Kade's Show Cancelled

After his "appearance" on The Beautiful Life the show gets canned.  Coincidence?  I think not.

'The Beautiful Life': Fall's First Canceled Show

By Amy & Nancy Harrington, GetBack.com | Friday, September 25, 2009, 5:04 PM

The cast of "The Beautiful Life"
The CW/Jan Thijs
The Ashton Kutcher-produced series "The Beautiful Life," a scripted drama about the seamy side of modeling, is the first casualty of the new fall TV season. After airing only two episodes, The CW announced Friday it was pulling the series starring Mischa Barton and that production had ceased.
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Arthur Kade is too ugly for casting directors and needs to learn basic math

It's hard to imaging that Arthur Kade sold financial planning - as in managing dollars and numbers for people - when he thinks that 2/5 = 500%. We'll warn you in advance about the fourth video: his face is a little too close for comfort in HD. And when was the last time you saw a celebrity brag about being in a limo? Finally, we admit that we laughed out loud at the thought of an Arthur Kade video game, not so much becuase the idea is ludicrious, but because we're pretty sure Arthur believes anyone would be interested in making a game like that

The latest from the king of all idiots:

What an amazing night where I had another terrific audition where I batted .500 with 2 out of the 5 agents saying they would have called me back, and one not giving me a yes or no, so I will put that as a maybe, and assume that it was probably yes and give it a .5 followed by another “Kade Style” Domination of NYC. The consensus feedback through these 2 days of auditions has been that I have an awesome look, but that I need new Headshots, so I am going to get new ones, and need to figure out what I want to do with my look and my hair to make it perfect for the next shots. I need to really think about if I want more of my natural Italian/Greek look to show (Which may get me typecast as a mobster, Italian, or foreigner), or do I want to keep my hair the way it is which gives me more of a “Soap Opera” look, or do I go even lighter and show that I can be extremely versatile. So Many questions, so I think I may sit down with an image consultant who can give me some great feedback on what look will make me most effective as I continue my trek to Little Oscar. The Black and White headshots bombed, and even though I am great looking in them, I need something a little more “Actory” versus “Modely”, and that really show my energetic and amazing personality. Headshots are crucial because I have certain features which are dominant like my nose, cheekbones, eyes, and hair, but other features like my lips and ears which are not as great, so I need a photog to really focus in on making me look the celebrity and rising actor I have become.

I was very pleased with my performance, because I chose to do the dialogue that I did form The Game in Mike Lemon’s Class with a reader to give them more of a sense of how I would interact with other actors, and I felt like it was tougher because she was more energetic than I had done the scene for the class, and our energies didn’t mix, but that’s the struggle for all actors with cold reads, you get one shot to show what you got, and you better bring your A Game. This week has been a great learning experience, and now I know that I am close to the upper echelon of The Craft, but I need to continue to tweak, improve, and better technique to take the next steps
In the meantime, I showed up a bit late for the NBA 2K party, but still met all of my fans of “The Journey” from RockStar Games (They make Grand Theft Auto and I met Nick, the guy there who is a fan and invited me to the party, as well as the people who organized the parties for the Post VMA’s that I dominated “Kade Style” that work with him and are also fans). Nick asked me to do a video for his friend, Comedian Paul Scheer from MTV’s The Human Giant who is a huge fan of mine and getting married, so I pulled him aside and did one to let him know I wasn’t stealing his wife. I actually also wanted to talk to them about creating an Arthur Kade video game where the main hero (Arthur Kade) is on a mission to win acting awards (He could get points for booking auditions and “A List” acting gigs, and in the meantime is the premiere socialite in major cities and gets points for hooking up with 9’s and 10’s. and going to the hottest parties in the world. I think it could be a video game version of “The Journey”, and would be crazy in the 13-25 demographic, but could also help kids find their way and not make the same mistakes I made. I also met Don Cannon (HUGE Hip-Hop Mix Tape specialist from Atlanta, and I told him I have a show in development with IMG Media, and we shared some “Biz Love” ((Admiration from artists over different genres)) and I took his number so we could hook up next time he is in Philly or I am in Kadelanta), and several NBA players look future star Brook Lopez. I was in and out, because of my busy social party schedule that I was booked to, so I made my customary celeb appearance, and ran to the next party that I was invited to (I am now being invited to the top social parties in NYC, but the problem is that I am trying to fit them all in and because I am only one entity, it is tough to be everywhere at one time).

