EU Syndrome

He gets worse with each post. He is a piece of shit, low class Philly asshole. If I had a child that grew up to be 1/10th of what Arthur Kadyshes is I would become a politician so I could change the abortion laws to make it legal to abort up until and including the 103rd trimester. More lies and delusion from the Cock Gobbler himself, Arthur Kadyshes... 
Gen Poppers come up to me and tell me all the time how amazing and glorious it is to see “The Journey” succeeding, and how amazing it must be to live this “Celebrity Life” of Arthur Kade (Just seeing Molly Weiner’s ((Whose whole fam is all rooted in “The Biz”)) reaction to seeing the “Kade Show Live” made me realize I am a once in a lifetime attraction), and for the most part, it really is awesome to know that I am on my way to becoming an award winning actor and author while developing a hit TV Show with IMG Media, and a New York Times Bestseller with Trident Media Group, but there are sometimes The Brand looks in his mirror at Chateau Kade, and thinks about how much he has changed emotionally throughout “The Journey”, as I complete my transformation from ultra-successful socialite/entrepreneur to “Global Marketing Icon”. Arthur Kade now looks in the mirror, and sees a person who is so passionate about his professional and social life in becoming a M.I.M. (Mogul In The Making) and yet so “EU” (Emotionally Unavailable) in his private life towards girls he sleeps with, his family and friends, and even his fans (I am becoming a global sex symbol where I have girls pretty much throwing themselves at me at all times, and yet 99% of the time, I see nothing there but a Vagina and a quick conquest while they all want me to “Wife” them), and wonder if this inability to commit to anything other than my thrust to Oscar winning Actor hurts me as as a Gen Pop Role Model and also as an actor.
Friday night was interesting, because I had a friend out again from KA (I am not sure that he has ever seen the type of Gen Pop Domination that I demonstrated Weds. and Friday nights where he actually told me at Recess, “Your stamina is remarkable) who saw me A) Make out with two girls simultaneously at Recess for at least 10 seconds not once but twice (This was so sexual that I think I had a massive erection the whole time thinking what a threesome with them would be like and having 2 different tongues thrust into my mouth like little hammerhead sharks), B) Stop a girl who works at a restaurant who I was sure hated me with her friend, and after several minutes of Kadeish charm, her and her friend were doing shots with me and playing the “Ice Cube Game” (This game is where you put an ice cube in your mouth and transfer it from mouth to mouth in a kissing motion and I actually had 4 girls playing with me in the middle of The Mogul Room at G and people’s faces around us said, “Only Arthur Kade could have 4 girls locking lips with him to get ice” and it’s funny because anytime I play that game an extra tongue touch happens so I wonder if that counts as “Hooking Up”), C) Dancing on all the raised speakers at Recess with girls and the Drummer to where one of the guys at DelFriscos said, “When we walked in, You were a dancing machine”, D)Having one of the prominent club owners of Philly say, “You are really the King Of Philly Now”, E)Having a Philly 5.86 who my friend called “Mr. T” tell me style was impeccable but that was so annoying that I literally turned my back when she tried to convince me Playboy was “Up Her Ass” and F) A girl who came up to me and said, “You have some HUGE Website, can I take a pic?”, and after we took it, she said “What’s the site by the way?” and I asked the bouncer to get her out of my sight immediately (If you don’t know who Arthur Kade is, then do not approach him). I am a social and acting god in “The Biz”, and had my friend in KA call my blog “Brilliant”, and “Fresh” and tell a friend in “The Entourage” at G, “His content is so obsessive and funny” (It’s weird to hear my writing and life referred to as “Content”, but that’s how we “Bizzers” refer to a living organic element like my blog), but like any genius, sometimes I question certain aspects of my life, and whether my pioneering Brilliance is a gift or a curse?
The question for Arthur Kade is have I become like Jason Bourne in “The Bourne Ultimatum” where I have become such a tremendous acting and writing “killing machine”, that I am sometimes losing the essence of who Arthur Kade really is? The Brand has always rated girls, used and had the hottest ones, and been the best at what he did professionally (I was called a “Living Legend” at my Old Company by a former Senior Vice President), but has “The Biz” and this sex symbol status jaded me to a point where normality no longer exists, and I have to be a “Frank Sinatra” like influence all the time on the Gen Pop, and will it ever allow me to be more than just a media giant/corporation? Am I losing the “human side” of Arthur Kade, and truly becoming a well-oiled killing machine who only hooks up with 9’s and 10’s and desires Little Oscar in his bed, and has to deal with Press/Media and Paparazzi, but nothing else? Will I get to a point where even Caviar is not good enough anymore, and the threesomes aren’t enough, and the money isn’t enough, and will this insatiable hunger for vagina, awards, and recognition actually not allow me to be happy and just become a media and sexual robot who dies aloof like Marlon Brando?
I have always wondered why so many celebs are so unhappy ,and considering I am one of them now after only 8.8991 months, I can tell Kade Nation that it really is everything it’s cracked up to be, but in the end, it’s not about the money and Fame, but still about the Emmy, Oscar, and Pulitzer, and I think that’s what has kept Arthur Kade so grounded. I can live a “Third World Lifestyle” (No Furniture, Blogging in a Beach Chair, Going to Kade’s Corner at Cosi everyday I’m not making a TV Show, Writing a Book, or being featured in a Movie) while dominating KA and NYC, but considering I just booked a feature film audition (I will blog this next) because I will be training on warrior fighting techniques to prepare for it, I am more excited about that than anything else.
“The Craft is what brought Arthur Kade to fame and sex symbol status, and it is what will keep his Legend alive. Welcome to Kadealot”…Arthur Kade…11/29/09
I also want to give a “Kade Style” Shout out to Fellow Celeb Fan, Zach Galifianakis, (The Hangover, HBO’s Bored To Death), who I heard mentioned he was a fan of The Brand and “The Journey” on the Comedy Death Ray podcast on I-Tunes. 


