I'm sick as a dog and he's an asshole so this is the big intro you get. More delusion from Arthur Kadyshes...

There is an amazing price to be paid for being a famous celeb, and last night was a time where Arthur Kade who is a god and icon to so many people around the world, felt something that he hasn’t felt in so long, and that is what it’s like to be looked at like a “Regular man”, and how “Un-Normal” his life has become because of the global popularity of “The Journey” (It looks like there is something HUGE happening middle of next month which will be another HUGE step for “The Journey”, but I can not announce it yet). Having become The Brand, and creating a hit TV Show and authoring an award winning book with “Top International Representation like IMG Media and Trident Media Group”, every Gen Popper who meets me is in awe that they have met someone who “The Biz” looks at as a pioneer, a rebel, ahead of it’s time, and to be honest, it is a great feeling to be above everyone, and know that the level of talent that I possess and as an actor, author, and celebrity rivals almost no-one after 9.532 months in the history of “The Biz”.
I ended up meeting a 21 Year Old (This is such a great age for girls because they are still “Unjaded and not Goldiggers” yet, and looking to have fun and are sexually ridic into threesomes and experimentation, and will do anything you say like a dog getting trained, but see someone my age as a mature sex pot who will give them many orgasms from the experiences of hundreds or thousands of girls I’ve hooked up with) Philly 9.6 last night at Recess (As soon as I saw her, I asked one of the owners “Who is that?”, and when I came closer and met her and her friends I thought she was a Philly 8.8, but her personality was ridic flirtatious and fun, and her face was just beautiful with great eyes, dark Red Hair ((I am so into Red Heads lately, and am dying to see a “Burning Bush” in my face soon)), voluptuous figure with round hips, nice legs, and a great ass, and sexuality and personality that was so the opposite of what I have been dealing with lately (Every girl lately, even the ones with tremendous potential, have just done everything wrong with me, from some trying to make me jealous or ‘Wife” The Brand, to not showing any attention at all, and have all gotten treated by me like an asshole), that for a brief moment she looked at Arthur Kade, “The Man”, instead of Arthur Kade, “The God”, and it was truly surreal to be one of you in Kade Nation.
We hung out the whole time there (I’m very surprised that we didn’t make out, but I wasn’t drinking and didn’t close the way I normally would), and when one of The Entourage (He was baby sitting her drunk friend using our “Divide and Conquer” technique but her friend got so drunk that she was wobbly) came over, I knew it was over because the friend cock blocked me by getting so drunk. The girl and Arthur Kade texted the whole night (She was supposed to send me a pic of her PJ’s for The Blog, but never did so I may have to follow up), and I ended it by saying, “Want Company?” but at that point it was too late to close and “Kade”, and I wanted to work out, and practice The Craft today to get ready for auditions next week.
We talked about “The Journey”, how I have achieved fame so quickly, current “Booty Calls”, and our backgrounds, and all I could think about was how she didn’t care about my fame, money, or social status, and just like The Brand for being a tremendously good looking, sexy, confident man who just wants to sleep with her several times. I gave her my phone and said, “Put your number in”, and she was a bit scared because she thought I might put it on the blog, but I assured her “It’s for Private use only”, and then she actually kept telling me “Maybe I will make the blog”, and all I could think about was tommorow’s title, “The Brand breaks The Drought with a 21 year old hottie”, but unfortunately she was leaving town for a month today so it wasn’t going to happen, but the feeling of having a girl not know or care who I was was enlightening.
There are so many questions that go through my head on a daily basis like “Does this model want me or my fame?”, “What’s it like to be a Gen Popper who has to work for “”Vaginal love”"?”, “Are hot girls more attracted to me because I am a famous actor or author?”, and even, “What would it be like if every person in a room didn’t know me?”, and last night was an example of being a regular guy since “The Journey” began (Although at G, I had at least 10 people come up to me to either shake my hand, tell me they were fans, take pics with Arthur Kade, recite videos, etc…), and the truth is that because I am about to become one of the biggest names in Kademerica, I will probably never know what it is to be normal, but for a few minutes last night, I had an idea.
“Being a nobody and thinking you’re a somebody is funny, but being a somebody and knowing you’re Arthur Kade is omnipotent”…Arthur Kade…12/19/09


  1. That empty apartment makes me cry. Are we sure kade isn't squatting somewhere?


    The only way any girl could be remotely interested in Artard is if she has no idea who he is and has never read his blog. Otherwise, any woman in her right mind would run, not walk, as far away from his stank breath and throbbing zit-strewn face.

