I can't even explain this. We get to see him make a "celebrity appearance" in one of his videos, but somehow it's just more video of him filming himself with no commotion because of the "celebrity" who just entered the room. Then we get to see him eat. Vile. The creepiness that is his dad in the Eagles game videos really is telling as to how we ended up with this abortion that is Arthur Kade. Will he ever realize people he meets are goofing on him and not really fans? Ah, my fucking head hurts. More delusions from Arthur Kadyshes...

A friend sent me an email today with a description that he found on another website describing the amazing scene that was happening on Friday and Saturday during when the production and camera crews were following me around, and when I read it, I called him and said, “I am creating an environment where people feel emotions and obsession that they have never felt before, and soon “The Journey” will be totally worldwide. I will be getting off private jets, limos, and yachts, and there will be hordes of people waiting for me with signs, cheering my name, and begging for autographs, and I see my self becoming our generation’s “”The Beatles”", when I win my awards, and am the top of “”The Biz”".” He laughed, and said, “You’re getting really ahead of yourself, but it is pretty cool what you’ve created from scratch, so don’t stop pushing as hard as you can”, and I responded, “You know I never stop pushing until I’ve finished, and there’s still a long way to go until I reach my goals of being an award winning actor and celeb”. I feel like just like The Beatles must have felt in the 60’s when they were creating “Beatle-Mania” and it all was about to happen, and the growing phenomenon that The Brand is creating can be called “Kade-Mania”, and it is going to cause people to pass out or have to go to the hospital when they see me, “Kade Style” when I finally make this all happen.
People who spend time with me now see that I can not go anywhere without being recognized, or even if fans don’t know it’s me right away, then once they hear the name “Arthur Kade”, the reaction becomes something like, “I love your blog”, “I know who you are”, or my favorite, “You’re the man!”, and while at The Eagles game on Sunday with my father and my accountant, everywhere I walked people either smiled at me, said hello, checked me up and down, or screamed something like “Kade Out”, and as we were sitting in a group (Our seats were ridic, and we were at The 45 yard line with 12 rows from the field where someone of my stature belongs) who didn’t know who I was (It surprises me now when people don’t recognize my face because I am so distinctive looking, but I was on 2 hours sleep, and the Kiehls stuff I am using for my eye bags is really making me look 5 years younger), but once I said my name the reaction was hilarious. One of the guys said, “This guy hits everything!! Your fingers must smell like Vagina!!”, and the girl said, “I know who Arthur Kade is”, both of which made my father crack up laughing and beam with crazy pride, and everyone in our section stopped paying attention to The Eagles and started watching me as I did videos and took pictures. I didn’t want to take away time from Poppa Kade since this was our first Eagles game together, but I told him that I can’t wait to bring him to Lakers Home games once I live in KA, and I am hoping we will be sitting next to Jack (Jack Nicholson) since he really likes him as an actor.
I started telling my father about how I can’t go anywhere anymore without being asked for a pic, autograph, or being recognized, and I said, “It’s so hard to know how to treat people because they will just run up and beg for a picture, and I want the fans (Kade Nation) to know that I love them, but sometimes I just want to be alone with the 9 or 10 I may be with (Although every time a girl sees a fan ask for something, it turns into an aphrodisiac, and I always end up hooking up with them, although The Drought has now hit 8 months today), or my friends, and soon it will be full blown paparazzi and tabloids on my ass when my TV show in development hits number 1. My dad said, “Remember, you wouldn’t be here without these fans, so try to be happy and nice when you see them”, and I really spent some time on Sunday thinking about what The Arthur Kade experience must be like for a fan (Many girls who are under a 7 will come up and tell me “I Love You” or “I am obsessed with you!!”, and I will blow them off because they are not good looking enough, but maybe I need to take my father’s advice and pay more attention to The Gen Pop because his point makes sense, and when there are millions of people begging me for something, I need to be more considerate of their feelings and needs, and understand that not everyone can be Arthur Kade.
Tomorrow, I will be working with my acting coach, Sharon, and then heading up to NYC for an audition, and then right back to Philly for some Social event stuff that requires The Brand to be there for an appearance, and I am doing all this while battling a bad flu. Where most working actors would cancel and rest, Arthur Kade works harder and pushes further.
“The Craft is my lab, and The Brand is the next Thomas Edison”….Arthur Kade…10/12/09
Here is the description of Friday’s events by a Fan and it shows how fans are crazy obsessed with The Brand (The people of Philadelphia have never really seen anything like this), and the effect and impact I have on the Gen Pop, and pictures and videos from my VIP appearance at the closing of Philadelphia Fashion Week, Eagles Game and Night Out on Saturday:
“We first thought it was jon minus kate because of the hoopla and camera, but we all freaked the fuck out when we realized it was kade. so much so that the camera guy said, “wow, i can’t believe we missed that shot.” dear lord. totally star struck + spaztastic + we are awesomely immature 25 year olds.
K and his gang took shots at the bar with some 9s and then the camera crews talked to people who had something to say about Arthur. their queston was “what do you think about arthur kade?”
verbal vomit. i may cry if i end up on television. i may have to go to therapy because i’m ACTUALLY obsessed. he walked by us later and i couldn’t even be cool and be like “yo arthur, rank me on the kade scale.” i’m also PISSED AS HELL that i didnt think to end my verbal vomit with a “kade out!” i clearly suc as a stalking fan.
dear god. i need a drink just thinking about this.”


