What It’s Like Riding With A Celebrity

Eventually Arthur Kade will understand if you have to tell a person who you are, you're NOT a celebrity.  More delusional ramblings from the deluded one...

The more amazing and globally dominant “The Journey” and The Brand becomes, and the more my fans around the world become obsessed with me (I can’t even tell you the number of calls I get from fans using my catch slogans and wanting to just hear my voice I get, and I may reall have to get a separate “KadeBerry” for just The Entourage and Team Kade to speak with me), I am trying to give them a more inside look into my the daily action in my life outside just the groundbreaking work I am doing in “The Biz”, and everyone is telling me that they ‘Love” seeing the “Everyday Arthur” as opposed to the “Celebrity Arthur”. I want people to see how I communicate with all types of people in all classes, and how I make new fans and followers of “The Journey” like the cab driver in this video. It really made his day once I told him who I was and explained my “Biz” Significance, and then a gave him a $10 tip for being so supporting and grateful for me picking his cab to ride in (You never know who you are talking to at any point, he may end up being a studio head or President one day, and I want people’s impression with Arthur Kade to me the most important thing in their lives), and he said, “Maybe I can say to people I met him when he was in my cab”, and I told him, “Remember my face, you’re about to see a lot more of it”. I really felt like I made his day (The smile on his face when I left his cab was like a ray of sunshine, and it’s amazing to me that I have that affect on The Gen Pop, and I can imagine that when I do a “Chick Flick” movie, it will make people’s relationships healthier and more natural), and that makes me feel good, and special, and knowing that Arthur Kade changes people’s lives and inspires them to be more is what it’s all about, and because I spread so organically, people around the world have changed their way of life to impress and mimic me.
“Don’t be afraid to lose, be afraid not to win”…Arthur Kade 08/29/09
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Arthur Kade Makes Yet Another Death All About Himself

The latest from ArthurKade.com:

I remember being at Mur Mur (It was the hottest club in AC at the time, and we had the best table in the house because I was with some “Kade Level” Ballers who dropped like 14k in 5 hours on “Models and Bottles”), and 5AM rolled around, and I had an amazingly hot Latino girl sitting on my lap (I tried to get her back to my room for a One Nighter, but she demanded a dinner date so I took her out the next weekend, slept with her, and never called her again because she was so annoying at dinner talking about her Ex, that I couldn’t get her to leave my room fast enough after I was done), making out with me, and I looked at her and said, “This DJ is fucking awesome, I haven’t stopped pumping my fist all night. Who is it?”, and she responded, “AM is the best, and he is about to become the biggest DJ in the country”, and I said, “The guy’s mixes and mashes are so “”"Visionary”". Did he really just mix NKOTB with Biggie then Prince at the same time?”

Since that night, I have heard Adam Goldstein spin in KA, Vegas, NY, and AC (Many times), and I have always said to people, “I am an expert in Pop Culture and music, and I will say this guy is the best, because you will find yourself dancing to his music for hours”, and I truly believe that DJ AM took popular style DJ’ing to levels it’s never been, ushering a new style of Mixes and Mash-Ups that were so fresh and innovative, that it had never been done before. Just like I am a visionary of Acting (I want to become the Male version of Oprah in “The Biz” and build a “Multi-Media Mogul-Style Empire” that is not only global, but Universal), DJ AM took club music to another level, and it is such a shame to see such a great talent go so early.

The news affected me deeply because I had just had him brought over to me at Dusk to be introduced, and I thought it could be the beginning of a future relationship of 2 growing social stars that would help redefine club life and take it to the next level (Imagine a bond between the world’s biggest DJ, and the world’s greatest actor who both dominate the social scene “Kade Style”), and when I heard the news last night, it actually reminded me that no matter how invincible I think I am at 31, in the end we are all mortal, and as a friend said last night, “We are all just one heart beat away”, and I thought, “What a waste of such an amazing talent who had survived a plane crash, avoided another one, and this is the way it ends. Truly a shame, but the key is to take the memories and the gifts he provided the world, and push them forward”.

All we can do as peers (Him and I are roughly the same age), is take his example and realize that life is a “Fragile Gift” that must be cherished, and that our bodies are our “Temples” (My body and face is what I get paid for both through Modeling and Acting, and I always try to make sure I am at top Handsome Levels), and that in the end we are all mortals who should take what we learn from greats like Adam Goldstein, and make the world a better place for the Gen Pop that needs us to be better, and change the social norms of “The Biz” for our children, their children, and so on, because the world will remember people like AM and Arthur Kade (’I believe “The Journey” will be looked at like a modern day “Hamlet” of innovation) as visionaries, pioneers, and even “Social Gods”.

“It’s hard to become the Best, but only a few can be known as “The Greatest”"….Arthur Kade…08/29/09

Pictures and videos of me making sushi:

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Lets Help Kevin Brueck!

Kevin has asked for vote on whether Episode 2 of The Journey should be acting coach or the car. What do you guys think?
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Preview: Kade lives in Ron Hansen's Windowless Den

That's a fact, ladies and gentlemen. The elusive "roommate" is none other than Ron Hansen, who recently moved out of his parents' house and now lets Kade live in his den. As Kade's ship has been struggling to turn around its nosedive, Ron Hansen has stepped in as other people have bailed.

This and other facts will be discussed in a story this evening. A brief teaser: what club owners hate Kade, why he was banned from the Mogul Room but continues to lie about it, how women really react to Kade in public, how he smells, how often he is mocked in public, who his chief enablers are (will name names), and more...

All of this is straight from people who know Arthur Kadyshes well and are laughing along with us at how he's ruining his life with his pathetic antics...

I'm on call today, but the wait will be worth it.
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Arthur Kade Thinks He's a Comedian Now!

The voices in Arthur Kade's head are getting very busy! Looks like they're telling him he's in the same category as Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, and Richard Pryor simply because of the terribly annoying "Kween" character he is "developing." A prime time network show centered around a mutant hybrid of Mr. Belvedere and Queen Elizabeth? Oh Arthur, you're always good for a laugh now and again, but you are still a complete fool.

