From The Mouth of Arthur Kade: Turn-Offs - aka "Arthur Kade tells you all about how he gets laid (but never really does)

The latest post from Arthur Kade is riddled with the kind of judgmental outlook on women that he is becoming infamous for. Have Coke can nipples, or too many bumps on them or a stray hair? Kade does not want you. Can't use chopsticks? Don't count on Arthur Kade calling you for a second date. Have a big forehead? Arthur Kade would like to buy you hairplugs. Have a few "taint hairs" and refuse to shave them before Arthur goes "downtown" on you? Count on him being out the door pronto.

Ladies, if for some reason you didn't already know, Arthur Kade's behavior and comments about women are as revolting as it gets. We'll totally respect you if you need to step away for a moment and vomit in the toilet. Reading anything that this disgusting sexist prick writes is enough to do that anyways, but when he's judging your nipples, forehead, chopstick usage abilities, and your genital grooming habits, he's making you self-conscious for all the wrong reasons. Wonder why he's not had sex at all this year? Read on...

FYI - Kade's stepmom is apparently great friends with the best asshole waxer in Philadelphia. Kade will totally hook that up for you.

The Gen Pop comes up to me all the time and asks me how I am such an amazing judge on all that is “Girl Kingdom”, and I answer people, “It’s all in years and years of experience, because if you took your top 5 friends and added up all the girls they have been with, or the experiences they have had, I will still beat them in both”, and because of this I have thought about approaching my alma mater, Temple, and even offering to teach a class on male/female attraction, and “How to pick up any girl you want at any time”(I have become so selective that my friends are probably happy that I am not dominating the social scene in Philly right now, and I can finally pass off all that I don’t want to them). Whenever there are conversations around me regarding dating and sex, people always defer to my amazing knowledge, and believe that anything that come out of my mouth is top quality, and leads to great sex.

Last night when The Entourage arrived at G, I saw a Philly 9 (She had South Jersey model looks, a 21 year old with a great body at about 5′9″, great legs, bad tan, bad make-up, and appeared dressed a little blue collar, but with about 10k invested and some Kade Seasoning could be a New York 9.3, and had eye liner that I wanted to wash off her face because she looked like a One-Night stand I had in Tampa that I never called again) in the Gen Pop Bar area, and I approached her and her friend (Who was a 5, and I wanted to ask the bouncer to not let her in The Mogul Room so I could divide and conquer), and said “Come to the Mogul Room with me”, and their eyes lit up, and they looked at each other and said “Ok” (They obviously were extremely attracted to me, and couldn’t wait to have shots with what one girl called me last night, “The King of Philadelphia”), but when we got there, the ugly girl cock-blocked me despite random shots and drinks, and they ended up leaving.

We partied all night in the “Ultra Exclusive” Mogul Room (Where I said hello to Eddie George and My New friend, Dom From Entourage who had to get up for church the next day) all night, and a situation arose that made me think about a topic that has been asked of me a million times (I could have an amazing magazine column in GQ or Playboy or other sexual mags that feature A List Celebs) about, and that I have never addressed in this world renowned blog that I write (People across the world like Rob Thomas have become fans, and now I am being told that the French are in love with me and ‘The Journey’ and I wonder if they would fly me over for a celebrity appearance because I love Paris soon). There was a girl who I saw making out with a friend of mine, and then she approached me me and said she wanted to make out with me as well, and I replied, “I love girls who like multiple hook-ups in a night, but is is such a turn-off when it’s with friends of mine because I don’t mix business with pleasure”; (I later found out that she had hooked up with ANOTHER friend earlier in the night as well which would’ve been a Trifecta ((A Kadeism that means the art of hooking up with 3 men in one night)), and I wanted to give the girl a High Five because at least she knew her role that night, and knew that none of us would take her seriously.

