Ready For Saturday

He just doesn't get it.  He never will.  He is one delusional fuck.  More moronic idiocy from Philly's sad ass clown, Arthur Kadyshes...

Now that The Brand has tried blonde and brown, I spoke to the producer for the project/trailer that I am cast for which I think has the potential to be groundbreaking and TV changing like other shows like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and even Friends, and he felt that for the part, he wanted me to find a “happy Medium”, because the blonde was a bit too eccentric, and the brown a bit too boring. We decided to agree on Ashey Blonde, which would give me a much more “Summery and Florida Look”, and I told him I would get it colored today. He sent me some pictures of hair color that he thought would look good, and I went in and we nailed it at my parent’s hair salon. Everyone who has seen my hair today has been blown away, and when I went into the Pharmacy to get some lotion for my skin this morning after it was done, the cashier said, ‘I love your hair”, and I smiled and responded, “Thanks, I just got it done”, and she smiled and said, “You are such a handsome boy”. I love when people say that to me not just because I’m Arthur Kade, but because they can see how beautiful and unique my looks are apart from the greatness of “The Journey”.
Everyone at my parent’s salon was complimenting me on my new hair color, and I could see all of them beaming as I walked around after it had been completed, and touched up by my step-mom, who is considered one of the top hairstylists on the East Coast. I emailed the producer the picture of it, and we discussed everything for the shoot for the trailer this Saturday (I am attending the grand opening of Recess on Friday, and then hustling to NYC in the morning, “Kade Style”, killing it for an 8 hour shoot, and then hustling back that night for my grandparent’s 55th Anniversary party at a Russian restaurant), and he also connected me with the costume designer and wardrobe specialist on the project/pilot who has done work for Playboy, and other great mags, and I emailed my measurements so we could plan my looks to get me ready for the photo-op (This production is being handled so professionally, and timely, and I think for my first principle role, I couldn’t have asked for more, and it will probably propel me to a major motion picture once casting directors see me nail my gay doctor role).
I can’t even describe my excitement working on this project because I think it is so original, can open the door for other young actors like myself, and could potentially thrust us to the forefront of Emmy winning television. I just finished an audition for an industrial in NYC and am heading back for my trainer, and the VIP/Press party at Recess, but the audition was very basic (We just slated on camera, showed our frontal region and profile and walked off), and booked by my agent, and I am off. It’s amazing that we working actors go through the effort of hours of work or travel for 3 minutes of work, but it’s all worth it to become brilliant at The Craft, and the feedback that I have been getting on my latest videos tells me my acting has reached into the upper echelon of talent like my young pers in Young Hollywood.


  1. KAIDS workin' the racist angleSeptember 18, 2009 at 4:49 AM

    You're a Backdoor Betty, too.

  2. KAIDS fightin' for AragornSeptember 18, 2009 at 4:50 AM

    Oh, also, first picture:

    You look like an elf from Lord of the Rings, if he had gone on a 6 month coke bender.

  3. Medium African ChildSeptember 18, 2009 at 7:19 AM

    Dear Father Arthur,

    Why you change your golden lion mane to monkey brown hairs? Me so sad, because now when you roar you probably not sound like king of jungle, but sounds like chimpanzee which is not so goods for brand.

    Anyways - not much news from village today because it very quiet in September in Medium African Child village just like in Biz.

    You must keep following the journey because I can see it bringing much happiness and smilings to people.

    With love and affections,

    Medium African Child

  4. I have to say that was the WORST impression of a Southern accent i have ever heard. He better watch out, because if Jimmy Carter sees that video, then KAIDS will be branded a racist.......on top of already being branded a cumb-slurper.

  5. Arthur... re: "Southern Ghetto Accent" - so, in addition to being loathsome, illiterate, sexist and misogynistic, you're racist too. Fantastic. Also, in that video, your skin looks APPALING. The multitude of acne on your jaw line is just nauseating. Jesus.

    To the group: I'd but money down that the alleged producer of the pilot is just f-ing with Artee...f-ing with him HARD. "Hey Arthur, could you go blond...? Uh, yeah. Thanks." "Oh, Arthur, yeah, the blond sucks. Could you go brown? Uh yeah, thanks."

    To the producer: please ask him to be a red head next!!! Please! Make the monkey dance!

  6. Arthur - what the f*ck happened to your Twitter page? G-d you are an incompetent idiot.

  7. And Arthur - have you not noticed your skin is essentially GREY? You look like crap. Seriously. The partying, drinking, drug use, cigarettes, poor diet, lack of sleep and general bad lifestyle are just wrecking you. You need a nutritionist, a facial & exfoliation from an actual salon (not your step-mom's second-rate backwater suburban nightmare), plastic surgery (work on your eyes, Botox touch up and Restalyne for the wrinkles around your mouth), and PRODUCTS. Day cream, night cream, eye cream, facial wash, serum for the pores (at least to start)... for Christ sake. You're a damn mess.

  8. OK, so is this producer guy completely fucking with Kade, sending him back to the dye bottle over and over? Sounds like it to me.

  9. In the first pic, you look like a homeless dude. Shoulda kept the look.

    Nice mental break down in the 4th vid, Artifact. Was that your parents telling you in Russian to take a pill? You sound like a spoiled child not getting his way.

  10. I don't get it... Wouldn't the "best hair colorist/stylist on the east coast" know that it's horribly damaging to hair to be colored three times in 5 days?

    Kade would be so much more tolerable if he didn't fill every post with adjectives to talk up places and people and things. He's called this the "top hair salon in Philly," called it "elite," and said that about his stepmom.

    People, it's pretty damn easy to google "best hair salons in Philadelphia." Guess what you don't find? The Raya Haig salon.

  11. I'd make fun of his appearance, but frankly, why bother when it is truly the least of his problems? What an asshole.

  12. Yo shitfuck, that second picture looks like you do every saturday night after bouncing manloads off of your forehead.

  13. Holy crap... He looks AWFUL in these pics. Just so awful.

    I mean, I'm no prize. I'll be 45 next month, I had bad acne when I was a teenager, and I live in the desert in Southern California where the sun is really harsh, but compared to AK 4.7, I have skin like a newborn baby.

    That just looks so BAD. Like, Stage IV cancer bad. Like Celebrity Death Watch bad. Like, the-worst-part-about-being-homeless-is-weeks-go-by-without-being-able-to-take-a-shower bad.

    Add to that the huge crooked nose, the close set eyes, and the FEMA-Has-Been-Notified disaster that is his hair and it's just about unwatchable. Frankensteinian.

  14. I'm with some of the others on here; I wonder if this producer isn't fucking with him. That would be legendary!

  15. Also. Does he ever drive? Has this guy gotten a DWI or something? He never drives, and I have a hard time believing people would chaufer this grown-ass man around.

  16. Driving to your therapy session? - and this therapist tolerates your incessant bragging and delusions? The cunt's taking your money for fuck all. And in your videos you don't seem like a nice person, you're always trying to belittle someone with sarcastic comments, you pick up on everything someone says and mock it - you truly are a cunt, this isn't a scam, you are a genuine 100% fucking prick. A real turd of a man, an utterly creepy wanker, a bona fide bellend, ..............and your eyes are fucking weird, the arched eyebrows make you look like a fucking sex offender, seriously, I would normally feel compassion for such a cunt but you're the worst type of arsehole.......... nasty

  17. Doesn't his "new hair" (i.e. the "Ashey blonde") look exactly like his old hair? Only now his hair is a little more fried and brillo-pad looking.