From there, we headed over to a crazy bar scene at STK in the Meat Packing District, and I proceeded to celebrate an ultra successful week of announcing a major “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, 2 amazing auditions, my best classes and session with acting coaches, and a dominant social week filled with pro athletes, celebrities, socialites, and dignitaries. I have to spend today preparing for my Runway appearance at Fashion Up tomorrow, and then running down to Dusk to help Nicky Hilton bring in her birthday. All in a week’s work for The Brand.
“I don’t want to win a championship, I want to build a dynasty”…Arthur Kade…09/25/09

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Dwayne Kade

He's so "off the reservation" as they say in hip cop movies that he related a story about missing the chance to win a pee wee b-ball game and drew a direct line to how he'd be as good as Dwayne Wade.  Wow.  Delusions of grandeur from Arthur Kadyshes...

When I was a kid, one of the many basketball leagues that I played in was the Bustleton Bengals, and it was amazing because every year I played I was one of the leading scorers, but the one year I played on a team with guys older than me, I was relegated to role player, and that team made it to the championship game. In that game, I think I had like only 12 points, and we were losing to the very end, and with our team down and 4 seconds to go, I got a rebound and was fouled while going back up for the shot with the clock having run out. Here I was at the line, where if I hit both shots, our team would win the Championship, and it’s a situation that literally changed my life because I had never felt that kind of pressure, and unfortunately I missed both shots, and we lost. That was the moment I said to myself, “I will never lose because I let pressure get to me again”, and from that moment forward, I have learned to always excel under pressure because I take a deep breath, focus, and dominate as only I can, “Kade Style” in a “I will not be beaten manner. That was the day, I learned how to win, even though I lost, and why I have become The Brand dominating “The Journey”, and as I tell people, “You can either let pressure fuck you, or learn to fuck it even harder”, and that’s why I have such an easy time with girls, because I approach it like a Basketball game and say, “What do I have to lose? She wants me and I am going to win”, and I almost always do.
I remember watching the NBA Finals a couple years ago, and watched Dwayne Wade pull an Arthur Kade, and single handedly will the Miami Heat to a championship, and as I was watching, all I could think about was if I was on that stage, I think I would have done it the same way. I thought about this, because one of my huge fans in NYC invited me to go the the Ultra Exclusive, Invitation-Only, NBA Kick Off Party tonight after the audition, and show the NBA, “Kade Style”, and if I don’t have to get back to the 215 after the audition, I will stop by and make a celebrity appearance for them, and I am sure some of the players probably are fans of “The Journey” already. Having been a top level athlete, I LOVE The NBA, especially The Lakers, so I am excited to see which players will be in attendance, and the fan told me it will be a super hot set up (There will be press and NBA Players), even using the Kadeism, “Models and Bottles”, so I will try and dominate the scene, and he told me, “It goes without saying that you will be set up with proper VIP status”, and the rapper Wale will be performing and Don Cannon DJ’ing. This is definitely one of my big Celebrity Social Weeks with the party tonight, and then partying with Nicky Hilton, and Sean Kingston, and others at Dusk on Saturday, but it really is how I keep The Brand high profile.
Last night in Mike’s class, I gave what everyone agreed to be my best performance as an actor (Mike actually said that the last three weeks, and I am now getting into such a zone with “Less is More” for Film Acting and putting my Theater Roots away until I decide to do Broadway in the future), and I just even received a call from one of my classmates (Who is a very good actress) where she said, “I have to tell you, you were so great last night. You were handsome, controlled, in the moment, and you could really see how far you have come as an actor, and since you were on the phone last night when I left, I wanted to call and tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your work and that you were just a joy to watch”.
I now realize, that in a little bit, people will be paying $11 to say that same thing, and maybe I should even start charging to watch the videos on my blog because they are becoming so top level, but this has never been about money, but instead about showing the Gen Pop the greatness of one man, and his journey to Little Oscar, and helping them change their lives along the way. We shot the scene from different angles, and different closeness so that my fans can understand the many ways that a scene can be shown, and why editing is such an intensive art. Enjoy, and wish me luck on that HUGE Audition for the Film Agents and Casting Directors tonight.
“Most people ask if you came. Champions know how to make you cum”…..Arthur Kade….09/24/09

