LegoWigKade's 2010 Resolutions for Arthur Kade

Well Christmas has come and gone, and we know we're missing a few posts, but that's OK! While we try to get all of his posts up in a timely fashion, the last thing we were going to do is waste time on Kade over the holidays.

We have, however, put together the following New Years resolutions for Arthur Kadyshes in response to his recent post of the same topic. (We'll have that up soon, maybe, but for now just go here.) Arthur, if you're reading this post - and we know you are - you should really print this stuff out and read it several times. We don't give a crap about you, honestly, but you'll be much better off for taking our advice instad of listening to white trash like Lindsay Furman and Sabrina Strickland.

LegoWigKade's 2010 New Year's Resolutions for Arthur Kadyshes

1. Give Up the acting dream
To anyone with half a brain, it's clear that Arthur can't act. The acting classes have not helped, and it's clear from his YouTube videos that he isn't even good enough at it to be called one-dimensional. It would be one thing if Kade had any modesty and simply said he was trying to become an actor. But no... We get proclamations of pending Oscars and Emmys when the idiot has never even been in a movie other than being an extra. Nobody has ever seen him on screen, and no one ever will. The definite failure at acting will be his doom. It will happen. The sooner Arthur gives up on this dream and embraces his position in life as a "gen-popper" - the very thing he despises - the better off he'll be. 
2. Come out of the closet
Throughout the last 10 months, viewers of ArthurKade.com have witnessed a wide number of characteristics that point to a burning homosexuality. The disdain and hatred of women, for starters, is a clear indication of his homosexuality. The constant references to "brunch" only strengthen this, because men - straight-men - don't say "brunch." They also don't say fabulous. The best thing for Arthur to do is simply announce his homosexuality to the world in hopes of gaining sympathy, or a different fan base. Although, I'm guess most gay guys will vomit at the site of him and his silly t-shirts.
3. Commit to a drug rehab program
It's been talked about constantly, people have posted about it, and everyone assumes it. The consensus is that Arthur Kade is heavily addicted to cocaine along with most of his friends. The signs are obvious: nervous twitching, hyperactivity, the bad breath, etc. are all indicators of this addiction. Like we said, countless people have posted that they know how he and his nontourage are all heavy abusers of the drug. This is not going to help Arthur at all. The best thing he can do is commit to a drug rehab program and clean his life up. Maybe, just maybe if he completes a rehab program, he can take the next step towards cleaning up his life and trying to exist in society.
4. Give up therapy or find a new therapist
Arthur claims to have been going to therapy for a number of years. It's not working! We think it's safe to assume that Arthur lies constantly to his therapist, to the point that the therapist actually has no idea who he really is. Either way, it's not working, and he's just turned into a giant monster. It would be best for him to either stop therapy altogether, or find a better therapist. It may actually require the skills of several psychiatrists to tap into his absurdly messed-up brain, but it's worth a shot.
5. Set reasonable goals
Arthur has set so many unattainable goals that it's just hard to comprehend what he will do when they don't happen. Oscar winning actor? NY Times Best Selling Author? Comparing himself to God? These are ludicrous pipe dreams for someone of such non-talent. For a headcase like Arthur, it would be best to digress a long way from these goals and instead focus on some smaller ones, such as: "Use mouth wash when I wake up, or ever." "Try not to creep people out." "Learn how to use the kind of punctuation kids learn in first grade." "Don't make a fool out of himself." "Don't brag about things that can be disproved." "Don't wear t-shirts made for 12 year olds." "Wear clean clothes." Simple things, simple things people!
6. Stop lying
It's already been proven by the Assistant to Steven Ward that there is no TV show currently in development between Kade and IMG Media. Arthur's entire existence is based on lies, primarily to himself, but obviously to everyone he comes in contact with. He believes he is a celebrity and tells people this. He believes he will win acting awards, and he tells people this. He says he stays in suites when he's just in a regular hotel room. The list goes on. We know if will be impossible for him to achieve this resolution, because to not lie is to not be Arthur Kade.
7. Do something about his hygiene
It's been well documented that Arthur suffers from numerous hygiene problems, including halitosis, mouth spittle, overall body odor, etc. People are repulsed by the site of him in pictures alone! In person, it's been claimed that he either reeks of sweat, or reeks of excessive cologne to cover up the sweat. We have no idea where to start with suggestions on this. Etiquette class? A massive body detox? We have no idea how to solve this problem, but if Kade ever wants to be attractive to the opposite sex (or guys based on #2 above, he'd better figure out how to not smell like wet trash.
8. Beg for a job anywhere
Arthur has burned a ton of bridges and friendships along the way. He has paved a path across the Internet that is filled with disrespect, drug use, sexism, misogyny, disgusting immature behavior, and just all out general stupidity. He has made himself unemployable to the n'th degree. Since there's no chance he will EVER be a professional actor, or even support his life with acting, it's time for him to realize that his employment options are very, very slim. At best his options will be fast food restaurants, or telemarketing. Each and every HR manager that does a simple background check on Kade is going to find enough negative and troublesome information on him to last a lifetime. Why would anyone hire an employee who so obviously hates women? Who shows signs of drug use? Who hates regular people? Arthur is as massive a liability to a business as an employee walking around with a shotgun. Once Kade's world fully falls apart in 2010, he will need to beg like a dog for a job anywhere, and we imaging that very few people will take him.
9. Stop disrespecting his religion
Arthur always talks about being a "good Jew" and about observing Jewish traditions. It's clear to us that he has absolutely no respect for Judaism or religion of any kind. Would a respectful Jew call himself God? Would a respectful Jew act like Kade acts? For Kade, religion is a convenience - something he can use for attention and to try and show the world that he isn't the very reincarnation of Satan himself. It would be best for him to cease any reference to Judaism since he's obvious he has no respect for it.
10. Stop calling himself "young Hollywood"
Arthur kade is 32 years old. THIRTY TWO. He completely fails to realize that "young Hollywood" refers to actors in their late teens and early 20s. People with talent, with speaking lines, starring in movies. Not unemployed 32 year olds in the 5th largest market in the US who have never acted in anything seen by the general public. Nobody knows his name. Nobody has seen him act. The only connection to Hollywood that he has is as an outsider looking in, desperate for a different life and for fame. He will not get it.
11. Realize he is nothing but gen-pop trash
The sooner Arthur Kade realizes that he is not a celebrity, the better off the world will be. It's time for him to stop calling Hollywood actors his peers. It's time for him to stop calling himself a celebrity, and time to stop claiming international popularity and press. He's nothing but a gen-popper himnself, on the outside looking in, desparate to be cool and accepted. It's beyond sad that a 32 year old man needs to brag about riding in limos, sporting event tickets, hotel rooms that are not suites, etc. Arthur Kade was not, is not, and never will be a celebrity. EVER.
Got some to add? Let us hear your resolutions for Kade in the comments section!
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Happy Holidays from Lego Wig Kade!

From our Holiday card to Arthur Kadyshes, a/k/a Cockgobbler, a/k/a El Lego Wig, a/k/a Fin Face, a/k/a Lispy McSlobberfuck, et. al...

