Western Domination Begins

He's deluded even about other people's shit. Mancow is NATIONALLY syndicated? I live in NYC and have NEVER heard this guy. Kade's grasp of the word "nationally" = FAIL.

As you read below you should ask yourself, was this the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Kade was waiting to unleash all week??? A bottom-of-the-barrel radio show interview on a show that has been off-the-air since March 2008? Over the past week Kade has written the following on his blog:

(I am waiting to be able to make the next BIG announcement, and it’s driving me crazy that it’s taking this long to do),

and also the HUGE News that I have been waiting on is finally done, so I will see if I can announce it and share “The Journey”’s next step with the world soon.

I am also still working on my next announcement and can’t wait to share it with Kade Nation around the world.
Really Kade? Really? You are a master of building up things to astronomical proportions, only to give us the announcement of another dumb interview in which you will lie constantly about what you have not achieved, what you will not achieved, women you have not been with and will never be with, and so on and so on...

More stupid words from a stupid, deluded man, Arthur Kadyshes...

Everyone around the world in Kade Nation will remember the domination of every large radio station in The South and Midwest that helped me spread The Brand through some of the most influential cities and places down there like Kadelanta, Chicago, North Carolina, Miami, and the top Southern and Midwest shows in The South and Midwest, The Ace and TJ show (Syndicated in 15 cities), and Mancow (Nationally syndicated) and how well received and excited these people were to be introduced to the growing legend that is Arthur Kade. Since then, I have taken some time to really work on my craft by working on the development of my hit television show with IMG Media (I told a friend yesterday, “When I tell you this is going to be big, it’s going to be bigger than anything you can imagine. It’s going to redefine TV and the world, like shows like Mash, American Idol, Cheers, Seinfeld, Survivor, and The Sopranos did because it has never been done before. He asked what the concept was, and I said, “I can’t talk about it, but it will knock every one’s socks off and I guarantee that Networks must be falling on each other to get to me right now”, and he responded, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Good for you. You set out to do great things, and so far so good”), auditioning like crazy for parts, finishing up my top level acting classes, closing up the next step for “The Journey” which I am hoping to announce soon (Trust me, the wait will be worth it because it is something I am beyond excited about, and will open up new doors for “The Journey” and The Brand), and of course partying with top celebrities like Gerry Butler, Nicky Hilton, Jon Gosselin, Shane Drake, Lance Bass, and my man, Mickey Rourke all over the Eastern Seaboard.
Well, now it is time to begin the process of sharing “The Journey” with Kade Nation West when on Monday, I will be featured in an interview with one of the top radio shows out there (7:30AM PST), The Dog House, hosted by Elvis and The Litter, which is broadcast in 2 of my favorite cities, Las Vegas and San Francisco. This will be great exposure for The Brand on the Left Coast because even though I own KA, his show is so popular that it had higher ratings than Howard Stern in San Fran, and considering that I am a partying legend in Las Vegas from the years of killing it “Kade Style” out there, this will be great. I am even thinking that after the interview, Las Vegas may comp me a trip out there to stay at Encore, and I can’t wait until I am being paid for celebrity appearances at some of the hottest clubs out there like XS, Tryst, Pure, and of course The Rhino (My favorite strip club in the country and I will never forget how I pulled 2 girls out of there ((They were both KA 9’s who were dating eachother and I told them, “I love lesbians, come join me tonight?” an they thought that was the cutest thing) several years ago, then took them to Pure for a couple bottles, then had an amazing threesome back in my room at The Venetian, and when I woke up, they had left a note saying, “Thanks for a great time”. (That was so hot because I felt so used, yet so happy. Such a Pro Move).
Las Vegas has always been a place that I wanted to have one of many homes when I am an Award Winning actor because it has some of the hottest girls in the country (Although way too many fame whores who are looking to get knocked up by a celeb like me and are chasing the “Support Check”), and great weather (Last year, I got my first tattoo out there in Carey Hart’s place at The Mandalay, and I don’t remember 3 days of my life that weekend, except for a girl who I met at Rehab at The Hard Rock who joined in our canbana and started making out with me and told me “I give the best blow jobs”, and then we hid behind the back of our cabana and she tried to impress me, but I told her, “Way too much teeth, but overall not bad” When girls try to hard to orally please a guy, then it comes out bad, because it’s like thinking about your jumpshot and then you’re all screwed up), so I am super excited to start expanding The Brand out there and building Kade presence. As for San Fran, I was out there last year, when I took a girl I was dating to Napa for her 30th birthday, but didn’t spend enough time in the city to enjoy it like I did when I was there with another girlfriend in 2004 for a company National Conference (I had Mono on that trip and still partied harder than anyone, and when I came back, my doctor said, “I don’t know how you survived the plane ride back”). Another monster weekend ahead as well…
“People always tell me I’m better looking in real life, so since I get paid for my looks already, should I charge more for appearances?”….Arthur Kade…10/16/09

