Rags To Riches

How many more times can I re-post his same old sorry ass shit?  It comes down to this... Arthur is so desperate to be someone other than himself he runs around pretending to be a celebrity.  He's not.  He never will be. He's as delusional as delusional comes. Something else I've taken away from this latest post... Arthur ran to NYC because some random person ACCIDENTALLY called him and told him to come.  Then blew him off.  He didn't even go with any friends.  The man is the sad, sad clown we have always known him to be.  God, I say a little prayer to you... Please give Arthur Kadyshes a truly painful and horrible death.  Maybe you could make him fall down an elevator shaft and then, unable to move because of the broken bones, he is eaten alive by rats?  C'mon, I remember that vengeful God from the Old Testament.  If anyone deserves something like that it's this asshole. 

The amazing story of Arthur Kade, will always be told almost like folk lore because it’s the story of a guy that was born with all the physical tools to be the best, but was out in a jungle where he had to figure out how to survive “The Hustle”, and it was in that fire that I became the warrior I am today. Last night, when the VMA’s started, I was debating heading to NYC for my peer’s after parties but was too lazy because I had a photo shoot today for an interview I had given for Temple, and then I got a completely random call from the girl from Amsterdam who had convinced me to start “The Journey” in Sobe last year (You honestly can’t script this shit, I am a walking Reality Show), and thus thrust me and “The Journey” into the International spotlight. She thought I was some guy named “Joey”, and we figured out that she had somehow confused my number with a friend, and she told me she was in NYC for fashion week with the company she owned, and was heading to the VMA’s and would be with Lady Gaga at the after party, so I asked, “Do you have room for one more?”, and she said “get on a train and get up here”. I thought, “This is a sign from God, and I am a huge Lade fan, so maybe it will be cool to talk with her about “The Journey”, and make a new “A List” Fan (I got a text from a fan in Buffalo who told me he is working with Keanu Reeves on his new movie “Henry’s Crime”, and while they were grabbing drinks, someone said, “Kade Style”, and Keanu said, “I have seen some of that guy’s work” referring to the acting work and celeb stuff I have been doing for the last 6.21 months and I guess I have a new well known Kade Fan).
I got a ride to 30th street Station, jumped on a train, and me an the girl were texting back and forth and she said we would be at Avenue with all the fellow “A Listers” (Madonna, Demi, Lady, Whitney Port, and many others would be soon partying with The Brand, and I was eager to see how they reacted to my new found fame and entrance into their Celeb Country Club). I was so tired, but I wanted to show support for Madonna, Kanye, and Lady G., so I was heading up, and 15 minutes outside of NYC I called the girl again and texted her to no responses (I was beyond pissed at her flakiness because if I wasn’t Arthur Kade and able to go wherever I wanted, I was screwed). I then called my boys who were at The other celeb party at The Rooftop at The Rivington and headed over (Amazing views of the city). When I got there, I didn’t know who’s name I was under at the door, and the door people were being brutal (I kept telling them I was Arthur Kade, but it didn’t even matter because every one there was famous). I waited outside for 15 minutes, and was scared that this would be the first time EVER I have gotten shut out of a party and almost flipped out crying, and then this guy, Sam, standing next to me said, “He’s my plus 1″, and we were escorted in and up to the rooftop (Sam I owe you big time, and I will make sure you get Red Carpet invite and access to my next movie premiere).
I met up with my boys up there, and we talked to gorgeous models the whole time, and then I met Shane Drake (”A List” Music Video Director who was nominated for Best Rock Video, and had won Best Video 2 years ago for Panic At The Disco and also worked with Flo Rida and other HUGE stars), and we totally hit it off from that moment (He was one of the coolest and most down to Earth dudes I have ever met In “The Biz”), and he may join Kent Osborne as my new Cali BFF when I’m out there (He told me “Your hair is fucking awesome man!!”). Him and his people couldn’t have been cooler, and we exchanged numbers and contact info (There was a guy from island Def Jam Records as well), and made sure that we would get in contact to see if we could collaborate on future artist projects (The more I think about it, I may need to get into music as well soon to cross over like Heidi Montag is doing although I am actually very talented). I also ran into Jon Gosselin, and we exchanged pleasantries (I told him I was a huge fan), and we took a picture together which will probably end up in the tabloids because it’s us and he is rolled around like he’s as big as Diddy. It’s Crazy to see)
Once he was done his appearance at The Rivington, we headed over to the hottest party in town at Avenue, and were walked in through the Red Carpet area with Shane, and I said hello to fellow actor Steve Dorff (Blade) and we did a shot together, and then I saw Mickey Rourke and said “What’s up” and we caught up for a minute, and then I headed from the bathroom to our table where there was at least 30 bottles of Cristal, Vodka, and everything else Arthur Kade would like, plus more models than a Gen Popper can imagine. We partied with “Models and Bottles” and closed Avenue, but before we left, I ran into Gerry Butler and said hello as well. Once we left Avenue, Shane had to hop on a plane back to KA, and I needed to get back to the 215 for my photoshoot, so I jumped on a train and headed back.
The only problem is I was so tired from the weekend, that I missed my stop in Philly, and ended up in Wilmington, DE, and had to take a cab back for an extra hundred dollars which sucked (This is why I need to hire my own driver soon, so mistakes don’t happen), and as I was heading back all I could think about was my “Rags To Riches” night of almost having a complete collapse and getting dissed by a girl to partying with fellow current and future “A Lister’s” like my self. It’s awesome being Arthur Kade sometimes because it’s through this “Ridic” hard work and hustle and looks that I have forged this identity, The Brand, and The name that will be remebered as one of the greatest actors of all time. I also texted the girl that I was pissed that she had blown me off, and told her, “I am about to be a household name”, and told her that my people hated what had happened. Not a good way to make friends in “The Biz”, and I know that I always give back to people that I want to help, because I was once one of them.
“On the way up, everybody wants a piece of you, and when you’re at the top, buy them a Bentley”….Arthur Kade…09/14/09
Here is a video and pictures from Me dominating NYC and VMA Parties, “Kade Style” and check out my ridic Radio Interview with Q100 in Kadelanta tommorow at 7:30 AM. with the number 1 show in town, The Bert Show.  It’s gonna be ridic amazing:


