Kade Exposed! NYC Club and VMA After Party Lies

It has been a few weeks since our first expose on Arthur Kadyshes, and while we want to provide more to our readers, sometimes it takes a little patience as we field suggestions and insider information from our readers. One thing this site does not have a lack of is insider information on Arthur's life, the things he does, and the places he goes. It's no surprise that Arthur lies, and lies a lot, to present a view of himself that just isn't real.

We have been very lucky to receive some great information about Arthur from a somewhat prominent NYC club promoter. He had a ton to share about Arthur, the VMA after party at Avenue (which he attended), the club scene in the city, and most importantly, why Arthur doesn't get into the best clubs in the city. As you can see below, it all shows how Arthur Kade lies constantly about his life and activities. Enjoy!

NYC Club Culture, Bottle Service, and Where Arthur Kade is Not Welcome
On Sunday night Arthur claimed he couldn't get into the rooftop part at the Hotel on Rivington in NYC. Kade wrote, "When I got there, I didn’t know who’s name I was under at the door, and the door people were being brutal (I kept telling them I was Arthur Kade, but it didn’t even matter because every one there was famous)." He ended up getting in because a random person in line took Arthur in as his "+1," but the bottom line is he couldn't get in on his own accord. All the "I'm the balls-ass up and coming Oscar winning actor Arthur Kade" in the world won't work when you're nothing but a nobody.

According to our source, the reason is simple: "Nobody in the NYC club world knows who he is," he said "Some people know of him from blogs like Gawker or Down By The Hipster, but they don't really pay attention. NY'ers don’t' really care about Philly and regional cities - they're just the bridge-and-tunnel tourist crowd."

"People like Kade come to this city and stay in cheaper midtown hotels miles away from the action and go to clubs where the whole point is to attract people like him," he said. "In other words, people dumb enough to spend money on the bottle service model - a total tourist, bridge-and-tunnel trick."

That makes perfect sense considering Arthur's beloved Pod Hotel is located on 51st Street in Midtown, and a club like Avenue is approximately 3 miles away at 17th Street and 10th Avenue in the Meatpacking District, or, as bridge and tunnel trash like Kade call it simply, "the meatpacking." Pod Hotel's average nightly rates? About $160.
The whole nightclub scene in NYC has changed dramatically in the past few years, moving away from an emphasis on bottle service to a more casual atmosphere, but tighter door policies and access. "The only places that still do tons of bottle service are for fools like him that will pay for it," he said. "Nobody cool in NYC buys bottles anymore, and clubs like Beatrice Inn, Rose Bar, Jane Hotel, and the Boom Boom Room at The Standard don’t' even offer Bottle Service."

"Kade would never get into the real elite clubs like these.  One look at his novelty t-shirts and dumb ass hat and he would be denied - much like he was at the Hotel on Rivington the other night.  People like him are a dime a dozen in NYC."

Arthur likes to brag about bottle service constantly, implying that he's comped frequently for bottles of alcohol. Though he may be, it's how the game goes for everyone. "People like Kade are forced to buy bottles to get in and of course they get 'comped' a bottle or two after their dumbasses just bought five bottles for full price," he said.

Also, another rule of thumb in NYC is that nobody who waits in line gets into clubs anyway.  You walk up like you own the place and that's how you get in.  If you are supposed to be there, if you know people, if you bring a bunch of girls, that's how you get in.  Only fools wait in line.  Kade probably just walks up to the front of the line, gives the door guy his credit card and is forced to buy bottles on the spot and is let right in.  Again, because he is a fool.  "He's 3-5 years behind the curve and is utterly 100% full of shit," our source said.  "He is a nobody in NYC.  A total fucking zero.  Not even a blip on the radar.  No NY'er would ever snap a picture with a celebrity - only a tourist would do that and that's what Kade is. He is kidding himself if he believes he is a celebrity, but we both know that already!"

