Happy Holidays from Lego Wig Kade!

From our Holiday card to Arthur Kadyshes, a/k/a Cockgobbler, a/k/a El Lego Wig, a/k/a Fin Face, a/k/a Lispy McSlobberfuck, et. al...

December 22, 2009
Dear Douchebag Kadyshes (Rhymes with "Fin Faced Failure"),
This past year was a total success for you!!!!!! Way to go Arthur!!! When someone emailed us that info about the IRS tax lien against you, it was the funniest thing yet--an early Christmas present! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
I'm sure there will be a lot more failure in store for 2010 and we look forward to working with you to publicize your continuing joblessness, poverty, stupidity, ugliness, and toolish behavior.
You are a loser and a joke. Since it's rare someone melts down in such a hilarious way, we'd like to take a minute out of our year to thank you for being the gift that keeps on giving.
And since you're poor, it's extremely generous that you're willing to give us such a great gift. Can't wait for more mockery in 2010....

All the best,

The admins and fans of Lego Wig Kade: The Journey to a Mental Institution (TM)

P.S. Don't kill yourself after reading this. This isn't over yet--we want you around to laugh at. Your "brand" of retardation is truly unique.

All rights reserved.
Copyright 2009.

Add your Holiday wishes below... you just KNOW that Kadyshes reads this blog... comment below to thank him for a "great" 2009 and wishing him a "great" 2010. Total support, total commitment, etc. etc. Hahahaha.
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Arthur Kadyshes, Creepiness, Coke, and Face Rape

Recently numerous blog fans in Philly sent us a link to check out. The link was to a blog by a Philly girl who put herself through college by stripping... and had an awkward encounter with Arthur Kade. She rejected him, of course, and from her account you can see all the signs you'd expect from a creepy douchebag like Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with "Second Generation Sexual Deviant").

On her blog entry, she tells us, #4 is a reference to Arthur Kade. Strippers and female waitresses/bartenders all know that Kade is a weirdo. After they reject him, it's good to know that Kade avoids making eye contact with them again. Sadly, it seems he never really learns... he just goes on being a weirdo.

We confirmed this account from an independent source and we want to thank both people for coming forward on this. Mostly, we want to thank this girl for emailing us and sharing her story.

edit - Apparently, there is a column about "Cocaine Culture" coming soon... about douchebags who try to get girls to come home and hook up by using cocaine. We've gotten a lot of texts and emails saying this is the M.O. of Arthur Kadyshes and Chad G. Boonswang). If you know more about this topic, email us and spill the beans. Someone has the facts, it's just a matter of time until they spill. Drop us a dime, k?

edit 2 - Another commentor has tipped us off that Richard Brian Penn, formerly an enabler of Douchebag Kadyshes, has posted an article mentioning Philadelphia's cocaine culture at the clubs where Kadyshes and Boonswang  piss away their time. RBP, we know you're a Lego Wig Kade reader, so do us a favor and drop us a time... we know you have the goods to help us follow this story... man up and contact us.
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Fin Faced Arthur Kadyshes Owes the IRS!

Ever wonder why uber-loser cockgobbler Arthur Kade gets a lot of phone calls while filming his pathetic mid-day videos? Collections agencies! Kade owes money, y'all... this IRS thing is probably the tip of the iceberg... The following is a Lego Wig Kade exclusive report on Kade's impending poverty. News organizations and other blogs, please credit Lego Wig Kade with breaking this story...

Norristown, PA - This just in from sources at the Montgomery County (PA) Court House -- Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with "Fin Faced Coke Abusing Guido Douchebag) owes the Internal Revenue Service some money! They have a federal tax lien on his piss poor cookie cutter suburban condo. Click here to see the file at the Montgomery County PA Courts website. Basically, this means Arthur doesn't have enough money to pay back taxes he owes and has refused the entreaties of the IRS to pay up. So the IRS took him to court, using his federal tax debt to obtain a lien on his property... meaning that when Arthur does sell the condo, the IRS will be in line to collect what they are owed or the sale can not go through.

There is so much depth we could go into here, but the big message is this--Arthur Kadyshes doesn't have the money to pay this, or he would've paid it months ago. The court case is 8 months old. FinFace needs every dime he can find in his broke ass apartment... so he has to keep stiffing the government until he can get rid of the albatross hanging around his neck sell his condo, which is probably underwater (meaning he most likely owes more on the mortgage than the condo is now worth). So, even when he does sell the condo (it's been on the market nearly a year now!) he won't get much money back, if any.

