Hurricane Kade Grips “The City”

Arthur Kadyshes is a fucking liar. I know, I know, you all know this already and I'm stating the obvious, but I just have to say it. First off, he lied about his "gay doctor" role for MONTHS and here we are, long past when he was supposed to film this role. He didn't film it, never will and now he's decided to lie about another role. Do I think he'll film his "warrior" role? No. Why do I feel like this? Well, number one, because he's a liar. Number two because he claims his ONE DAY of combat training has allowed him to land this role. You don't train for ONE DAY to do combat scenes. There's too much on the line, people can get hurt, severely. Unless a production company wants to deal with a lot of bullshit once someone is injured during the filming of a scene with an untrained actor, Arthur won't get within a mile of filming that scene. The exclusive "loft party" he attended? He wasn't invited, but rather just one of the hired hands. Here is the ad that appeared on Craigslist, but has now expired: On December 12th, I am hosting an exclusive holiday party with a "Naughty and Nice" theme; the party will be at my loft in Soho and is for an attractive, sophisticated, elegant group of about 100 friends...most of whom are in the"Nice" category. In addition to 1-2 bartenders and 5-7 waitresses, I also need light entertainment/role players, preferably centered around the "Naughty" part of the theme (i.e. Bad Santa, Bad Mrs. Claus, poorly-behaved elves, etc.). I am planning every detail well in advance as I want the night to be perfect. No expense will be spared, so expect the compensation to be very generous/excessive; however, I am looking for very attractive professionals only to complement what will be an amazing crowd. Pictures and references required. Hired to be a douchebag is basically why he was there. He doesn't comprehend that he'll never do anything other than hang with Teefs and The Gunt in shitty Philly clubs. Hey, Arthur, I've also been in multi-million dollar NYC lofts, but I was paid to be there, just like you, and I didn't talk about it like I was anything more than a guy hired to be there. Just like me, you'll never be back in that loft ever again, unless you are hired again, dick head. More stupidity and delusion from Arthur Kadyshes...

After finishing my combat training (I have secured the “Warrior Role” in the movie, and will be filming several days in Early January featuring me with a long sword, and perhaps spear fighting as well) and had an amazing audition for a principal role in a major motion picture where the casting director told me, “You did great!!” ( I only had 5 minutes to get ready for the cold read but I felt so comfortable with it, and it was Klassic Arthur Kade skill level), Arthur Kade was walking through the rain to head back to the 215, reflecting on how he had terrorized and dominated NYC in a “Category 6 “”Kade Style”" Hurricane”, and how instead of announcing the weather on the news, anchors should just let the city know every time The Brand is in town to prepare the city and it’s hottest girls that the Kadeiverse’s biggest future celeb and Oscar/Pulitzer winning actor/author is coming. From my morning appearance with Courtney Cumzz (I can’t even describe how much fun this was because there was a line the whole day to meet us, and there was a DJ playing the best Hip Hop so I danced in front of fans the whole time and gave them “The Kade Experience”) through to the ultra-exclusive 150 person party in one of the sickest lofts in “The City” where the high profile owner shut the list down to everyone including his friends and made it the hottest house party in NYC that everyone was talking about with amazing food, unlimited champagne, and great music and ambiance (This is the building in SoHo where DJ AM and Heath Ledger both overdosed, and current celeb residents include my man Lenny Kravitz and Courtney Love ((I was hoping to run into her because I have been told she is a fan of “The Journey” and wanted to wish her luck as she moves on from her life after Kurt Cobain)), this was a weekend to remember for NYC because “Kade Style” has never been a term used more appropriately. It came like a complete circle, where Arthur Kade did an appearance in the morning, dominated the NYC socialite scene at night, and then performed The Craft like the eternal champion that he is on Sunday as if he went to bed at 9PM like average actor Gen Poppers.
Courtney Cumzz couldn’t have been cooler and she is the definition of “Porn Hot” (Great Huge boobs, and sexy, I mean sexy lips, small waist, and of course an ass that goes for miles) because she just walks around almost naked without hesitation, never drops her smile because it seems like she doesn’t have a care in the world, and every guy looks at her, and all they can imagine is bending her over and giving her anal and doing the nastiest things possible to her because she radiates pure sex. We talked for a good bit in between fans coming up to both her and I, and I want to make her a new “KA BFF” when I am out there looking for my new place, and I can tell that she would be a great wingman to have bring me some KA 9’s and 10’s, and then teach them how to sexually adore The Brand, and why it would be great to videotape our sex.
Top Moments of the Weekend:
1) While sitting in the chair preparing for my guest judging apearance with Courtney at the Micheal K Store, I was approached by fans of The Brand who told me they had driven all the way from West Chester, NY to meet me, and that they were both HUGE fans of “The Journey”. Arthur Kade did a video with them, but accidently deleted it right after (Sorry Guys, I’m sure you wanted to brag to your current or future children you met Arthur Kade), but the husband did say I was more impressive in real life, and their eyes were about to pop out of their heads becuase they were so star struck. I do have our pic though, and it means alot when Kade Nation travels to meet the “King Of Kadealot”.

