Kade-Enabler GN Kang Signed Contract not to wear Underpants (Smokinggun.com Story)

An astute Kade-mocking blogger sent us the following email about the girl who appeared to give the Fin Faced Fairy the most support about starting the Journey to a Mental Institution. She has co-starred in quite a few videos, and taped numerous others, including the infamous video of Kade's dump that he lived in with Ron Hansen. We're referring, of course, to Kade's close confidant G-N Kang (cartoon below) of Wired FM in Philadelphia.

The tipster wrote:

I was browsing around at the Smoking Gun website, and I read a page they have up about the sleazy Lingerie League, where Arthur's pal GN Kang plays. A woman has to be a pathetic fame whore to participate. Get this:

"That fine--$5000--is detailed in the league's standard player contract, which also warns of a $500 fine if a woman wears any "additional garments" underneath her lingerie uniform. The league, an ex-player told TSG, did not want women wearing bras or underwear, since that would inhibit instances where players were exposed when uniforms were ripped off or pulled down during play. Such "accidental nudity" is addressed in the contract, which requires a player to "knowingly and voluntarily" agree to such inadvertent exposure. "

So GN signed a contract agreeing not to wear underpants (ick!) or a bra (as the possessor of a sizable rack, I have to say, "ouch!") and to allow her snatch and implants to be viewed by the likes of Arthur Kade and other sleazebags going to the Lingerie League games. How pathetic. She would be better off taking a job at a strip club, as then she wouldn't be at such high risk of concussion. Here's the link: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2009/1217091lfl1.html
The tipster has her own satirical site: "Drunken Housewife". Pay her a visit and check it out.

Here's another really hilarious part from the TSG story (quote):
The letter, a copy of which you'll find below, is the latest heavy-handed tactic employed by the struggling 10-team league, which launched about three months ago with the laughable assertion that it was "one of television's biggest commercial properties." According to several former players, league founder Mitchell Mortaza and his deputies have repeatedly threatened legal action when players have complained (or simply inquired) about health coverage and wages. In an e-mail exchange, Mortaza declined to comment on the letter, but he wished TSG "the best of luck with your story, especially the elements that you obtained illegally which is actionable." Mortaza, a former "Blind Date" contestant whose rap sheet includes drunk driving and public intoxication arrests, is the league's chief enforcer.
Wow, it looks like Arthur might have competition for Biggest Douche of the Year! Meanwhile, GN's underwear football team, the Philly Passion (who play their home games in Trenton, NJ???), failed to make the playoffs. They finished 2-2, getting creamed by Chicago in their final game. Even more interestingly, it looks like the LFL is involved in a legal issue relating to not paying for players to have injuries treated. Look at the Smokinggun.com article and you'll see that the league seems to be having some problems.

Moving on to other matters.... Yesterday we reported on Kade-pal Sabrina Strickland's previous arrest for possession, intent to distribute, conspiracy, etc. Another tipster who knows Kade and his merry band of Flunkies wrote to say that not only is yesterday's Sabrina Strickland story true, but Sabrina is also a former stripper. Wow, Kade's Nontourage is definitely looking like a high-class operation!

Many thanks to both email tipsters, The Smoking Gun.com, and our readers. Other sites have started to cover the story of this sleazy-seeming league... click here for another example. Keep the tips coming: legowigkade@gmail.com . Thanks, guys!


  1. This is AWESOME! Behind the facade of the smiling faces and the 'joie de vivre' attitude (that Kade and some of his Krew exert) lies a dark current of drugs, sexploitation and shame. I myself am no Angel or Saint, but I've never stooped to the low levels that these people are wallowing in. Chasing the pipe dream of being famous is ridiculous, absurd and, in the end, hazardous (witness the stories published in such trashy magazines as the National Enquirer or The Star). I quite doubt that any of the commenters or the Legowig crew are flawless in character (no offense, y'all), but we don't preach our greatness to the world of the Internet when the truth would make those statements hypocritical (at least, not that I'm aware of); this is a huge reason as to why we have the moral high ground over Kade (blatant character assassination through videos, cartoons and insults notwithstanding). As much as I love the creative, colorful commentary that the posters provide here, I love revelations (such as this one) even more. I believe that the truth, no matter what it is, should be known to all and, once the people know those truths, they can truly judge the quality of the character that stands before them.

