Development Deal With IMG Media - UPDATED

I do not doubt that we will NEVER hear anything about this ever again.  The voices in his head are really fucking with him now.  More from the twisted and tormented mind of soulless fame whore Arthur Kadyshes...

****UPDATED**** I added what Cock Gobbler added to the end of his previous entry (left it in black) and uploaded his pictures.  Dude actually took a picture of the sink in the men's room.  He is  truly disturbed.  Looking at the pictures of his family I see that IMG Media is looking to do a reality show or a re-make of The Addams Family or The Munsters.  Maybe Lindsay J. Furman will get to play Marilyn.
Now that Arthur Kade and “The Journey” have begun to cross into the mainstream consciousness of the global Gen Pop, one of the amazing things that comes with becoming a HUGE name in “The Biz” is that people want to see how you are changing it, and doing things that have never been done before. My blog has been a perfect example of people becoming obsessed with “The Journey” and every little thing that I am doing (Hair Color, Auditions, Dating, Acting Classes, etc.), and every move that I am making, and more importantly how one young man can take all of his physical and mental gifts, and translate them into such a perfect example of drive and success. With that being the case, I have become so big that one of the largest, most successful, most well known production and representation companies, IMG, has agreed to a development deal with The Brand to create the most unique, innovative, and cool television Show ever produced and broadcast. Let the bidding war begin amongst the “A-list” Network Executives.
Our goal is to create something that has never been done before, and will be rev and for television and incorporate all of the amazing aspects that are Arthur Kade and will (I may bring down National Work Productivity, and potentially hurt company’s stock prices because all they will want to do is watch me on TV), and obviously The Brand has grown to the point that a company of their magnitude, reputation, and size wants to work with Arthur Kade. I had the choice to work with almost any company that I wanted to in “The Biz”, and chose the Mega-Force that is IMG Media, because they work with “A-List” talent and ideas, and understood the value and message of what I am trying to bring to “The Biz”, and the direction that I am trying to do it in finding “Little Oscar”.

Everyone knows that I am one of the most polarizing and interesting entities ever created, and I am on a mission of becoming an award winning actor, and I believe so strongly in myself that I want the world to watch it happen, and hold hands with me as I take the amazing steps that I have taken in just 6.41 months to become “One of the fastest rising actors in Young Hollywood, and a known Celeb”, and I can’t be more exciting to partner up with what I consider the top production company in the world to bring it into the home of every person in the country, and the world. Welcome to Kade Nation  Live and Happy New Year Fellow Jewish People.
“The Craft wants me…”"The Biz”" needs me….The Girls love me….I am….The Brand”….Arthur Kade…09/18/09
To celebrate this groundbreaking achievement and global news, I went to the VIP Opening of the beautiful new Recess Lounge with Papa and Step-Mom Kade:

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Temple University Student Paper Column Written About Arthur Kadyshes

It looks like Arthur was in fact interviewed by his alma matter, Temple University, as he claimed, but the article really does nothing but make fun of him and allow Kade to spew forth information about his favorite places in Philly. You've got to love Arthur telling them "when I'm not dressed up I'll mostly wear clothes from Barney's New York." Gee Arthur, we didn't know Barney's was selling cheap t-shirts that 12  year olds wear, and cheap hats with brims that don't stay in place. Why not just tell them the truth about shopping at Wal-Mart and online t-shirt shops?

Here's the article. Oh, and Kade doesn't even have this up on his site yet! The original article is available here. Go sound off in their comments and let them know what you think! We highlighted all of their negative comments in red just to help you keep track of the fact that they're really not that impressed with Kade.

Arthur Kade is larger than life. Or at least his ego is. The controversial “model” and “actor” gives his picks.

When it comes to living it up in Philadelphia, there’s only one way to do it: “Kade-style.” At least, that’s what Arthur Kade would tell you.
Arthur Kade poses for a late-evening photo shoot in sunglasses.

The 31-year-old investment banker-turned-wannabe-actor is one of the city’s most contentious Philly celebs. He’s a seemingly delusional fame ball who rates every woman he meets on a 10-point scale and refers to himself as “Philadelphia’s favorite son” and “the original modern actor.”

His blog – which documents what he calls “The Journey,” his path to becoming the next big award-winning actor – is so ripe with self-promoting cockiness that some have wondered whether he’s actually just a very committed performance artist pulling a hoax on all of us. And, when you consider the fact that he’s claimed to be too hot for Angelina Jolie, it doesn’t seem too big a stretch.

At least one thing is certain when it comes to Arthur Kade – he’s a man about town. He may be a permanent fixture on Gawker’s hit list (right next to fellow fame ball Julia Allison), but he does know how to party, and whenever a hot new club or restaurant opens, he’s there. He’s lived in Center City on-and-off for the last 10 years and claims to know all the best places to go – if you’ve got a little extra cash and some swagger.

Check out his picks:

My favorite restaurant in the city would have to be Buddakan. It gives the best combination of food, atmosphere and drink selection, and it has a really nice, young, hip crowd. They’ve been changing up their menu lately, and I haven’t been there in a while, but they had lobster crepes on the menu forever, and that was my favorite dish in the city.

I also love the Fountain Room at the Four Seasons. I go there for pure food and elegant dining. Parc is great for atmosphere, but the food is just OK. It’s copied after Pastis in New York City, and personally, I think the food at Pastis is better, but it’s a fun place to go anyway.


