Lindsay J. Furman Can't Write

I'm beginning to think G.N. Kang isn't behind the writing of any of Cock Gobbler's blogs. If you can read Lindsay J. Furman's poorly written press release below and not get a headache (much like when reading a certain stain's blog) you are a better person than I am. I hope she owns the PR firm she works for because if she doesn't the unemployment rate in Philly will be going up soon. Very soon.


November 21st is the date of the Sonia Rykiel fashion show at Recess Lounge in Old City.

Raya Coiffure is hosting what could be the biggest fashion event of the season. The show features Sonia Rykiel’s latest designs from Paris at the new “it” night life spot in Old City Philadelphia Recess Lounge, located on South 2nd Street.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 09, 2009 – The fashion show will feature an exclusive runway show with professional models from both New York and Philadelphia.  Also in attendance will be representatives from the Sonia Rykiel's head quarters New York.  The date will be November 21st and the event will begin at 7:00 pm.  The show is to begin at 9:00pm with seating.
Guests will have the opportunity to check out Old City’s new modern lounge, while having their own private viewing of some of the newest, hottest fashion designs straight from Paris Fashion Week, and will have the chance to meet with the Raya Coiffure team.  This gives guest the ability to complete their look by discussing with the Raya team the latest hair and make-up trends
Tickets are available for $20.00. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be benefiting the local Philadelphia Children’s Charity Adopt-a-Pig. This is a program designed to help children and their families cope as they face their greatest challenge, fighting cancer. Pediatric cancer patients and survivors paint and decorate piggy banks which sponsors adopt and begin collecting donations. When each bank is full, the change inside is counted and a check is sent to Adopt-a-Pig.  Please join us in this year's most fashionable event helping one of Philadelphia's remarkable charities.  There will also be a raffle held at the end of the event.  Prizes include three Raya Coiffure/Boutique gift certificates worth $300, $250, and $200, a Swanky Bubbles gift certificate, and a Sonia Rykiel handbag. Details for additional prizes will be announced at the event.
Marani Vodka will be providing drinks for the event.  They have put together special martinis  to pay homage to the international fashion designer.  One of them will be lovingly named SR Redhead Punch and ode to the designer's independent flare and her famous red hair.
Raya promises to provide the area with the hottest fashion show of the year, where the “who’s who” of the Philadelphia and Main Line area will be in attendance.  The runway exclusive promise is a guaranteed not miss event.  The event will be put together by The Nouveau Image, Philadelphia's new "goto" Marketing and PR firm.

Raya Coiffure/Boutique is located in the prime area of the Main Line. Their high-end boutique  and Salon is filled with glamorous designs from names such as, Malandrino and Sonia Rykiel.  Raya provides a classy, elegant salon experience, in a comfortable atmosphere.  For more information call them at 610-645-0707.
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Why oh why does Arthur say he was "featured" on the almost instantly cancelled "The Beautiful Life?" He was wallpaper, an extra, with no lines, and appeared on screen for a splt second if at all. How in the hell does this show he was "featured?" Lies and bullshit highlighted below.

