Western Domination Begins

He's deluded even about other people's shit. Mancow is NATIONALLY syndicated? I live in NYC and have NEVER heard this guy. Kade's grasp of the word "nationally" = FAIL.

As you read below you should ask yourself, was this the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Kade was waiting to unleash all week??? A bottom-of-the-barrel radio show interview on a show that has been off-the-air since March 2008? Over the past week Kade has written the following on his blog:

(I am waiting to be able to make the next BIG announcement, and it’s driving me crazy that it’s taking this long to do),

and also the HUGE News that I have been waiting on is finally done, so I will see if I can announce it and share “The Journey”’s next step with the world soon.

I am also still working on my next announcement and can’t wait to share it with Kade Nation around the world.
Really Kade? Really? You are a master of building up things to astronomical proportions, only to give us the announcement of another dumb interview in which you will lie constantly about what you have not achieved, what you will not achieved, women you have not been with and will never be with, and so on and so on...

More stupid words from a stupid, deluded man, Arthur Kadyshes...

Everyone around the world in Kade Nation will remember the domination of every large radio station in The South and Midwest that helped me spread The Brand through some of the most influential cities and places down there like Kadelanta, Chicago, North Carolina, Miami, and the top Southern and Midwest shows in The South and Midwest, The Ace and TJ show (Syndicated in 15 cities), and Mancow (Nationally syndicated) and how well received and excited these people were to be introduced to the growing legend that is Arthur Kade. Since then, I have taken some time to really work on my craft by working on the development of my hit television show with IMG Media (I told a friend yesterday, “When I tell you this is going to be big, it’s going to be bigger than anything you can imagine. It’s going to redefine TV and the world, like shows like Mash, American Idol, Cheers, Seinfeld, Survivor, and The Sopranos did because it has never been done before. He asked what the concept was, and I said, “I can’t talk about it, but it will knock every one’s socks off and I guarantee that Networks must be falling on each other to get to me right now”, and he responded, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Good for you. You set out to do great things, and so far so good”), auditioning like crazy for parts, finishing up my top level acting classes, closing up the next step for “The Journey” which I am hoping to announce soon (Trust me, the wait will be worth it because it is something I am beyond excited about, and will open up new doors for “The Journey” and The Brand), and of course partying with top celebrities like Gerry Butler, Nicky Hilton, Jon Gosselin, Shane Drake, Lance Bass, and my man, Mickey Rourke all over the Eastern Seaboard.
Well, now it is time to begin the process of sharing “The Journey” with Kade Nation West when on Monday, I will be featured in an interview with one of the top radio shows out there (7:30AM PST), The Dog House, hosted by Elvis and The Litter, which is broadcast in 2 of my favorite cities, Las Vegas and San Francisco. This will be great exposure for The Brand on the Left Coast because even though I own KA, his show is so popular that it had higher ratings than Howard Stern in San Fran, and considering that I am a partying legend in Las Vegas from the years of killing it “Kade Style” out there, this will be great. I am even thinking that after the interview, Las Vegas may comp me a trip out there to stay at Encore, and I can’t wait until I am being paid for celebrity appearances at some of the hottest clubs out there like XS, Tryst, Pure, and of course The Rhino (My favorite strip club in the country and I will never forget how I pulled 2 girls out of there ((They were both KA 9’s who were dating eachother and I told them, “I love lesbians, come join me tonight?” an they thought that was the cutest thing) several years ago, then took them to Pure for a couple bottles, then had an amazing threesome back in my room at The Venetian, and when I woke up, they had left a note saying, “Thanks for a great time”. (That was so hot because I felt so used, yet so happy. Such a Pro Move).
Las Vegas has always been a place that I wanted to have one of many homes when I am an Award Winning actor because it has some of the hottest girls in the country (Although way too many fame whores who are looking to get knocked up by a celeb like me and are chasing the “Support Check”), and great weather (Last year, I got my first tattoo out there in Carey Hart’s place at The Mandalay, and I don’t remember 3 days of my life that weekend, except for a girl who I met at Rehab at The Hard Rock who joined in our canbana and started making out with me and told me “I give the best blow jobs”, and then we hid behind the back of our cabana and she tried to impress me, but I told her, “Way too much teeth, but overall not bad” When girls try to hard to orally please a guy, then it comes out bad, because it’s like thinking about your jumpshot and then you’re all screwed up), so I am super excited to start expanding The Brand out there and building Kade presence. As for San Fran, I was out there last year, when I took a girl I was dating to Napa for her 30th birthday, but didn’t spend enough time in the city to enjoy it like I did when I was there with another girlfriend in 2004 for a company National Conference (I had Mono on that trip and still partied harder than anyone, and when I came back, my doctor said, “I don’t know how you survived the plane ride back”). Another monster weekend ahead as well…
“People always tell me I’m better looking in real life, so since I get paid for my looks already, should I charge more for appearances?”….Arthur Kade…10/16/09