I wonder if that's Cock Gobbler's tiny little room or just some other filthy place.

Shit beer for a shithead.

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The Glory

The delusion is strong in this one... WOW! If the deluded ramblings he lets us read was not enough, the first video is the "Jump The Shark" moment. When everyone asks, "When exactly did the break come in Arthur Kadyshes reality?" People will point to the Improv With Sharon video posted on October 15, 2009. It's supposed to be improv, but I'm not so sure he didn't accidentally post a video of his latest therapy session. Man, talk about daddy issues. More scary and deluded ramblings from Cock Gobbling Arthur Kadyshes...
There are moments in every superstar’s life that they look at and realize that they have taken another amazing step towards the final goal of greatness (In The Brand’s case, it’s one step closer to Lil’ Oscar), and last night was one of those moments for Arthur Kade, because I have never been a man consumed with money or materials, but instead for me it’s all about “The Glory” (It’s one of my favorite Kanye songs because we care more about winning the War than the Land and he sums it up perfectly by saying, “After each and every show a couple Dikes in The Van”, and “These haters keep killin’ themselves, they wanna come and get The Glory”). The only thing I have ever cared about in my life is being number 1, being the best, looking down at the competition and knowing that I was better than them, and all of the material prizes come along with being the doing that. I was talking to a friend yesterday, and I said, “I have all this amazing stuff going on. I just got off the phone with my peeps at IMG Media and we are creating a TV Show that I have no doubt will be unlike anything ever done before and will make me a household name for creating it (The process of creating a hit, unique, and super cool, television show is beyond amazing, and it’s something I wish all Gen Poppers could experience because it is mind-blowing all the brilliance that is put into hit TV development, especially when you have the most prestigious and well known Production, Marketing, and Representation Company in the world working with you) , I just closed another HUGE deal that is something that will also be a revolutionary step for “”The Journey”", I have a principle part in a potential TV Pilot, but I still feel like something is missing.” I knew that what was missing was still “The Glory”.
At heart, I am just a simple artist and a poor welfare boy who grew up with his grandmother trying to survive and find his next meal, and before I was this international sensation building The Brand, who was always driven to be the best. Last night, was supposed to be my final Advanced Film Class with Mike Lemon, and that means I will have officially graduated from the top classes Philly has to offer. When we got to class, he told us we were getting a bonus class so that a pro photog would record our final scene (My partner who is a professional working film and commercial actor like me chose a scene from “Heist” where Bergman and Moore are arranging the drop off deal), and told us we would rehearse the scene tonight.
When it was out turn, we only had to do 2 takes, and Mike (I respect this man immensely because he has been involved in the casting of some of my favorite award winning movies like Philadelphia, The Sixth Sense, In Her Shoes, Unbreakable, Signs, 12 Monkeys, and Up Close and Personal), and understands talent at the highest level, looked at me and said the words that I have been waiting to hear to let me know that I have arrived, “Arthur, You’re becoming a pretty damn good film actor”, to which I smiled and thought, “Here I am a famous star and about to become one of the biggest names in “”The Biz”", and that just meant more to me than anything than any of the other groundbreaking achievements in “The Journey” I have had to date.”. Later on in the hallway after another pair of actors did their scene, he tapped me again and said, “I meant what I said”, and I responded, “That comment meant more to me than any thing I have done so far. I appreciate it.”.
In the end, if you threw Arthur Kade in an alley somewhere in London, and told him he could scrape out a living doing award winning theater and sleeping with models like I always have, I know that I could be happy. These are the moments that I realize that what I truly live for is the mastery of The Craft (I am beginning to get why great actors disappear from Hollywood and do theater, and I could definitely see myself doing Broadway a few years just to connect to a less a mainstream audience and get away from the lime light), and if someone of Mike’s caliber could say that to me in just 7.411 months of classes, then the Academy better get ready to say it to me in the next several years. I was even thinking about how one day my story will be so unique and compelling that I will be asked to write memoirs which I am sure will be standard reading material at Julliard, and one day all the young DeNiros, Pacinos, Streeps, and Washingtons will read about the evolution of an Oscar Winner named Arthur Kade.
“Great Talent always bring their “”A”" Game, I bring my “”AK”" Game. I Win”…Arthur Kade…10/15/09

