From the Mouth of Kade: Vision, aka "I can get any girl I want but have not gotten laid once this year

Another gem from arthurkade.com. The videos are particularly hilarious - he complains about pumping gas in a car that isn't even his, and he waxes retard about how he needs a personal assistant a la P Diddy's Fonzworth Bently. Do explain: why exactly does an unemployed EXTRA need an assistant?

While driving home from what turned out to be just an amazing audition (The casters kept me there for almost an hour reading multiple scenes, and asked me to come back for a read either Friday or next week with the 3 people cast already, and they told me 2 people were attached to the project who were solid actors from shows like OZ, and another cable hit, and they will be pitching the show to various cable networks like HBO and Showtime), and knowing that not only did I get a callback, but it happened right in the audition, I looked at a symbol which made me proud to be driving my Lexus home. I saw the Statue of Liberty, and all I could think was how much we have in common, and how much we both stand for that makes this country great like Freedom (From a career I hated), Liberty (From girls and lifestyles that were beneath me), and the fight for a cause that most people don’t have the balls to fight for (My cause is the creation of the “Modern Actor” where a talented, and great looking individual can re-write the rule book for “The Biz”, and show people you can be yourself, and not hide from who you are, but embrace the greatness of something like “The Journey”).

We love in such an amazing country, where a 31 year old master of a solid profession like Financial Planning (If I loved it, I would probably be making over a million dollars a year right now and working 30-40 hours) can walk away at the pinnacle of his success, start over, and transform himself into a celebrity overnight, and train himself to become great at a craft in 5.41 months that most people spend their whole life training at (I still have a long way to go with my training because an actor is always evolving, but based on my performance today, I am getting to peak performance levels), and do it while being the happiest motherfucker on Earth. I thought about Ms. Liberty in the water, and thought, “I wonder if Philly will ever build a statue of me like they did Rocky to symbolize what I have and will accomplish, and the pride I am bringing to this city”, and then caught myself and said, “I can’t focus on what will be and have to live in the moment because even though I am famous, I haven’t won any awards yet, and that’s what fans of “”The Journey”" want and need from me to make their lives more meaningful”.

One thing I have realized being Arthur Kade, is that life is all about vision, which is why I am such a guru with girls because I can see an 8 that with proper grooming and training can be a 9, and an 8 or 9 that can be lower because she is a Gold Digger, Too Old, or just Horrible in general, and that requires the ability to see 10 steps into the future (This what made me such a great advisor, I had a great feeling with the markets, legislation, and Fiscal policy, and my clients always felt like they were with a very knowledgeable man), and even with “The Journey”, I have always seen the future, and so far everything I have predicted is happening, and I will hold Little Yellow Oscar when all is said and done. Just like our fore fathers saw the dream that was America, I see the dream that is Arthur Kade, Award Winning Actor.

When I read the sides for the project (This project is so daring and innovative, and may require the kissing of other men ((Which I am a little squeamish with, but if Heath and Jake can do it for art, then I may have to step up)) that I told the producers that I think it may be groundbreaking, and having my worldwide following behind it would give it insane steam), I had a vision of what I wanted my character to be like, and when I auditioned, I could sense that even though the producers thought my look was perfect for the part because I am Handsome, Well-Educated and Professional (The part is a Gay Doctor who is still in the Public closet), I could tell that we weren’t on the same page as to what we wanted the character to be. Great actors play out the vision of the character in their head, and then live and breathe it to make it believable, so when I asked them what they wanted him to be and they explained it, I took a second, visualized it, got inside him, and then gave them the show they wanted (This will be my first featured principal role on camera and they called me “Handsome yet withdrawn”). They were so impressed that they had me continue the whole read of different scenes, and asked me to return so that I could read with the cast actors, and I have a feeling that if that works, I will be booked in October to shoot the trailer for the pilot.

Just another day in the life of The Kade. Videos from today, and Pictures and the menu from the dinner party at Chateau Kade that my roommate prepared for a small dinner party. I am also preparing my read for a well-known NYC Playwright who lives in Philly for a new script she wrote tomorrow.

Another great “Fan Mail” from a Fan in The UK that made me feel warm and fuzzy while also showing my global domination and mainstream appeal to the youth:

Hi Arthur!
Really enjoy reading your blog about yourself and “The Journey” - I
truly believe you will get there, you have the skills needed, and the
drive to get things done! Inspirational reading.

Anyhow, just a quick mail to say thanks for doing this (putting your
rise to the top of the acting profession in a blog, so people can see
what it’s really like) You are an inspiration to a lot of people
putting in the work to get ahead in life!

Also are you ever planning on coming to the UK? I could see you being
a big hit with the celeb circuit over here.

Lex Out!


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