December 22, 2009
Dear Douchebag Kadyshes (Rhymes with "Fin Faced Failure"),
This past year was a total success for you!!!!!! Way to go Arthur!!! When someone emailed us that info about the IRS tax lien against you, it was the funniest thing yet--an early Christmas present! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
I'm sure there will be a lot more failure in store for 2010 and we look forward to working with you to publicize your continuing joblessness, poverty, stupidity, ugliness, and toolish behavior.
You are a loser and a joke. Since it's rare someone melts down in such a hilarious way, we'd like to take a minute out of our year to thank you for being the gift that keeps on giving.
And since you're poor, it's extremely generous that you're willing to give us such a great gift. Can't wait for more mockery in 2010....

All the best,

The admins and fans of Lego Wig Kade: The Journey to a Mental Institution (TM)

P.S. Don't kill yourself after reading this. This isn't over yet--we want you around to laugh at. Your "brand" of retardation is truly unique.

All rights reserved.
Copyright 2009.

Add your Holiday wishes below... you just KNOW that Kadyshes reads this blog... comment below to thank him for a "great" 2009 and wishing him a "great" 2010. Total support, total commitment, etc. etc. Hahahaha.
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Arthur Kadyshes, Creepiness, Coke, and Face Rape

Recently numerous blog fans in Philly sent us a link to check out. The link was to a blog by a Philly girl who put herself through college by stripping... and had an awkward encounter with Arthur Kade. She rejected him, of course, and from her account you can see all the signs you'd expect from a creepy douchebag like Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with "Second Generation Sexual Deviant").

On her blog entry, she tells us, #4 is a reference to Arthur Kade. Strippers and female waitresses/bartenders all know that Kade is a weirdo. After they reject him, it's good to know that Kade avoids making eye contact with them again. Sadly, it seems he never really learns... he just goes on being a weirdo.

We confirmed this account from an independent source and we want to thank both people for coming forward on this. Mostly, we want to thank this girl for emailing us and sharing her story.

edit - Apparently, there is a column about "Cocaine Culture" coming soon... about douchebags who try to get girls to come home and hook up by using cocaine. We've gotten a lot of texts and emails saying this is the M.O. of Arthur Kadyshes and Chad G. Boonswang). If you know more about this topic, email us and spill the beans. Someone has the facts, it's just a matter of time until they spill. Drop us a dime, k?

edit 2 - Another commentor has tipped us off that Richard Brian Penn, formerly an enabler of Douchebag Kadyshes, has posted an article mentioning Philadelphia's cocaine culture at the clubs where Kadyshes and Boonswang  piss away their time. RBP, we know you're a Lego Wig Kade reader, so do us a favor and drop us a time... we know you have the goods to help us follow this story... man up and contact us.
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Fin Faced Arthur Kadyshes Owes the IRS!

Ever wonder why uber-loser cockgobbler Arthur Kade gets a lot of phone calls while filming his pathetic mid-day videos? Collections agencies! Kade owes money, y'all... this IRS thing is probably the tip of the iceberg... The following is a Lego Wig Kade exclusive report on Kade's impending poverty. News organizations and other blogs, please credit Lego Wig Kade with breaking this story...

Norristown, PA - This just in from sources at the Montgomery County (PA) Court House -- Arthur Kadyshes (rhymes with "Fin Faced Coke Abusing Guido Douchebag) owes the Internal Revenue Service some money! They have a federal tax lien on his piss poor cookie cutter suburban condo. Click here to see the file at the Montgomery County PA Courts website. Basically, this means Arthur doesn't have enough money to pay back taxes he owes and has refused the entreaties of the IRS to pay up. So the IRS took him to court, using his federal tax debt to obtain a lien on his property... meaning that when Arthur does sell the condo, the IRS will be in line to collect what they are owed or the sale can not go through.

There is so much depth we could go into here, but the big message is this--Arthur Kadyshes doesn't have the money to pay this, or he would've paid it months ago. The court case is 8 months old. FinFace needs every dime he can find in his broke ass apartment... so he has to keep stiffing the government until he can get rid of the albatross hanging around his neck sell his condo, which is probably underwater (meaning he most likely owes more on the mortgage than the condo is now worth). So, even when he does sell the condo (it's been on the market nearly a year now!) he won't get much money back, if any.

This has been a short, simple reminder of an indisputable fact: Arthur Kade is a lying, lisping failure at life.
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I'm sick as a dog and he's an asshole so this is the big intro you get. More delusion from Arthur Kadyshes...

There is an amazing price to be paid for being a famous celeb, and last night was a time where Arthur Kade who is a god and icon to so many people around the world, felt something that he hasn’t felt in so long, and that is what it’s like to be looked at like a “Regular man”, and how “Un-Normal” his life has become because of the global popularity of “The Journey” (It looks like there is something HUGE happening middle of next month which will be another HUGE step for “The Journey”, but I can not announce it yet). Having become The Brand, and creating a hit TV Show and authoring an award winning book with “Top International Representation like IMG Media and Trident Media Group”, every Gen Popper who meets me is in awe that they have met someone who “The Biz” looks at as a pioneer, a rebel, ahead of it’s time, and to be honest, it is a great feeling to be above everyone, and know that the level of talent that I possess and as an actor, author, and celebrity rivals almost no-one after 9.532 months in the history of “The Biz”.
I ended up meeting a 21 Year Old (This is such a great age for girls because they are still “Unjaded and not Goldiggers” yet, and looking to have fun and are sexually ridic into threesomes and experimentation, and will do anything you say like a dog getting trained, but see someone my age as a mature sex pot who will give them many orgasms from the experiences of hundreds or thousands of girls I’ve hooked up with) Philly 9.6 last night at Recess (As soon as I saw her, I asked one of the owners “Who is that?”, and when I came closer and met her and her friends I thought she was a Philly 8.8, but her personality was ridic flirtatious and fun, and her face was just beautiful with great eyes, dark Red Hair ((I am so into Red Heads lately, and am dying to see a “Burning Bush” in my face soon)), voluptuous figure with round hips, nice legs, and a great ass, and sexuality and personality that was so the opposite of what I have been dealing with lately (Every girl lately, even the ones with tremendous potential, have just done everything wrong with me, from some trying to make me jealous or ‘Wife” The Brand, to not showing any attention at all, and have all gotten treated by me like an asshole), that for a brief moment she looked at Arthur Kade, “The Man”, instead of Arthur Kade, “The God”, and it was truly surreal to be one of you in Kade Nation.
We hung out the whole time there (I’m very surprised that we didn’t make out, but I wasn’t drinking and didn’t close the way I normally would), and when one of The Entourage (He was baby sitting her drunk friend using our “Divide and Conquer” technique but her friend got so drunk that she was wobbly) came over, I knew it was over because the friend cock blocked me by getting so drunk. The girl and Arthur Kade texted the whole night (She was supposed to send me a pic of her PJ’s for The Blog, but never did so I may have to follow up), and I ended it by saying, “Want Company?” but at that point it was too late to close and “Kade”, and I wanted to work out, and practice The Craft today to get ready for auditions next week.
We talked about “The Journey”, how I have achieved fame so quickly, current “Booty Calls”, and our backgrounds, and all I could think about was how she didn’t care about my fame, money, or social status, and just like The Brand for being a tremendously good looking, sexy, confident man who just wants to sleep with her several times. I gave her my phone and said, “Put your number in”, and she was a bit scared because she thought I might put it on the blog, but I assured her “It’s for Private use only”, and then she actually kept telling me “Maybe I will make the blog”, and all I could think about was tommorow’s title, “The Brand breaks The Drought with a 21 year old hottie”, but unfortunately she was leaving town for a month today so it wasn’t going to happen, but the feeling of having a girl not know or care who I was was enlightening.
There are so many questions that go through my head on a daily basis like “Does this model want me or my fame?”, “What’s it like to be a Gen Popper who has to work for “”Vaginal love”"?”, “Are hot girls more attracted to me because I am a famous actor or author?”, and even, “What would it be like if every person in a room didn’t know me?”, and last night was an example of being a regular guy since “The Journey” began (Although at G, I had at least 10 people come up to me to either shake my hand, tell me they were fans, take pics with Arthur Kade, recite videos, etc…), and the truth is that because I am about to become one of the biggest names in Kademerica, I will probably never know what it is to be normal, but for a few minutes last night, I had an idea.
“Being a nobody and thinking you’re a somebody is funny, but being a somebody and knowing you’re Arthur Kade is omnipotent”…Arthur Kade…12/19/09

