Arthur Kadyshes, Creepiness, Coke, and Face Rape

Recently numerous blog fans in Philly sent us a link to check out. The link was to a blog by a Philly girl who put herself through college by stripping... and had an awkward encounter with Arthur Kade. She rejected him, of course, and from her account you can see all the signs you'd expect from a creepy douchebag like Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with "Second Generation Sexual Deviant").

On her blog entry, she tells us, #4 is a reference to Arthur Kade. Strippers and female waitresses/bartenders all know that Kade is a weirdo. After they reject him, it's good to know that Kade avoids making eye contact with them again. Sadly, it seems he never really learns... he just goes on being a weirdo.

We confirmed this account from an independent source and we want to thank both people for coming forward on this. Mostly, we want to thank this girl for emailing us and sharing her story.

edit - Apparently, there is a column about "Cocaine Culture" coming soon... about douchebags who try to get girls to come home and hook up by using cocaine. We've gotten a lot of texts and emails saying this is the M.O. of Arthur Kadyshes and Chad G. Boonswang). If you know more about this topic, email us and spill the beans. Someone has the facts, it's just a matter of time until they spill. Drop us a dime, k?

edit 2 - Another commentor has tipped us off that Richard Brian Penn, formerly an enabler of Douchebag Kadyshes, has posted an article mentioning Philadelphia's cocaine culture at the clubs where Kadyshes and Boonswang  piss away their time. RBP, we know you're a Lego Wig Kade reader, so do us a favor and drop us a time... we know you have the goods to help us follow this story... man up and contact us.


  1. First! :o)

    I always thought RBP was a bit of a twat from his comments on here but he actually talks a lot of sense. The coke epidemic in Philly sounds wayyyy more worse than London. Actually most people here have moved on to MDMA and K.

    Loving the term 'Face Rape'. God, Arthur the Goon really is a rapey, rapey bastard isn't he. I dirty and not in a good way.

  2. I like to imagine where Arthur will be in 10 years.

  3. I post here occasionally but am posting this comment anonymously. Some people know my true identity and I’d prefer to keep my personal life off the record if you catch the drift.

    Anyway. The coke scene in Philly is definitely a big one, though the regular night crawlers are a fairly small and identifiable group. Facebook also makes it REALLY easy to figure out who's in the scene if you know who the dealers or regulars are. If you know a dealer or scene regular, check out their friends and I'd guess 1/2 - 3/4 of them are at least semi-regular partiers.

    I try to avoid a lot of the cocaine-friendly venues, some of which aren't as obvious as you might think, mostly because they get pretty boring pretty quickly unless you partake in the street pharmaceutical culture (which I used to occasionally*). Or get really hammered, which I still do on occasion. But I don't judge anyone into that scene, even marginally, mostly because I really could care less what other people do. I expect people to keep out of my business, and I extend them the same courtesy. But seeing as I’ve been to this rodeo a few times, and my extended social circle can be found to dabble in pretty much anything, I can offer a few observations:

    (1) The breadth of the cocaine-using population is huge and diverse. For every 1 person that may be obviously under the influence, there are 3 who keep it completely quiet and you'd never know. And it spans all age groups, social classes, races, etc.

    (2) For every "coke whore" you meet, there are several coke using ladies that don't give themselves up for a rail no matter how badly they may want it. In fact, the coke-user stereotype in general describes a pretty small percentage of the coke population. The rest are nice, friendly, everyday people. They’re doctors, nurses, coffee shop owners, philanthropists, physical therapists, etc. They are hockey moms and high school softball coaches. Cocaine knows no class or occupational boundaries.

    (3) But many coke users are irregular users, probably the majority. Maybe they'll have a party night here and there, but for the most part they don't want or need the drug in their ordinary day or night lives. It’s more of an occasional thing for them, an afterthought even. And they are fairly content with this arrangement.

    (4) A person won’t fiend, jaw clench, talk your ear off, etc., nearly as much (if at all) with Colombian-grade llello as they would with your standard SW Philly dirty snow. And the former is not too hard to find, particularly if you’re willing to pay a premium for it. So the more well-heeled users are even more difficult to identify. They typically come off just like nice, friendly people, which to be frank many of them really are. They often even go home at reasonable hours because the high eases off gently. You won’t find them at Zee Bar at 4 a.m.

    (5) Personally, I’m not against the drug. It’s fun as hell. As long as you keep your wits and standards about you, which is admittedly difficult for some users, it’s a fantastically good time. But, like anything, moderation, self-awareness, and self-control are key to enjoying it; it’s no different than alcohol in that respect. Too much of it, or lack of control over your use of it, and the drug (or alcohol) ends up controlling you.

    So obviously I think there’s a lot of misinformation and mischaracterization out there about the cocaine “culture,” which is a lot more diverse and widespread than it may seem to an unannointed observer.