I’ll go pretty much anywhere, but in terms of nightclubs, it’s all about G Lounge. Recess Lounge, which is opening next week, is going to be a new hot spot too. It’s a very exclusive, membership-only club, and my friend Ryan Dorsey, who used to run Z-Bar, is the manager.

I spend a lot of time in New York City, about three to four days a week now, and the New York club world is light years ahead of Philly’s, but a lot of steps are being taken to modernize the scene here.

I think the days of the big clubs are over for now, and we’ll see a return to smaller, more exclusive clubs like Recess Lounge or Strongbox, which is another club I go to all the time. It will be like when Bungalow 8 opened in New York several years ago, and only the best of the best got in. People like being in an environment like that, with a small group of friends and some bottle service.

I know I like walking into a club and seeing only my friends and hot girls I want to be there.

I don’t do much shopping in the city. I mostly shop in New York. But for men’s clothes, the best place to shop around here is Boyd’s. I grew up in the fashion business, working in retail and modeling, and I like the better things in life. Places like Boyd’s really offer that.

I’m very, very fashion forward, and I love wearing Gucci, Prada or Jil Sander for Men when I’m dressed up. When I’m not, I’m more of a hipster, and I’ll wear clothes from Barney’s in New York.

I don’t want to give away the location, but the new place to hang out in Philly is my house, Chateau Kade. I’ve always got booze, and I’ve got a lot of space, so people will come over to hang out and talk before or after we go out. There’s a lot of pre-gaming and post-gaming that happens there.

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Ready For Saturday

He just doesn't get it.  He never will.  He is one delusional fuck.  More moronic idiocy from Philly's sad ass clown, Arthur Kadyshes...

Now that The Brand has tried blonde and brown, I spoke to the producer for the project/trailer that I am cast for which I think has the potential to be groundbreaking and TV changing like other shows like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and even Friends, and he felt that for the part, he wanted me to find a “happy Medium”, because the blonde was a bit too eccentric, and the brown a bit too boring. We decided to agree on Ashey Blonde, which would give me a much more “Summery and Florida Look”, and I told him I would get it colored today. He sent me some pictures of hair color that he thought would look good, and I went in and we nailed it at my parent’s hair salon. Everyone who has seen my hair today has been blown away, and when I went into the Pharmacy to get some lotion for my skin this morning after it was done, the cashier said, ‘I love your hair”, and I smiled and responded, “Thanks, I just got it done”, and she smiled and said, “You are such a handsome boy”. I love when people say that to me not just because I’m Arthur Kade, but because they can see how beautiful and unique my looks are apart from the greatness of “The Journey”.
Everyone at my parent’s salon was complimenting me on my new hair color, and I could see all of them beaming as I walked around after it had been completed, and touched up by my step-mom, who is considered one of the top hairstylists on the East Coast. I emailed the producer the picture of it, and we discussed everything for the shoot for the trailer this Saturday (I am attending the grand opening of Recess on Friday, and then hustling to NYC in the morning, “Kade Style”, killing it for an 8 hour shoot, and then hustling back that night for my grandparent’s 55th Anniversary party at a Russian restaurant), and he also connected me with the costume designer and wardrobe specialist on the project/pilot who has done work for Playboy, and other great mags, and I emailed my measurements so we could plan my looks to get me ready for the photo-op (This production is being handled so professionally, and timely, and I think for my first principle role, I couldn’t have asked for more, and it will probably propel me to a major motion picture once casting directors see me nail my gay doctor role).
I can’t even describe my excitement working on this project because I think it is so original, can open the door for other young actors like myself, and could potentially thrust us to the forefront of Emmy winning television. I just finished an audition for an industrial in NYC and am heading back for my trainer, and the VIP/Press party at Recess, but the audition was very basic (We just slated on camera, showed our frontal region and profile and walked off), and booked by my agent, and I am off. It’s amazing that we working actors go through the effort of hours of work or travel for 3 minutes of work, but it’s all worth it to become brilliant at The Craft, and the feedback that I have been getting on my latest videos tells me my acting has reached into the upper echelon of talent like my young pers in Young Hollywood.

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Kade Exposed! NYC Club and VMA After Party Lies

It has been a few weeks since our first expose on Arthur Kadyshes, and while we want to provide more to our readers, sometimes it takes a little patience as we field suggestions and insider information from our readers. One thing this site does not have a lack of is insider information on Arthur's life, the things he does, and the places he goes. It's no surprise that Arthur lies, and lies a lot, to present a view of himself that just isn't real.

We have been very lucky to receive some great information about Arthur from a somewhat prominent NYC club promoter. He had a ton to share about Arthur, the VMA after party at Avenue (which he attended), the club scene in the city, and most importantly, why Arthur doesn't get into the best clubs in the city. As you can see below, it all shows how Arthur Kade lies constantly about his life and activities. Enjoy!

NYC Club Culture, Bottle Service, and Where Arthur Kade is Not Welcome
On Sunday night Arthur claimed he couldn't get into the rooftop part at the Hotel on Rivington in NYC. Kade wrote, "When I got there, I didn’t know who’s name I was under at the door, and the door people were being brutal (I kept telling them I was Arthur Kade, but it didn’t even matter because every one there was famous)." He ended up getting in because a random person in line took Arthur in as his "+1," but the bottom line is he couldn't get in on his own accord. All the "I'm the balls-ass up and coming Oscar winning actor Arthur Kade" in the world won't work when you're nothing but a nobody.

