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Well, if you thought I was a sadist, you have now been proven CORRECT. Since we here at The Wig got a little lazy and didn't post his previous blog I am now posting them BOTH. The older post is the first one here. I DEFY any of you to make it through BOTH in one shot. Mwahahahahahahaha! Anyway. A guy who is 6'2" and wants to weigh 172.5 pounds? That is pretty fucking light for a guy that height. And if he's going to the gym and eating 200 grams of protein each day (within a 5,000 calorie a day diet) that just won't happen. Eating like that and working out COULD add muscle (it should, but I doubt he's working out properly) so he'd only get heavier. Shit, I lose weight when I stop lifting and put it on when lift. I also drop fat, so heavier is actually in better shape for me. It all just adds up to one thing... Arthur Kadyshes is a fucking moron and this stupid "diet" he's on will probably (HOPEFULLY!) kill him. So, here ya go a DOUBLE DOSE of fucking lies, and delusion from the Cock Gobbling moron himself, Arthur Kadyshes...

When Arthur Kade was a financial advisor, the thing that separated him from the Gen Pop others was that his talent and speaking level was higher, but the real key was the work ethic, drive, and raw determination that I showed in doing all the things that no other person would ever do. I have always compared my career there as well as my budding Hollywood and Pulitzer career to that scene in Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne climbs through the hole he spent 20 years digging (This is where he and I are similar because we are both smart enough to dig through a wall to escape, but it’s the next part I explain that makes The Brand a “International Growing Media Giant” that makes people like us champions, although I laughed when someone called me a “Real-Life Hank Moody” last night from Californication referring to how Arthur Kade is a “Rebel” and “Bad Boy” in “The Biz”) and then a 1/2 mile in a pipe filled with excrement and finally felt the feeling of freedom (When I started as an advisor, our old GVP drew a line with “Comfortable” on one end and “Uncomfortable” on another end, and he said in his thick Boston Accent, “The More you function on this end ((Pointing to The Uncomfortable side)), the more money you will make, and that has stuck with Arthur Kade for years). The Brand always imagines that moment of freedom will be tied to my first acceptance of Lil’ Oscar Ms. Emmy in front of either academies, but first Arthur Kade has to be willing to climb through the pipe of shit to make it there. There is a famous story in my old company of how I worked and called leads until 9PM on Thanksgiving Eve after everyone had left the office trying to schedule 3 more appointments so I could record 20 in a 3 day span, and come in for Monday Morning Review and brag about it in front of the 50 other advisors who went home, and this is what has always made Arthur Kade, “Arthur Kade”.
I have put on an extra 10 pounds from my target weight of 172.5 LBS., and while most Gen Poppers would kill for my incredible physique, I need to rip those 10LBs. off for NYE, and to head into “The Year Of The Brand” on the top of my physical game (I looked at my pics from my “Kade Style” domination in NYC this past weekend, and was wondering why the NYC 6 called me “Handsome” instead of “Gorgeous”, and I could see my face was not as lean and ripped as usual, and it was the first time I noticed the weight gain so I am limiting my diet to 5000 calories a day, no carbs except my one night of drinking, and 200 grams of Protein a day). Hollywood and KA are pretty much shut down on the production side until 2010 (This is Arthur Kade’s least favorite time of year because I have no “Off Switch”, and yet people feel like this is the time to decompress and spend time with their families, but it is in this time that the greatest artists at their craft like me, hunker down, and focus on activity and “Getting Back To Basics” and for me it is making my body look dynamic and ripped for 2010 as well as authoring my hit book with Trident Media Group, and my number 1 TV Show with IMG Media). I have been hitting 2 a days again since Monday (Once with my trainer, and once for ABS and flexibility at night, and have been dieting and haven’t had a drink since Sat. night and have already dropped 2.33 LBS.), and I am going to continue this because I want Arthur Kade to look fabulous on NYE and his roles in early January.
I have the improvisation class post coming later today, but I just wanted to give Kade Nation a quick update on where I was physically and Mentally heading into “The Year Of The Brand”. I had a dynamic interview last night with a newspaper in Nashville, TN called “The Nashville Scene”, where the interviewer was in pure awe of speaking to The Brand, and called me “A Cool Guy”, and I gave him updates on everything, so expect to see the article show up in 2010, but it’s great to know how popular “The Journey” is in The Midwest as well (Especially because he told me every celeb like myself has a house in Nashville, so it’s a great chance for some additional “A-Listers” to hop on The Kade Train).
“If learning to look good was the SAT’s, Arthur Kade would have been given early entrance into Harvard”….Arthur Kade….12/16/09

