Transformation To Being A Complete Fool Almost Complete

One day of hair coloring wasn't good enough for Arthur Kadyshes, so he was back to the salon again today to further along his quest to look like an even bigger fool than he did yesterday. Important question: Was it really necessary to post four more fucking videos that are pretty much the same thing as he posted yesterday? Arthur, get a couple ribs removed already and just go to town sucking yourself off, okay?

The latest from arthurkade.com:

I am running around like crazy, debating whether or not I am heading to NYC for the party at the Rooftop on The Standard (Not sure I can make it with everything I have going on in the 215 today, but I hear from my sources up there who have spoken to my people that is it amazing looking, so if I can’t get up there today, I will make sure to make a celeb appearance this week). I spent another day at the salon continuing to get my hair to the level of “Kade Blonde” that I want (Having parent’s that own such an exclusive and Elite salon is such a blessing because I was able to get a facial((Although I look a little “Broken Out” because of it)), and continue to get the process of my hair to perfection). I got mixed reviews last night on the change, but most people agreed that once the “Real” color is realized, then it will look great with my “Beautiful green eyes”, but it was tough for people to gauge my new look. One girl said, “You are this gorgeous dark and handsome hunk, and now you look a bit clownish”, and that saddened me a bit, but then I remembered that it’s not about modeling anymore, it’s about making star directors in “The Biz” see my commitment to them and the progress of “The Journey”, and I can have almost any girl I want even if I was bald anyway. It’s still so confusing to see myself Blonde, and I have mixed feelings, but The Brand is all about change, diversity, and trendsetting for the Gen Pop.
The process of going from Dark to Blonde is so intense and can take 3-4 coloring sessions to get right (This is the first time I have every permanently colored my hair), and yesterday I came in a bit Orange, so we focused on getting me more ashy Blonde today. I am happy with the progress, but feel I may still be a touch orange right now, so I will let the color settle a few days, review it before my photo shoot for The Trailer presentation for my Gay Doctor role, and then possibly hit it again to perfect it. It is so close, but now I can see it and this is the price an actor pays for a part, his own beauty, and love of The Craft. That’s what makes me Arthur Kade, the courage to do what no one else will.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make sure you only date someone Beautiful”….Arthur Kade…09/12/09

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Whatever It Takes - To Be An Even Bigger Joke Than Arthur Kadyshes Already Is

So the already ugly, already vile Arthur Kade went through with the promise to dye his hair blond. We weren't sure if it were possible for him to become uglier, but folks, it happened. We'll have some more thoughts on this after we continue to digest this latest round of insanity...

Being a world class actor is about so much sacrifice, and doing things that you don’t necessarily want to do, and most people don’t understand the amazing things that need to be done to transform your body, your mind, and your appearance to win Little Oscar or an Emmy. Because I know that I will be an Oscar winning actor in the future, I want “The Biz” to see the amazing hardships and sacrifices that I am willing to make for a starring role, and I look at my peers Like George Clooney (Who Gained Weight for Syriana), Jared Leto (Who gained 30Lbs. for a movie), Charlize Theron (Who uglified herself for Monster), Heath Ledger (Make Up and Hair for The Joker in Batman) and others, and I know that “The Biz” wants to see that I can back up my talk of doing Whatever It Takes. “The Journey” is about letting go of what is accepted, and embracing what makes me happy, and I LOVE my Italian/Greek looking face and body, so to have to create a more “Australian Surfer” look was such a gut wrenching, “Keep me up at night” choice. I was joking with a friend today on the way home from the salon, “I wonder if CNN will have my hair change as a top story”, and we both laughed because I am the center of such a tremendous International media storm so it wouldn’t surprise either of us.