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The Celebrity Audition

When I was 15 or so I wrote a letter to Late Night with David Letterman asking if I could come on as a stand up comedian because I truly thought I could do it. I REALLY expected to get an answer in the positive. Why I thought the Late Night staff would say, "Hey, lets give this kid a shot." when I had NEVER done stand up before is now beyond me. I guess you can chalk it up to 15 year old stupidity or something along those lines. I only share this story because it makes me understand Cock Gobbler a little. Only problem is he's a FUCKING ADULT WHO IS NO LONGER SUPPOSED TO HAVE THOUGHTS LIKE A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD!!! Man, my head wants to explode. And, not for nothing, but I live in NYC and Cock Gobbler doesn't "run this town." I'm probably one of the few idiots who even knows who he is and that's only because I'm a fan of Hot Chicks with Douchebags. If you're known because you were featured on that site, well, you're just not doing things correctly in life. Also, even in NYC if you're walking by yourself video taping yourself as you yammer on PEOPLE WILL STARE ST YOU. It's not because you're famous, but rather because even in NYC to film YOURSELF it's FUCKING ODD. God, I hate this guy. He really is a delusional fucking idiot. Who else wants to bet the guy from the last video starts a story to his family tonight, "There was this crazy ass cracker on the elevator today..." More deluded ramblings (with spittle) from the cock gobbling asshole, Arthur Kadyshes...