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How the fuck can this idiot think he has the need for a security detail?  Ahhhhh, I gotta go have a beer.  Enjoy the deluded thoughts of one stupid motherfucker, Arthur Kadyshes...

Being a celebrity and famous actor is amazing, and trust me, I brag about “The Life” more than I complain, but one of he many things that goes on behind the scenes that I don’t let The Gen Pop, and my fans around the world see, is that there some definite hardships with fame and glory like always being looked at and examined, and even stalked. I constantly get anonymous phone calls with fans telling me they love me, or screaming “Kade Out!”, and even girls offering sexual favors to me. Most of time it is beyond flattering and I don’t take any of it seriously, but it is crazy that people think about “The Journey”, Arthur Kade, and of course The Brand more than their jobs and their families. Now that I have a TV “Dev Deal” with IMG Media, More Huge News on the way, and am on the verge of becoming one of the biggest stars in the world, I have to really get used to being spotted everywhere I go, like this article just featured in Gawker (Huge Celebrity site that has a whole section devoted to Arthur Kade and talks in this article about the walk I walk, me being stalked, and calls my writing the best on The Internet) today about me being spotted in Penn Station in NYC on the way to the audition yesterday. I also had a fan comment today on the blog (First Comment under Blue Balls which I was told by a friend today was “A work of Art” and I feel displays my immense storytelling skills), who drew a cartoon that I thought was absolutely hilarious, and really shows the hours of hard work and dedication to show their love and obsession over The Brand and my rise to the top (I asked a friend who notified me of the comment on the blog today at lunch if it could be my fans at The Cartoon Network who may be in the process of creating an Arthur Kade/”The Journey” cartoon, so I may have to hit up my Cali BFF, Kent Osborne, and see if it’s them).
Only people who are famous like me can ever understand what we go through for our crafts, but I always knew that the trip to grab and hold Little Oscar wouldn’t be easy. I may think about a bodyguard soon, and even something like a home defense system like Vinnie Chase in Entourage since our lives are so comparable, and as one person in “The Biz” just called me, ” You are like a real life Entourage”.
“”The Journey” is going to be a LONG Trip to the top. Thank god I am a Ferrari”….Arthur Kade…09/23/09
Here is the Gawker Link, and the comic drawn about Arthur Kade:

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Blue Balls

WOW!  Kade got more "fan" mail from Wales.  Next time he might want to translate the Welsh before he posts.  What an asshole.  More deluded ramblings from the dickbag himself, Arthur Kadyshes...