I wonder if that's Cock Gobbler's tiny little room or just some other filthy place.

Shit beer for a shithead.


  1. Barney the DinosaurOctober 16, 2009 at 9:25 AM

    A girl told me "I give the best blow jobs". Surely those inverted commas are a typo.


    And how do you 'own' Los Angeles? No one knows who the fuck you are out there. Some cartoon station dildo and a few celebs you made up. Stick a chainsaw up your anus, shitburger, and don't take it out until you've stopped being the king of all cunts.

  2. People who have NEVER had threesomes are the kind of people who brag about them with lies.

    I think it's absolutely hilarious that he calls that radio show "one of the top radio shows out there" when it has been off the air since March 2008, and only recently started back up on October 12, 2009, possibly using a borrowed studio.

    The more Kade injects such accolades for everything he touches, the more I'm convinced that he is a mental problem. He is constantly reaching for validation, and in that he seeks that validation through everything around him being imagined as "the best." It's truly sad.

  3. Zombie Kade here-

    This latest round of cock holster's gadawful buffoonery just didn't have the same manic slobbery verve, did it?

    Is he giving up the crystal meth, or is he at long last realizing that this sad "journey" joke inevitably ends with him being the balding, scab faced, cock punched punch line?

    As barfur's father nosferatu might say about this latest ho hum post:

    "Very poor effort, I give it two and half rapies, and maybe one lil' lecher."

  4. from the desk of Crappy:

    People we seriously need to halt this behavior. Negative comments will only add fuel to this fire. Burning pile of shit more like it. This douche will go away if you stop paying attention to it. It disturbs me and many others as well that this type of human be allowed to continue to walk the earth... IT WILL GO AWAY IF YOU STOP PAYING ATTENTION.

  5. OMGZ!!!

    Elvis and the Litter!!! I can't believe AK 4.7 got booked on Elvis and the Litter! Here on the West Coast, Elvis and the Litter are like GODS to us! We worship Elvis and the Litter! Truly, it is as if God himself came down from heaven and decided to incarnate as a morning-zoo-format radio show. There is no greater segment of reality than that which we here on the West Coast call Elvis and the Litter. Among my people, it is said that if you are the 8th caller on the Elvis and the Litter show, not only will you get those tickets to go see John Waite at the Winnemucca Community College Amphitheater, but you will indeed be granted Immortality and the power to control objects with your Mind!!!

    Heretofore, I took AK 4.7 to be a deluded meeskite Heftybag of slug reproductive organs, but now that I hear he is going to be on the revered Elvis and the Litter radio show, I must take back 78.092938570294802 % of the mean things I've said about him and the low opinions of his character, acting abilities, veracity, hygiene, misogyny, mental health, and "lifestyle" that I have held.

    This is BIG! We're talking Elvis and the Litter here.

    I am overcome with awe.

    I must go lay down.

  6. Looks like there may be a bigger fame-whore than Kade out there:


  7. Just when I convince myself Kadyshes is a genuine cunt this post comes along - the 'blow job' reference made me ill, I fucking exaggerate not. He can't possibly be real. The bragging is fair enough - we've all met fucking lying tosspots with no class and all complex but this cunt Kadyshes reigns supreme - every single fucking thing he writes is appalling.
    How this bloke can be so fucking awful ALL the fucking time...I've never had cocaine but I know it's effects and I reckon he must write this bollocks when he's under the influence and totally deluded. He's euphoric and the utter shite just pours out of him. Am I making excuses for him? I hope so - I fucking hope he has a medical reason to support such gross cuntosity.
    Cocaine? His eyes in one of the photos look very 'starey', proof, I think, that he takes that deadly narcotic and consequently isn't in full control of his faculties. Hey presto, the answer, he's not really a cunt, it's the drugs.

