Lindsay J. Furman Can't Write

I'm beginning to think G.N. Kang isn't behind the writing of any of Cock Gobbler's blogs. If you can read Lindsay J. Furman's poorly written press release below and not get a headache (much like when reading a certain stain's blog) you are a better person than I am. I hope she owns the PR firm she works for because if she doesn't the unemployment rate in Philly will be going up soon. Very soon.


November 21st is the date of the Sonia Rykiel fashion show at Recess Lounge in Old City.

Raya Coiffure is hosting what could be the biggest fashion event of the season. The show features Sonia Rykiel’s latest designs from Paris at the new “it” night life spot in Old City Philadelphia Recess Lounge, located on South 2nd Street.

PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 09, 2009 – The fashion show will feature an exclusive runway show with professional models from both New York and Philadelphia.  Also in attendance will be representatives from the Sonia Rykiel's head quarters New York.  The date will be November 21st and the event will begin at 7:00 pm.  The show is to begin at 9:00pm with seating.
Guests will have the opportunity to check out Old City’s new modern lounge, while having their own private viewing of some of the newest, hottest fashion designs straight from Paris Fashion Week, and will have the chance to meet with the Raya Coiffure team.  This gives guest the ability to complete their look by discussing with the Raya team the latest hair and make-up trends
Tickets are available for $20.00. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be benefiting the local Philadelphia Children’s Charity Adopt-a-Pig. This is a program designed to help children and their families cope as they face their greatest challenge, fighting cancer. Pediatric cancer patients and survivors paint and decorate piggy banks which sponsors adopt and begin collecting donations. When each bank is full, the change inside is counted and a check is sent to Adopt-a-Pig.  Please join us in this year's most fashionable event helping one of Philadelphia's remarkable charities.  There will also be a raffle held at the end of the event.  Prizes include three Raya Coiffure/Boutique gift certificates worth $300, $250, and $200, a Swanky Bubbles gift certificate, and a Sonia Rykiel handbag. Details for additional prizes will be announced at the event.
Marani Vodka will be providing drinks for the event.  They have put together special martinis  to pay homage to the international fashion designer.  One of them will be lovingly named SR Redhead Punch and ode to the designer's independent flare and her famous red hair.
Raya promises to provide the area with the hottest fashion show of the year, where the “who’s who” of the Philadelphia and Main Line area will be in attendance.  The runway exclusive promise is a guaranteed not miss event.  The event will be put together by The Nouveau Image, Philadelphia's new "goto" Marketing and PR firm.

Raya Coiffure/Boutique is located in the prime area of the Main Line. Their high-end boutique  and Salon is filled with glamorous designs from names such as, Malandrino and Sonia Rykiel.  Raya provides a classy, elegant salon experience, in a comfortable atmosphere.  For more information call them at 610-645-0707.


  1. It may be too late, but why not send Sonia Rykiel an e-mail to tell her who is involved in this fashion show her name is attached to?


  2. Fucknuts just blocked me on Twitter, guess it's time to take it up a notch

  3. She writes like anyone who is friends with Arthur Kade is expected to. It's kind of eerie.

  4. We provide *A* 360 degrees of what your business needs to promote itself.


  5. With the Adopt a Pig charity connection I can only assume that Sabrina Strickland will be there. I hope she goes to a good home. Now if it was the Adopt A Psychotic Male Chauvinist Pig charity then Artie mught have gotten a chance to be adopted as well.

  6. Fuck Artshitz, he'll never succeed at anything, including blocking or censoring people

  7. “Even ‘they’ know”?

    Kirgin, ‘they’ know more than you’ll ever know, ‘they’ will forget more than you’ll ever know. But ‘they’ don’t know you, if ‘they’ did, ‘they’ would kick your ‘I don’t like girls’ ass. ‘They’ are better than you, ‘they’ make more money than you and ‘they’ can act better than you ever will…got it ‘cherry’? ‘They’ get more respect. ‘They’ are like you in name only…Whore (which you give a bad name). ‘They’ would refuse you because even ‘they’ would be sickened by your presence.

