I just wanted to get this up here, I haven't read it, haven't watched the videos and really don't care, it's time to celebrate the New York Yankees! Deluded bullshit (I think) from cock gobbling Arthur Kadyshes...

The question of the weekend that has been pouring in to me via email, phone, and in-person is “Was there a camera crew and production team following me around all night on Friday night into Saturday Morning, and why?”, and the answer is an amazing and resounding “Yes!” Philadelphia was taken over by the “Kade Style” Invasion that is The Brand with the whole world watching what the hell was going on in all the different places I was in, especially G Lounge and Recess (It was beyond electric because of this, and I was telling Papa Kade at the Eagles game today, “You would have thought that I was Will Smith at The Super Bowl at G with all the cameras going off, and people trying to get at me and near me”, and another good friend who was there said, “I have to give it to you, you were the talk of the town last night”.), and all I can say is that IMG Media and Arthur Kade are in the process of bringing the world a television show unlike anything that has ever been done before, and will no doubt revolutionize television, Global Media, and “The Biz” forever. I am a force of nature, a hurricane of energy, and a magnet of greatness, and we are working on something so unique and so groundbreaking that it will not only win Emmys, but we will create a new genre of television never seen before and will be like what American Idol did for FOX. It’s crazy to know and feel, but the truth is “Arthur Kade=Superstar”, and the world is about to understand the power of what great minds, great ideas, and a great actor/celebrity/blogger/model can create with his bare hands to find Little Oscar.
Watching the Gen Pop react to the cameras everywhere we went was amazing because you can see people literally trying to get near me or next to me hoping that somehow they will have their 15 minutes of fame being next to The Brand, and the funny thing is that they have no idea why anything is being filmed, or what is going on, but the fact that people see cameras acts like an aphrodisiac of attention, and girls were all looking at me trying to get dibs on who could get close to me to get me to take them home. My friends were watching it all unfold and were laughing because people who had talked more shit about me than a dirty toilet were all shaking their heads or trying to get near me and kiss my ass, and it must make The Haters feel so horrible to see someone who has given his life to finding Little Oscar and making it happen his way while they all look in the mirror and wonder why their lives suck. I have to admit that the whole night was beyond surreal, because even though I am always the “Center of Attention”, anywhere I go, when there are cameras and a team of people watching every move you make for some reason, then Arthur Kade becomes even more Superman-ish. Crowds were parting like the Red Sea anywhere I walked, and I felt like the President with all the attention, camera flashes, and eyes that were focused on me, and it all is a small glimpse of what is about to happen with me being The Next Big thing in Hollywood.
I can not really discuss why cameras were following me, but I will say that what I am about to do in “The Biz” and what is about to happen will take The Brand to global icon status, and I wouldn’t be surprised if political leaders around the world are using terms like, “Kade Out”, “Kade Style”, and “Balls Ass, Hot Ass” in conversations soon. This is the most exciting time of any part of my life that I can remember, and to watch the admiration, respect, and lust, from the hordes of people everywhere I went on Friday Night/Saturday Morning pumped me up so much that I didn’t sleep until Sunday, and made me realize even more that I have a level of that “IT” quality that only the upper echelon of Young Hollywood could ever dream of. When the camera is on me, I just come alive and take over, and the beauty of it all is that I am just being me with very little direction, and you could just give me three words of what you want, and I will turn it into acting and entertainment magic. That is what true acting is all about, taking 80% of Arthur Kade, and sprinkling in 20% of what a director wants from you, and “Wallah!!”, you have a Little Oscar to call your own.
In the meantime, I have an insane week ahead, and should be getting my production schedule for the Potential Pilot where I play a Gay Doctor that I am working on, and hopefully we will be shooting that soon, I have auditions all week in NYC, and the HUGE News that I have been promising is near complete and I am hoping to announce that this week. It’s hard to believe what I have accomplished in 7.265 months with “The Journey” in becoming a celebrity and partying with “A Listers”, rising award winning actor, young sex symbol, and most of all ushering a new brand of acting that others will emulate for years to come, but that’s my gift, just doing the impossible. I am a growing icon in KA and NYC, and am becoming Philly’s favorite son. Seeing my dad’s smile today when people recognized me at The Eagles game said it all.
This quote is dedicated to one of my most loyal Philly Fans and Kade Nation members , Shannon:
“Girls want me. Guys want to be me. Kids want to look up to me. Mothers want to adopt me. Welcome to Kadealot”…Arthur Kade…10/11/09
Here are some pictures and videos from the first half of the weekend with the second half to come:


  1. Why no pictures with GN? You will never be able to hold back enough info for IMG, so cheers to having something going for you and completely destroying it, kade style. I feel sorry for the producers. How much do think they are paying people to get near you?

  2. Fucking embarassing,
    Arthur, Lindsay, and Sabrina? whatever their names.. Fucking INSANE people every one of them.

    These are adults people.. this represents the absolute BOTTOM of the social rung.. It's fucking embarassing to be part of the human race sometimes.

  3. Wow! Tons of pictures with more women who won't sleep with you and play in a sports league no one cares about! Awesome!

    You know what's actually awesome? Working in a play, and being able to look at myself in the mirror with respect each and every day; knowing that, should I ever be lucky enough to become successful and famous, I'll have done it in a worthwhile way.

    I know. I'm a dinosaur in this Reality TV world. Rock on, famewhore!

  4. Looks like Lindsay stole the Legowig for the night.

    Not a good look.

  5. Insomniac with Dave Attell but only 1000 times worse. Been there done that, pass

  6. This is fucking great. Just when you thought it was all getting boring and repetitive there comes a break through.
    AK4.7 could never get anyone on film with him, but now there's some other cameras and Artie is suddenly constantly joined by his two famewhore friends. That's fucking hilarious. Does this possibly make them worse than him? It's a huge possibility.

    I see this making things pretty fucking awesome because Kade's failure and mockery felt a little too in-house, but now plenty of people will get to see him fameball out. Haha, this is going to get good right before the fucking massive car crash that it will certainly become.

  7. That’s some production all right, arturdio’s face looks greasy and blotchy, 5 o’clock (+ some) shadow, enough gel in his hair for ten people and in most of the pictures he has a third eyebrow. Did everyone have to sign releases? I doubt it, because this was nothing, going nowhere, at most a local commercial for the failing football in underwear team. GN is missing 'cause she had something to do with this is my guess.
    Arturdio is not an actor, he can’t ‘act’, has never ‘acted’, and has a face made for radio, as does the Kween of The kween. The saline kween (“they’re C’s or D’s, it depends on the bra”) is still grinding furiously. Kego said he knew his dad was proud (I doubt it), I wonder how proud Kangolines dad is? Does he prefer C’s or D’s? I wonder if he’s met arturdio or read his blog? It would be a shame to keep something so wonderful from your parents, wouldn’t it? Lindsay, do you share arturdio with your friends and family? Wouldn’t anyone be proud to have his or her loved one’s read his blog everyday and say to him or her “ Arturdio’s my BFF!” Being part of the journaid is a badge of honor, isn’t it? Wear it proud.

  8. So, there they are at a football game and Arturdios telling his Dad (papa kade) how it was like “Will Smith at The Super Bowl at G last night”…

    Besides wondering why his kid never talks about pussy, doesn’t have a girlfriend, no job and no future, you know he has got to be scared to death to be out in public with him. Being recognized can’t be pleasant for either of them.
    Can you imagine what kind of insanity little kade spews the entire time? Will Smith at the super bowl? WTF is he talking about? What would he know about how Will Sm… fuck it, it doesn’t matter. (You can’t reason with insanity).
    And why the fuck doesn’t Mr. Imtheshit talk about all the lingerie league games he goes too? It was because he was so important that he got to see them practice, or so he said. Why isn’t he at every game of the home team? Fucking two-faced chump, that’s why. I feel better now.

  9. That one girl's (not Lindsay - the other one)voice is like hearing fingernails down a chalk board. She sounds like she used to be a man or that she smokes way the hell too much.