The latest from ArthurKade.com:

People all over the world are going bananas over the new amazing character that I am developing to the point where people are saying “HEELLLOOO Bitches” on the street and even texting me “Yo Man, I’m dying laughing. I woke up doing that voice Helllllo bitchessss hahah”, and want me to continue to develop “IT” (I use IT because it is a combination of Mr. Belvedere and Queen Elizabeth, so it can’t be a man or woman) to the point of making a monologue and SNL skit out of it (People are calling me “Top 5 funniest guys on the Internet” showing that my tremendous acting chops extend to comedy as well, and putting me into the class of greats like Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, and Richard Pryor and “The Journey” into the leagues of “Raw” and “Chapelle’s Show”) or even having a prime time network show centered around the character and it’s adventures or even a Bruno style movie. I have decided to call the character “The Kween” (A play with The Queen, but putting a “K” in the front for Kade).

“I wasn’t born to do great things. I was born to change the world so others do “GREATER” things….Arthur Kade 08/28/09

Here is the latest installment and pictures from NYC: (Editors Note: We're not posting the photos - it's just the same old same old: hotel photos, pictures with strangers, and utterly random street shots. BORING!)

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Artwork From Our LegoWigKade Fans!

We're starting to receive some great submissions from our readers - verifiable proof that you are choosing the Lego Wig Brand as your preferred brand. If you've got the skills, or even if simply smearing mud on a white canvas is your idea of creating a realistic rendering of Arthur Kade, do it, and send it to us!

One of our first submissions was absolutely stellar. The picture captures all that is disgusting about Arthur Kade, from the giant eyebrows and the width-of-a-silver-dollar nostrils, to the creepy eyes and the dissatisfied pout, finished off with a typical Arthur Kade slogan. Want to cross paths with this wretched creature on a dark night? We think not!

Thanks go out to Mr. F for this first submission:

More submissions:

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"Dirty Old Man" (A preview of Kade's future)

Integrity? Honor? To what exactly?!  And Arthur, that "haggard, annoying demographic" is the rest of the world outside your ridiculous sphere of influence. You have quite the way of burning those who are not "elite" enough for your liking. 

And how are those "new, touched up photos" when we've seen them all before? What did you touch up, acne that you forgot to remove with Photoshop the first time around?

Here's the latest from arthurkade.com

Being an amazing man comprised of integrity, pride, and honor (I think I could have made an amazing Marine because of my supreme leadership skills, good looks, and the bond that I create where people who meet me become followers), I have to be able to admit when an idea that either me or The Entourage comes up with ends up being a bad one.  My friends and I had discussed all week about going up to NYC to go the Britney Spears Concert because we thought “There would be a ton of hot, young ass there”, and we could meet some “Un-Jaded” 21-24 year olds who looked at us like gods (The demographic that I am finding my celebrity really appeals to is young girls because they see me as “The Handsome Man”, and probably see a very fatherly quality in me that makes them feel safe), and we could take them out and show them exclusive entrance and treatment at the hottest clubs in The City, and then back to the room for some Good Old Fashion “Kadeing” (My new term for seducing and sleeping with a Smokin’ Hot girl).

We were so excited getting ready to head over to MSG because it would be a crowd that would be so different from the haggard, annoying demographic that we usually deal with, and once they found out that I am an actor and celeb (My friend joked last night that “The Journey” has now become a “Famous noun”), they would probably throw themselves at me and skip the concert, and while we were walking over from The Ace Hotel on 29th, my friend even said, “If this works, we should just go on tour with  Britney Spears and just go to every concert”, and I immediately thought of us being like the guys from “Wedding Crashers”, but just picking up girls at concerts across America.

When we got to the concert, I looked around and saw a bunch of what seemed to be underage girls, and felt like such a “Dirty Old Man” because the crowd was SO young (I am so careful not to sleep with an underage girl because I have read that pedophiles are treated the worst in Prison), and I didn’t see anything that even remotely caught me eye, and I looked at my buddies and said, “There are a bunch of 9’s and 10’s here”, and they looked at me with a weird “You’re Crazy” look, and I joked “I mean 9 and 10 years old”, and we thought that maybe girls had scattered inside, so we decided to scalp some tickets, but the guys wanted some crazy amounts over $150, and I didn’t really have any interest in seeing Brit (Who is a 6.85 on a great day with a dumpy short body, and really Hick face and accent, and I am not sure I could even get hard once she started talking) lip sync , so after a pretzel and a hot dog, we all decided to hit the bar at STK (One of the Hottest Bar scenes in the “Meat Packing” ((I don’t say district because only “B&T” crowd refer to it that way)), and because of the rain, it was empty everywhere, so we packed it in early, and got a good nights sleep, although I had a leader of a table of ugly girls approach me who we think knew who I was, and went in to see what I look like up close (I could tell be her reaction that she was very impressed). 

Overall a dissapointing night, but it got me thinking about The Best Pick Up Places for hot girls:
1) Super-Market/Grocery Store-I always see single hot girls at the super-market, usually after they are done at the gym (I find girls who are still in their workout clothes so sexy, although I would throw them in the shower before sex so there is no smelliness.  Food shopping tells you a lot about a girl because it means they are responsible, they can cook, if you look in their cart you can see what their diet is and if they have a tendency to “Blow Up” because they eat carbs, and most importantly you can see if they are buying on sale (Probably economical, but also could be poor and wanting a Sugar Daddy like Arthur Kade) or spending full price (Could be a professional, or just married or in a relationship) to determine overall spending habits.

2) Church-I love religious girls because they can be the most fun in bed, because they are usually very restarined by their parents growing up, but once you help them unleash their sexual inner demons, they let-loose and do whatever the Kade heart desires, and with anyone I desire it with.  “Church” girls show me integrity and discipline in life, and I love the conservative outfits (I didn’t list synagogue because I feel like girls dress way too conservatively and appear “Rabbi Hot” rather than “Stripper Hot”, but they will usually be down with kinky stuff (Chains, Tie-Ups, and Sex in restaurants) to rebel against their religion.

3) Strip Clubs-I can only date a girl that is comfortable being around other girls, and there is nothing that is a bigger turn on for me than girl on girl action, and any girl that feels comfortable in a strip club and will get lap dances and even bring the stripper home with us is great.  A girl that can kiss or have sex with a stripper shows me that she is confident, wild, intelligent, and “Kade-Worthy”, and will have no problem participating in threesomes at will.  I used to sleep with a stripper who would date her fellow strippers (A couple were even married which worried me a bit), and the environment breeds sexuality and an openness to share, which I love.