2) At the loft party, I started making out with a Philly 9.1 (Great body that her dress didn’t do any justice, and had a very sexual attitiude, and we started talking about sex, and I told her she just “Got It” because she didn’t believe in monogamy, felt marriage was a joke, felt that every girl should like other girls and love threesomes, and we talked about sexual positions I would put her and another girl in ( I told her I would love to bend her over while she went down on another hottie), but after the first time we made out, she said, “Can you try kissing a little slower”, and I just glared at her and said, “Are you serious?? I have never been critiqued on my kissing and I have done it thousands of times”. I then made out with her again, and of course after making the “Game Time” Adjustment, we were making out non-stop the rest of the night and the smile on her face when I said “Better?” was priceless because she could only envision what amazing sex with The Brand must be like (It was also priceless when one of The Entourage laid into me because we went at it in front of him and he was just so angry and offended). She was hot enough to be considered as a potential “Drought Breaker” but we got separated at the end of the night and it was a bit frustrating (See #3).
3) After I came back to my room, and went to bed at 3:30AM, I got a text from a friend who was forwarding it from another friend, that the girl I just mentioned wanted to “Kade” Arthur Kade, and at that point it was too much of a production, and I replied “I’ll knock it out another night”, because I wanted to be fresh for my HUGE audition and sword training, but when The Brand wakes up alone (It’s amazing that Arthur Kade can have any girl he wants, and yet he sometimes wakes up alone, and there have so many girls who I have slept in bed with and hooked with recently where they either see The Brand as a challenge, want to be a “Wifey”, want to be the one that “Hollywood’s Newest Bad Boy” takes seriously, get a free dinner, or I forget to bring condoms and am scared to knock a mini “Kadette” out, so it’s 10 months on the Drought Yesterday), he is cranky, and looking back I should have gotten her over and closed.
4) The Loft that the party was in was absolutely retarded because it was about 3000 Sq. Ft. and wide open, and the party was all socialites, models, and Arthur Kade leading the parade, and everyone kept commenting on the new Tits Brand shirt I was rocking with the Asian Geisha sucking a lollipop. Now that I have ushered out the fashion trend of Shirts with slogans and fedoras, I am now ushering in the age of Naked girl shirts with knit caps, and Arthur Kade will make this the hot look for early 2010, and I can’t wait to see how many of my counterparts in Hollywood rock it for the Winter season.
5) The Gen Pop girls who tried to talk to me near the bathroom by approaching and saying, “You face is too handsome to be covered by that hat”, and I just laughed and blew them off thinking, “Do you realize you are an NYC 6 and a 5, and you are trying to talk to Arthur Kade? Please go back to the other side of the room and approach men you may have a chance with or I will ask you to be removed”, and once I got in the bathroom and took a piss laughing that they really thought I would ever acknowledge their existence.
6) The cab driver who drove me home and said, “You are somebody famous?” and I said “Just know the name “”Arthur Kade”" because it is about to be the biggest name in the world. Do you watch movies?”, and he replied, “I no go to movies”, and I said, “Well you’re in the cab with a movie star, and I am creating a TV Show, and a book”, and then I tipped him $10 so that one day when his Pakistani kids (He told me he was from the capital of the country) are in college and are talking about The Brand, he can smile and know he was touched by Arthur Kade.
7) Meeting “The Hot Tub Guy” (It was a guy in a Ritz Carlton Robe and sunglasses who came into the elevator from the other 400 person party on the third floor that we stopped in as well) as we were going down from our party, and all he would say was “Hot Tub” over and over again, so I did a video with him because I thought it was the coolest thing, and said everything that is good about NYC and Arthur Kade.
8) The text I received from Kade nation fan in the 281 on Saturday night that said, “Your blog is unspeakably brilliant:, to which I replied, “Who Dis?”, to which they responded, “A new fan.  Keep killing it “”Kade Style”"”.
9) It’s amazing how little you think about Philly when you’re away, but when I crossed the Ben Franklin coming back, I thought to myself, “Even though KA will be the home of The Brand soon, Philly will somehow always be home” Arthur Kade will be a symbol for this city in the same vain of Rocky, and it warms my heart that Gen Poppers for centuries will mutter my name and associate The Brand with putting this city on the Hollywood map”.
“Gen Poppers live to climb mountains, cross rivers, build skyscrapers, make millions, while Arthur Kade lives to reach the moon without a spaceship”…Arthur Kade…12/14/09


