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Arthur Kade: Coming out of the closet soon?

Arthur Kade: Psychopath or Sociopath?

The role of Ron Hansen and WOT Marketing in the Ruination of Arthur Kade

G-N Kang: Kade's Low Self-Esteem Partner in Crime

A Psychoanalysis of Arthur Kade (written by a Psychiatrist)


  1. There's also "Just How Big IS Arthur's Coke Habit?"

  2. Someone needs to get a strand of his hair and have it tested for coke.

  3. I'd say pretty big since the country of Peru could fit in his left nostril and Colombia could fit in his right.

  4. how about getting together the best of the haikus from his site?

  5. Could we deal with the whole gay thing once and for all?

    I am, and as far as Arthur being one, I just don't see it, in spite of a lot of evidence to the contrary.

    Here's why:

    1. No gay man dresses like that.
    2. Gay men who go to the gym get results.
    3. When gay men go to NYC, they don't stay at the crackden hotels Arthur does, they stay with friends, because among the qualities shared by most gay men is the ability to develop and maintain really substantial friendships.
    4. If Arthur was really a closet case, he'd get all freaked out about anything gay-ish.
    5. (And perhaps most important) All the gay men in the world just took a vote and we totally don't want a misogynist, lying, deluded psychopath like Arthur in our club. We gave the greenlight to Andrew Cunanan--you gotta take the good with the bad--but the no vote on Kade was unanimous.

    But, you're wondering, if Arthur isn't gay, what is his deal?

    Simple: Arthur really really really hates women. To a dangerous extent.

    Just one (gay) man's opinion.

  6. I agree with Drew - he objectifies women because he hates them in a sad, creepy, mommy issue way, not because he is gay.