There are few things more amazingly annoying things in this world than girls who will take you 75-90% of the way to great sex, and then cut you off and say, “I’m not that type of girl” (They always are), “You have to take me to dinner first” (So I can have sex with you on a full stomach?. No thank you.), and my personal favorite, “I just don’t feel right doing this” (But you felt right getting naked and giving me oral sex?), and those are the girls that unless they are a 9 or up with half a brain, they will never get a call back, and sometimes don’t get a hello because I think it’s so cruel to do that to a man. I remember dating a girl in the burbs several years ago who I would hang out with, and she took pride in not letting me dominate her, and one night I actually left her, met another girl on a date, closed that girl like a nice Christmas Gift, and went back to the other girl so drunk and tried to close that as well. I told my self that if I finally got in I was going to obliterate her, but it never happened and that was the last time I tolerated that behavior. As a guy, when you are prepared for domination, than not being able to do it is pure unadulterated hell, and a girl needs to understand that when you have a chance to be taken down by The Brand, then you should email all your friends and brag that you’re doing it.
The same law applies to The Craft as well, and I experienced my first acting blue balls today because I accidentally switched my Commercial Workshop with my Film Workshop in NYC in The KadeBerry, and came up not ready with my Commercial Copy rehearsed figuring it was Thursday, and was mentally prepared to wow the agents with my Jeremy Grey monologue. I had to run to a FedEx to find copy, and by the time I got it all together, I had 30 mins to learn it, perfect, and be free to deliver it “Kade Style” to the agents. It was the type of pressure that I thrive under, and I look at it like taking the last second shot in a basketball game. If you’re built like me, MJ, Kobe , and Larry, then you understand that you don’t get rattled, you just perform, and I definitely gave a solid B+/A- performance under the extreme pressure that would have brought most people to tears. I also learned as you will see by my feedback video, that every agent and casting director sees the audition COMPLETELY different, so that’s a perfect example of different strokes for different folks. Overall, I was disappointed that I got all reared up for one thing, but still finished in the other, but days like this make me understand the extreme level of talent I possess because I did in 30 mins what most Gen Poppers do in a week.
In the meantime, I have been booked for an other radio interview in The South (I will be on Greensboro’s, NC, Number 1 station, Murphy in The Morning, Next Tuesday at 8:20AM), and it really has flattered me the extent that my “Bible Belt” Fans have taken to “The Journey”, and how I connect with a demographic that many other Oscar Winners like Bobby DeNiro and Al Pacino can’t. It is this type of cross culture appeal that has grown the Kade name so quickly in 6.613 months, and why my movies will gross so well, and perhaps make the highest groosing film actor in history (I have to be careful to not sacrifice art for wealth as many actors in KA do). I have also been contacted by people in KA that feel that with an imminent hit TV show being created with IMG Media, and another HUGE Announcement on the way that I am in the process of finalizing and announcing, they want to start the creation of an “I-Phone Kade App” to continue to grow The Brand, and expose me more on the tech side of celeb marketing into every person’s cell phone. I want it to reflect the new logo that I am working on for The Corporation (I will want fan feedback soon), but I wanted it to have the same originality, edginess, and hot looks that Arthur Kade has, so we are initiating discussions.
“”King Arthur”" wasn’t a fairy tale, it was a prophecy. Welcome to Kadealot”…Arthur Kade…09/22/09

It also looks like I now have fans competing for my attention around the world. Another great Email from The Welsh Fans:
Bore da (Good Morning) Arthur!
Cachau bant (Greetings) from Wales!
Should start by apologising for using so much Welsh in my email, I tend to slip back into it when i get excited and I can’t help but get a little excited about Malu Cachu (The Journey)
After seeing the email from one of your Australian fans on your page yesterday, I just had to drop you an email to say that you’re an even bigger 
twp cont (treasure) here in Wales! Its not uncommon now to actually hear people in the streets or the pubs talking about your blog or just your work on screen! Some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Anthony Hopkins, Christian Bale, Catherine Zeta Jones and even Vinnie Jones (X Men 3) have all come out of Wales over the years, so believe me, we take acting seriously over here and we’re only interested in the best!
You’re a big hit with the younger generation especially, there’s even ‘Kade Societies’ at a few Welsh universities now where groups of students who are fans go out on the town every week to “Dos i ffwcio dy hun y cont, Kade” (Roughly translates to “Kill it Kade Style!”) I was talking to my friend the other day and she couldnt believe when i told her some of the stuff you’d done in just 6 (.451?) months, she was like “No way, this guy can’t be for real, thats insane!”
Anyway I just wanted to say keep doing what you’re doing and thanks for letting us all in Wales join in with your Journey to the top of The Biz!