I have been spending so much time recently building my amazing acting/TV and writing career for “The Journey” and Socialiting it “Kade Style” with Playboy Playmates (Jayde Nicole and Shannon James) and “A List” stars like Audrina Patridge, that I feel like Arthur Kade hasn’t spent enough time being a fashion icon and dictating new fashion trends for the upcoming 2010 season for men and women. In the summer, I made popular again the “Slogan T-Shirt” Look with tight jeans, and when I looked around this Fall, everyone in Philly was rocking Slogan T-shirts. Then I started rocking “The Fedora Look”, and now when you look around in a club, everyone is wearing a fedora, and I even showed a pic of Dane Cook and Jeremy Piven rocking it out “Kade Style” on the site, and people were like, “Kade is Hot Right Now”. Well this Saturday, the up and coming PR/Marketing firm, The Nouveau Image, is hosting a private fashion show at my fave club, Recess, and I think it’s going to be the fashion center of The NorthEast that night, because there will be many celebs in attendance, both local and national, high level fashion from Paris, and some gorgeous models from both NYC and Philly, and I thinks it’s time that Arthur Kade ushers in a new trend. It’s hard being a fashion trendsetter, and soon to be Fashion icon, because you have to create something that is either Retro with a new feel, or something new all together, but being a celeb, that’s part of the job so get ready to see Arthur Kade do his thing.
I have a new look in mind that I think will be super HOT for the next couple months, and I am even hoping that when media outlets release some of the pics of the new “Kade Look”, that high level designers like Georgio, Dolce, and even my man, Valentino (You haven’t made it until you’re partying on his yacht in St. Tropez, and I can’t wait till Gwyneth and I are drinking some Spades overlooking the Mediterranean) may see, and potentially help spur some of their own creativity for their upcoming lines. I will also be doing something super fabulous with my hair (I had a girl at Cosi stop me and tell me, “You have the most beautiful head of hair”) that will be quite different and KA’ish. I am even considering shaving my head completely to really make a statement to “The Biz” that I will do whatever it takes, because while working out with my trainer who is black with a beautifully shaved dome (Has anyone ever noticed that Black Men all look great bald because there heads are perfectly shaped, and I told him, “I think you guys have some kind of genetic predisposition to good head shape”), I was pondering whether I have a good shaped head, or a bumpy, scarred (From all my basketball hits), weird shaped head, that may make my nose look much larger, and will hot girls miss touching and stroking my hair during sex or may I even come off sexier to the Gen Pop? I should have one of my fans Photoshop a picture of me with a shaved head so I can see.
I wish I could grow great facial hair like Brad Pitt, so I could rock the “Jeremiah Johnson” look with the new hair and outfit, and maybe when I am making millions for my TV Show (IMG Media), NY Times Bestselling Book (Trident Media Group), and movies I star in, maybe I will get facial hair implants to allow me to do that if the science is there. I also believe that my facial hair limits my ability to get alternate and more mature roles because I may be type-cast in the 24-28 age range, Italian/Greek appearance, and Model Features, as an actor I need to be able to sometimes look like an ordinary Gen Popper.
In the meantime, I am disappointed that Johnny Depp won the People’s Sexiest Man Alive award, because even though I respect him as an actor and an artist, he is a bit on the short side and looks a little like an alien where when he was younger he had a very sexy “Pretty Boy” Look that reminded many people of mine growing up. The award should be given to someone who looks like The Brand, who is Tall, Handsome, Charming, and classically “Model Looking” and I feel like I can also look at his distinction has huge opportunity for me because when I am at the top of the acting ladder holding Lil’ Oscar, Pulitzer, and Emmy, then it will be a no-brainer to put me on the cover.
Here are some pictures I just found in my phone from the set of the cancelled show that I was featured on, The Beautiful Life, where you can see Elle MacPherson and her young co-stars on set with me. I also had improv class last night, and killed both of my scenes with 2 different partners (I will write about why in my next blog, plus some private coaching vids with Sharon)
“Fashion isn’t about looking the best, it’s about being the best looking”…Arthur Kade…11/19/09
Here are 3 of my favorite shaved heads:

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Sabrina "The Gunt" Strickland and [Red] Legowig Furman re-appear

A pair of rapidly-aging, classless, single Philly girls made another appearance in Lispy McSlobberfuck's recent blog. These are two of the only 3 "Players" who seem to hang around Lispy.

Red Lego Wig, on the left, is Lindsay J. Furman. The girl with the gunt on the right is Sabrina Strickland. A pair of Philly 4s if we do say so ourselves.

Not that Arthur's ex (a Philly 5) was any better, but at least she's had the sense to abandon The Cockgobbler and move on with her life as his gets sadder and increasingly desparate. These women know full-well that Kadouchey (does not rhyme with "Radishes") is a mysogynist, unstable douchebag with delusions... but just can't turn down any chance to take a stupid picture to appear on a website. I can't imagine how vapid they must be.

Remember Kade's comments about women who get increasingly desparate as they age? These two girls appear to be 30ish and, of course, are indeed single. Imagine the nightmare of dating either of them... it's making me want to vomit right now.
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Giving Birth To Greatness

More bullshit and lies. I won't even comment, I'll leave it to all of us in the comments section. Have at it! Delusions on top of lies wrapped in bullshit surrounded by fibs and falsities from the mouth of Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