  8. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 20, 2009 at 9:15 PM

    "The runway exclusive promise is a guaranteed not miss event".

    HOLY SHIT! Did this moron make it past the 4th grade? Or is that godawful cheap-ass hair dye seeping into her brain and destroying what little is in there?

    Umm, Lindsay? Dear? You might want to "goto" the nearest pre-school and start over.

  9. Clarification…

    I was reading his twitter about walking through the hooker district.

  10. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 20, 2009 at 9:26 PM

    @ Kudos:

    Sounds like he didn't get laid there, either. So he's right, they MUST know who he is.

  11. I feel bad that Lindsay is getting caught up in this. Apart from associating with Kade she seems like a nice, decent person. Volunteers a lot, that sort of thing.

    OTOH she probably is a catalyst for AK's bullshit. Think about it, who could stand to benefit from it? She probably suggested a lot of stuff to AK and possibly even actively participated in his misadventure. She might have figured she'd claim the buzz if it was good. But it's a goddamned train wreck.

    I think we should reach out to her, give her a chance to redeem herself.

  12. @anon 9:26,
    I would agree w/ you but you're not talking about some naive teenage girl. Lindsay has known Arthur and his game long enough to know that she (or any other woman in her right mind) should stay far, far away. Art had a lot more "players" around when this whole shitstorm started and most were smart enough to put some distance between themselves and him. Anyone who has stuck around until now and is still allowing herself to not only be seen with this assclown but also show up on his blog is 100% fair game.

  13. I read press releases every day for my job to decide which events to cover and that was GOD-AWFUL. After the first 2 sentences, it was pretty obvious that we're looking at a strip-mall salon doing a pathetic fashion show being promoted by someone clearly illiterate. It would go straight into the recycle bin, because if you can't proofread a press release, how awesome is any event you put together really going to be?

    Lindsay should stick with cutting cakes at d-list celeb b-day parties.

  14. "This gives guest the ability to complete their look by discussing with the Raya team the latest hair and make-up trends"

    Legowigs are so hot right now, legowigs.

  15. Just e-mailed this:

    Wow! Your press release reads like a monkey banged away on a typewriter for half an hour. I guess this is why you work in Philly and not at a real PR firm.

    Lindsay J. Furman Press Release = FAIL!

  16. Anyone else notice that Michelle Miller a/k/a Gabbana started this Nouveau Image outfit that Lindsay's shilling for?

  17. I'm not involved in this type of life so the language is quite alien to me, all this 'the hottest' ...'who's who'...'not miss event'..etc, but I will say it's not that badly written, I can't see the criticism of her writing is deserved. I have been saying for months that Arthur doesn't write all his blogs, I can spot the confederates a mile off - and there's a good one that I'm sure Boonswang did - it's completely graphic, vulgar and sexist and unsurprisingly he never gets an invite to write another one - even for Arthur it was too much. Arthur is not overtly vulgar, and I'm sure when he is it's at the suggestion of others to provoke reaction.
    Anyway, this press release, I can see similarities with the blog and I'm in no doubt that she is responsible for alot of Arthur's posts...and probably even the strategy of making Arthur famous through infamy. As for the 'a 360 degrees of what....'etc....this I suppose is the way these people talk....I don't understand it,. I don't give a fuck about it honestly, it's hot air, as transparant as a frizzy Jew comb over, but it's harmless.
    If I was invloved tho, I would like to know just how much the charity will benefit, give me the exact percentage - also Lindsay should lead the press release with the charity - I mean it's almost like the charity aspect is incidental and it's the fashion that's important. People will turn out because it's a good cause.....or am I just being a complete naive cunt? Really...because sometimes I think I don't understand human beings at all...I don't fucking get it...well I do, but I get it wrong.....Oh, I've done my fucking brain in again

  18. Fucknuts blocked me AGAIN, twice in less than 24 hours. Time to step it up another notch!

  19. If I recall correctly, Lindsay is a girl approaching 30 who kinda-sorta goes to college part time @ Philadelphia University? LOL. Typical friend of "The Brand". Intelligence and good judgment are the defining anti-Kade characteristics.