    (Sorry for the philosophizing; I just finished watching "The Obama deception", and the speaking style of KRS-One has rubbed off on me a little bit.)

  2. We're definitely not flawless in character. But we're not out belittling women's looks in public every weekend when our friends have big teeth, a big gunt, or big implants an a desperate need to be famous at any cost. Oh, and having a huge fin on your face and pretending to be Greek. Kade is really a sad spectacle.

  3. On Phillychitchat.com our hero is featured in a picture looking normal with a former member of the entourage, along with Teefs and her new boyfriend. Names are named. Do with it what you will. Seeing all of them in that context just makes the whole "Arthur Kade" thing seem like just one big coke and boozed filled joke that took on a life of its own. It always cracks me up, living in Philadelphia that a lot of what he tells the world are exclusive events, anybody could get into.

  4. is the new boyfriend Justin Fine? or is that the old one?

  5. @anon 1:57PM
    if you are referring to the guy he is hugging in a few of yesterday's posts, no, that's not justin fine.

  6. what the fuck is up with Teefs' hair in that picture? she stopped with the bangs but now she just has a red 'fro??? hahaha

  7. (Posting the picture links so others don't have to scour for them)...

    Kade and Sabrina Tamburino in the Friday, January 8th, 2010 PhillyChitChat blog entitled "ERIN ELMORE CELEBRATES ANOTHER MILESTONE BIRTHDAY":


    TEEFS and her "new squeeze" Jamie Dulin:


    I wonder if Grand Theft Nostrils is looking to buy (or already has) this mess of headgear:


    "Arthur Kade, love him or hate him, the fameball wanted celebrity/fame at all costs and that's what he got. I hope he saved his money as meteoric fame fizzles out just as quick."
    - From the Thursday, December 31, 2009 PhillyChitChat blog post entitled "NEW YEAR'S WRAP UP IN PHOTOS." Hehehe.

  8. Dulin looks like a little guy and a loser. Looks like Teefs got what she deserves.

  9. What a bunch of fucking freaks all these assclowns are! I saw that thread (Phillychitchat) and it looks like the birthday girl and her sister are passing some low-rent tool back and forth. WTFF? Does everyone in Philly just pass eachother to and fro? The pics of Ardvargk and the blonde hag didn't make sense, though. Doesn't she hate him? He didn't go to her wedding and it looks like they are all snugly. Maybe her hubby was out with the boys or something and she needed attention... and Teefs hair, man! Was there some serious wind or what? She looks like the bride of Frankenstein. I dont' know... I'm on ugly overload with all these people today. His ex, like I have said before, is the true winner in all this. And she is the most pleasant looking one I've seen. But for being with Ardvargk, she must have needed some serious therapy, booze and brainwashing. I truly hope she doesn't associate herself with the dregs of his non-tourage.

  10. Is another blog dedicated to smearing yet another member of Kade's Nontourage really necessary? I mean, if a blog with everything we all had done wrong was published on the internet with our full names and photos attached, I think you'd be upset too. Some people ask for it (Kade) others don't (SS).

  11. The way you guys attack the people that AK hangs out with is sad. You need to take a good look at yourselves and ask why you feel the need to be doing this. Sure, these people might be lame but it's Radishes that is the one deserving of public ridicule... not his dorky buddies.

    I hate to say it but it makes you guys look like as much of a joke as Arthur is.

  12. @Kyle...Whoa, dude! Comments like yours, I fail to understand... She is guilty by association, bro! Obviously alot of these posters like to pick and choose who's ok and who's not. It's all so weird to me. The whole non-tourage under the Kadebrella is fair game. Anyone who associates with this twit has put themselves out there and deserves it. I'm no angel, but I would never, EVER associate with this low-life, or ANY of the like. Lay down with dogs, you get fleas. Isn't the mission here to hate (on) Kade and his krew and whomever thinks their cute enough to associate? That's what I thought... but I'm just a troll, apparently. (giggling)

  13. Loo, you're right, you are a f'ing troll. you know that as well as anyone. if you think anyone on here listens to your rationalization of what's fair game, who should be mocked, or what your purpose is.... you're as delusional as arthur. you've seriously become JUST as annoying as arthur himself. oh wait, i've just complimented you in your mind. why don't you do whatever company it is that employs you, or if you're self employed, do the company a favor and do some f'ing work for a change?