    This guy has become so despised that what passes for a video with a fan nowadays is footage of some random guy telling him he has a tiny penis. Way to go, Artard!

  3. Not first. Dammit. You see how I utterly failed at posting first? It's the same way Arthur fails at acting, getting laid, writing, speaking, selling insurance to the olds, being drug-free, having furniture, being liked/respected, dressing himself, not getting kicked out Cosi, respecting women, not burning bridges with former coworkers, getting out of Filthadelphia, winning a contest for worst person in Philly, being on Gawker's Douchebags of the Decade list, etc.


    I can't wait until he leaves Phila for L.A.

    not only to have him out of my city (the good name which he has tarnished) but it's going to totally rule when he is all alone out there trying to pull this shit in a city where douchebags like him have perfected this persona. he'll be even less than he already is right now

    if he ever makes it out there, I give him 5 months before he returns to Bustleton Ave with his tail between his legs

  5. there are some freaking hilarious voice comments on Artards' site. By the way, has G-N Kang removed herself from the Kade? I haven't seen her in his videos in a while.

  6. Arthur, the only 'god' you may be is Beelzebub, "lord of the flies". Loathesome, evil-spirited and smelly.

    All this talk and no results about anything physically, financially or occupationally. You are a fucking LOOSER!

    "What's it like to be a Gen Popper wo has to work for ""Vaginal love""? you ask? First of all, yecch, what a disgusting way to put it and secondly, why don't you tell us since you ain't getting any?

    "Being a nobody and thinking you're a somebody is funny, but being a somebody and knowing you're Arthur Kade is omnipotent"...the first part of the sentence IS Arthur Kade, the second part is Arthur Kade's ticket into a mental institution. When are the authorities going to take over I wonder?

  7. @Nadda...

    I was out and about in LA last night and I have to tell you that if he comes here, he won't even be a speck on the map. This city is far out of his league. I could go on why, but we all know. The caliber of people here, albeit quite amusing, he could never hold a candle to. There are too many hungry people here with far more talent in their eye-boogers than he could ever dream of. I wouldn't give him 5 months... maybe 5 days and a trip to Disneyland, where he'd piss off Mickey and get arrested for trying to "Kade" Alice in Wonderland.

    He should really go to NYC... at least there might be a "shot" for him there.

    Whatta creep. I hope that 21 year old runs for the hills. I don't think I've ever read him say 'valuptuous'... maybe he's lowering his standards. Ewwww... poor girl. RUN! SAVE YOURSELF!

  8. .....'being somebody and knowing you're Arthur Kade is omnipotent'.
    Omfuckingnipotent?....you illiterate cunt, that doesn't make sense, you've used the wrong word. Fuck me you're going to need a good editor for your book that doesn't exist....and yet again you put an apostrophe in it's when it should be its.......Arthur, you are an ill educated bragging sad adult, a fucking sad man....I can't express just how laughable you are, the lexicon of the English language is totally inadequate to describe what a cunting cunt you cunting are, and you've got my cunting gander up as well.
    It doesn't stretch the imigination to see how a 21yr old can actually think this cunt has achieved something - the poor girl is just starting her 'journey' through life and, bless her, her cunt spotting radar is in its infancy, not quite developed. But even then, surely even a youngster can spot a bragging idiot when they see one. Ah , the young...they are so innocent and trusting, so ready to accept at face value. I just hope she doesn't allow his lisping mouth and spittle anywhere near her juvenile genitals, please God don't allow it.....cause an earthquake in Japan...a psunami in Thailand....let off a volcano somewhere....drown half of India in a flood but please don't allow Kade anywhere near this innocent angel.