  20. An Engorged And Throbbing Black CockNovember 21, 2009 at 11:18 AM

    Lindsay Furman needs to get fucked in the face and I have just the cock to do it!

  21. An Engorged and Throbbing Black CockNovember 21, 2009 at 11:26 AM

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  22. I find it hard to understand why black gentlemen always seem to have such fucking huge peni (plural of penis). Some runty, dreadful little black man is in a film shagging these beautiful white ladies and only because he's got a cock like a broom handle. Being white I am genetically and intellectualy superior to blacks yet when it comes to cock size and volume of spunk delivered I am sadly in second place. Put two dogs in a room and they will fuck....same goes for the blacks.....no wonder there are so many starving Africans. The black men gibbon about with their foot long tadgers, shagging everything with or without hair round it, fill it up with black man spunk and don't have time to go to work in the internet cafe scamming trusting honest folk.

  23. Guys,

    this is PHILADELPHIA.. this is a city where literally all the famewhores are subhuman in the intellect department. Where spelling and grammar skills come a distant second to coke and booze.

    Lindsay, Arthur, Chad, Tony etc. etc. Are worthless pieces of shit. this is from someone in the know.

    but we all knew this.. They canot spell, act or think coherently.. It's not interesting.. but this is what Philadelphia is..

  24. No internet activity at all from Kade. Wonder if he someone finally beat that shit out of him.

  25. I've been tormenting him on Twitter all day as I watch college football.

    He blocked two accounts already in the last day or so (see above comments)

    Time well spent: football and torturing Artshitz

  26. It appears that desperation and fear are artiods motivation now. The weak attempts to dissuade people from visiting “Legowig” and his obvious envy of “MC 900” are evidence that even he “The master of mental illness” perceives that the end is near. As he has neither the want nor ability to humble his self he will receive no pity or mercy. Good riddance.

  27. akfailure:

    Good work. It's getting to him!

    Total Destruction, Kade Style

  28. i went to HS with Lindsay... let's just say she was not one of the popular or well liked girls. it seems that, 10 yrs later, she is still trying to be loved or accepted. i didn't know her well, nor did i care to. however, it's not surprising that her journey has taken her down this path with all of its painful and unintended consequences

  29. click the link in my name to see what philadelphians think about Recess Lounge. Haha, to say the least... it's not exactly the "in" spot for people who actually have class. people "in the know" call recess and that area "ghettodelphia". recess is actually just some 2 room shitbox that is literally kind of the "storefront" area for an "EZ Park" parking garage.

    hilarious stuff

  30. Coke Head Meets Young HollywoodNovember 21, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    He still truly is a shit stain on the blanket of life.

  31. “her lady juices were gray”

  32. so funny- -i had sex with this pig in 7th grade. i was a 2 pump chump and she was beggin for more. slut then, whore now,

  33. Just posted this over at Cock Gobbler's site:

    @The Son of ChrisDUDE...

    Here's something subtle from Arthur's Twitter:

    Show was sick. First row 4 the brand. Great pics
    about 9 hours ago from UberTwitter

    Why would someone who is IN the fashion show be in the front row? I guess this was his SUBTLE way of telling us he got booted from the fashion show OR he was never going to be in it in the first place.

    Man, when you can't even get in your own step-mom's fashion show that's being promoted by your best friends you must really SUCK.

  34. Poor little Arthur. Apparently, he's not really A List. The Party of the Weekend:

    Kade, Where were you?

    We thought you were A list and partied with Rappers, Models, Denzel..........................??????????????????

    Sean "Diddy" Combs spent a whopping $3 million on his champagne-flooded 40th-birthday party at the Plaza for 500 guests. He created a fantasy Garden of Eden-themed room with a $30,000 orchid display, installed his own black dance floor and black chandelier and treated guests -- including Jay-Z, Bono, Nelly, Martha Stewart, Christy Turlington, Zac Posen, Kim Kardashian and Denzel Washington -- to a silver confetti-drop, courtesy of lighting wizard Bentley Meeker, and a performance by Al Green. Security was tight and even Tyrese Gibson and "Twilight's" Kellan Lutz had to talk their way into the VIP area.

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