According to our source, the reason is simple: "Nobody in the NYC club world knows who he is," he said "Some people know of him from blogs like Gawker or Down By The Hipster, but they don't really pay attention. NY'ers don’t' really care about Philly and regional cities - they're just the bridge-and-tunnel tourist crowd."

"People like Kade come to this city and stay in cheaper midtown hotels miles away from the action and go to clubs where the whole point is to attract people like him," he said. "In other words, people dumb enough to spend money on the bottle service model - a total tourist, bridge-and-tunnel trick."

That makes perfect sense considering Arthur's beloved Pod Hotel is located on 51st Street in Midtown, and a club like Avenue is approximately 3 miles away at 17th Street and 10th Avenue in the Meatpacking District, or, as bridge and tunnel trash like Kade call it simply, "the meatpacking." Pod Hotel's average nightly rates? About $160.
The whole nightclub scene in NYC has changed dramatically in the past few years, moving away from an emphasis on bottle service to a more casual atmosphere, but tighter door policies and access. "The only places that still do tons of bottle service are for fools like him that will pay for it," he said. "Nobody cool in NYC buys bottles anymore, and clubs like Beatrice Inn, Rose Bar, Jane Hotel, and the Boom Boom Room at The Standard don’t' even offer Bottle Service."

"Kade would never get into the real elite clubs like these.  One look at his novelty t-shirts and dumb ass hat and he would be denied - much like he was at the Hotel on Rivington the other night.  People like him are a dime a dozen in NYC."

Arthur likes to brag about bottle service constantly, implying that he's comped frequently for bottles of alcohol. Though he may be, it's how the game goes for everyone. "People like Kade are forced to buy bottles to get in and of course they get 'comped' a bottle or two after their dumbasses just bought five bottles for full price," he said.

Also, another rule of thumb in NYC is that nobody who waits in line gets into clubs anyway.  You walk up like you own the place and that's how you get in.  If you are supposed to be there, if you know people, if you bring a bunch of girls, that's how you get in.  Only fools wait in line.  Kade probably just walks up to the front of the line, gives the door guy his credit card and is forced to buy bottles on the spot and is let right in.  Again, because he is a fool.  "He's 3-5 years behind the curve and is utterly 100% full of shit," our source said.  "He is a nobody in NYC.  A total fucking zero.  Not even a blip on the radar.  No NY'er would ever snap a picture with a celebrity - only a tourist would do that and that's what Kade is. He is kidding himself if he believes he is a celebrity, but we both know that already!"

The VMA After-Parties
After Arthur went to Rivington on Sunday night, his next stop was Avenue, host of one of the VMA parties. In his blog "Rags to Riches, Kade claims "I saw Mickey Rourke and said “What’s up” and we caught up for a minute, and then I headed from the bathroom to our table where there was at least 30 bottles of Cristal, Vodka, and everything else Arthur Kade would like, plus more models than a Gen Popper can imagine. We partied with “Models and Bottles” and closed Avenue..."

Our source, who was at Avenue on Sunday night, kept an eye on Kade since he was eager to send some information to us if he saw him. Sure enough, he did, and can 100% dispute Kade's account of the evening:
"Kade said their table had at least 30 bottles of Cristal, Vodka, etc., and took a couple pictures of the table. What he lied about is that he had no connection at all to it. The table belonged to a Malaysian financier who is a great customer at Avenue and has been dropping $150,000 there one night a week. This will seem ridiculous to many people, but it's New York. This stuff happens here. It wasn't Kade's table and he didn't know anybody there. I watched Kade try as hard as he could to mooch, watched him take a few pictures with celebrities and the table, and then he was gone from that section in the bar."

The photo above was provided to us by our source, taken of the table Kade claimed was his. A total and complete lie.
Arthur took this photo at Avenue, claiming it was his table. Pretty far away for a party he was supposedly a part of!
Another photo of the bottle service table Arthur claimed was his.

Our source also had some more information about the VMA after-parties in general in the city:

"Nobody gave a shit about the VMA after-parties.  It was the weekend of Fashion Weekend the best parties of the year are fashion parties during September fashion week, right after everyone gets back into the city after the summer.  Of course Kade came all the way up to NYC for VMA after parties - they're for the Bridge-and-Tunnel crowd.  

While Mickey Rourke and Gerard Butler were at Avenue, everyone from Madonna to Calvin Klein to every supermodel walking the catwalks for fucking fashion week was partying down the street at the Boom Boom Room on the same night."

Finally, we asked our source about differences between the NYC club scene, and the Philly scene that Arthur covets so much. He said:

"In a small market like Philly, club owners will host Kade, because any press for them is cool press.  There really are no real VIP's in such small markets.  Maybe only pro athletes, but there are no elite clubs in Philly or AC where everyone is a VIP like you might find in NYC. Let's be real here - the major cities are NYC, LA, Vegas, and Miami. Everything else is a second-fiddle, regional scene. Nothing wrong with that, but there's no comparison to the major club and nightlife cities in the country."

There you have it folks. More Arthur Kade lies exposed, more delusions shot down. We look forward to your comments!
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Wow, words can't even explain this stupidity.  If any woman ever reads this post and still sleeps with this cock gobbling asshole it will be proof she is an absolute moron or fame whore herself.  More idiocy from the deluded Arthur Kadyshes...

