Looking Like a Fag

Remember when he gayed out over Rain the South Korean Singer and promised to be ripped by Labor Day? Well it's fucking December and he only has a quasi-four-pack and no real definition. He brings in a new lie about his father being a champion fencer in Russia and talks about "retiring" from an industry he was never in. More from Arty "half-done" Radishes. -JBone

Having been a professional model (Now in Retirement for the most part), Arthur Kade understands all of the tricks and the trades involved in manipulating the Human Body quickly, and making sure that I look as amazing as possible for an audition, photoshoot, or gig in “The Biz”, and it involves several killer workouts, no drinking for a few days, and of course a major dieting regimen that I have adapted from great boxers who drop weight for fights like Oscar De La Hoya, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Bernie Hopkins who are bigger guys who need to weigh in at low weights. Last week, I was 15 Lbs. over my target weight at 6″2′ of 175, so I came in at 190Lbs., but I am now coming in at a sleek, muscular, and lean, 182 Lbs., and by the PSA audition on Saturday (If I land this it will be pay for my trip, be a great resume builder on the commercial side for “The Journey”, and sounds like a crazy fun shoot) I will be at or close to target weight. I also understand what needs to be done to make my already close to flawless skin (The Accutane totally cleared me up, and outside of a few pimples here and there that are quickly “Popable”, ((instead of the monster volcano-zits I used to get)), my skin looks great to where one girlfriend said to me yesterday, “I can’t believe how great your face looks”) look perfect on the day of the shoot, and because I have a perfect “V-Cut” when I am slimmed down (41L Jacket, 16 34/35 shirt, 30 1/2 waist), I can pretty much be fitted in any piece of clothing and make it look “Natural” and “Mannequin” and when I am shaved down everywhere, many people have called my body “Perfect”.

Having amazing genetics (Papa Kade was a champion, Olympic-Level fencer in the U.S.S.R.), and still being and looking ultra young (I had a casting director email me yesterday that I am being auditioned for a principal role for a 25 year old teacher), I am fortunate I can still “Rip Down” when needed, but taking care of The Brand’s body is essential to a long lasting acting and authoring career.

I am off to the airport for Kadeami domination on “The Biz” side and pleasure side now, so keep reading because if this trip is like all others, the blogs will be legendary. I will try and update as much as possible, but The Entourage and Arthur Kade have already called our “Political Connects”, and we are all set to own “MY-AMI” (Kadeami). I have a ton of press announcements coming soon (One HUGE one that I can’t release due to confidentiality requests, but a couple others which show my Global Expansion around the world to help spread The Brand and “The Journey” to a home near every Gen Popper). I would also like to wish “The Journey” a happy 9 month anniversary today, and if the next 9 months goes anything like this, Arthur Kade will be on track to purchase his first castle when the TV Show with IMG Media and The Book with Trident Media Group hit and the final migration to KA happens in 2010.

“If Being Beautiful is like a marathon to most Gen Poppers, then The Brand is Carl Lewis”…Arthur Kade…12/03/09



    ” Airpoort. Do the pilots know arthur kade is flying”

    Scene: USAir Cockpit (Pilot and First Officer begin cross check. Door is ajar and passengers are Boarding).

    Captain Sully: ” Hey, Bob… Good to fly with you again”

    First Officer: “It’s an honor to Fly with Such a HERO!

    You have done what no one else has ever done……. I’m so honored!

    Arthur Enters Plane - overhears conversation

    To Self: The Brand, The Journey……. It’s really happening!

    “Hey can you guys give a “Kade-Out” over the intercom?”

  2. At least he is consistent - his fucked up mottled hair color matches his fucked up mottled complexion, along with his mottled furry gut. He's a hotass ballsass mess of a human being.

    The only thing worse than him are the ridiculous losers that would take a vacation with this asshat. Can you imagine being in that "entourage" (retardourage?) - it has Night at the Roxbury written all over it. Him and Boonswang all greased up and lunging at anything that moves in Sobe. Ick. Just.....ick.


  3. Arthur's Little pee-peeDecember 3, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    umm, is it me or does he completely lack any muscular definition whatsoever? Probably should've started thinking about "ripping down" a little bit more than a week ago.

    Also, wasn't there much discussion here just yesterday about how Kade hasn't taken his shirt off anytime recently? Coincidence? I think not.

  4. It's those videos that freak me out the most. The ones where he super-excited and he's yelling and screaming but in the end all I hear is the fear and shame in his voice. Poor fucker.

    I'll admit he's got relatively big biceps and chest, bigger than I am, yet I still have more defined triceps than him, that's just hilarious. Not to mention I've now been published my Marvel Comics and I get married in eight days, but I guess I never yelled into a camera "Thursday! Wooo!" in an empty echoing bathroom so I'll never domainte like Kade does. I really need to modify my blog if I'm going to keep up.

  5. Okay...that video makes it official...he's super retarded.

  6. holy fuck kade you got enough blotches? You got chicken pox with those chicken legs.

  7. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He's coming into Miami, with his pale, acne-fied, un-buffed body to "Audition" for a topless Commercial?