The Brandbary
What started out as an amazing and much needed night of practicing The Craft for several hours and staying in Chateau Kade to relax, recover from NYC, and prepare for my trainer at 9AM (I am learning a new monologue for an audition next week that is centered around a romantic comedy that I will be auditioning as the “Gay Best Friend” role. I was just telling my good friend last night, “I feel like I am finally consistently getting pricincipal auditions now, and “The Biz” understands now that featured background isn’t good enough for Arthur Kade and is trying to find me the perfect opportunity to star in something that will showcase my “Vince Vaughn meets Christian Bale style”, and I am not far off from my first starring role), morphed into an appearance at the calendar release party at Varga in Philly’s “Gayborhood”, where I came to meet and support several of the girls that Arthur Kade is friends with, and then one of them said (Shout out to “Ms. Day”), “Wanna come dancing with us?”, and I replied “Where?”, and she said, “I’m not telling you whcih usually means I may get assassinated or beat up , but being Arthur Kade, I am fearless and went in for the plunge (It’s funny how people think Arthur Kade is hated by so many of the Gen Pop, yet any event or socialite activity I show up at, I am adored and greeted like The President). Next thing The Brand knows, he is at The Barbary (Now renamed “The Brandbary” after it was Kadeified last night) the most popular bar for what she called “Dirty Hipsters” in No-Libs/Fishtown (For any Kade Nation members that don’t know, The Brand is the complete opposite of the “Hipster” crowd, but in most ways is respected and loved by them because they believe in his concepts of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of “”Kade-Style”", and the fact that many times I dress similar to them makes them accept me as one of their honorary members and follow and respect “The Journey”), and the rest of the night was pure unadulterated “Kade Style” Domination. At First, it was a tremendous clash of cultures and styles, but like Rocky in “Rocky IV” did in uniting The Russians and the Americans, Arthur Kade was able to bring to philosophies together to create a paparazzi atmosphere of love and heart felt fun.