What do you do when you go to an audition and the people reading with you and watching you know who you are and are even fans of “The Journey”? Arthur Kade has become an amazingly well-known worldwide celebrity and is known very well throughout “The Biz” (Once I got off the train to NYC yesterday, I was recognized several times on the street, and one person yelled, “Kade Out!”), and I have been wondering when my first experience of walking into an audition and the casting people knowing who I was was going to be, and how it would affect my audition because I am The Brand. Yesterday, that’s exactly what happened, and it was for a project that I was very excited about and have been looking forward to, and when I got to the studio, I signed in, sat down, and the director (I think) came out and said, “Mr. Arthur Kade, I’ll be with you in 5 minutes”, and I said “Cool”, and then thought to my self, “This is going to be interesting, because it seems like they knew I was here and obvi know who I am”. When I do auditions, I go into full blown “Kade Style” professional mode where as much as I hate to admit it, I humble myself from a celebrity down to a Gen Pop Actor (Despite me being WAY more famous than anyone I am ever in front of, but it’s code and karma in “The Biz” for working actors like us that you should act humble and relaxed, and that’s what some of my great teachers have taught me which is why I am so amazing in auditions), because I don’t want to develop the rep of being a “Diva” or getting labeled “Impossible to work with”. I respect The Craft, and the people in it, and I always want to show that by putting away Arthur Kade, Celebrity, and releasing, Arthur Kade, Professional Working Actor.
5 minutes later, I was brought into the casting room for my reading and have been battling a horrible flu so I have almost lost my voice and really hate talking because my throat hurts (Most actors would cancel and rest, but The Brand doesn’t sleep), and as soon as I sat down, I could tell by the remarks made in the room that the guys were fans of “The Journey”. I kept thinking to myself, “How do I act? Do I stay professional and relaxed, or do I just let The Brand flow, and let the celebrity animal that is me out? ” I read my first set of sides, and heard the caster laugh out loud twice (I knew that it would be a great part for me because it requires a great deal of comedic timing and I am a genius of comedy and sketch characters as evidenced by the popularity of “The Kween”), and then they asked me to read a second set of sides, and he said, “Let’s see if you can do this one, “”Kade Style”"?”, and I responded “Wow, you even know my lines”, and later he called, “Arthur Kade, of Internet Fame”, and I responded “The one and only” (In a soft and sick voice), and he told me later, “I think what you’re doing is great!” (Referring to the blog), and I responded, “The blog is just an avenue to express all of this that’s going on so people can see”. I was proud that I stayed cool and humble the whole time because it’s what needs to be done to show The Craft that I am not bigger than it yet, and am staying grounded.
When I finished the audition, I think I was close to being offered the part (They asked if I was available to film in November), and then I started thinking, “When I walk into a room, I am not “”Joe Schmoe, actor”" anymore, I am “”Arthur Kade, Celebrity, Blogger, and Famous Actor”", and do I have to act like I am not famous, or should I just embrace who I am and just let my normal charisma take over?”. How do Mel Gibson, Christian Bale, Kevin Costner act, and did they not let their personalities become bigger than the audition, or did they let the celebrity and fame take over, and now this is the dilemma I face as I become more famous?? As I was waiting at the elevator to head down, the guy ran up to me and said, “Kade!”, and asked if I would be interested in a new part that would be written more for me, and I told him, “I’m cool with that if it allows me to showcase what I am”, and he agreed, and I got in the elevator, and thought to myself, “I am close to doing celebrity spots on TV shows, Rap Videos and Movies now, and soon writers in “”The Biz”" will be calling me to stop by and act on shows like Two and a Half Men, Curb your Enthusiasm, How I met your Mother, and I will probably be even asked to guest judge American Idol one day”. What a feeling after only 7.378 months.
Today is an absolutely insane day because I have a conference call with IMG Media at 11, I have to hit the gym, continue to prepare for several hours for my final Mike Lemon Advanced Film Class, and also the HUGE News that I have been waiting on is finally done, so I will see if I can announce it and share “The Journey”’s next step with the world soon.
“Arthur Kade…The corner where Park Avenue and Rodeo Drive meet”….Arthur Kade…10/14/09

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I can't even explain this. We get to see him make a "celebrity appearance" in one of his videos, but somehow it's just more video of him filming himself with no commotion because of the "celebrity" who just entered the room. Then we get to see him eat. Vile. The creepiness that is his dad in the Eagles game videos really is telling as to how we ended up with this abortion that is Arthur Kade. Will he ever realize people he meets are goofing on him and not really fans? Ah, my fucking head hurts. More delusions from Arthur Kadyshes...