4) Book Stores-Every time I walk into Barnes and Noble’s in Rittenhouse, I think about what it would be like to have sex with a random 9 or 10 that I meet there in one of the secluded aisles, and a girl in a bookstore shows me that she is intelligent and well read, or just up to date with celebrity magazines (That is very important to me because since I am a growing celeb that will always written about in media on the Internet and Magazines like Philly Mag, I want her to be comfortable with what the tabloids write about me), and lately I have been into the “Librarian Hot” look (Think Jennifer Connelly in “A Beautiful Mind”).

5) Gym-”Self Explanatory”, although I am not a fan of girls that are “Too Ripped” because they usually have small tits and no ass, and their stomach is too cut, and I feel like I am sleeping with a man.

“My type is “”Models”"”…Arthur Kade 08/27/09 in response to what type of girls I like.
These are new touched up pictures (I think they do an amazing job of highlighting different looks and how great my body looks when in shape) courtesy of Michael Spain Smith (Top Photog in Philly) for the portfolio:

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The "Lego Wig Scale"

Hello readers, while Doucheboy and his surgically-enhanced sidekick/puppeteer are regrouping and trying to figure out a new blog post (must be exhausting, recycling the old shit over and over) I thought we might want to come up with a Lego Wig Scale to rate people. We're not just rating women.. in fact, we're going to look at more than just looks, since our readers are not pathetic junior-high-level losers like Arthur Kadyshes.

As readers know, Arthur Kadyshes is a repressed, disturbed person who enjoys rating women and making in-depth pronouncements about what is good and what is "disgusting" or "repulsive". He's given us such terms as "stripper hot" to describe his ideal woman. Most men do enjoy looking at women, but most aren't so painfully and obviously repressed. Even if they are, they don't broadcast it to the public in a desperate attempt to get attention, which is good because the last thing the world needs is more douchebags judging others. Since Kadyshes enjoyes rating women so much, we figured we'd give him a chance to see where he really stacks up.

Rate this rapey-eyed guy and help start the LEGO WIG SCALE!

In our scale, Angelina Jolie is a definite 10--for being a natural and unique beauty, but also for her humanitarian work, dedication to parenting, and taking on some pretty interesting roles and "dominating" them. (Sorry, I couldn't help that pun....)

Also in our scale, Bernard Madoff is a 1. Another example would be Lizzie Grubman. People who sponge off of others, commit criminal acts, and then expect society to forgive them. These people are only famous for being materialistic scam artists and douchebags... like Kade, but much more "successful".

In the spirit of this blog, we should be sure to include Kade's enablers. I wonder how El Lego Wig would feel if we rate his step-mom (seems vapid, sucks at giving haircuts, talks like a FOB), his Cackling Friend Marissa Rosen (remember those videos where she's cackling?), his Enabler in Chief G-N Kang, etc. Have at it in the comments....

Bonus Feature -- a reader sent in this video, which looks like Kade's Crew practicing to party at one of their douchespots in Atlantic City... check it out!   
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GN Kang (?) gets verbally slapped down

Reliable tipsters informed us yesterday that GN Kang, a slow-witted, surgically altered sidekick on Wired 96.5's douchey morning show and is the primary person who helps Kadyshes make his awful Youtube videos, made an anonymous comment yesterday afternoon on one of the blog entries.... her comment is at this link.

A Lego Wig Kade commenter fired off a brilliant response later in the evening from the West Coast. We're posting it because it's great to see what Free Speech rights can accomplish... and it explains why Kade was censoring his blog so much.

Here is the young lady's reponse to GN Kang:

@ GN Kang (regarding your anonymous post from 1:06 PM today) what do you mean by the sentence that "Arthur would do anything to please the woman he finds worthy" ???

1) Arthur won't "choose" any woman... he would choose a man. Everyone knows this, even his ex's.

2) Oh, so he's only going to be people who are "worthy"??? LOL, first off, AK is scum, who is he to judge other people? He's an unemployed 32 yr old. Second off, being nice to everyone is the way to be. Judging people and then being rude/evil/malicious when you don't even know them? That is something only for a fucktard like Arthur Kadyshes.

Nice attempt at defending Kade, Kang.

Keep sending the great comments, guys! We've got more goodies coming up in the next day or so... a bunch of people who know Kade have been getting in touch and we're trying to sort out who's legit, what info we should post, etc. Juicy stuff.... stay tuned! Kade may end up in a straightjacket on his way to an assylum when all is said and done.
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Kade Confuses Narcissism with "Culture Impact"

Here's Arthur Kade's latest ramble of nonsense. Just as we stated in a previous post, Arthur did in fact say something about Ted Kennedy - as if Arthur is 1/1,000,000th the man that he was. He's also apparently going to not only be well known around the world, but also the solar system! It's amazing to think to ourselves, "has Arthur ever had a conversation with a doctor about rib removal? Surely someone that in love with themselves will only truly be happy when they can suck themselves off...

Arthur, if you're listening: you are filth, plain and simple. You are a talentless joke that is fit to be compared only to a pile of rotting garbage.

The latest from arthurkade.com:

