Tucker Max to Arthur Kade: Fuck Off

A reader who knows Tucker Max sent us this priceless screen shot from his iPhone. They were talking last night and our reader asked TM about Lispy McSlobberfuck, who Tucker has never, ever heard of (before last night). For the record, Tucker never looked it up, Kade is just another Gen Popper trying to name drop and Tucker didn't have time for that shit.

Pretty much speaks for itself. Yes, Arthur Kadyshes is still a cock gobbling, lying, fin faced failure.

Thanks to our reader for sending it in. Other tips? legowigkade@gmail.com
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To make a long story short: Kade is fucking boring

I want to address this post to our readers and tipsters, concerning the present and future of this blog. I haven't been around a lot lately and my interest in Kadyshes (both the father douchebag and the son douchebag) has diminished considerably. My thoughts grew out of my answer to an email from a fan of our blog. The fan wrote:
On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 2:34 PM, J__________ <[j_______]@gmail.com> wrote:
How Have you guys not commented on this?
I initially responded with a pretty long-winded reply:

to answer your question: combination of ennui/boredom, kade's act getting stale, and not wanting to give him pageviews. it's been 11 months and it's the same shit over and over. we've been reblogging it for 5 months now! it gets old! the only reason we write anything original now is bc our fans are awesome and email us promising tips/leads and bc we can just copy/paste kade's story for open comments. we can't bring ourselves to care enough to work on it...

i can't speak for all the other editors of the blog, but it certainly seems like we're torn between wanting to keep roasting him and just letting him toil in obscurity, each day becoming more and more obscure and pathetic. this is why some of our tactics have been to report on original content (the truth behind him and the nontourage and his parents) rather than to re-blog his posts. just in case (1% chance) anyone considers him for a reality show, we don't want producers/casting people to see that his youtube videos get significant hits. and the only way he'll get those hits is if we keep giving him attention. all the comments we get from philly people show that kade is relatively unknown and obscure, except amongst a particular strata of party people--the type that go to "clubs", try to hook up, try to impress people even though they're kind of stupid, and tend towards casual drug use. i can't get that excited about bashing on those types of losers. easy targets, to say the least.

as a community (not just the site admins, but also the commentors and tipsters) we have already shown the world that "the emperor has no clothes" (i.e. that kade is a fraud). it was satisfying, but most of the satisfaction has gone out of it. i blog at a few other sites and i have message boards like 419eater.com to keep me busy/entertained. the site rebloggingns.wordpress.com is also a great read because the fameball in question is more interesting and has a few connections, puts up a good fight, etc (i recommend that blog to all our readers). at this point, kade is a passing amusement for 5 minutes, 2 or 3x a week. it's also kind of like torturing a dumber-than-average monkey at this point. kade doesn't put up a good fight on his end, so it's sad.

sorry if that's not the answer you wanted... probably the way you could help LWK Blog the most is to spread the word and just post comments. the site will stay up forever as a monument to these douches and we will copy down his idiotic posts for posterity. so if you're interested, that will always be there.
Most of us have real jobs and real lives, so our time to deal with Kade is limited. I'm a resident physician in Psychiatry and within a few months of starting this place, Kade had already run his course for me, after I commented on his mental illness and examined his sickness from a few perspectives. When I said it feels like we're poking a chimpanzee with a stick (up above), that was a sign that we've dehumanized Kade, because we don't want to feel that a human behave so stupidly. When I meet with patients, I don't point at them and laugh, I try to size up what is wrong, what I can do for them, and how I can help them end their pain. It's pretty presumptuous for all of us to assume Kade isn't dealing with a lot of pain/trauma. I'm convinced most of his actions are a way of masking a deep inner emptiness--people do this everyday, and just because Kade is more public about it or has less class doesn't make it right to laugh. The solution I've come up with is that we should keep this blog open, to promote the truth behind the lies and allow public, uncensored commenting (unlike Kade's blog). We have enough moderators and editors to post up Kade's crap so we can save it for posterity. However, I think I've come to the end of wanting to actively participate in the mockery of Arthur Kade.