    This town is crawling with tanned, buffed gym boys! Latin, european............

    Why would they pick the 40 year old Kade?

  8. The bellybutton looks like an asshole! Two-toned baboon bellybutton.

  9. Right at 30 seconds...baboon button (if you can look without getting sick)

  10. I assume there is some foul stuff in that Baboon Bellybutton.


    " W hotel is gorgeous " "Headin 2 hotel"

    In Cab from Miami International Airport


    Cab Driver: He we are at the "W" ..

    Arthur: Just Drive up to the front so it looks like I'm arriving.

    Cab Driver: You said to bring you here?

    Arthur: I've got to film this for my International, Global, World Wide Blog and my Millions of Fans........ I'm a huge A List Celebrity..... Have you heard of me?

    Cab Driver: The Meter is still running. Where do you and your parents need to go?

    Leonid Kadyshes: Shut the fuck up you should have been aborted piece of ...

    Rayna: Not here Leonard!

    Arthur: You fuckin ruin everything! My whole life! I feel like Trent DaVinci!

    Leonard: Take us to Hallandale Beach.. hurry....the Early Bird Dinner starts soon.

  12. Choad Poontang went to law school? I thought he got his degree from the interwebs. He must have barely scraped by in 1L to be chasin’ ambulances in his one-man “law firm.” And I use the term “man” very loosely. Loose, like Artard’s skin, because he’s aging horribly.

    PS: I don't think I'm ever gonna watch that video because I don't want to hurl.

  13. Dickhead isn't staying at the W Hotel in South Beach. At least not under his own name. Fucking lying sack of shit is probably staying in a Best Western in Homestead. Call them and ask for him... 305-938-3000

  14. Interesting MC 900 Foot!

    Did you ask for Arthur Kadyshes?

  15. Why would he be at a hotel at all? I thought he (his parents) had a place?

    Of course, I would pay an extrodinary amount of money to not stay in the same room as that douchebag, so maybe they booked him a room just to get away from him?

    Last time I was at a W hotel everyone in the lobby was wearing sweat pants. The only people who get excited about it are assholes like him.


  17. Imagine how deafening the silence must have been in that bathroom after he switched off the camera.

  18. Art needs to never show his bellybutton on camera again. That was NOT a pleasant sight.

    What casting director is gonna think that chicken-legged pile of lisping bullshit looks 25?

  19. W South Beach

    2201 Collins Avenue
    Miami Beach, Florida 33139 United States
    Phone: (305) 938-3000 Fax: (305) 938-3005

    1 Room, 1 Adult,

    1 King, Non-smoking room

    Rate Information
    Average est. room total per night** Estimated total for your stay**
    1 room(s) for 4
    Room rate: USD 424.00 USD 1,696.00

    Room rate excludes the following:
    Occupancy Tax: USD 25.44 USD 101.76
    6.00 % Per Room / Per Night
    Sales Tax: USD 29.68 USD 118.72
    7.00 % Per Room / Per Night

    Estimated total*: USD 479.12 USD 1,916.48

  20. The best part of Kade's retarded videos has to be my fiance's reactions when I play them at home.

  21. You look like a fucking catchers mitt you ugly old fuck.

  22. all that shouting = further evidence of a coke habit.

  23. What's with the W Hotel confirmation above? Random...

  24. Did anyone get a chance to check out It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia tonight? The parallels between that episode's subject matter and Artard's sad existence are significant. One of the characters on the show gets cast as a featured extra in a movie. It's like the writers were inspired by a certain blog before they started "authoring" the script.

  25. ...or they were inspired by Joey from 'Friends', who was also working his way up the acting ladder.
    I think you're overrating Kadyshes reputation or notoriety and his psychological technique is somewhat working on you. The way it works is if you say something often enough it will eventually become a truth in your own mind and then in others'. Kadyshes believes he is central to everyone's life - a show featuring a character who is cast as an extra, he would believe is definitely related to his experience. The truth is I bet the writers have never heard of him and it's just another unoriginal plotline.
    Don't allow yourself to be fooled by the constant bragging and delusions of Kadyshes - exacerbated by cocaine abuse.

  26. @ohplease: "I'm a featured actress." "No, you're a featured EXTRA."

    I thought of Artie when I saw that too, and laughed that even fictional characters do better than him.

  27. He's a fucking idiot! His Tweets from Miami show how immature he is.................

  28. I don't know about you guys, but if I was a Twit with a Tweeter, I wouldn't have time to twitch if I was on holiday and at an invite-only par tay with models and bottles. I'd be "busy".

    "Wait, I gotta tweet..." Mmmm... Sexxay!

    Say la vee...

    The Loo :)~

  29. THAT is a physique??? HAHAHAHAHA!! Dude - that is a bird chest. Holy shit. If that is considered to be a "good physique" I am set for life - and I'm fucking 40. Your arms are like that of a 15-year-old boy who is trying to get big and thinks he has succeeded. Wow. Really pathetic effort, Kade. You have to work out more than once a week to get anywhere, you buffoon.