  1. Arthur's twitter: "Roger federer. U are the kade of tennis. Frightening. Wonder who my mcenroe is"

    Feder just got upset for the Championship.

    you lose Arthur

  2. Even scarier from fucknuts' Twitter:

    "Check out my guest blog on datingismiserable.com"

  3. Don't hate on Kade just because he hangs with celebs -- it makes you look jealous.

  4. He doesn't "hang" with celebs. Unless by "hang" you mean "bounces around like a jackass on meth in the vicinity of famous people who could give a rat's ass about him." In that case, yes, he does "hang" with celebs.

    Nice try Artie.

  5. Talentless hack is KadeSeptember 14, 2009 at 6:31 PM

    Arthur: No amount of these parties could ever make up for the fact, FACT, that you can't act to save your life. You will never be in anything and will die penniless and alone. Prove me wrong, you can't loser.

    You will die alone.
    No talent, your videos suck.
    No house, no car.
    You have no acting credits, you're an extra and will always be.

    I love not being Arthur Kade, people just rag on him all day lol

  6. I'd just like to defend my blog and let everyone know that I had him on there to show women how the manipulative douches we all end up falling for really think.

    His entry is beyond hilarious!

  7. @Amanda: no need to defend your blog, Art performed as advertised. Douchey as ever.

  8. I wonder what Arthur's girlfriend thinks of it.



  9. lol, Arthur Kade, what a fucking joke. He's rich but somehow dresses like he shops at the Salvation Army. LOOK AT HIS OUTFIT LOL

  10. Where's your girlfriend Danielle? Probably wants to go to bed with a real man every night. Not a pencil dick.

  11. 8=================D

    actual size

  12. I hung out with 50 cent today, does that make me a revolutionary in my 'biz'? i want to rip this guy a new one.

  13. You couldn't pay me to hang around those fake ass middle-aged ho's. Probably just talked about VMA's and other worthless shit all night. It was probably SO boring, as boring as Arthur's pics are

  14. The new hair color makes him look like an older, greasier, pimplier, rapier version of Dutch from the Cobra Kai in Karate Kid

  15. shit she disappearedSeptember 14, 2009 at 8:28 PM


    Arthur Kade is a mouth breathing imbecile who was laid off from his job as an insurance salesman at the beginning of the year. Desperate and near destitute, he sold his dignity to a third rate radio personality called G.N. Kang, who promised him fame and fortune in exchange of being her dancing monkey.