When my friends and I were talking about this today, I started thinking about my 5 biggest turn-offs that a girl has or does so here they are:

1) Kankles-Legs are such an important aspect of a girl’s body, and there is nothing worse than when a girl has no definition in her legs and looks like a girl version of Ladanian Tomlinson. I remember when I met a girl at 32 Degrees in Old City in 2005, and we went to Lounge 125, and then I ended up with her at The Sheraton Society Hill Hotel, and when she took off her jeans, I saw that at she had Kankles, and even though I was stilL stuck there to have to sleep with her, it was such a big turn off that I never saw her again (She stalked me big time).

2) Bad Nipples-Nipples should be the most beautiful surprise that a girl has when you are sexually intimate with one, and they should be perfect size and perfect color (They should be any where from .75-1 inch if the girl’s boob is a C-D). Sometimes Areolas can be too big (Coke Can Nipples), too pink or too dark (especially on Irish Girls, although I have taken such a liking to red heads lately again), they can have too many bumps around the Areola (and sometimes a loose hair or two which is the worst), or the all time worst when the button tip is so long that it looks like a spear in a javelin contest.

3) Chopsticks-I hate when a girl doesn’t know how to use chopsticks, and because of this when I would take girls on a first date back in the day, I would almost always take them to a Japanese Restaurant, because if they had to use a fork, then I would never call them again (Although I a girl I dated once didn’t know how to use them and I find out too late), and it is one of those things that equates to level of class and prestige that Arthur Kade must be visible with, and I have found a correlation to bad etiquette with bad oral sex as well.

4) Big Foreheads-There is actually a girl in Philly (She is a Philly 9.5 who reminds me of a mix of Megan Fox and Demi Moore with the most amazing personality and most amazing sexuality although I may take her boobs from a large B at a small D) that I am heads over heals in love with, and she is the most perfect looking and acting girl in Philly, and I was actually telling my girlfriend tonight, “I would date her and actually take her to dinners and maybe a movie, but the only thing I might change about her is her forehead is too big. I wonder if I could buy her hairplugs?”, but the problem is that she has a serious boyfriend anyway, although that if I pushed the issue I am sure it would not be much trouble.

5) “Taint” Hair-This is the hair on a girl between the vagina and the asshole and some girls don’t catch it enough and make that are smooth as a baby’s bottom. Waxing is an art, and actually one of my step-mom’s best friends is the top waxer in Philly, but I have been with girls where I have gone downtown, and discovered that it isn’t perfect, and will either send them over for a consultation, or make them do a self-shave if they refuse, or I just roll out, “Kade Style”.

“I don’t date girls under a 9 because I don’t want a stain on my credit report” …Arthur Kade 08/23/09


  1. "Kade Seasoning"? WTF?

  2. Jeebus, it just gets worse and worse. Boy, am I glad you guys started this blog. I felt so dirty logging into his site just to read the comments. And that just isn't worth it these days given the extreme level of moderation afforded to him by the new 'Kadeberry'.

    Just a heads up too - I found this site via the champ who posted the link on Kade's facebook page. I'm in Australia so I can confirm that it was up for quite a few hours before he discovered it. So hopefully many others now know about it too. So well done there!

    Meanwhile, a large B or a small D is a C-cup, nimrod!

  3. Thanks Alice! We're putting all the content here so you don't have to read anything on his site. We're hoping to reduce his traffic to a crawl.

  4. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 23, 2009 at 9:43 PM

    Love the comments about Kade wanting to cut up and rearrange women's bodies. Definitely serial killer potential there.

    Disgusting waste of tissue, Kadyshes is.Worthless sack of shit.

  5. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 23, 2009 at 9:49 PM

    WTF - that Queen Elizabeth character is downright crazy. Not like "balls-ass hot-ass crazy", but like: "stay away from that unbalanced lunatic" crazy.


    You could not possibly be more worthless. You belong in a hole you can't crawl out of, crying for help.

