Wow, words can't even explain this stupidity.  If any woman ever reads this post and still sleeps with this cock gobbling asshole it will be proof she is an absolute moron or fame whore herself.  More idiocy from the deluded Arthur Kadyshes...

I was thinking about “Perception” this morning because I was getting a ride, “Kade Style” from a beautiful girlfriend to my parent’s hair salon to get my hair darkened a bit more (The Producer of the project I’m the Gay Doctor principal on thought that I needed to be “Browner” so a bit darker than I am now, but lighter than I was, so I am adjusting it today), we started talking about how she read yesterday’s blog (One of the many things I forget is that “The Journey” and it’s example is changing lives, but the knowledge and thoughts that I provide provide a mental and cultural revolution to so many, and it had lead to a conversation with her father about how her boobs being too big may hamper the way men in the corporate world look at her. I was explaining to her that I had the same problem as the “Number 1″ financial advisor in my company for years because I wanted to be taken seriously like a CEO, but my clients and corporate peers just saw a model who was good at sales. This lead to a conversation about how men are perceived at different ages, and what we want at those ages from girls.
1) The Twenties (Zac Effron Years)- This is a decade of experimenting, and the “I’m Invincible” mantra. A man is till looked and perceived as a boy, and feels like time is forever. We just start making money (I was making six-figs this whole decade) to be able to throw at girls and get anyone of them in bed, but the problem is that we are so inexperienced in relationships that girls look at us like dicks they can play with, and they pat us on the head and wish us good luck. The twenties are about getting your heart broken, having no idea what you want, having more threesomes than you can ever count, doing tons of drugs (Yes, I am guilty of that one), and worrying each time you ‘Raw Dog” it until you get your next test and find out you are clean (My friend was joking to me and said about his own sexual history “I’ve Rolled the dice way too many times”, and I laughed and said, ‘I think every guy has, but it’s about not having any little gifts to show for it”) . It’s a decade of discovery of who you are and what you want, but you may blow through millions doing it, but if you’re me, then you live the “Sinatra Life” (I had some throw away 6’s and 7’s drunk back then, but almost gnawed off my arm in the morning when I kicked them out). You live a life that isn’t you, and trying to be someone you’re not.
2) The Thirties (Arthur Kade Years)- When I turned 30, I was ultra depressed because I felt like my youth was over, and I had to do all the things that society was forcing on me. I had made more money than a kid on welfare had ever imagined, had more sexual adventures and girls than anyone can imagine, travelled, and lived a celebrity life, but something was missing. I almost made a choice to get married when I wasn’t ready or wanted to, to make myself look and feel more legit that would have been the worst choice of my life, bought a house that made no sense for who I was, was stuck in a career that had stopped making me happy, and most of all was depressed that I had to be serious about life. What I was missing was that, I was a gorgeous 30 year old who had no commitments like Children or Wife, and still had the chance to live (Sold my practice to start and dominate “The Journey”, realized that I will never be in a situation with a girl that wasn’t what I wanted ((Tried it 3 times to figure that one out)), and money means nothing to me like happiness does), and this is the decade where the light bulb clicked on and I realized that 9’s and 10’s and Little Oscar are all I want. Girls look at you now as a husband rather than a boy, so it’s tougher to use them for one night stands.
3) The Forties (Tom Hanks Years)-If a guy is still single at this age, then he is king of the world, because he understands Exactly what he wants in his life, and what a hot 21 year old needs to be and do to please him, but the downside is that you begin to realize that you are really close to death (Especially if you lived the Arthur Kade life above), and time is short. Thoughts enter your mind about “Your Legacy”, and whether or not you should use a gorgeous model to reproduce to have something to show for yourself (A single 40 year old with a kid can pick up any young girl that he wants because girls love the commitment and feel like they don’t have to ruin their bodies getting pregnant because you already have “The Goods”), and money and retirement becomes the motivator of what you do. For an actor like me, this will be the time that I am probably in my “Tom Hanks” years where I am doing my best work and winning most of my awards, but something tell me that I will still be having a great time with KA 10’s at my house in The Hills.
4) The Fifties (Jack Nicholson Years)-If you are still single, then screw every gorgeous KA 9 or 10 that walks, blow all your money re-living your twenties, and then have a heart attack and die with one of those models riding you to celebrate your 60th birthday and call it a life.
“If you are ever feeling old and tired, then have a threesome with 21 year olds”…Arthur Kade…0i/17/09
Here is the video from class last night. Mike said “That was probably the easiest I have ever worked” in his class.