  1. The Brand with putting this city on the Hollywood map”.


  2. OOoh dear, he really has no class and no idea - yes, that porn girl was attractive and possibly just lives her whole/hole life to be filmed with penises in every orifice - far play to her if it gets her money....better than toiling for a living - but if I'd been there I would have told her to cover herself up and stop being so fucking lewd. I mean, imagine taking her home for tea with your folks....she'd meet your dad and start doing the 'look I'm wanking you off' thing she did with Arthur - I don't think that would be received too well by my mum......but my dad probably wouldn't complain

  3. Courtney Love moving on in her life after Kurt Cobain. Doensn't this deluded fucknut realize that Cobain has been dead for 15 YEARS?? I think she probably moved on about 14 years ago, you ignorant, deluded, self-absorbed, lying, slobbering, fucktard.

  4. I can buy Artie as a poorly behaved elf. He acts like that every day.

    I wish Courtney Love had been there. She would've kicked his useless ass.

  5. Me: Today? I'd like to, but I can't. Yeah... No... I have to burn all my knit caps out on my patio right away.

  6. Another lie? I didn't do the research before I posted, but Heath Ledger died in a place on Broome St. DJ AM at a place on Lafayette. So, it's impossible that Cock Gobbler was the building where they BOTH died.

  7. Bathrooms and eggs benedict for brunch. Seems pretty gay to me.

    And random chicks are probably willing to show their faces in pictures with Artshitz because (like most) they don't know who he is and they assume (perhaps rightly) that he's gay.

  8. For fuck's sake, I am so sick of this cunt now.

    The only enjoyable thing about his latest nonsense is that 10s into the loft party video, he really looks like he's about to burst into tears.

  9. @anon 8:34

    You can tell he is not having any fun. My guess is no one wanted anything to do with the creepy guy wandering around talking to himself.

  10. Watching that video of him at the event, it is clear what was going on. There was a giant line of lonely guys (including some elderly men) waiting to see Courtney Cumzz, and absolutely no one wanting to talk to or interact with Arthur whatsoever. Completely predictable.

  11. if you look at the Tits shirt blog( http://titsbrand.blogspot.com/ ) you can see that the "throne" Arthur attached himself to was simply a photo prop. look at it, there's all sorts of loser dudes who are posing on it

    Arthur is fucking pathetic

  12. Drunken Housewife, you don't know that no one was there to see Arthur. We went to the appearance just to see him because we like reading his blog and all of the comments. We couldn't have cared less about the porn star.

  13. Well, Anonymous of 11:13, you are a very, uh, special person. Unique.

  14. Good for we. Now go fuck yourself.

  15. love the reporting of the facts!! i hate that douchebag... i hope he dies soon

  16. ...'We went to see Arthur because we like his blog.....' you fucking retarded cunt. He writes like an infant, is a liar.....and for fuck sake how dare you contribute to this cunt's cuntness - and I bet you didn't even mock the cunt while you were there with your tongue wedged firmly up his rancid guido arsehole.
    Were you the ginger tall cunt with the nice looking young lady? She's out of your league chum - don't get too settled. When she fully takes on board that mating with you means ginger kids you'll soon have Arthur all to yourself. Arthur and his ginger mate - infact, Arthur is about as popular as a ginger stepkid,
    Mind you, I your judgement concerning the dirty porn girl is fare enough. I reckon her cunt and arse must reek of spunk, absolutely reek of it.

  17. “(It was also priceless when one of The Entourage laid into me because we went at it in front of him and he was just so angry and offended)”

    And why was ‘he’ so angry and offended? Because he thought you and he were exclusive. Sounds like it ended all right, with you and he together, and her conveniently missing. Must have been awful for you having to kiss a girl just to make him jealous? Is that why you always pretend you like girls, to make him squirm?

    At least you’ve ‘comeb’ out; closets are for clothes. Well, good luck with ‘that’, and remember…its OK to be gay. It will probably give you a better chance in hollywoody. Keep it lubrikaded!!!

  18. Anyone know what the video was about that was removed from Youtube? Curious...

    See the fan vid that guy made on Arthur's site yet? Damn hilarious. The guy is making fun of him the whole time....and Kade still posts it.