  6. Serious mega WTF: That video is a "character" he's developing? For what! That's the kind of thing that men should be locked up for doing.

  7. I posted a link on


    Hope it helps! Spread the word - I'd rather come here to read what he writes. I hate giving him the hits. I tried this with my blog back in March but my regular readers got pissed - they hated hearing about Kade and didn't understand my obsession. I only check him twice a week now. I rarely comment as it's gotten too ridiculous and moderated.

  8. Thanks Matt! We're doing everything we can to ruin this fucking joke.

    It's going to be all anti-Kade here, all the time. No other content to worry about.

  9. I feel so bad for shit she disappeared... It's going to be like a party once this person finally figures out where we've gone.

  10. Sweet. His hits are going to plummet. I'm going to keep trying to get my site link through - he let's my Kade CLiff's Notes link go through all the time - hoping he isn't paying attention too much. It may get through.

    This is the best way to ruin him. I refuse to click on his link from here on out. I'll only come here to see what he posts.

  11. It's 1:00 am your time Kade and we ALL know you're awake reading this blog you fucking faggot!

    Looks like these guys are getting the word out... Fired from Ameriprise, nearly broke, mooching off your friends, learning that your own friends hate you. You and your bullshit life, wannabe Oscar winner crap, hating on women, being an utter fucking dick to everyone.

    Go cry in your pillow and finger your mangina.

  12. Matt, and everyone else: Make sure that you flood the comments on his youtube posts with:

    L E G O W I G K A D E . B L O G S P O T . C O M
    Visit the url above for a real look at the human cess pool that is Arthur Kade!

    keep the spaces in there so that it posts immediately. Eventually word will get around.

  13. Also, if you want to lift my Cliff's Notes and put them here as an open-source project for all of us, that would be fine with me. I've been remiss in my updates since I don't go to the site too often, but some of the commentators are fucking funny and can probably improve on them a lot


  14. Thanks again Matt! We'll copy them over here. The content is going to come pretty quick around here, so we're going to add a links section on the right column for certain posts that will be updated from time to time (cliff's Notes is a good one for that) to make them easier to find.

  15. Fuck. They are totally on to me now. Everything is getting bounced. Oh well. I'll try some other clever ways. Sounds like YouTube is the way to go - and Facebook as well. What an idiot.

  16. I love this new fan site - way to spread The Brand!
    Kade OUT!

  17. Ok, 'Arthur'(and we all know you read this no matter whether you're the real one or not), if you're so happy about this new blog why aren't you letting anyone write about it on yours? I would imagine you would be over the moon about the added exposure and people, whether 'haters' or not, talking about you.

    I feel so sorry for Shit she disappeared all alone there. Nothing is getting through..

  18. AnastasiaBeaverhousenAugust 24, 2009 at 4:40 AM

    Pic #10:

    Arthur Kade and Mike Fazio walk into a bar. The bar immediately explodes because no building can withstand that massive amount of doucheness.......

  19. Someone needs to tip SSD to look at the comments marked as spam on the vids on youtube, which are the links people posted to this site. Even better asking him to email you or ask for his email. That is how I got a few peeps here, but then Artie was onto me. I can proudly say I am banned from his site.


  20. Yet another example of what an awful person you are Arthur. Do you really think people believe this? And you really give props to a girl who hooks up with three dudes in a night? WTF?

  21. I love that Kade stays up late tweeting with this ass hat.


  22. Arthur... rememeber that part in Mean Girls when Regina told Gretchen to stop trying to make fetch happen because it wasn't going to happen? Um, yeah. Let me paraphrase: Arthur! Stop trying to make Gen Pop happen! It's not going to happen!

    Sad, sad monkey...

  23. I tried getting the word out about this blog on his shitacular site, but not only is he blocking you from including it as a link, he will also edit your comments. Shit She Disappeared is wondering where everybody went over there. Why so concerned about another blog Artie? As they say, the only bad PR is no PR, so if you're an aspiring actor wouldn't you want any publicity you could get to get the "brand" out there? If however the whole blog is a cover for something else, well then I could see how he would be pissed about this.