  9. 21-year-old girl: Hook up? What? Us? Ummm... I'd totally like to, but, uhhh... tomorrow I'm leaving town! For a month!

  10. @ english gent, I think he *did* mean omnipotent but because he is Artard and has little grasp of the english language, he should have said something along the lines of 'being Arthur Kade is having omnipotence'. He does think he is 'all powerful'. And the more he talks like that, the better the chances he will be sectioned -- and then we will all have a party and laugh until it hurts.

  11. Zombie here-

    somebody stole all our comments about dicknubbin's last post (the birthday greetings to his imaginary fan's imaginary girlfriend) from here and pasted them over on dicknubbin's blob.

    Arfie, are you having withdrawal symptoms now that we've decided to no longer wipe our asses from your neanderclown blob?

    How pathetic is that? You have to steal eye bleedingly foul insults hurled at you from another site, then put them up on your own tumbleweed filled blob.

    All in order to make yourself seem less like the abject fucking failure we all know you are. Nobody is fooled by this, you throbbing veiny tool- except perhaps you and your tiny coke fried brain.

    Almost time for your close up, anal desmond....

  12. sorry- wipe our asses ON anal's worthless blob...

  13. Zombie here-

    Interesting post title, Lispy.


    This is a destination you are going to reach oh, probably right around St. Patty's day next year.

    On the way, you might stay for a bit in Infamy City, which is in the state of Delusiana.

    While in Infamy City, perhaps you can get a job as a busboy at Cosi, or even better you could sell artwork made from the scabs pulled off your mouth sores.

    But inevitably you'll get kicked out, because you are an annoying turd and everyone always kicks you out.

    At which point you'll head over to Anonymity.

    Anonymity is a suburb of Nowheresburg. You are too bland a failure to live in downtown Nowheresburg, so you'll have to live out in Anonymity- probably on Cypher Avenue, just down from Loser Lane. You'll get an unfurnished efficiency apartment (naturally), move your camp chair in, and be in business. The number of this apartment? #0, obviously.

    After a couple months in Apartment #0, I'm betting you commit suicide by climbing up your own tattered, stretched, and blood smeared arsehole.

    Boring, anal. Boring boring boring. Where's the FAN? He's not boring. Shit, where's the freakin' kween? As shockingly infantile and moronic as your "character" the kween is, it's still not as boring as you are, anal.

    Anal, you are so completely bori..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  14. "Being a nobody and thinking you're somebody is funny, but being both a nobody and Arthur Kade means you're an impotent pimple-face"....ohplease....12/20/09

  15. Oh my God is he unattractive. A few coworkers and I have been reading his blog for a while. We work at at popular modeling agency in New York, and believe me his claim to have been a popular or famous model have been the laugh of our agency. I actually work as a scout and I am always on the lookout for talent. If I saw Arthur, the ONLY thing I might have him model for is in a department store newspaper ad for athletic dad types in their early 40s.

    I've read his blog long enough to see that he thinks he could get away with looking 25 or younger. This is quite the exaggeration. He barely passes for 37. He's 32? Wow people, there is no way he passes for less than 37 in the eyes of a modeling scout.

    We also think it's funny how much he lies, and in how he tries to convince everyone that he was a top model. Why has he never mentioned publications he's been in? Knowing his addiction to lying and bragging about lies, if he'd been in a popular publication he'd have told you by now that he was in GQ, Men's Health, fitness magazines, etc.

    At the most he has modeled for friend's clothing stores, regionally. He is definitely humorous. Figured you would all like to know - not that we want to brag or that it matters - that a very popular New York modeling agency would turn our nose up at him even if we knew nothing about him. He has a very, very odd look. It's amusing that he thinks his nose is a positive attribute.

