Best of Arthur Kade Twitter - An Ongoing Thread

We're going to catalog some of the finer twitter posts by the royal delusional idiot himself:

Tonights not just tonight. Its an eternity. Arthur Kade
More to come!


  1. some more for you:

    ArthurKade: ther'sa war on my FB page...can't we all just egt along or have orgies ??
    1 day ago from web

    ArthurKade: @KevinTranz i wish i could be made mayor in philly to import the hottest girls from everywhere
    1 day ago from web

    ArthurKade: ritz blew...rouge blew....kade is home....need someone to blow me
    1 day ago from web

    ArthurKade: Time 2 get into character. Gay doctor here I come
    2 days ago from TwitterBerry

    ArthurKade: My bi's are exploding
    2 days ago from TwitterBerry

    ArthurKade: I would love 2 have won a heisman trophy
    2 days ago from TwitterBerry

  2. Just added an RSS Feed to the right to show the five most recent Twitter posts!

  3. @nokallaround ty for the @arthurkade amusement!!!

    ArthurKade: @JoJoNewman and his good loooks

    @ArthurKade what good looks?

    AK: @JoJoNewman ur right...great looks

    @ArthurKade you weren't wrong about being a comedian

    AK: @JoJoNewman total package

    @ArthurKade paquete total, translates perfectly into Spanish, couldn't think of a better way to describe you

    AK: @JoJoNewman i can...the brand

    @ArthurKade sounds like something you'd do to a cow. I think I'll stick with "El Paquete"

    (which translates as tool/douchebag etc etc)

  4. @Lego Wig Kade -- Sir, you are a hero for continuing to improve this blog. Love the Twiiter updates on the side. Thank you!!

  5. Oh and Arthur - we all know you're reading these - so, just in case your wondering... we all still hate you!

  6. "Kadespeare?" What. The. Fuck.

  7. totally creeped out by the kissing/making out tweet. What normal straight guy thinks these things??

    losing his mind along with his hair....

  8. the comments on his site are what got me through some work days, which are the same comments here - just not as hysterical. We need to have the terribly horrid hilarious shit on here - aka racist whore, chrisDude, etc.

    I am pretty sure he doesnt understand the different between the comments and his actual content.

  9. you have to add this one into the post:

    "done at gym...legs burning...ass hurts...time to get ready 4 nyc"

    about 23 hours ago from web


  10. and this one:

    "RT @ArthurKade: “Kade Style isn’t about just being the best, but about teaching the rest”

    Arthur Kade” 8/21/09

  11. oh shit another one:

    "friday domination ahead...kades up and on his horse, kadebiscuit"
    5:55 AM Aug 21st from web
    More like soggy kade biscuit - you are what you eat.

  12. Arthur - I know you're reading these, because you are awake and back to moderating your comments. So this is for you, ass: we hate you. We hate everything about you and your insipid, shallow, vain, ignorant life. You were a failure as a low-level, cold-calling insurance salesman, you are a failure at being an actor, and you can't even manage to get a reality show or create anything of value out of your stupid wasted life. People mock you. Your friends use you and will leave you when they get bored (which will be soon). And we all will cheer when you finally crash and burn because karma is a bitch, but it always rights the wrongs in the world, and karma is coming (cumbing?) for you, jack ass.

  13. And Arthur... your looks are FADING jack ass. Use the last of the money you have stashed away and please get some work done. You look old - like you've been ridden hard and put away wet.

  14. Awww, poor Arthur. His douchebaggery is coming back to bit him in the ass, hardcore.

  15. I'm waiting for the post he writes about some no-talent hacks creating a blog in response to his bullshit. I'm looking forward to his spin.

    Hi Arthur! How's the moderating going, ya greasy, balding, lisping, jerkoff? Dead yet?

  16. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 22, 2009 at 9:24 AM

    Here's a good one:
    # ArthurKade: getting up...rain sux...debating nyc, AC, or st tropez today - 08/22/2009


    I think it's about time for you to respond to this blog, Artard. YOu can only ignore it for so long.

    Let me guess: "the fame of the ""Brand") is so powerful that some of my Fan"s" are imitating me, riding my shit-smelling T-shirttails . . . blah fucking blah.

    We want to watch you fail miserably, douchebag.

  17. Well, Cock Gobbler proved this bit of research...

    TWITTER ANALYSIS: 40% of Tweets Are Pointless Babble
    August 12th, 2009 | by Jennifer Van Grove132 Comments

    With Twitter being such a hot trend right now, research firms have been anxious to study how people are using the social platform, and analyze trends in aggregate view.

    One such company, data analytics provider, Pear Analytics, set out to study the contents of our tweets to determine if, in fact, we’re all just sharing mindless babble, or if there was something more intellectual going on.

    Their findings aren’t all that favorable to those of us with lofty views of Twitter, because as it turns out, 40.55% of tweets are pointless babble.

    The Pear Analytics group took 2,000 tweets in English from the public timeline over a time span of two weeks, with 200 tweets captured each half-hour from 11am – 5pm CST daily. They then categorized tweets into six different types: news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversation, and pass-along value.

    The clear winner: pointless babble tweets, with over one-third of all studied tweets fitting into the “I’m eating a sandwich now” category. As somewhat of a redemption for our narcissistic oversharing ways, conversational tweets came in a very close second with 37.55%. Pass-along value — or RTs — captured third-place with only 8.7%, but, thankfully, spam only accounted for 3.75% of all tweets studied.