  1. He’s hard not to hate

    Babushka says…

    “What’s wrong with gray lady juice?”

  2. “Battling a bad flu”…not to be confused with a good flu

    Way to go Typhoid Mary spread your sickness. Do something before the back spray on your mud flap hardens.

  3. People smile at me and say hello everywhere I go too! Maybe I am also famous and just didn't realize. Also, every time I take pictures and videos of myself in a crowd, the people around me turn around and wonder who the fuck I am too! (kidding...I don't have a video camera)


    Kade didn't put everything the obsessed 'fan' said. It is on www.hickyblunt.blogspot.com :

    "dear god. i need a drink just thinking about this.

    anyway, other bits:
    the producers as IMG Productions, Inc. and the legalese reads "in connection with a demo tape of the program currently entitled 'Arthur Kade'..." and the release comes from NY state.

    since it sas "demo tape," i'm assuming they are filming some sort of pilot episode to pitch to people?

    also, no idea who IMG Productions or who the parent company is.

    anyway, thats enough embarrassment for the day,

    KADE OUT!"

    (that must be from the release form the flustered fan had to sign)

    Brian Hickey started the post with:
    "What I first noticed as a random Twitter post has now risen to the level of concern. It seems that behemedoucheth Arthur Kade and his representation have taken to the streets of Center City -- specifithcally Rittenhouth Square. It seems as ifth they're putting together a pilot. A pilot with absolutely zero redeeming qualitiesth.
    Here's what a witness described as the scene at G Lounge ..."

    and ended the fan's mental rant with:
    "Good work on the recap, MB! And bad work on the degradation of Philadelphia, IMG. You should/will be ashamed of yourselves."


    So it is just a demo. The boat hasn't sailed yet.

  4. Barney the DinosaurOctober 14, 2009 at 3:11 AM

    Does anyone else find the pictures at the top of his blog a bit strange? 6.654567876 months ago Arthur seemed like a different person (a douche, but a different, seemingly more innocent douche). As the days have passed and we've seen more of his deluded, nonsensical cuntosity those pictures have taken on a strange reverse-Dorian Gray quality.

    Just me then?

  5. 3rd vid - I thought those things die when light hits them.

  6. No B the D, I'm with you on that. I first came to Arthur when 'Holy Moly' put a link up and commented about his 'collar up' photo. These were the foreplay days, when Arthur's wet, bitten fingernails led his fingers towards Celebrity's snatch. March I think it was. He tickled the slut's clit (now he whacks it like a boxer on that punch ball that hangs down..BrrrrrrrBrrrrrr goes the pearl earing clit backwards and forwards). It wasn't long before Arty was wolfing down toxic quim nectar like it was a yard of ale contest.
    I remember the comments. The astute folk out there ('900ft DB' - 'He's Enormous') were at him from the off. Hilarious, insulting comments that kept me coming back - plus of course Arty's exponential slide into insanity - the ridiculous bragging, lies, delusion, sexism - the astonishing shallowness of an adult. In this era of Arthur's developement the split was 50/50...scam/cunt. I actually thought the showreel for the shopping channel wasn't half bad, he knows how to flannel/bullshit, and he did it fluently, ironically coming across as genuine when least genuine. Then the doubters fell away when, if I may employ a medical analogy, Arthur's HIV became AIDS. The gross cunt was born. If I'm honest I'm still a doubter - Well, I can believe that monstrous cunts exist....but one who ticks EVERY box? Is that possible?
    There's the therapist - the 'acting' coach - speech/dialogue coach...these are professional people with reputations AND, I presume, more than one brain cell each - surely they know of this 'journey' and have read it. Are they in on 'the scam' and therefore continue with this preposterous man? Or are they just taking the cunt's money and serves him right? I mean, he's still woeful at acting...he still lisps....he's still (ostensibly) a fucked up personality with appalling values. Nothing's working, nothing. It's all empty talk.
    My brain's going to pop