Here are the highlights:
1) At Varga, all eyes were on Arthur Kade when he walked in, and the atmosphere was electric because the stares and whispers were palpable, but being the biggest name everywhere I go doesn’t affect me anymore (My Friends and The Entourage are still blown away because it makes them feel like they are watching some kind of movie being filmed right in front of them), but one of my friends came up to me and said, “This girl just said, “”Where is this Arthur guy? I am so sick of hearing about him”", and I joked back, “She better take some medicine because 2010, he will be all that you hear about”. “The Year Of The Brand” is fast approaching, and Arthur Kade is dieting, only drinking once a week, and doing 2 a days so that he can usher “The Modern Actor” into the new year looking pristine.
2) While hanging solo with 4 girls, at one end of the bar (It’s amazing to see the eyes of the Gen Pop as they realize how much of a Pimp-Like Phenomenon Arthur Kade is, and how he always leaves by himself with multiple hot girls), I spotted what appeared to be a Philly 9 on the other end of the bar (She looked like a “Librarian Hot” Brunette, and lately I have been hooking up with all Blondes ((The Last 6 girls have all been Blonde or a shade of it)), so I feel like it’s time to change it up and go darker), and told one of the girls, “Go get her number for me. Tell her you’re with Arthur Kade and it should be a lay-up”. I recruited 2 of the girls to go to the other side of the bar with one talking and one videoing, and the results are in the vid below (One of my all time best), and as the girls I tried to pick up came closer after I told my girls they would, I offered one of them my Filet Mignon Sliders to win her heart, but then we decided to leave to head to the Brandbary so I said hi and Kaded Out.
3) When we pulled up to The Brandbary, I told Ms. Day, “Are you crazy? I am going to get killed here!” and she replied “No one here knows who you are”, and when people started approaching me to take pictures and tell me they were fans, and then all the twittering started amongst the Hipster elite (Including DJ’s, Fans, and people from other cities like DC) that Arthur Kade was spotted there, she said, “I have to say, I am impressed”. Millions of people follow “The Journey”, did she really think that I don’t totally own the town I have put on the Hollywood map and have become it’s “Favorite Son”.
4) The DJ, John Redden, was absolutely amazing (I didn’t stop dancing all night and I didn’t even have a drink the whole night), so I came up to his booth because The Brand wanted to get in and party as he always does with the headlining DJ, “Over the Gen Pop”, and when I was introduced to him, I said “Do you know Who I am?”, and he replied , “Ummmm, Yes?”, and knowing that he wasn’t sure I said, “I’m Arthur Kade”, and he smiled and shook my hand immediately and said, “Oh yeah, nice to meet you”, and then The Brand Partied in the booth with him for 5 minutes, and the cameras were going off from every angle trying to capture the illustrious Arthur Kade killing it “Kade Style” in the DJ Booth at The Brandbary. This is a night for that bar that will go down as one of it’s most famous in history.
5) One Fan came up to me while I was dancing on the dance floor, and asked to take a pic with me, and I said, “On my Camera”, and I asked, “Are you a fan of “”The Journey”"?”, and he said “I have told people all over the country about you, and you are big in the U.K. (He meant U.Kade) and Australia”, and I smiled and we took a couple pics, and he started tweeting everyone that he had met Arthur Kade, and it must have made his decade to meet The Brand and touched his Royal Kadealot Skin.
6) When I went to the bathroom at The Brandbary, I was in the stall since I didn’t see any urinals and was pissing “FreeBall” while using both hands to tweet on my KadeBerry, and all of a sudden the stall was opened and some random girl was just staring at me peeing accidentally (She must have been so happy to see The Brand’s package in midair), so I smiled and all I could think about was that if she was a Philly 9 or higher, I might have asked her to stay and Kaded her right in the bathroom, or at the very least asked her to provide some Oral Sex.
7) Even though “The Biz” considers me to be “Elite”, “Above the Gen Pop”, and a “TV/Movie/Authoring star”, I have to say that it was great to get Arthur Kade into another element and see how the other side of the tracks worships The Brand and “The Journey”, and it was great to connect with a more genuine and real Gen Pop crowd, and the fact that they recognized and treated me like the celebrity and future Oscar Winner Arthur Kade is, put a warm spot in my heart for them, and I will consider doing some charity and social work in Fishtown in the future to support the “Hipster Cause”, and it truly felt like there was a cultural bonding taking place that could be modeled for other cultural reactions between races (Black and White), Religions (Muslim and Jewish), and even Nationalities (U.S and Mexico).
I already worked out with my trainer, ate a salad, then I have Sharon at 3 (I will be posting some amazing vids from my last Improv class today or tomorrow and it will be an insiders look into an acting class), and then am doing an interview for a Nashville Paper because “The Journey” has taken over there after that. Here are the “Balls Ass Hot Ass” Vids From Last Night:
“Some Fish were born to swim in Ponds. The Kadeacuuda was born to own the ocean”….Arthur Kade….12/15/09


  1. Lies, all lies.

    Arthur reminds me of that lady on SNL...Penelope...click my name for the link.

  2. He will never be able to process 200g of protein in a day. If you are trying to bulk up you take 1g per lbs body weight, but even with a very serious training regimen you would still have problems processing it. We all know you are not working out 5 days a week. If you want to cut down you need to cardio which I highly doubt you do. I have been in the fitness industry for a long time and this makes my head fucking hurt.

  3. Arthur's Little pee-peeDecember 16, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    Today's favorite lie/contradiction:
    "5000 calories and 200g of protein a day" coupled with "Today’s meals: 1) Steak and Scrambled Egg Whites with a Salad. 2) 5 Pretzels 3)Pure Protein Shake"

    Here is an actual 5,000 calorie diet,from some pro body builder's website. Once again, you're a fucking idiot. It now takes less than 2 minutes to spot your lies and prove them to be as much. It's not even a challenge anymore.

    6:00 am Breakfast:
    56 grams Protein powder
    3 cups Milk, low fat (1%)
    2 cups Cereal, cold
    2 cups Blueberries
    6 tbsp Almonds, slivered

    77g P – 99g C – 18g F – Calories: 866

    9:00 am Snack:
    1/2 cup Cottage cheese, light/low fat
    56 grams Protein powder
    2 cups Grapes
    3 tbsp Barley
    1 1/5 oz Sunflower seeds

    70g P – 90g C – 18g F – Calories: 802

    12:00 pm Lunch:
    4 1/2 oz Chicken breast
    4 oz Cheese, low or non fat
    4 cups Vegetable soup
    4 Crackers
    3 whole Pita
    12 Peanuts

    77g P – 99g C – 18g F – Calories: 866

    3:00 pm Snack:
    49 grams Protein powder
    1 1/2 cups Yogurt, plain, low fat
    1 1/2 tbsp Barley
    3 tbsp Almonds, slivered
    1 tsp Olive, Flax, Hemp or Salmon Oils
    2 Tangerines