I just wanted to post this so our readers can see what's going on at this point... Feel free to comment below. This site has become sort of a community, where funny comments and good tips win out over boring douchebaggery at Kade's blog. You all have been a big reason this thing took off and that's why I wanted to share this email and these thoughts with you. Also, for all the tipsters and people who know Kade, keep sending in the information, because it's been useful in establishing the truth behind this crap. If Kade knew who some of these people are who tip us off, he would seriously die. He thinks a lot of these people are his friends, it's really funny stuff.
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Kade-Enabler GN Kang Signed Contract not to wear Underpants (Smokinggun.com Story)

An astute Kade-mocking blogger sent us the following email about the girl who appeared to give the Fin Faced Fairy the most support about starting the Journey to a Mental Institution. She has co-starred in quite a few videos, and taped numerous others, including the infamous video of Kade's dump that he lived in with Ron Hansen. We're referring, of course, to Kade's close confidant G-N Kang (cartoon below) of Wired FM in Philadelphia.

The tipster wrote:

I was browsing around at the Smoking Gun website, and I read a page they have up about the sleazy Lingerie League, where Arthur's pal GN Kang plays. A woman has to be a pathetic fame whore to participate. Get this:

"That fine--$5000--is detailed in the league's standard player contract, which also warns of a $500 fine if a woman wears any "additional garments" underneath her lingerie uniform. The league, an ex-player told TSG, did not want women wearing bras or underwear, since that would inhibit instances where players were exposed when uniforms were ripped off or pulled down during play. Such "accidental nudity" is addressed in the contract, which requires a player to "knowingly and voluntarily" agree to such inadvertent exposure. "

So GN signed a contract agreeing not to wear underpants (ick!) or a bra (as the possessor of a sizable rack, I have to say, "ouch!") and to allow her snatch and implants to be viewed by the likes of Arthur Kade and other sleazebags going to the Lingerie League games. How pathetic. She would be better off taking a job at a strip club, as then she wouldn't be at such high risk of concussion. Here's the link: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/1217091lfl1.html
The tipster has her own satirical site: "Drunken Housewife". Pay her a visit and check it out.

Here's another really hilarious part from the TSG story (quote):
The letter, a copy of which you'll find below, is the latest heavy-handed tactic employed by the struggling 10-team league, which launched about three months ago with the laughable assertion that it was "one of television's biggest commercial properties." According to several former players, league founder Mitchell Mortaza and his deputies have repeatedly threatened legal action when players have complained (or simply inquired) about health coverage and wages. In an e-mail exchange, Mortaza declined to comment on the letter, but he wished TSG "the best of luck with your story, especially the elements that you obtained illegally which is actionable." Mortaza, a former "Blind Date" contestant whose rap sheet includes drunk driving and public intoxication arrests, is the league's chief enforcer.
Wow, it looks like Arthur might have competition for Biggest Douche of the Year! Meanwhile, GN's underwear football team, the Philly Passion (who play their home games in Trenton, NJ???), failed to make the playoffs. They finished 2-2, getting creamed by Chicago in their final game. Even more interestingly, it looks like the LFL is involved in a legal issue relating to not paying for players to have injuries treated. Look at the Smokinggun.com article and you'll see that the league seems to be having some problems.

Moving on to other matters.... Yesterday we reported on Kade-pal Sabrina Strickland's previous arrest for possession, intent to distribute, conspiracy, etc. Another tipster who knows Kade and his merry band of Flunkies wrote to say that not only is yesterday's Sabrina Strickland story true, but Sabrina is also a former stripper. Wow, Kade's Nontourage is definitely looking like a high-class operation!

Many thanks to both email tipsters, The Smoking Gun.com, and our readers. Other sites have started to cover the story of this sleazy-seeming league... click here for another example. Keep the tips coming: legowigkade@gmail.com . Thanks, guys!
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Sabrina Strickland: A Fitting Sidekick to Fin-Faced Kade

Numerous people have told us that Sabrina Strickland has a narcotic drug history. Sabrina, in case you forget which one she is, is the manly-sounding, middle-aged girl who can be seen/heard in some of Arthur Kade's videos where he harasses or degrades women. We held back on publishing the tips we received, but we recently received a docket sheet from Pennsylvania Criminal Court relating to drug possession, conspiracy to distribute, and a couple other counts. It's an old charge, from when she was about 23 (she is now 33 yrs old) but it does explain her poor decision making, confusing behavior and choices (hanging with Kade as a 33 yr old), and possibly her manly voice as well. She didn't have her game together then and rather than get her life together now, she's hanging with the biggest loser douchebag we've ever seen.

Here's the docket sheet. Make of it what you will.

Here's our previous reporting on Sabrina's eviction situation and past criminal fines.

Have tips related to the Kade farce? Send to legowigkade@gmail.com .
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