  24. Arthur, we all know you are a mysogynist a-hole ... I wonder if all of your years of therapy have taught you that the reason you have such obvious hostility towards women is because your Mom rejected you sad monkey ass as a child?

    Also? You look TERRIBLE. Really. Stop with the coke already.

  25. I've tried to get the message to shitshedisappeared but A is deleting me immediately, even with proxy.

    God save the Queen.

  26. @Pogue I gave up. He actually changed full comments I posted. Changed their entire meaning. I can only hope that @SSD figures it out...

    Artie, you are an idiotic, moronic coward. We will eventually get @shit she disappeared too... we know you are making up the comments and changing what we write if we even bother to visit your site anymore, you sad, coked-up monkey. But you can't stop us, and we will take all your site traffic... eventually.

  27. Alright listen up. As someone who knows somethings about somethings:

    1. You're not actually supposed to eat sushi and sashimi with chopsticks - the preferred method is with your hands.

    2. Sure it's fine to use your chopsticks

    3. But if you're going to be such a dickwad that you'd reject a date only because someone didn't know how to use chopsticks

    4. Then you're a moron for basing etiquette on the WRONG FUCKING ETIQUETTE

  28. Oh jesus. The Queen. is. the. worst. fucking. thing. I've. ever. seen. in. my life . . . and I saw a 40 car pile-up on the grapevine and Ishtar in the theater.

  29. I've tried posting under different names with different e-mails and EVERYTHING is now being moderated. It doesn't even matter if you mention this blog or not. The only comments he will post now are ones that are from him or his friends or ones just basically calling him an asshole. Anything else will be deleted or changed. Maybe if we post something telling SSD to check out one of his Youtube vids he will see the comments directing people to this site.

  30. I already tried. If it says You Tube its gone

  31. Why are my posts here showing up in his site?

  32. @J Bone,

    I noticed that as well, I figured that people here were just double posting over there, is that not the case?

  33. I will never post there again. The only reason I was there was to figure out a way to get the word out.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. He's coppying our comments and putting them on his blog. I would call that rock bottom.

  36. Art, you're pathetic. Nice try for hits/attention with yet another misogynist ramble. The only problem is I didn't have to go to your site to read it. Do you get what's happening? Dumbass.

  37. @Hangin': Wow, that's definitely rock bottom.

  38. Thank You Lego !!!
    Thank you for the site.
    And the fact that I dont have to hate myself anymore looking at Kade's piece of trash.
    I only posted a few times on his, won't do it again :)
    TY ---

  39. did his blog go offline? :

    Under Construction (be back soon)

    as of 9:46AM monday 08.24

  40. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 24, 2009 at 6:58 AM

    Yup, Kade's site is down.

    Don't get too happy, it'll probably be back soon with new copyright notices.

    It's inconceivable that asshat could go a day without bragging about how he "killed it".

  41. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 24, 2009 at 7:12 AM

    "huge week ahead...need some kade sleep..thinkin about ubertwiiter for the phone"

    One of his last tweets last night.

    If we're lucky, "get some Kade sleep" means "commit suicide".

    Maybe he wanted to take his blog down before he committed suicide.

  42. How would new copyright notices help him? As far as I have seen this blog is not being used for monetary gain. Also they are going out of their way to show that these are the words written by Kade himself, so no plagiarism.

  43. Oh Arthur... that is PATHETIC. Now you're STEALING posts from over here and posting them to your own blog. You are delusional, sad and mentally unstable.

  44. Not surprising, but interesting... this is the error message I get when I go to his site:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function create_initial_taxonomies() in /home/gnkangco/public_html/arthurkade/wp-settings.php on line 534

    Note the middle section - "gnkangco". I know nothing about webpages, but I really doubt that somehow the random code generated his organ grinder's name, huh? Of course, we also always knew that G.N. Kang was behind this anyway.

