Arthur Kade Insults and Secretly Videotapes W South Beach Pool Guests

In Arthur's latest posts (which we'll get to soon enough) he posted a video of him sitting poolside at the W. In this video he secretly videotapes two women without their permission, calls them ugly, and attempts to shout "Hey ugly girls" from across the pool.

We wanted to make sure this video doesn't get deleted, so we've got our own version below. Seems like the kind of thing the W Hotel managers might like to know about - that one of their guests is acting inappropriately and immaturely, is filming other guests without their permission and is also calling them ugly. 

Seems like a good enough reason to call the hotel at (305) 938-3000 and let them know, don't you think? 


We just received this response from a W manager in South Beach:

Hello Lego,
We do not allow videotaping of our guests for any reason without their permission. We have contacted YouTube regarding its removal. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In turn; we would ask that you remove your video as well. Thank you.
Warm wishes, W South Beach
There you have it folks. Another win for LegoWig, another example of Arthur Kade being a classless, immature, disrespectful,rule-breaking nuisance. Our Sunday couldn't get any better - whether he gets kicked out of the hotel or not - but we have the facts, and he's getting called out now by the very hotel he's staying in for his actions. It's really amusing that a person who calls himself "elite" and a "socialite" and an "A-Lister" and a future award winning actor and writer, and who demeans regular people daily acts like this - like a cancerous cretin with no ability to act his age.
We have removed the video and will be taking it down from YouTube as they have requested. The video served its purpose, and that was to alert W Staff of Arthur's horribly immature existence.
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The Miami Investment

I'll give you one guess as to what the overall theme of this latest post is... yup, you got it, DELUSION! What really strikes me is just how sad these three videos are. His "pre-game dancing" is him ALONE in a hotel room dancing. He doesn't even have someone there to shoot the fucking video. It'd be sad if he was dancing alone and someone else was shooting the video, but dancing alone AND shooting the video is just fucking pathetic. The second video... can you imagine being so low class Philly Russian-Jew that being on a boat is something you need to video and act like a 12 year old during their first limo ride? It's so telling when boring ass shit impresses someone. The third video... ugh. What can I say about someone who videos themselves taking a leak and bragging about shit that isn't really happening? Models all over you, Art? Really? And somehow the guy who takes pictures of EVERYTHING can't manage ONE FUCKING PHOTO with these models who are all over him? Highly unlikely. Oh, I also included a great screen shot of the video. I love that guys face looking at the deluded monkey video taping himself while pissing. More made up bullshit from the fucking Cock Gobbling Arthur Kadyshes himself...