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Arthur Kadyshes does his usual douchebag schtick.... zzzzzzz

Cunt. Fucking cunt. Arthur, we all hate you. Please kill yourself. Stupidity from Cock Gobbler, Arthur Kadyshes...

Arthur Kade is wishing “Holly” an amazing birthday!!!! The Brand Loves Kade Nation and the followers of “The Journey”!!!! Holly, You better “Kade” the hell out of your man tonight!!!!!!
“Mr. Kade -
I’ve been a huge fan of the Journey for over 6 months now. I check your blog everyday - its the greatest thing on the internet - and I’m looking forward to the Year of the Kade in 2010.
I have a huge favor to ask you - could you give my girlfriend a birthday shout-out on Friday (the 18th)? To be honest she thought you were kind of a knucklehead at first, but she has totally come around. We’re going out for some Kade-Style Domination on Friday night, and I’d love to start it off by surprising her with a shout from His Kadeness! Her name is Holly, and she’s a solid NYC 9.5.
PS We live just a few blocks from the Michael K store on Broadway, and were planning to come by and say hello this weekend, but you bounced too early. Next time!
I really appreciate it my man! Kade Out!”

and another amazing email from a New Fan!!! (The only thing he has wrong is it’s not “Thousands in Support”, but actually “Millions”).
Hey Arthur,
Was just referred to your site by a friend, I hear your famous for copping a hell of a lot of flak.
Just browsing the Kade scale, and a few other posts made that pretty clear to me.
All I can say is,…well, there are thousands of us world-wide,in support,….. every line of your BIO rings true for me personally.
I’ve lived most of my life, as another emasculated sheep of society, a hater, lack of integrity to myself, and lacking a true core sense of purpose and direction in life.
That’s changing as I speak.
You know your on the right path, when just as many people hate on, as they do love you.
How does it feel to have thousands of mindless idiots, reacting to your identity, and falling headfirst into your sense of reality.
I don’t usually hate on haters, that would be pointless, and would distract me from my own purpose.
However, from what I can see in most of the comments, I can see nothing but men that have left their balls in their girlfriend/wife/mothers handbags. And women, that funnily enough, despise a man that has the very qualities that nature has made them want to get on their hands and knees for.
Best of luck for the future man, your an inspiration.
I’ll be following closely.
“Being a god to the Gen Pop is not a job, it’s a joy”….Arthur Kade…12/18/09

You should really try doing that. I would imagine if you did there will be PLENTY of fists connecting with your ugly beak. It would make me laugh. Dickhead.
**This is a link to what Cock Gobbler is referring to in the video**

TEEFS!!!! Where's your teefs?

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Stripper 101

He's an absolute cunt. I hope his New Year resolution is to kill himself with a massive dose of coke. Stupid fucking cuntiness and delusion from Arthur Kadyshes...