    70g P – 99g C – 18g F – Calories: 802

    6:00 pm Dinner:
    11 oz Beef, lean cuts
    4 cups Cauliflower
    2 cups Rice
    6 tbsp Almonds, slivered
    1 1/3 cups Fruit juice

    77g P – 99g C – 18g F – Calories: 866

    9:00 pm Snack:
    11 oz Turkey breast, skinless
    2 cups Chickpeas
    1 cup Mushrooms
    1/4 cup Onions
    1 head Lettuce, iceberg
    3 cups Cherry tomatoes
    6 tbsp Almonds, slivered

    77g P – 99g C -18g F – Calories: 866

  4. The first sentence is a run-on that switches between third to first person. Aaaaand it just goes downhill from there.

  5. I disagree JBone. I myself take in between 200 and 250 grams per day of protein. I weigh 215 and hit the weights fairly hard. Most experts say between 1 and 1.5 grams per pound per day if you are trying to build muscle. It is easily done with protein shakes...but you have to drink plenty of water.

    It's the 5000 calories per day that make no sense at all. His basal metabolic rate is no more than 1800 to 2000 calories per day. So he is going to eat 3000 more calories? Every 3500 calories you eat is a pound of fat and vice versa.

    Weight training simply doesn't burn a shitload of calories. I don't understand if he's trying to bulk up or lose weight or what, but 5000 calories is WAY too much, esp if he wants to drop 10 pounds. OR he could drop 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle...who knows. Typical of him, he doesn't know what he's trying to accomplish either.

    You can get by with 2500 to 3000 calories per day - max - and get in good shape (build lean muscle and burn fat). He is a fucking moron, however, so let him do his thing. He's spinning his wheels as usual.

  6. Oh brother.... you men and your 'work-out' talk. How about put the fork down, stop doing drugs and move your body until you sweat?


  7. Artard is in the running for Douche Of The Decade on Gawker.com.

    Inevitably he is losing.

  8. @Beauchamp
    I have the same body type as Dick Kitten and I like to stay around 175. My frame after actual collegiate sports just can't take added bulk anymore. That type of protein gives you a gunt. I work out 4 days a week and every once in a while I will try to boost my protein and every time I lose the bottom of the 6 pack and get a bump. Just like all of Dick Kitten's pictures.

    Anywho, what we are not taking into account is the coke. He has actually just told us exactly how much blow he does. To support the increased weight loss from coke he might actually have to supplement it with that many calories. What gets me is that he is a diabetic, and every supplement on the market is so packed with sugar.

    Either way 5000 calories is the stupidiest thing I have ever heard. If you are trying to lose weight why would you more than double the normal caloric intake of a healthy man?

    Arthur, you are an idiot.

  9. Holy fucking shit. Arthur is Danny Kaye, but without the whole talent part. Click my name for the picture.

  10. When did Arturd admit to using a ton of coke? I must have missed that.

  11. I think Arthur's been in trouble with the drugs for quite a while...there's evidence, both anecdotal and behavioural (hark at me I sound like a fucking lawyer) that he takes cocaine. I'm not anti drugs but cocaine seems to be quite an insidious substance to put into your body.
    The fact that he takes drugs, spends most of his time in clubs and seems to be preoccupied with inserting his penis into a stranger's vagina leads me to think he is a total lightweight and will never achieve anything. He is the equivalent to those tosspots who have never sang in their lives and yet genuinely believe they can win American Idol. Arthur's not serious about acting or writing, he doesn't have the dedication, talent or mental capacity to apply himself to anything for any length of time and so will never be good at anything....unless you think going to clubs is a talent.....or being a deluded, bragging nob is a talent - at that Arthur excels. All said, he is quite a sad man and probably through no fault of his own....his parents fucked him up and the fact he still has anything to do with his cunt of a father is the only thing I've ever admired him for. He certainly knows how to forgive, but maybe that's all part of his therapy

  12. What the fuckity fuck kade. He thinks working until 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving eve is some sort of balls ass hot ass dedication? Fuck. I regularly pull all nighters on holidays. I'm on call 24 hours a day, every day. Maybe that means I can one day shed my gen pop rags and dominate in kadalot too. Sigh.

  13. @JuicyLovey,
    The difference between you and Kade is that you have a real job. He sold insurance. That is barely less embarrassing than being a male prostitute or a crack dealer. I don't care how late he worked on Thanksgiving Eve (whatever that is), he was still an insurance monger who didn't even try to get out and better himself and get a decent job in the financial industry.