  1. Dear Mr Radish

    you're an utter waste of blood and oxygen and hopefully soon you'll be deprived of both.

    Eat Shit, Fuck Off And Die you utter cunt-spittle

  2. Zombie Kade here-

    Peckerwood kade is definitely reaching terminal flatdick velocity. His shit gets more tired and more mundane with each laughable, deluded utterance.

    Oooh golly- anal kade made out with two women for at least 10 seconds each! Whiskey tango foxtrot, fuckhead- are you 12 years old, anal? Maybe next time you can touch a lady's bubbies...dream big, greasefire to be. Dream big.

    And these latest pictures- c'mon, Philadelphia is what, the 5th largest city by population in the country? By sheer numbers alone, there has to be better looking women than the poor things up on barfur's blob.

    Then again, there's a very good chance that any and all decent looking women in Philly have either legal or informal restraining orders on the drooling 'tard hound known as anal.

    So long, shitstain kade. Oh, and try not to hurt yourself "training" for your combat role- remember there are small yappie dogs depending on you- not to mention the ones in your apartment.

  3. i guess it was wash day for lindseys lego wig bangs.

  4. Arthur worries that he'll get to the point where "the threesomes aren't enough." Now that is a highly realistic worry, given that a "Ball Ass, Hot Ass" "Kadestyle" "Threesome" is Arthur jerking off alone lying on his dirty laundry while looking at one of his stupid t-shirts depicting two topless women. Just one of those sad, lonely """Kade Style Threesomes""" would be enough for the average "Gen Popper."

  5. Damn...two observations.

    That first video shows who he's having his 3somes with.

    and that voicemail from a "fan" was fucking awesome.

    Lispy McSlobberfuck's days are dwindling. How long before he's living in a dumpster?

  6. These posts are just getting dumber and dumber by the day. People who brag about threesomes, sex in any form, or making out in bathrooms are LYING about it. I frequently can't believe that Kade is 32 years old... 20 year olds talk like this.

    I hope the rest of you get as much of a laugh out of the constant reference to award winning this or that, Oscar winner, Emmy, Pulitzer crap. It's totally hilarious that Kade talks this way, when we all know damn well that he is NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER even going to be in a movie with a speaking role that is shown in a movie theater. Sure he might get lucky enough for some more low-level student crap, but he will NEVER be in a mainstream film that shows in a theater.

    And his book? What could anyone possibly think is interesting about him to the point that they'd give him a book deal?

    I hope you all had the opportunity to see this post on Kade's site, from Steven Ward, a man Arthur heavily despises:

    "Does the name Katie Byrne mean anything to you Arthur? I know you don’t know who she is but I will tell you. She is with IMG Media and after some “chit chat” I asked her what the plan is with “Arthur Kade” & she just laughed and “negatively” shook her head. What plan she said? We know of him and see some kind of prospect there but there is no real marketability there. That’s all she could say but isn’t that funny Arthur. Maybe I will put a call into Trident tommorow. Happy Thanksgiving there guy."

    Major laughs.

  7. Please,

    Do not let him come to Miami this Week!

    Can we get his name on a No-fly list with the TSA?

    Art Basal is a "dignified" event...... it does not need Kade Style.

  8. Oh boy, everyone get ready for Kade to say he is "jet-setting" to Miami!

    This will mark only the second trip Kade has taken by plane this year. I've flown five times this year, and I don't run around telling people I'm a jet setter.

  9. This moron is "flying down to Miami" for an Audition?

    Miami needs "featured" background Extras that look Italian or Greek????????????

  10. Just one comment & one question and a personal opinion. Arthur is a pathalogical liar and habitual inventor of situations that have never happened. With that being said where is his "pod?"

