Why oh why does Arthur say he was "featured" on the almost instantly cancelled "The Beautiful Life?" He was wallpaper, an extra, with no lines, and appeared on screen for a splt second if at all. How in the hell does this show he was "featured?" Lies and bullshit highlighted below.

I have been spending so much time recently building my amazing acting/TV and writing career for “The Journey” and Socialiting it “Kade Style” with Playboy Playmates (Jayde Nicole and Shannon James) and “A List” stars like Audrina Patridge, that I feel like Arthur Kade hasn’t spent enough time being a fashion icon and dictating new fashion trends for the upcoming 2010 season for men and women. In the summer, I made popular again the “Slogan T-Shirt” Look with tight jeans, and when I looked around this Fall, everyone in Philly was rocking Slogan T-shirts. Then I started rocking “The Fedora Look”, and now when you look around in a club, everyone is wearing a fedora, and I even showed a pic of Dane Cook and Jeremy Piven rocking it out “Kade Style” on the site, and people were like, “Kade is Hot Right Now”. Well this Saturday, the up and coming PR/Marketing firm, The Nouveau Image, is hosting a private fashion show at my fave club, Recess, and I think it’s going to be the fashion center of The NorthEast that night, because there will be many celebs in attendance, both local and national, high level fashion from Paris, and some gorgeous models from both NYC and Philly, and I thinks it’s time that Arthur Kade ushers in a new trend. It’s hard being a fashion trendsetter, and soon to be Fashion icon, because you have to create something that is either Retro with a new feel, or something new all together, but being a celeb, that’s part of the job so get ready to see Arthur Kade do his thing.
I have a new look in mind that I think will be super HOT for the next couple months, and I am even hoping that when media outlets release some of the pics of the new “Kade Look”, that high level designers like Georgio, Dolce, and even my man, Valentino (You haven’t made it until you’re partying on his yacht in St. Tropez, and I can’t wait till Gwyneth and I are drinking some Spades overlooking the Mediterranean) may see, and potentially help spur some of their own creativity for their upcoming lines. I will also be doing something super fabulous with my hair (I had a girl at Cosi stop me and tell me, “You have the most beautiful head of hair”) that will be quite different and KA’ish. I am even considering shaving my head completely to really make a statement to “The Biz” that I will do whatever it takes, because while working out with my trainer who is black with a beautifully shaved dome (Has anyone ever noticed that Black Men all look great bald because there heads are perfectly shaped, and I told him, “I think you guys have some kind of genetic predisposition to good head shape”), I was pondering whether I have a good shaped head, or a bumpy, scarred (From all my basketball hits), weird shaped head, that may make my nose look much larger, and will hot girls miss touching and stroking my hair during sex or may I even come off sexier to the Gen Pop? I should have one of my fans Photoshop a picture of me with a shaved head so I can see.
I wish I could grow great facial hair like Brad Pitt, so I could rock the “Jeremiah Johnson” look with the new hair and outfit, and maybe when I am making millions for my TV Show (IMG Media), NY Times Bestselling Book (Trident Media Group), and movies I star in, maybe I will get facial hair implants to allow me to do that if the science is there. I also believe that my facial hair limits my ability to get alternate and more mature roles because I may be type-cast in the 24-28 age range, Italian/Greek appearance, and Model Features, as an actor I need to be able to sometimes look like an ordinary Gen Popper.
In the meantime, I am disappointed that Johnny Depp won the People’s Sexiest Man Alive award, because even though I respect him as an actor and an artist, he is a bit on the short side and looks a little like an alien where when he was younger he had a very sexy “Pretty Boy” Look that reminded many people of mine growing up. The award should be given to someone who looks like The Brand, who is Tall, Handsome, Charming, and classically “Model Looking” and I feel like I can also look at his distinction has huge opportunity for me because when I am at the top of the acting ladder holding Lil’ Oscar, Pulitzer, and Emmy, then it will be a no-brainer to put me on the cover.
Here are some pictures I just found in my phone from the set of the cancelled show that I was featured on, The Beautiful Life, where you can see Elle MacPherson and her young co-stars on set with me. I also had improv class last night, and killed both of my scenes with 2 different partners (I will write about why in my next blog, plus some private coaching vids with Sharon)
“Fashion isn’t about looking the best, it’s about being the best looking”…Arthur Kade…11/19/09
Here are 3 of my favorite shaved heads:


  1. horrible style. intelligence and class are clearly "anti kade" traits.