  1. What exactly does he mean by "Tom Hanks Years?"

    Tom Hanks has been married since 1988. 21 years. He's currently 53, so, by using the easiest math possible, he was married during during his 40s.

    Does Arthur even try during these posts? I mean, Zac Effron only turned 21 this year...

  2. Dear Father Arthur,

    Greetings from Kadeywood House of mother Madonna! It so long since I write and tell you hows I am, and me so sorry for that. You see things here not so good. Remember my adoptions by Madonna?

    Well me tell you one thing, we never see Mother Madonna who have arms and hands like vulture because she so busy with new husband, son of God, Father Jesus and she not like us usings internet in case we breach confidentialness clause. Large African Child have to sneak into Valley of San Fernando to use internets cafe.

    Father Jesus, he not like holy man that missionaries tell us about before we eat them. We think son of god blonde with little beard and halo, but actually he Latino man who do nothing all day but spend Mother Madonna money and ring papparazzi to tell thems where we are.

    Lourdes and Rocco so mean to Large African Child they call me name and pinch me and tell me I not real like them, sometime I could cry. Please, please I wants to run away and live in 215 with you. Let me know if this OK at your earliest conveniences.

    With loves and fondnesses from your son,

    Large African Child

  3. Remember way back when a couple of writers decided to fuck with Arthur. They said he was like a scared little boy. That was fucking funny.

  4. and he named the 50's after Jack Nicholson, who is over 70.

  5. Zac Efron is gay

    Jack Nicholson is 72

    That's all I managed to catch from a skimming. I can't read this stuff anymore. It's too disjointed.

  6. From yesterday's slobbering idiocy:

    "Ultra Good looking people always have a tough time being taken seriously in the dating world, as well as in the professional world...."


    1. You are not "Ultra Good looking".

    2. If you were, life would be a hell of a lot easier for you than for us average-looking people.

    In any group of people, one who is Ultra Good looking will have others gravitate towards them like a moth to a flame. Therefore...they are more likely to be the FIRST to be dateable/hireable.


  7. Now, onto today.

    "I almost made a choice to get married when I wasn't ready or wanted to..."


    Allow me to finish that thought: "...to the girl who dumped my ass and is now probably far happier for it."

    Arthur, you'd best get down on your knees each night (not that way!), and pray to whatever god/goddess/Flying Spaghetti Monster in which you believe, and pray...no, BEG, that some girl falls for your bullshit. Becuase if you don't, oh, you're going to be single well into your "Jack Nicholson years" and beyond...but it won't be by choice.

  8. KAIDS smokin' it pole-styleSeptember 17, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    Man, if only natural selection had taken care of Captain "Raw Doggin' It", by giving him a "Tom Hanks Philly 10"(AIDS).

    Arthur, you should probably be grateful for your abhorrent breath, it's worked better than any OTC prophylactic ever would.

  9. Just watched the video. Oh, dear God.

    Just because your instructor wants the scene "quiet" and for you not to flail around like a spastic monkey on crack DOESN'T mean that he wants you to spend the whole scene standing like a statue and with no inflection or tempo in your speech. Watch the damn video. Watch how your partner (the poor woman who had no idea what she was in for when she paid her entrance tuition) uses gestures, varying levels of eye contact and open/closed body language, and inflections to create a LIVING, BREATHING PERSON, while you...kinda don't. In fact, the effect is exacerbated even more with the sound muted, despite the loss of temporal rhythm in you and your partner's respective speeches.