Physics is an amazing science because it tells the Gen Pop that there are certain results of Gravity that if there is a cause then there is an effect, and The Gen Pop listens to these rules, and follows them to the tee, but when you’re Arthur Kade, Celebrity/Author/Actor/Model, who decided a long time ago that he was going to create his own rules, this is what has led him to become a famous writer and actor in just 9.1101 months, and the more people are around his polarizing and controversial personality, the more they see that his rules just make more sense. This theory applies to every aspect of life, but no where does it apply more to them with girls, where The Brand is a king of seduction, and can pretty much close anything he wants, and the reason this works is because he never cares about losing. Some girls will have weird opinions of Arthur Kade when they first meet him because he is a great looking guy with a tremendous amount of confidence (Some Gen Poppers incorrectly view this as cockiness) that can be a bit too much machismo, but my charm grows on every girl and I get to enjoy them sexually and sensually.
I was hoping for a lower key night in Miami last night to prepare for the HUGE invite only “Art Basil” parties that I will be attending tonight and tomorrow (HUGE Christian Louboutin party at SET tonight, and I wonder if he will want to meet me and collaborate using my extensive marketing capabilties), so we started with an invite only party at Epic (A Kimpton Hotel with a Boat next to it where we had to take off our shoes to go on the boat, and every girl was a Miami 6 or lower, so I decided to drink the tequila HARD to get in gear for the rest of the night and forget the situation). From there, we stopped by the hottest restaurant in SOBE, Prime 112 , which is owned by our boy Miles Chefetz (I want his life because the celebs kiss his ass on a daily basis because in Miami, he is bigger than them), said hello to him, talked about Philly sports and caught up, and then headed back to the hottest place in town, The W Hotel, where we were meeting one of our promoter friends for a private party at WALL and WET. The party was insane where I saw my boy Steve Dorff, Naomi Campbell, and other fellow celebs, and it was fun watching all the Gen Poppers trying to get in while we just strolled in like Kings of Miami as always.
Once we were in, and after talking to 2 girls for a bit, we went to the beautiful pool area, and at around 1AM, The Entourage ran into 2 girls we had met a week earlier in Philly (One is a “Modelesque” NYC 9.36, who looks like Heidi Klum with freckles, gorgeous legs, and perfect sized shoulders, and a super sexy Canadian accent, and who was cold to The Brand at first meeting because she thought he was a bit conceited and pompous, but his charm throughout the night definitely cheered her up and probably won her over), and after a few drinks, headed to WALL to finish the night where somehow Arthur Kade was dancing in the middle of the raised speaker of the club with the paid dancer there, “Kade Style”. The whole time at WALL, I was trying to make out with the NYC girl (I went in for the kill which she doesn’t remember, because I brought it up right now at the pool while she’s lying next to me, and I told her she tilted her head and the side of our lips touched instead of making out, and I said “Are you fucking serious?”, and she responded with a remark that sounded like Korean because we were all wasted), but she kept telling me that “She was scared of me” (Girls are always scared of The Brand because he is Arthur Kade and I guess my celeb aura is a bit overwhelming), so I wasn’t going to make the investment of trying too hard after that, and instead decided to get drunk while she danced with a bigger Black guy, and I talked to her friend telling her, “Get Him Away”, but it wasn’t working, so I figured with the rest of the weekend and many 10’s who will want a Kadeing ahead, I wasn’t making “The Investment” (This is the maximum effort that a Gen Popper puts into a pretty girl spending the whole night trying to sleep with her, but ends up getting nowhere because instead of playing “Hard to Get” and making her want to get on her knees for some love, she instead knows she has you, and goes to the next thing who is a “Bad Boy” like The Brand). I ran into her at the W pool today and we all hung out, and then watched a guy who met her the night before come for a “Day Date” and told her “I pay $10,000 for my apartment”, and “I just had a horrible divorce” (Who says something stupid like that), and when she came back over, I knew that he had lost “The Investment” battle, and then when he asked her to meet him at SET later, I laughed and knew she would probably hook up with me instead tonight (The funniest thing is that she is laying right next to me right now as I type this blog, and knows this is true as she reads it because outside of being extremely good looking, I am a rising celeb in “The Biz”, and she is now a fan of “The Journey” ((Her and her friend actually checked my blog this morning to see if they had been written about))).
I somehow ended up in my room at the end of the night with 2 slices of pizza, and a huge hangover, but I didn’t feel horrible because Arthur Kade didn’t make “The Investment” that most Gen Poppers do in a hot girl, because when you are a celebrity, and have a TV show in Development with IMG Media and a NY Times Bestseller with Trident Media Group, the girl will want you when you don’t care, and considering that I am about to be one of the biggest celebs in the world, why make an investment in a stock when you can buy another one that will give you an immediate return with dividends. Watching the guy who came to meet her today and woo her while I sat back in my beach chair and relaxed, I thought to myself, “Arthur Kade should just charge him $2,000 month instead of his condo fees to help teach him what to say to hot girls to actually get laid”.
BIG Audition at 1pm tomorrow, and it also looks like I am being booked for the “Warrior Role” in the feature film which I will begin training for next week.
“If Sleeping with hot girls is like baking a cake, then the Brand writes recipes like Betty Crocker for The Gen Pop”…Arthur Kade…12/04/09

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Arrival in Miami Not Kadeami

So Arthur arrive in Miami yesterday... he can't believe the pilot didn't recognize him... he thought the pilot said "have a nice day" because it was him, not because pilots say that to everyone as they leave the plane... he took a video at baggage claim, wearing a self-painted t-shirt that says "Kade Style" on the front and "Kade Out" on the back... he checked into the W hotel as if he were checking into a million dollar a night palace, as if what he's doing is inaccessible to the "gen pop" he so despises... he posted an absurd amount of childish and immature twitter posts about where he was... he thinks he's a "jet setter" when he's only flying for the second time all year... and he thinks he's an international jet setter when he has not even been out of the country this year at all... he thinks he thinks that flying and checking into a hotel and having lunch is "more than most gen-poppers do in a week."

Miami, we feel so sorry for you. We're sorry that this talentless creep from Philadelphia is visiting your town and thinks he owns the place. We're sorry you have to be infected with the disgusting head-to-toe nightmare that is Arthur Kade. We're sorry that this guy is walking about taking photos and videos constantly, and posting to Twitter from his phone. We're sorry that a person who has accomplished nothing thinks he is going to "dominate" your city as if he is a multi-million dollar earning celebrity. We sympathize with you, truly.

All lies and unprovable nonsense are highlighted below:

