Arthur Kade Lies His Way Through Yet Another Radio Interview

Check out Arthur Kade's latest radio interview with Q100 Atlanta by clicking the link here.
It's just the same old same old... same old lies, same old delusions of celebrity, same old name dropping of only about three people in Hollywood as evidence that "all of Hollywood knows who he is," same old garbage all the way around.

We did have a great laugh when a woman on the show asked "what award winning roles have you had that we could check you out in?" All Arthur could say was, "I've only been doing this for six months, but the resume is growing and growing." Pretty outstanding to get Arthur to admit that he hasn't acted in anything yet...

Some great closing quotes from the radio show hosts:

"We let him talk for 15 minutes and he bored me at the third minute."
"He was so boring!"
 "If he ever wins award, we hope Kanye will interrupt it. Kanye, we need you!"

Way to go Arthur! Another one down the toilet!


  1. These interviews say the about Arthur's insanity as the do the radio station's ability to actually ask the questions they want to ask and break Kade down to size.

    If you're a radio show, and you think Kade is a fool, then why don't you go with your intuition and call him out on things, shake him up a bit?

    Ask the obvious questions like "how can you claim to be so good when you have not acted in anything?" Or, "do you realize that it's odd that you have to constantly tell people you are a celebrity when no other actors do that?"

  2. LOL at this Twitter - "@LisaLikes I am the brand because I have created something that is global in so many areas of life. I have become a brand"

    What? Global?

    Traffic Percentage / From:
    84.7% United States
    9.1% Australia
    2.2% United Kingdom
    1.9% Canada
    2.0% Other

  3. It's really funny how they just let him talk. It was all so dry. Oh, but lots of snickering in the background.

    Arthur, since you're definitely reading this blog everyday you should know this: You were AWFUL in yet another interview. You obviously have no consciousness when it comes to realizing that in these precious interviews of yours, you are lying through your teeth. You offer nothing new, and only further expose yourself as a fool.

  4. Jon and Kade plus AIDSSeptember 15, 2009 at 4:37 PM

    hey Brandon what do you think he'll tell the truth? Hi I'm Arthur Kade a 31 year old extra with no job and bad skin. Only a few hundred visit my blog every day, but it's "famous". No one's ever heard of me, but I'm "A-List". He's a liar that never gets laid and probably has a pencil dick. If he could bag a Philly 7 I would be surprised.

  5. Kade only has about 450 twitter followers because he's a boring and unfunny person. I've seen a lot of other accounts with way more followers. Also notice how none of his celebrity "peers" like Jeremy Piven and Rob Thomas don't follow him.

  6. Kade is one of those delusional fools that thinks because they met someone or got their photo with them they are friends.

    Hey Kade, been keeping in touch with Robin Thicke? What about Nick Lachey? What about Vanessa Minnillo? How are they doing? How about Kristin Cavallari?

    The answer is NO because these people don't care about you. They don't care about random leeches that clamor for photos because they deal with it all the time. They're not your friends, they're not your acquaintances - they're just famous celebrities the likes of which you will never know on a deeper level than getting a photo taken with them.

  7. @Tiffany 3:52PM

    Where did you get the traffic data?

  8. Looks like Alexa stats to me

  9. At 5:48, listen closely for "You Suck" LOL. Nobody takes him seriously.

    Arthur people "know" who you are. But at the end of the day, nobody cares. You're a loser with no talent. You're the village idiot.

  10. Quote from South Park:

    "Your ego is so out of whack that it will do whatever it can to protect itself. And people with a messed up ego can do these mental gymnastics to convince themselves they're awesome, when really, they're just douchebags!"

    Sounds about right.

  11. Don't you love his little rehearsed life story: "I was making 6 figures and and sleeping with the most beautiful women in the world, but hated my life"

    Does anybody by into that shit? Nobody cares about you fuckstick.

  12. I hate him. By the way, blog is up and running again.

  13. @Actorinla - Yay! I was hoping it would come back:)

  14. Do you guys think when we are all in heaven, we will be able to see Kade down in hell?

  15. In his post on this (sorry, I have to visit. LWK is good but a bit slow and hasn't put all his videos up. I have to watch the whole car crash) he has a video where he is fucking rude and dismissive to a cab driver (he can't even remember what the job is called), but then the cab driver lulls him in with what he thinks is going to be a great compliment about how he thought he was a rockstar, but then dumps a turd on his plate by saying that his hair doesn't look natural. Watch Kade's shitty reaction to that.

    And now the """""""'Journey"""""""" includes Kade's visits to a bagel shop. And pictures of his food. What next? Used toilet paper, duck-butter scrapings, renegade pubes on the soap? Fuck off you stupid shitbrained fuckturd abortion of a dead whore's cunt.


  16. From twitter
    i am so sick...no stopping though, great dictators dont have off days
    8 minutes ago from web

    We are so close! Break out the bullet proof vests Philly, there is a crazy tornado coming your way.

  17. Oh and Arthur, my friends brother who lives in India walked into a production company to drop off a resume for a graphics position last month. They unfortunately didn't have any graphics positions available so they cast him in a lead role on the most watched TV show in India.

    I guess you could say that he actually has done what no one else has done. He didn't even need to say horrible things on a blog to become an actor.

  18. Oops, was signed in as wife. I hope you get ripped to pieces next week cocksucker.

  19. From @ArthurKade Twitter" Some asian at prive can dance"

    Arthur! Is that how you refer to your puppet master/organ grinder - just 'some' Asain?! That's not very nice.