The Aborted Artest

Why is it that Cock Gobbler is always "debating on having one of my reps contact his people"? Oh, I know, because if he said, "I'm going to contact [insert celebrity's name] people so I can get an answer to [insert stupid question here]" we'd be able to call him out on another lie. Arthur Kadyshe's is nothing more than a fraud; a liar who will never do ANY of the things he claims he's going to do. At best, and I mean the VERY FUCKING BEST, this asshole will get on some douchebag reality show. In my mind that's the worst thing in the world. How sad is that? His Mt. Everest would be my Death Valley. Pathetic. Fuck him, fuck Papa Boris Badenov, fuck Raya Salon and Natasha. More bullshit and delusion from the stinking maw of lying asswipe Arthur Kadyshes...

I have been visually preparing for tonight’s amazing Fashion Show at Recess hosted by The Nouveau Image and Raya Coiffure (I am being told by my “Insiders” that the show will be the biggest in Philly for the season, and there are a ton of local and global celeb guests coming like Arthur Kade) all day, and have actually put The Craft on hold today to focus on the image and trend that I want to set for Fall/Winter 2010 for the Fashion World, and had my hair done today to start Step 1 of the process of new celebrity trends. I will tell you the one style I wanted to do that my step mom vetoed because even-though it would be an amazing statement maker for someone of my stature in “Young Hollywood” to sport, it might be a poor reflection on “The Journey” where all of the “A-List” authors, artists, actors, and producers who read this blog may take me less seriously and think of me more as a growing celeb/political icon than a rising actor. Arthur Kade has to be careful because The Goal of “The Modern Actor” is to be taken seriously, and I walk a fine line where I may be viewed more as a entertainer/celeb than a seriously talented actor.
My Favorite player in the NBA right now is Ron Artest. Any man that will go into the stands and fight the crowd of Haters throwing drinks at him gets a huge “Kade Style” shout out from The Brand, but I also love how he is one the most controversial and polarizing players in “The League”, but still one of the most talented, hardest working, and respected at his craft. In many ways, he is the “Arthur Kade of the NBA”, and to this year he signed with my favorite team, and future hometown boys, the KA Lakers. He is a perfect example of a player/artist who does it his own way, and I was telling one of my friends on the phone today, “I love Artest. He’s Balls Ass hot right now, and if I copied his look there is no doubt in my mind you would see some big actors jumping on the KadeWagon. He’s a 6′9″, Black version of Arthur Kade. I think I totally have a “”Man-Crush on Ron Artest”"”.
In the season opener, he had some designs shaved into his head that I thought were really cool, and I thought that you rarely see a white artist of my caliber attempt something so “Fashion Forward” and “Fresh”, so my thoughts today when I walked into my parent’s salon was I was going to unite Hip Hop with “The Modern Actor”, and have my step mom shave either “Kade” into my hair, or even “The Brand”. I wanted to pay homage to my nickname, but my step mom talked me out of it saying that it might be an idea that’s too ahead of it’s time, and that I would definitely have to shave my head if I wanted to correct it which I wasn’t sure I wanted to do. Here is my morning getting to the salon after not staying at my own house, and then the beginning of the hair change over, but I won’t show you the finished result because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for tonight for The Gen Pop so stay tuned to my next blog.
“Arthur Kade doesn’t need to be the “”Center Of Attention”". He needs to be the “”Center of The Kadeiverse”…Arthur Kade…11/21/09
Also, A Kade Nation Fan sent me a picture of Derek Jeter in Page 6 of the NY Post (Who is probably a HUGE Fan of “The Journey”) doing what he thinks is an impression of my beloved character, “The Kween” hanging out with his girlfriend Minka Kelly in St. Barts (I have always had her as an NYC 8.2 because she looks so sexy on “Friday Night Lights” in a “College freshman you want to be the first to “”Break The Seal”" on when she goes away to school” way, but the more I break her down, she is short, has saggy tits in the pic here, and has that “Texas Nose” that I can’t stand where the nose turns upward and looks horrible, so I am reducing her to a 7.88). I’m debating having one of my “Reps” contact his team, and find out if that is the case. Here is the pic, so I’ll let my Global Audience be the judge:

I'm going to guess you're in Chad's bed waiting for him to ram you from behind.

This video is the reason some people hate immigrants.

One horrendously ugly mother fucker.


  1. If anyone watches The Soup, than they will know that is the same haircut as that realestate douche on Bravo. Stop calling yourself a trendsetter Arthur, its really sad.