After an amazing audition where I had to take my shirt of in front of the camera (I have to say that seeing my body on the screen, I look so much better after 1.6 weeks, and my chest was bulging nicely, my abs are showing again, and my shoulders look enormous because my workouts with my trainer have been insane, and I haven’t had a drink in almost two weeks), and the caster asked if I was available to shoot for 2 days next week in NY (I think that was a hint that I may be the “Front runner” for the well paying job), and when she asked me, “What is your exact height?”, and I answered “6′2″”, and she responded “Great!!”, I felt like this may be a great resume builder and expense payer. Commercials are great because they pay the bills for a rising star and working actor for me, and give me an opportunity to showcase my physique and talent for millions of people (Although sometimes I hate just being looked at as a “Piece of Meat” to girls).
After the audition, I jumped in a cab to head over to my hotel, and my cab driver, Singh, and I started talking about his homeland, India, and I started thinking, “Now that The Brand is going global, and with the invent of the Internet, and my growing popularity around the world, will I be able to translate the message of “The Modern Actor”, to others in countries like India, China (Where I am very well known, and I think it would be cool to do some type of PSA with Yao Ming), Japan, and even as far as Fiji?” My message is so unique and so radical, and I was asking Singh in detail about his homeland so I could understand where I might be able to fit in as an established superstar in Bollywood, and he was so helpful, and so amazed at what I told him about “The Journey” that I think I really made his day (Plus he got a 50% tip for being so cool). I think constantly about how I want the world to perceive Arthur Kade (I am a role model fro the youth to follow, and want them to be proud of me as their growing hero), and what type of cultural impact I will have in different countries, and judging by Singh’s warm and caring reaction today, I think I will have parades thrown for me in India one day.
He talked about how different North and South India are (He’s Northern), and he told me the Indians from the North are “Lighter skinned”, “Taller”, and “Healthier Looking”, and how in the South they were “Shorter”, and “Darker”, and he told me how he missed his homeland so much. I told him that I can associate how he feels because I sometimes yearn to be closer with my Russian Heritage (Although I was born here), and have even thought about taking a trip there to associate more with the culture, and learn the beauty of being Russian in case I need to play one and need to get into character at will, plus Russia has some of the most beautiful girls in the world (One friend just got back and said, “Arthur, there were more 9’s and 10’s then you can imagine”), and I am sure they would line up to be with Arthur Kade if I visited because of my celebrity.
I am relaxing and gearing up for Britney tonight (Can’t wait to see all the hot girls that come to the show that I can meet and have some fun with, and how great a pick-up place a Brit concert may be being Arthur Kade, and then go out and dominate NYC), but I couldn’t help but think about the legacy that the Kade Brand will have around the world, and maybe one day, around the solar system, and how many different ways people around the world will connect to me, and “The Journey” moving forward.
“Being President is for Great Politicians, but being a Legend is for Great People “…Arthur Kade 08/25/09 (In honor of Teddy Kennedy)

Here's an image submitted from one of our legowigkade blog readers. More to come!
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Shocker: People who know Kadyshes do not like him!

Emails are starting to come in from people wanting to disassociate from Kade or tell the truth about Kade. I think they speak for themselves. Friends, classmates, people who know Kadyshes... send in your info... To prevent fake emails, we'll need to corroborate that you know him, so we need your real name or else some thing you know about Kade that proves you have gone to school with him, worked with him, etc.
hide details 11:31 AM (3 hours ago)
Follow up message

from                 [redacted]
to                        legowigkade@gmail.com
date                  Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 11:31 AM
subject            Plea

Dear Anti-Kade,
I understand that you have the freedom of speech on your back, and that you feel it is important to expose certain people for whatever reason you have, but frankly what is written on your blog is damaging to my character and I have a job that I do not want effected. So I'm pleading with you to remove me from your site. Arthur is doing his own thing and I have asked him not to involve me anymore. 
Do as you wish, but keep in mind you named people who have lives and jobs and significant others who do not appreciate being verbally assaulted by one bitter individual (not you).
Thank you for your time,
And another email from a classmate of Kade's at NE Philly HS:
hide details 2:43 PM (13 minutes ago)
from                 [redacted]
to                      legowigkade@gmail.com
date                 Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 2:43 PM
subject             Ha
mailed-by       yahoo.com
Your site is hysterical.  I am not sure what he did to you but it is too funny.  I went to high school with him. The lisp and hint of gayness has always been there.  I never witnessed him having any girlfriends or anything that resembled one.  I saw that he said he played Division I basketball what a joke. That is false. 
This guy was actually a pretty nice person before.  It is a shame that he has turned out like this.  Many of his former classmates feel the same way.
Hopefully, your site gets more hits than his.
Anyone else who wants to shed light on El Lego Wig, just drop us a line at legowigkade@gmail.com . We will redact your name and address. Your privacy will be respected; the only person we are interested in exposing is Douchebag Kadyshes.

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Razor infomercial... Arthur's living the dream!

How many A-list celebrities get the chance to star in their very own infomercial and watch chicks shaving their legs????  Only one, our very own Arthur.  He truly is changing "The Biz"........getting high fives from a director??  having him say your name???  You rock AK!!!

So while DoucheBoy is running around saving the Gen Pop from their daily "miserable disgusting lives", attending Britney Spears concerts with all the other 14 year old girls and admitting he has no balls in his pants, we will be here.  Wondering exactly how many parenthesis does one run-on sentence really need.

Here's the latest post from El Lego Wig, including 2 videos that were filmed by GN Kang of Wired 96.5:
While sitting at Rouge tonight, I was speaking to a very successful and amazing doctor who deals with all of the famous tennis players like Federer (Who I consider the “Arthur Kade” of tennis), Roddick, and Nadal, and we were talking about my career, and he asked me what he thought was my biggest strength in an arena around where almost everybody around me fails, and I said, “Outside of everything you see before you (My looks, handsome nature, and Rugged charm), it’s “”That I don’t really give a shit”", and he smiled, and responded, “That’s good, because Once you “”Give a shit”", then you’re dead in the water”, and I laid back in my chair, reflected on a crazy ass successful day on set and week so far, and said, “I really don’t give a shit, because I win no matter what because I am REAL and GENUINE.” He was showing me pictures of all the travelling he had done, and I said, “You’re a man after my own heart” (He was living an Arthur Kade existence with all the travelling and the adventures), I get to live my dream for a living, and it’s the best”. People all around the world are using me to change and inspire their lives, and there is nothing in the world that will ever stop the Kade Train from changing, “The Biz”, and giving it a much needed overhaul, and once I look it at “The Biz” as a business, and not my next conquest, then “I am done”, and can retire to St. Tropez to sleep with Russian Model 10’s all day (I have never really dated that many Russians, but think the girls are the most beautiful in the world besides Brazilian and Cuban and could see having my first wife be one).

That has been the beauty of “The Journey”, taking a great looking guy who all he did was give a shit his whole life about what everyone around him thought and wanted (Although I still lived that celebrity life that no one else ever has besides a few that are “A List” celebs that had a but more money, but not more fun), and realized in the last year that he is the The American Dream, and that he can go for broke and “Not Fail”, because there has never been anything like him, there has never been anyone like him, and nrver will be again, and his goal will be achieved no matter what, and the Gen Pop Will watch and no matter what their opinion, they will cheer for a modern day superhero like Batman who is running around protecting the innocent from their daily miserable disgusting lives, and once I forget that “The Journey is about not just one person (Arthur Kade), but millions who are watching, then it’s lost it’s value.