    Their plan was to have Kade write a “Sex and the City” for men meets “Entourage” and help the doofus score some lowly regional entertainment deal. What G.N. Kang didn’t count with was with Artie being a deranged lunatic who has spent the last eight years of his life in therapy. As soon as the little dancing monkey got a little taste of attention, he lost his mind, flying away into an increasingly bizarre, frightening fantasy world (his improv “character” the Kween is the most terrifying evidence of how insane Kade is and is comparable in creepiness with the Buffalo Bill sequence in “Silence of the Lambs”. What’s sad is that Kade is now dancing alone while his so called friends laugh at him, hanging around in case the buffoon scores a reality t.v. deal they can mooch off. The Journey will end with a penniless, destitute Kade trapped in a world of pathetic Hollywood dreams. I can’t think of a more fitting punishment for a truly despicable man.

  16. Jon and Kade plus AIDSSeptember 14, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    Amanda please delete Arthur's post if you have any respect for women. You pretty much gave the sleeziest, most assholish "guy in school" a fuckin megaphone. Thanks a lot.

  17. Is that a broke down pam anderson I see in some of those pics?

  18. Arthur, please kill yourself.

    The World

  19. Seriously?
    I just want you to know....
    oh, nevrmind

  20. Anyone else notice most of the pix being photoshopped?

  21. G'Douche.....!

    Bless you.

  22. Jon and kade plus AIDS hahahahhah best. name. ever.

  23. shit she disappearedSeptember 14, 2009 at 9:53 PM

    Ha. Someone just copied my comment from Dating is Miserable and posted it here. I'll take it as a compliment but maybe I should really get a profile here so no one can post stuff under my moniker.

    @ the person who copied the comment: Thanks, but this will be old news to the regulars here. I've gone on a similar rant before and only went over my theory again at that site because a lot of the readers didn't know who Artzits was.

  24. How do you tell when he’s taken’ it to the next level? I can’t see the line of demarcation.

  25. Today I worked on a post-graduate-but-still-basically-student film. Yes, a STUDENT FILM. Not a "short film which is being submitted to the most balls-ass, hot-ass festivals in the country and will soon propel me to international superstardom due to my scintillating performance as 'guy in the bar who sits next to the main characters and does a reaction shot when they leave'". Just a film that MIGHT be picked up by someone and be shown at some local festival somewhere. Anyway; not my main point.

    This is: one of my fellow "background talent" was my own local version of Arthur Kade.

    1. Bragged about and tried to impress us with the many celebrities he "knows"; i.e. saw somewhere and maybe passed by while working as an extra somewhere.

    2. Had a major lisp and creepy rapey eyes.

    3. Talked about his desire to change careers from security guard to professional actor.

    4. Talked about at least twenty super-hot famous women, and how he'd love to "party" with them.

    5. Talked up his "skillz" as a "playa".

    6. Was an average-looking guy with very little charisma or social skills.

    7. Never, EVER, shut up.

    For those of you who have never worked in any performing arts capacity, there is generally at least one celebrity name-dropper/picture-shower/bragger in any production, no matter how big or small. Usually, they're an annoyance. This guy was TERRIFYING.

    So, question to all of you out there. Do you know/have you met your own version of the AK-4.7? If so, do share. :-)

  26. Kade sucks.

    (I'm sorry I don't have anything intelligent or insightful to contribute to tonight's conversation, but reading bits of his latest blog...I say 'bits' because I can't get through the whole thing anymore...skewered my creative mind, thus the brilliantly simple "Kade sucks" comment.)

    P.S. SURELY someone in Philly is following 'The journey', and I know that posting a video of you beating up Kade on the street would be considered assault and could be used in a court case against you, but please, PLEASE...WILL SOMEONE BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THIS FOOL AND GET IT ON VIDEO?

  27. Magistrate- what's Kimbo Slice doing these days? I know he can't really handle real MMA fighters, but I think he could take AK.

  28. THAT would be spectacular. Perhaps the Legowig webmasters could start a "Kimbo VS Kade" Paypal account so we could all donate a few dollars to pay Kimbo (and a cameraman) to find ol' Acneman on the mean streets of Philadelphia and knock him the FUCK out?

  29. WTF is with the Riddic shit all over this post?? Is he referencing that shitfest "the chronicles of riddic" or Riddick Bowe?"