    Link is in my name since you can't post links here...

  19. I'm really starting to get bored of Kade....it's the same old shit over and over. I used to check this out daily to get a laugh out of it...watch his vids, check the twitter here and there....I've found myself being way behind on things lately. It's just starting to lose its luster. Its barely funny anymore ya know? I'm waiting for the day to come where he breaks...and realizes he's just a loser that is going nowhere but I feel like that's never going to come.

    Or the day where we actually get some REAL news about this TV show, because I definitely AM curious.

    Or this Best Seller book actually gets some solid information.

    Its just ALL bullshit and it's getting old.

    Something need to happen, Kade. It's not even as fun to laugh at you anymore....you know you're REALLY blowing it when "Kade Nation" can't even put the energy into laughing at your bullshit lies

  20. so ... i posted on the last post that he made a big deal that he had fans "come all the way" from west chester and he's probably unaware that it's a county in ny ....

    proof he reads the comments on lego? today's post includes that the fans came "all the way from west chester, NY"

    now, kade... stop calling ny your 2nd home... this is my 1st home AND ONLY HOME.... first of all westchester is a fucking county in new york, and it's one word ... unlike the white trash west chester around philadelphia that you are confusing it with....

    second of all, it's not all the way. it's literally ABOVE THE CITY. depending on where you are going, it's typically a 20-30 min ride out of grand central

    finally, when i look out my window, i see the ge building. i eat at great little places for brunch where the owners know my name and bring my dogs water, i meet friends for wine at unheard of spots where we laugh and enjoy our lives and i have never told a cab driver i am famous, i do what new yorkers do: i get in the cab, check my email on my blackberry (it's a blackberry, not a kadeberry, or a russianjewberry or whatever you call it) and if his cab is clean and he is polite, i tip him generously -- THEN I DON'T BRAG ABOUT IT .... when you come here, you take the greyhound ... ALONE, you eat at tourist traps like pastis, you hit clubs that are only frequented by bridge and tunnel and then you go back to your home ... in camden.

    stop claiming any type of connection to MY city. we would never have you.

  21. i agree with everything else you said, but West Chester, PA is actually a really NICE area. college town. big houses. horse farms (smarty jones was raised there, kentucky derby winner).

    anyway, we can all agree to hate Kade!!

  22. i went to penn ... so i am familiar with jake's and bam margera and everything arising out of west chester. although i will concur that there is nice areas there.... but there is also a huge white trash population... and a lot of my college friends were from the west chester... at one point i actually waited tables there and interned at the court house in west chester, while in law school, now while there is nice areas.... there is also a college/bar scene that has run the area down and a huge segment of alcoholic adults (noncollege age) that live in the area

  23. You're talking about the college kids, not the town of West Chester as a whole. It's the county seat of PA's largest county, it's an old city with a lot of classic architecture, old estates, and some old money. Other than parts of Bucks County, there really is not a nicer part of PA. "White trash" is more like Lower Bucks County/NE Philly, which is (not surprisingly) where Arthur Kade is from.

    On the other hand, Jim Furyk and Cole Hamels and a bunch of other athletes live in WC (outskirts, obviously). It's a nice place. Don't let the one strip (High Street) and a bunch of college kids fool you.

    LOL @ drawing some huge distinction between WC, PA and WC, NY... yes, the spelling was pathetic on Kade's part... but neither is full of white trash... WCNY has guidos in parts and WCPA has some college kids. Both are nice places!

  24. lol ok, ok! ... ill take a few steps back. i knew that would elicit a negative response from a (mostly) pa-based site.... you are correct, that i don't know it from high street and the court house (both of which is where i witnessed the wide collection of town drunks). again, i have tons of friends from there that come from great families, as well as friends from bucks county as well ....

    and yes, if you go to yonkers you will get the suny-college crowd, guidos.

    anyway, my main point was that he obviously noticed the comment on this board regarding his excitement that they came "all the way from west chester!!!!" while, sadly, they were more likely just in soho doing christmas shopping on a saturday afternoon in the city, as most westchester people (my family included) do.

    he still is unaware about anything regarding this city. he truly thinks he goes to "hot spots." but then again, he went to the hamptons and stayed in a hotel. wtf. his representation that he knows ANYTHING about this area ... revolts me. completely.

    he would never be able to afford the rent here, because let's be honest, he can't afford the rent in philadelphia. i highly doubt he could even afford the rent in a borough. and i am not saying that in a condescending way, i truly mean that.