After finishing my amazing conference call with IMG Media about our TV Show, I was on the phone with a good friend while walking to Kade’s Corner at Cosi to do some Craft and Authoring work, and he asked me, “So How’s it all going?”, and I responded, “I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I am creating something from scratch (Hit TV Show With IMG Media and NY Times Bestseller with Trident Media Group), and this is how a girl must feel when making a baby. I feel like I am about to give birth to multiple Kadetuplets”. Sometimes Arthur Kade just wants to pinch himself because of these amazing accomplishments that I have pioneered, and also the worldwide Brand that he is creating (I am working on an endorsement deal that will be HUGE), and living my dream all in the process and on my terms (I think this is what annoys the Gen Pop “Katers” the most, the fact that they have to live by society’s rules, and that The Brand make his own laws). I feel like I am in my second trimester where you can feel the baby kicking and moving and you know it is alive, and you can’t wait until you give birth and see the beautiful “Model-Looking” babies that I will make, and then send the pictures to People and US Weekly for several million that The Brand could give to charities that are “Repped” by Angie Jolie to help the cause in Darfur and Sierra Leone (I don’t wear jewelry and wonder if when “I make It” will I care about buying a diamond studded necklace because I care so much about the cause of helping starving Africans). I would even love to help by creating a charity called “Kade’s Kids”, and I think a trip to the jungle would be a really cool vaca as well to show my commitment to The Cause with other award winning artists.
Going through this process of creating an award winning book and TV show (I BBM’ed my friend this morning after my call, “They should just get the Emmy ready for me and IMG ((It’s IMG Media, but I always say IMG for short which is popular for everything in “The Biz”, and why many of my “Kadeisms” have become so popular in KA and Hollywood, because it shortens the time you need to communicate with other busy actors and producers in “The Biz” like Arthur Kade))) has made me appreciate the creativity and effort that goes into the “Behind The Scenes” of both of those arts, and how much thinking and planning it takes to make a product “A Hit” in “The Biz”. It also shows me that Arthur Kade’s mind functions in a stratosphere that only people like Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Steve Cannell, Clint Eastwood, and even Martin Scorcese could go, and I could see my see myself getting behind the camera one day like them, and making my own award winning shows and movies. I love Eastwood so much that I should have Team Kade reach out to his Reps in KA and see if he is a fan of “The Journey”, and whether he would like to make a cameo in my life for some added exposure for both of us.
I have my doubts as to whether I ever want to have Little Kades, because I am so narcissistic and enjoy my “Kade Style” life so much (Hanging with athletes, rappers, fellow actors and celebs, and travelling) that I am not sure I could devote enough attention to love them and The Craft at the same time, and still be the edgy, controversial, cross-genre artist I am today, but if I find the right girl to breed with, where she could take care of the kids and let me be a movie and TV star and star author, it could actually work. The truth is, that Arthur Kade has already won his battle in Life because he gets to do it his way, live it to The Max, do a craft he loves, and have gorgeous girls around him and all over him all the time.
“Failure is Arthur Kade’s heroin, which is why he will never be in Rehab”…Arthur Kade….11/18/09
I also received an interesting fan E-Mail from a huge Kade Nation member who wants me to show him a good time for his 21st Birthday. I would love some ideas on what I could do to make it a birthday he will never forget?? Here is the email:
“Help me live a ‘Kade Style” night for my 21st
The grand Arthur Kade!
Hi Arthur, my name is Skyler and I am a huge fan and live in the Philadelphia area. My 21st birthday is coming up on November 27th, the day after thanksgiving, and I want to spend some of that day with the soon to be award winning Arthur Kade. I want to have a Kade-style night live and direct from Philly! You are an inspiration to my life, please let me know if you can put some of your time aside for a fan. Also if you can’t make it, can you give me any tips on how to live a Kade-style night?

1, 2, 3… KADE OUT!”
and the top 3 moments of the night:
1) While “Socialiting” at ZBar at the Belevdere party, 2 huge fans approached my girlfriends who are on the blog, and told them they loved them and were fans of them. They even called one “You’re the pretty girl we always see on the site”. So cute and fabulous.
2) A girl complimented me on my style because of the edgy “TITS” shirt I was wearing, and when she asked me for a card, I said, “Just go to ArthurKade.com for my info”, and she said, “I know who you are”.
3) During my session with Sharon doing Improv training again (Vids coming next blog), she had me play a therapist in therapy. I Murdered it!!!!