While on set today, I got to work with one of the most up and coming directors in “The Biz”, Jim Nicholl who did “Mulberry Street”, and he had me featured as a Deputy in a scene in his movie that one of the PA’s called a “Post Apocalyptic drama about Vampires”, and it was the first time I had worked on a horror film, and I think that may be a genre that I want to fip my feet in once I’ve knocked out a couple Platinum hits, and it was probably the most fun set I’ve worked on to date. The AD called my look “Perfect” and “Menacing”, and I got “High Fived” by Jim several times because he said, “We killed it”, and I am sure that I left a lasting impression with one of the most up and coming guys out there, because he remembered my name (He said, “ARRRRTTTTHHUURRR” when high fiving me), and the movie stars the young kid, Colin, from Gossip Girl (A show I was featured on in May), and a girl who was in The Craft, and now me.
I am off to NYC again today to audition for an infomercial for Women’s razors (Non-speaking but will feature my body while a girl saves her legs, and I can kill this role because girls that I have dated always shower with me probably wanting to see my body naked and envision Sly Stallone from “The Specialist” when he uses Sharon Stone ((Who was a 9.63 in Basic Instinct, and if her boobs were a bigger would have been a 9.8 because she is one of the most “Smart Sexy”, and has the best “I will fuck you on the sidewalk” looks in “The Biz”))), and I received a call from the agency and the woman said, “I remembered you from like 2 months ago when you submitted on NYCastings.com, and you weren’t right for that project, but I think you could fit this one”, and I thought to myself, “How many other working actors who are on the verge of Super stardom, and rising celebs, have the impact that I do where casting agents remember their face after a few months?”, and that’s when I remembered that’s what make me, me.

I am also deciding if I want to go the Britney Spears Concert tonight at MSG, and whether I should have my people contact her publicist for great seats for me because I’m sure her team would want me comfortable, a Britney Concert is a great place to pick up girls (I will be writing about my top places soon).

“Balls are not what you have in your pants, but what you have in your heart”….Arthur Kade 08/25/09

Here are pictures from set and pics and videos from my night out at the fashion show at Union Trust Steakhouse, and Rouge:

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From the Mouth of Arthur Kade: "Popping The Cherry" aka "I will have the same impact on the acting world that Martin Luther King Jr. had on civil rights"

Arthur Kade's latest ramble, for your enjoyment:

I remember the first time I had sex it felt amazing (The girl I was with was also a virgin, so I was freaked out I would impregnate her because we went “Raw”), but I had no idea what I was doing, and no idea what it was going to feel like, and I remember feeling pure unadulterated terror as I tried to wiggle in and out, and figure out my lay of the land (It’s amazing how far I have come with this in 16 years because it comes so naturally now, although who knows after not having had sex in 6 months, but I think it would be interesting to sleep with that first girl again, and see how far both of us have come with our skills, because she was such a “Dead Lay” looking back, and the blood kind of freaked me out because I was a poor kid from The Northeast who didn’t understand a woman’s body), and every step of “The Journey” has been a similar experience whether it has been doing hit Reality TV, a Cable Project when I was in KA for a major network, My first speaking part in a film that will hopefully end up at some festivals to critical acclaim, and now I have been cast as a principal in a potential show that will be pitched as a pilot. When I walked out of our final read knowing the next steps were the promo shots, and then the filming of The Trailer, I just smiled knowing “The Journey” and my fans would now see the next step forming towards Little Oscar. I don’t feel that same fear that I had the first time sleeping with a girl, because “Old Arthur” got scared, while “New Arthur” creates history and a path for actors to follow for years to come and has to feel courage like pioneers before him (I was just watching a Documentary on Martin Luther King Jr. and was in awe of what he did, and feel that I can have the same level of impact on “The Biz”).
Last night, I was offered the part that I had now auditioned three times for in NYC, and my cast mates, and the writers and producers sat down for a two-hour long read in NYC to feel the energy and chemistry of what it would be like working together, and I think that the concept we are rocking is “Groundbreaking”, and so “Dynamic” that it may have a REAL chance to become hit television, and I am so pleased to be putting The Brand’s “Stamp of Endorsement” behind a revolutionary concept that features Arthur Kade and some VERY talented other actors.
It looks like we will be shooting The Trailer and potential episodes throughout the month of October (Nights and weekends which is perfect because I can party in NYC on weekends, and build more of a connection again to the place that I call me second home ((My first is Philly, and my third is KA)), and it will also allow me to work on other A Level projects since as my producer called me in the first audition, “It seems like you are really in demand”), and promo shots will be taken in September. The writers asked me if I would feel comfortable changing my hair color to something “More Blond”, and I told them my parent’s own a hair salon, so I think I will stop by this week or next week and go blonder (I wonder if this will me me look less Greek, and more “California Hunkish”, and how that will translate here on The East Coast, although I think I may look a little like Matt McConaughey when I do it, especially because I have put on 4Lbs’ of muscle in the last two weeks). I really believe this may be a project that propels Arthur Kade and the cast to a potential Emmy, and opens the door for us like Friends did for Jen, Dave, and Courtney (I thought it would take a year to get my first principal role in anything, and here I am at 5.788 months doing it “Kade Style”, although I’m not really surprised with me being me, and I am always tenacious and the best at anything I put my mind to).
In the meantime, today I will be working on a Film being directed by the guy who did Mulberry Road, and starring one of the actors from Gossip Girl in the lead, so I will play a Deputy in a scene with the main character which will give me incredible screen time and exposure in front of proven people (I am sure that once they see me in person they will probably gulp and say “Where did HE come from?”), so this will be an opportunity to continue the momentum that “The Journey” has built, and my destiny to my good friend, Oscar, who is waiting for me in the not-so distant future, waiting patiently for me to put my hands around him, and thank the world for the pleasure he has given me reaching my goal, and then look into the sky, and thank the fans of “The Journey” for all the support they have given and believing in greatness and innovation.
I have also been contacted to do an interview for my Alma Mater, Temple University’s School Newspaper (Alhtough, I am not a fan of “Small” media anymore because of my name and Brand, Temple holds an amzingly large place in my heart and my former professors must be watching “The Journey” realizing that somehow they were involved in my accomplishments and smiling saying, ‘I knew him when he was a kid coming to class in a $1,500 Armani suit, and then running out to model and dominate Neiman Marcus).
“Domination is a not a state of mind, it is a state of Existence”…Arthur Kade 08/24/09

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Why Does This Blog Exist?

