Arrival in Miami Not Kadeami

So Arthur arrive in Miami yesterday... he can't believe the pilot didn't recognize him... he thought the pilot said "have a nice day" because it was him, not because pilots say that to everyone as they leave the plane... he took a video at baggage claim, wearing a self-painted t-shirt that says "Kade Style" on the front and "Kade Out" on the back... he checked into the W hotel as if he were checking into a million dollar a night palace, as if what he's doing is inaccessible to the "gen pop" he so despises... he posted an absurd amount of childish and immature twitter posts about where he was... he thinks he's a "jet setter" when he's only flying for the second time all year... and he thinks he's an international jet setter when he has not even been out of the country this year at all... he thinks he thinks that flying and checking into a hotel and having lunch is "more than most gen-poppers do in a week."

Miami, we feel so sorry for you. We're sorry that this talentless creep from Philadelphia is visiting your town and thinks he owns the place. We're sorry you have to be infected with the disgusting head-to-toe nightmare that is Arthur Kade. We're sorry that this guy is walking about taking photos and videos constantly, and posting to Twitter from his phone. We're sorry that a person who has accomplished nothing thinks he is going to "dominate" your city as if he is a multi-million dollar earning celebrity. We sympathize with you, truly.

All lies and unprovable nonsense are highlighted below:

It’s official that The Brand has arrived in Kadeami, and the amazing Gen Pop domination that Arthur Kade is famous for is about to begin at levels this city hasn’t seen in years. I have gotten emails from Kade Nation Fnas from around the globe begging me to update as much as possible to see if I meet a “Drought” Breaker, How the audition and Potential Gig go on Saturday and Sunday, and most importantly to view how a celebrity and International “Jet Setter” in his prime, parties in one of the hottest cities in the world. There are many private parties that we have already been invited to, and plenty of vagina to spread around, and knowing that I have a killer audition for “The Journey” this weekend is just a cherry on top because all I have been hearing about is how December is a “Dead Month” for auditions and work, and how every casting director and “Bizzer” is checked out until January, but the fact that I have booked multiple auditions and a potential “Warrior Role” on a film are a testament to my fortitude to The Craft, especially while authoring a hit book and developing a hit TV Show. I have already met some fellow models that will potentially be joining Philadelphia’s favorite son tonight (The best moment of the day so far was a random Kade Nation Fan stopping me outside the W on Collins, and saying, “You’re that Guy from Philadelphia!!”, and I smiled and said “I’ll write about you on ArthurKade.com tonight, what’s your name or let’s do a video?”, and he replied, “I can’t do a video, but thanks man”, and rolled off into the street).
Here are the details from my arrival so far, Pictures and vids from the hottest hotel in Miami, The Newly Opened W Hotel (This place is so “Kade Style”), and the 5 star Setai Hotel where we just grabbed a quick dinner before hitting the invitation only parties that only Arthur Kade gains access to (The crazy thing is I have only been here 3 hours and The Brand already has done more than most Gen Poppers do here in a week) and I’m interested to see what celeb friends I run into and exchange “Biz” talk with about my progress and updates on “The Journey”. I may take it a bit easier tonight just because Friday and Saturday are going to be insane with dinners, events, and clubs, but anytime I say that, I wake up with an NYC 9 or 10 next to me, wondering how she got there and how I will get her to leave.
“”Jet Setting” isn’t about where you travel, but what stewardesses you get to play with in your personal private Jet”…Arthur Kade…12/03/09

Finally, we grabbed this image from the YouTube video above. Yes folks, it appears that he used stencils and spray paint to make a shirt that says "Kade Style." There really are no words that define how totally stupid this is.


  1. My sister and I used to make tshirts with stupid slogans...when we were 15 and 13. He is a grown ass man, and he had a CAREER and why the hell is he doing this, again? He can't be serious.

  2. THAT's what the t-shirt hype is all about? Oh brother... I guess this is what he's been "authoring". Man, what a total knob.

  3. The t-shirt is hysterical! Not in a "You're so funny Kade" kind of way, but more of a "HOLY CRAP WTF a 32 year old adult man is wearing a self-painted t-shirt with his fake last name in a public place and thinks he's cool."

    And it even says "Kade Out" on the back. 8 year olds that laugh at fart jokes are more mature than this guy.

  4. run a voice mail contest

  5. If he was really a forward-thinker, he'd duct tape some maxi pads into the armpits of his "Kade Style" shirt to soak up his rancid sweat.

  6. Loo here,

    My 8 year old made a t-shirt for a Thanksgiving project that was more avant garde than that POS. You're right, Doc... it just screams "Look at me! Look at me!" Gee, I thought A-list celebs tried to "hide" in plain sight, not jump around like a rabid Jack Russell Terrier.

    I wanna step on his feet with my pointiest stillettos and just grind away, then look at him and go "Oh Dear me! I'm so sorry!" haha. Dick.