I was thinking about “Perception” this morning because I was getting a ride, “Kade Style” from a beautiful girlfriend to my parent’s hair salon to get my hair darkened a bit more (The Producer of the project I’m the Gay Doctor principal on thought that I needed to be “Browner” so a bit darker than I am now, but lighter than I was, so I am adjusting it today), we started talking about how she read yesterday’s blog (One of the many things I forget is that “The Journey” and it’s example is changing lives, but the knowledge and thoughts that I provide provide a mental and cultural revolution to so many, and it had lead to a conversation with her father about how her boobs being too big may hamper the way men in the corporate world look at her. I was explaining to her that I had the same problem as the “Number 1″ financial advisor in my company for years because I wanted to be taken seriously like a CEO, but my clients and corporate peers just saw a model who was good at sales. This lead to a conversation about how men are perceived at different ages, and what we want at those ages from girls.
1) The Twenties (Zac Effron Years)- This is a decade of experimenting, and the “I’m Invincible” mantra. A man is till looked and perceived as a boy, and feels like time is forever. We just start making money (I was making six-figs this whole decade) to be able to throw at girls and get anyone of them in bed, but the problem is that we are so inexperienced in relationships that girls look at us like dicks they can play with, and they pat us on the head and wish us good luck. The twenties are about getting your heart broken, having no idea what you want, having more threesomes than you can ever count, doing tons of drugs (Yes, I am guilty of that one), and worrying each time you ‘Raw Dog” it until you get your next test and find out you are clean (My friend was joking to me and said about his own sexual history “I’ve Rolled the dice way too many times”, and I laughed and said, ‘I think every guy has, but it’s about not having any little gifts to show for it”) . It’s a decade of discovery of who you are and what you want, but you may blow through millions doing it, but if you’re me, then you live the “Sinatra Life” (I had some throw away 6’s and 7’s drunk back then, but almost gnawed off my arm in the morning when I kicked them out). You live a life that isn’t you, and trying to be someone you’re not.
2) The Thirties (Arthur Kade Years)- When I turned 30, I was ultra depressed because I felt like my youth was over, and I had to do all the things that society was forcing on me. I had made more money than a kid on welfare had ever imagined, had more sexual adventures and girls than anyone can imagine, travelled, and lived a celebrity life, but something was missing. I almost made a choice to get married when I wasn’t ready or wanted to, to make myself look and feel more legit that would have been the worst choice of my life, bought a house that made no sense for who I was, was stuck in a career that had stopped making me happy, and most of all was depressed that I had to be serious about life. What I was missing was that, I was a gorgeous 30 year old who had no commitments like Children or Wife, and still had the chance to live (Sold my practice to start and dominate “The Journey”, realized that I will never be in a situation with a girl that wasn’t what I wanted ((Tried it 3 times to figure that one out)), and money means nothing to me like happiness does), and this is the decade where the light bulb clicked on and I realized that 9’s and 10’s and Little Oscar are all I want. Girls look at you now as a husband rather than a boy, so it’s tougher to use them for one night stands.
3) The Forties (Tom Hanks Years)-If a guy is still single at this age, then he is king of the world, because he understands Exactly what he wants in his life, and what a hot 21 year old needs to be and do to please him, but the downside is that you begin to realize that you are really close to death (Especially if you lived the Arthur Kade life above), and time is short. Thoughts enter your mind about “Your Legacy”, and whether or not you should use a gorgeous model to reproduce to have something to show for yourself (A single 40 year old with a kid can pick up any young girl that he wants because girls love the commitment and feel like they don’t have to ruin their bodies getting pregnant because you already have “The Goods”), and money and retirement becomes the motivator of what you do. For an actor like me, this will be the time that I am probably in my “Tom Hanks” years where I am doing my best work and winning most of my awards, but something tell me that I will still be having a great time with KA 10’s at my house in The Hills.
4) The Fifties (Jack Nicholson Years)-If you are still single, then screw every gorgeous KA 9 or 10 that walks, blow all your money re-living your twenties, and then have a heart attack and die with one of those models riding you to celebrate your 60th birthday and call it a life.
“If you are ever feeling old and tired, then have a threesome with 21 year olds”…Arthur Kade…0i/17/09
Here is the video from class last night. Mike said “That was probably the easiest I have ever worked” in his class.
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Piece of Rotten Meat - Arthur Kade Seriously Worries About Being Too Good Looking

Arthur, take it from us: the absolute LAST thing you need to worry about is being too good looking. What you need to worry about is that failed dye job, those giant eyebrows, the rapey eyes, the busted up, gigantic nose, the hideous nostrils, the bloody lips, the mouth spittle, the halitosis, the adult acne, and the oily skin.