  8. I'm amazed nobody has demolished him yet. He does enough with very little effort to fully alienate himself from anyone with a brain. I keep thinking the day is going to come when he acts just a little bit too much like an ass to a woman with a husband or boyfriend and he is instantly on the recieving end of some punches that he won't have the ability to defend himself from.

    Can you even imagine Kade trying to fight and/or defend himself? That would be the only slice of reality he's had in 7.34564323 months, don't you think?

    I figured it would happened by now during his Atlantic City jaunts, considering all the NJ guys that go there have got to be roided up guidos that want to pretend their in the mafia and tough shit.

    Eventually it will happen. You know it will.

  9. @Mr. Vomit,

    I'm betting Artshitz doesn't talk smack to ANYONE when he's out in public. Except being a flaming asshat to service people like waiters, waitresses, bartenders, store clerks, etc.

    I'm thinking any time he sees anyone who might actually punch his stupid lights out, he slinks off without saying one damned thing.

    He's brave when he's spouting shit on his blog and Twitter, but you can bet he's a meek little mouse when he's near anyone who could clean his clock.

    The only thing I think Philly residents need to worry about, is when he decides to go fullblown pyscho (DADDY DIDN'T LOVE ME!!! LOVE ME DADDY!!!) he'll probably take a few unsuspecting folks with him.

    We can only hope it's Kang and his scuzztastic friends, instead of innocent bystanders who don't know who the hell Arshitz Kadyshes is, or why he's blowing them away.

    He's a fuckbucket and no one, including his asshole nosferatu father, will miss him when he's gone.

  10. Mack Truck,

    I pretty much agree with you. I think he at least knows what he can get away with when nobody above him is around him. I mean, when he met Anna David and James Frye they said he seemed just like a normal guy.

    I think he gets a humbling feeling when he's around anyone bigger/better/more attractive, etc. until he at least feels out their vibe.

  11. Guys,I think he is 4 real.I used to know ppl like him,who think they r the shit,better than everyone else and that everybody is in awe of them when they r walking down the streets or hang out at clubs.They r so full of themselves and dellusional that even when u get them really down,it doesnt last.The guy like that u reject him and he'll just say-Oh,that girl knows that i'm 2 good 4 her and doing favor by noticing her.He lies but in his mind its all true,thats just the way he sees it like he's achieved so much,like he's the handsomest hunk that ever lived,that the treesome that he saw in some porn flick about 2 hot lesbo strippers and some well hunged guy,is happened to him in real life.Once again,all these lies to him r not lies,to him its all truth.Do u even think that he was in Vegas or SF?I think its all in his delussions,his drug induced fantasies,etc.The question that bothers me is:Why he's being invited to all these radio shows,no matter how low-profile and mediocre they r?They r not confronting him or making him show his true nature,also they r not making fun of him,they just let him repeat whatever BS he writes daily on his blog.So,WTF is up with that?

  12. I live in San Francisco, and I listen to a lot of radio, but I have never heard of that show he is so hepped up over. It's not one of the big morning shows out here. Maybe it's out of San Jose?

  13. @Sad Girl,

    Have you listened to or seen any transcripts of these radio shows? They most certainly ARE making fun of Artshitz.

    I don't care for Danny Bonaduce, but he OWNED Artshitz on his show.

    I've never heard of Bipedalbovine (Mancow), but I'm sure he's going to do exactly like his predecessors; give Artshitz a smackdown.

    Do I think Artie actually BELIEVES he's done all this stuff? I don't know. If he does, then he really does need to be admitted to a pysch ward, and pronto.

  14. Shit, WHY do I keep typing 'psych' incorrectly?!

    Is Artshitz's horrific grammar and atrocious spelling rubbing off on me? Oh, the horror!