    Oh, and you are one greasy motherfucker

  2. "Low key, quiet and humble..." something Cock Gobbler will never understand.

    From Page Six:

    Kelly's behind-the-scenes lust

    They say practice makes perfect. When Mark Consuelos tried out for a permanent role on the ABC soap "All My Children," his behind-closed-doors rehearsals with future wife Kelly Ripa paid off big.
    Consuelos, then a novice actor, had a temporary job playing the role of Mateo Santos on the soap back in 1995 when ABC brass decided they wanted to make his character permanent.
    But in the revolving-door world of TV soaps, Consuelos couldn't automatically keep the part he'd been playing for months: He had to audition, The Post's Bill Sanderson reports.

    It helped that Consuelos was a favorite of the "All My Children" crew, makeup artist Norman Bryn writes in his new book, "Makeup & Misery: Adventures in the Soap Factory."
    "Mark had been fairly low-key, quiet and humble as he learned the ropes and hoped he'd eventually be upgraded to full contract status," writes Bryn, who recalls Consuelos as "a nice, unpretentious guy."
    "A number of hunky guys were brought in to read with Kelly -- a passionate scene to test the romantic potential of each . . . I applied Mark's makeup, and that of some of the other men, also . . . I didn't go out of my way to make any of the competition particularly striking . . . I wanted to give him whatever advantage I could."
    It turned out Consuelos had a bigger edge than anyone knew.
    "Mark's real advantage was Kelly . . . She had no trouble calling up genuine lust to steam up the screen and blow the other contestants out of the bed sheets," said Bryn. "Many of the crew marveled at how 'realistic' the scene was, unaware Kelly and Mark had rehearsed outside the studio quite a few times already!"
    Consuelos got the job. They eloped in Las Vegas the following year. Both eventually quit the ABC soap as their careers advanced. But in January, Consuelos and Ripa will appear in two episodes of "All My Children" to mark the show's 40th anniversary.

  3. I do think Fartie Radishes is a suck-up in person to more famous or successful people (remember how surprised/disappointed James Frey and Kent Osbourne were to meet him?). So if he managed to be on set with a Kelly Ripa equivalent, he'd probably suck up to her and not exhibit his obnoxiousness... but then he'd go home and write a misogynistic blog entry detailing her every physical imperfection and rating her as a KA 7.8423 or something.

  4. From Twitter (arthur kade):

    "I just had a dog lick my ass"

    you're supposed to put the peanut butter on your dick, numbnuts.


    Twitter: 96TruwarierQB
    Email: shinshinartest@gmail.com


  6. This is about the third time he's had some kind of inappropriate dog sex thing (video of a woman being disturbed that Arthur wouldn't leave her dog alone, molesting some dog he was supposed to walk or dogsit or something, and this). He's not gay; he's a dogfucker. Eww!

  7. I figured I would see if the gay guy from philly chitchat covered this pathetic excuse for a fashion show. Even that famewhore seems to have distanced himself the Kadetastrophe since there was no mention of the show. I did find a posting from last spring of a fashion show at www.phillychitchat.com/2009/05/raya-coiffureboutique-or-you-wanna-know.html. Scroll just short of halfway down to Kades stepmom. Old ladies like that should not be wearing blouses that show their nipples.

  8. Lispadouchebag,

    Could you get any more ugly?
    You’re already past fugly
    How bad is that?
    You’re a brown stain
    And the worst kind of ass pain
    Your face looks like a pound
    Of raw bacon fat

    Your hair looks like it’s been french-fried
    Steam cleaned and then freeze dried
    How long before it all goes away?
    You’ll look just like your papa
    And you can thank your mama, kade


    Your fifteen minutes are ending
    And the message you’re sending is
    You don’t like girls
    You should accept that you’re a homo, you’re just a homo
    You know that you’re just a homo
    That everyone hates

  9. Really Stupid Question:

    I'm following Lispy's Twitters... I'm a Twitter Novice. What does the abreviation: RT


  10. ArturdTheZero formerly AKZListNovember 22, 2009 at 4:36 PM

    @Anon 4:27...

    It's a new thing they added. It's a "Re-Tweet" I don't know exactly how it works, but it just means it was already out there and it was resent. I don't really get it, but that's what it is.

  11. Thanks ArturdTheZero!

  12. RT are something people use when they see something stupid Lispy says and they use it to mock him

    Go to the search box and type ArthurKade

  13. He couldn't even think of the word for "untied?"

    Holy Shit. Lispy McSlobberfuck's meltdown must be near.