The latest from arthurkade.com:
Ultra Good looking people always have a tough time being taken seriously both in the dating world, as well as the professional world, and one of the things that I was questioning with one of my girlfriends over the phone today was are my looks getting in the way of booking certain auditions, as well as hot girls taking me seriously because I am too good looking, a celebrity, and a soon to be household name named Arthur Kade. While out in Old City last night, a pretty black girl came up to me, and did a double take, and then said, “You’re?? Oh My God, You’re Arthur Kade”, and I could tell that once she had seen me in real life, she was so blown away at how much better looking I am than I come up even on camera, that it almost startled her, and I could see her blushing just from meeting me even though she was black and it was hard to tell. It really got me thinking about how I always had dreamed about having any girl I want throw themselves at me while growing up, and now that all of my dreams are coming true, and people recognize everywhere, are girls and employers too intimidated by The Brand, and the celebrity of “The Journey” to look at me as more than a “Piece of Meat”.
Over the last few weeks, I have made out with many girls in various places between NYC and Philly (I actually made out with multiple girls just in NYC alone at the Premier VMA After Parties that I dominated), and as I was talking to one of my girlfriends today I asked, “I am pretty much hooking up with any girl I want, but I think they look at me as purely this celebrity that will use them and abuse them, and I’m not sure I want to have all or any of them, but it’s like they get a thrill out of just knowing they made out with or got groped by Arthur Kade, and then cut it to go brag to their friends. Should I be proud this is happening because I’m this huge conquest for them, or upset that girls have no account for my feelings and totally just look at me as this piece of meat?” She responded by saying, “Girls look at you differently now because you’ve totally put yourself out there, and now that you’re famous and about to blow up, it’s gonna be hard for them to take you seriously. Plus, you treat them the same way, and I think they are trying not to let you get close because they know once they sleep with you, you have the upper hand, and can hurt them, but until then it’s just fun and they hooked up with Mr. Kade himself who only hooks up with 9’s and 10’s”. I told her, “I fell like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Colin Farrell because these girls know the coin is coming and want to jump me like a high school sweetheart so I always have my guard up.” (Sometimes the Gen Pop and it’s anonymity is kind of refreshing, but I have chosen the life of a celeb, and have to deal with it’s “Plasticness”), but once in a while it would be nice to lay on my couch and not get texted because I’m Arthur Kade, the Celebrity.
This really got me thinking about the double standard that I may have created where girls may want to just use me for hooking up and sex, and never take me seriously because they may want to send a message to me that they can do to me what I do to them. The problem with that is, that they are losing out on a chance that if they perform well, or really impress me with their skills, we may be able to hang sexually for a week or so, and then they can get themselves in The Public Eye and maybe even advance their career, or at the very least get the chance to get to know me, and realize that Arthur Kade is a tremendous individual that can be learned from, and they can better their life because I will help the way they look and act, and help them make better career decisions.
One of the girls from NYC texted me, and I could tell that she wanted to get together and experienece The Brand at it’s fullest, but even though she was an NYC 8.5, I just felt like she was just looking to use me because of who I am and what I have accomplished. Sometimes I just want to head to a small town in California (I picked that state because even in small towns in CA, there are gorgeous girls unlike any other states), and meet girls who have never heard of “The Journey” and The Brand, but then I realize that if they do find out about it then they will try to wife me harder, so I midas will date 10’s from KA and NYC and save the trouble of them finding out.
Here is a video of the exercise Sharon puts me through to get into character for a monologue where I improv a scene similar to the scene I am about to play and a picture of me in glasses that a giel thought made me look very “Professorish and Mature Sexy”, and maybe should add it to my acting pics (I think the contrast with my hair looks great here, and it may be worth keeping my Blond Lochs and gettig fake glasses for a new “Kade Style” look.
“Sometimes Arthur Kade is a lonely road with a bright ending ahead with his “”Little Oscar”"”…Arthur Kade…09/16/09

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Mancow Muller, You Are Our Only Hope - To Break Arthur Kade To Pieces