  16. I tried to simplify it, substituting me for dear Arthur....'....and knowing you're me is omnipotent'. It jars with me, at best it's bad English, at worst it's rancid arsehole cuntery. Anyway, yesterday I shaved my cock hairs and it made my tadger look an inch longer. Can anyone beat that?

  17. I love the comment about gen poppers working for vaginal love....

    all the Gen Poppers out there getting laid...show of hands???? I see lots of hands. Except for Arturd. I'm sure even Zombie is getting a little somethin somethin...... (just kidding, love ya ZKWDY!!!)

    its refuckingdiculous listening to a grown man talking about making out, almost closing, being cockblocked.....for fucks sake wake up and smell the Gay already!!!


  18. Zombie here-

    AB said:
    "I'm sure even Zombie is getting a little somethin somethin'"...

    Well yes I am, thanks for asking Anastasia. I've been "wifed" for some time now, so a lil sump'n sump'n is pretty much standard procedure.

    As said wife is hotter than any slag I've seen anal shitstain doing the beard dance with- let's go high Chicago 9- it's a source of constant amusement watching monkey boy scamper about jibber jabbering about scoring with non-existent women while overtly and covertly trumpeting his profound, base level homosexuality.

    And yeah anal, by and large us gen poppers work for "vaginal love". Those wired a little differently openly profess to seeking a different, er, path. Ain't no shame in what you like, just be like Popeye and confidently state "I yam what I yam". No need to front, and no need to go through laughable cheapjack Rock Hudson monkeyshines.

    Go ahead artie, you ridonkulous queen- fess up, then brokeback up... and then ride your lil' oscar pony in glorious outed abandon.

    Honestly you lil' bitch- nobody, I mean NOBODY, is fooled by the faux macho shithead guido act you so weakly perpetrate. G'head - raise the Rainbow flag and go bite a pillow with pride.

    Sad and confused little fellow, aren't you Lispy?

  19. "...but being a somebody and knowing you're Arthur Kade is omnipotent."

    Well if by "omnipotent", you mean death wish demented and slowly working towards killing oneself with bad food bad coke and horrid lifestyle habits, you might have a point there, you subliterate ape.

    Alternatively, if by "omnipotent" you mean horrified and fully aware that you are a malformed sideshow freak with no hope of ever being accepted by decent people anywhere, then you also might have a point other than the one found on top of your hideous misshapen skull, kadyshes.

    I'm sure this was a tough one to read, Lispy- you just go ahead and gum a couple graham crackers then take a nap... later you can glue macaroni noodles on some cardboard and look at the hamsters.

  20. God Damn you eg! There is a volcano erupting in the Philippines as we talk! Old Man Snax has familly there!

    Kipper Snax

  21. Sorry about that, didn't think there was a chance God would be reading Legowig, but maybe he reads our minds. I hope your folks are ok
    It won't be any consolation to you but at least it means that young lady's genitalia are safe from the dribbling turdy.....but it hardly seems fair exchange - the mysteries of God and all that

  22. Huge Fan at G video: congrats to the fan; he actually managed to make himself look like just as big a douche as Arthur. Firstly, how would he even remotely guess the size of AK's dick? Secondly, WHY would he even remotely guess the size of AK's dick? Thirdly, why would he CONTINUE to pontificate on the size of AK's dick? And fourthly, don't jump in on someone's vlog entry and start throwing them under the bus. No matter how much of a douche AK is, it just makes you look petty and douchy.

  23. Wow, fascinating to learn the ins and outs of vlog etiquette.

  24. I don't know if it's so much "vlog" etiquette as it is human etiquette. Kade is a toolbag, no question, but this "fan" comes off like an even bigger toolbag by hijacking Kade's entry to insult the size of his penis, like some 7th grader.

  25. Posting from England - is this guy something to do with Sacha Baron Cohen? Surely it's a spoof? How can someone be soooooooooo unaware otherwise?

  26. Yes but said "bigger toolbag" didnt take the video home and upload it to his website. Kade did, so he out douched the fan, and what you got against 7th graders.