One last thing, might sound kind of silly but I know alot of Americans dont know much about Wales, so just to show some love for all your fans over here, is there any chance in one of your videos you could give us a Welsh-Style shout out and say “The welsh love the journey!” in welsh?
It’s “
llawn cachu ydw I” I know that might sound a bit hard to pronounce sorry, but it goes “Lh-ow-un kak-hoo uh-do e
Thanks again, keep up the work, Kade Out!

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Biggest Audition Yet

Big.  Giant.  Headache.  From.  Douchebaggery.  More from the deluded one...

It’s amazing to feel an emotion that I usually don’t feel because I am always “Cool Hand Kade”, but today I actually felt nervous (I have always dealt with severe anxiety issues ((Horrible crippling attacks)) my whole life, and despite trying anti-depressants and tranquilizers, I have developed ways to control it naturally through intensive therapy). After dominating my 4 minute interview with Mancow where he told me, “I like what you are doing”, and generally was very positive about “The Journey” and let me tell him that “What I have done in 6 months has never been done before”, I could sense that he knew that he realized the producer that booked me had found ‘The Next Big Thing” (I can’t link the podcast because it is “Pay to Play”, which bothers me). Once I was done the interview, I spoke to my dad who was getting a colonoscopy (It must suck to have some tube thrown in your ass) today, and told him, “Do you realize that your son is famous?”, and he joked back, “I’m happy that you keep telling me”, and it was one of those special father-son moments that makes me realize that the Kade bond between us is what has allowed me more than anything to become a budding superstar, and knowing that my dad watches “The Journey” and probably thinks, “My son is a once in a lifetime talent”, is what keeps me going through the tough times because in the end I want to take care of my parents and buy them houses in Palm Beach to retire at.
As I was walking to Kade’s Corner at Cosi in Rittenhouse (I want to spend more time there to bring me back to my Non-Superstar roots from 6.61 months ago), a guy ran across the street and stopped me, and shook my hand and said, “Huge Fan, keep doing what you are doing”, and I thanked him and said, “I have another HUGE announcement on the way”, and I walked away realizing that my celebrity has no bounds and that even when I am sweaty in gym clothes, people want to touch and admire The Brand. All I could think about was tomorrow is the biggest audition of my life because I will be in front of 10 of the top casting directors and agents in NYC (G.I. Joe, 30 Rock are a couple of them), and it’s a one time thing that I enrolled for, and I want my monologue to be “Kade Style” perfect. That’s when fear set in, and it became a bit more real because here I am with a TV “Dev Deal” with IMG Media (I must have had 10 people come up to me to wish me well and say that there is no bigger name then them in “The Biz”, and soon there will be no bigger name then Arthur Kade), I am a celebrity in “The Biz”, girls are all over me all the time, but yet I still get tingly and jello-ie inside worrying about an audition. It’s then that I realized that even before I was Famous Arthur Kade, I was just Financial Advisor/Socialite Arthur Kade, and have to keep my nose to the grindstone and not let my unprecedented success get to my head. Even though I am sure that they will all be “Wow-ed” once they see what I look like (They probably all know about “The Journey”, and I wonder if they will ask me for a picture or autograph? Sometimes I question if I should use my celebrity to further my already amazing acting career, but then I feel like I am cheating The Craft), there still is that 20% of showing my tremendous use of The Craft to win them over.
In the meantime, it looks like I will be attending Nicky Hilton’s birthday at Dusk on Saturday (I am debating bringing a girl I recently hooked up to close the deal since she is a Philly 9.2 and will be blown away by our Star Power or someone from The Entourage), and will be at the celebrity table of course, so I am looking forward to meeting her, and I would love to talk about fashion (Since she is a designer she may be interested in some ideas for my future couture clothing line), and her boyfriend is David Katzenberg (Son of Dreamworks owner, Jeffrey) who I would love to see if I can meet his Dad when I am out in KA, and see if we can have a healthy exchange of ideas while pounding some Cristal at the table. Sean Kingston will also be there and performing and I am a huge fan of his, and look forward to seeing him as we celebs are walked in on the Red Carpet, and I am confident that he may know about “The Journey” since other music stars like Rob Thomas are fans and twittering about it. I have also been told there will be some other names there, so it will be great to hang with some of my peers, and network ideas, and talk about the next steps of “The Journey”.
Tonight, I worked with Sharon on my “Wedding Crashers” monologue to get ready for tomorrow, and she said, ‘You’re ready”, and we made a couple small adjustments, but She said it was “Hilarious”. Considering she has been on SNL several times, I take that as a huge compliment to my Jewish comedic skills, and it really calmed down my nerves for tomorrow. I also worked out twice today, and now that I am getting over my wicked cold, it was great to have the energy level back that The Brand requires to maintain my model measurements and get ready for the Fashion Show I am modeling in at the end of the week which promises to be the biggest in Philly in a while (I will blog about it later).
“Being a celebrity is amazing because you are treated so much better than everyone else, but at heart, I am just a humble master of The Craft”…..Arthur Kade….09/22/09