  7. I'm sure all the celebrities that kade aspires to be peers with have made their own shirts in the past...

    Brando Style
    Sinatra Style
    Pitt Style

  8. A friend of mine just told me that eating little boy's shit rolled in coconut flakes is all the rage in Miami, enjoy.

  9. Zombie here:

    Anal E-List is at it again..

    "are a testament to my fortitude to the Craft".

    First, he's bragging about getting the chance to audition...again. How very e List of young mr. mcSlobberfuck.

    Second, what in the fuck does the above quote even mean, let alone that it appears to be written by an autistic mountain ape?

    Finally- this continual insistence by anal shit mousse that he has even the slightest scintilla of acting ability (he painfully and obviously does not) is getting annoying.

    Anal you demented fuckface, we've been over this-


    Seriously, you malformed ape boy, quit. Everything.
    Including sucking air on this planet.
    I'm not asking, I'm demanding.
    And take your midget house boy with you.

  10. Arthur's Little pee-peeDecember 4, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    "Anytime I say that I wake up with an NYC 9 or 10 next to me wondering how she got there".

    It's called Rohypnol. I hope a very well-endowed gay man uses it on you in SoBe.

  11. Arthur's Little pee-peeDecember 4, 2009 at 11:50 AM

    Hold up. I didn't see one - nevermind multiple - beach chairs in your W hotel room. Not very hot balls sweaty ass. Not at all.

  12. I can assure the Lego-wiggers that no one is running around S. Beach in a "Kade Style" T shirt.

    I live here and this is a pretty upscale dignified weekend event. The real Social Scene with International A Listers are Private. No gate crashers here.

    Kade and his coked up friends are the Side Show in the Carnival of South Beach!

  13. Just an observation:

    His Tweets appear to be "written" by someone either in a Manic Episode or Under the Influence.

    His belief that the "GEN POP" can't get into good hotels, restaurants, clubs is beyond belief.

    He's an Idiot who appears even more unstable than ever. Mental/Emotional Collapse coming on in 2010!

  14. Umm, I am a member of the general population, and I have dropped some coin in a W hotel before. Here's a secret, Radishes: W hotels let anyone in who has a functioning credit card.

    That t-shirt looks like the work of a retarded person. Radishes, if you're going to make yer own t-shirts, you need to learn how to silkscreen or do iron-on transfers with the new computer-printing-onto-transfer materials.

  15. @ Anonymous 12:09PM

    That's the thing that drives me crazy too. The W is nice, but most hotels are nice... he's not doing anything, or receiving any special treatment that a normal person can't get. Hotels, restaurants, and services are there for people with the ability to pay for them - some cheap, some costly. NONE for the most pare are off limits to anyone with the ability to pay that price. It's not like the W or other South Beach hotels only accept A-List guests. (God I feel so f'ing stupid typing that...) AND it's not like the prices at the W or most of those hotels are insane.

  16. Loo here...

    His Twatterness astounds me. "The GenPop can never experience..." what? Being a dilusional dick-sneeze? Wearing a thrift-store Hanes Beefy T with 'wtf does that mean?' sprayed on it? Obvi... we are sooooo on his tiny mind or he wouldn't be twittering on about us! Phfft!

  17. The current twitter post is very telling:

    "I wanna b a large man next life"

    Seems like a subtle admission of truth to the rumors that he has a micro-penis.

  18. Arthur's Little pee-peeDecember 4, 2009 at 12:57 PM

    On Loo's point...
    I'd actually like to challenge to name a single thing that he can do that one of us lowly Gen Poppers CAN'T do.

    Fly to Miami, coach? Check
    Get a room at the W? Check
    Start up a self-congratularoty website filled w/ lies? Check
    Get into any club in Philly? Check
    Make a T-shirt with my name on it? Check
    Show up at a casting call for extras? Check
    Write a book that will never get published? Check
    Make a restaurant reservation? Check
    Get pics with celebs being paid to take pics w/ fans? Check

    Honestly, the only thing he does that I can't is go for long periods of time without having sex. My girlfriend would never put up with that.

  19. @ Mr. Vomit:
    Definitely. He brags about everything EXCEPT except his dick.

    It must be so miniscule that not even a pathological liar like him is willing to bring it up in conversation.

  20. HE shouldn't have put the spray bomb down when he was done the shirt, he forgot the letter "L" for his forehead.

  21. On Dec. 03/09, bed bugs were introduced to the W Hotel, sources say they originated from a traveler from the PA area. Visitors are warned to encase their mattresses with plastic prior to using the beds.

  22. Ok kids,

    Latest twinger about having your buddy test out the girl you like!! Maybe they'll get a "2 for 1" special from Coco the Cuban Call 'girl'.

    Gosh, what WE GP's are missing out on! Wooh! And to think that I have more sex being in a long-distance relationship...