  27. @ Anon from England at 9:20...

    EVERYbody asks that same question at first and then decides he really is a total asshole even if it may or may not have started out as a spoof 10 months ago. We all here have pretty much just come to the concensus that he is a narcicissist with more than normal grandiosity and possibly a drug problem and possibly aspergers syndrome (tho I don't think the latter two personally)...we do all agree he has serious mental problems, but his actions and words are unforgiveable none the less.

    As to being 'unaware', that is a by-product of narcissisism. His mind turns it all around so that our hate is either jealousy or is actually admiration. Everyone who smiles at him as they walk by 'knows who he is and wishes they were him or having sex with him' (I have to stop smiling at strangers I think). He will tell people who he is and that he is famous and then think that they will remember it forever with awe. His mind tells him he is the most wonderous creature on the planet. If it ever finally breaks through that he is actually nothing special he will have a break-down.

    His attitude toward others -- and toward women especially -- is so terrible and negative that for me at least, I am waiting patiently for things to fall apart.

    If it does turn out to be a spoof, he will have a few people who will probably want to hurt him personally and up close. Plus he will have a really hard time explaining some of his very real actions and attitudes. Keeping up this act for so long would twist his mind. No matter what he fucked up and is a fuck up.

  28. @ ZKWDY:

    I have some bad news, Zombie. All The Gays In The World took a vote at our last convention in beautiful downtown Mussel Shoals, Alabama (thanks for the hospitality! sorry--again!--about all of those phallic topiaries in the park, we got carried away) and it was unanimously decided that we don't want Anal in our club.

    We feel very strongly on this point. So much so that you can have marriage and make those of us proudly serving in the military stay in the closet as long as you keep Anal.


  29. Hahahaha vaginal love. No latent homosexual here, folks!

    Yeah, if you didn't have to work for it, you wouldn't be (1) complaining about how you have to break your "drought" and (2) you wouldn't be bragging like a 12 year old about "totally almost making out with this hot chick".

    Whenever he talks about anything sex related I start getting physically queasy.

  30. Zombie here-

    Drew, first of all thank you for your military service.

    Second, I'm not at all surprised by the results of your vote at the convention. I trust you have high power fire hoses set up in case that foul beastie comes lurking?

    Third- offering up the dubious institution of gov't sanctioned marriage as a trade off for keeping that slimy bag of delusional twattery kade is pretty weak tea... we sure as hell don't want him over on Hetero Island - the cost of cleaning up the vomit alone precludes us from taking on that creepy fuck, let alone the psychological toll he will exact on the women.

    Guess lil' anal's last hope is over with the bestiality folks- he always did have a sheepish grin.

    Finally - don't beat yourself up about the phallic bonsai work... just consider it like a goofy haircut, it'll grow out.

    Oh, and one last thing- I'd like to take this time to discuss how Anal shitmousse kade is a total jagoff, and how his cheesedick act has become completely bori... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

  31. arthur kade is a bitch.

    everyone should boycott even commenting on his stuff in 2010... just keep checking this blog to see WHEN (bc it's a "when" not "if" situation) he falls apart

    then we can all reconvene and laugh/enjoy the memories. for now, we're actually giving him attention, which is what his personality disorder needs.....

  32. Boycott resumed. I just had to get something off my chest with one of the pasty bitches he met this weekend. No one messes with my bestie.

    Zombie, I feel like you walked in on me looking at porn.


  33. Gen Pop here:

    I've honored the boycott. NO withdrawl symptoms yet! Although I did want to scream "CUNT" several times.

    I hope I don't get the DT's!

    May need a Kade Rehab Program.

    Trying............hard.....not......to...........respond.........to ............ his...........idiocy!

  34. @GPop,

    I was bad. I have a big mouth. Oh well...

    I think I'm going to scream "CUNT" outloud in my car on the way home. Sounds like a good plan. Then I'm going home and Blondie is coming over to drink wine and talk shit, I mean, we're going to "craft" and "author"... and scream "CUNT" a few more times!