  10. Yeah, that's Sabrina with the raspy voice, otherwise known as Grandma Lee.

  11. All right, I’m going to say it: To be a Kade hater is the right thing to do. He deserves everything that we can dish out, and more. To be a supporter of Kade, or encourage him in any way is wrong, and evil, and inexcusable. He is a parasite, a festering sore and a black hole of negative energy. He sucks more than anyone has sucked before. A lot more.

  12. "Wallah."

    Love that. That Kurd guy, he kills me.

  13. In that extreme nostril close up, it looks like there’s an eyeball in there.

  14. I think I am going to hire a prostitute to fuck Kadyshes and film the whole thing. I am sure it will cost quite a bit since he sets off a lot of red flags (bad breath, oily skin, dead rapey eyes, disgusting looks etc..) but he will also blow his load before he can remove his pants so I should save on that end.

  15. @kudos

    You are absolutely right. Hating who he is, what he stands for, and his absolute lack of worth is the right thing to do. He is actually the only person on the internet I have ever been mean to. (I am a really nice person) This guy is a canker on humanity.

  16. sabrina strickland (the uglyish girl in the first few pictures) has a GUNT. disgusting!

  17. So the girl with the rasping voice is also the plain-looking 35 yr old with the gunt? hilarious! time for more info on this girl......

  18. Someone once posted on arthur's site that Sabrina's cunt stinks. He removed the post soon after - guess she went crying to him about it or somethin. Wash.

  19. F*** the Yankees -- GO PHILS!!!

  20. So I was searching around and didn't find much on Sabrina Strickland except that it seems she just tries to get her face seen at any party or event she can find. Just another famewhore. On the other hand Megan Heaton (the chick in the black top and white skirt) was apparently in Playboy and on Howard Stern a couple of years ago. She also seems like a famewhore and probably figures if Artie can get his 15 minutes she'll go along for the ride.

  21. In other "Douchebags in Cinema" news:

    "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell", the soon-to-be multiple Academy-Award-winning film based on Tucker Max' magnum opus, is a giant pile of Fail so far. Box office numbers through 3 weeks:

    Total gross: $1,181.695.00
    Weekend gross: $183,825.00
    Total screens: 266
    Avg. take/screen: $691

    Allow me to repeat that. This movie is taking in...$691 (!!!) for each screen showing it. For both weeks after opening weekend, this movie has been shown on more and more screens...and making less and less money.

    As for the weekend gross, a quick comparison:

    "The Hangover", which has been out for 19 WEEKS, still made $427,338 this weekend.

    "The Proposal", which has been out for 17 WEEKS, made $210,405 this weekend.

    Unfair comparisons, you say? Fine.

    "Paranormal Activity", which, granted, is being distributed by Paramount Pictures, has been out for 3 weeks, just like "IHTSBIH". The budget for that movie is not being reported, just like "IHTSBIH". Unlike "IHTSBIH", I had never seen a billboard, commercial, bus ad, etc. for "PA", and only knew it existed last weekend.* "PA" is playing on 160 screens, which is LESS THAN "IHTSBIH". Like "IHTSBIH", I have no interest in and will not be seeing "PA", so I have no personal dog in this fight.

    "Paranormal Activity" made...$7,900,695.00 this weekend.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much smug satisfaction I am taking watching this movie die a horrid, miserable death. I am vehemently opposed to censorship, because I think someone taking something stupid into the "marketplace of ideas" and watching that person fall flat on their face and have to do the walk of shame home is much more fun.**

    *- If you did know about "PA" through advertisements, then you probably think my comment was stupid. I didn't, honestly.

    **- Yes, I know, "New York Times bestseller list" blah blah blah. The movie has gone from debuting at 25, to 26, to 33, to...hopefully gone soon. Fail.

  22. Ooh, ooh, two more things.

    1. I did find the budget, or "negative cost" of IHTSBIH: $6 million. Or so they say.

    2. Tucker Max put a section of reviews on his website from both "Lovers" and "Haters". But if you read the "Haters'" excerpts, they're pretty lame. The stuff on RottenTomatoes is much better. Clearly, the man didn't have the balls to put actual "Haters" on his website. What a pussy.