Looks like Arthur Kadyshes is finally going on a reputable radio show. It's sad that Arthur thinks it is because his fame is growing. Rather, it's because the curiosity of how one human being can be THAT ridiculous is a hard thing to avoid. Either way, we've got full hope that Mancow will do what other radio shows have failed to do, and that is to call Arthur out on the wide variety of lies he tells in interviews. You know, the ones about getting bottle service all the time (look for some interesting investigative news from us on that soon!), about being an up and coming Hollywood star when you've not acted in anything that anyone has ever seen, or about acting in trailers for pilots that don't stand a chance at being reviewed by "major networks," and plenty of other lies.
The lastest from arthurkade.com:
After another stellar interview with one of the most amazing, largest, and most popular stations in The South (I feel like I have taken the South by storm, and have now built a Ft. Lee like Stronghold in that part of the world and the amount of Fan Mail that I have been getting has been overwhelming and I want them all to know that I am taking “The Journey” to new levels so keep watching), I have now been contacted by one of the biggest, most popular, and most well known syndicated Radio Talk Show Hosts In The World and of all time, Erich Mancow of The Mancow Morning Show. Everyone knows him as the “Howard Stern” of the Midwest (He crushed Stern in The Midwest for years through the 90’s and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the world on his show) and has become one of the most well known and controversial radio shows in the country, and now he gets to talk to one of the most celebrated, fastest rising celebrities in the world, Arthur “Motherfuckin’” Kade (I will be on 6:40 CST ((7:40 EST)) on Monday Sept, 21st so make sure to tune in). His show is syndicated throughout the country, so all my fans from the East to the West will have a chance to see me do what I do, and I am sure that he and his crew will be pumped to know that I am coming on and we can kick it, “Kade Style”. Even Though these interviews are a bit time consuming, it’s one of those things that a celeb of my caliber has to do show the world The Brand’s dominance and growth like my peers in “Young Hollywood”.
I thought my Kadelanta Interview today was a little sterile and lacked the attitude and speed that The Brand and “The Journey” is known for because they asked me real boring questions, but overall the feedback was tremendous with me dominating all of the talking in the interview and giving them “Great Radio”, but I know that Mancow and I will get into the meat of what “The Journey” is all about, and why people around the world have rallied around me to make a future Oscar winner and “A List” Celeb. One of his producers contacted me today and said, “We would like to schedule an interview to talk to you live on the air on the growing popularity of your website and your celebrity”, and I thought this would be a great chance to take The Brand to The Midwest since the show is based in one of my favorite cities, Chicago, and begin the same “Kade Style” domination that I gave in The South.
In the meantime, I had an amazing session with Sharon today to work on a dialogue that I will nailing in Lemon’s class tomorrow from the amazing movie, Doubt, and I could tell that Sharon really liked this part for me because it allowed me to showcase the intensity and frustration that I sometimes feel with people who disagree with “The Journey” because they are too unsophisticated to understand the power and velocity of what I have created, and the vision that I am showcasing for all young actors to become a “Modern Actor”., and I have a Saturday photo shoot scheduled all day on Saturday for the TV show that I have been cast in, and this is being pitched to Major Networks. I have videos but can’t seem to download them right now so I will try and put them up tomorrow.
“When you know you shine bright, make sure to buy yourself another light bulb so you shine even brighter”…Arthur Kade…09/15/09
Here is the link to the interview with Kadelanta’s top station, Q100 (Scroll to the Interview With Arthur Kade), and videos from today:
Here is a great Fan Email showing the power of The Brand in Kadelanta:
Hey Kade! Dude, I never thought I would be able to contact you! I know that I will NEVER be as super as you, but I still try to keep it as kade-style as possible. I hope you will be able to reply, because I am your biggest fan!! As a matter of fact, I was listening to you on The Bert Show this morning in Kadelanta. You totally rocked it out! PS, I thought that was pretty radical when you were kade-scaling them!! Sincerely, Alex

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Arthur Kade Lies His Way Through Yet Another Radio Interview

Check out Arthur Kade's latest radio interview with Q100 Atlanta by clicking the link here.
It's just the same old same old... same old lies, same old delusions of celebrity, same old name dropping of only about three people in Hollywood as evidence that "all of Hollywood knows who he is," same old garbage all the way around.

We did have a great laugh when a woman on the show asked "what award winning roles have you had that we could check you out in?" All Arthur could say was, "I've only been doing this for six months, but the resume is growing and growing." Pretty outstanding to get Arthur to admit that he hasn't acted in anything yet...

Some great closing quotes from the radio show hosts:

"We let him talk for 15 minutes and he bored me at the third minute."
"He was so boring!"
 "If he ever wins award, we hope Kanye will interrupt it. Kanye, we need you!"

Way to go Arthur! Another one down the toilet!
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Guest Blog Written For DatingIsMiserable.com

"Kadeing" is the most offensive thing in a world of offensive things.  More bullshit from Arthur Kadyshes...