It’s official that The Brand has arrived in Kadeami, and the amazing Gen Pop domination that Arthur Kade is famous for is about to begin at levels this city hasn’t seen in years. I have gotten emails from Kade Nation Fnas from around the globe begging me to update as much as possible to see if I meet a “Drought” Breaker, How the audition and Potential Gig go on Saturday and Sunday, and most importantly to view how a celebrity and International “Jet Setter” in his prime, parties in one of the hottest cities in the world. There are many private parties that we have already been invited to, and plenty of vagina to spread around, and knowing that I have a killer audition for “The Journey” this weekend is just a cherry on top because all I have been hearing about is how December is a “Dead Month” for auditions and work, and how every casting director and “Bizzer” is checked out until January, but the fact that I have booked multiple auditions and a potential “Warrior Role” on a film are a testament to my fortitude to The Craft, especially while authoring a hit book and developing a hit TV Show. I have already met some fellow models that will potentially be joining Philadelphia’s favorite son tonight (The best moment of the day so far was a random Kade Nation Fan stopping me outside the W on Collins, and saying, “You’re that Guy from Philadelphia!!”, and I smiled and said “I’ll write about you on ArthurKade.com tonight, what’s your name or let’s do a video?”, and he replied, “I can’t do a video, but thanks man”, and rolled off into the street).
Here are the details from my arrival so far, Pictures and vids from the hottest hotel in Miami, The Newly Opened W Hotel (This place is so “Kade Style”), and the 5 star Setai Hotel where we just grabbed a quick dinner before hitting the invitation only parties that only Arthur Kade gains access to (The crazy thing is I have only been here 3 hours and The Brand already has done more than most Gen Poppers do here in a week) and I’m interested to see what celeb friends I run into and exchange “Biz” talk with about my progress and updates on “The Journey”. I may take it a bit easier tonight just because Friday and Saturday are going to be insane with dinners, events, and clubs, but anytime I say that, I wake up with an NYC 9 or 10 next to me, wondering how she got there and how I will get her to leave.
“”Jet Setting” isn’t about where you travel, but what stewardesses you get to play with in your personal private Jet”…Arthur Kade…12/03/09

Finally, we grabbed this image from the YouTube video above. Yes folks, it appears that he used stencils and spray paint to make a shirt that says "Kade Style." There really are no words that define how totally stupid this is.

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Looking Like a Fag

Remember when he gayed out over Rain the South Korean Singer and promised to be ripped by Labor Day? Well it's fucking December and he only has a quasi-four-pack and no real definition. He brings in a new lie about his father being a champion fencer in Russia and talks about "retiring" from an industry he was never in. More from Arty "half-done" Radishes. -JBone

Having been a professional model (Now in Retirement for the most part), Arthur Kade understands all of the tricks and the trades involved in manipulating the Human Body quickly, and making sure that I look as amazing as possible for an audition, photoshoot, or gig in “The Biz”, and it involves several killer workouts, no drinking for a few days, and of course a major dieting regimen that I have adapted from great boxers who drop weight for fights like Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Bernie Hopkins who are bigger guys who need to weigh in at low weights. Last week, I was 15 Lbs. over my target weight at 6″2′ of 175, so I came in at 190Lbs., but I am now coming in at a sleek, muscular, and lean, 182 Lbs., and by the PSA audition on Saturday (If I land this it will be pay for my trip, be a great resume builder on the commercial side for “The Journey”, and sounds like a crazy fun shoot) I will be at or close to target weight. I also understand what needs to be done to make my already close to flawless skin (The Accutane totally cleared me up, and outside of a few pimples here and there that are quickly “Popable”, ((instead of the monster volcano-zits I used to get)), my skin looks great to where one girlfriend said to me yesterday, “I can’t believe how great your face looks”) look perfect on the day of the shoot, and because I have a perfect “V-Cut” when I am slimmed down (41L Jacket, 16 34/35 shirt, 30 1/2 waist), I can pretty much be fitted in any piece of clothing and make it look “Natural” and “Mannequin” and when I am shaved down everywhere, many people have called my body “Perfect”.

Having amazing genetics (Papa Kade was a champion, Olympic-Level fencer in the U.S.S.R.), and still being and looking ultra young (I had a casting director email me yesterday that I am being auditioned for a principal role for a 25 year old teacher), I am fortunate I can still “Rip Down” when needed, but taking care of The Brand’s body is essential to a long lasting acting and authoring career.

I am off to the airport for Kadeami domination on “The Biz” side and pleasure side now, so keep reading because if this trip is like all others, the blogs will be legendary. I will try and update as much as possible, but The Entourage and Arthur Kade have already called our “Political Connects”, and we are all set to own “MY-AMI” (Kadeami). I have a ton of press announcements coming soon (One HUGE one that I can’t release due to confidentiality requests, but a couple others which show my Global Expansion around the world to help spread The Brand and “The Journey” to a home near every Gen Popper). I would also like to wish “The Journey” a happy 9 month anniversary today, and if the next 9 months goes anything like this, Arthur Kade will be on track to purchase his first castle when the TV Show with IMG Media and The Book with Trident Media Group hit and the final migration to KA happens in 2010.

“If Being Beautiful is like a marathon to most Gen Poppers, then The Brand is Carl Lewis”…Arthur Kade…12/03/09

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Tiger's Women, Wherein Arthur Thinks He's Equal to Tiger Woods

People, your mind is bound to explode after reading even 1/10th of the post below. How can anyone - even a person as stupid and deluded as Arthur Kade - honestly think they are comparable to Tiger Woods? Does Kade giggle when he writes crap like this knowing he's just trying to get a reaction? Does he really believe it? How in the world does someone who is hated by everyone, who has not acted in anything, who has not writen anything other than his abysmal blog think he's at all relatable to Tiger Woods?