  15. Actually,a few days ago I posted a comment here that attracted a lot of attention and some ppl even thought that I was one of his spies,supportes,whatever.I was appaled by that notion,'cause I'm disgusted and repulsed by him and I would never be friends with a low-life person like him.But I was so shocked that being the dumb,classless,witless idiot that he is,he still managed to get some kind of a deal on reality show and some crew did follow him,that I didnt think that there are nothing to follow.His life is not interesting,exciting in any way.Pppl like Kardashians,Hilton or new family on TV-Lamas,no matter how viewers feel about them,they do have some high profile life,being rich,spoiled brats,who do have something to brag about.And that can atttract interest from more common folks,who dont get to shop on Rodeo Drive every day or hang out with actual celebrities.Kadyshits doesnt do any of this,he stands in line to get to regular clubs,he eats sandwiches in some cheap place and he's amazed by the simplest food and trip to LA to him is like a trip to Cannes film festival.So,there are nothing to attract interest or even curiosity and hense his show,even if it'll get somewhere beyound initial launch,will never be picked up by any of the networks even by E!
    Who would wanna watch his interactions with taxi drivers and random ppl on the elevator.If I'd be in the elevator and see a guy like him,I would leave immediately,'cause he's scary and weird looking.Also I think that he needs to get refund from all of his teachers,'cause they didnt teach him any skills.And Leonardo DaVinci was gay and never had kids,so what was that crap all about?His own abortion promoting dad?I know for a fact that when the AK wa born in Soviet Union pregnant mothers continue to drink and smoke throught the whole pregnancy,so thats 1 of the reasons he's mentally unstable and his IQ is 34 or less.

  16. @Mack

    Yes,I did hear some of the radio stuff that he did and I thought that Danny wasnt bad,but in my opionion its not enought.He needs someone whos not afraid to be politically incorrect and who knows that the person like AK doesnt deserve to be respected in any way and who needs to be mentally destroyed and put in his place,which is some shithole,somewhere distant.They all did nothing of that kind.not even really funny or direct,like ask him:What exactly did you do to call yourself a "Super Star".How can you open ypur dirty mouth and discuss some one like Jen.Aniston when her shit smells better and is more talented than you Arthur Kadeepshit will ever be.Like Jen.Aniston or AnJolie will ever let you touch them with a 10 foot pole!Stuff like that!

  17. Naw, Sad Girl, I don't think you're Artshitz.

    I also don't think any of these 'amazing deals' he supposedly has going on will ever come to fruition.

    He's only interesting in the way something disgusting and slimey is interesting; you're completely grossed out by the flesh-eating virus, but you can't look away!

    Actually, that's a good metaphor for Artshitz; he's a soul-eating virus.

    He has united people in one way; everyone, and I mean EVERYONE who has come across him, whether on-line or in real life, thinks he's a douchebaggicus enormicus.

    Even his 'cling-ons' will desert him at the first sign of his ship floundering, as is evidenced by him having to video himself now, instead of Saline Queen holding the camera.

  18. I think it's pathetic that most of these radio shows have not had the balls to call him out like he deserves to be called out. Those southern stations were all awful anyways, all hacks with no incentive to do research on him or really dig deep and find something to smash him with.

    It's just as telling about these radio shows being as big of an amateur hour joke as Arthur is. They do in fact really deserve each other.

  19. Radio stations invite him for interviews because they run out of legitimately interesting people to interview. They turn to the controversial and odd to keep people interested. Mancow, I have heard *of* him, usually in a negative way, and he is nationally syndicated in that his show airs in some cities in about 20 states. But like with all things Artie, if it is to do with him, it is the best. Sharon is one of the best acting coaches even though all she does is mystery theater and voice overs. Mike Lemon is the best even though he is just a casting director (who, notice, hasn't cast Kade) Thinking about it now, the way he put down Angelina Jolie as only mom hot and not that pretty, I bet she snubbed him or something. Ha ha.

    Artie, lesbians wouldn't have sex with you, they are lesbians. About the blow job...I agree with english gent, turns my stomach that does. Why are you trying so hard to convince us of all your girlfriends and all your escapades? That is beyond bragging, that is desperation. "Please believe me, and be envious, please?!" Eh.

