Fin Faced Arthur Kadyshes Owes the IRS!

Ever wonder why uber-loser cockgobbler Arthur Kade gets a lot of phone calls while filming his pathetic mid-day videos? Collections agencies! Kade owes money, y'all... this IRS thing is probably the tip of the iceberg... The following is a Lego Wig Kade exclusive report on Kade's impending poverty. News organizations and other blogs, please credit Lego Wig Kade with breaking this story...

Norristown, PA - This just in from sources at the Montgomery County (PA) Court House -- Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with "Fin Faced Coke Abusing Guido Douchebag) owes the Internal Revenue Service some money! They have a federal tax lien on his piss poor cookie cutter suburban condo. Click here to see the file at the Montgomery County PA Courts website. Basically, this means Arthur doesn't have enough money to pay back taxes he owes and has refused the entreaties of the IRS to pay up. So the IRS took him to court, using his federal tax debt to obtain a lien on his property... meaning that when Arthur does sell the condo, the IRS will be in line to collect what they are owed or the sale can not go through.

There is so much depth we could go into here, but the big message is this--Arthur Kadyshes doesn't have the money to pay this, or he would've paid it months ago. The court case is 8 months old. FinFace needs every dime he can find in his broke ass apartment... so he has to keep stiffing the government until he can get rid of the albatross hanging around his neck sell his condo, which is probably underwater (meaning he most likely owes more on the mortgage than the condo is now worth). So, even when he does sell the condo (it's been on the market nearly a year now!) he won't get much money back, if any.

This has been a short, simple reminder of an indisputable fact: Arthur Kade is a lying, lisping failure at life.


  1. I fucking love this blog. The truth is always better than Cock Gobbler's fiction.

  2. Again.. I'm waiting for the mass murder/suicide

    that is what I am waiting for.

  3. The reason Arthur Kade's phone is always ringing in his daytime photos? COLLECTIONS AGENCIES. FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

  4. From the Court records, it looks like the lien was released. Any word on that?