A friend sent me an email today with a description that he found on another website describing the amazing scene that was happening on Friday and Saturday during when the production and camera crews were following me around, and when I read it, I called him and said, “I am creating an environment where people feel emotions and obsession that they have never felt before, and soon “The Journey” will be totally worldwide. I will be getting off private jets, limos, and yachts, and there will be hordes of people waiting for me with signs, cheering my name, and begging for autographs, and I see my self becoming our generation’s “”The Beatles”", when I win my awards, and am the top of “”The Biz”".” He laughed, and said, “You’re getting really ahead of yourself, but it is pretty cool what you’ve created from scratch, so don’t stop pushing as hard as you can”, and I responded, “You know I never stop pushing until I’ve finished, and there’s still a long way to go until I reach my goals of being an award winning actor and celeb”. I feel like just like The Beatles must have felt in the 60’s when they were creating “Beatle-Mania” and it all was about to happen, and the growing phenomenon that The Brand is creating can be called “Kade-Mania”, and it is going to cause people to pass out or have to go to the hospital when they see me, “Kade Style” when I finally make this all happen.
People who spend time with me now see that I can not go anywhere without being recognized, or even if fans don’t know it’s me right away, then once they hear the name “Arthur Kade”, the reaction becomes something like, “I love your blog”, “I know who you are”, or my favorite, “You’re the man!”, and while at The Eagles game on Sunday with my father and my accountant, everywhere I walked people either smiled at me, said hello, checked me up and down, or screamed something like “Kade Out”, and as we were sitting in a group (Our seats were ridic, and we were at The 45 yard line with 12 rows from the field where someone of my stature belongs) who didn’t know who I was (It surprises me now when people don’t recognize my face because I am so distinctive looking, but I was on 2 hours sleep, and the Kiehls stuff I am using for my eye bags is really making me look 5 years younger), but once I said my name the reaction was hilarious. One of the guys said, “This guy hits everything!! Your fingers must smell like Vagina!!”, and the girl said, “I know who Arthur Kade is”, both of which made my father crack up laughing and beam with crazy pride, and everyone in our section stopped paying attention to The Eagles and started watching me as I did videos and took pictures. I didn’t want to take away time from Poppa Kade since this was our first Eagles game together, but I told him that I can’t wait to bring him to Lakers Home games once I live in KA, and I am hoping we will be sitting next to Jack (Jack Nicholson) since he really likes him as an actor.
I started telling my father about how I can’t go anywhere anymore without being asked for a pic, autograph, or being recognized, and I said, “It’s so hard to know how to treat people because they will just run up and beg for a picture, and I want the fans (Kade Nation) to know that I love them, but sometimes I just want to be alone with the 9 or 10 I may be with (Although every time a girl sees a fan ask for something, it turns into an aphrodisiac, and I always end up hooking up with them, although The Drought has now hit 8 months today), or my friends, and soon it will be full blown paparazzi and tabloids on my ass when my TV show in development hits number 1. My dad said, “Remember, you wouldn’t be here without these fans, so try to be happy and nice when you see them”, and I really spent some time on Sunday thinking about what The Arthur Kade experience must be like for a fan (Many girls who are under a 7 will come up and tell me “I Love You” or “I am obsessed with you!!”, and I will blow them off because they are not good looking enough, but maybe I need to take my father’s advice and pay more attention to The Gen Pop because his point makes sense, and when there are millions of people begging me for something, I need to be more considerate of their feelings and needs, and understand that not everyone can be Arthur Kade.
Tomorrow, I will be working with my acting coach, Sharon, and then heading up to NYC for an audition, and then right back to Philly for some Social event stuff that requires The Brand to be there for an appearance, and I am doing all this while battling a bad flu. Where most working actors would cancel and rest, Arthur Kade works harder and pushes further.
“The Craft is my lab, and The Brand is the next Thomas Edison”….Arthur Kade…10/12/09
Here is the description of Friday’s events by a Fan and it shows how fans are crazy obsessed with The Brand (The people of Philadelphia have never really seen anything like this), and the effect and impact I have on the Gen Pop, and pictures and videos from my VIP appearance at the closing of Philadelphia Fashion Week, Eagles Game and Night Out on Saturday:
“We first thought it was jon minus kate because of the hoopla and camera, but we all freaked the fuck out when we realized it was kade. so much so that the camera guy said, “wow, i can’t believe we missed that shot.” dear lord. totally star struck + spaztastic + we are awesomely immature 25 year olds.
K and his gang took shots at the bar with some 9s and then the camera crews talked to people who had something to say about Arthur. their queston was “what do you think about arthur kade?”
verbal vomit. i may cry if i end up on television. i may have to go to therapy because i’m ACTUALLY obsessed. he walked by us later and i couldn’t even be cool and be like “yo arthur, rank me on the kade scale.” i’m also PISSED AS HELL that i didnt think to end my verbal vomit with a “kade out!” i clearly suc as a stalking fan.
dear god. i need a drink just thinking about this.”

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I just wanted to get this up here, I haven't read it, haven't watched the videos and really don't care, it's time to celebrate the New York Yankees! Deluded bullshit (I think) from cock gobbling Arthur Kadyshes...