  20. This is a funny take on the begining of bottle service in the early 2000's from NY Mag. Sums it up nicely.

    "Except for Bungalow, all the clubs had one thing in common: bottle girls, women in short skirts who ferried over ice and spirits in exchange for plastic. Nightclubs were big business now. If you carried a black AmEx card, you could count on getting in, somewhere. “Bottle service—it was a killer,” one club worker recalls. “Because now you didn’t have to look right to get in. The owners didn’t care about the quality of the crowd. The bottom line was the money. It was, Sell those tables, sell those tables, up-sell, magnums, bottle minimums. And you now had—forgive me for saying it—every undesirable seated in a nightclub.”

  21. TattooedLunaChic/VegasGrrlOctober 16, 2009 at 3:10 PM

    Hmmm, I live in Vegas and neva heard of that radio show. Then again, I don't listen to the radio. Also, that tat shop was at the Palms, and has since closed. Only posers willing to get ripped off got their work done at a place like that.
    I have to admit, Vegas has some gorgeous people here. They're from all over the world. They have looks and money. Artie will not stand out in any way. However, please come out here and spend lots of cash! We in the construction field are desperate for work these days.
    Spend - Spend- Spend Sucka!!

  22. Yes, I think Sad Girl's quite right about the DJ's giving Arthur an easy time of it - indeed, a platform to further stroke his cock infront of an audience. Didn't hear the Bonaduce programme but the ones I have heard went nowhere towards questioning his delusions - try reading one of his fucked up statements and maybe pointing out.....'Arthur you constantly refer to yourself as a 'top celebrity' and 'star' yet you haven't even had a speaking part on tele or in a film. Your only interest to others on the internet is as a delusional bragging idiot'....or maybe this old chestnut... 'Arthur, you are clearly in the grips of cocaine psychosis, you used to suck your father's cock and tenderly massage your stepmother's labia while they both fiddled with your genitalia, - can you explain to me Foucault's theorum'.

    Come on you DJs - the cunt's a walking archery target.

  23. @J Bone...

    Yup, Bennie Blanco in the house!!

  24. Barney the DinosaurOctober 16, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    Yes...now what would be a good question for fuckface?

    'Arthur, could you please name the supermodel you slept with? And don't plead gentlemanly discretion, we know that bus left town when your father did.'

    'Arthur, why have you not managed to have sex for 7.47547659618 months, despite an obvious desire and oft-expressed ability to do so?'

    'Arthur, why were you not ripped by Labor day?'

    'Arthur, do you not realise how offensive it is to proper actors when you claim to respect their craft yet also claim to be brilliant at it with just a few months' training?'

    'Arthur, why do you have nostrils the size of a rent boy's anus, a nose the size of an Orangutan's cock and the general demeanour of a rapist who hasn't managed to rape in a while?'

    'Arthur, would you mind chewing this lightbulb that's been dipped in AIDS blood and rancid chipmunk vomit?'

  25. @ english gentleman…

    Your ‘dog eating it’s own shit’ analogy is perfect. It not only describes the onlooker’s horror… it defines kegos behavior. Who knows why some dogs do this? The reason is irrelevant. The same thing applies regarding kego. Questioning his motives, goals and/or (hidden?) agenda is simply futile. I’d rather be accused of abuse, from stopping this disgusting display, than just stand there and wretch until I lost my last meal. I don’t have a weak stomach, usually, but as I’ve said many times “I swear, I’m going to puke just thinking about it.”

  26. @ english gentleman…

    A clarification (just in case)…I couldn’t agree more about the cocaine abuse. I’ve said it over and over.

  27. I think it’s pretty evident that the radio interviews and his limited access to a couple of minor events (press pass access) are attributable to the saline kween. The grinder of the organ. The one with ‘the head’ made for Halloween. And like the good Dr. F. before her, she has created a monster. Soon the villagers will be at the door with torches…

  28. Answers to Barney the Dinosaur questions…(in the order asked)

    Who’s fuckface?

    All of them, and more.

    I will only sleep with a 9 or 10, stripper hot with fake boobs. Enough said?

    Which Labor Day did you think I meant?

    Isn’t “The journey” amazing?

    Have you seen my Dad?

    I could balls ass that, like a friend said to me “You chew the best” and (I (replied)) that’s what The Brand is.

  29. Anybody know what happened on Twitter with CallMeKatieO? Looks like they were banned and shit. Musta hurt Arthur's feelings enough that he whined to the mods.