    Be strong. Or Zombie will find you. :)

  35. remember, if you boycott him, it WILL catch on and it WILL drive him crazy. he will be forced to either write his own comments or copy/paste other comments... and it will be even MORE obvious than his emails to himself...

    it hurts him so. much. more. when people do not pay attention!!!

  36. <-- Totally down with the boycott.

    Sort of reminds me of the riddle about how do you punish a masochist.

    We're all sort of in a relationship with the product of an abusive childhood. Because the attention that Anal got from his parents was ridicule and derision, to survive his mind interpreted that as love. Now, despite those years of therapy (he never mentions any more which has evidently been as successful as the thpeech therapeee and the actingk clatheth), he reads mockery and vitriolic hatred as adulation.

    Thus, depriving him of these--which most people would experience as calming and affirming, pretty much ought to make him what theoretical psychologists refer to as "Totally Fecking Batshit."

  37. arthur's self image is linked strongly to his ability to generate a response in others... as long as there is SOME response, he can spin it as being "controversial" yet "successful". in his mind, he's like madonna or (more recently) adam lambert. he's just soooo fabulous that he demands a response.

    the boycott at dipshit's site has gone poorly, IMO. there is still enough traffic there that he isn't having to freak out and write/copy/paste opinions on his own blog.

    until he sees almost NO comments, he won't piece it together. as long as he sees a response, he thinks HE is in control. he is jobless and virtually friendless... through his blog he still has some control. even negative feedback fills his needs.

    summary: STOP FUCKING POSTING ON KADE'S BLOG, PEOPLE. you KNOW he reads this blog... if anything, post here. but do not feed him. you'd think the negativity hurts him, but in reality he doesn't see it that way.

  38. ZKWDY here-

    Lwig the K is right, people.

    Anal Kade, dicksmoker, is nothing less than the gaseous greasy blob that ate all the shame in the universe.

    He is a semi-sentient, vaguely ambulatory slurry made up of giveaway slogan t-shirts, leftover tuna salad, crushed coke vials, grease, and discarded axe spray bottles. There are also trace elements of douche vinegar, red bull, etc. but we digress.

    Although this foul combination is enough to keep him a good country mile away from sex with any mammal of any gender(s), it also makes him impervious to all conventional weaponry, up to and including nuclear armaments.

    What's worse is that any energy hurled his way- such as the blistering screeds of hatred and loathing we launch here and on his home blob en masse- is sucked in by this awful thing, and makes it more virulently douchey and heinous.

    Our only hope is to withhold all attention and energy from this evil entity.

    Even when goaded by his spotty cum smeared lackeys Reality bytes(cock) and Ego munch? we must resist- these obvious boonswang sockpuppets make for easy targets, but keep in mind every time you squash that little roach you pad shitschmear's comment totals. Which is seen as attention, which means the beast is fed again.

    Do not feed the sick thing, and it will shrivel and die. Decent people everywhere are counting on us, let it be our finest hour....

    On another note- gargantu-turd has a new post up featuring such gems as "brilliancing my craft" just begging for a proper evisceration - how's about we get it up on the Wig so we can tear it up?

  39. Agreed. Let 'er rip!

  40. Gen Pop here:

    I'll admit to being an avid poster using Gen Pop and other "names". I was good for maybe 5+ posts per idiot topic (including insults on the Photos). I haven't posted for 5 days!