  14. let me just add to that at 6:42... i live in nyc. you seem to think you're quite a player in LA. i can tell you, anyone in NYC wouldn't give a bush-league annoyance like you the time of day. your kind of antics are highly unsophisticated. maybe that shit flies in LA (although i doubt it if you ran in any legitimate circles).

  15. I think the theory is the same it's been for months--People who support and help Arthur while he's running all over town disrespecting women, not paying his bills, possibly doing drugs... they're part of the posse he LOVES to talk about. Getting brunch, getting drunk, etc etc. A lot of this same goes for Kang. She made a lot of the videos along with Kade. It's been proven.

    Seriously, without these few people to help him live the lie, he would have no one. In addition, most of these people have sought out publicity in one way or another... but even if not, they're associating with a guy whose sole purpose in life is to make a public a**hole out of himself.

  16. Danielle Poe is pretty and her new boyfriend is hot! He looks like a nice, successful, friendly guy. Good for her, after escaping Arthur she deserves it.

    I bet it makes Art cry that his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend isn't a fat, slimy dork. Go Jay Hershman!

  17. it's like Hughe said on PhillyChitChat... Arthur wanted fame at ANY cost. He didn't really get fame, he got infamous, and the cost was huge. He just doesn't know it yet because he's still getting fucked up every night and doesn't have to look for a job yet. When he has to go get a job or become homeless, he'll see how much he lost out of this. fucking pathetic

  18. It looks like D.P. has indeed found a HUGE improvement over the joke that is Lispy McSlobberfuck.

    Congrats to her!

  19. I rarely comment but follow all of this pretty regularly. First off, any criticisms of the non tourage seems fair considering that all of them are enablers and most are encouragers of the Arthur Kade Train Wreck. We've heard multiple times in his videos these sleazy chicks encouraging his bizarre behavior and we suspect that some of them have helped to write some of his blog posts.
    As for anyone else that hangs with Artie more than once should be considered fair game as well. One glance at his blog and they should know what they are in for. If they don't run for the hills at that point they are just famewhores or too dumb to garner any respect.
    The only people this might leave out are those that were friends with Artie when he was normal(if there was ever a time that he was) and if those people are still hanging with him and obviously haven't gotten him in for treatment then they deserve the same treatment as the rest of the non tourage.

  20. he was never "normal", he just went from a massive, beat-down loser in HS to being whatever the fuck you want to call what he is now

  21. So,

    similar comments to mine are not slammed, but then just because the window is open, the damn flies get in!

    Hmmm... wonder who it could be!

    Such anger! Wow... I'll give my gf a call in NYC who's a 'who's who' in the magazine world and ask her what time it is. Then I'll call my OTHER gf who's clothing line is walking around all over the runways and ask her just to be sure. Yeah... it's TIME for bed. This is a cluster fuck. Man... I came to bag on the douche and someone stuck me on top of a pencil and is makin me dizzy.

    Aw well... there's too many chiefs and I'm not into scalpin'. I like my pink fuzzy hair too much.

  22. I've got to say, the title of this thread has cracked me up all afternoon. Taken out of context, a headline like "signed a contract not to wear underpants" is fucking golden-apeshit-hilarious as far as I'm concerned!


  23. I also agree that people who enable Kade to be the obnoxious creature he is are fair game...*especially* the female's in this group who don't shoot him the hell down for speaking of women as though they are fuck dolls and worth little else. They have no self-respect, I am not going to respect them either.

    I personally like Loo and The Blonde. They don't take any of it seriously. (I wish I didn't get so serious about it at times myself) It is impossible to call them trolls as we are ALL trolls, or did that realization miss the bus?

  24. *especially* the females in HIS group, I meant to type.

  25. Of all the "nontourage", G.N. Kang is the most worthy of skewering in my opinion. Why? Reason the first. Because she's a fame whore who's trying desperately to be known (she's a radio sidekick, she joined the playing-football-with-no-underpants league). Reason the second: she was Arthur's biggest supporter. If you look at the early days of the blog, he wrote that "Radio Babe" was managing his career, was pushing him to take this path, etc.., etc...

