Weekly catch-up

I’m going to start with a few items that I should have included in the last post I did (which was “Showtime, Kadester!”):
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Gutter Trash

Three paths to becoming middle-aged gutter trash.

Left: Lindsay Furman, undereducated, low-self-esteem New Jersey spawn with a bad dye job and cheap clip on bangs who looks about 35 and dates a parade of loser guys (party promoters and the like).

Center: Arthur Kade, a.k.a. Lispy McSlobberfuck, mentally ill 32 yr old unemployed cokehead famewhore.

Right: Sabrina Strickland, former stripper, constantly in debt, gunt-having, dating fellow middle aged trainwreck w/ criminal record, Randy Wittenberg.

Three methods, one result. Gutter trash.

Above: a cockgobbling mental patient in his natural habitat.
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