  30. @ The Big Legowski

    I'm trying really hard. I spent 14 years in NYC, working in politics and non-profit management. Surely you'd think that in all that time I must have run into at least one AK 4.7esque bozo, but I honestly can't think of any. Maybe I lead a charmed life.

    But casting the net a little wider, when I was in high school one summer I was cooking in a restaurant owned by this woman named Marilyn MacMasters. She taught in the Foods program at the local tech school. But to hear her tell it, she was second only to Julia Childs. Anyway, the AK 4.7-type crap she would pull was at our menu meetings when she would claim that just last night at home, she had invented classic dishes that had been around for decades, like Mississippi Mud Pie, Steak Diane, Chicken Valencia, etc.

    It was pretty hilarious. She'd be describing some dish and I'd be there thinking to myself, "Sounds a lot like Mississippi Mud Pie." And then she'd say, "And I thought of a great name for it! I'm calling it 'Mississippi Mud Pie!'"

    So when I go to sleep tonight, thanks to you, I'll be counting my blessings...

    1. No AK 4.7s in my life nor have there been.
    2. I live 2,600 miles away from the only AK 4.7 I know of.
    3. I'm not a woman and thus will probably not be subjected to the Kade Scale.
    4. As far as I know, no one has asked God that I die by being eaten by rats.

  31. News: Kade has just created a fake youtube account for himself! Look for IloveArthurKade!

    He is beyond pathetic...

  32. The ghost of Cindy Brady loves the Moisture of Mr. Belvedere's HairSeptember 15, 2009 at 3:26 AM

    Aaaah - just unkaded myself. Unfriended his facebook, unfollowed his twitter. Feels like I had a digital cyst removed.

  33. Redic is douchebag shorthand for "Rediculous"

    Too bad he uses the word like an idiot. It is meant to describe something of redicule, not extreme in nature as he thinks.

  34. Redic is what his ex girlfriend did.

  35. From @ArthurKade on Twitter: "Roger federer. U are the kade of tennis. Frightening. Wonder who my mcenroe is"

    Hey Douche! Federer LOST. You are such a massive twit.

  36. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlSeptember 15, 2009 at 7:40 AM

    I'd love for that chic who called him and got him to go to NYC only to diss him, to comment on here. That whole tihng wreaks of fould play. High five to whoever made that call!

    Also, who is that nasty looking douchebag in those pix in the gray suit and the super smile? OMG, he looks so fucking creepy! Like, one of those guys who just won't leave you alone...ladies you know what I'm talking about, he's still there even after you pretty much tell him to fuck off. I can see him being Artie's new BFF. Yuck!

  37. @ TLC

    He reminds me of one of those guys from the SNL skit....Night at the Roxburry I think it was called.

    One of those dudes you wanna smash into a wall when no one is looking.

  38. Lies, as told by Arthur Kade from his guest blog post: "If you don’t have that pull ahead of time, then make friends with club owners, managers, and bouncers ahead of time, spend a night dropping some money there, and make sure the connects are in place so you look like Arthur Kade when you are escorted in to Dusk when you are at a celeb table with Nick Lachey, Robin Thicke and Kristin Cavalleri."

    The truth, from the writings of Arthur Kade: "When I got there, I didn’t know who’s name I was under at the door [editorial note: no one - you were under no one's name, Arthur], and the door people were being brutal (I kept telling them I was Arthur Kade, but it didn’t even matter because every one there was famous). I waited outside for 15 minutes, and was scared that this would be the first time EVER I have gotten shut out of a party and almost flipped out crying..."

    You insane, delusional, wanker. Although it has been said, I feel compelled to say it again: you aren't famous. No one knows who you are. You are not a socialite. You're poor. You are not a celebrity. You're a nobody. An ugly, illiterate, aging nobody, Arthur.

    Now go get that Restalyne like I have told you before.

  39. KAIDS making you suffer his shitty breathSeptember 15, 2009 at 8:16 AM

    ...so, another month or so before he starts wearing the skin of women, right?

  40. KAIDS making up words like hencewhySeptember 15, 2009 at 8:18 AM

    HENCEWHY, to wither hast thou come?

  41. hes halfway there kaids, he already walks around with his Little Oscar tucked.
    i can totally see him going out hunting for a 9 or 10 with some good skin and threatening them with the hose

  42. remember when gn kang rage-posted in here, about how people come up to her all day and tell her that she makes their day special? hahahahhahaha that was awesome.