  30. I noticed that too, nothing there for KatieO. I went on twitter to see what he was on and on about a balloon for and noticed him calling her a 6. I don't see how she could be banned after akzlist and arthurkadesucks bombarding him with abuse all day, day after day (quite hysterical, but also not good for the mental health of the latter two...) She may have closed her own account for some reason.

  31. An open letter to fart-tee…

    I’ll start by telling you that I want this to hurt you (so that you can get better).
    Right, now first off: GET OFF THE DOPE IDIOT! Don’t deny it, I know ‘cause I’ve “been there, done that” (and if your not abusing…well, lets just hope that you are) just stop! Fuck rehab, being ‘born again’, NA meetings and any other ‘someone help me’ bullshit techniques. They don’t work. You can quit if you want to, so until then: Good luck with the addiction thing.
    Next: Daddy issues. You don’t get it, do you? Its not about you, it’s about what your Dad wants. I don’t know why they split (your parents) but it seems apparent that your mom wasn’t that great at being a mom (no offence). That’s why grandma had to take over. Again, I’ve been there, done that (in a trailer park, top that ‘bitch’). Your Dad obviously has wondering eye issues, which may or may not have caused the break-up, the point being that he sought after, and found, other women.
    Stay with me now…these other women didn’t/don’t want you around. You’re not their family; you’re an ugly reminder that your dad had a past relationship that they don’t want to think about. Hang on tight, here’s the kicker…your dad wants/wanted to be with her/them more than he wants/wanted to be around you. You cramped his style and your mom caused him grief. You see it’s not about him loving or not loving you, it’s about him only thinking about himself. He didn’t want to be alone forever just because he had made a mistake (again, no offence). So what? If you think that’s wrong and unfair, get over it, there is no justice in this world. Life wasn’t meant to be fair.
    Now, for the train wreck…your stupid ass “The Journey” has really fucked things up. How? What do I mean? Instead of achieving your purported goal of making your dad proud, you have caused all the problems he has always tried to avoid. This ridiculous notion you have that anything your doing, or saying, or trying to be, makes any sense at all to him is insane. He has got to be dumbfounded by your behavior. You have brought the whole sexual harassment issue back into the daylight for all to see, and it’s not pretty. What affect do you think that has on his wife? Remember why he wasn’t the ‘good’ dad you wanted? You’re causing all the problems he didn’t want to face then, let alone now. And your making sure everyone knows how shitty you think he was. Do you even realize what an insult it is to not use your/his last name? You pretend to want his love, when what you want is to punish him (and you are, relentlessly). You’re blind to the fact that it won’t change anything. Even if he admitted he was wrong, said he was sorry and begged for your forgiveness it won’t turn back time. What’s done is done. You are not only harming yourself; you are causing everyone around you to suffer. Also: You grew up in poverty? Big deal, I was in the free lunch line at school until high school. My parents died when I was young, and I miss them, but I don’t use that as an excuse to justify bad behavior as an adult (at least you still have parents). You’re not on the Ricky Lake show, and unless you can put it in a poem, or a song, no one wants to hear about it. It’s over, time to grow the fuck up. I’ve followed this hot mess from the start (HCwDB’s) and I gave you kudos right from the beginning (check the archives) for this talent you stumbled on. But it’s either useless, or harmful, or you’re using it wrong. It’s like a drug addiction, and you’re in denial, and its fucking you up. Fame has destroyed far better people than you, and this negative energy your harnessing is deadly. You’re causing irreversible damage that you’ll surly regret one day. Save yourself fool, no one else can help you. There now, you can’t say I didn’t try, even with the knowledge that ‘you won’t listen’.
    I’m going back to poking fun at your fucknuttery self. Good luck, douchefag!

  32. @Radda Radda...

    Don't worry about me, I'm a relatively well adjusted adult with a job, a girlfriend and a loving family. Yes, the abuse I toss at him is a bit harsh (understatement? - uh, yeah) but I do enjoy it. I'm pretty much trying to push him to a point where he bans me and then I'll take up under a different name. On my end it's all in good fun. Hoping he doesn't see it the same way though.