  23. Just read here if you want to find out more about Sabrina "The Gunt" Strickland:


  24. As an Official Kade Hater, I am ready to help sink Kade's new project.

    Let's get those details!

  25. Hmm, IMG does sports-related media development; Kang is part of the girls-playing-football-in-undies team; weirdo's site is hosted by a sports-related marketing "company"; the pictures are obviously from a marketing event for the panty-pros. Anyone else see the connection(s)?
    IF this "show" ever gets on-air, it'll be on some weak imitation of the already-weak SPIKE (stuff that makes guys go ung-ung-ung).

  26. I would like to request that GN just stop already. No salt bags allowed. Go away.

  27. Everyone around here in Philly knows that Sabrina Strickland's pussy smells like New Jersey and looks like half of it's a dead rotting hedgehog, and the other half is a mutated rooster's wattle. Her clit hood looks like a grown man's thumb protruding from her mons pubis, and her pussy lips can be stretched to completely surround a grapefruit. I know a guy that made out with her a couple years ago who said he thought he was going down on octopus - there was just so much loose skin and extra parts. He actually thought that her clitoris was more of a vestigial penis.

    He said he fingerbanged her for about 20-30 minutes but couldn't bring himself to put his face into all of that, especially because her lady juices came out grey and looked like snot from an epic sinus infection he had years earlier.

  28. I met Kang this weekend, man is she a whore.

  29. Oh, one more thing too. I sort of know Lindsey Furman through some friends and the rumor is true about her not being able to orgasm unless she is using a butt plug. But I have also heard that she uses one during vaginal sex because she has been reamed anally to a such a degree that if she doesn't use a plug like a cork when she's getting in the vag, she farts and most of the time some mud comes out. The big rumor in 2004 was that she was taking it bent over an ottoman in some guy's grandmother's house, and at about 20 minutes in she backfired and sent a wave of fudge onto this guy's crotch, with most of it dripping down and ruining a vintage piece of Victorian furniture. They had to burn the Ottoman and convince the grandmother that she never had one in the first place.

  30. Sabrina's FatherOctober 12, 2009 at 5:55 PM

    What a disgusting blatant lie! Her vagina does NOT smell like New Jersey! It smells like my penis, and sometimes like cigarettes if I've been smoking!

  31. Hello, Zombie Kade will destroy you here.

    Have to point out the finest thing ever written over on kade's site, from barney the dinosaur. He was talking about nosferatu (that is, kade sr.):

    "He loved performing abortions, which is kind of ironic because you're kind of a performing abortion..."

    Fucking hilarious.

    Also, thanks for the backup MC 900 ft when artie's sockpuppet army started squeaking.

    Getting pretty bored over there, am about a post or two away from trying to recruit everyone over here so as to kick the braces out from under artie's lame blob.

    And johhny- wow, that's some disgusting shit. Really sick, twisted and deranged.

    Very well done, sir.

  32. Holy fucking LOL @ "at 20 minutes in she backfired"

  33. Johnny, that's fuckin hilarious

  34. OK - I've been away from here for a while and now pissed. These are the funniest comments in a while. Well done

  35. LMAO at Johnny. Someone get that man an award. Sabrina Strickland is fucking hideous. Her face is all fucked up.

  36. The video of the cab.....I am amazed they can cram that much fug into one car. Lindsay? Oh my God - stay with the ginormously retouched photos and stay away from a live camera...seriously girlfriend? There are hookers at 12th and Locust that look prettier than you. And they have bigger dicks too.

    The Phillies just advanced to the NLCS.....lets focus on that people, and not this reality tv trainwreck that is about to happen. Which is the only reason Lindsay and Sabrina agreed to be shown on the video in the cab. Any camera is a good camera, right girls???? FAIL! Can't wait till you are as big of a nationwide joke as Arthur. Silly twats.

  37. Again guys,

    as someone that is very active in philly social scene I can tell you.. that no one pays attention or knows these people.. this whole things is BS..

    just to reiterate once again.