With the holidays fast approaching, there are so many amazing Christmas and socialite parties to attend that Arthur Kade can barely keep his head on straight with that and focusing on The Craft and “The Journey” (I have been spending countless hours working on my new monologue from “Meet Joe Black” for a Tuesday audition in NYC for a Romantic Comedy) , but one of the ones that I have attended almost every year in the 215, is the Christmas Party at Delilah’s Den, because it is mandatory for all the HOT Strippers to be there, and because of the holidays, The Brand feels like they warm up to you more and provide a higher level of “Stripper Hospitality” (This is the warmth and love that a stripper gives you as they give you a dance, or let you enjoy them in the Champagne Room) that you wouldn’t find any other time of year, plus because DD’s is the best club in Philly (Some have it ranked as “Top 5″ in Kademerica) and features shows and performances, it’s hard to stay away for a rising actor and author like Arthur Kade. While there with friends last night, a conversation was struck up about how to pick up the most sexual/hottest stripper to service you, but also what a Gen Popper (Non-Celeb like The Brand who can get a stripper at the click of his wand) needs to do to experience “The thrill of banging the most enjoyable and sensual creature on Earth” (A great Kadeism from last night), and since I have slept with, hooked up with, and even had a threesome with some of the most beautiful strippers in the world (I told a friend at Z Bar last night that I should be awarded a doctorate ((PHD)) in “Stripotology” because of all the experiences and tests I have run), I thought providing a “How-To” guide for the holidays would be a great “Kade-Style” present to The Gen Pop:
1) Find A “Non-Union Stripper”-The Key to first selecting the most sexual of strippers is don’t always go for the hottest one who is using her looks to make money, but hates the career (The “Union Stripper”) , but instead go for the one who truly enjoys the art of satisfying men, and really loves dancing on them, grinding on them, and of course being touched by them. To do this you have to sit and observe the way various strippers act in their habitat, and much like watching an animal in the Raw, choose the one who has the combination of Wild and Hot, and then bring them over. If you were buying a car, you would want one that was put together by someone who enjoys their job, not one who is just looking for their “Golden Ride” (A pension term from GE that I use for strippers who are just looking for the paycheck), and this will translate into the one who will provide the “Balls Ass Hottest” Sex and threesomes.
2) Hit A Single then A Home Run-Once you have identified your prey, then have her come over and request only one dance (Last Night some girl was trying to negotiate prices on dances, and I said to her, “Who are you, Bill Gates?”) and test her out. If she is into it, enjoys you, and gives you full touching and attention, then tell her to take you into The Champagne Room (Many Gen Poppers can’t afford this, but if one day they can they should follow along) and get some privacy. This is when the stripper will begin to look at you with love and admiration, and even though they still think of you as the ATM, you now have the PIN that will give them as much or as little as you want, and now you have the upper hand.
3) The “Pretty Woman” Syndrome-Every stripper dreams of being Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” and having someone like Arthur Kade find them, scoop them from their “Working Girl” Life and make them a “Real HouseWife Of Kadeville”, and one thing that Arthur Kade learned as a financial advisor is “Promise The Dream” and the results will follow. Most Gen Poppers will get dances, spend a fortune, talk dirty, and get made fun of in the dressing room by the girls (One stripper I used to date used to tell me some of the stuff guys said to her, and it was pretty depraved, but my favorite was from one of her regulars who said, “You make me so horny I cumb in my pants during board meetings while thinking about you”). The key is start talking about how you will rescue them, give them a new life (Find out if they have kids as well, and if they do then JUST RUN), and how you “Can see the potential in them” (This one is particularly effective because it makes them feel like more than a stripper for the moment). I will never forget being in the Champagne Room of Delialah’s years ago when a famous married celeb was telling a girl I was sleeping with “I will take care of you, make you my travel girlfriend ((AKA “Tiger-Style”)), and she later told me, if you weren’t there I might have hooked up with him (Although this was Pre-Kade Celebrity). Once you’ve sold them the condo, get their number and “Give Them The Keys”.
4) Don’t Be a Regular-The biggest mistakes most Gen Poppers make is that they get addicted to the girl, and keep coming back “To Feed The Meter” (Especially Older Men), where after one time they should now treat them like any other girl you want to use and abuse, and make them wonder what happened? Wait a week, and then text at 2AM on a Saturday night, “Hey, At “”Insert Club”". Come meet me?” They will be so intrigued that you made them wait and will probably be horny from all the Old Men touching them that they will come meet you right after work, and this also prevents them from thinking you’re dating and you establish they are just a “Booty Call” that you might “Sugar Daddy if they play their cards right”. They will want you more, and feel that like The Brand, they are one of a thousand vying for the position of “Night Train” and will work harder to win you over.
5) Get the “Premium Package” in your AMG-The key to the whole game, is now that you are having sex with them, you have to be at your best sexual abilities at all times so they brag how “Good you’re fucking them”, and then either tell them: 1) Let’s have a threesome with one of your co-workers (They love to be referred to as this because it feels more professional and corporate like they are an HR Director for Google, and strippers love hooking up with other strippers, and years ago Arthur Kade hung with a stripper who brought home another “Co-Worker” who was married, and at first I was a bit scared to get killed, but then she said, “Don’t worry, my husband has done this with us too!”) or 2) Dump them, and move onto one of the hotter or sexier co-workers who has heard about how good you are, and want you next and ignore the other girl from that point forward and blame her by calling her “Psycho” and “Needy”.
6) Rinse and Repeat
Here are the pictures from the TITs Brand Shoot I guest judged and appeared at with Courtney Cumzz on Saturday, an inside look into what an Improvisation Class Exercise looks like (This one is so tough because every time the bell is rung, you have to go as far off topic as possible and still continue the flow of the skit) for anyone who is not a “Working Actor”, and last night was a reunion of our “Advanced Film Class” with Mike Lemon where we watched all of our final professional tapings, and when my scene in “Heist” was done, he said to me “That was a really great job”, and I got applause from the class. He also announced that he is doing an Advanced “Advanced” Class that will start in early Feb. that will actually be us making a movie together that will be submitted to film festivals (I will miss Mike when I move to KA next year. He really helped me become a top notch and respected “Film Actor”, and showed me how to get away from my theatrical background, and focus on “Less is More” and how to make acting “Conversational and Regular”.
“Sex isn’t about how good you are, it’s about how many girls will want to have it with you at the same time”…Arthur Kade…12/17/09

Why no women around you Sir Cunty? That's right, can't stand the smell.

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Return Of The Kadette

She's a Philly 4. His scale doesn't work. I hate him. Fucking stupidity and a disgusting video from Cock Gobbler, Arthur Kadyshes...

The amazing Arthur Kade, Actor/Author/Celebrity/Blogger/Model is nothing without his “Kade Style” support system of The Entourage and “La Famiglia”, and for any Nation Member who has been following “The Journey” since the beginning 9.446 months ago, will recognize this familiar face as one of “The Original Kadettes”, and since she has left, it just hasn’t been the same in Kadealot. She is here visiting and wanted to stop by and say hello to Kade Nation:
Today’s meals: 1) Steak and Scrambled Egg Whites with a Salad. 2) 5 Pretzels 3)Pure Protein Shake
“The Entourage isn’t a cliche’, it’s a lifestyle. Welcome to Kadealot”….Arthur Kade…12/16/09

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Dieting and 2 A Days / The Brandbary

Well, if you thought I was a sadist, you have now been proven CORRECT. Since we here at The Wig got a little lazy and didn't post his previous blog I am now posting them BOTH. The older post is the first one here. I DEFY any of you to make it through BOTH in one shot. Mwahahahahahahaha! Anyway. A guy who is 6'2" and wants to weigh 172.5 pounds? That is pretty fucking light for a guy that height. And if he's going to the gym and eating 200 grams of protein each day (within a 5,000 calorie a day diet) that just won't happen. Eating like that and working out COULD add muscle (it should, but I doubt he's working out properly) so he'd only get heavier. Shit, I lose weight when I stop lifting and put it on when lift. I also drop fat, so heavier is actually in better shape for me. It all just adds up to one thing... Arthur Kadyshes is a fucking moron and this stupid "diet" he's on will probably (HOPEFULLY!) kill him. So, here ya go a DOUBLE DOSE of fucking lies, and delusion from the Cock Gobbling moron himself, Arthur Kadyshes...