    Long Live The Boycott~

  41. I miss Twitter Theater.

  42. we (the admins) have grown tired of Dipshitz as well... so it's taking longer to post his crap bc no one cares to log in that much... it's not that we don't care AT ALL... but he's going to keep spewing crap in the short run anyway... in the long run, it's more important NOT to respond and NOT to make it seem like he has "followers".

    i'm sure someone will post his shit (i personally don't care enough anymore) sometime tonight.

    i'll leave you all with one tip that i learned my first yr as a psychiatry resident. an attending was making a very broad point during rounds... relating human psychology to a system. if a system is failing--be it mechanical, electrical, economic, or societal, the BEST way to ensure that it fails is to withdraw energy and do nothing. bad systems fail on their own and often fail more quickly that way. arthur can't keep flailing away on his blog/twitter forever... it takes money and resources to live, to say nothing of sanity and self esteem. so he's on a clock, while we are not. we have jobs, families, friends... enjoy those things... and check back ocassionally. we will post his shit when we have time, but we're not stalking him or putting effort into it... we are withdrawing effort. the point of this blog, at this time, is MOSTLY to catalogue his douchebaggery for further analysis LATER, and to ensure that his downfall is both epic and public.

    so withdraw energy... find a new hobby... comment here when you feel like it, but don't read his shit in real time, let it sit a few days. there is 0% chance that kade can carry on with this shit if he's getting under, say, 20 comments a post. psychologically he won't handle it. he will have to make up more and more shit, go more and more insane, and really start burning bridges... just refrain from visiting his site and commenting. stop relying on him for LOLs. you'll see the difference it makes.

    on the other hand, if you keep thinking "well, i'll just write one or two comments on his posts", what that does is encourage others to break their boycott as well... bc you are contributing interesting shit bashing kade... that is far more interesting than what kade said. so everyone wants to jump and in bash kade and a boycott never happens.

    trust me, there are more laughs to be had by stopping reading or commenting on his shit. just rely on us to get it up, even if its late, and comment here... but overall we need to withdraw the energy of giving a shit (even if all he is = a LOL here and there)

  43. I saw this on a gossip website and thought how much this could have been finface.


    "He was working out one day at the gym and a well known tranny caught his eye. So he gave her the signal and they ended up in the bathroom where he told her it wasn’t the first time he’d been with a tranny and then she blew him and the entire time it was all cocktalk as he kept asking her “Do you know whose dick you’re sucking…?” like she was supposed to be honored by his penis in her mouth. With him, it’s always about ego. Even when he’s being serviced, he still needs affirmation for his ego.

  44. i agree with what the guy at 1:47 said... if you respond to chad boonswang or arthur kade sockpuppets (comments they post to make you guys comment more) you're just allowing them to *appear* that kade is a topic of a real discussion

    think how much FUNNIER and SADDER it will be when chad/arthur not only have to write a handful of fake comments but start to have to write dozens on each post to appear "popular" or "notorious". MUCH FUNNIER! trust me.

  45. You guys are kidding yourselves if you think that posting here instead of at his blog will have any negative effect on his perceived marketability.

    The very fact that another site exists solely to tear him down makes Arthur even more marketable. Granted, even then, he's not very marketable BUT having sites that are devoted to hating on him ups his stock in the end. It's sad but this is the world we live in.

    So go ahead and try to take his traffic and boycott his site. In the end, neither of those approaches have made nor will make much of a dent. If you really wanted him to go away, you'd close down this blog. Whether you care to admit it or not, this place is helping the douche bag.

  46. he's going to fail either way, i am not deluded that we're changing the end result.

    either way, he loses.

    however, his mind WILL explode if traffic at both sites dies down and he has to work even HARDER to feign relevance.

    i have considered closing this site down... but i think it's far more funny to have this up as a monument to his doucheness and as a forum for public mockery once he goes crazy/kills boonswang/kills his dad/whatever else he does

    i can't wait for the meltdown! but i don't think we're changing that result, so much as fucking enjoying it when it happens

  47. Whatever you do, don't close the site down for a while yet, please! I've got two videos and a voicemail in production.
    I agree with the boycott; I haven't been to his site in over a week. I've been to his Youtube page, but only to get footage.
    It's possible that the negative attention we (and this site) give ol' VacuumSnout might enlarge his notoriety (and ego, no doubt), but I would guess that most newcomers will be turned off after the first five minutes and leave, never to return.

  48. That greasy-faced, pit-stained, nail-biting, spit-mouthed, lispy fucktard Arthur Kadyshes has a tax lien of $1,168.21.

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