This has been a short, simple reminder of an indisputable fact: Arthur Kade is a lying, lisping failure at life.
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I'm sick as a dog and he's an asshole so this is the big intro you get. More delusion from Arthur Kadyshes...

There is an amazing price to be paid for being a famous celeb, and last night was a time where Arthur Kade who is a god and icon to so many people around the world, felt something that he hasn’t felt in so long, and that is what it’s like to be looked at like a “Regular man”, and how “Un-Normal” his life has become because of the global popularity of “The Journey” (It looks like there is something HUGE happening middle of next month which will be another HUGE step for “The Journey”, but I can not announce it yet). Having become The Brand, and creating a hit TV Show and authoring an award winning book with “Top International Representation like IMG Media and Trident Media Group”, every Gen Popper who meets me is in awe that they have met someone who “The Biz” looks at as a pioneer, a rebel, ahead of it’s time, and to be honest, it is a great feeling to be above everyone, and know that the level of talent that I possess and as an actor, author, and celebrity rivals almost no-one after 9.532 months in the history of “The Biz”.
I ended up meeting a 21 Year Old (This is such a great age for girls because they are still “Unjaded and not Goldiggers” yet, and looking to have fun and are sexually ridic into threesomes and experimentation, and will do anything you say like a dog getting trained, but see someone my age as a mature sex pot who will give them many orgasms from the experiences of hundreds or thousands of girls I’ve hooked up with) Philly 9.6 last night at Recess (As soon as I saw her, I asked one of the owners “Who is that?”, and when I came closer and met her and her friends I thought she was a Philly 8.8, but her personality was ridic flirtatious and fun, and her face was just beautiful with great eyes, dark Red Hair ((I am so into Red Heads lately, and am dying to see a “Burning Bush” in my face soon)), voluptuous figure with round hips, nice legs, and a great ass, and sexuality and personality that was so the opposite of what I have been dealing with lately (Every girl lately, even the ones with tremendous potential, have just done everything wrong with me, from some trying to make me jealous or ‘Wife” The Brand, to not showing any attention at all, and have all gotten treated by me like an asshole), that for a brief moment she looked at Arthur Kade, “The Man”, instead of Arthur Kade, “The God”, and it was truly surreal to be one of you in Kade Nation.
We hung out the whole time there (I’m very surprised that we didn’t make out, but I wasn’t drinking and didn’t close the way I normally would), and when one of The Entourage (He was baby sitting her drunk friend using our “Divide and Conquer” technique but her friend got so drunk that she was wobbly) came over, I knew it was over because the friend cock blocked me by getting so drunk. The girl and Arthur Kade texted the whole night (She was supposed to send me a pic of her PJ’s for The Blog, but never did so I may have to follow up), and I ended it by saying, “Want Company?” but at that point it was too late to close and “Kade”, and I wanted to work out, and practice The Craft today to get ready for auditions next week.
We talked about “The Journey”, how I have achieved fame so quickly, current “Booty Calls”, and our backgrounds, and all I could think about was how she didn’t care about my fame, money, or social status, and just like The Brand for being a tremendously good looking, sexy, confident man who just wants to sleep with her several times. I gave her my phone and said, “Put your number in”, and she was a bit scared because she thought I might put it on the blog, but I assured her “It’s for Private use only”, and then she actually kept telling me “Maybe I will make the blog”, and all I could think about was tommorow’s title, “The Brand breaks The Drought with a 21 year old hottie”, but unfortunately she was leaving town for a month today so it wasn’t going to happen, but the feeling of having a girl not know or care who I was was enlightening.
There are so many questions that go through my head on a daily basis like “Does this model want me or my fame?”, “What’s it like to be a Gen Popper who has to work for “”Vaginal love”"?”, “Are hot girls more attracted to me because I am a famous actor or author?”, and even, “What would it be like if every person in a room didn’t know me?”, and last night was an example of being a regular guy since “The Journey” began (Although at G, I had at least 10 people come up to me to either shake my hand, tell me they were fans, take pics with Arthur Kade, recite videos, etc…), and the truth is that because I am about to become one of the biggest names in Kademerica, I will probably never know what it is to be normal, but for a few minutes last night, I had an idea.
“Being a nobody and thinking you’re a somebody is funny, but being a somebody and knowing you’re Arthur Kade is omnipotent”…Arthur Kade…12/19/09

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