  38. “her lady juices came out grey”…

    I’m gonna be stuck with that one for a while.

  39. @ Anonymous at 4:04:

    I was thinking the exact same thing today. Thought it was kind of odd when I looked up IMG media when AK 4.7 mentioned the thing a few weeks back and they were all about sports, sort of bottom feeders for the stuff ESPN shows at 5 A.M. ("Next up: Women's extreme curling! Straight to you from Guelph!")

    But AK 4.7 and his camera crew (who pretty clearly despise him) and the "Big" Lingerie Ladies Fooseball Game in beautiful downtown Read-dink, pretty obvious to me that La Femme Kang pulled some of the same strings as what got the Legowig on morning drivetime in obscure southern media markets.

    But rest assured, anyone who has sat through 28.4982975920938502 seconds of his inane monologur videos knows that our green haired grease boy is wholly unwatchable. Thus, I can only imagine that some PA at IMG Media is slapping his forehead and muttering "what the hell was I thinking?" and thinking about just what he's going to be telling his employer when the expense voucher for this past weekend hits the Big Desk upstairs.

    Just another steppingstone on The Beaky One's descent into the malodorous wetlands of obscurity.

  40. [It's late. Please change "obscure" in the last sentence of the second graf to "backwater" and the second "thinking" in the third graf to "wondering."

    'Kay? Thanks. I'll be more careful in the future.]

  41. Barney the DinosaurOctober 13, 2009 at 12:28 AM

    I have to say that I agree with ZKWDY: the other site is getting too full of boring space-filler and Kade's own 'anonymous' support for himself. This site has the joy of lady juices that come out grey and the peerless English Gentleman.

    By the way, Kade's new post mentions how he takes it as a compliment that people think his fingers must smell of vagina. But it's been so long since he touched one, it might just because he had shaken hands with Poppa Kade (his arbortiony fingers must always smell of vagina. And blood).

  42. I just don't understand.
    I always thought I had a fairly good sense of humor.
    WHY are these ppl encouraging him doing the 'Kween'???
    I suppose most are laughing AT him, but OMG, I had to shut the video off. Literally Cound NOT finish watching that.
    Was waaaay past 'creepy' and went straight to 'horror movie'

  43. I think the Kween is great because it shows what a complete fraud Fartturds is. No imagination, no acting skills no sense of humor (literally he has no sense of what humor is). That being said I can't watch more than 5 seconds of das Kween or any of his other videos for that matter.

  44. I'm mystified why on the other site, commenters are always saying, "MORE KWEEN! THAT'S ALL YOUR GOOD FOR" AND "GIVE ME KWEEN!" I watched ONE Kween clip once, and that was enough for several lifetimes, thank you very much. It was repellent, Arthur lolling his tongue out over and over and speaking in his metallic monotone about cheese. I think Arthur's tongue should be amputated for the good of the world.

  45. Words can't express how painful reading that post was. Fuck him and his stupid show


  46. I like your trainer, he beats the shit out of you. At least someone does.

    Mike, doing the mic doesn't like you Arthur. I like Mike too.

    How is a tee-shirt an outfit? I have dozens of outfits then. Idiot.

    The Kween makes no sense and only the drug addled girls filming you were laughing. Everyone else was smiling out of embarrassment or showing no reaction at all. Love it. What the hell have you people been taking?

    If Arthur gets a show, all we have to do is copy and paste his misogyny and send it off to the sponsors of the show. That is how you ruin a TV show.

  47. Arthur Kade will never be on TV, not even as a freak.

  48. Who the fuck would put that worthless, can't act, not funny, vile piece of shit on television? I've grown kind of tired of his stupid antics, he's not funny and he lies his ass off constantly to boost his own ego. He doesn't deserve shit and he won't get anything doing what he does. He thinks he's famous but really nobody's heard of him.

  49. “her lady juices came out grey”…

  50. Artie hasn't posted tonight... maybe our wishes are about to come true!

  51. “I don’t support, I abort”…Papa Kade

  52. He’s hard not to hate

  53. Babushka says…

    “What’s wrong with gray lady juice?”