The VMA After-Parties
After Arthur went to Rivington on Sunday night, his next stop was Avenue, host of one of the VMA parties. In his blog "Rags to Riches, Kade claims "I saw Mickey Rourke and said “What’s up” and we caught up for a minute, and then I headed from the bathroom to our table where there was at least 30 bottles of Cristal, Vodka, and everything else Arthur Kade would like, plus more models than a Gen Popper can imagine. We partied with “Models and Bottles” and closed Avenue..."

Our source, who was at Avenue on Sunday night, kept an eye on Kade since he was eager to send some information to us if he saw him. Sure enough, he did, and can 100% dispute Kade's account of the evening:
"Kade said their table had at least 30 bottles of Cristal, Vodka, etc., and took a couple pictures of the table. What he lied about is that he had no connection at all to it. The table belonged to a Malaysian financier who is a great customer at Avenue and has been dropping $150,000 there one night a week. This will seem ridiculous to many people, but it's New York. This stuff happens here. It wasn't Kade's table and he didn't know anybody there. I watched Kade try as hard as he could to mooch, watched him take a few pictures with celebrities and the table, and then he was gone from that section in the bar."

The photo above was provided to us by our source, taken of the table Kade claimed was his. A total and complete lie.
Arthur took this photo at Avenue, claiming it was his table. Pretty far away for a party he was supposedly a part of!
Another photo of the bottle service table Arthur claimed was his.

Our source also had some more information about the VMA after-parties in general in the city:

"Nobody gave a shit about the VMA after-parties.  It was the weekend of Fashion Weekend the best parties of the year are fashion parties during September fashion week, right after everyone gets back into the city after the summer.  Of course Kade came all the way up to NYC for VMA after parties - they're for the Bridge-and-Tunnel crowd.  

While Mickey Rourke and Gerard Butler were at Avenue, everyone from Madonna to Calvin Klein to every supermodel walking the catwalks for fucking fashion week was partying down the street at the Boom Boom Room on the same night."

Finally, we asked our source about differences between the NYC club scene, and the Philly scene that Arthur covets so much. He said:

"In a small market like Philly, club owners will host Kade, because any press for them is cool press.  There really are no real VIP's in such small markets.  Maybe only pro athletes, but there are no elite clubs in Philly or AC where everyone is a VIP like you might find in NYC. Let's be real here - the major cities are NYC, LA, Vegas, and Miami. Everything else is a second-fiddle, regional scene. Nothing wrong with that, but there's no comparison to the major club and nightlife cities in the country."

There you have it folks. More Arthur Kade lies exposed, more delusions shot down. We look forward to your comments!


  1. This information is a bit useless.. I suppose the writer means "major cities for clubs" or something like that..

    The writer seems to be just as elitist as Kade is pretending to be.. listen of COURSE kade did not get into these parties and is not a VIP, we all know this.. this is not news..

    But a lot of times you get into these clubs by paying a fortune in the beginning and doing it over and over thus getting to walk right in.. i'm sure being a celebrity will help as well.. But let's be honest.. the whole clubscene is an immature and stupid concept, as shall and useless as this Kade moron..

    This is coming from a club kid too btw.. Studio 54.. those days are long gone..

  2. I agree in some ways, but let's face it, it's a job to be done by someone (promotion, that is). I don't think the writer sounds nearly as absurd as Kade - I think he did a good job of pointing out how it works to many of us the don't live there and don't know the ins and outs. Paying for bottle service is stupid - that guy he mentions is paying $150K once a week? That's insane.

    But it's pretty funny to hear firsthand about Kade's lies and bullshit.

  3. Doc,

    it's SORT OF how it works.. but not really.. If you live in NYC and frequent these places, you get to know the doormen/managers.. then you get in much easier.. but that is the same with philadelphia etc.

    Point I am trying to make is that line that forms outside these clubs? it truly is for the 25 and under crowd.. no adult will tolerate a line when there are other places to go 1-2 blocks away.

    Clubs are fun sometimes, but hardly a way of life.. the people that are truly "VIP" are just as ridiculous as the ones waiting outside in line.. this is coming from a lifelong clubber too..

    If you are a celebrity and there is 1-2 places in nyc that ONLY lets celebrities in.. well that makes sense.. but if you approched this as a business, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be those clubs.. becuase when the celebrities are not all in there.. who is?

