete with said model looking uncomfortable standing next to you in a picture), and when you videotaped your workouts at the gym and promised a ripped body by...whenever that was. Oh, and telling us about how "balls ass hot ass nut sack" all those paid acting classes and auditions were. I LOL at the memory! Remember when you got graded and over half the casting people wouldn't have even considered hiring you? Good times, good times! My favorite video to this day is the video of the Saturday Night Fever outfit laying on that vile and disgusting floor while you went on and on about the audition you were going to "nail".

    You're losing my interest Arthur. Fast. Time to be a better monkey or you'll start to lose the attention you get for just being a douchebag.

  68. the valet one cracks me up - he doesnt drive, when he does he makes videos about how horrible he is at parking - yay delusional sckitzzofrenick buttered fucktoast

  69. pamela lee on tommy's cock - why would you want to ride that....oh i forgot - you are a gay coke head that hates gays, women, and everyone around you. Little kids have dreams, yet you think you are bigger than theirs? odd.

  70. There isn’t a single twitter in the bunch
    Some quotes were before this blog (I think)
    Besides, what’s wrong with refreshing memories?
    Lest we forget..

  71. Hey Dude,
    I knew absolutely nothing about you ever in my life. Whatever you’re doing, looks to be working.
    Q100 atlanta, very large radio station was talking about you this morning.

    My Cali BFF Kent Osborne called our planet “Kearth” because of my growing global appeal

    I can imagine that when I do a “Chick Flick” movie, it will make people’s relationships healthier and more natural

    I can’t even tell you the number of calls I get from fans using my catch slogans and wanting to just hear my voice I get, and I may reall have to get a separate “KadeBerry” for just The Entourage and Team Kade to speak with me

    ’I believe “The Journey” will be looked at like a modern day “Hamlet” of innovation

    This DJ is fucking awesome, I haven’t stopped pumping my fist all night. Who is it?

    Did he really just mix NKOTB with Biggie then Prince at the same time?”

    I want to become the Male version of Oprah in “The Biz” and build a “Multi-Media Mogul-Style Empire” that is not only global, but Universal

    I only can date a girl who likes other girls because sex can get very boring to me fast, and I need entertainment and newness, and if the other girl that we bring home is better, I have a good exit strategy),

    How does a girl let themselves get fat, especially in the summer?

    You need to lose 5 pounds to get yourself to the next level”

    T.O. is the man, I think I am in love with him

    I want to eventually work with small African children
    I will bring t-shirts, food, and other Brand memorabilia to help clothe and feed them

    I would describe The Chateau as “intimate, sexy, and inspiring

  72. @Anon...

    OK, so they aren't Tweets, but you gotta realize, those of us here at The Wig tend to be hardcore "Katers" so we've seen/read all you're posting. Not saying it's a bad thing just WAY redundant.

  73. If anyone is feeling sentimental I'd like to remind everyone that today marks 10.000000 months of The Journey as we know it. Perhaps at this point we should all sit here and reflect on the remarkable non-achievement shown by Arthur over this time, and the general failure of the journey so far.

    My contribution was to go back to his first post A New Start (day 1), and leave him a reminder of just what he is after 10 months. I'd like to encourage everyone to do the same.

    Click my name for the link.

  74. Brett,

    Thanks for that. He actually seems somewhat lucid in that first post. You've given me an idea for an eventual post here at The Wig, but it'll have to wait a bit.

    Artard... You still suck.

  75. He was actually.....coherent. Wow.

    See what drugs and alcohol do Artie?

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