Arthur Kade Makes Yet Another Death All About Himself

The latest from ArthurKade.com:

I remember being at Mur Mur (It was the hottest club in AC at the time, and we had the best table in the house because I was with some “Kade Level” Ballers who dropped like 14k in 5 hours on “Models and Bottles”), and 5AM rolled around, and I had an amazingly hot Latino girl sitting on my lap (I tried to get her back to my room for a One Nighter, but she demanded a dinner date so I took her out the next weekend, slept with her, and never called her again because she was so annoying at dinner talking about her Ex, that I couldn’t get her to leave my room fast enough after I was done), making out with me, and I looked at her and said, “This DJ is fucking awesome, I haven’t stopped pumping my fist all night. Who is it?”, and she responded, “AM is the best, and he is about to become the biggest DJ in the country”, and I said, “The guy’s mixes and mashes are so “”"Visionary”". Did he really just mix NKOTB with Biggie then Prince at the same time?”

Since that night, I have heard Adam Goldstein spin in KA, Vegas, NY, and AC (Many times), and I have always said to people, “I am an expert in Pop Culture and music, and I will say this guy is the best, because you will find yourself dancing to his music for hours”, and I truly believe that DJ AM took popular style DJ’ing to levels it’s never been, ushering a new style of Mixes and Mash-Ups that were so fresh and innovative, that it had never been done before. Just like I am a visionary of Acting (I want to become the Male version of Oprah in “The Biz” and build a “Multi-Media Mogul-Style Empire” that is not only global, but Universal), DJ AM took club music to another level, and it is such a shame to see such a great talent go so early.

The news affected me deeply because I had just had him brought over to me at Dusk to be introduced, and I thought it could be the beginning of a future relationship of 2 growing social stars that would help redefine club life and take it to the next level (Imagine a bond between the world’s biggest DJ, and the world’s greatest actor who both dominate the social scene “Kade Style”), and when I heard the news last night, it actually reminded me that no matter how invincible I think I am at 31, in the end we are all mortal, and as a friend said last night, “We are all just one heart beat away”, and I thought, “What a waste of such an amazing talent who had survived a plane crash, avoided another one, and this is the way it ends. Truly a shame, but the key is to take the memories and the gifts he provided the world, and push them forward”.

All we can do as peers (Him and I are roughly the same age), is take his example and realize that life is a “Fragile Gift” that must be cherished, and that our bodies are our “Temples” (My body and face is what I get paid for both through Modeling and Acting, and I always try to make sure I am at top Handsome Levels), and that in the end we are all mortals who should take what we learn from greats like Adam Goldstein, and make the world a better place for the Gen Pop that needs us to be better, and change the social norms of “The Biz” for our children, their children, and so on, because the world will remember people like AM and Arthur Kade (’I believe “The Journey” will be looked at like a modern day “Hamlet” of innovation) as visionaries, pioneers, and even “Social Gods”.

“It’s hard to become the Best, but only a few can be known as “The Greatest”"….Arthur Kade…08/29/09

Pictures and videos of me making sushi:


  1. I almost just shit myself reading "dropped 14K in 3 hours on "Models and Bottles!""


  2. "The world will remember AM and Arthur Kade."

    When the collective memory span is 'who was on People magazine 2 weeks ago,' then no, the world will not remember AM and certainly not remember Arthur Kade.

  3. MODELS AND BOTTLES.... hahaha

    What a piece of Bridge & Tunnel trash!

  4. I'm trying to imagine an experience that goes down in a single night--in a nightclub in Atlantic Fuckin City, New Jersey for chrissake--that would be worth $14,000 dollars. To anyone.

    And I'm coming up with nothing.

    If indeed that was the case, then somebody has been HAD, boys.

  5. Flaming homosexuals call it 'sushi' nowadays.


  6. It's post like this that make me really, really hate you. I can't say that I was a fan of AM, but how fucking dare you try to use the death of someone's child, BF and friend to promote yourself? Get fucked. I have a feeling its about to get really hard to be Arthur Kadyshes

  7. Look how much attention he is getting with his death, Kade! That could be you! Wait a few weeks til the excitement dies down, then please follow suit.

  8. "this DJ is awesome, I haven't stopped pumping my first all night"

    what a creepy, retarded GUIDO DOUCHEBAG

  9. Nice gloves Artee. Did you pull those out of the trash after your last prostrate exam???? "hey, I can use these when I have to be with a girl......." Making sushi was close enuf to that though, huh art?


  10. "....not only global but universal"

    Honest to God you are an idiot.

  11. I Rim G.N. Kang
    Sits in his basement eating
    Hot pockets. Virgin!

  12. Sometimes Asian chicks
    are hot. Not when they've been hit
    by a frying pan.

  13. Oh Art, did you keep pumping your fist all night because it was up someone's ass? Thought so.

    You are useless--trying to make someone else's death all about you just proves that.

  14. Anonymous 1:06 -woah! good one!

    Click link to see.

  15. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 29, 2009 at 5:24 PM

    This, tweeted 22 minutes ago, from web:
    "i am a ninja...learn the ways of the kade"

    No, Kade, you're not a ninja. You're a douchebag. A big, sopping wet, useless douchebag.

  16. Anon 1:06 that pic is EPIC

    THX for posting that link Ghost of Cindy Brady.

    PPL, click the link. Holy shit.


  17. He's definitely a no-talent, self-centered, ignorant tool.

  18. Uh, when you have to spend $14k on "models and bottles" those are actually "hookers and bottles." Or maybe models, bottles, and a mountain of coke.