Kent Osborne sends a video from Sundance

The Fin Faced Lisping Nobody tries and fails to attract paparazzi attention, doesn't realize that Kent Osborne and his friends are laughing at him rather than with him, and then does more of his pedestrian Kween Krap. Kind of zzzzz, but Kent took the time to email us, so we gotta give respect. Kent really added some firsthand video footage to the whole experience, back when it was funnier. And Kent, in fairness to you, we'd probably enjoy doing what you're doing too.

from       Kent Osborne <kentosborne@[redacted].net>

to        legowigkade@gmail.com
date         Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 7:00 PM
subject      arthur in park city
signed-by       [redacted].net
hide details 7:00 PM (6 hours ago)

hey legowig!
i'm not sure if this video will cure your boredom, but it's the best i can do!
- kent

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