When Arthur Kade was a financial advisor, the thing that separated him from the Gen Pop others was that his talent and speaking level was higher, but the real key was the work ethic, drive, and raw determination that I showed in doing all the things that no other person would ever do. I have always compared my career there as well as my budding Hollywood and Pulitzer career to that scene in Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne climbs through the hole he spent 20 years digging (This is where he and I are similar because we are both smart enough to dig through a wall to escape, but it’s the next part I explain that makes The Brand a “International Growing Media Giant” that makes people like us champions, although I laughed when someone called me a “Real-Life Hank Moody” last night from Californication referring to how Arthur Kade is a “Rebel” and “Bad Boy” in “The Biz”) and then a 1/2 mile in a pipe filled with excrement and finally felt the feeling of freedom (When I started as an advisor, our old GVP drew a line with “Comfortable” on one end and “Uncomfortable” on another end, and he said in his thick Boston Accent, “The More you function on this end ((Pointing to The Uncomfortable side)), the more money you will make, and that has stuck with Arthur Kade for years). The Brand always imagines that moment of freedom will be tied to my first acceptance of Lil’ Oscar Ms. Emmy in front of either academies, but first Arthur Kade has to be willing to climb through the pipe of shit to make it there. There is a famous story in my old company of how I worked and called leads until 9PM on Thanksgiving Eve after everyone had left the office trying to schedule 3 more appointments so I could record 20 in a 3 day span, and come in for Monday Morning Review and brag about it in front of the 50 other advisors who went home, and this is what has always made Arthur Kade, “Arthur Kade”.
I have put on an extra 10 pounds from my target weight of 172.5 LBS., and while most Gen Poppers would kill for my incredible physique, I need to rip those 10LBs. off for NYE, and to head into “The Year Of The Brand” on the top of my physical game (I looked at my pics from my “Kade Style” domination in NYC this past weekend, and was wondering why the NYC 6 called me “Handsome” instead of “Gorgeous”, and I could see my face was not as lean and ripped as usual, and it was the first time I noticed the weight gain so I am limiting my diet to 5000 calories a day, no carbs except my one night of drinking, and 200 grams of Protein a day). Hollywood and KA are pretty much shut down on the production side until 2010 (This is Arthur Kade’s least favorite time of year because I have no “Off Switch”, and yet people feel like this is the time to decompress and spend time with their families, but it is in this time that the greatest artists at their craft like me, hunker down, and focus on activity and “Getting Back To Basics” and for me it is making my body look dynamic and ripped for 2010 as well as authoring my hit book with Trident Media Group, and my number 1 TV Show with IMG Media). I have been hitting 2 a days again since Monday (Once with my trainer, and once for ABS and flexibility at night, and have been dieting and haven’t had a drink since Sat. night and have already dropped 2.33 LBS.), and I am going to continue this because I want Arthur Kade to look fabulous on NYE and his roles in early January.
I have the improvisation class post coming later today, but I just wanted to give Kade Nation a quick update on where I was physically and Mentally heading into “The Year Of The Brand”. I had a dynamic interview last night with a newspaper in Nashville, TN called “The Nashville Scene”, where the interviewer was in pure awe of speaking to The Brand, and called me “A Cool Guy”, and I gave him updates on everything, so expect to see the article show up in 2010, but it’s great to know how popular “The Journey” is in The Midwest as well (Especially because he told me every celeb like myself has a house in Nashville, so it’s a great chance for some additional “A-Listers” to hop on The Kade Train).
“If learning to look good was the SAT’s, Arthur Kade would have been given early entrance into Harvard”….Arthur Kade….12/16/09

The Brandbary
What started out as an amazing and much needed night of practicing The Craft for several hours and staying in Chateau Kade to relax, recover from NYC, and prepare for my trainer at 9AM (I am learning a new monologue for an audition next week that is centered around a romantic comedy that I will be auditioning as the “Gay Best Friend” role. I was just telling my good friend last night, “I feel like I am finally consistently getting pricincipal auditions now, and “The Biz” understands now that featured background isn’t good enough for Arthur Kade and is trying to find me the perfect opportunity to star in something that will showcase my “Vince Vaughn meets Christian Bale style”, and I am not far off from my first starring role), morphed into an appearance at the calendar release party at Varga in Philly’s “Gayborhood”, where I came to meet and support several of the girls that Arthur Kade is friends with, and then one of them said (Shout out to “Ms. Day”), “Wanna come dancing with us?”, and I replied “Where?”, and she said, “I’m not telling you whcih usually means I may get assassinated or beat up , but being Arthur Kade, I am fearless and went in for the plunge (It’s funny how people think Arthur Kade is hated by so many of the Gen Pop, yet any event or socialite activity I show up at, I am adored and greeted like The President). Next thing The Brand knows, he is at The Barbary (Now renamed “The Brandbary” after it was Kadeified last night) the most popular bar for what she called “Dirty Hipsters” in No-Libs/Fishtown (For any Kade Nation members that don’t know, The Brand is the complete opposite of the “Hipster” crowd, but in most ways is respected and loved by them because they believe in his concepts of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of “”Kade-Style”", and the fact that many times I dress similar to them makes them accept me as one of their honorary members and follow and respect “The Journey”), and the rest of the night was pure unadulterated “Kade Style” Domination. At First, it was a tremendous clash of cultures and styles, but like Rocky in “Rocky IV” did in uniting The Russians and the Americans, Arthur Kade was able to bring to philosophies together to create a paparazzi atmosphere of love and heart felt fun.

Here are the highlights:
1) At Varga, all eyes were on Arthur Kade when he walked in, and the atmosphere was electric because the stares and whispers were palpable, but being the biggest name everywhere I go doesn’t affect me anymore (My Friends and The Entourage are still blown away because it makes them feel like they are watching some kind of movie being filmed right in front of them), but one of my friends came up to me and said, “This girl just said, “”Where is this Arthur guy? I am so sick of hearing about him”", and I joked back, “She better take some medicine because 2010, he will be all that you hear about”. “The Year Of The Brand” is fast approaching, and Arthur Kade is dieting, only drinking once a week, and doing 2 a days so that he can usher “The Modern Actor” into the new year looking pristine.
2) While hanging solo with 4 girls, at one end of the bar (It’s amazing to see the eyes of the Gen Pop as they realize how much of a Pimp-Like Phenomenon Arthur Kade is, and how he always leaves by himself with multiple hot girls), I spotted what appeared to be a Philly 9 on the other end of the bar (She looked like a “Librarian Hot” Brunette, and lately I have been hooking up with all Blondes ((The Last 6 girls have all been Blonde or a shade of it)), so I feel like it’s time to change it up and go darker), and told one of the girls, “Go get her number for me. Tell her you’re with Arthur Kade and it should be a lay-up”. I recruited 2 of the girls to go to the other side of the bar with one talking and one videoing, and the results are in the vid below (One of my all time best), and as the girls I tried to pick up came closer after I told my girls they would, I offered one of them my Filet Mignon Sliders to win her heart, but then we decided to leave to head to the Brandbary so I said hi and Kaded Out.
3) When we pulled up to The Brandbary, I told Ms. Day, “Are you crazy? I am going to get killed here!” and she replied “No one here knows who you are”, and when people started approaching me to take pictures and tell me they were fans, and then all the twittering started amongst the Hipster elite (Including DJ’s, Fans, and people from other cities like DC) that Arthur Kade was spotted there, she said, “I have to say, I am impressed”. Millions of people follow “The Journey”, did she really think that I don’t totally own the town I have put on the Hollywood map and have become it’s “Favorite Son”.
4) The DJ, John Redden, was absolutely amazing (I didn’t stop dancing all night and I didn’t even have a drink the whole night), so I came up to his booth because The Brand wanted to get in and party as he always does with the headlining DJ, “Over the Gen Pop”, and when I was introduced to him, I said “Do you know Who I am?”, and he replied , “Ummmm, Yes?”, and knowing that he wasn’t sure I said, “I’m Arthur Kade”, and he smiled and shook my hand immediately and said, “Oh yeah, nice to meet you”, and then The Brand Partied in the booth with him for 5 minutes, and the cameras were going off from every angle trying to capture the illustrious Arthur Kade killing it “Kade Style” in the DJ Booth at The Brandbary. This is a night for that bar that will go down as one of it’s most famous in history.
5) One Fan came up to me while I was dancing on the dance floor, and asked to take a pic with me, and I said, “On my Camera”, and I asked, “Are you a fan of “”The Journey”"?”, and he said “I have told people all over the country about you, and you are big in the U.K. (He meant U.Kade) and Australia”, and I smiled and we took a couple pics, and he started tweeting everyone that he had met Arthur Kade, and it must have made his decade to meet The Brand and touched his Royal Kadealot Skin.
6) When I went to the bathroom at The Brandbary, I was in the stall since I didn’t see any urinals and was pissing “FreeBall” while using both hands to tweet on my KadeBerry, and all of a sudden the stall was opened and some random girl was just staring at me peeing accidentally (She must have been so happy to see The Brand’s package in midair), so I smiled and all I could think about was that if she was a Philly 9 or higher, I might have asked her to stay and Kaded her right in the bathroom, or at the very least asked her to provide some Oral Sex.
7) Even though “The Biz” considers me to be “Elite”, “Above the Gen Pop”, and a “TV/Movie/Authoring star”, I have to say that it was great to get Arthur Kade into another element and see how the other side of the tracks worships The Brand and “The Journey”, and it was great to connect with a more genuine and real Gen Pop crowd, and the fact that they recognized and treated me like the celebrity and future Oscar Winner Arthur Kade is, put a warm spot in my heart for them, and I will consider doing some charity and social work in Fishtown in the future to support the “Hipster Cause”, and it truly felt like there was a cultural bonding taking place that could be modeled for other cultural reactions between races (Black and White), Religions (Muslim and Jewish), and even Nationalities (U.S and Mexico).
I already worked out with my trainer, ate a salad, then I have Sharon at 3 (I will be posting some amazing vids from my last Improv class today or tomorrow and it will be an insiders look into an acting class), and then am doing an interview for a Nashville Paper because “The Journey” has taken over there after that. Here are the “Balls Ass Hot Ass” Vids From Last Night:
“Some Fish were born to swim in Ponds. The Kadeacuuda was born to own the ocean”….Arthur Kade….12/15/09