Lies and nonsense Kade can and will never prove are highlighted below:

Being a celeb like Tiger Woods, and having girls throwing themselves at The Brand everywhere he goes because of the popularity of “The Journey”, I completely understand why Tiger did what he did, and the type of temptation that comes with being in “The Public Eye” and not just a regular Gen Popper. I have girls who want monogamy all the time, but it’s so hard to commit when you’re a future Acting and NY Times Bestselling star because you will feel guilty if you cheat, but also it can hurt your marketability and endorsements. I Think it is important to take Tiger’s situation and breakdown the ratings I have for each girl involved, talk about his apology statement, and have a heart to heart to with every celeb figure like The Brand, as to some tips as to what to do to avoid getting caught when you’re cheating (People ask me all the time “Kade, have you cheated?”, and the answer is always, “Maybe?”). People like Tiger and Arthur Kade always have tabloids following us (I have attached a new Gawker ((Or should I just call it “Gawkade” because of all the coverage they give me on a 24/7 basis)) article that labels me under the term, “Heroes” and talks about the character research I will be doing for my potential “Warrior Role” in a feature film with one of my great Body Pics of the year from Arthur Kade), and it is nearly impossible not to get caught in this media age for M.I.M.’s (Moguls in the Making), so this is why I sometimes question whether The Brand can ever settle down at all? Here is the Gawkade article and my Tiger thoughts:

1) The Wifey (KA 8.8)- Elin is a very attractive and sexy girl, but from moment one, I have always viewed her as “Mother Hot” rather than “Stripper Hot” (The Angelina Jolie Syndrome that gets worse with each kid, hence why my future mate and Arthur Kade may just adopt African children and teach them about Judiasm), and she has great legs, nice firm tits, and a pretty Scandinavian Face, but I can see where he would stray because she just doesn’t have that “I want to take you in the bathroom and ravage you look”, but yet I could see her being great at a black tie event talking to all the other mothers about the dining set she just bought. At Times shes looks a bit manly, and her legs aren’t long enough for a high level model, and in this picture I feel like her nose is a bit thick for her face which would prompt me to pay for her to thin it a bit, and it gives her kind of a Gina-Lee Nolan Look which went out with Pam Anderson in the 90’s.
2) Rachel Uchitel (NYC 9.3)-Arthur Kade has met Rachel in person in NYC, and I can honestly say that she is one of the hottest and sexiest “Non-Celeb” girls that I have ever encountered in that city, and the way she carries herself is beyond sexual, but yet she has a “St. Tropezish” quality about her that makes her stick out in a crowd with beautiful hair, amazing lips and legs, great olive skin, and the “I Run This Town Swagga” that only entities like The Brand can display, and she would be a 9.8-10 if she were younger (It is so hard to give any girl over 30 higher than a 9.5) and a celeb (Although someone said today, “She is a celeb now”), so maybe that will elevate her rating. When I met her at Griffin, there were a bunch of models and supermodels in the room and at our table, and I remember saying to my friend who I had a table with, “She dominates all of those girls”. She denies the affair though, but I can understand why Tiger would.
3) “Hooters Special” (KA 6.8)- Jaimee is not attractive at all, and I just don’t get what my man Tiger was thinking, especially because he has a “Frisbee Face” (A Face that is round like a Wham-O Frisbee), smaller “Pancake Tits”, and looks like a typical trashy girl that you could find at a Hooters in Jacksonville, FL who is married by 22, has three kids, and smoke cigarettes whil serving you food. She has a nice lower body, and there is a certain trailer park Trashiness sex appeal about her where I could see having sex with her in every position possible, but I could also see her being a “Pin Hole In the Condom Girl”, that would lure Tiger into making some more “EuroAsian” babies. She reminds me of a girl that I met in “PB” (Pacific Beach), San Diego who I met at MoonDoggy’s and ended up rescheduling my flight home to Philly on a Sunday for great sex at her apartment, but never called again because I could never bring her home to Mama Kade.
The Apology:
Listening to Tiger’s concise apology was perfect, because the trick to not getting into more trouble when you have already been caught for cheating is just say “I am Sorry” or “My Bad” and this will help keep the lid on the other girls that will start coming out of the walls claiming you had sex with them or impregnated them. I am a huge fan of the “Deny, Deny, Deny” approach to cheating, but this is where celebrity can get us all, because you have unlimited resources in the mags that cover us like US Weekly and People who will go to all ends to get interviews and investigate everything going on, and then when it comes out Arthur Kade can look like one of His “Man Crushes”, Bill Clinton after Monica sucker punched him. Never release more info than needed, and hope it goes away, but something tells me Tiger has a “Kade Style” headache ahead.
Some tips to avoid getting caught cheating when you’re a celeb like Arthur Kade:
1) Use a “Kade Phone” (Like a “Bat Phone” but better as a “Kadeism”) where you have a separate phone that can never be linked back to you, and one that you’re wife or piece will never find. make sure it rings anonymous when you call as well.
2) NEVER Leave Voicemails, BBM’s or Texts-This is ultimately what sunk Tiger with the Hooters Girl, because now she has concrete proof that they have a relationship. Arthur Kade only leaves voicemails when it’s friends, and they have to be general in nature like, “Hey, it’s The Brand, give me a call back”, and keep his BBM’s and Texts to a minimum (Not that I really have anything to hide because I’m not married, and it’s my job to take down 9’s and 10’s and do or say whatever it take to make it happen for Kade Nation)
3) Pack your own Condoms-This prevents the piece on the side from “Pinning” it or giving you an old one that is apt to break, and a when a girl is fame hungry, they will do just about anything in their delusional world to lock down stars like Kade and Woods.
4) Communication goes through your “Reps” or “Team”-Never talk directly to the girl by any media source that can be tracked, but instead have your agent, publicist, or manager make all the arrangements for any “Get Togethers”.
5) Fuck, but don’t be seen- Always have little get-aways that you can meet the girl where no Gen Poppers can ever see you or report on you (Dubai during a HUGE Golf tournament is a perfect example of where not to meet), and this way you can send the message to “The Piece” that, “This is just sex, hence why the Wifey gets the Mansion, and you get the Motel”.
6) NEVER say-”I love you”, “I’ll leave my wife”, “This is the best sex ever”, or my all time favorite, “I made a mistake marrying her”.
7) Never complain about money or Pressure in front of her-It’s hard to believe Tiger actually complained about not being “Financially Stable” (Hasn’t He Made a Billion Dollars already?) or “The Pressure Gets to me” because for warriors like him and us, we can never let anyone know this. We live for the pressure, and it is in that pressure where we excel the most, but I think this is Tiger’s way of letting Gen Pop Girls look at him like more of a human, and thus give him better sex.
 8) The Aftermath-If and when you’re caught, and out of options, pull a “Kobe”, and cry in public, say you love your family, and of course buy your wife a $4 Million Dollar ring to make her support you in public. The whole “Wife stands By Me” move goes so far in the public’s eyes, and make you look more Gen Poppish, rather than an arrogant celeb.
“Being a celebrity means not ever being able to hide when you’ve fucked up, so make a bunch of money so that you can buy your way out”…Arthur Kade…12/02/09
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Girls, If You Like Sex With Psychotic Immature Freaks, Arthur Kade is Looking For You