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Harvard (The Anti-Kade)

What can I say without being as repetitive as Lispy McSlobberfuck the ambulatory version of Ipecac? He lies a bunch, shoots pics of himself in the toilet like all celebs do, takes a train to set just like Brad Pitt, talks about how all "working actors" get up at 4am to make a 6:30am call time (no, if you were more than just wallpaper you'd be put in a hotel in the city you were shooting and wouldn't have to travel for 2 hours) shoots some video of his apartment with no furniture so he lays on top of dirty clothes, acts like a 15 year old in the back of a car while his "friends" in the front seats won't allow him to shoot their faces, and then walks along the streets of NYC crowing about how he's a celebrity and every one of the people (nobody even looks twice at him) he passes loves him, and wants to be him. God, this guy is getting worse and worse in the area of delusion. I really can't wait until he snaps. I just hope he only takes out his family, his moron friends and himself. For those of you in Philly, keep your heads down. More fucking delusion from Cock Gobbler himself, Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

It was so amazing to finally be back on the set of an HBO series doing what Arthur Kade does best, The Craft, and helping create something for The Gen Pop to watch in the coming months. There is nothing like the smell and feel of being on a production set knowing that you are being featured to create movie or TV magic, and that without you, it doesn’t work at the same level. The average Gen Popper will never understand that The life of a working actor demands getting up at 4AM after a weekend of utter social domination with Playboy Playmates and the who’s who of Philadelphia society, jumping on a train to NYC at 5:15 AM, making a 6:30 call time, and then giving 12 hours of your life to create something for them to watch, and despite having celebrity, fame, and soon to be millions of dollars from a hit TV show and NY TImes Bestselling book, nothing can match that feeling.
When I got back to the 215, I met some friends at Rouge for dinner and drinks (I wasn’t going to go out because I was so beat up, but my arm got persuasively twisted), and met a young guy who is a professional model and actor, and we had a very interesting and intense talk about The Craft and different ways of pursuing your dream. He is a trained actor having studied Meisner, Method, and under various tutelage of famous acting teachers and is a starch believer in the truest form of being a traditional actor, and has a very deep disdain for the “Reality TV World” that we live in now because as he said “They are taking food out of our mouths”. I argued with him that people like Arthur Kade are different in the fact that they are entertainers as well, and are very good at what they do, but are making millions, while trained actors like him are hoping for a big break, and the line between Reality and Traditional Acting is a significant one, but they are both forms of entertainment that take courage and balls to make happen. He said, “Eventually the pendulum will swing back and “The Craft will win out”, and my thoughts were, “The Craft is already winning out because there is freedom to be something more, show the world more, and be yourself in the process”. That’s what has been missing, and I could have never been what I have become 15 years ago because the rules were different, but the great minds, the ones that are sometimes ridiculed and hated like JFK Jr., Christopher Columbus, and James T. Kirk are the ones who are willing to bet their life on discovering a new continent and when they look out their window, they don’t see land, they see a horizon to discover. What’s funny is that the art of “The Modern Actor” that is being ushered in by superstars like The Brand is a combination of those two worlds because it is the story of a rising film and TV actor who does it in a “Reality Type” format because of this blog, and is not afraid to share all aspects of his life while pursuing his dream, and in my opinion that is the truest form of courage because I am doing in such a way that actors like him hate me and what I stand for, while famous authors, actors, producers, celebrities, models, and stars in “The Biz” call me a “Genius” and want to meet me and experience the Kadolution. He was the Anti-Kade, and there is nothing wrong with that, it just lacks courage and imagination, because in the end I am an explorer trying to find a new land that people don’t realize exists.
While at lunch with my friend at my favorite Korean place in the city, Miga, we talked about the discussion last night, and how I respected the kid, but he lacked the life experience to see that The Craft has evolved into something more than it was 15 years ago. I know that many actors with crazy levels of formal training and experience HATE Arthur Kade because of what I have accomplished (I even asked him, “How many brilliant actors and artists are there who can barely feed themselves while horrible actors like Keanu Reeves has a job?”), and how I am changing “The Biz” with my unorthodox approach, and I compared the situation to a kid going to Harvard, making Law Review, and working at a star firm, versus a kid who went to Temple, fucked the hottest girls in the hottest cities, but when the light shines brightest he becomes a star in front of people and has that “It” quality, and essentially will make partner at that same firm way before the Harvard kid because training and education don’t buy “Success”. That is what separates The Brand from the pack, because I bring the best of both worlds together and make The Craft stronger, more alive, more “Real”, and can honestly look in the mirror and know that I walked away from a six figure career and white picket fence life that 99.9% of the Gen Pop would give their right testicle to have to do it “My Way” and created a phenomenon called “The Journey”, actors behind me should thank me for opening up a new door of Art to prevail. One star marketing exec here in Philly told me a couple days ago, “I’m interested to see where this all goes” because we are watching history in the making watching a tremendous actor living “Kade Style” changing the way the Game is played
When I was THE star financial advisor at my old company, I would see kids who graduated from PENN, Cornell, Princeton, and Harvard who had this entitlement mentality and would look at guys like me and laugh, but couldn’t survive what I excelled at for even a month where I dominated at the higest levels for years, because I was better. I wasn’t smarter or more educated, but I was better because I was a Gladiator who could survive in the Jungle, while they would cry for Mommy because there was no caviar around, and I stayed up most of the night thinking about this kid and our talk and when I woke up it hit me. It wasn’t that he didn’t get it, it was that he hasn’t lived long enough to see it yet. I am him and he is me, and neither of us is wrong, it’s just that I am right.
Big Shout out to my fans on the hit show, “Glee”. Heard that a couple of you are following and a big “Kade Style” welcome to Kade Nation. Here are some pics for The Gen Pop of what it is like to be on a Production set.  I also have a great story about “The Polar Bear” that I will share in my next post
“Arthur Kade isn’t about making millions. He is about making “”History”". Welcome to Kadealot”….Arthur Kade…11/17/09