This blog is a refuge from the actual arthurkade.com site. It is our place to openly and freely discuss one of the most despicable men the Internet has seen in the last hundred years. For some, Arthur Kade is a joke; they think it's all an elaborate hoax in an attempt to earn a reality show, or achieve fame through being an idiot on purpose.

For others, Arthur Kade is 100% real, and all 100% of him is garbage. With great desperation, he is pursuing fame and celebrity at any cost. He is paving his path to infamy with a disgusting, sexist, self-centered, misogynistic, and utterly vile collection of blog posts in which he lies repeatedly about sexual conquests, judges and talks negatively about countless numbers of women - both famous actresses and average "fans" - and paints a ridiculous portrait of his talent as an actor. 

To this point, his only real success (not as an actor, but as a barely recognized extra) has been an appearance on Gossip Girl for all of a nanosecond. Maybe that's all he needed, but earlier this year after being let go from Ameriprise as a financial consultant, he set out on a "journey" to become an award winning actor, all without having ever really acted in anything. He claims to have been a professional model, but this has never been backed up by Arthur despite repeated requests for names of magazines he may have appeared in, or fashion products he may have modeled exclusively for. 

Since beginning his "journey," he has primarily spent his time shuffling between trendy bars in Philadelphia, New York City, and Atlantic City, and has posted a vast number of completely absurd videos to YouTube ranging from horrible attempts at acting, to random and mundane snapshots of his life. To truly understand the demented outlook on both himself and his future would require hours upon hours of consumption of past blog posts, videos, and comments. Ah, yes, the comments... You see, despite Arthur Kade's claims of fame, celebrity, and worldwide recognition, more than 80% of the comments left on his blog since it's inception have been negative. Most people hate him. Most people wish for his demise. Most people are shocked that such a delusional, self centered fame whore walks among the earth.

Arthur Kade lacks even a novice's level of acting talent. Yet, to hear it from him, he's a better actor already than Al Pacino, all while never having spoken a single line in any production! He has no Plan B; winning an Oscar is his only plan. Despite a massive and continuous amount of negative comments about his complete lack of acting skill, he plods on without even the slightest hint of improvement. Acting classes, improv classes, and all the practice in the world have done nothing to improve his "craft" as he calls it.
Arthur Kade has a wide range of physical flaws that are either noticeable in photographs and videos, or have been confirmed by those who have met him in person, including, but certainly not limited to:
  1. Giant "Count Chocula" eyebrows
  2. Rapey looking eyes
  3. A giant, hideous nose with frighteningly giant nostrils
  4. Dry lips, often cracked and bloody
  5. Spittle that forms in the corner of his mouth when he talks
  6. Adult acne
  7. Horrible breath
  8. A lisp that is consistently obvious despite speech therapy classes
  9. Ridiculous hair, currently showing evidence of balding
  10. A nail biting habit, resulting in raw, bloody fingernailsA strange habit of hopping and bouncing and talking out loud to himself
  11. Untold other ailments...
Even stranger, considering he was a model in some form, is the way in which he is oblivious to modern fashion and style. He claims to have brought fedoras back into style recently, as if to say nobody was wearing them until he started sporting cheap, mall-purchased hats with poor construction, either wearing them backwards, or floopy like a hobo. He is frequently seen in photos wearing such hats with dreadful slogan t-shirts the likes of which an 11 year old is too mature for. Slogans like "I'm here to lay pipe," and "This is what awesome looks like," as well as "I'm kind of a big deal" are all worn without the slightest hint of irony. For someone who goes to the "hottest nightclubs on the east coast," he certainly dresses more like he is prepared for a night at Chucky Cheese. 

Finally, Arthur Kade has had a few media interviews with outlets such as a Philadelphia news station, the Danny Bonaduce Radio Show, Philadelphia Magazine, and themensview.com among others. Each and every writer or journalist that did a piece about him portrayed him as a fame-seeking, celebrity obsessed person. Not once did any of these outlets praise him for acting ability or talent. If you're asking yourself why, it's obvious: he has no talent. His only talent is in showing the world that it is possible to be dumber, more disgusting, more self-centered, and more sexist than anyone we have ever met in our lives. 

It is for all these reasons that this blog exists. Should this walking nightmare achieve any level of success in the acting world, it will be at the expense of countless numbers of humble, talented, deserved actors and actresses who are spending untold hours practicing their skill and working hard so that they may one day have even a 5% chance of showing the world what they can do. Such people deserve that chance. Arthur Kade, on the other hand, deserves nothing. Everyone in the film industry will be better off for being warned about him. He stoops to the lowest depths imaginable with his freakish posts about such things as getting Jennifer Aniston pregnant, dreaming about hooking up with various actresses, and being responsibly for the breakup of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo. His Kade Scale "rating system" for women is the pinnacle of inappropriate, sexist, misogynistic behavior. 

Be warned, be aware, and be very sure of one thing: Arthur Kade is destined for failure. We're just here to watch it. 

Finally, if you're wondering what "Lego Wig Kade" means in the first place... "Lego Wig" was a quick term coined by someone viewing arthurkade.com after his stepmom gave him a very silly haircut. The comment was made that he looked like he had lego hair; a great laugh was had by all, and that brief moment in time became the impetus for forming this blog. This hairstyle lasted no more than 36 hours, but for all of us it exists as a perfect moment of Arthur Kade being entirely oblivious to just how absurd and clueless he really is, and will forever be...
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From the Mouth of Arthur Kade: Belated Birthday

Here's Arthur's latest post, which he probably had the time to bang out on his low-level Blackberry Curve while taking the bus to NYC to attempt to get a "principal role" (his words, not ours) in a trailer for a tv show pilot. Yeah. We're like "WOW!" too! We guess that we will never again hear about this audition, just like the dating show, and various other low-level garbage he has auditioned for before. Word of advice Kade: Stick to being an EXTRA. And Kade, when are you finally going to recognize that everyone in LA was, is, and will always be laughing at you?

Behold, more Kade garbage:

I had a minute before my audition for the casting part for the potential pilot the potential amazing pilot that is being created, but I wanted to wish my BFF out in California a “Kade Style” 40th Birthday shout out to Kent Osborne (One of my biggest celebrity fans of “The Journey”, and friends with other celebrity fans of mine like Rebecca Romijn, and we should all grab lunch when I am out there. As Gordon Gekko would say, “Talk at You”) at The Cartoon Network (Which everyone will remember was the beginning of the domination out in LA that officially turned it into KA, and made me realize that I need to be bi-coastal). Looks like you had a great time at the birthday (Couldn’t make it due to scheduling difficulties with my people and Team Kade), but next time I’m out we will I will make sure to throw a 9 or 10 your way, and we can head over to My House where they will treat us like Royalty.