  45. His site is back up

  46. His latest post "Turn Offs" is gone--and all of my comments from the other posts are gone :(

  47. can someone just create one of those youtube movies that just features the text ' http://legowigkade.blogspot.com ' and use ' Arthur Kade ' as one of the searchable words?

    I know that he probably has ' Video Responses ' disabled on you tube

  48. it's back up, but missing yesterdays post

  49. What the what? What was with the T-Rex bitches with cheese video? I'm confused...

  50. The powers that be over there are very nervous I think. All because of this here little site I'm guessing. As far as copyright goes I'm no copyright lawyer, but if he has no monatery interest in the site then he would not have a leg to stand on. He has portryed the site in the past as somewhat of a personal journal of his "journey". If however it really is a business interest then this site will expose that.

  51. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... Arthur... nervous much? What happened there, brah? You didn't want your jack hole mysogynistic, sexist, angry rants to make their way into the hands of any producers, casting directors, or other people in "The Biz" [sic].

    My guess is that the wonderful, intellegent people running Lego Wig will receive a lawyer e-mail from Arthur's tool bag friend and ambulance chasing lawyer Chad Boonswang telling the site to cease and desist reposting his stuff.

    That won't shut us up Arthur. We can still talk about your ignorant, stupid self all we want. And we will.

  52. G N Kang must be running around in circles right now trying to figure out her options now that this site has taken off. If they fight this then all will be exposed.

  53. I'm guessing that there was a server error or something unrelated to his particular site. He's definitely on a shared hosting environment, and sites go down from time to time.

    I'm guessing that the server crashed, and when they rebooted their only backup was from the previous day (typical procedure for hosting account backups) and it did not include the last post. When the site went back up, the old post was missing.

    Of course I'm sure Arthur will claim that all the hits "once again brought his site down" like he did back in April.

  54. No lawyer here, but as long as this site clearly states and credits the posts to the author (kadyshes) then I think it should be no problem.

    The pictures may be another story.

  55. Pictures aren't a problem as he has posted pictures he clearly had no legal right to use, i.e. pictures of celebs from other sites. He also just ran a photo of a child, and I'm sure he had no permission to do so.

  56. Overall I think this has been pretty successful so far in getting to him. I do agree with the server crash, but he said something on twitter yesterday about the site being down so maybe they were doing maintenance on the server.

  57. Used to read kade's site but found this one with a youtube link. Man, what you guys are doing is awesome. Even if it doesn't directly slow down his "journey" at least you are frustrating the living hell out of him. That's worth it's weight in gold for sure.

  58. i've been following kade for a while now but never posted anything- figured why not make the first and last posts i made on his site hints to the others that this one exists.

    he is moderating everything. i tried to post "build it and they will come"....which somehow magically became on the comments section, "arthur should have played the keven costener role in that baseball movie."


  59. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 24, 2009 at 8:53 AM

    It's no use commenting on his site, unless you enjoy the idea of keeping asshat busy moderating day and night.

    Personally, I prefer the idea of asshat busily waiting for someone (anyone!) to comment day and night. That's funnier to me.

  60. What an ass!! great work with the site. fuck arthur kade.

  61. Looks like the Turn-Offs post is back up now. No responses though; let's see how long it takes for Kade to start copying comments from here.

  62. new post back up

  63. I can't wait for Kade to claim in a new post that "all the traffic from around the world" crashed his site like he did in that video months ago. $5 says it's only a matter of time before he posts something like that.

  64. The power of The Brand grows stronger and will be unleashed on those who require teaching soon...
    9 minutes ago from web

    New twitter update

  65. Arthur, don't threaten us, you stupid, untalented, ungracious, no cred, can't act fucking cunt

    from his Twitter:

    "The power of The Brand grows stronger and will be unleashed on those who require teaching soon..."

    we will get to you

    we have gotten to you


  66. you totally got to him! he's written like 4 tweets about this site specifically. what a douche!