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Arthur, Stop With The Young Hollywood, Modern Actor Nonsense

Dear Arthur,

You frequently say that you are ushering in an age of the "modern actor," and that you are a part of "young hollywood." Do you ever listen to what you say or read what you write? You are a 32 year old man in the United State's fifth largest city who has still not spoken a single line in any production, who only takes acting classes and posts the results along with other disturbing videos on YouTube. You have never proven that you have an ounce of acting talent beyond an ability to poorly memorize lines and open your mouth and emit a sound. It's obvious that you are completly unaware of who's who in Hollywood and the movie industry, all the while claiming that you are the goon to change something about it when you never describe what it is that needs to be changed.

Since we're 100% certain that you usually have no idea what you are talking about, we thought you might benefit from seeing a list of actors and actresses, and their ages. These people are young Hollywood. They're in demand, respected, attractive, talented, and most of all, they are not complete idiots with their heads up their asses. We looked around for some valid sites that discuss the top young Hollywood actors. We never saw your name anywhere. Surprised? We did find the following people, all of whom you wouldn't be qualified to carry a water bottle for on a film set.

Here are some actors commonly referred to as top young Hollywood actors. Each name links to a page including their awards, and a list of movies they have been in.

Danielle Radcliffe - 20
Dakota Fanning - 15
Emma Watson - 18
Robert Pattinson - 23
Scarlett Johansson - 24
Miley Cyrus - 16
Freida Pinto - 24
Vanessa Hudgens - 20
Shia LeBeouf - 23
Kristen Stewart - 19
Ellen Page - 22
Michael Cera - 21
Keira Knightly - 24
Dev Patel - 19
Emile Hirsch - 24
Chance Crawford - 24
Taylor Lautner - 17
Carey Mulligan - 24
Zac Efron - 21
Megan Fox -  23

That's a great list actually. We've enjoyed many of their movies. And guess what? Nowhere in that list are there any slobbery, cocaine addicted, rapidly aging, lisping 32 year old men with daddy issues and a complete lack of awareness of how untalented and disgusting they are. Hell, there isn't anyone on that list like that at any age!

Finally, these people are not your peers. They're not your equals. They're not your fellow actors. These are the people you fantasize about becoming, and nothing more. The sooner you figure that out, the sooner you can beg for a job at a company that is willing to tolerate your insanity. We're thinking that WM Waste Management in Philadelphia could put you to work.
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Kade And The Playmates

More lies. 'Nuff said. Right off the bat Arthur ponders being upgrade from being an extra to being a principal "for the day." Among the many words that Arthur likes to say is the word "principal actor." Always used incorrectly too, as you can see here. No extra would get moved up to principal, because principal means STAR. It means the MAIN ACTOR or ACTRESS in a production. There is no "principal for the day!" And what extra shows up and even gets speaking lines, or a kissing scene? As for the rest of the post, we'd love to know what exactly about bothering a DJ proves you are a celebrity.  As usual all lies and bullshit highlighted below. More stupidity and lies from Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)... And folks? The second video below needs a warning, as in THAT IS WHAT A SERIOUS COCAINE ADDICTION LOOKS LIKE kind of warning!