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Arthur Kade Gets Animated (New Fan Vids And Headshot)

More fan mocking of Cock Gobbler that he chooses to ignore and refer to them as "fan videos." It's so blatant he either has to be the stupidest, most deluded person in the world or just trying to get a reality show based on being a douchebag. Then he posts an article about the building he was in when he was hired to be a douchebag this past Saturday night. His existence is so sad. And, AGAIN, he's caught in a lie. After claiming to be in the building where Heath Ledger and DJ AM both died (impossible, they died in different buildings) we find out that he wasn't in either of their buildings. Not that it matters at all, but it just lets you know you can't believe ANYTHING this lying cocksucker says. Really, is saying, "I'm in the building where so and so died." something to brag about? What kind of moron brags about shit like that? Fuck, my head is gonna explode. More lies, bullshit and delusion from Cock Gobbler himself, Arthur Kadyshes...

While applying for acting gigs on Actors Access and responding to press requests, I noticed these amazing new Fan Vids in my email. The Brand gets animated by a fan (I wonder if this was done by Cartoon Network Legend and Cali BFF/Superfan, Kent Osborne?), although lacking the “Kade Style” personality that has made me one of the biggest up and coming stars in “The Biz”, but Kade Nation is sooo obsessed with me that they take time out of their day to make Arthur Kade vids, plus a bonus vid from my stalker fan in the Mogul Room at G Lounge showing his overwhelming worship and commitment to The Brand, and everything Arthur Kade stands for. I am humbled, disturbed, flattered, and intrigued at the same time, but knowing that “The Journey” inspires millions is what being Arthur Kade is all about and when the Number 1 TV Show with IMG Media and the NY Times Bestselling Book With Trident Media Group come out, “It’s Over!!!”. I have also put up a new head shot The Brand is considering using in addition to the commercial shot I posted a week and a half ago. Tell me what you think? (Sometimes, I miss the beautiful long Dark Brown hair I had, it looks so “Italian Model in GQ” versus Arthur Kade’s more “Modern American “‘Kade Style”"” look right now for The Craft, and I would love a Kade Nation reaction if I should grow it back?)
Also, LET’S GET ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the Phils need me to talk with him or his agent and do some “Balls Ass Hot Ass Convincing”, then Call or Email ME!!!!!!!!
“Who wins in a fight between Batman, Superman, The Hulk, and Arthur Kade? The Brand’s money is on Arthur Kade. Welcome to Kadealot”….Arthur Kade…12/14/09

An Article on The Building The Brand was partying in on Saturday, “Kade Style” where many other celebs like him reside:
What does it take to become one of the most celebrated and expensive buildings in New York City?

High visibility? Prestigious address? Great views? Exclusive neighborhood? Architectural distinction?
A seven-story former manufacturing building, 30 Crosby was erected in the mid-19th Century and converted to 13 condominium apartments by Landmark Development in 2000. The red-brick building has nice green metal window exterior shutters and a entrance marquee that flares upward toward the street. Its elegant lobby has a chandelier.
The building has a 24-hour concierge, an aromatherapy system in the lobby, professional-caliber kitchens, sidewalk landscaping, eight 4,100-square-foot lofts, three maisonette duplexes with private gardens, and two penthouses.
An article by Sarah Bernard in the April 10, 2000 issue of New York Magazine noted that “in a building where duplex penthouses go for $7 million, tar paper is not an option” for roof decks. “Instead,” the article continued, “the deck’s sides will soon be covered with titanium–inspired by the Bilbao Guggenheim–and its floor tiled with San Cristobal marble.” “It’s hard to find that right shade of vanilla with the red veining,” Ms. Bernard quoted Landmark Development’s Edward Baquero, who is a partner with Stephen Touhey, “who personally traveled to the Dominican Republic in search of the perfect slab.”
The article maintained that 30 Crosby was then “the current winner in the signifier sweepstakes, adding that “In addition to the Bilbao borrowings, there are wood-burning fireplaces outside on the penthouses’ terraces, wide ‘rain’ showerheads, a ’smart garbage’ recycling system that automatically sorts paper and plastic, Bosch appliances, bamboo gardens in back, and a combined wine cellar and tasting room where residents can store at least 1,000 bottles of their favorite vintages or dine around a farmhouse table in front of yet another fireplace.”
The building also has a “retro-futuristic lobby” designed by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz and the article quoted Mr. Baquero as stating “Honestly, I think we’re a little nuts. But you exceed people’s expectations…and that’s how you win the game.”
The wine cellar is called Enoteca and was designed by Christine Hawley, the wife of Michael Aaron, the CEO of Sherry-Lehman, the famous Upper East Side liquor store. An April 16, 2001 article by Matthew DeBord in The Wine Spectator described the facility as the most impressive of the city’s new “cellars,” stating that it “evokes central Italy.” “The Enoteca achieves its cozy effect through precise detail. The basement has been revamped with false vaulting, iron gates, wood-inlaid flooring, cement rising sink, limestone fireplace, reference library and a tasting room that residents can reserve for personal use. Temperature-controlled storage options are tied to individual apartments and included with the purchase price. The maisonettes and most of the lofts get large cabinets, each of which holds 1,000 bottles, while the penthouses and one of the lofts receive spaces that can accommodate 3,500 bottles….A maisonette buyer indicated that the Enoteca was one of the property’s chief attractions, second only to its location.”