Here is the post that I wrote for Amanda Carpenter (Author of her own blog in San Francisco who looks like she is a 6 in her picture with pretty eyes and an Iowa looking face, but potentially chubby soft body from not dieting and “Drinking too much”) from DatingIsMiserable.com. She had it up yesterday, and will have new guest bloggers over there all week, so check it out. I yold her on Twitter today I should have my own dating advice column called “Ask Kadey”. I think her readers were probably blown away by my “Superior” dating techniques, and this is why I get to hang with models and fellow “A List” Celebs like I did last night at the VMA parties in NYC and make out with a couple random hotties like only Arthur Kade can. I also had a couple videos with my speech coach that show the tremendous progress I have made with my lisp, and the TR and DR sounds. I still have my old hair in the videos, which brought a smile to my face because I look so Italian, but my new surfer look is growing on me, and getting the reaction from models and Shane that I did tells me that I have the looks, versatility, and courage to pull it off for “The Journey”.
My name is Arthur Kade, and I am an actor, celebrity, and have my own famous blog calledArthurKade.com where I detail my life and everything that happens in it whether it’s amazing or ugly, and have gained worldwide recognition for selling my six-figure a year financial planning practice and taking 3 years off to pursue my dream of becoming an award winning actor. I have been featured on every type of social and print media you can imagine including Philadelphia Magazine, Gawker, Down By The Hipster, Philly Chit Chat, The Insider, etc.. and have conducted interviews on well known talk shows and radio stations all around the world. I party with celebrities, am followed by A List artists and people in “The Biz”, and I am a sensation that is redefining what I call “The Biz”, and believe that I will be an Oscar winning actor, and will do it The Kade way. I live my life at the highest and most elite levels, and this is what people refer to as “Kade Style”. All the while, I let people in to my thoughts, my world, and the way I am changing, inspiring and redefining the way things work, and doing it all just being Arthur Kade. My journey, is called “The Journey”, and it shows all of the emotional, professional, sexual, and spiritual changes that I am going through, and how I have gone in 6 months from East Coast Socialite and professional to Rising Actor and Soon to Be “A List” Celeb (Many people in “The Biz” comment that I am doing things at a speed and velocity that no one has ever done this, and my acting style is compared to Vince Vaughn and Christian Bale). I also have a famous rating scale of girls that is called the Kade Scale, and is known around the world.
Amanda contacted me and asked me to do a guest blog on her site because she is a long time fan/follower of “The Journey” (She is in San Fran, and she follows me, and my blog is followed around the world by everyone, and growing like a virus everyday) about advice to “The Nice Guy”, and how he can land more girls. Here are some of my thoughts for landing 9’s and 10’s that you want to sleep with, but not necessarily date (If you are looking for a genuine girl to wife, then this may not work, but if you want a girl that is “Stripper Hot” that a nice guy would never land then send me a BIG thank you note after reading this):
1) Talk like you have have a huge cock-Most nice guys are complete and utter losers, and don’t possess the good looks or charm that someone like Arthur Kade has. I have dated supermodels, famous and powerful girls, so when I talk to a girl, I own her mentally. I never let her know that I care, or that I will ever take her seriously, because as soon as you do that then they lose interest. Own them by making them want you, and don’t be scared to tell them to go off (Especially if they are a 9 or 10) because they will want you more. The less you care, the better the blow job.
2) Be seen with a 9 or 10 in Public-Girls want to know that you have fucked the best, so you have to be seen with the best. Even if you have never dated a hot girl, then rent one and make sure everyone sees you with one. When I was in high school, I was “The Ugly Duckling”, but I started hanging around with the hottest girl in the school, and even though we were just friends, I ended up crushing so much quality because girls would say, “If Arthur can pull her, then there must be something we don’t know”, and the girls were lining up for some Kadeing (The process of having sex with Arthur Kade). make sure the girl is “Stripper Hot” (Megan Fox) and not “Mother Hot” (Angelina Jolie), because super hot girls always want to one-up other super hot girls, and will take you in a bathroom and have sex just to walk out and know they won.
3) Don’t be George Clooney, be Dennis Rodman- Most guys all look the same and dress the same , and this will land you some girls because average girls want a “Solid and dependable” guy, and suits and regular outfits will get you the same girl in reverse. If you want a 9 or 10, then stick out!! Be a trend setter, and don’t be afraid to stick out because the more other guys hate on you, the more girls will want you, and will think you are confident in your abilities to bring it to them, “Kade Style”. Wear bright colors, hot hats, skinny jeans, and act like when you walk in a room, P.Diddy is right next to you saying, “Damn that outfit is hot”. I can get almost any 9 or 10 I want because when I walk in a room girls say, “Wow he’s gorgeous, but his outfit is so cool and different” and you want girls thinking you are a trendsetter like me. The George Clooney type gets married, while the Rodman type gets their brains fucked out.
4) Live “Kade Style”- I wrote a blog on my site about the true definition of “Kade Style” which is doing and living things that the “General Population” (Gen Pop as I call it) don’t, and hot girls want to be at the hottest clubs, at the best table, and with a “Made Man” in the socialite circles, so when you meet a 9 or 10, the you need to stop the “Where do you work?” and “What do you do?”, and go with, “I know the owners at Avenue, want to go there and party?”, or “I don’t wait in lines, that’s for losers”, and walk her right in a club. If you don’t have that pull ahead of time, then make friends with club owners, managers, and bouncers ahead of time, spend a night dropping some money there, and make sure the connects are in place so you look like Arthur Kade when you are escorted in to Dusk when you are at a celeb table with Nick Lachey, Robin Thicke and Kristin Cavalleri.
5) Be an Asshole- Many people in “The Biz” refer to me as “The New Bad Boy of Acting” because of how polarizing and controversial I am, but in the end I think like a guy and put it all out there like no one ever has, but still work my ass off to be the best actor in the world because that is the dream, and hot girls love that when they meet me, they automatically think, “I wonder f he’s rating me?”, “I’m not good enough for Arthur Kade”, and my favorite, “He thinks he’s so hot, he would never talk to me”, but as soon as you do, then you can pop the champagne that night because she’s already down.
6) Michael Jordan Syndrome- Hot girls want guys who know they are the best, and that’s what made MJ so great, he knew there were people that could out-jump, out shoot, and out talent him, but in the 4th quarter, he knew no one could out-believe MJ, and that’s what make him the best. When you meet a 9 or 10, you have to have in your mind that your a legend, and they want you to be their #1 draft pick that night, not the other way around, and make them give you a big contract like sex to seal the deal.
These are a few tips that I wanted give Amanda’s Fans, but feel free to come over toArthurKade.com and follow “The Journey”, and all of my contact info is there. Kade Out!

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Rags To Riches

How many more times can I re-post his same old sorry ass shit?  It comes down to this... Arthur is so desperate to be someone other than himself he runs around pretending to be a celebrity.  He's not.  He never will be. He's as delusional as delusional comes. Something else I've taken away from this latest post... Arthur ran to NYC because some random person ACCIDENTALLY called him and told him to come.  Then blew him off.  He didn't even go with any friends.  The man is the sad, sad clown we have always known him to be.  God, I say a little prayer to you... Please give Arthur Kadyshes a truly painful and horrible death.  Maybe you could make him fall down an elevator shaft and then, unable to move because of the broken bones, he is eaten alive by rats?  C'mon, I remember that vengeful God from the Old Testament.  If anyone deserves something like that it's this asshole. 