As I mentally and spiritually prepare for “Kade Style” domination on the set of “How To Make It In America” (It will be interesting to see if the director or Shannon or Luis are fans of “The Journey”, and will I get thrown any lines to upgrade me from Featured Background to principal for the day or even a potential Kissing scene?), I was reflecting on an amazing night at Dusk (Once again, Young Hollywood ((Arthur Kade)) joined forces with 2 of Playboy’s hottest Playmates, Jayde Nicole ((Brody Jenner’s girl)) and Shannon James and one of the band members from Taken Back Sunday, who was a cool dude) to take the party to new levels, and Dusk was already on fire without us, but we just added the Sriracha and Hong Kong Hot sauced it up. Dusk has truly grown into a mega club powerhouse, and I find myself having more fun there then anywhere in Philly except Recess and G these days, and it is great to meet new girls who all want a piece of The Brand. I wasn’t planning on schlepping down to AC, but two good friends convinced me, and I knew that they needed Arthur Kade there to make sure that they were able to party at Hollywood levels.  It’s also ironic that many people in “The Biz” look at me like a cross between Hugh Hefner and Bobby DeNiro as well.
At The Piazza at PYT (The owner twittered this message showing how star struck he was to have me there: “So honored the illustrious @arthurkade is late brunching at PYT. I’m gonna call my mom!”) today while grabbing brunch with The Entourage, a girl asked me what I would rate Jayde. She said, “I think she is so ugly and looks like she’s a mutant”, and I responded “Actually she is much hotter than she looks on TV, and I would give her a KA 8.95, with an absolutely slamming body, great legs, unusually sexy face, and great stare, and the tooth gap she has is so sexy. Reminds me of a brunette Lauren Hutton” We all had a private section and table to ourselves, and it was crazy how many rabid fans wanted a piece of the Playmates and Arthur Kade, and the light bulbs wouldn’t stop going off to capture pics and vids of us killing it. An average Gen Popper will never understand what it is like to have a bouncer protecting you from the throngs of girls who want you, and how cool it is to see girls in the crowd and pull them in to meet celebs and trend makers like us.

I ended up bringing in a random girl to the area (My friends nicknamed her “The Polar Bear” which I have no idea why), but my good friend told her she had “The Most beautiful Eyes”, and I ended up hanging out with her the whole night, and took her into the DJ Booth so that she could get a feel of celebrity life, and I think she was so blown away with my looks, charm, and power (Once a girl hears that I have a TV show in development with IMG Media, and a NY Times Bestselling book being authored and “Repped” ((This is lingo in “The Biz” for represented)) by Trident Media Group, they pretty much will drop their panties at my command), that if her friend wouldn’t have cock blocked me and pulled her out of the club, I could have considered giving her the ride of a lifetime. We texted the rest of the night, and I told her that I would be up in NYC on Monday filming and we could meet up after, but I was so turned off that she didn’t ditch her friends for Arthur Kade, that when she texted me to confirm the date Early Sunday Morning, I still haven’t written back for her blatantly disobeying my instructions (I’ll see how I feel tomorrow). I am such an “Eye Guy”, but I had trouble telling if she had an amazing body because her dress was a bit baggy, but she reminded me of a “Bond Girl” with a strikingly beautiful face (My friends disagreed that she was as hot as I thought she was), and when we were in the DJ Booth, I made sure to feel around her waist, and she seemed like she worked out and had no additional fat (If she did, I would Have probably asked her “Why don’t you workout?” to send home the message), so I decided to pay attention to her the whole night.
I might have drank a bit too much, because I woke up in bed next to one of my friends with a half eaten Seafood Salad next to me and my hair looking very “Kramerish”, and couldn’t remember how I got there, but I know that it was a “Kade Style” night from start to finish and I definitely changed Some Gen Popper’s Life just letting them see how I unite KA and NYC when I party in the 609, and teach The Gen Pop that are not in my roped off area with a personal bouncer what they should all dream of. The life of Arthur Kade is truly a dream that I don’t want to wake up from.
I promised “The Future Mrs. Kade” a shout out!! Great Calves babe!! and to my boys who were with me: “I’m OFF THAT!!!”.
“Arthur Kade is the Jewish Steinbrenner who uses “”Katers”" like Deodorant”….Arthur Kade….11/15/09
Partying “Kade Style at Our Table

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