  33. Zombie Kade here- in that second picture, did shitbucket just pull a beer bottle out of his nasty keyhole shaped nostrils?

    Crappy- your point is well taken, and further it kind of makes one feel sad inside beating on this gallumping, slobbery doofus - it's like shooting retarded fish in a very small barrel.

    But dang, some of the people here and over on arturd's blob are so feckin' funny it inspires a person to hurl more vitriol at ole rape eyes to get in on the fun.

  34. I love what AKZlist does to Arthur's twitter. it's another manifestation of his sociopathology that he even answers to such (awesome) abuse

    Arthur, if you are reading this: FUCK YOU

  35. @ AKZlist

    As long as you are sure you are doing fine. We can't have a valuable ally falling in the trenches!

    Where did he get the thing of calling you Paul Giacometi (or how ever you spell it)? I tried to back track and didn't see the connection. Also, when he makes you one of his honorary 'in crowd' -- he has to now that he has promised it so often -- you have to promise to be our inside source. lol Keep up the good work!!

  36. @Zombie Kade

    From the look on his face, it came out of his butt.

  37. Thank you, Radda x 2.

    Zombie kade, zout!

  38. His nose is more like a glove compartment, for keeping the things he doesn't want right away but might need at a moments notice.

    @Crappy -- the thing is, there is a mixture of the desire for him to go away and the desire for him to stay because he makes insulting him fun and easy. What Zombie Kade said. If we stop insulting him he will 'still walk the earth' and be a 'burning pile of shit' you know -- by all accounts he was one before we met him. The only favors we do for him is drive him farther into his delusions of grandeur because he has to compensate for the 'hate'. Which makes him even easier to insult. (on that score, we may be slightly evil) I am chaotic lawful. Arthur is the main thing that keeps me from slipping into 'good'. (don't know why the RPG reference came into my head there, but 'tis true.)

  39. New voicemail up for y'all to enjoy/laugh at/be creeped out by.

  40. more or less anonymousOctober 17, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    I like the way the first picture has his mac and his blackberry in view (quite on purpose). Now if he only had a jumbo flat-screen and a Wii and an i-pod and a bottle of Courvoisier stuffed in his closet with him...we could call 'Cribs'.

  41. Geez, I didn't get the RPG reference the right way around. I have the flu, head not working well. I am chaotic good, ragging on Kade shifts me toward chaotic neutral which is where I want to be. There. I feel better now that I straightened that out.

    Where did he fit the two 9's I want to know? "Hello my lovelies, come back to my closet with me." "Oh Arthur, you are so handsome and talented, your shoulders are enormous -- enough so that we can overlook the fact you have a small penis -- we can not refuse you." Their guest blog will be interesting to see.

  42. Hateku I'm proud of:

    "It'th amathing" kade said.
    Sad- the busboy at Cosi's
    didn't give a shit.

    Zombie kade, zout.

  43. @Radda Radda...

    I think what Kadyshes loves about Twitter is that if you take his "Tweets" (fucking hate that) at face value you could actually believe he has some fans. Just reading his side is what he wants and since a lot of people are lazy there are people who probably think he doesn't get just hate like I dish out. That's why I think he started with calling me Paul Giamatti. Someone just breezes by and they think Giamatti is a fan of his. Basically that's my guess, but who really knows what goes on in that moronic brain of his?

    @Zombie Kade...

    Hateku. Love it. I may take up Twittering him some hateku.

  44. oh shit AKZList, Arthur's claiming to own a home as well (lie). We all know he got his key from Ron, who supports his ass basically, until he "makes it big" which will NEVER HAPPEN


  45. Zombie Kade here-

    AKZlist, happy to help out if you want/need any of the hateku.

    Threw close to a dozen up under his latest post over on the loon blob, you're welcome to any of those.

  46. @Ball Ass Hot Ass

    If Kade never sold his condo/town home thing, then that is a lie only by omission (the omission being that he doesn't actually live in it). Anyone have a clue what happened to it? I saw the listing for it somewhere back in time. It had a virtual tour and everything. The place had zero personality...why Kade liked it I guess. I am not standing up for him BTW, just avoiding giving him something to fire back at us with 'proof'.