  2. He really needs a bullet through his brain

  3. His trainer should have punched him in the face.

  4. johnny depp has talent. kade has a lisp. what a great comparison!

  5. Sansimian High School MascotNovember 19, 2009 at 5:07 PM

    I just knew there would be something from Kade about that People issue.

    I hope someone chops off his tiny penis with a knife and throws it into a wood chipper, then feeds it back to him, then pours bleach and battery acid on the bloody crotch stump.

  6. "now when you look around a club, everyone is wearing a fedora."

    Riiiiiiight, so why is it in all his photos taken at clubs he's the only one wearing a hat of any kind indoors (a sign of absolutely zero breeding, class, etc)?
    And for a supposedly "A-lister" why is he wearing such a low-end, made-in-China-by-enslaved children bit of grease-stained felt? Looks like the things would disintegrate in the rain. Or the torrent of slobber frothing about his head...probably explains the shapeless brims.
    Congrats Anal, you've claimed responsibility for dollar-store cheap schamata seldom washed. Grow up.
    No, scratch that. Do some more coke instead...

  7. I'm pretty sure the slogan T shirt has not been popular since 2003. But, if KADE wore one, and someone ELSE wore one, then obviously he started an international fad.

    Soon he's going to start talking about how the people on the TV are talking only to him.

  8. Let's hope the TV people (or the voice-overs in his head) are saying "Arthur, kill yourself.....if you do you will only become MORE FAMOUS than the Kaders could ever imagine!"

  9. Beechwood 4-5789

    If you look back to the original "photo shoot" pictures when the grey fedora first appeared, it was a relatively good looking hat (compared to what he usually wears) and it was placed properly on his head (by a stylist). However, since he "appropriated it" from the shoot and has taken to wearing it all the time he has also managed to mangle it almost beyond recognition -- like he mangles everything else he contacts -- not to mention wearing it mashed down on his head like a real dork.

  10. Facial hair implants? Facials…maybe

    What you need are brain cell implants

  11. Have y'all noticed that when he does improv, no matter what he plays (couch, pimple, sofa, therapist), the mood is the same: whiny and self-pitying? The pimple whined. The tree was so fucking sorry for itself. The sofa was a whiny, self-absorbed loser. Etc...

    I'm detecting a trend.

  12. Copying another blog? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you you have any idea how pathetic you are?

  13. @Anonymous 12:41am...

    What's truly pathetic is that you'd take the time to comment not having any clue as to WHY this blog has been copied. Here goes...

    Arthur Kadyshes is a deluded, fucked up individual. All people who commented on his blog tended to lean toward the side of utter hatred. The comments were brutal and Cock Gobbler eventually started moderating and not allowing even benign things through. As one example I can remember "Schadenfreude." Just that word would set off his filters and you couldn't post a comment that contained that word. Eventually, a few of us who wanted to comment without moderation got together and this site was born. The people who commented on Lispy McSlobberfuck's site and now here are what make both of the sites worth reading. Arturd and his Nontourage are nothing more than a catalyst for the often times genius comments that get written. We also call this dick out on all his lies. Personally, I'm still waiting for him to explain his claim of a basketball career while at Temple, yet not one mention of him in any Temple basketball material at anytime he possibly could have been attending the school.

    Oh, and fuck you.

  14. Bagging on this blog? Are you fucking kidding me? Do you have any idea how titanically ignorant you are?

    Now fuck off, and run back to anal's pile of clothes.

  15. I hear the next big think is going to be men having sex with women, you should try to get ......oh yeah thats right.

  16. Maybe you could buy a honey glazed ham to lure that sweaty gunt back to your place and while she is stuffing her face with fresh pig you can try stuffing her drooling meat sponge with your tiny russian butter knife.