A January 8, 2001 article in The New York Observer by Deborah Schoeneman and Deborah Netburn carried a headline that asked “Is Courtney Love the Curse of 30 Crosby Street?” The article maintained that actress Liv Tyler, the daughter of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, “wants out before she even gets in,” adding that “Even before it opens its raw lofts in Soho, 30 Crosby Street has already had its 15 minutes of fame.”
The article noted that the actress had signed a contract to purchase to buy a $2.5 million apartment in the building in August, 2000, adding that the building was still not completed in January, 2001 “but it has been hyper-publicized to the point where buyers like Ms. Tyler are having second thoughts. Lenny Kravitz and Courtney love have also signed contracts….Mr. Kravitz bought a duplex penthouse for $8 million, and Ms. Love bought a $2.6 million loft….According to brokers, all the publicity has convinced Ms. Tyler that she, in fact, does not want to live at 30 Crosby Street….Maybe Ms. Tyler is getting out just in time. Although the apartments will not ready until the end of the month, the building has already been parodied by Ben Stiller as the ultimate celebrity address. After he read about the Loft in the tabloids—which reported that Claudia Schiffer, Rosie O’Donnell, Mike Piazza, Cindy Crawford and Denzel Washington had checked out apartments—Mr. Stiller decided to use the model apartment on the third floor in his next film, Zoolander, in which he plays an egocentric male model who is brainwashed into assassinating the president of Malaysia. The apartment in the film, 4B, is the only one of the 13 new apartments that isn’t spoken for….”
The building, not surprisingly, got more than 15 minutes of fame.
The December 23, 2002 issue of The New York Observer had an article by Blair Golson that Mr. Kravitz had bought a townhouse at 157 East 35th Street on the market for $1,485,000 and had sold it for $1,760,000 before buying his penthouse at 30 Crosby Street. The article reported that the 35th Street townhouse was now on the market for $8.5 million, and added that Mr. Kravitz’s penthouse was “last reported on the market in January for $16 million.” “In that apartment, Mr. Kravitz earned notoriety for a massive renovation by designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz that included suspended staircases, a communal shower in the second floor and a urinal in the master bathroom.”
In the April 26, 2004 edition of The New York Observer, Gabriel Sherman wrote an article that noted that the Kravitz apartment “landed an offer at close to the $13.95 million asking price,” noting that “In October, 2003, the four-time Grammy Award-winning musician slashed an additional $1 million off the asking price” and “according to sources, the bidder on the five-bedroom, eight-bathroom spread in the Loft, the illustrous building at 30 Crosby Street, is a finance executive who fell for the rock ‘n’ roll refuge.” The article maintained that Kravitz had transformed the penthouse into “a study in rock ‘n’ roll design,” adding that the apartment “features a gourmet stainless-steel and marble kitchen, ceilings reaching 30 feet, a billiard room, a media room, a glass-enclosed terrace with a hot tub and living room that features the apartment’s signature detail—an undulating wall that spits fire. A glass staircase leads to the upstairs master bedroom and the three guest bedrooms, while a second glass staircase accesses the roof deck and its built-in grill.”
“Over the years,” the article continued, “the home has reportedly been the downtown crash pad for Mr. Kravitz’s celebrity friends, including Denzel Washington and, most notably, Nicole Kidman. During Ms. Kidman’s sojourn in the sumptuous spread, a romance was sparked between the rocker and the lissome Aussie. The couple dated before repeatedly calling it quits this winter.”
“Raucous Courtney Love bought a fourth-floor loft in January 2001 for $2.6-million, and promptly sold the place for $3 million the following year,” it stated.
The New York Observer’s interest in the building continued unabated and on June 14, 2004 it reported that Nicole Kidman was renting a 4,000-square-foot loft in Soho on Crosby Street while deciding whether to move into her own $8 million loft at 176 Perry Street in the West Village, a building designed by architect Richard Meier. The article coyly maintained that the source declined to give the specific address of the building where the actress was renting a loft “but did confirm that her loft is not in the celebrity-addled 30 Crosby Street development, where the lissome Aussie rented Lenny Kravitz’s triplex in 2003.”

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Hurricane Kade Grips “The City”

Arthur Kadyshes is a fucking liar. I know, I know, you all know this already and I'm stating the obvious, but I just have to say it. First off, he lied about his "gay doctor" role for MONTHS and here we are, long past when he was supposed to film this role. He didn't film it, never will and now he's decided to lie about another role. Do I think he'll film his "warrior" role? No. Why do I feel like this? Well, number one, because he's a liar. Number two because he claims his ONE DAY of combat training has allowed him to land this role. You don't train for ONE DAY to do combat scenes. There's too much on the line, people can get hurt, severely. Unless a production company wants to deal with a lot of bullshit once someone is injured during the filming of a scene with an untrained actor, Arthur won't get within a mile of filming that scene. The exclusive "loft party" he attended? He wasn't invited, but rather just one of the hired hands. Here is the ad that appeared on Craigslist, but has now expired: On December 12th, I am hosting an exclusive holiday party with a "Naughty and Nice" theme; the party will be at my loft in Soho and is for an attractive, sophisticated, elegant group of about 100 friends...most of whom are in the"Nice" category. In addition to 1-2 bartenders and 5-7 waitresses, I also need light entertainment/role players, preferably centered around the "Naughty" part of the theme (i.e. Bad Santa, Bad Mrs. Claus, poorly-behaved elves, etc.). I am planning every detail well in advance as I want the night to be perfect. No expense will be spared, so expect the compensation to be very generous/excessive; however, I am looking for very attractive professionals only to complement what will be an amazing crowd. Pictures and references required. Hired to be a douchebag is basically why he was there. He doesn't comprehend that he'll never do anything other than hang with Teefs and The Gunt in shitty Philly clubs. Hey, Arthur, I've also been in multi-million dollar NYC lofts, but I was paid to be there, just like you, and I didn't talk about it like I was anything more than a guy hired to be there. Just like me, you'll never be back in that loft ever again, unless you are hired again, dick head. More stupidity and delusion from Arthur Kadyshes...