  4. That informer seems to be a bigger douchebag than Kade.

  5. Die cocksucker Kade! You truly are a sad low life prick. Your whole life is a lie that you can't seem to take in from your 'loveable' parents. I wish the brilliant source who provided the information would have slipped rat poison in his drink. Would really have made the headlines in an honorable act of kindness toward humanity. I FUCKIN HATE YOU!

  6. The source is right. As someone who lives in NYC and has lived in Philly, it's true.

    Another point, the hottest VMA party was Jay Z's party in 1Oak. AKA the club Kade loves to rave about and talks about how such he is a baller there. That party hosted everybody who was anybody. Jay Z, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna were dancing together at one point, talk about A-List. Since Kade is such a "hotshot" at that club, it's funny he didn't try to go there isn't it? Seems like Kade knows that he is not really the VIP he pretends to be.

    Also, the guy who dropped the 150,000 on bottles. I think I know who he is. He was at Marquee a weekend or two back, spent a little bit more than that.... Left a 37,000 tip. Maybe it's crazy to you ... but again, this is New York. That's what makes the "source" not such an elitist, but a realist .. this is what our night scene is.... annnnd yes, after 25, if you can't just walk in, NO ONE will wait in line ... this is New York, there is a million other places to go to rather than be subjected to the outdated "buy a bottle" policies that these clubs have to exploit the bridge and tunnel crowd that don't know better.

    Finally, NO ONE in the city would ever snap a picture with a celeb.

  7. Terrible post, reads like it was written by Artie's cousin from NY.

  8. "This is what our night scene is.... this is new york"? Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a night? Bullshit.

    I don't doubt some people spend that much, but it is FAR from the norm. As a New Yorker - that comment is simply not accurate.

  9. this is one of the most informative posts this blog has produced yet.

    but as have been pointed out, the NYC club promoter extensively referenced to in this post sounds like the kind of guy who would never think about having a beer with you in more relaxed quarters once Arthur Kade is totally obliterated from the World Wide Web.

    it's all well and good if we get to obliterate Arthur Kade from the World Wide Web. but then the world will still be an imperfect place afterwards.

  10. The 'club scene'...what a load of fucking cock. It really is a fucked up world. Deluded. All those fucking bellends dancing at the disco, 'fashion week' - I can't begin to articulate my contempt for such shallow, pointless arse biscuits. Fat Gerard Butler and stretched faced Micky Rourke - what a useless cunt that Rourke is - but there'll allways be a silly slut to suck his cock - those fucking Muslims really should get their priorities right and fly a few planes into these shit hole clubs instead of picking on the cream of the banking world. What the fuck did the bankers do to them? Actually, come to think of it, sink New York into the fucking sea - the place is a rancid pit of cuntery

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  12. Thanks for the inside info! Keep it coming!! I love this stuff!! Oh, and Arthur? You're too old to be acting like this, man. Honestly. Get a real job.

  13. NO --

    I'm not saying it's the norm. I'm saying this isn't Philly. You have some the wealthiest people in the world here. So the VIP area in a club in NYC has a much higher bar than some club in Philly. You don't hear about some foreign dignitary coming to Philly just to party and go out, they come to New York.

    I am not looking for a fight about this, but I am in this industry. I worked in Philly doing this and I currently do it here. The VIPs in Philly are dramatically different than those in NYC.

  14. yea i think what the guy above me is saying is.."normal" people dont go spending thousands of dollars every night at a club, but it is not uncommon for very rich VIPs to do it. something we dont have in Philly.

  15. If none of the cool clubs do bottle service anymore, why was the informant at avenue taking pictures of bottles? I guess he doesn't or can't hang out at the new elite non-bottle service clubs either.

    Also - the fact that he is blasting bottle service is comical. Bottle service is the only reason these promoter douches have been able to pay their rent in murray hill over the last few years (not counting mommy and daddy's contribution of course).

    The first commenter was dead on - this post was useless. I love mocking kade and exposing his lies as much as the next guy, but this was really reaching and brought nothing novel or of interest to the table.