  7. You know what - I just watched the 'fashion week' video and Arthur actually shows a flash of character. Unbelievable. He opens with the celebrity appearance then says...'at Phily fashion week...WHATEVER THAT IS'. And the way he says 'whatever that is'... it only last a second, is an off the cuff remark, but it's there, I swear it, have a look yourself...and listen closely....it sounds like ............ .....er............personality.

  8. ...sorry, it's ..'whatever that means'....don't you think it sounds natural? It's wonderful isn't it. I love Arthur

  9. you guys that never met this moron are funny..

    the guy has no "personality" never did

    his friends are all nutjobs.. always were

    period. There is no hidden agenda, no backstory with a twist no underlying meaning..

    it's just a deluded fuck, from a group of deluded fucks in phialdelphia.. which fortunately is a pitstain in the US, let them stay there

  10. Hmmm...I wonder if those "fans" of Arthur's in the last video would have reacted the same way to anyone who asked them if they wanted to be filmed for his/her blog? Specifically: drunk, stupid, and obnoxious? I think so.

  11. I know for a fact that the guy who originally bored into Lindsey Furman's anus like he was drilling a mine shaft has a cock shaped like a baseball bat. He basted that mud plug like he was using a caulking gun sent from God himself.

    Total Analiation

  12. Barney the DinosaurOctober 14, 2009 at 9:02 AM

    Yes...I think his shirt demo wasn't bad. I mean that is about the extent of his 'talents': selling a shirt. I guess that all the stuff since has just gone to a new level of shithammer craziness that all that has now been forgotten. I suppose he's always been a repellent cuntstick, but now he just seems insane...pathological...a giant cockheap.

  13. http://www.philebrity.com/

    October 14, 2009

    Here Is What We Know About Arthur Kade Being Banned For Life From The Franklin

    Since Grub Street ran their piece yesterday on bartender Colin Shearn — one of our favorites in the city, by the way — in which he reveals that fameball Arthur Kade was summarily dismissed forever from The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. (also a favorite spot), people have been asking us, “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!” Well, this is what we know:

    1. We were first told that Kade had been banned from the Franklin in early summer, and within only about a week of the place’s opening. We passed on the tip at the time because we honestly believed you didn’t care. And now we are disappointed that you do.

    2. Franklin management and staff politely but firmly declined to tell us what exactly Kade had done to get permanently flagged, so, knowing a bit of Kade’s history, we could only deduce that it was either: A) drugs; B) something involving ungentlemanly treatment of a woman; or, most likely, C) that he was just bounced from the club because he was Arthur Kade.

    3. If indeed it was “C,” and in all likelihood it probably was, it only makes us love the Franklin guys more. Since opening, they have aggressively pursued a strong “anti-douchebag” policy, most evident by the facts that they simply do not serve vodka at all (sorry, Cosmotini-craving douchettes), feature only four beers on their menu and prefer that all guests be seated.

    4. Don’t worry, Arthur; Parc will always gladly have you.

  14. Continuing with Nadda's story, the questions asked to the bartender Colin Shearn -- this is good:

    "Your best customer in five words or less: Curious. Thirsty. Rich. Funny.

    Your worst customer in five words or less: Arthur Kade. Seriously, he is everything that's wrong with this city.

    What's the worst thing you've ever seen at your bar?: Arthur Kade. Don't worry, he's now banned for life."

  15. Ha! So funny about him being banned from that bar. Anyone remember him writing this on his blog?

    "Here is a hand delivered invitation to an exclusive lounge opening [The Franklin] that I received. Smart PR people understand the importance of my brand for marketing and exposure, and my popularity around the world and want me for guest appearances at the hottest places. I love that I get to attend events like this on a regular basis with the best crowds."

  16. I'm guessing the reason he was perma-banned from Franklin was d.) all of the above (drugs, misogyny, and being himself).