The question of the weekend that has been pouring in to me via email, phone, and in-person is “Was there a camera crew and production team following me around all night on Friday night into Saturday Morning, and why?”, and the answer is an amazing and resounding “Yes!” Philadelphia was taken over by the “Kade Style” Invasion that is The Brand with the whole world watching what the hell was going on in all the different places I was in, especially G Lounge and Recess (It was beyond electric because of this, and I was telling Papa Kade at the Eagles game today, “You would have thought that I was Will Smith at The Super Bowl at G with all the cameras going off, and people trying to get at me and near me”, and another good friend who was there said, “I have to give it to you, you were the talk of the town last night”.), and all I can say is that IMG Media and Arthur Kade are in the process of bringing the world a television show unlike anything that has ever been done before, and will no doubt revolutionize television, Global Media, and “The Biz” forever. I am a force of nature, a hurricane of energy, and a magnet of greatness, and we are working on something so unique and so groundbreaking that it will not only win Emmys, but we will create a new genre of television never seen before and will be like what American Idol did for FOX. It’s crazy to know and feel, but the truth is “Arthur Kade=Superstar”, and the world is about to understand the power of what great minds, great ideas, and a great actor/celebrity/blogger/model can create with his bare hands to find Little Oscar.
Watching the Gen Pop react to the cameras everywhere we went was amazing because you can see people literally trying to get near me or next to me hoping that somehow they will have their 15 minutes of fame being next to The Brand, and the funny thing is that they have no idea why anything is being filmed, or what is going on, but the fact that people see cameras acts like an aphrodisiac of attention, and girls were all looking at me trying to get dibs on who could get close to me to get me to take them home. My friends were watching it all unfold and were laughing because people who had talked more shit about me than a dirty toilet were all shaking their heads or trying to get near me and kiss my ass, and it must make The Haters feel so horrible to see someone who has given his life to finding Little Oscar and making it happen his way while they all look in the mirror and wonder why their lives suck. I have to admit that the whole night was beyond surreal, because even though I am always the “Center of Attention”, anywhere I go, when there are cameras and a team of people watching every move you make for some reason, then Arthur Kade becomes even more Superman-ish. Crowds were parting like the Red Sea anywhere I walked, and I felt like the President with all the attention, camera flashes, and eyes that were focused on me, and it all is a small glimpse of what is about to happen with me being The Next Big thing in Hollywood.
I can not really discuss why cameras were following me, but I will say that what I am about to do in “The Biz” and what is about to happen will take The Brand to global icon status, and I wouldn’t be surprised if political leaders around the world are using terms like, “Kade Out”, “Kade Style”, and “Balls Ass, Hot Ass” in conversations soon. This is the most exciting time of any part of my life that I can remember, and to watch the admiration, respect, and lust, from the hordes of people everywhere I went on Friday Night/Saturday Morning pumped me up so much that I didn’t sleep until Sunday, and made me realize even more that I have a level of that “IT” quality that only the upper echelon of Young Hollywood could ever dream of. When the camera is on me, I just come alive and take over, and the beauty of it all is that I am just being me with very little direction, and you could just give me three words of what you want, and I will turn it into acting and entertainment magic. That is what true acting is all about, taking 80% of Arthur Kade, and sprinkling in 20% of what a director wants from you, and “Wallah!!”, you have a Little Oscar to call your own.
In the meantime, I have an insane week ahead, and should be getting my production schedule for the Potential Pilot where I play a Gay Doctor that I am working on, and hopefully we will be shooting that soon, I have auditions all week in NYC, and the HUGE News that I have been promising is near complete and I am hoping to announce that this week. It’s hard to believe what I have accomplished in 7.265 months with “The Journey” in becoming a celebrity and partying with “A Listers”, rising award winning actor, young sex symbol, and most of all ushering a new brand of acting that others will emulate for years to come, but that’s my gift, just doing the impossible. I am a growing icon in KA and NYC, and am becoming Philly’s favorite son. Seeing my dad’s smile today when people recognized me at The Eagles game said it all.
This quote is dedicated to one of my most loyal Philly Fans and Kade Nation members , Shannon:
“Girls want me. Guys want to be me. Kids want to look up to me. Mothers want to adopt me. Welcome to Kadealot”…Arthur Kade…10/11/09
Here are some pictures and videos from the first half of the weekend with the second half to come:

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