I have gorgeous hair, and I love how thick it is, and how curly it is, and especially the color, so to have to experiment with “Blondeness” for a role was a very difficult decision to make for me. I wasn’t entirely sure that I was comfortable with it, and even as I am writing this blog, it’s still tough to put my arms around how I look (It looks a bit red still because it was a total overhaul, but I will highlight more in a week to “Blonde” it up, because it is impossible to over process it too much in one day without destroying your hair), but I feel that the “gay Doctor role I am playing needs me to make this change, and my love for The Craft and The Brand, comes ahead of my love for The Hair and my Model Look. A great actor like me can’t always look the same, because you have to live the role, and as much as it pained me to see my beautiful dark lochs turn into blonde lochs, I know that this is what is demanded of a rising media superstar because in “The Biz” you have to do “Whatever It Takes”/
Here’s My Celeb-Like day at The Salon. I’m still so shocked, and it will be adjusted in a week, so tell me what you think:
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Arthur could be hanging out with Madonna, but isn't!

It's hard to be shocked by anything Arthur Kadyshes says anymore, but it always manages to happen. In the post below - hold on to your seats here folks - Arthur suggests that "the journey" "really stands for everything like the courage, freedom and justice that was displayed on this amazing day of remembrance, 9/11." Excuse us while we go vomit for a few minutes. It's one thing to say outlandish things, it's a much different thing to say something as disrespectful on this, and ON THE EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SEPTEMBER 11TH ATTACKS. What a disgusting, worthless person. Arthur Kadyshes is a failure plain and simple. To suggest that his absurd life is even in any way exemplary of the heroism shown in the face of the worst tragedy this country has ever seen is flat out criminal.

On more thing: The breast picture below was posted on his site and eventually taken down, as was a photo of Arthur with the woman who they belong to. Why is this Arthur? Is it because no one with a reputation to preserve wants to be included in your stupid childish photos?

More craziness and 10 year old boy photos from the Lego Wig.

While talking to a friend during the fashion show that I did for the Rittenhouse Fall Festival (My one-lens sunglasses on the runway were a “Hit”, and I could it being a look for the upcoming fashion season that I have created as always. I wish I could have been in NYC because I had a guest invite to the Kiehl’s Party that was hosted by Emmanuelle Chiriqui (Sloan from Entourage, who is a Solid 9.655, with a sick body, great hair, stunning personality and beautiful face, great olive skin color that reminds me of my own, although there is something with her bottom quadrant of her face next to her mouth that is a bit off, but otherwise a VERY beautiful woman and very “Kade Worthy”), I was talking to one my friends who asked how things were going, and I answered, “I’m lighting it up right now. I just got my first principal part in a potential TV show being pitched, I have a new amazing agent who actually calls about auditions, and I am being interviewed by some of the top media outlets around the world. Things are just amazing, and I am about to cross over into the top tier of celebs soon, so I can bring you to all the hot parties I go to in New York and KA”. The Brand is really going global.

I also just told her that “The area that seems to love me a ton and think I am a great interview and rising star, is The South”. I was just booked to be interviewed by The Bert Show on Q100 in Atlanta, “”I call it Kadelanta”", on Tues. morning, and they had just featured me like a week ago”. She responded with, “That’s so great!! I am so proud of you. You are doing everything you said you were going to!!” The more I thought about this, the more I realized that as a celeb, I want my new and old fans to see me keeping a high profile, and although it can be difficult juggling a rising acting career, and high profile celeb status, it’s a job that has to be continuously done for the expansion of “The Brand”. I even got a text from a friend last night that said, “Broski, we need to start selling T-Shirts”, and I thought, “T-Shirt?? I’m thinking a whole couture clothing line that could be ready for a runway show in Fall ‘10 in NYC”.

My interviews with Ace and TJ, and Island 106 have been deemed legendary already, and now every station in the South wants to get to know me, and I can’t wait to communicate with Kadelanta on their #1 radio show (Q100 which talked about me last week) next week, and let them hear my voice and thoughts as I spread Kade Nation into America’s Southern Heartland. It’s great practice to do these interviews to prepare for the larger ones that will be coming up like Letterman, Fallon, Kimmel, Corrolla, Conan, and Stern who should be featuring me soon, considering the influence and name I am building in “The Biz” (I was thinking about how “The Journey” really stands for everything like the courage, freedom and justice that was displayed on this amazing day of remembrance, 9/11). I am on the cusp of being part of the “Major Talk Show Circuit”, and I am sure that everyone and their mother will be hitting me up for tickets for each show when it happens, but only the people who stuck by me through “The Journey” get to enjoy the amazing spoils and the Haters can go “Fuck Themselves”.