    Possible, but not proven, reason the third: the earliest blog entries were written much better than the last several months. Those early entries don't have the crazy punctuation, the insane switching between first and third person, the over-use of the word "amazing", the mismatched parentheses, etc... Many think (and I agree) that someone was ghost writing the blog for a long time, and GN Kang is the likeliest candidate, given how invested she was in Arthur's success. It's easy to believe she quit ghostwriting around the time she forbade Arthur to discuss "Radio Babe" on the blog. [I am deeply ashamed of how much I know about Kadyshes and his sorry blog. Pray for me].

  26. It's chad. It's always chad. He bitches and whines about the comments because he doesn't like them. And there is nothing else he can do about it. Did Brandoh decide to filter chad's name or did chad tell him to? Either way chad hasn't had lispy remove it. Oh yeah, he's proud to be his friend. Chicken shit little bastard isn't lispys friend; he's just using him for some perverse reason only he knows. L and TB and anyone else he rags about...ignore his stupid ass. Almost every word from him is a lie; he's an ambulance chaser. That's what they do. They twist and spin and try to get their way using extortion as a weapon. He has no power here unless you give it to him. I'm not trying to dis the whole legal profession, it's necessary and I appreciate talent in whatever form it takes, but it is what it is. "If it doesn't fit you must acquit" by the late J.C., esquire says it all.
    I've got a little parody for chad I'll post over 'there'. P.A.R.O.D.Y. I've told him what they're called a dozen times and he still gets it wrong. Don't you chad? I told you that you didn't want my full attention, how do you like me so far, dipshit? And Brandoh...Good job douchefag!

  27. And chad (I know you're here), how many babies in NYC did you get while I cried into a bag of ruffle's? I had to stay home cause the wife doesn't condone drinking and snorting and chasing babies every night. She might be O.K. with that once in a while but I'd have to ask her to be sure. Share. Do you like The Kinks?

  28. Chad,
    I need your help pal! Some friends of mine were over Sat. night (that's right, I was eating a few potato chips, in fact we had a veritable smorgasbord of snacks and beverages! Very tasty.) Someone was saying that I must be nuts for even looking at AK.com. I couldn't argue with that but then someone mentioned that you and lispy had probably experimented (for lack of a better word) with each other. It turned into a bet. I'm betting that if you did it was no more than some 'spilling of the seed'. A couple of guys bet that it included oral, and the rest said it was full on anal but you were both drunk at the time. Help me out please! We need to know so we can settle this. Be honest as you can and please reply as soon as possible. It's only a few hundred bucks, but hey, bragging rights are price less. Thanks.

  29. drunken housewife - i think arthur was writing at the beginning. there have been a few ghost written entries along the way but i feel artie has been writing the vast majority of the entries. I've been following for a while and as soon as commenters started talking about his bad grammer it got worse. as soon as they started talking about his use of the word amazing, or use of ((()))))))) it got worse. he reads the comments, every one of them, and plays to the crowd. its pretty obvious.

  30. And about homo stuff and to stop moderating and everything. His ebb and flow twitter was...
    Agreed, he reads every one, every day. He writes lots of them too! He has found something that he can't seem to use to his advantage. It's like being able to fart the loudest, it's funny sometimes, but can you turn it into a career?

  31. Chad The Bad Boy of Applebees .

  32. Hi RaddaX2,

    Thank you for 'understanding'. We like you, as well. I noticed how after you made the comment about us, you got some fly dung flung at ya. I can't articulate into words right now, but it seems to me that "we the haters" are not allowed to hate, yet when we show solidarity, we get crapped upon for sticking together on a blob which was intended for baggin on the douche? Did that make sense to anyone else but me? My thoughts are scrambled like eggs at Cosi. However, I don't think there are any boogers involved this time.

  33. OOF!!! Kang Kong's tongue looks like a vestigial penis. GROSS. Must feel like you're jamming a wet popsicle stick down your troat when she's makin out with you. Icky.

  34. @Loo

    Did I get stuff thrown at me? I haven't seen it. Where is it at?

    The only rule I have in my mind about posting on these blobs and blahbs is that the posters not attack each other unless attacked first (the exception being to definitely attack a kade supporter) You two only defend yourselves that I can recall, those that turn on you just 'cause you annoy them are right out of line. That is realitybyte's tactic and he is a real shithead. Did that make any sense either?

  35. @ RX2, Yes! Totally made sense... :) Especially the part about RB being a shithead!