  17. Recess Lounge - Latest News
    November 21st is the date of the Sonia Rykiel fashion show at Recess Lounge in Old City.
    Raya Coiffure is hosting what could be the biggest fashion event of the season. The show features Sonia Rykiel’s latest designs from Paris at the new “it” night life spot in Old City Philadelphia Recess Lounge, located on South 2nd Street.


  18. I work at one of the most influential fashion publications in North America and this guy is just "ridic". Listen buddy, no one has worn a fedora (seriously) since Britney Spears circa 2001. Also, I wore a graphic t with She-Ra on it in 1984--ohmigod--maybe I started that trend...*pats self on back*

    Also, "your man" Valentino is retired, so good luck with that.

  19. Send Lindsay Furman an email about the amazing fashion show she's promoting for Arthur's stepmom Raya at Recess this weekend! Click my name.

    Christ, Teef's press release is as dense as Arthur's blob. Do any of these idiots know simple grammar?

  20. oh and Sonia Rykiel would never show up to an event like that. It's probably some random distributor hosting a fashion show.

  21. Biggest fashion event of the season in a dive bar in a forgotten city with old people modeling yesterdays fashions in front of their coked up friends.

  22. The claim that he popularized fedoras is seriously his dumbest claim. They were obviously already popular if there were as many hats available to buy as he actually has.

    Saying he popularized a hat is as stupid as saying he popularized shoes or belts.

  23. One thing he hasn't popularized is giant deformed noses.

  24. Wait - let me understand... Arthur is bragging that he is going to some shitty event hosted by his step-mother's pathetic LAME boutique, which is being promoted by Teefs Furman, at Recess, the same stupid club they all go to anyway (that no one in Philadelphia gives a shit about). Uh huh. Wow. Couldn't be more of a non-event if they tried.

  25. As I lunch, I perused Google for info and it proves to be as cheap as it sounds...

    Just a few snipits... "Also in attendance will be representatives from the Sonia Rykiel's head quarters New York."

    Naturally, Sonia wouldn't step foot in that mess...

    "Tickets are available for $20.00. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be benefiting the local Philadelphia Children’s Charity Adopt-a-Pig."

    Awwww.... looks like Teefs and the Gunt Krew are lookin for new homes! (No, it actually sounds like a lovely charity, too bad these real-life PIGS aren't touting it for the right reasons.)
    Here's what they will be there for:
    "Marani Vodka will be providing drinks for the event. They have put together special martinis to pay homage to the international fashion designer. One of them will be lovingly named SR Redhead Punch and ode to the designer's independent flare and her famous red hair."

    So, we get to see more pics of booze and I guess Teefs ruined her hair to pay homage to Sonia. Sounds like the event of the season!

    Oh brother...

    The Loo :(

  26. LOL - great info!

    So this "private fashion show" (according to AcneFace) is actually something that anyone can go to as long as they buy a ticket.

    Too funny. I hope someone goes and harasses him.

  27. MC:

    It also gives me an opportunity to read Kadouche's incoherent ramblings without actually having to contribute to his site hits, which was always a drawback of seeing the crazy directly from the fetid, greasy source itself.

  28. holy shit guys Artshitz's dad will probably be there!

    exclusive legowig interview of the man that wasted his cumb on lispy?

    other ideas?

  29. Amazing that anyone hired Teefs to write. Bitch can't use "flair" correctly, and someone needs to beat the shit out of her with a comma until she learns to use it correctly.

    Damn Art, you and your crew are packed fat with FAIL.

  30. Thanks for noticing the flare/flair fuckup hellkell. Was driving me crazy.

  31. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 20, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    Bahhahahahaha... the charity really is Adopt-A-Pig!!! Ohmygod, I just pissed my pants. That is GOLD. I guess Arthur has already adopted two of them.

  32. @zorc,
    actually, let me correct you... the slogan tshirt is still quite alive and well in popularity in philly. every cheesy guido f'er in that city (including arthur and his ex-goon friends) all wear them. i know b/c i had the misfortune of having to live in philly a short while for work.

  33. @Anon 4:54

    Really? Ew. I'm living in fucking Nebraska right now (temporarily) and the slogan t shirt isn't even popular here. Granted, there's an over-abundance of Threadless tshirts, but still.