The latest post from Arthur Kade, "The Drought Breaker," is below. It's probably one of the most disgusting of any of his posts. It's almost impossible to believe that someone who writes like this - and on this topic - also thinks he's going to win a Pulitzer Prize for writing. Newsflash Arthur - there is no prize for best impersonation of a deranged 10 year old who has never been laid. 
The last video is just as disturbing. It's really funny listening to Arthur ramble on about why he doesn't date, because he had his heart broken, blah blah blah. Grow a pair already Arthur, you're a 32 year old man for crying out loud!

While at dinner after an amazing work out tonight with one of The Entourage, we started discussing how The Drought is now reaching epic proportions (10 months on Dec. 12th, and I wonder if this technically qualifies me as a virgin again although with the countless girls I have had in my life time if a Gen Popper still averages it out I am still ahead of anyone I know but one person), and I started talking about when I do finally decide to experience the “Kingdom of Warmth” again, what will the actual experience be like. At first, I started talking about whether Arthur Kade will go the first few times like a “Minute Man” just to get the rust off, and then get back to old form (I don’t think this will happen because even during this time I have ejaculated in or on tons of girls in other areas, and I have still held on really well), or will I just go 12 time the first night and keep exploding like the Hoover Dam with cracks in it. The conversation quickly turned to the opposite gender, and we discussed instead what type of girl will I get, and the various styles that girls are in bed, and I decided to break them down. Every girl has a different “Game” in bed, and some are better than others and we wondered which one I would get to break “The Drought”.