  67. I've been trying to post this link on his site all afternoon and it gets deleted immediately. It's like he's hovering over the keyboard all day.

    So this is what the journey has come to- 24hr shifts, pressing delete "kade stye".

  68. It's great over there. Everything is getting deleted or rewriten. Everything that is except saying vile things about his family. I posted that I wanted to do a particular sex act with his step Mommy, and at the end tried to send a coded message telling everyone about this site to see if it would get through. The message was deleted, but everything I said about his step mom was posted. I've tried it a couple of times, and each time the Mom stuff gets posted. Great stuff indeed.

  69. From his Twitter:

    Guys at http://legowigkade.blogspot... are virgin, neck-bearded, hot pocket eating virgins in their mom's basement. Jealousy hurts, bitches6:17 AM Aug 23rd from web

    Guess that proves once and for all who the impostor was.

  70. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 24, 2009 at 10:08 AM

    If you want to do vile sex acts with his Step mom, just get in line. She's always open!

    Where do you think Artee learned to give such "Amazing" rim jobs "with Full Reacharound"?

  71. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 24, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    Hey Pogue:

    I think we're all sure that user is an imposter (@arthurkadeinc)

    His real twitter account is @arthurkade

  72. Fucking awesome. Now my amusement will be going to his site and trying to post this link.

    I tried this back in March by copying his posts to my blog and letting people go there to comment unmoderated - it was moderately successful. The problem is all the new fuckers who found Kade months later and didn't know about the other sites. They need to be informed

    I think his 15 minutes are close to up anyways. The guy doesn't do anything but take pictures of food and his own vacuous expressions (look it up Artie)

  73. Arthur Kade hates women.

    Anyone else notice how as he tries to go for an english accent with his Queen Elizabeth character (soooo WTF) that it comes out as a bad southern accent?

    Impossible to rate AK's acting abilities without using negative numbers.

  74. Well well well, look at what's happening now Arthur Kade! All your absurd and disgusting "great opinions" as you once called them have come back to bite you. How in the world you expect to really get anywhere in the acting world with your filth and holier-than-thou outlook on life is beyond me. In the time of your blog you have:

    1. Insulted fat women
    2. Insulted unattractive "fans" who want to talk to you
    3. Suggested that you could hook up with that Vanessa actress
    4. Stated awful things about Jennifer Aniston such as "getting her implants should you ever get her pregnant"
    5. Basically just been a completely vile and worthless human being, all while thinking you are the best person in the world, and thinking you have the looks and stature to belittle anyone who isn't you.

    Do you really think that's what Hollywood wants? Someone who just spews all this garbage on a regular basis? That's what is going to win you an Oscar? You cannot act! You are a joke. You will go nowhere. You are a liar, you are ugly, and you are worthless.

    I love that there's a new blog to post on.

  75. “I don’t date girls under a 9 because I don’t want a stain on my credit report” …Arthur Kade 08/23/09

    What on earth does that even mean? He doesn't date girls under a 9 in terms of looks because he doesn't want a stain on his credit report? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??????? That girls less than 9s will physically get a stain on his credit report? Why would he be showing them a copy of it???? Who pulls out their credit report to show people?????

    Delusions of a moron...

  76. 13 comments so far, Arthur. 13 comments. Some of which were posted by you. How do you feel about crashing and burining, Arthur?

  77. Arthur: when you Twitter that your roomate left you food to eat, are you talking about your step-mom, since you live with her now? With your ball-ass hot-ass Ikea furniture?

  78. !!!

    Blocked from his Twitter, removed as a friend from FB, and all my comments on AK.com get delete...way to go Kadyshes!

    I can't wait to see how "The Journey" develops from here....