    so i apologize for the prior comment referring to west chester as "white trash." that was mean. but i will say, living in philadelphia and new york, i think there is a huge distinction b/t chester county and westchester county. and i don't think it's monetarily-based or anything of that nature. but if someone came up to me in a store and said "hi i came here from west chester (adding or subtracting a space in between those two words)." i will absolutely guarantee you i can tell if they are referring to pa or ny. primarily by dialect, but also other factors which are particularized to the individual areas. and for those complete idiots (arthur kade, i'm looking at you) who are unable to recognize those things: THE FACT THAT YOU ARE IN NEW YORK, IS PROBABLY A HUGE GIVE AWAY.

    anyway, i'm done. again, i apologize if i insulted you. i just have been insulted all weekend that he would have enough gall to set foot in this city (again), by way of a greyhound, nonetheless.

  25. Those two 'Fan' videos are awesome...especially the second one (the 'Kade out' at the end was PERFECT)! That character has the same dull monotone voice as Mr. UnLaid, so it's a perfect match.

  26. 'The Fan' video....fucking hilarious....yes he's taking the piss but Arthur will accept anything. Why oh why isn't Arthur cool when these things happen (rarely and almost always ironic) he has to be the Billy Big Bollocks doesn't he. He just can't help himself. Come on Arthur, stop being such a pouting cock and let's see some personality - you're basically coming across just like your bragging writing - not a good thing Arthur. Any girl who puts up with you for longer than 5 minutes must be so fucking dense she doesn't notice the cuntery. Christ - it's never ending, take a fucking day off

  27. My wife and I are the people in the picture. I can confirm that we are from Westchester county in NY. We did actually go into the city specifically to see Arthur, however we of course spent time hanging out, shopping, eating lunch, etc. We read his blog every day and couldn't pass up the opportunity to go see him.

  28. I feel sorry for you. You should have spent time visiting your kids or a soup kitchen or some poor old fuck in a nursing home. Going to see Arthur? You need to have your head examined.

  29. Anon 7.44 AM... Are you retarded? I bet you didn't even fuck with him. Jesus.

  30. ... oh wait, you're a ginger. Now it makes sense.

  31. Ah come one... It was a Saturday and we were bored. I don't have the hatred for Arthur that the rest of you seem to have - I like to read his blog as well as all the creative comments you guys make. I consider the whole thing entertaining, and I have no problem with him personally, so we made a day of it... saw him, went shopping, had lunch, etc.

  32. @Anon 8:42 am
    Oh brother.... REALLY???? You and the wifey really made a "thspecthial" trip?

    A 'boring' Saturday would have been better-spent FUCKING EACHOTHER ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!!

    Oh well... I'll bet you're lovely. Did you load up the Beemer with white boxes with bold black writing all over them? Get some undies at Macy's? Avert your eyes for the wife's benefit while Cathy Cumstain, or whatever, hammed it up (ham-hocked, I mean!) for the jack-a-razzi?

    Yawn... At least 'The Fan' was more covert than you two.


  33. You have no problem with him personally? How can any self-respecting person not be offended by the shit that spews forth from that spit-valve? Look, your wife is pretty and I'm sure she's lovely, but do you have any idea what he would say about her behind her back? Would you be comfortable with him rating her and discussing how he can't even believe she would dare to approach him as she's not even a Philly 7? That he would lie about her, saying he once gave her a massive finger penetration after making sure to check the oil? I could go on but my stomach hurts. You enablers are almost as disgusting as he is. Fuck you.

  34. Oy Ginge!!
    That young lady's your wife? Well, fare play to you. You must have some personality to get her to see past your awful affliction - ginger hair. But that was a faux pas saying you had no problem with Arthur...you're too nice....but then you do look like a nice couple. Alice is right, you know, old anteater face would have a few contemptuous words for your lovely wife. It's what he does, he's shallow, rude and just loves to judge women - his criteria are size of breasts, hair on genitalia and anal access. He's mentally ill and just like the folk in the 18th century, I'm poking this retard with a stick for sport. Fancy going all that way only to tell him you were 'fans'. You should have asked him to rate your wife, and when he came out with ' a housewife 6' you could have rebuked him. I personally think she looks very sweet but wouldn't dream of rating her - that isn't the conduct gentleman

  35. Well, thanks all for the nice words about my wife... I agree, I have no idea how I got that lucky. Anyway, in person he had nothing contemptuous to say at all. Maybe he only does it to nasty bar/club skanks. He was perfectly cordial to us and seemed genuinely happy that we came to see him.

  36. Fare enough, speak as you find, ginge, speak as you find.