Arthur Kadyshes does his usual douchebag schtick.... zzzzzzz

Cunt. Fucking cunt. Arthur, we all hate you. Please kill yourself. Stupidity from Cock Gobbler, Arthur Kadyshes...

Arthur Kade is wishing “Holly” an amazing birthday!!!! The Brand Loves Kade Nation and the followers of “The Journey”!!!! Holly, You better “Kade” the hell out of your man tonight!!!!!!
“Mr. Kade -
I’ve been a huge fan of the Journey for over 6 months now. I check your blog everyday - its the greatest thing on the internet - and I’m looking forward to the Year of the Kade in 2010.
I have a huge favor to ask you - could you give my girlfriend a birthday shout-out on Friday (the 18th)? To be honest she thought you were kind of a knucklehead at first, but she has totally come around. We’re going out for some Kade-Style Domination on Friday night, and I’d love to start it off by surprising her with a shout from His Kadeness! Her name is Holly, and she’s a solid NYC 9.5.
PS We live just a few blocks from the Michael K store on Broadway, and were planning to come by and say hello this weekend, but you bounced too early. Next time!
I really appreciate it my man! Kade Out!”

and another amazing email from a New Fan!!! (The only thing he has wrong is it’s not “Thousands in Support”, but actually “Millions”).
Hey Arthur,
Was just referred to your site by a friend, I hear your famous for copping a hell of a lot of flak.
Just browsing the Kade scale, and a few other posts made that pretty clear to me.
All I can say is,…well, there are thousands of us world-wide,in support,….. every line of your BIO rings true for me personally.
I’ve lived most of my life, as another emasculated sheep of society, a hater, lack of integrity to myself, and lacking a true core sense of purpose and direction in life.
That’s changing as I speak.
You know your on the right path, when just as many people hate on, as they do love you.
How does it feel to have thousands of mindless idiots, reacting to your identity, and falling headfirst into your sense of reality.
I don’t usually hate on haters, that would be pointless, and would distract me from my own purpose.
However, from what I can see in most of the comments, I can see nothing but men that have left their balls in their girlfriend/wife/mothers handbags. And women, that funnily enough, despise a man that has the very qualities that nature has made them want to get on their hands and knees for.
Best of luck for the future man, your an inspiration.
I’ll be following closely.
“Being a god to the Gen Pop is not a job, it’s a joy”….Arthur Kade…12/18/09

You should really try doing that. I would imagine if you did there will be PLENTY of fists connecting with your ugly beak. It would make me laugh. Dickhead.
**This is a link to what Cock Gobbler is referring to in the video**

TEEFS!!!! Where's your teefs?



    "Keith" is so obviously Kade it is hilarious. What's the matter, Kade...the letter "K" is just stuck in your head and that's the best fake name you could come up with? BAHAHAHAHA. A new low. Jesus christ.

    Also Kade - it's "you're" and not "your" the possessive. Yet another tipoff it was you. Even in trying to be tricky you fuck it all up. BAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. All my senses felt violated by this video. My ears listening to you "sing" and my eyes looking at your rapey eyes, my nose could smell your stink.



  3. @Matt....

    Totally him. What a twat. And what is this 'you better Kade the hell out of your man tonight' shit? If she does, she will hopefully be single in the morning cuz there will be no birthday sex, dirty laundry all over the place and seafood salad coming out of her bunghole when she sneezes.

    Man, I am REALLY starting to loathe this asshat. This dirty, knitted asshat with a visor even!

  4. ZKWDY here...

    Oh, anal... you've now taken to making up sock puppets to praise yourself, how very very sad and awful for you.

    Amazing how these purportedly "real people" happen to use the same infantile, axe infused filthadelphia colloquialisms that you use, chimp.

    And it is also amazing that these two complete strangers have the same problems with possessives/plurals, over use of commas, bizarre nonsensical run-on sentences, and so forth.

    Anal you pathetic missing link- even your sockpuppets suck ass, and your video is shockingly idiotic, as you film while laying on a pile of dirty greasy clothes.

    You bone smoking, slobbering, scarfaced circus geek. Die.

  5. Well, at least his imaginary alter egos are getting imaginarily laid by their imaginary girlfriends.

  6. Didn't you guys know that whenever anything is in bold face it has to be from someone else? Going to dinner with the in-laws so I am going to get all profanity out on Arturd. Arthur you are a donkey-raping, dick-fuck, fuck face. Now lick my balls.

    Thank you South Park

  7. Oh and click my name for an awesome Holiday sign screw-up (an awesome local blog too)

  8. Damn, JBone, I didn't realize you were one of them Massholes! Well, we may disagree on who we root for in baseball, but at least we share a common bond over hating Cock Gobbler.

  9. This is a GREAT fucking Tweet by Ass Hammer:

    "Can't make filming 2nite. U wish I had more heads up and it is not paid so have 2 make exec choice and skip plus no dialogue"

    Man, with roles like that I'm surprised he hasn't already won an Oscar.

  10. Is anyone else just dumbfounded by his immaturity? This is a 32 fucking year old man!!!!! Making up fake fan email, insisting that millions of people are his fans, meanwhile his blog comments rarely exceed 75, his Twitter friends list is dwindling, and we all know his Alexa data shows a site declining in popularity.

    A 32 year old man, fired from his job, pretending to be awesome but not realizing he is the epitome of repulsiveness.

  11. @Doc...

    I would love to be there when all that you just said smacks him in the face and he realizes he's fucked. I'd actually die from laughing, I imagine.