    There was a shit-flinging storm on the A vs A post... here's what realitychoad said to you:

    Do yourself a favoron 12 Jan 2010 at 7:52 am
    @Radda Radda:

    “The only people legowig looks closely at are Artie’s friends and enablers, which ‘Kade or Kadyshes’ clearly is not.”

    Wow, thanks for pointing that out. I would have never been able to figure that one out on my own. My reply was 99.99% commentary and only 0.01% warning.

    I love how the Legowiggers justify their behavior by classifying people as “enablers” as if that somehow makes it all okay to try to fuck with strangers’ lives. It’s lame really and it appears that even 1/2 of the people that post over there disagree with the practice.

    Going after Arthur is one thing but anyone who takes it upon themselves to try to “bring down” his buddies is just sad. I don’t see how anyone can make a case to the contrary with a straight face.


    The Blonde and I have staged a boycott of the blob. Some little control freaks have a bunch of work ahead of them posing as us and all the other 234 personalities in it's head to keep up AK's comments.

  36. @loo

    That comment you c & p'd was purely at me and not because of you. He was attacking legowig and I stepped in to say something and got that in return.

    This last post of Artie's is so absurd and full of URGH! that I don't even want to bother with it. Unless someone says something at me directly, I will ignore it too.

  37. RX2,

    Oh absolutely! I got that. I wish Shrink was around to pull the whole thing together. When my brain is functioning mo' proppa, I will weave a tapestry of crap about how the minions love to bite at our ankles. His parvo nonsense was like this in my head: sdfjksjfkjlksj, aklsdjfsdjfkj, "aksdj" (((kasjdkj))) sldkflaskdldlk!! ksdjksdjkjdkjksskk... total jibberish.


  38. if you guys jsut STOPPED posting on AK's site, it would hurt him way more than posting. a) he'd realize no one cares and b) he'd have to create even more FAKE COMMENTS

  39. Realitybites, do yourself, choda, chad are all one in the same. He was playing imposter when he was after TB. He likes attacking women cause they don't want him. He's made it un-fun because all the shit flying at Klispy lands on him. Fuck that little weasel. He's had sooooo much practice from being fucked with all his life and learning how to feed off of people's misery but he really is a tiny man. He is the one bitching cause he is the one who loses if people talk. He isn't going to sue anyone, cause no one said anything that wasn't true. He should sue his parents, look what they did.
    Who thinks attacking klispys friends is wrong? Klispys friends of course! Who hates klispys blog the most? klispys friends of course.

  40. Who would keep telling people not to post? Klispys friends. They don't like it but that's too bad.

  41. I bet chad learned the straw man argument in school.

  42. # Do yourself a favoron 12 Jan 2010 at 9:03 pm
    Whatever it’s cool. I don’t want to fight with you and I’m sorry I didn’t whip out a calculator and run over to Legoland to see what the current numbers are.

    I was just going from past visits where I remember a good many of the posters thinking that it was bullshit. That was around the time that everyone started pooping themselves at the thought of potentially being sued.

    Anyway, I’m sorry if it upsets you that I feel this way but I do. Imagine if one of your friends started doing something craptastic and the next thing you knew, there was a bunch of shit from your past being posted on some stupid blog. I doubt you’d appreciate it. I know I wouldn’t.


  43. This stuff is in the public domain. Suing with result in the suit getting tossed, getting sanctioned for costs, and providing more fodder for people to publicize your connections to Kade.

    These are freaking public records, not inuendo and rumors. Arrest records, contracts that are on other websites (bc LFL is threatening its own players), etc. LOL, good luck Chadwick.

  44. Whoa! Look at that. I have more comments copy and pasted over here in one day than I have ever left in total (that's zero btw until now). I'm flattered!

    I'll say this one last time but I don't know why I bother since some people are too dim to suss it out... I'm not Chad. I don't know Chad. Hell, I'm sure Chad is probably a flaming douchebag. Why I'm being accused of being some midget Asian dude is beyond me but okay, believe what you want.

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who I am. It certainly doesn't take away from the fact that going after Shithead's friends is lame. You can justify it however you want but, ultimately, it makes you as sad as they are. Deep down, you know I'm right. That's the best part.

    Take care everybody. I won't be back.

  45. Teefs is that vapid coke whore that used to suck Justin Fine off for blow and social status.


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