I the meantime, I thought I had to go to NYC for a new audition booked by my new agent, but he just emailed me that I wasn’t picked for the job (Was hoping to hit some parties for Fashion Week and the VMA’s tonight since I have some awesome invites from some publicists up there and I was really hoping to hang out with some fellow artists like J-Tim, T.I., and even Madonna), so I will be running around today in Philly, and probably getting my hair colored because we have our promo shots coming up for the Potential TV Pilot I am filming soon, and then the ultra exclusive re-opening of Strong Box Party tonight.

“Some people were born to do good.  Some to do great.  Some to do the impossible.  I was born to set the bar for all of those people”….Arthur Kade….09/11/09

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Arthur Kade Dumbinates Yet Another Radio Interview

Click here to listen to Arthur clumsily lie his way through another radio interview with a station (ultra exclusive Panama City, Florida's island106.com) who's web site looks like it borrowed all the typography from Saved By The Bell's "The Max" restaurant.

Among some of the highlights:

Arthur claims that he is "close to top-tier" as a celebrity simply because of going to the Cartoon Network, and because he can say that Rebecca Romijn, and Adam Scott from Wedding Crashers are "fans," or becuase Jeremy Piven "knows who he is."

Arthur again claims the following: "I've dated models, I've dated supermodels, I've dated the most gorgeous sumermodels in the world internationally, nationally, so I have the experience to talk, from experience..."
A challenge to you Arthur: Give us the name of ONE, just ONE supermodel you have dated. We all know you cannot do to this, but we are very interested in watching you try. Prove it with a picture. We all know this is one of your biggest lies!

He was asked to rate one of the radio show hosts, named Holly. he gave her a 5.875, broke her down, and tried to explain a "gunt" as 'the upper region that connects the privates region to the stomach." Yeah, really, he did. At least the station asked him what makes him so much better than everyone else, and he again tried to justify his Kade Scale with the claim of having dated the most beautiful women in the world. The woman that he rated at the station at least reminded everyone that Arthur has no credibility to judge anyone.

They had some call-in comments from listeners at the end, including one woman who said "I think you are giving someone who is a nobody a lot of publicity for no reason. I'm a huge movie fan and I've never heard of the guy!"

Miguel at the station went off on Arthur at the end - and rightly so - by saying "Who do you think you are? You think you're an actor, but nobody knows who you are! And the Kween? That was a piece of crap! You aint nobody! Go back to Philadelphia and sit down and do some financials!"

Migeul, we couldn't agree more.

Here's what Arthur Kade had to say about the interview:

I’m running off to do the fashion show right now, but I wanted to post the amazing interview I did for my Florida fans this morning as I continue to build my Southern Domination stronghold of Popularity. I am sure I gave them a show that they will never forget (I call it “The Kade Experience), and listen as I rate and break down their co-host Holly (As only someone with my experience can), and how I rate her on the Kade Scale (I think she appreciated my sincerity and I may have affected her deeply knowing that I would not want her, and I hope she takes some of my recs and runs with them to improve her life, and rank higher next time I’m on the show when I am promoting a movie or TV show I’m in). We talked about my life, “The Journey”, how I am read and followed by stars in Hollywood, and how I plan to redefine “The Biz”. Their ratings probably went through the roof having someone of my caliber on because I can’t imagine that there is much going on with “The Biz” in the panhandle, but I am about spreading The Brand to everyone.
More and more people think I should turn my rating system into a model and charge people to self help them look better, or have husbands and boyfriends hire me to do make-overs on their spouses and girlfriends, but that may be down the line once I achieve Media Mogul status, and decide to expand the Kade Brand empire.  I also think it would help me continue to change people’s lives, because men will want their girls more, and girls will feel better about themselves and their bodies once I have Kadeified them.  I guess it’s food for thought.
“I’m not trying to be the next MJ, Ali, Gretsky, or Montana. I’m trying to be the first Arthur Kade”…Arthur Kade…09/10/09
Also, I received fanmail from one of the show’s fans (And now one of mine) who I think had good intentions, but she should realize that I am always honest, and that’s what makes me Arthur Kade:

Wow you really are not the nicest person. You rated Holly O’Conner as a 5.whatever and look at you Mr. You are no where near a 5 dear. You really do not have to be so harsh. Put yourself in others shoes hun ok. I am a fun outgoing high spirited 24 year old and work at 9-5 job that I may not “love” but I would not go so far as to reach to stardom by being a “DB”. Hope you have a good day, try not to hurt too many peoples feelings today. I think you really may have put a crutch in Holly’s day and broke her spirit a bit but you don’t care. You will go through day to day hurting people just to make yourself feel better. I have great looks and don’t someone to rate me, you need to get to know someone then rate them. Someone can become much more attractive by personality.
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Pulling It Back

Another piss poor performance from the deluded Lego Wig wearing Arthur Kadyshes.

I was so amazingly happy to be back in Mike Lemon’s class last night, I could hardly keep from jumping out of my seat, and getting in front of the camera, and yelling “I Love Acting”, and knowing that I was going in with new ammunition to display for the most respected casting director in Philly an then getting his feedback was like an orgasm for me all day. I had been working on the Wedding Crashers monologue all week, practicing in front of the mirror, making all the adjustments Sharon and I had worked on, working out like crazy, tanning, and mentally and physically preparing for my first principal role next month, so I was ready to come in, and get the big thumbs up and responses from the class like, “Wow, he really has taken the next step as an actor, and he’s ready to be a star in a movie or TV show”. I was ready to debut all the hard work and craft study I had done all summer, and get my applause like playing a star role of Hamlet in a Shakespearean play, and so many fans around the world have stopped what they are doing to tell me how great I was doing.
Film acting is so different from acting on stage (I am an amazing theater talent because of how animated and alive I am at all times) because it’s all about being natural and relaxed, where people see a monologue and want it animated and excited, but Mike forces you to pull it back, and strip it down to where it’s purely conversational, and almost hidden. One of my favorite actors is Gary Oldman, and if you watch is performances (Like in The Dark Knight), he is so quiet and so reserved that there is no wasted effort, no extra energy and he disappears on camera to the point where you forget it’s him. I had gotten used to that feeling in Mike’s last class, and was getting good reviews from the progress I had been making for Sharon which is why I was so confident heading into this one. When I finally got in front of the camera, I said “Fuck it”, and “I don’t care”, and then let loose. The adrenaline was flowing, and it felt great to let it rip. But then Mike told me, “I need half of that”, and then again, and then again, and then he finally asked me to put the camera away from taping (He sensed that I was trying too hard to give a performance rather than just being Arthur Kade because I knew all my fans would be watching and I wanted to impress with my close to Oscar ready talent) and we finally got to the performance he was waiting for by the 5th or 6th take. Film acting is all about “Pulling It Back” because then it doesn’t look like you’re trying hard, and it’s natural and believable. He told me, “I like this monologue for you”, and on the last take he said, “That might have been your best work in class yet” (That was the coolest and most reassuring thing I have heard because to have a casting director who has cast movies like 12 Monkeys, Sixth Sense, In Her Shoes, and Unbreakable, and who has been watching my progress from the start of “The Journey” say that, was just so amazing because all the hard work is paying off). Sometimes it takes many takes for a director to get what they want (Mike used an example of how Mike Bay said that Ben Affleck always gave him what he wanted by the 5th take), and sometimes people don’t realize unless you are an actor like me, or on a set how many times they retake a scene to get what they want, and then edit it 600 ways from Sunday.
The only problem is that now I have to figure out if I deliver the quieter “Film acting” version of the monologue, or the animated, “Sharon version” when I get in front of the top casting people in “The Biz” in that star workshop in NYC in less than 2 weeks (I look at that as the opportunity of a lifetime because I will be in front of “A List” casters and need to kill it “Kade Style”). I am a bit confused, but will talk to Sharon during my coaching session today to see where I need to be, but this is why I have some great teachers to work with.
I have my Radio Interview with hit station Island 106 in Panama City, FL, in an hour (Helps keep my celeb profile high), and then Sharon (Both speech and acting today), will attempt to get my hair colored blond today if I have time, then modeling in the Rittenhouse Fall gathering (Expecting 500 people), and then either heading out in Philly or up to celeb parties in NYC. That’s an Arthur Kade day (Starring in 5 activities and doing the impossible) which is why I am Arthur Kade, and everyone else is “Gen Pop”.
“Admit when you’re not the best, and then figure out how to become the best, and if that doesn’t work, then sabotage the best, and replace the best”….Arthur Kade….09/10/09