    *There’s no particular reason I don’t dabble any more. Perhaps I just grew out of it or something. Haven’t really thought about it till just now. I still think it’s a fun drug, just like I think roller coasters are a fun time, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily want to go for a ride.

  4. Oh, and I also agree that the scene is shifting again towards ecstasy. Like in the past month I know of at least a dozen people who popped it, some for the first time and others who hadn't touched it in years. The first timers surprised me most since they're all in their 30s. Who knows why. But I do know I haven't heard of or seen that stuff except in gay clubs since like 2001. It's almost as if Philly got a bigass shipment of X and now it's finally flooded the street.


  5. Wow... coke is so 80's! Never tried it, don't have to... already bounce off the walls and can outlast anyone 'into the night'... last day of posting for me, that's why I'm balls out over 'there'... haven't mentioned a word to Art... directed at the schizoid minion. Tweener? What a sick fuck. My daughers are tween the tweener age and him talking about that makes me wanna kick his scrawny arse.

  6. First of all Leggowig, gotta get "Tweeners" up, it is a glimpse into the mind of a psychopath. I am not kidding. But @Loo, it isn't about "tweens" age-wise like 99.9% of the population uses the word, it means something between fuck-buddies and girls who want commitment or some such mental twisting.

    When it goes up, I will comment more there.

  7. Ok,

    Chad and the people you see sitting with him at rouge or G, are all coke whores.. men and women.. these are people I know.. and I have hung out with.. that I now avoid..

    I don't avoid them because of the coke, I avoid they because they are white trash philly morons.. Useless people that have nothing to offer society in any capacity..

    There is some comingling because you cannot avoid it.. and I am involved in it.. but I have 0 respect for these people, many i'm sure think I am their friends to a certain degree..

    it's not the drug abuse I condemn, it's the dumb fucking mentalities.. Philadelphia is a small 3rd tier city.. and for some reason there are a ton of people here that think of themselves like Arthur and Chad do.. it's quite ridiculous... but I digress..

    In any case.. if this post is to ask if Chad B. and AK and the rest of the crew use coke a TON.. the answer is YES. And that is their MAIN and ONLY way to possibly get a woman too btw

  8. when i asked a friend about chad, and what the hell that dude's story is, she told me that chad is the kind of guy that buys women expensive things. he's got no other in. arthur is kind of quiet and sad. i think he feels out of place. at least that's the vibe i get.

    anyway that last post - not up here yet - is crazy. i knew frat dudes that thought like that back in college - or at least they pretended to. in reality, i think they were just insecure about their masculinity. i would think that by the time they turned 32, they didn't act like that anymore.

  9. @Radda X2,

    Whoa! More Gray Bar Hotel references! I just wikied the word 'Tweener' and there is a character David "Tweener" Apolskis on the show "Prison Break".

  10. Well, now we know what is actually happening when he keeps saying he made out with this girl and that girl and yet always 'fails to close' (urgh). He basically face attacks when he feels like it. Why don't these girls react and make a scene if need be though? The globs of spit in his mouth would have me forceably pushing him away. I feel violated simply imagining it.

    I am not against drugs at all, it is how people handle themselves I have problems with. I did coke when I was younger and felt could afford some, (I now think coke is a colossal waste of money), never slept with anyone to get it tho, thank god. I also never ran out of money because of drugs, or lost a job because of drugs, or based friendships on drugs. It is beyond sad that guys have to trade drugs for sex (what losers) and that girls give it up for drugs (what losers). 'Recreational' drug use is how it should be. Not this seedy and disturbing life-style where I can not imagine anyone having any self-esteem or disposable income left. Thinking about it makes my mind feel slightly rancid.

    Arthur, you are such a low-life.

    @Loo, never seen Prison Break, I shall wiki the word too to get more info. :)

  11. Fuck Arthur Kade and the anal plug he rode in on.

  12. That cocaine culture vid was scary. I hope Kade fucking overdoses and dies.

  13. Julie doesn't cheat or do coke. Get your facts straight

  14. Hold on.. how can she be reffering to Arthur Kade in #4? it says "don't be fooled by his patently good looks"

    This is not arthur kade.. he is NOT good looking..

    or is philadelphia that fucking ugly a place that kade is considered attractive there? can someone help me out with this?

    Or is this girl just fucked in the head?

  15. I know people have pointed this out before, but holy shit his looks have really taken a beating since he started the blog. Not like he was a stunner before, but at least in the beginning days he didn't look completely strung out. Compare his most recent post pics to the ones from early in the year and it's like two different people. Both evil, but two different people nonetheless. Yikes!

  16. Cunt Destroyer 3000 Kade EditionDecember 29, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    He's put on weight