Here is a video of the audition I’m about to own, and a picture Kent’s friends drew for him showing how popular I am in “The Biz” (i think they did an amazing job depicting my body and build), and the influence I have at major networks like The Cartoon Network.

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Douchebag Spotlight: Kade's "Players"

This post has been moved front and center because of a flurry of Philadelphians sending in the names and juicy details about people in Kade's douchebag crew. People emailed/commented with a lot of information about the people Kade mentions in his blog and we're putting some of it here for you to see. In some cases, we're holding back details because we need to confirm them before we post them. Here is the list we have gotten so far. If you can fill in more names, email us at legowigkade@gmail.com . This is only the beginning... we will be running "close ups" on some of these people, as they relate to Kadyshes, in the coming weeks.

These people enable Arthur Kade's psychopathic behaviors (mysogyny, douchebaggery, lying, poor tipping, Guido behaviors) by overlooking them or by encouraging Kade. Here are the identities of those we have been able to confirm:

"Chester Bogart" is Chad Boonswang
"Radio Babe" is G-N Kang
"Samantha" is Marissa Rosen
"Johnny Drama" is Tony Piazza
"Andy Warhol" is Hughe Dillon
"Bling" is Sabrina Tamburino and "Maverick" is Steve Thorne
"Studio 54" is Brett Perloff
"TJ" is Terry Jue
"Tony Starch" is Tony Churchirilo
"Latina Angel" is Sabrina Strickland
"Miami Mark" is Mark Zabludovsky
"Gabbana" is Michelle Miller
"Dolce" is Ania Kukla

"Calvin Klein" is Sean Jones (multiple tipsters say this is Kade's ex-boyfriend)
"The Ex" is Danielle Poe, a plain-looking"Philly 5" that Kade dated for several years (pics available online, use Google)
"Fierce Farrah" is Lindsay Furman

One tipster tells us, "I used to work with Chad Boonswang so that is how I could connect the names. And yes, they are all as douchey as AK."

Kade's blog today was called "Abandonment"... how funny---bc a lot of people who used to know Kade have abandoned him, just like his own parents did. They talk about him behind his back, they laugh at him when he's not looking, and they send information on to our blog. Kade really is starting to be abandoned. The next people that abandon him will be the people who visit his blog to comment on it, because El Legowig has been heavily moderating the comments. Basically, there is no reason to post there anymore... Spread the word about our blog! Tell your coworkers, Twitter connections, facebook friends, etc. The move is on--come here, not to Kade's doucheblog.

Here's the lowdown on some of these individuals that has been sent in by our readers:

Going down the players list filling in the gaps for you guys...some are complete dbags, some are good people...

TJ - Terry Jue - old friend of Kade's from before Kade decided to leave his career and go into this acting bit. He's friends with the whole "crew" but I also see him out with other circles of friends. Hung out with him a few times and don't know him well but seems like a pretty decent guy actually. But when he's out at G, Chelsea, Dusk, etc. he's usually out with the players crew so I guess that makes him a dbag.

Tony Starch - Tony Churchirilo (sp?) - another old friend from back in the day and did the whole 32/125 scene. don't know him well but he was out to dinner with Kade when he was interviewed for the Philly Mag article and was mentioned in the article as "Church."

Latina Angel - Sabrina Strickland - they became friends about a year ago. She is very loyal to friends but you'd better not cross her. She is well connected and knows a lot of important people in the city. Not sure how she feels about Kade at the moment. She's goes to the same clubs: G, Chelsea, Dusk, etc. I think she had been trying to avoid him a bit as of late. Like I said, very loyal and a good girl as long as she likes you.

Miami Mark - Mark Zabludovsky - lived in Miami and just recently moved back to Philly. Same circle of friends as Kade but I don't see them out together much even though they all go to the same places.

Gabbana - Michelle Miller - they call her Mischa. She is the one behind e-Moda. She dates a lot of the local athletes preferably Flyers players. Haven't seen her around much as of late, not sure what the deal is though.

Dolce - Ania Kukla - she dated Kade for awhile after he ended his relationship with Danielle Poe. Nice girl, very energetic, a little crazy, good friends with Michelle Miller, hence the Dolce & Gabbana nicknames. She and Michelle were originally friends with GN Kang and met Kade through her. She's pretty and a sweet girl. But then again, she dated Kade...

Fierce Farrah - Lindsay Furman - she is friends with the entire crew but has other circles of friends too. I see her out with different groups of people - some are good people, others are typical philly dbags. She takes a lot of pictures with Kade (she is the pretty girl with the crazy hair in Kade's blog pics). She likes the attention I guess. I've hung out with her a few times and she seems like a very nice girl. She's like one of those people who seems to be friendly to everyone though I'm not sure that she actually really likes everyone she hangs out with. She definitely goes to the same places: G, Chelsea, Dusk, etc.

The Ex - Danielle Poe is an ex but I don't think this is her so I'm guessing it's the ex from before Danielle. Who that is though, I don't know.

Calvin Klein - Sean Jones - this guy's claim to fame is being on the first season of Survivor. I think he moved to Pittsburgh. Some say that is Kade is gay, this guy was his gay lover.

Minnie Driver - Gala Kanevsky - she's been a part of the Philly social scene since her mid to late teens. She used to hit up all of the clubs. I have hung out with her a few times and she doesn't seem to talk much. So either she's chill and a little shy or she's just stuck up. She seems friendly though. I've seen her out with the crew for sure. I think that she is currently dating Tony Piazza. They certainly hang out a lot together.

Chad Boonswang is an interesting character. He thinks he's the ultimate playboy. Anyone who has met him knows otherwise. Everything written about him is probably true.

Marissa Rosen moved to Israel so at least we wont have to listen to her cackling laugh in the background of future video posts.
Also, if anyone else has more information on Kade's enablers, send additional names to legowigkade@gmail.com

Here's Kade in January 2009 with right-hand woman GN Kang. Look at that face on him! It's ghastly!