    I know, I know, this isn't real and I'm wasting my breath. But, damn it, I can't help it. Your videos inspire me to learn from everything you do wrong...but they also frustrate the hell out of me.

    And while we're at it, shave. Dark-ass stubble and Chicken McNugget-batter-colored hair are not a good mix.

  10. Dick-tato. I've been thinking lately, as I read (I use the word loosely) Arty's drivel that he's dictating it to someone. Or someone—someone with artificial boobs—is dictating it to HIM. Take "midas well" the other day, for "might as well." There's no way anyone would make that mistake if he/she were writing. But if you were listening to someone talk over the phone or into a dictaphone, you might.
    I don't know why I care. Just a thought.

  11. shit she disappearedSeptember 17, 2009 at 11:10 AM

    Oh Artzits, you forgot the "Neglect" decade, when your goat-fucking, fresh off the boat, village abortionist/village idiot/village rapist dad abandoned your ass in North East Philly (I don't believe Arthur Kade has a mother. I wager that Papa Kadipshits was exposed to radiation at some point and Artzits is a mutant zit that grew out of Papa's back).

    You also forgot the "Toilet Brush Decade", when your gross 'fro was used to clean the toilets in the locker room when the jocks who actually played fucking sports gave you swirlies. Also, what happened to the "Junior College Years"? You know, those in which you were the campus' cum bucket and had more zits than a teenager working in fast food.

    You may forget you fucking mutant zit, but no one else is.

  12. ^^^ Damn that was fucking funny.

  13. shit she disappearedSeptember 17, 2009 at 11:16 AM

    Also, I'm loving how the chernobyl anal bleach your step-mom used on you has turned your 'fro radioactive. That shit's not blond, it's fucking green as if a class of kindergardneners had boogered up your head.

    Closer and closer to looking like a troll you green haired mutant zit overgrowth.

  14. Does he write this delusional shit himself? Honestly, I don't know where he comes up with this crap. I'm about to start reviewing television shows on my blog because, let's face it, a struggling actor's life can be pretty damn boring and depressing at times.

    Regardless, he is no actor (and was certainly NEVER a model). That much is crystal clear.


  15. Everything he does, and with absolutely everyone, he instantly asks them how good it was. He wants girls to tell him how good he looks, and he asks people how good his acting is. He is after instant gratification, and after years of being a loser, he has found the easiest way to get it is to flat out ask for it, something normal people would never ever do. Over time I am sure he has found that people placate him, so he gets what he wants. It really is a sad shame-spiral that I don't see any end to. Perhaps his parents could have done a better job.
    I teach kids like this every day at school. So sad.

  16. He forgot the wonder years. As in, I wonder how long before someone plays wack-a-kade? And Kego, will you please stop with the models and 10’s and threesomes and traveling and all the rest of the nonsense? Glad you camb clean about the dope (as if everyone didn’t already know), but that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many lie’s that you’ve told that confessing to them all will take quite awhile. Start slow, maybe a couple per day at first then work your way up to maybe ten or more every post. Might catch up in about a year. Maybe. Well, if you stop lying. All right, it ain’t gonna happen, but there would be less.

  17. Regardless, he is no actor…

    Ya think?

    Technically he is an actor… he acts like an idiot, acts like he has a mental illness, acts like he’s on drugs, acts like an idiot. I know I said idiot twice, I like calling him an idiot.

  18. ryan's point (a few posts above) is exactly it... people ask for validation only when they are NOT receiving it.

  19. I just love the phrase" chicken mcnuggets batter colored hair." Brilliant!

    I have to apologize in advance for the fact that I will undoubtedly use that phrase myself (but I will not authorship).

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