1) The Assassin-This is the girl that is all about The penis and “Penal Insertion”, and wants to just do whatever it takes to get it inside of her as quickly as possible. There is little foreplay involved, and usually the girl will warm up by giving oral sex to get you fully erect, and then jump you to finish you off. These girls are great when you just want a “Quickie”, but if it’s consistent than it gets boring and repetitive.
2) The SHE-RA-This is the girl that is ultra aggressive in bed, and looks at you like the girl, and will “Fuck You” rather than the other way around. I am not a huge fan of girls like this because they will work so hard that sometimes it feels like your penis may break in half, and it becomes impossible to ejaculate because you are thinking, “Am I going to have to go the hospital after this”. I once had a girl who rode me so hard that it hurt to pee for 2 days after.
3) The Starlet- This girl is very artistic in nature, and is probably in some type of craft that involves beauty or physical movements and heavy physical judgement, and at nature is very insecure with her body, and will be very shy in bed. This girl may not want to remove certain clothes during sex, stay under the covers so you can’t view her body, and once you are done, she will cover up and literally run into the bathroom to clean up. Since The Brand has slept with models, actresses, and artists of all kinds, this girl will feel judged and will not bring that same “Artistic Talent” to sex, and Arthur Kade will usually be “One and Done”.
4) The Rammer-This girl will want you to ram her as hard and as long as possible and Usually it will be either Doggystyle or Missionary since this is the easiest way to gather full pushing force and maximum motion of inertia. They are usually the hardest ones to make ejaculate because it takes so long and so effort to make it happen, and by the time it does you are a ball of sweat and half-erect because it feels more like camp labor then sex. This can be great when you’re have crazy drunk sex when it’s harder to cum anyway, but otherwise can get a bit annoying.
5) The Schwartzkopf-This girl is military in style where she will bark out orders through out sex like “More to the right”, “Now my clit”, “Turn Me around”, and my all time favorite, “Go faster and and then slower”, and it ca easily de-masculate men to the point where they feel like they are taking orders like a Marine. These girls are usually devoid of Passion and Heart, and look at sex like a battle that troops are fighting rather than a sensual experience of two organisms sharing a bond of fluids and emotion.
6) The Cirque De Soleil-This is the girl who feels like everytime she is having sex with Arthur Kade, she has to put on the performance of a lifetime, and will act like a caged animal instead of herself. I compare to actors with less skill level trying to overact, and it can end up feeling fake, and like you should have payed $11 at the door, but sometimes if you can settle the girl down and harness the positive energy and relax the show, it can make it amazing sex after all. These are also the girls who will be most apt to video tape because they want to feel like they are filming a porno with you, and I had one years ago who when I watched our tape years ago, I said, “Wow, we should get paid money for this”.
7) The Einstein-This is the girl that is just amazing in bed, and can adjust herself to accommodate any style that matches up with what the man wants, and knows her body inside and out, and will usually play with herself during sex, or do whatever it takes to get you and her off. She can be wild at times, and sensual at others, and understands what it takes to make the both of you happy. The Brand has found strippers to be the best at this because they will transfer their entertainment and physiological abilities to the bedroom and create ecstasy, and also they love threesomes with other strippers (I dated a stripper years ago who would bring home other co-workers, some who were married, and they would trade me and their husbands like Topps Basball Cards.
8 )The Dead-Fish-Just cut bait, and throw it back in the water
Here is a video of a random fan of “The Journey” from Kadelanta who yelled “Kade!?!?” on the street when he walked by me several times but I had my I-pod on, and when he stopped me, he said, “This is crazy. I read your blog. I am a HUGE fan”, so I did a Kade Nation Video with him (He told me he was in from out of town on business, but his face was so cute and priceless because he looked like a little kid who got the bike he wanted for Christmas), and also a video of me doing street Karaoke on Market Street showing off my vocal Improv Talents, and an acting vid with Sharon. I also received an interview request from a Japanese magazine showing my The Brand’s continuing Global expansion to The Far East.
“The Hardest Things in Life are Doing The Hardest Things”…Arthur Kade…12/1/09

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Business And Pleasure In Miami

I really hope god (small "G" cause it's Arthur's god) IS talking to Arthur and sending him messages that get him down to Miami for a reason. Unlike Arthur, I don't think it's so he'll get a role in a commercial. I'm hoping that God (my God is pretending to be Arthur's god) is really just getting him down there so he can have him end up in a really bad situation that will end his life. I'm thinking it would be fitting for Arthur to somehow end up handcuffed in a bathtub while some Cuban drug dealer tickles him with a chainsaw. Ahhhh, but do any of us have that much luck going for us? Probably not. A boy can dream, though, right? Anyway, Lispy McSlobberfuck continues to be deluded in this post (yeah, big surprise, right?) and once again grabs the videos we posted and tried to pass them off as homages to himself. Christ, he's fucking pathetic. More delusion and stupidity from Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with radishes)...

