It's all over for Kadyshes

Hi, it's the original Lego Wig Kade again, making my first post in almost half a year. On or around the New Year, I turned the blog over to "Alex B", a college student in Western Canada. I got bored of writing about Kade at all, after just 2 months and I was really "mailing it in" in November and December. I thought, maybe someone new, who still cared, could inject some interest back into watching Kadyshes flail and fail. It turns out, we'd unearthed much of the dirt on Kade in September and October, thanks to Kade's "friends" (he doesn't have real friends, more like acquaintances from clubbing). After the sad, pathetic details of the Kadyshes clan came out, there was no "there" there. Once it became obvious that Arthur Kadyshes isn't some spoof or faux-guido, that he really just is an obtuse, classless case of child abuse writ large, it became sad to watch Lispy McSlobberfuck mess up his chance at a respectable middle class life, much the same way his father and mother fucked up their respective lives.

I'm here today to shut down this blog, because it's really the only attention Arthur is getting from anyone. He only blogs 2 or 3 times a week these days, he attends guido parties far more than he works (even as an extra), his lies have gotten repetitive, and there really is nothing more to the Kade story than Groundhog Day-like repetition and emptiness. I'd like to thank all of Arthur's "friends" and former co-workers who emailed us tips. I apologize that we didn't want to post everything, because we couldn't cross-check or verify everything... and if we couldn't be 100% sure, we didn't want to detract from our credibility and become as pathetic as Kade.

Before I close the blog and change the password (the former password was "cockgobbler", in honor of Kade) I wanted to present a few facts as a trip down the sad, Norma Desmond (from Sunset Boulevard) "journey" that is Kade's waste of a life. A final, factual round up on the failed douchery of Arthur Kadyshes:

1.) Kade's site is a ghost town. Just look at the trajectory of site visits presented in this snapshot.

2.) Kade isn't getting the attention and feedback he desperately needs as an insecure, immature, formerly abused and neglected boy. Comments on his blog are way, way down. I guess you can only kick a loser so many times before you feel bad about it (or get bored of it).

3.) Kade isn't busy on a TV show, book, or even with extra work. He's writing a free column on Gawker (a site that relentlessly mocks him) once a week. A column that makes him look like a retarded wannabe 33 yr old guido and assures he never gets real acting work. Good job, Lispy.

4.) Both of Kade's parents are convicted small time criminals, Kade was clearly abused growing up, and he still invites a father into his life who has no fatherly interest in his 33 yr old son. A caring father would be able to connect with Kade, get him to stop the drug use and partying, and get into therapy. Ultimately, the groundwork for Kade being a massive zero was laid many years ago. The best explanation for Kade leaving a mediocre, but decent paying, job to start this search for attention and approval is that he's never felt loved or accepted in his life. And now that he's a punchline, even his former girlfriends are avoiding him like the plague, including the one who just got serious with a new (and better) guy and takes care of Arthur's dog that he can no longer care for.

I started to feel bored and kind of evil for mocking someone like this, so I stopped a few months ago. I'm finishing up my psychiatry residency this summer and I didn't want to keep carrying around the guilt of destroying the remaining shreds of Arthur's self worth. I hope we can all move on and I apologize to those who have still enjoyed kicking Arthur while he's down. We'll all be better people for just ignoring this fool and spending our time improving our own lives, careers, and communities.

Thanks to everyone else who helped design and write the blog and especially to those who took care of the blog for the last 6 months while I wasn't active here. After conceiving the blog and setting it up, I did almost none of the work of adding the Twitter feed, designing the site, creating the logos, or even writing the terms of service--that was all contributed by others who volunteered their time and skills. This left me free to email and text message with several of "Kade's Players" (mostly girls) who actually do NOT like Kade... and this led me to the facts about his sad life. I think it's fair to say that we had plenty of laughs and won in the end, but the only way to truly "win" when you're dealing with an attention-needy famewhore is to move on and live a better life yourself. Let Kade keep raging until he's even more haggard and old looking, with less money and prospects than ever.. while we live productive and happy lives.

If you're looking for funny sites that are still relevant, I suggest 419eater.com and rebloggingns.wordpress.com . Matt Beauchamp and other commenters from this blog have joined me over there, I have noticed. I find the topics on those humorous blogs FAR more intriguing and hilarious than anything Kade has done in months. His life is sad, not funny.

Have a great summer and best of luck to everyone,

P.S. If you want to re-live the douchery of Kade for laughs sometime, all of our videos and other content are still online, the blog will remain online, it's just that I'm closing the blog to new posts/comments to stop feeding Arthur's pathological need for attention. If you're looking for something to remind you of the days when mocking Arthur was high fashion, click here and then check out our other videos.

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