    The Loo :)~

  23. AkZList is now ArturdTheZeroDecember 4, 2009 at 1:50 PM

    I hate this motherfucker with the intensity of a BILLION suns. I really do hope he dies in Miami. And I hope his parents don't claim the body and Miami buries him in a cemetery for the indigent.

  24. Easy now AkZList!

    In Miami we bury our indigent in the Gator Swamps.

    No need to be cruel to the Gators!

    We'll ship his remains to Phila. Giving him a Viking Funeral- put him on a Raft down the Delaware River and set him on fire (more exciting if he's not dead yet).

  25. AKZ you don't go far enough! A trillion suns at least. Anon in Miami, never mind about the poor gators, I am fantasizing about Dexter.

  26. Is it that difficult to stay at the 'W'?

    Personally, I think Starwood has gone downhill, but you know I'm just a gen pooper who travels soooo little.

  27. LMAO @ "autistic mountain ape." Well played, Zombie.
    The level of psychiatric disorder that makes a seemingly rational grown adult think he's an A-list celebrity conquering the world when he keeps getting rejected for featured extra roles is beyond unfathomable.

    @Shrink, WTF is wrong with this guy!? You might need 8 cups of coffee and your latest edition of the DSM IV for this.

  28. What annoys me the most about this shit is his constant proclaimations of being completely dedicated to acting, all while staying out the night before an audition getting completely wrecked. Does he really think that the best actors and actresses party nonstop, do their lines in some studio, and then go back out to party? I'm still not sure if his cognitive dissonance is just THAT vast, or if he thinks that we will take him at his word, and not his actions.

    Ugh, I see the stupid opaque sliding door for the bathroom is a W hotel staple, not just a feature in the one I've been in. Because I love taking a shit when everyone can basically see my sihouette and hear everything going on. Great design, morons.

  29. I've figured it all out. This is all being done by Boonswang. Arthur is his little wooden headed puppet that he's convinced will be 'famous' by acting like a jackass. Really its clearly Boonswang that wants the benefits of 'knowing a star'. Saddly though he thinks that by making his puppet hated that its the same as making his puppet famous.

    In addition to being an ambulance chassing a-hole that has no problem using people (like little artie whose clearly not smart enough to work out how incredibly damaging his blog is to his own well being), Boonswang also was a philosophy major in college and the president of the 'speech team' (A losery version of a debate team that is populated with people that have too little self esteem to actually try out for real acting roles.) He clearly likes being in a spotlight. Unfortunately, something in his personality keeps him from being able to do the 'wacky' 'crazy' things that he thinks are cool. So he has lemonhead act them out for him. This is a classic example of a Beevis and Butthead duo.

    As for the ghost writer that writes blogs that are better than borderline illiterate, its clearly Boonswang. For some reason he thinks this is all funny. He's playing all of us and Arthur for the fool.

    url to Boonswangs great 'speech team' win in 1992 in the name. (amazing what one can dig up with the internet isn't it chad?)

  30. If I'm the puppeteer, then I guess that makes you all my puppets, doesn't it? Suckers.

  31. Why do people think this is real? There's no way anybody could be this much of douchebag in real life. He's playing you all like a violin, and probably laughing his ass off while he's doing it.

  32. Its not about him and it never has been. Its like quarter beer night.

  33. @ Anon 5:45pm:
    We all know it's not completely real. But it's not completely fake, either.

    He's a douche who is exaggerating his douchiness to get a reaction and attention. But it's all stemming from his basic personality and that of his friends. This is not performance art, he's not that bright. You're both naive and lucky if you don't think assholes like this actually exist. Google John Fitzgerald Page to see Arthur's guru.

  34. Gosh Chadster, you're so dreamy- do you have a pair of yellow gloves to commemorate your victory at reading? (see chad is puppeteer link)

    Did you get the gloves at the Gap Kids store? Did they start out yellow, or did you do something to make them yellow? Do they have five fingers, or do you need only four as you seem to be some sort of twisted refugee from a bad cartoon?

    Now please - put on your tiny boots, throw some pixie dust in the air, and fly away somewhere- preferably into the sun.

  35. MC 900 Foot DouchebagDecember 5, 2009 at 7:20 AM

    I don't think many (if ANY) people caught that he's CLAIMING to have an audition today for a PSA. That would be Public Service Announcement to you non-Bizzers. At any rate, as someone who used to work in film production, specifically on TV commercials and music videos I can tell you right now, if he gets cast in the role he will NOT be making enough to cover his trip to Miami. He's a lying sack of shit (yeah, I know we all know that) who will NEVER get any further than where he is right now.

  36. Chad doesn't do this shit because chad thinks he is

    1) very cool
    2) very goodlooking

    I do not know one woman that thinks he is anything other than a freak.. the few trashy women he gets he gets only via free BLOW.. that is it..

    he is a serious SERIOUS loser. Anyone that knows him or has heard of him dislikes him.. every bartender that he didn't pay the tab on hates him.. no one respects him, or any of these guys..

    but they don't care.. due to the fact that they are sosciopaths..