    Other key findings:

    - News tweets are heaviest at 2:00pm CST on Tuesdays

    - Pass-along value tweets are most frequently seen at 11:30am CST on Mondays

    - Spam tweets flow consistently all day, everyday

    - Conversational tweets are heaviest on Tuesdays

    Of all the studies we’ve seen on Twitter and online behavior in recent history, this one has to be one of the more scientific. You can read about Pear Analytics’ research methodology in the full report (PDF download), but it appears as if they tried to capture sample data that would be reflective of the larger Twitterpopulation. Should that be the case, you and I should probably learn to keep more of the pointless babble we share on Twitter to ourselves.

  18. No straight man calls brunch, "Yummy." Holy shit this cock gobbler makes Richard Simmons look like Dog The Bounty Hunter.

  19. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 22, 2009 at 10:12 AM

    Brunches are more "Yummy" when you get to spend them on your KaidsBerry moderating comments.

    Desperate asshole.

  20. I really have no idea how I found it, but this is awesome.
    J Bone

  21. J Bone... WELCOME! Please spread the word however you can. If you're able to somehow slip this site into Cock Gobbler's actual comments section it would be even better. Most of us who were regulars there have been pegged to having anything and everything we post being moderated. In other words, we can't get this link on his site. You probably can. You'll have to be somewhat creative, but hatred of Kade brings out the best in everyone.

    Again, WELCOME!

  22. Is it possible Kade deleted his FaceBook page??? I just searched him and he no longer comes up. Interesting....

  23. I don't comment that often, but I did this morning and it was moderated so tried changing it and it got moderated again and that one didn't even post.

    Wow, Lego Wig sentence.

    My post there was the only way people would be copying his style was if they got a killer Lego Wig cut.

  24. great updates, great improvements, great blog.

    best of luck, this should serve as an amazing read even moreso AFTER kade collapses/goes broke. we'll be able to point out all the steps along the way...

  25. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    @ shit she disappeared

    Punch Art’s latest haircut style into blogger, or look in the latest comment section on hcwdb.com

    Lets see if this posts

  26. the only reason people are still posting on cockgobbler/lego wig's real site at all is to try to get word out about this blog.

    however, I think that is the wrong way to go about it... LegoWig is moderating hardcore... it just won't work. the best way to spread the word is the use fb, twitter, myspace, email, and the comment sections of youtube and other media websites.

  27. I just tried posting three times, but he deleted them. Will youtube work?

  28. It sux when you see cool dudes like Shit She Disapeared wondering where all the regulars went. No way to tell them we are here. Well, there are other ways, but some people only vist the kade site.

    BTW, new post by kade on his site, soon to be here i'm sure.


  29. SSD will probably figure it out... eventually.

    it's a good thing the site went up when it did... some of the posts got through... if people waited (like some people were waiting, dragging their feet) he would've moderated everything out.

    for now, we have a critical mass and an ability to market the site through other sites... that will need to work for now

  30. I'm trying a different tactic...I have different IDs on here, AK.com, Twitter and FB....I'm gonna befriend him...the guy thinks that "cheese-tastic" (wait for the next blog to go up) is a genuine compliment, so he's gullible enough for anything =)

    @MC 900 - his FB is def still there...

  31. Sometimes I feel just the teensiest bit sorry for him, like when one of his "friends" messages me on FB with a "friend" request, and I think you poor fucking sap, but then I slap myself and channel the image of that little boy and his mother, minding their own business in the "protein' aisle, and I think "wow". this is just what Karma looks like and it's amazing that after only 6.756 months he could have taken the "biz" to the amazing level and changed it a way that has never been seen or done before by anyone now living, or even dead, like Ghandi and Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. whereby he might be casted in a real live TV show, and it's a pilot where he'll be playing a gay doctor.


  32. "Biz" - damn those egregious capitals.

  33. For his facebook page, he probablly set himself to invisible. I have done this in the past - he can see you, but he will not appear in any searches, nor will be seen as a mutual friends, nor see his wall posts on other facebook walls. It is basically used for people that only want their immediate friends to see them or know about anything on their facebook account.

  34. LOL

    Current Twitter says "doin what I do, talkin 2 a 9"

    too bad he once again won't close the deal thanks to either being a closet homo, or having an inverted cock/mangina.

  35. ArthurKade: @mikefazio deciding...not sure I want fans knowing where Iam all the time....even Arthur Kade need to remain invisbile like a jedi sometimes - August 24, 2009

    jedis aren't invisible, dickwad.

  36. "@nicowen no script....i am living my life at levels never done before in the public eye and people love it"

    Really Arthur? Taking the the bus to NYC for low budget, non-paid trailers for pilots? Thinking a Britney Spears concert is the perfect place to pick up girls? Walking around videotaping yourself? Auditioning for women's razor commercials? Being made fun of by every media outlet that has interviewed you?

    No one in the public gives a flying fuck about you.

  37. And I quote: "How do fat people have sex?"

    Really Arthur? Really?

  38. "3 rows behind dugout. Seats for celebs rule"

    As if only celebs can get good seats at a sports game.

    Go fuck your face.