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From The Mouth of Arthur Kade: Turn-Offs - aka "Arthur Kade tells you all about how he gets laid (but never really does)

The latest post from Arthur Kade is riddled with the kind of judgmental outlook on women that he is becoming infamous for. Have Coke can nipples, or too many bumps on them or a stray hair? Kade does not want you. Can't use chopsticks? Don't count on Arthur Kade calling you for a second date. Have a big forehead? Arthur Kade would like to buy you hairplugs. Have a few "taint hairs" and refuse to shave them before Arthur goes "downtown" on you? Count on him being out the door pronto.

Ladies, if for some reason you didn't already know, Arthur Kade's behavior and comments about women are as revolting as it gets. We'll totally respect you if you need to step away for a moment and vomit in the toilet. Reading anything that this disgusting sexist prick writes is enough to do that anyways, but when he's judging your nipples, forehead, chopstick usage abilities, and your genital grooming habits, he's making you self-conscious for all the wrong reasons. Wonder why he's not had sex at all this year? Read on...

FYI - Kade's stepmom is apparently great friends with the best asshole waxer in Philadelphia. Kade will totally hook that up for you.

The Gen Pop comes up to me all the time and asks me how I am such an amazing judge on all that is “Girl Kingdom”, and I answer people, “It’s all in years and years of experience, because if you took your top 5 friends and added up all the girls they have been with, or the experiences they have had, I will still beat them in both”, and because of this I have thought about approaching my alma mater, Temple, and even offering to teach a class on male/female attraction, and “How to pick up any girl you want at any time”(I have become so selective that my friends are probably happy that I am not dominating the social scene in Philly right now, and I can finally pass off all that I don’t want to them). Whenever there are conversations around me regarding dating and sex, people always defer to my amazing knowledge, and believe that anything that come out of my mouth is top quality, and leads to great sex.

Last night when The Entourage arrived at G, I saw a Philly 9 (She had South Jersey model looks, a 21 year old with a great body at about 5′9″, great legs, bad tan, bad make-up, and appeared dressed a little blue collar, but with about 10k invested and some Kade Seasoning could be a New York 9.3, and had eye liner that I wanted to wash off her face because she looked like a One-Night stand I had in Tampa that I never called again) in the Gen Pop Bar area, and I approached her and her friend (Who was a 5, and I wanted to ask the bouncer to not let her in The Mogul Room so I could divide and conquer), and said “Come to the Mogul Room with me”, and their eyes lit up, and they looked at each other and said “Ok” (They obviously were extremely attracted to me, and couldn’t wait to have shots with what one girl called me last night, “The King of Philadelphia”), but when we got there, the ugly girl cock-blocked me despite random shots and drinks, and they ended up leaving.

We partied all night in the “Ultra Exclusive” Mogul Room (Where I said hello to Eddie George and My New friend, Dom From Entourage who had to get up for church the next day) all night, and a situation arose that made me think about a topic that has been asked of me a million times (I could have an amazing magazine column in GQ or Playboy or other sexual mags that feature A List Celebs) about, and that I have never addressed in this world renowned blog that I write (People across the world like Rob Thomas have become fans, and now I am being told that the French are in love with me and ‘The Journey’ and I wonder if they would fly me over for a celebrity appearance because I love Paris soon). There was a girl who I saw making out with a friend of mine, and then she approached me me and said she wanted to make out with me as well, and I replied, “I love girls who like multiple hook-ups in a night, but is is such a turn-off when it’s with friends of mine because I don’t mix business with pleasure”; (I later found out that she had hooked up with ANOTHER friend earlier in the night as well which would’ve been a Trifecta ((A Kadeism that means the art of hooking up with 3 men in one night)), and I wanted to give the girl a High Five because at least she knew her role that night, and knew that none of us would take her seriously.

When my friends and I were talking about this today, I started thinking about my 5 biggest turn-offs that a girl has or does so here they are:

1) Kankles-Legs are such an important aspect of a girl’s body, and there is nothing worse than when a girl has no definition in her legs and looks like a girl version of Ladanian Tomlinson. I remember when I met a girl at 32 Degrees in Old City in 2005, and we went to Lounge 125, and then I ended up with her at The Sheraton Society Hill Hotel, and when she took off her jeans, I saw that at she had Kankles, and even though I was stilL stuck there to have to sleep with her, it was such a big turn off that I never saw her again (She stalked me big time).

2) Bad Nipples-Nipples should be the most beautiful surprise that a girl has when you are sexually intimate with one, and they should be perfect size and perfect color (They should be any where from .75-1 inch if the girl’s boob is a C-D). Sometimes Areolas can be too big (Coke Can Nipples), too pink or too dark (especially on Irish Girls, although I have taken such a liking to red heads lately again), they can have too many bumps around the Areola (and sometimes a loose hair or two which is the worst), or the all time worst when the button tip is so long that it looks like a spear in a javelin contest.

3) Chopsticks-I hate when a girl doesn’t know how to use chopsticks, and because of this when I would take girls on a first date back in the day, I would almost always take them to a Japanese Restaurant, because if they had to use a fork, then I would never call them again (Although I a girl I dated once didn’t know how to use them and I find out too late), and it is one of those things that equates to level of class and prestige that Arthur Kade must be visible with, and I have found a correlation to bad etiquette with bad oral sex as well.

4) Big Foreheads-There is actually a girl in Philly (She is a Philly 9.5 who reminds me of a mix of Megan Fox and Demi Moore with the most amazing personality and most amazing sexuality although I may take her boobs from a large B at a small D) that I am heads over heals in love with, and she is the most perfect looking and acting girl in Philly, and I was actually telling my girlfriend tonight, “I would date her and actually take her to dinners and maybe a movie, but the only thing I might change about her is her forehead is too big. I wonder if I could buy her hairplugs?”, but the problem is that she has a serious boyfriend anyway, although that if I pushed the issue I am sure it would not be much trouble.

5) “Taint” Hair-This is the hair on a girl between the vagina and the asshole and some girls don’t catch it enough and make that are smooth as a baby’s bottom. Waxing is an art, and actually one of my step-mom’s best friends is the top waxer in Philly, but I have been with girls where I have gone downtown, and discovered that it isn’t perfect, and will either send them over for a consultation, or make them do a self-shave if they refuse, or I just roll out, “Kade Style”.

“I don’t date girls under a 9 because I don’t want a stain on my credit report” …Arthur Kade 08/23/09

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