  12. Over at the site, they're organizing a weekend boycott on posting to give Kade a cold slap of reality.

  13. Zombie here-

    I'm in on that boycott, believe I'm with the Loo and will stay outta there for a couple weeks.

    Ta ta, arthur you tard. Can you get the FAN to write something interesting while I'm gone?

  14. I hate to say it, because I enjoy bashing this fucking retard so much, but I think I'm done with him altogether come 2010. Year of the Kade... yeah, right Cock Gobbler.

  15. The Loo=Chard+Cold medsDecember 19, 2009 at 12:26 AM

    I felt that one coming, MC... Seriously, I have been asking myself why I even bother lately and it's all because of the banter I've been able to experience with 'likeminded' folk. This P.O.S ROYALE is going to be just what you said... a fart in the wind. My cohorts and I live in a city chock-full of "bags" of all sorts and cold spend our collective lives "bagging" on his ilk, realtime. HOWEVER... we are the done with this. It's tired, old and out of date. Gen pop, schmen pop. We all are what he yearns and jacks off to be. Sucessful, attractive, happy, well-fucked and Kade free-range chickens living the American dream. His ex, Danielle is the biggest winner in this story... we are the collective swag bag holders of anti-Kade goodness. I will embrace my newest hero "Justin" of shitmydadsays fame... that kid is one to watch and I will camp out like a Trekky to buy that book for Father's Day. In the immortal words of Frauline Maria... you know the rest.
    Thank you for popping my blob-cherry. My hubby will thank you. I have three more days until Baby Jesus' bday to send him off proper. Keep on keepin on, y'all... Katers rule, Kade drools... Free at last, thank GOD almighty... I'm free at last.

    Blessings and light.

    Looooooo OUT!

  16. We get Current TV here in England and |I've just seen a piece on 'Justin Tv', some bloke who films what he does 24 hours a day. He calls it 'life casts'. Anyway, the way he was talking reminded me of Arthur, he was definitely displaying the 'Billy Big Bollocks' syndrome.
    Famous on the internet -what does it mean? Fuck all

  17. Any posts or hits on his sites contribute to his infamy. Please refrain from giving him ANY kind of validation!!

    I NEVER visit KAIDS site anymore for that very reason. I am waiting for him to crash and burn, but will observe from Lego Wig.

  18. 5 Axis Diagnosis

    Axis I:
    305.00 Alcohol Abuse R/O Dependence
    305.60 Cocaine Abuse R/O Dependence
    297.1 Delusional Disorder, Grandiose Type
    314.01 R/O Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type
    301.13 R/O Cyclothymic Disorder
    291.89 R/O Alcohol Induced Mood Disorder
    292.84 R/O Cocaine Induced Mood Disorder

    Axis II:
    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    Axis III:
    250.00 Diabetes mellitus, type II/non-insulin dependent
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    Axis IV:
    Individual is homeless, staying in temporary housing.
    Individual is unemployed.
    Individual has a poor social support system.
    Individual sleeps in a pile of dirty laundry because he has no furniture.

    Axis V:
    GAF = 25: Impairment in reality testing or communication. Behavior is considerably influenced by delusions or hallucinations OR serious impairment in communications or judgment OR inability to function in all areas.

  19. Is it just me or is he still laying on dirty laundry and calling it a bed?

  20. Well, I'm going out on a limb here but I suspect that the 'fan' birthday video was made shortly after Arthur had introduced a narcotic into his blood and nervous system - probably by snorting it. He really is a silly boy to get involved in all that sort of thing - by buying it he contributes to funding a lavish lifestyle for those dealers who really are putrid scum and secondly he is exacerbating his cuntosity, possibly - though maybe his mastery of cuntery is such that it is beyond influence - it is cunty perfection

  21. I don't know what this has to do with anything but I have noticed twice in police type drama's lately (ie: Law and Order) the term "gen pop" being used, the only other time besides by shit face. It means the general prison population. "A pervert like you won't last long when we throw you in with the gen pop." or "We had to take him out of gen pop and put him in solitary after the shower incident". Hummm.

  22. @Radda
    Holy shit I knew I had heard that somewhere

  23. they used "gen pop" on the HBO series OZ all the time

    it's a law enforcement term generally . . .

  24. Kade didn't invent the term "gen pop" anymore than he invented ugliness. He's just perfected ugliness.

  25. Was Mike L. formally a school janitor?

  26. Zombie here-

    So that's just perfect- minces with tiny penis (his Indian name) has stolen his two catch phrases- "gen pop" is a heist from Oz, and "kade out" is a zitty teenaged boy's rip off of Ryan Seacrest from oh, 5 or 6 years ago. Given that this asshelmet hasn't done a single original thing in 10 months, this really isn't too surprising. More tiresomely, predictably, typically lame ass shit from Lispy McSlobberfuck ...ho feckin' hum.

    You are such a schwanz gargling ape, Arthur- the lameness you've been bringing for the last 9 plus months is now to the point where it's not enough to make me angry, it's just low level annoying like a neighbor's dog barking.

    Your game is tired and broke, loser. You've played the three tricks you have over and over for coming up on 10 months, and we're all bored with you.

    You need to get shipped off to the Island of misfit toys- perhaps you can be the Ramadan Dredl.

    You're boring, anal. Do us all a favor, and have the FAN guest blog.

    Zombie, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  27. The "Ramadan Dredl" had me laughing out loud for real. Thanks Zombie!