Celebrity “Katers”

Arthur, you're a deluded cunt. Kill yourself. More deluded ranting from the cunty Cock Gobbler, Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

When you’re as polarizing, controversial, amazing, and well-known as Arthur Kade is, the one thing you have to deal with is Gen Pop and Celebrity “Katers” who seem to be so over-the top obsessed with you that they can’t sleep at night. The Brand and “The Journey” generate an emotional response from the public unlike anything “The Biz” has ever seen, and people have ventured as far as to say that Arthur Kade has created a new genre of acting/authoring/celebrity and most of all cultural boundaries, and with all pioneers there will always be discussion amongst the masses on change and how it affects our society. I never let the “Katers” bother me, especially when they are in the trenches of “The Biz” with me, but there is one situation which actually put a smile on my face the last few months because it’s an example of the jealousy of an individual who has bad mouthed me now for months, but also someone who has called me a “Genius” and “Brilliant” to my face multiple times, but yet somehow always has something negative to say about me behind my back. What’s even worse is that I don’t spend one percent of my day worrying about these people, but once in a while I feel like a Kadementary is needed for Kade Nation to know the power of The Brand.
One example of an intense “Kater” is Steve Ward, host of VH1’s Tough Love, who the first night he met me at a party at Barney’s for Philadelphia Style Magazine, badgered me in front of my father asking for video of me giving him my autograph, told me he was a HUGE Fan of “The Journey”, along with his Fam who he claimed “Read my site everyday”, whose mother left a voicemail on my site telling me that I should have my own reality show months ago (It’s still there), and then who saw Arthur Kade multiple times after that and sung his praises about what he had created and how genius, unique, and brilliant it was. I am not even in KA or NYC, and everyone in those towns and around the world follows “The Journey”, and when I walk the street in my Hometown of Kadeadelphia, everyone knows who Arthur Kade is and the POWER his blog carries and what he is on the verge of achieving.
For months, all I have heard from people is how he has bashed and insulted me, and all I would do is laugh and think, “It took you a TV show to become someone. I am already someone without one, totally self-made, and have as many people or more in “The Biz” who know who The Brand is as you do, like actors, producers, authors, and celebs, and I haven’t even started my full blown onslaught of taking ‘”The Biz”" by the throat and dominating it with my hit TV Show and Book. Arthur Kade hasn’t even begun to unveil his bag of goodies to the world yet, and when he does he will be the biggest name in America, and instead of yapping about me, watch and learn a kid who grew up in poverty do the impossible and achieve a level of fame and awards in The Craft that only the greats have seen. The Gen Pop and the world are watching a person who would rather go to his grave than fail, and looks at people who “Hate”, and turns them into believers, but the truth is that you are already a believer and for some reason it eats you up inside watching The Brand succeed at the rate and power he is or else you wouldn’t constantly talk about me. People should never Talk down to me, but instead Look up at me, because Arthur Kade is poetry in Motion, and he is even more driven by people who seem to have an intense need to obsess over him.
No one has ever had 1/10th the balls, the heart, or the brains to create what I have from literally scratch, leave a six figure career and picture perfect life with no Plan B, and put his life on the line for a dream, and when history is told, I will be looked at as someone who was so forward thinking and revolutionary that I midas will nickname myself “The Constitution” now. If you threw me in a room with five hot KA 10’s and another guy competing, I would close the hottest 3, pass the ugliest one on to the guy to shut him up, and tell the last one that I am tired, and then fuck her twice in the morning while the others watched. I have more vagina thrown at my face than Don Juan, and I turn it down because I only eat the best caviar in the world because Kade Nation expects nothing less from their hero, and that is a will power that no one in the Gen Pop can ever understand. I am a form of belief and struggle on the level of MLK Jr., JFK, George Washington, and Nelson Mandela. I am Arthur “Mothafuckin” Kade and what people think, I’m already “Off That”!
“Arthur Kade is Michael Jordan in the 92′ Finals, Muhammad Ali in “The Rumble In the Jungle”, Bobby DeNiro in Raging Bull, Roger Federer at Wimbledon, Jay-Z in the Blueprint, Shakespeare writing Hamlet, and Pamela Anderson on Tommy Lee’s cock. He is an anomaly of nature that shits greatness and pisses excellence, and then decides who will Flush. Arthur Kade is the very definition of living at peak performance with a Ducati engine in a Bentley Body. No One can match “Kade Style”, so don’t ever forget it.”…Arthur Kade…11/24/09

Two Nobodies.