  79. Arthur, I don't think I have reminded you in a while... but you are really starting to look just terrible. Don’t forget:
    1. Balding - you need to see a doctor about Rogaine & possibly some plugs.
    2. Hair is dry - see your step-mom for some conditioning treatments, and possibly some daily conditioning therapy.
    3. Skin - looking ROUGH. Get to the spa ASAP. Facial, exfoliation, peel.
    4. Lips - dry. Get some product.
    5. Wrinkles by mouth - getting worse. Need Restalyne. Also touch up the botox while you’re at it.
    6. Bags under eyes - see a plastic surgeon. It’s a minor procedure.
    7. Overall maintinance - Go to Blue Mercury, get a consult and update your face products. Stop smoking. Get out of the sun. Stop with the coke and steroids.

  80. Also, Arthur, they have products to deal with excessive sweating under the arms (hyperhydrosis). You may need to look into that (really, please do).

  81. The ghost of Cindy BradyAugust 24, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    Dear "Kade is Awesome":

    Very nice.

  82. So far it doesn't look like my IP is blocked, so I posted the following comment on dipshit's site:

    @shit she disappeared


  83. he deleted my comment. I'll probably be blocked now.

  84. Hi there,

    I was browsing around the web and found that a group of guys are discussing Kade on a national lacross league web site:


    Anyone have some spare time to register there and post the link to the lego wig blog within that thread? I know we'd love to have some more new people here!

  85. I noble attempt though. Hey, I didn't think he could spell.

  86. Also, another thread discussing him on a bodybuilding forum:


    Go register there and spread the word!

  87. He would specifically take girls on first dates to Japanese food places to test if they could use chopsticks, and if they couldn't he would never talk to the girl again.

    No wonder is is single and desperate! Any man who judges a woman on chopstick usage is patently insane.

  88. What if we use the "@" or reply function on his Twitter feed to get the word out? In other words, ask him again and again his opinion of the site ("@ArthurKade what do you think of http://legowigkade.blogspot.com?")

  89. from this point on, i shall be known as and called THE RAINMAKER.

    yes, i was the one to break the identities of the remaining kade players:


    @admins of this blog: if you desire to receive future information about kade and his dbag crew in the future from you, you should start by updating the kade players list. give them some exposure! i handed this information to you on a silver platter and it's just wasting away under piles and piles of newer posts and comments.

  90. @the rainmaker -- went back and checked the list. That is great info. Good work!

  91. I just watched the Queen Elizabeth thing.

    Sweet motherfucking Jesus H. Christ.

    I feel dirty.

  92. Just tried to highlite (copy) that body building link and it would not highlite. Nothing will from this page. Do I need my computer looked at or do I bow down to the admins for putting a stop to the ability to copy our posts to his blog.


  93. Hangin' at the Legowig:

    We were able to disable the copy feature across the blog. Just testing it out and if Kade continues to paste our comments on his blog like the attention seeking moron he is, we'll keep this in place.

  94. Pretty sure Kade is on the 4pm Bolt Bus out of Philly which would get into NYC about 6pm at 34th and 8th Avenue (near the Tick Tock Diner) someone in NYC should run over and get some pictures with him. Congratulate him on The Journey and let him rate their girlfriend.

  95. Glad you did.. I see shitstain copied a bunch of them after his latest spew went back up.

    Art, I'm not commenting on your blog anymore, so knock it off. And die.

  96. @ LWK

    Awesome!!! You guys ROCK.

    ..........and F U Kade.

  97. @ The Rainmaker:

    Thanks for the submissions. The Players post has been updated with this information! If you get any more please let us know!

    Lego Wig Out!

  98. Let me finally say, I find it totally hilarious that Arthur is copying posts from here. Truly baffling that he is copying posts from here that CLEARLY RIP HIM APART and posts them to his site. I must say, I'm dumbfounded by this.