A Great Email from a Fan in Australia where I have become a National Hero from what I am being told:
Yo Kade!

What up man. I’ve been a long time reader, but I have never posted or wrote to you before. Just wanted to let you know, people love you here in Australia and you have inspired many to follow their dreams and live their lives “
Kade Style“! Many girls (and guys) I work with or clients that I have now, all talk about you and think you are totally handsome! Thank God you ain’t here in Sydney, or I’d have no chance with the ladies (or men, I swing both ways!).

A big thanks man from me! I quit my job at IBM to take up my dream of becoming one of the best hair dressers in the world! I will kill it and thank you for the inspiration! I can only dream of one day doing your hair, for one of your big premiers or for when you go and collect Oscar!

Keep up the good work!

Kade Out!

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New Viewer Artwork Submissions

We'd like to thank blog reader "Jack" for one of the best submissions we've received so far! This blog has certainly been a hit with our viewers and we really appreciate the submissions.

To date, we've had just a little under 5,000 unique visitors to this blog since launching in late August, and nearly 100,000 individual page views. Thanks for your support!

Make sure to open this in a larger window, it's well worth it!
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The Kade Wagon

Arthur Kadyshes is like the 7 year old who sets up a lemonade stand and thinks they're running Nantucket Nectars.  He has no idea what it takes to bring an idea from initial thought to full on production, let alone that a "dev deal" is really just a way of locking you up just in case someone can figure out how to make money off of you.  This is going to be fun to see him crushed when nothing comes of this "dev deal."  More delusion from the Cock Gobbler...