  1. Why does he keep talking about me???

  2. Did you notice that his new headshot is very similar to the '40 year old virgin' headshot of Steve Carrell?

  3. And the anger and frustration comes to the surface.

    Gee Artee, does it make you nuts every time VH1 runs Steve's show? And it seems like he's getting ANOTHER show, Artee - one focused on couples. Huh. How many shows do YOU have Artee? Not in develoment, not discussion with the voices in your head in pretend conference calls, but shows actually in production and on the air? Oh right. None. Way to go moron. Way to go.

    Can't wait for Steve to see this sh*t. You're brilliant you train wreck. Really, really brilliant.

  4. This is so fake. No one is this mental

  5. Aw, the little Radish is having a temper tantrum because someone's more successful than he is.

    BAW SOME MORE, Artie.

  6. " and when I walk the street in my hometown of Philadelphia everyone knows who Arthur Kade is"

    They know you as 'the retarded cunt-spittle who goes around filming himself'.
    They know you as a shameful waste of blood and oxygen.
    They know you as 'that creepy guy with the rapey eyes'
    They know you as a deluded fucktard from reading your blog.

    And they are looking forward to your death, as are all who read this site.

    Eat Shit, Fuck Off and Die CockGobbler

  7. Arturd is not in prison... he answers his phone. So that theory is out. Pretty sure he's just trying to deal with his world crashing down around him.

  8. hey i wonder how i'll feel when the inevitable happens, say like 4 months from now, and arthur faces his abject failure of a life and the journey comes to an end before it even began.
    i know, for one thing, i'll miss the legowig blog. but will i feel bad at all? will i laugh at him still? even when he concedes his defeat and faces his really losery reality?
    i think we bith know the answer to that question. hahahahhahahaha

    happy thanksgiving everybody-

  9. yep, he's about to go over the edge.

    everyone, pull up a chair and watch this guido douchebag implode....

  10. tell us about your white-powder-sniffing NONtourage, Kade...

  11. Artard would "rather go to his grave than fail"

    Fine, well considering your blog has 100% garunteed that you are now unemployable in ANY "biz" whatsoever can you hurry up and get on with that going to your grave bit? I'd like to shit upon it.

  12. Notice how he turns the fact that he'll never get laid again into an act of willpower? That is pure Kade Style dementia right there.

    No Artie, it's not cause your misogynistic ranting on your blog and your general repulsiveness has ensured no woman will have sex with you (outside of the occational polar bear of desperation), it's *your choice* that you'll never get your tiny, coke-ravaged prick wet ever again. That's it, of course. All so clear now.

  13. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 25, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    See Arthur, when people go up to you and say "I'm a huge fan", they're FUCKING WITH YOU. Sounds like Steve Ward is no different, and he even got his mom in on the action. Good for them. From what I can gather, Ward has a TV show, a book, a lucrative business, money and probably lots of chicks. Hmmm, that sounds like all the things you want - or, rather, claim to ALMOST have. Keep dreaming, my friend. Just don't be surprised when you wake up in the gutter of despair.

  14. Kanocchio, you lisping puppet rag haired squatting foulness that lies for a living…Happy Thanksgiving to ya!
    And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  15. One thing I can ALWAYS count on, when all is said and done, when it comes to AK delivering on ANYTHING he says - EVERYTHING is said and NOTHING is done.

    At the end of the day, Kade will never amount to anything more than a pimple on the Ass of Time.

  16. This is so clearly not Arthur's writing that it's embarrassing. Not even close. Wonder who is writing all of this tripe?


  17. The sentences are far too structured. The usual run-on sentences aren't really there. He also said "badgered me in front of my father" which isn't right.

    Yeah, there are random words capitalized, but not in the usual haphazard way of Kade.

    Definitely not him.

  18. I've been thinking the same thing, Mr. Beauchamp. And there's a coherence to the entire thing. Maybe Raya and Leonid got sick of his shit at the sorry ass fashion show and now he's in a dumpster.

  19. His quote tells us so much. His desire to be on Tommy Lee's cock. His admission that his greatness is in fact shit and he is an excellent piss taker. Actually, scrap the piss taking.

  20. I go along with that except I'm pretty sure that the last paragraph (not the AK quote ) but from ..'no one has ever...' is Kadyshes. He's read what the enabler has written and couldn't help adding to it. The talk of Ward has angered him, he forgets to continue the style of first/third person and resorts to first person only and as always when he's angry his first target is women - he abuses them in print, infact he gets pretty fucking mean and creates an imaginary scenario where he can abuse them - classic Kadyshes

  21. Hello, Douchey McDouche. I am currently experiencing a shortage of quotation marks and capital letters. Please refrain from capitalizing and using quotation markes for every other word. There is a recession going on, and we all need to make sacrifices.

    The economy appreciates that you are making significant contributions to the gay porn industry and single-handedly raising the stock of anal lube companies nationwide. Oh, and Hot Topic is grateful for your T-shirt purchases. But enough is enough.

    The English Language