Arthur Kade has dominated and left a lasting impression in so many cities around the world, but few have felt the amazing pounding and throttling from The Brand that Miami (I consider SOBE in many ways to be my second home because if there is any city outside of Philly that I potentially have a bunch of unknown Little Kades running around, then Miami’s it) has, and I have been envisioning a “Kade Style” vaca down there for months, but because of the work involved with “The Journey”, developing a hit TV Show with IMG Media, and writing a book with Trident Media Group, The Brand was scared he may never get away. Members of The Entourage had already booked their trip to go down and dominate one of the top events in that city, “Art Basil” (For anyone that doesn’t know about the event, there are more KA 10’s per square mile in one area than almost anywhere on Earth, and I joked to Papa Kade today, “”The Drought”" may not just go down once, but a dozen times down there”) , and as I was on the fence today I got an email that I was booked for a final audition for a good paying commercial down there which will be cast on Saturday and filmed on Sunday. That was god’s way of telling Arthur Kade, “Pack a box of Trojans and book your ticket now, because your resume and penis will both be potentially very happy soon”. In Miami, I am a king, and am treated like a top VIP from years back when I was banging one on the hottest VIP hostesses down there, and I have been at parties with my boys: Diddy, Jamie, and Malcolm Jamal Warner (I used his full name because most people don’t remember the Cosby show), and more athletes than a “Jock Sniffer” (This is the term we give Gen Pop girls who bang athletes like it’s their religion, and there are a bunch in Philly who have been passed around like a fumble on 4th and 1) could ever touch, so this is going to be a combo of fun, sun, work, and most of all, “Kade Style” domination (One great story is when I met a Chicago 8.45 with a pretty face, great HUGE tits, but needed to drop about 8Lbs., at Nobu while on post -extension on a conference with work, and ended up with her in the service elevator almost having sex, and then brought her back to a suite at The Royal Palms that I shared with 2 co-workers, destroyed her all night, and then my other co-worker came in at 5 AM who had hooked up somewhere else, and as she hid under the sheets on the pull out sofa, he said, “Is someone here with you???” and as she peaked out, he said, “You better not steal my wallet!”, and then I asked her to leave in the morn, and we laughed about it for hours because I gave her a fake number to meet me later).
It is also ironic that in many ways “The Journey” started there over NYE when Olcay told me, “Go For It!!”, and here I am 8.9464 months later getting a direct message from god to be down there again, especially because I am on the cusp of such greatness and celebrity that only a few of my peers like Pitt, Clooney, and Brando have experienced, that I feel like something special will happen while I’m down there. There are so many times (One occurred today) that I hear Papa Kade’s words to me, “You have chosen a hard and lonely path to walk”, where I realize that despite all the fame, the celeb status, the vagina that’s thrown in my face like Water Ice, and the awards and money that I will soon have, that this is a road that Arthur Kade walks alone, but today is one of those days where I know that god tests me to be the biggest and most famous actor and writer in the world, and communicates and says, “Brand, make the hard choices now, so that you can make easy ones later on when you have touched Little Oscar”.
I also am being heavily considered for a principal “Warrior Role” in a feature film (I think I am not even being asked to audition which is great) , and we have already cleared that I am available on the shoot dates in Jan., but they want to see video of my acting abilities (I will send them the incredible clip of me doing David Mamet’s Heist in Mike Lemon’s class so they can see that I have mastered the art of “Less Is More” in my film acting), and I need to practice riding horses, spear fighting, and sword fighting to prepare for filming (I learned both spear and sword fighting during my month long stint as a warrior on M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender”, but I need to work with an instructor this or next week to brush up on my amazing technique, and I will also practice horse riding as well and video everything for Kade Nation). Great actors will spend weeks/months preparing for a role (A perfect example is Dustin Hoffman spending months studying “Autistic People” for his Oscar Winning Role in “Rainman”), and I want my fellow “Bizzers” and the Gen Pop to see what it means to become a successful working actor like Arthur Kade.
“Arthur Kade’s heart is what taught him how to lose, it is his pain that taught him to become a champion, but it will be his balls that make Him a Dynasty”…Arthur Kade…11/30/09
Here are 2 absolutely genius FAN Videos a friend just emailed me he saw on another site (It is truly humbling and flattering to see the level of obsession that Kade Nation has to it’s King), and a great Kade Nation Email I received from a Lesbian Fan In Australia (I love when I am hot enough that I could turn a Gay Woman straight on another continent)
“Hi Mr. Kade,
I’ve never sent fanmail before but I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I’m a huge Kade fan. Do you think “The Journey” will ever take you to Australia? I bet you could totally kill it Kade style here in the land down under. Will your best-selling book be available in Australia? I hope you do a book tour here; that would be awesome. I might even get to meet you! 
Also, this is kind of a personal question, but have you ever slept with a lesbian? I’m just wondering because I’m a lesbian but I find myself attracted to you anyway. Just curious if it’s only me, or if that’s just the Kade effect in action.  You’re way out of my league anyway, but a girl can dream!
Can’t wait to see you on the big screen,

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Outstanding New LegoWig Fan Videos!

We've got to hand it to our fans - they love this blog and love going out of their way to provide us with some entertaining and hilarious videos and pictures. Over on arthurkade.com, he resorts to making up emails that fans supposedly sent to him, or is too stupid to see that actual "fan" emails are laced with sarcasm that his brain is unable to decipher.

It's really amazing to see the work that our fans put into videos like this. Just think, in however long it took to make each of these, more talent and creativity was used than Arthur has ever put into anything in the past 8.JustDieAlready months he's been pretending to be an actor.