The amazing story of Arthur Kade, will always be told almost like folk lore because it’s the story of a guy that was born with all the physical tools to be the best, but was out in a jungle where he had to figure out how to survive “The Hustle”, and it was in that fire that I became the warrior I am today. Last night, when the VMA’s started, I was debating heading to NYC for my peer’s after parties but was too lazy because I had a photo shoot today for an interview I had given for Temple, and then I got a completely random call from the girl from Amsterdam who had convinced me to start “The Journey” in Sobe last year (You honestly can’t script this shit, I am a walking Reality Show), and thus thrust me and “The Journey” into the International spotlight. She thought I was some guy named “Joey”, and we figured out that she had somehow confused my number with a friend, and she told me she was in NYC for fashion week with the company she owned, and was heading to the VMA’s and would be with Lady Gaga at the after party, so I asked, “Do you have room for one more?”, and she said “get on a train and get up here”. I thought, “This is a sign from God, and I am a huge Lade fan, so maybe it will be cool to talk with her about “The Journey”, and make a new “A List” Fan (I got a text from a fan in Buffalo who told me he is working with Keanu Reeves on his new movie “Henry’s Crime”, and while they were grabbing drinks, someone said, “Kade Style”, and Keanu said, “I have seen some of that guy’s work” referring to the acting work and celeb stuff I have been doing for the last 6.21 months and I guess I have a new well known Kade Fan).
I got a ride to 30th street Station, jumped on a train, and me an the girl were texting back and forth and she said we would be at Avenue with all the fellow “A Listers” (Madonna, Demi, Lady, Whitney Port, and many others would be soon partying with The Brand, and I was eager to see how they reacted to my new found fame and entrance into their Celeb Country Club). I was so tired, but I wanted to show support for Madonna, Kanye, and Lady G., so I was heading up, and 15 minutes outside of NYC I called the girl again and texted her to no responses (I was beyond pissed at her flakiness because if I wasn’t Arthur Kade and able to go wherever I wanted, I was screwed). I then called my boys who were at The other celeb party at The Rooftop at The Rivington and headed over (Amazing views of the city). When I got there, I didn’t know who’s name I was under at the door, and the door people were being brutal (I kept telling them I was Arthur Kade, but it didn’t even matter because every one there was famous). I waited outside for 15 minutes, and was scared that this would be the first time EVER I have gotten shut out of a party and almost flipped out crying, and then this guy, Sam, standing next to me said, “He’s my plus 1″, and we were escorted in and up to the rooftop (Sam I owe you big time, and I will make sure you get Red Carpet invite and access to my next movie premiere).
I met up with my boys up there, and we talked to gorgeous models the whole time, and then I met Shane Drake (”A List” Music Video Director who was nominated for Best Rock Video, and had won Best Video 2 years ago for Panic At The Disco and also worked with Flo Rida and other HUGE stars), and we totally hit it off from that moment (He was one of the coolest and most down to Earth dudes I have ever met In “The Biz”), and he may join Kent Osborne as my new Cali BFF when I’m out there (He told me “Your hair is fucking awesome man!!”). Him and his people couldn’t have been cooler, and we exchanged numbers and contact info (There was a guy from island Def Jam Records as well), and made sure that we would get in contact to see if we could collaborate on future artist projects (The more I think about it, I may need to get into music as well soon to cross over like Heidi Montag is doing although I am actually very talented). I also ran into Jon Gosselin, and we exchanged pleasantries (I told him I was a huge fan), and we took a picture together which will probably end up in the tabloids because it’s us and he is rolled around like he’s as big as Diddy. It’s Crazy to see)
Once he was done his appearance at The Rivington, we headed over to the hottest party in town at Avenue, and were walked in through the Red Carpet area with Shane, and I said hello to fellow actor Steve Dorff (Blade) and we did a shot together, and then I saw Mickey Rourke and said “What’s up” and we caught up for a minute, and then I headed from the bathroom to our table where there was at least 30 bottles of Cristal, Vodka, and everything else Arthur Kade would like, plus more models than a Gen Popper can imagine. We partied with “Models and Bottles” and closed Avenue, but before we left, I ran into Gerry Butler and said hello as well. Once we left Avenue, Shane had to hop on a plane back to KA, and I needed to get back to the 215 for my photoshoot, so I jumped on a train and headed back.
The only problem is I was so tired from the weekend, that I missed my stop in Philly, and ended up in Wilmington, DE, and had to take a cab back for an extra hundred dollars which sucked (This is why I need to hire my own driver soon, so mistakes don’t happen), and as I was heading back all I could think about was my “Rags To Riches” night of almost having a complete collapse and getting dissed by a girl to partying with fellow current and future “A Lister’s” like my self. It’s awesome being Arthur Kade sometimes because it’s through this “Ridic” hard work and hustle and looks that I have forged this identity, The Brand, and The name that will be remebered as one of the greatest actors of all time. I also texted the girl that I was pissed that she had blown me off, and told her, “I am about to be a household name”, and told her that my people hated what had happened. Not a good way to make friends in “The Biz”, and I know that I always give back to people that I want to help, because I was once one of them.
“On the way up, everybody wants a piece of you, and when you’re at the top, buy them a Bentley”….Arthur Kade…09/14/09
Here is a video and pictures from Me dominating NYC and VMA Parties, “Kade Style” and check out my ridic Radio Interview with Q100 in Kadelanta tommorow at 7:30 AM. with the number 1 show in town, The Bert Show.  It’s gonna be ridic amazing:

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