  47. Chances are he subleased it to avoid defaulting on it. Very un-balls ass

  48. Yeah, I was all over that one... nothing but lies from Kadyshes. Liar liar pants on fire.

  49. @Radda x 2 and Ball Ass...

    Yeah, I gotta assume if he still "owns" it, he's renting it for the price of his carrying costs and that's it. Maybe making a little extra, but not a lot. If he could afford to keep it without renting it he wouldn't be crashing in a closet.

  50. Ball Ass Hot Ass Gen PopOctober 17, 2009 at 8:09 PM

    "I love how everyone stares"

    They're probably wondering what a creepy rapey eyed douche is doing out of the psyche ward

  51. I gotta say playoff baseball is great for me being able to abuse Kadyshes all night long.

  52. Balls Ass Passed by the NetworksOctober 17, 2009 at 8:21 PM

    Fear factor for dating...yeah real brilliant douchebag. What do they have to do, look at your broomstick ankle for more than 10 seconds without barfing?

  53. How much you wanna bet his 'london look' is simply a tee shirt with a union jack on it? AKZlist, I agree the loosers should be the ones that have to date him. Would be a great incentive to win.

  54. Balls Ass Hot Ass Unemployed At CosiOctober 17, 2009 at 8:26 PM

    The great Kade question will always be...did he quit or was he fired. Of course we can't believe anything he says or tells the people that interview him. Maybe it was one of those mutual agreements like "this isn't working anymore" type deals.

  55. Balls Ass Salvation Army-esque attireOctober 17, 2009 at 8:30 PM

    Radda, yeah it's some cheap ass graphic tee and one of those busted ass jackets that no self respecting person would be caught dead in. Probably one of emoda's failed designs from 5 years ago the meesha gave to him

  56. I'm gonna go with he's wearing a tweed jacket. Of course, with some ridiculous t-shirt. Union Jack would be fitting.

  57. Just wanted to remind everyone...


  58. Damn, forgot they don't let you click through.

  59. AKZlist, put links in as the url when you sign in as AKZlist, if you follow. (see my user name)

  60. @Radda Radda...

    I know, just wasn't thinking earlier. Yanks and rum & coke can do that to ya.

  61. Kade's condo is a joke. He said it was custom decorated with all designer art, furniture, etc. If you've ever looked at the pictures... It looks like total suburban genericism from Pottery Barn and Target. There was no masculinity. None.

    It reminded me of a person I know, who after their divorce had the house mostly cleaned out by the ex wife. He then had his mom and sister
    decorate for him, and the result looked about
    like Kades place. Not neccesarily all feminine, but no male feel to it at all.

    I think Kade just has no sense of style at all. All he is really assured of is that no woman is good enough for him.

  62. Kade's a Balls Ass Nobody Who thinks he's worth 1/2 a shitOctober 18, 2009 at 9:17 AM

    Poor Kade thinks Ivanka Trump is a fan, what a delusional cumdumpster. She would have her guards pummel you for being within 200 feet of her, lamefag

  63. @ Balls Ass Kade should be afraid of her daddy!

  64. Arthur Kade is a lying sack of shit

    We know it, everyone knows it.

  65. Looks like we got the entire weekend off from AK's fucktardery. Here's hoping he was committed to an insane asylum.

  66. He’s got to be up at 4.30 am to get into the doghouse. Stay up or wake up? Balls ass decisions.

  67. FACT: Arthur Kade doesn't tip

  68. And he is stupid enough to return for some more of the service he doesn’t seem to appreciate. Can you imagine what he ingests on a regular basis? I’m not saying it’s right or pleasant to think about, it’s a reality of life though. Hospitality and service personnel have discreet, yet horrifying, ways of punishing people who are rude or seem unappreciative. Add in the ‘arrogant bastard’ factor and you get…I’m going to be sick. I’ve tried to warn him so many times that I have come to the conclusion: He wants his food and drink customized. There you are, enjoy your meal, Arturdio.

  69. Thank you for this post. Funny how the universe gives you what you need. I was looking for new direction and came to your site. You continue to be a source of inspiration.

  70. This, along with the rest of your work is incredible. I found your site today whilst searching for traditional christmas decorations and I've enjoyed reading through all of your blogs. Your creations are very inspiring and impressive and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! All the best wishes for you.

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