  99. I just went to his shit hole and saw this posted by "me". I did not post it but I love how he got the name right and hopefully it will tip off SSD and others of where the place to "Hang" is. I posted something similar to that here today, and he turned it around to me hitting rock bottom. nice try liver lips.

    Hangin' at the Legowig on 24 Aug 2009 at 4:46 pm
    He’s still getting hits on the blog. I am hitting rock bottom.

  100. He has stolen my posts too. I have not posted anything there since the weekend.

    Take all the posts you want Arthur - it only makes you look DESPERATE!

    It also shows we are getting to you, delusional monkey.

    Any Amused comments on his blog ARE NOT ME. I have stoped posting because of his relentless moderation. I will no longer post there. I don't need to. I have Team Lego Wig. Any posts on the d-bag's site are there by way of Amused formerly known as Kadyshes.

    You ass.

  101. @ Lego Wig Kade -- what is more sad is that he allows posts that just tear into his family... I couldn't imagine a person who is somehow at peace with allowing people to trash his mother and step-mother on his own website. It is insight into his psychopathy and need for attention.

  102. Someone should show up at the Bolt Bus and yell out, "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LEGO WIG!!!!!"

  103. Glad to see you guys are still posting over at Cock Gobbler's site. Man, talk about an act of desperation...

  104. Wow. Just watched the character development. Um. That is just odd. His inability to say anything other than 'bitches' really shows how illiterate he is - improvision requires a larger vocabulary than he'll ever have. Worse, I think the reference to "my dad, Dr. Bitches" reveals a whole bunch about his insecurities. Arthur, your father is a sexually molesting, disrespectful, low-level business owner who left you to die with your grandmother because he could care less about you. He isn't a doctor, Arthur. You are not a socialite, Arthur. You are a sad, drug addicted, aging, unemployed son of a rapist.

  105. I also predict that although the copy function from this blog has been disabled, our posts will still magically appear on his site - I think he will actually make the effort to copy them word for word. Sad, sad, sad.

    Also, pretty cowardly. Can't just step up and face his critics with any real ammo - nope, instead he'll just hide behind his blog, in his delusional, lonley world, making up some comments, ripping off others from here... and still have fewer hits and comments than this site. Pathetic cowardly monkey.

  106. hahaha, love this twitter exchange!

    @ArthurKade Bolt? That has to be the worst part of "The Journey" What kind of up and coming actor rides the buss anyway?

    @BrendanCMooney I stay humble my brother. I want my fans to connect with the brand

  107. Is there any way you can arrange the photos differently so they aren't in one huge single file line? I have to scroll down a considerable amount through those disgusting displays to get to the comments section.

  108. I have a couple posts awaiting moderation trying to get Shit She Disappeared over here. Facebook groups about Arthur have the link, so I am trying to direct them there. Hopefully it gets through.

    Also... Kankles?? It is Cankles. I'm surprised he didn't call them Kadeles.

  109. @ Matt Beauchamp... add our blog into Kade's Cliffs Notes... put a link at the bottom (or near the top) or else give us an entry under the "Lego Wig" definition.

    Also, there really IS no reason to read/visit/comment on Kade's blog. We know he reads the comments here. He reads them hourly. It's killing him that people don't even come to his own blog to insult him.

  110. @ everyone... imagine all the TIME kade now has to spend making FAKE comments, by copying and pasting them from our blog to his!! haha, at least 20-30 min a day.... in other words 2 or 3 hours a week!

    And on top of that, they are ALL insults... no one is actually commenting his page, so he has to steal insults from HERE and paste them there. what a fucktarded scenario...

    If we keep our comments on here (NOT THERE) and keep our web traffic here, desparation will truly set in.

  111. Apparently a really obvious immitation of MC 900 has appeared on Kade's blog.


  112. Thank Jebus I do not have to go to that fecking site anymore. I felt my IQ dropping every time I looked in at the madness. Still convinced that it is a windup.