After finishing my combat training (I have secured the “Warrior Role” in the movie, and will be filming several days in Early January featuring me with a long sword, and perhaps spear fighting as well) and had an amazing audition for a principal role in a major motion picture where the casting director told me, “You did great!!” ( I only had 5 minutes to get ready for the cold read but I felt so comfortable with it, and it was Klassic Arthur Kade skill level), Arthur Kade was walking through the rain to head back to the 215, reflecting on how he had terrorized and dominated NYC in a “Category 6 “”Kade Style”" Hurricane”, and how instead of announcing the weather on the news, anchors should just let the city know every time The Brand is in town to prepare the city and it’s hottest girls that the Kadeiverse’s biggest future celeb and Oscar/Pulitzer winning actor/author is coming. From my morning appearance with Courtney Cumzz (I can’t even describe how much fun this was because there was a line the whole day to meet us, and there was a DJ playing the best Hip Hop so I danced in front of fans the whole time and gave them “The Kade Experience”) through to the ultra-exclusive 150 person party in one of the sickest lofts in “The City” where the high profile owner shut the list down to everyone including his friends and made it the hottest house party in NYC that everyone was talking about with amazing food, unlimited champagne, and great music and ambiance (This is the building in SoHo where DJ AM and Heath Ledger both overdosed, and current celeb residents include my man Lenny Kravitz and Courtney Love ((I was hoping to run into her because I have been told she is a fan of “The Journey” and wanted to wish her luck as she moves on from her life after Kurt Cobain)), this was a weekend to remember for NYC because “Kade Style” has never been a term used more appropriately. It came like a complete circle, where Arthur Kade did an appearance in the morning, dominated the NYC socialite scene at night, and then performed The Craft like the eternal champion that he is on Sunday as if he went to bed at 9PM like average actor Gen Poppers.
Courtney Cumzz couldn’t have been cooler and she is the definition of “Porn Hot” (Great Huge boobs, and sexy, I mean sexy lips, small waist, and of course an ass that goes for miles) because she just walks around almost naked without hesitation, never drops her smile because it seems like she doesn’t have a care in the world, and every guy looks at her, and all they can imagine is bending her over and giving her anal and doing the nastiest things possible to her because she radiates pure sex. We talked for a good bit in between fans coming up to both her and I, and I want to make her a new “KA BFF” when I am out there looking for my new place, and I can tell that she would be a great wingman to have bring me some KA 9’s and 10’s, and then teach them how to sexually adore The Brand, and why it would be great to videotape our sex.
Top Moments of the Weekend:
1) While sitting in the chair preparing for my guest judging apearance with Courtney at the Micheal K Store, I was approached by fans of The Brand who told me they had driven all the way from West Chester, NY to meet me, and that they were both HUGE fans of “The Journey”. Arthur Kade did a video with them, but accidently deleted it right after (Sorry Guys, I’m sure you wanted to brag to your current or future children you met Arthur Kade), but the husband did say I was more impressive in real life, and their eyes were about to pop out of their heads becuase they were so star struck. I do have our pic though, and it means alot when Kade Nation travels to meet the “King Of Kadealot”.

2) At the loft party, I started making out with a Philly 9.1 (Great body that her dress didn’t do any justice, and had a very sexual attitiude, and we started talking about sex, and I told her she just “Got It” because she didn’t believe in monogamy, felt marriage was a joke, felt that every girl should like other girls and love threesomes, and we talked about sexual positions I would put her and another girl in ( I told her I would love to bend her over while she went down on another hottie), but after the first time we made out, she said, “Can you try kissing a little slower”, and I just glared at her and said, “Are you serious?? I have never been critiqued on my kissing and I have done it thousands of times”. I then made out with her again, and of course after making the “Game Time” Adjustment, we were making out non-stop the rest of the night and the smile on her face when I said “Better?” was priceless because she could only envision what amazing sex with The Brand must be like (It was also priceless when one of The Entourage laid into me because we went at it in front of him and he was just so angry and offended). She was hot enough to be considered as a potential “Drought Breaker” but we got separated at the end of the night and it was a bit frustrating (See #3).
3) After I came back to my room, and went to bed at 3:30AM, I got a text from a friend who was forwarding it from another friend, that the girl I just mentioned wanted to “Kade” Arthur Kade, and at that point it was too much of a production, and I replied “I’ll knock it out another night”, because I wanted to be fresh for my HUGE audition and sword training, but when The Brand wakes up alone (It’s amazing that Arthur Kade can have any girl he wants, and yet he sometimes wakes up alone, and there have so many girls who I have slept in bed with and hooked with recently where they either see The Brand as a challenge, want to be a “Wifey”, want to be the one that “Hollywood’s Newest Bad Boy” takes seriously, get a free dinner, or I forget to bring condoms and am scared to knock a mini “Kadette” out, so it’s 10 months on the Drought Yesterday), he is cranky, and looking back I should have gotten her over and closed.
4) The Loft that the party was in was absolutely retarded because it was about 3000 Sq. Ft. and wide open, and the party was all socialites, models, and Arthur Kade leading the parade, and everyone kept commenting on the new Tits Brand shirt I was rocking with the Asian Geisha sucking a lollipop. Now that I have ushered out the fashion trend of Shirts with slogans and fedoras, I am now ushering in the age of Naked girl shirts with knit caps, and Arthur Kade will make this the hot look for early 2010, and I can’t wait to see how many of my counterparts in Hollywood rock it for the Winter season.
5) The Gen Pop girls who tried to talk to me near the bathroom by approaching and saying, “You face is too handsome to be covered by that hat”, and I just laughed and blew them off thinking, “Do you realize you are an NYC 6 and a 5, and you are trying to talk to Arthur Kade? Please go back to the other side of the room and approach men you may have a chance with or I will ask you to be removed”, and once I got in the bathroom and took a piss laughing that they really thought I would ever acknowledge their existence.
6) The cab driver who drove me home and said, “You are somebody famous?” and I said “Just know the name “”Arthur Kade”" because it is about to be the biggest name in the world. Do you watch movies?”, and he replied, “I no go to movies”, and I said, “Well you’re in the cab with a movie star, and I am creating a TV Show, and a book”, and then I tipped him $10 so that one day when his Pakistani kids (He told me he was from the capital of the country) are in college and are talking about The Brand, he can smile and know he was touched by Arthur Kade.
7) Meeting “The Hot Tub Guy” (It was a guy in a Ritz Carlton Robe and sunglasses who came into the elevator from the other 400 person party on the third floor that we stopped in as well) as we were going down from our party, and all he would say was “Hot Tub” over and over again, so I did a video with him because I thought it was the coolest thing, and said everything that is good about NYC and Arthur Kade.
8) The text I received from Kade nation fan in the 281 on Saturday night that said, “Your blog is unspeakably brilliant:, to which I replied, “Who Dis?”, to which they responded, “A new fan.  Keep killing it “”Kade Style”"”.
9) It’s amazing how little you think about Philly when you’re away, but when I crossed the Ben Franklin coming back, I thought to myself, “Even though KA will be the home of The Brand soon, Philly will somehow always be home” Arthur Kade will be a symbol for this city in the same vain of Rocky, and it warms my heart that Gen Poppers for centuries will mutter my name and associate The Brand with putting this city on the Hollywood map”.
“Gen Poppers live to climb mountains, cross rivers, build skyscrapers, make millions, while Arthur Kade lives to reach the moon without a spaceship”…Arthur Kade…12/14/09

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