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Kade's Real Drug Of Choice? Insanity

The latest from arthurkade.com:
No matter where I go, I have young actors and wanna-be Arthur Kade’s come up to me all the time and ask me for advice and guidance on becoming a “Great Actor” and “Celebrity” in “The Biz”, and when I have time, I try to give feedback, but most of the time I am doing tasks to further my domination (I wish I could do more, give more, be more, because I want to be remembered as a giver as much as a taker). Sometimes I lie awake at night and stare at the ceiling of Chateau Kade, and dream about the future, and how Little Oscar will one day be there with me, and how everything that I am putting out there is my blood, sweat and tears to create the revolution that is “The Journey” is coming true, and I am always reminded of my peer, Beethoven, who would lay in the grass and look at the stars and hear music, while I see future Oscar winning scripts. I never lose belief in what I will do in “The Biz”, but two things happened today that helped me remember that “Giving Back” is just as important as anything I do.
First, I gave an interview and profile to my Alma mater, Temple University, because the writer was profiling all the interesting places I hang out and shop (I am not a bug fan of doing local media anymore because I feel like it “Localizes” The Brand, and I am Global now), but I wanted Temple to know that one of their favorite sons still cares, and when I am ultra wealthy, I think I will establish a college fund in my name for student actors who want to follow the steps of Arthur Kade, the original “Modern Actor”.
Second, I spoke to the manager for Azziz (The up and coming star Rapper who I featured on the blog several months ago in a Freestyle battle with me that I think I hung in pretty well with), who told me that he has now been signed by a major record label (Universal/Fontana), and will be releasing his first album on 01/26/10, but his first hit single, “Let’s Go, Let’s Go” is out and will be hitting national airwaves next week. I told you then, he was going to be a star, and it’s nice to see someone that I featured at the beginning is killing it “Kade Style” in “The Biz” like me, and it also tells me that I may one day be able to cross over to Music and create Platinum Talent because of my distinct and exclusive taste for making hits and like one friend said, “Lately, Everything you touch turns to Gold”. I am starting to believe that I might be the next Tommy Mottola in the making with all of the media crossovers that I am doing.
These two things make me think that I need to always keep in the back of my mind that The Brand should help others make it like it did, and I want to eventually even start a film festival in Philadelphia to give back to the community, and help employ people and have Philly’s Favorite Son bring arts to the city Like Rob Redford did with Sundance, and Bobby DeNiro did with Tribeca. I would call it The “KadeStyle Film Festival”, to reflect all of the things that “Kade Style” embodies.
Tomorrow, I continue my Southern Media Domination Tour with an interview in the morning with hit Radio Show, “Kramer on Island 106″ in Panama City, FL (Ace and TJ told him I was “A Great Interview” and I am happy to do it because he has a top rated show, and I love Southern Florida and Spring Breaks down there because there are so many 9’s and 10’s who are under 30 who need to know who I am if they don’t already and may want me when I head down to SoBe on Vaca), and I am modeling in a HUGE fashion show for the Rittenhouse Fall gathering (Fitting on Video Below) at night for Fashion week, then possibly heading to NYC to some Celeb parties to network.
“My Drug of Choice is Excellence”….Arthur Kade…09/09/09
Here is the Balls Ass Hot new Video for “Let’s Go, Let’s Go” by Azziz (It is very Kadeish with high level branding and elite places) and my video from my fashion show fitting (Everyone is blown away by the HD version of Arthur Kade with the KadeCam):