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EU Syndrome

He gets worse with each post. He is a piece of shit, low class Philly asshole. If I had a child that grew up to be 1/10th of what Arthur Kadyshes is I would become a politician so I could change the abortion laws to make it legal to abort up until and including the 103rd trimester. More lies and delusion from the Cock Gobbler himself, Arthur Kadyshes... 
Gen Poppers come up to me and tell me all the time how amazing and glorious it is to see “The Journey” succeeding, and how amazing it must be to live this “Celebrity Life” of Arthur Kade (Just seeing Molly Weiner’s ((Whose whole fam is all rooted in “The Biz”)) reaction to seeing the “Kade Show Live” made me realize I am a once in a lifetime attraction), and for the most part, it really is awesome to know that I am on my way to becoming an award winning actor and author while developing a hit TV Show with IMG Media, and a New York Times Bestseller with Trident Media Group, but there are sometimes The Brand looks in his mirror at Chateau Kade, and thinks about how much he has changed emotionally throughout “The Journey”, as I complete my transformation from ultra-successful socialite/entrepreneur to “Global Marketing Icon”. Arthur Kade now looks in the mirror, and sees a person who is so passionate about his professional and social life in becoming a M.I.M. (Mogul In The Making) and yet so “EU” (Emotionally Unavailable) in his private life towards girls he sleeps with, his family and friends, and even his fans (I am becoming a global sex symbol where I have girls pretty much throwing themselves at me at all times, and yet 99% of the time, I see nothing there but a Vagina and a quick conquest while they all want me to “Wife” them), and wonder if this inability to commit to anything other than my thrust to Oscar winning Actor hurts me as as a Gen Pop Role Model and also as an actor.
Friday night was interesting, because I had a friend out again from KA (I am not sure that he has ever seen the type of Gen Pop Domination that I demonstrated Weds. and Friday nights where he actually told me at Recess, “Your stamina is remarkable) who saw me A) Make out with two girls simultaneously at Recess for at least 10 seconds not once but twice (This was so sexual that I think I had a massive erection the whole time thinking what a threesome with them would be like and having 2 different tongues thrust into my mouth like little hammerhead sharks), B) Stop a girl who works at a restaurant who I was sure hated me with her friend, and after several minutes of Kadeish charm, her and her friend were doing shots with me and playing the “Ice Cube Game” (This game is where you put an ice cube in your mouth and transfer it from mouth to mouth in a kissing motion and I actually had 4 girls playing with me in the middle of The Mogul Room at G and people’s faces around us said, “Only Arthur Kade could have 4 girls locking lips with him to get ice” and it’s funny because anytime I play that game an extra tongue touch happens so I wonder if that counts as “Hooking Up”), C) Dancing on all the raised speakers at Recess with girls and the Drummer to where one of the guys at DelFriscos said, “When we walked in, You were a dancing machine”, D)Having one of the prominent club owners of Philly say, “You are really the King Of Philly Now”, E)Having a Philly 5.86 who my friend called “Mr. T” tell me style was impeccable but that was so annoying that I literally turned my back when she tried to convince me Playboy was “Up Her Ass” and F) A girl who came up to me and said, “You have some HUGE Website, can I take a pic?”, and after we took it, she said “What’s the site by the way?” and I asked the bouncer to get her out of my sight immediately (If you don’t know who Arthur Kade is, then do not approach him). I am a social and acting god in “The Biz”, and had my friend in KA call my blog “Brilliant”, and “Fresh” and tell a friend in “The Entourage” at G, “His content is so obsessive and funny” (It’s weird to hear my writing and life referred to as “Content”, but that’s how we “Bizzers” refer to a living organic element like my blog), but like any genius, sometimes I question certain aspects of my life, and whether my pioneering Brilliance is a gift or a curse?
The question for Arthur Kade is have I become like Jason Bourne in “The Bourne Ultimatum” where I have become such a tremendous acting and writing “killing machine”, that I am sometimes losing the essence of who Arthur Kade really is? The Brand has always rated girls, used and had the hottest ones, and been the best at what he did professionally (I was called a “Living Legend” at my Old Company by a former Senior Vice President), but has “The Biz” and this sex symbol status jaded me to a point where normality no longer exists, and I have to be a “Frank Sinatra” like influence all the time on the Gen Pop, and will it ever allow me to be more than just a media giant/corporation? Am I losing the “human side” of Arthur Kade, and truly becoming a well-oiled killing machine who only hooks up with 9’s and 10’s and desires Little Oscar in his bed, and has to deal with Press/Media and Paparazzi, but nothing else? Will I get to a point where even Caviar is not good enough anymore, and the threesomes aren’t enough, and the money isn’t enough, and will this insatiable hunger for vagina, awards, and recognition actually not allow me to be happy and just become a media and sexual robot who dies aloof like Marlon Brando?
I have always wondered why so many celebs are so unhappy ,and considering I am one of them now after only 8.8991 months, I can tell Kade Nation that it really is everything it’s cracked up to be, but in the end, it’s not about the money and Fame, but still about the Emmy, Oscar, and Pulitzer, and I think that’s what has kept Arthur Kade so grounded. I can live a “Third World Lifestyle” (No Furniture, Blogging in a Beach Chair, Going to Kade’s Corner at Cosi everyday I’m not making a TV Show, Writing a Book, or being featured in a Movie) while dominating KA and NYC, but considering I just booked a feature film audition (I will blog this next) because I will be training on warrior fighting techniques to prepare for it, I am more excited about that than anything else.
“The Craft is what brought Arthur Kade to fame and sex symbol status, and it is what will keep his Legend alive. Welcome to Kadealot”…Arthur Kade…11/29/09
I also want to give a “Kade Style” Shout out to Fellow Celeb Fan, Zach Galifianakis, (The Hangover, HBO’s Bored To Death), who I heard mentioned he was a fan of The Brand and “The Journey” on the Comedy Death Ray podcast on I-Tunes. 

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