It is truly amazing how people all will try and kick you when you are at the bottom, but will practically give you oral sex in public when you are at the top. After announcing the biggest news in Philly in a long time on Friday with the announcement on my blog of the groundbreaking development deal that I have signed with IMG Media (A friend suggested I repost the blog with this one because I posted it on Friday afternoon and on Rosh Hashanah so many fans who read around the world at work may have not heard yet, so I am putting it below) to create the most unique, innovative , and cool television show ever made, I had everyone in the city coming up to congratulate me, and wish me luck dominating “The Biz”, and telling me, “Don’t forget I always supported you”, “I always knew you would make it”, and my personal favorite, “You know I was never one of The Haters”, and what people don’t realize is that some of them were indeed supportive of my ushering a new age of acting for “The Modern Actor” in, but for the others, I heard everything you said about “The Journey” and The KadeWagon is closed. Every person who is in The Entourage will be taken care of when I am getting my eight figure paychecks and Little Oscar lives with me, and I have told all of them to figure out what position they want to have while working in my media empire (I have actually begun to refer to myself as “The Corporation” in addition to The Brand because that will refer to the corporate side of Arthur Kade and the employees that I will have working for me soon like my publicist, assistant, full time groomer, and on site therapist, and I plan to be a Fortune 100 company one day with a stock ticker of KAD).
I am on my way to becoming one of the biggest stars in the world, and one of the greatest actors of all time, and I knew that The Brand signing a “Dev Deal” (Slang in “The Biz” for TV development deals) with a company with the power and prestige of IMG would make every girl want to be with me, but what’s funny was watching all The Haters (I know who all of you are) squirm and either try and kiss my ass now, or just hate even more because my world renowned success is like a burning iron to their face that reminds them of how pathetic their own Gen Pop lives are, and Arthur Kade is changing the rules of “The Biz” one day at a time and that is like a slow knife turning in their liver. I have another announcement on the way as well which is equal in size and magnitude to this one, and will continue to raise my already high Actor/Celeb profile to new heights and legitimize me as an entity that is so unique and pioneering that I feel like I am doing for The Craft what Muhammad Ali did for sports.
Every new girl I met this weekend heard about the news and was ready to pretty much go in the bathroom and have sex with me at will (I love the beauty of “Fame Whores” because they don’t get that using them is the equivalent of hate sex where you just have crazy sex with someone to send a message that “I just owned you, now beat it because I will never take you seriously”, and I actually said to my friend, “Kanye West said it perfectly in The Glory when he said, “”I can stand there in a Speedo, and still be looked at like a fucking hero”"”, referring to how geniuses like us can just be ourselves and let our talent do all the talking and the Gen Pop will still worship us.
I am ready for my national interview with Mancow In The Morning tomorrow morning, and I have also linked below the amazing article my Alma mater, Temple University, did about how I am the biggest and most famous Socialite In Philly and places I go to dominate. Make sure to listen to Mancow In The Morning for his exclusive interview with Arthur Kade at 7:40 EST. Also feel free to click this link and leave me a voicemail if you just want to congratulate me on my monumental achievement because I hate answering my phone or emails from around the world:http://arthurkade.com/?p=311
“Arrogance is only Arrogance when you aren’t killing it “”Kade Style”", but Genius tastes so much better”….Arthur Kade…09/20/09

If you missed it, here is the repost of The “Dev Deal” Post From Friday announcing my deal with IMG Media to the world:
Now that Arthur Kade and “The Journey” have begun to cross into the mainstream consciousness of the global Gen Pop, one of the amazing things that comes with becoming a HUGE name in “The Biz” is that people want to see how you are changing it, and doing things that have never been done before. My blog has been a perfect example of people becoming obsessed with “The Journey” and every little thing that I am doing (Hair Color, Auditions, Dating, Acting Classes, etc.), and every move that I am making, and more importantly how one young man can take all of his physical and mental gifts, and translate them into such a perfect example of drive and success. With that being the case, I have become so big that one of the largest, most successful, most well known production and representation companies, IMG, has agreed to a development deal with The Brand to create the most unique, innovative, and cool Television Show ever produced and broadcast. Let the bidding war begin amongst the “A-list” Network Executives.
Our goal is to create something that has never been done before, and will be revolutionary and pioneering for television and incorporate all of the amazing aspects that are Arthur Kade (I may bring down National Work Productivity, and potentially hurt company’s stock prices because all they will want to do is watch me on TV), and obviously The Brand has grown to the point that a company of their magnitude, reputation, and size wants to work with Arthur Kade. I had the choice to work with almost any company that I wanted to in “The Biz”, and chose the Mega-Force that is IMG Media, because they work with “A-List” talent and ideas, and understood the value and message of what I am trying to bring to “The Biz”, and the direction that I am trying to do it in finding “Little Oscar”.
Everyone knows that I am one of the most polarizing and interesting entities ever created, and I am on a mission of becoming an award winning actor, and I believe so strongly in myself that I want the world to watch it happen, and hold hands with me as I take the amazing steps that I have taken in just 6.41 months to become “One of the fastest rising actors in Young Hollywood, and a known Celeb”, and I can’t be more exciting to partner up with what I consider the top production company in the world to bring it into the home of every person in the country, and the world. Welcome to Kade Nation and Happy New Year Fellow Jewish People.
And Behind The Scene Pictures from the ultra awesome photo shoot for the potential pilot I am working on. I love The Producers and I think we have something very special here and can’t wait to begin filming and a new “The Kween”:

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Joel Osteen

Arthur Kadyshes is a zero.  He is deluded.  I can't take reading his lies anymore.  Maybe you can tolerate more delusional lispings from the Lego Wigged one...

After announcing my Development Deal With IMG Media (People last night were coming up to congratulate me all night on signing with such a mega power in “The Biz”, and I felt like Julius Caesar coming home from winning a war and expanding his empire, and one person said, “You really are making this all happen, and no one deserves it more” and I got texts and emails from fans around the world), I decided to head out an celebrate with all of my good friends the Domination that is Occurring by The Brand, and how in just 6.48 months, I have gone from socialite to this mega machine of publicity and celebrity. We bounced around in The Mogul Room at G, and then headed to Recess for it’s official grand opening, and was so excited to be doing the photo shoot for the project that I am involved in which is being pitched as a revolutionary TV show which could get me another Emmy in addition to the one that I am creating with IMG Media (I asked a friend at Rouge, “What do you think is cooler, an Emmy or an Oscar?”, and even twittered it to my fans and changed my BBM name to that, and then I said before he could respond, “How cool would it be to sleep with both Emmy and Oscar, will that make me the greatest of all time?”.
While at Recess (I love this place because it’s all about a party atmosphere versus just standing around and talking to the same damn people you see everywhere, and I didn’t stop dancing the whole night and talking to this Philly 9.2 who I exchanged numbers with, and was debating going “No Sleep till NYC” to hang out with her, but wanted to show my commitment to this project that I think is so cool), one of my friend’s girlfriends came up to me (I joined some people at the best table in the house, and we we surveying all the action, and everyone saw me, and couldn’t believe that I was there partying with them), and told me, “I am such a huge fan of yours. I am a nurse, and I look at your site everyday, and it always makes my day better because I laugh my ass off”, and I told her thank you, and we talked about how it’s about to get even bigger with The IMG Media Development Deal and I have another thing in the works that is just as monumental and big that I will hopefully announce shortly.
As I was on the train this morning (We killed it today in the shoot, and I will put up some “Behind The Scenes Pics” soon, I started thinking about how many lives I change on a daily basis, and how many people depend on “The Journey” for their happiness and sanity, and I started thinking about how through becoming an award winning actor and world famous celeb, I may also be becoming the next Joel Osteen, because I am influencing the Gen Pop in the same ways of inspiration and drive that he does using god. It actually gave me goose bumps to think about the comparison, and I could see myself one day standing in Yankee Stadium (I would also do Staples Center because I am such a die hard Lakers fan, and would let Kobe guest speak as well) and delivering the message of hope and promise because I will have achieved everything in “The Journey”.
That feeling, and knowing that I had just dominated the night, “Kade Style”, and that I was bringing my “A Game” to this shoot allowed me to take a 45 minute nap, and prepare for a long day. I am looking forward to my groundbreaking National Interview on The Mancow Morning Show on Monday morning (I wonder if he will be even more in amazement with “The Journey” because of the Development Deal), and hopefully I am bringing some more HUGE news for “The Journey” this week.
“When I was a kid, someone told me, “”Arthur you’re very different”", and I remember thinking to myself that I was a true genius at that moment”….Arthur Kade…09/19/09

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