    I don't give one fuck what Art says about his acting, modeling, writing, celebrity happenings all because they are make believe. What I do care about how he goes through his days existing as a sub-human freshman at a central plains university. It really disturbs me that he is acting like such a celeb but his private life is in such a state of dissary.

    Joes heppae 2

  11. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 30, 2009 at 4:04 PM

    Even though I cringe at most of the things Arturd writes, the part in the 3rd video where he says "I said don't, I'll killyoumotherfucker!!" (0:24) gave me chills. That's exactly how dorks in high school who were trying really hard to be tough/cool would react whenever someone would fuck with them. It's so pathetic... especially when the HS dork is actually 30yr old man (I use that term very loosely).

  12. This post should be called "EW Syndrome." I have it--every time I see his picture I say "EWWWWWW."

  13. Pop quiz, gen pop...

    The most disturbing aspect of Arthur's hat is:
    a) the fact that it's a cheap fauxdora
    b) that he's still wearing it at brunch the next day
    c) that a guy actually put it on his head to be in a picture
    d) that a girl actually put it on her head to be in two pictures
    e) the colossal douchebag that is under it and the nasty Gunt standing next to him in picture #1

  14. @ hellkell:
    You're right, all are extremely disturbing; clearly this one was far too easy for you. Let's tweak the question. Which is the most SURPRISING aspect of Arthur's hat? Pick one or feel free to make up your own.

    GOOD NEWS: Clicking on my name will bypass Arthur's site entirely and take you to his voicemail account.
    BAD NEWS: My browser stalled when uploading the voicemail, so, like an idiot, I kept clicking on the "send" button, then closed my browser and went back to Goofy McDinglehopper's Snapvine account, where I discovered that my voicemail has been uploaded at least five times. I apologize to everyone (even Arthur), because once should have been enough, but I overkilled it.
    Anyway, enjoy.

  16. The most surprising aspect of his hat is that the cheap ass thing has held up in the face of so much grease and coke sweat exposure.

  17. Not that its likely that he has any company or group providing any 'material support' to the great douched one, but after tomorrow he is required by the FTC to disclose any such 'material relationship' he has or face the consequences. Perhaps we'll learn who gave him that folding chair and the nasty old t-shirts.

    I've placed the link in the name.

  18. Arthur's Little pee-peeNovember 30, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    @ Magistrate:




    CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!! CLAP!!! CLAP!!!!! CLAP!!!!!!!

  19. ArthurKade: "My day just got a whole lot better. Sobe takeover in effect. The brand owns that town"

    Twitter Translation: "Something happened today! Bought a cheap flight and booked tiny fleabag hotel room in order to stand in line for extra call. I know nobody in Miami and vice versa but telling people that I'm leaving Philly (on a plane!!!) will make me sound very important."

  20. @Twitter Translator That nailed it.

  21. The Federal Trade Commission works for consumers to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices and to provide information to help spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

  22. Hammerhead sharks? Did her breasts feel like sand too, you fucking yam bag? You are the 34-year-old virgin

  23. Zombie Kade here-

    Magistrate, you are a marvel. Extremely, extremely well done.

    So regarding gifting anal with a message- I dial the 206 number and then can leave one for america's fuckhead?

    So cumsquat is going to Miami- here's hoping some scary Haitians decide he needs some extra attention while he is down there.

  24. To the distinguished Mr. Zombie,

    I suggest that, instead of calling the 206 number, you save yourself some money by simply recording your message on your computer (using whatever voice recording software you have available to you) and uploading it through his Snapvine account. That's what I've been doing. Beware, however, that once you've chosen a file and you click on upload, you may have to redo it (meaning refresh the page and try to upload it again) several times. I don't know why it's like that, but it will upload (meaning you'll see the transfer percentage number), then it will say "Saving...", and if that word "Saving" is visible for more than about 10 seconds, you have to start over (don't ask me why because I don't know). Small MP3 files are best to upload. I don't know what the size limit is, but I would guess 5 MB.
    Anyway, once it uploads, a message will display on the screen saying something like, "Cool! Your voicemail has been uploaded! Click Send to see it on the user's page."
    As Arthur would say, "Wah-lah."

  25. I haven't read the posts yet...

    I know it's been said before, but...

    I simply LOVE how angry he looks in photos taken with women, and then how giddy and excited he looks in photos taken with men!!!

    That is all.

  26. @Magistrate - Fantastc! Loved it.

  27. I just have a few questions/ observations...

    So I just realized this while watching SVU, but Gen Pop is a prison term right? Does he not realize this, or does he just think it's another balls ass, hot ass term that he coined?

    Also what ever happened to the story awesome story about the polar bear chick? I was actually kind of looking forward to that mass of lies story line.

    And, who gets their hair cut only to smash down that nasty fedora on top of it right away? As much as he claims to love his hair, he certainly keeps trying to hide it under that monstrosity...