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New Fan Video!!!!!!!! *snicker* Satire: totally lost on Arthur Kade

Someone compares him to Charles Manson and then this parody video appears, yet he still considers these folks "Fans"......if only he had a clue.  Maybe when he gets his Amex Black card he'll be able to purchase one.  But huge props to Kent Osborne for providing us with the laugh of the day.

Sep 08 2009

New Fan Video From CN Network BFF, Kent Osborne and The New KadeCam

Here is a new fan video created by one of my top fans, Cartoon Network Legend, and Cali BFF, Kent Osborne. My fans around the world will remember that Kent just turned 40, and as I am tying up some HUGE loose ends here in the 215, and dominating NYC and “The East Coast Biz”, I have also still been looking for a shared place in KA to begin traveling once a month there beginning in early 2010. This video is a tremendous and monumental compilation of a term that has become one with “The Journey”, and I have been told by friends that “Kade Out” is probably one of the most popular terms appearing on Facebook status updates in the world, and it further shows that Arthur Kade has become a global name and brand not just through brilliance of his craft and marketing, but also social networking (I will be featured as a panel speaker in October to talk about the importance of social networking, and how “The Journey” spread all over the world overnight without me doing anything besides Facebook and Twitter updates). One of the girls who organized the panel said, “I am so excited to see what you have to say more than anyone else”, when she saw me out recently , and she was glowing just being in the presence of The Brand (I had a respected businessman tell me at Rouge last week, “I could never do what you are doing, but you may be a genius”, and I just smiled knowing that I have created something that books will be written me about one day, and a new dawn is being brought in for “The Biz”). It was also great to see the video I did the night that I made a celebrity drive by for 2 huge celebrity fans, James Frey and Anna David who cameo in this video. I haven’t thought about our night together in a long time but we should have dinner soon.

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Advanced Acting Class - Arthur is WAY out of his league now

I think the funniest thing in legos-for-brains latest post is that he's complaining about "no one being around" as if that's the reason he's not getting any acting gigs. As if summer is the reason; as if all acting jobs just dry up. Arthur, the jobs are there! They're just being taken by actual working actors who work harder at their craft than you can even fathom. The jobs are there for people with talent. The jobs are there for actors that are going somewhere. The jobs are not there for people like you, who feel it's more important to blog about how they can "get a girl kicked out of a hotel for not shaving her private parts."

He also fails to see the irony in saying "it's time for working successful actors like myself... to get back to acting classes." Ha! Arthur, actual working successful actors are not taking classes, because they're actually talented at what they do. They're not trying to figure it out anymore. Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Matt Damon, etc. those guys are not taking acting classes! They're making millions of dollars and living the life that you will only dream of.

Finally Arthur, people don't read your blog "first thing in the morning" because they're intrigued by you. They read your blog first thing in the morning because seeing your abysmal, fame-whore lifestyle makes even those waking up with the worst day imaginable feel better about themselves, because they're not waking up in your skin, your acne, your disgusting mind. Even a guy who shovels shit all day for minimum wage wakes up being thankful he is not you.

The latest from arthurkade.com:

Now that the summer is officially over, it is time for working successful actors like myself to get back to crazy work schedules, and amazing classes now that everyone is coming back from vacation, and tommorow I have finally back in class with the amazing Mike Lemon. I was just bitching to one of my girlfriends at The Chels, “This month has been so annoying because everyone is away, and all I want to do is kill it, and no one seems to be around”.  I excelled in the Film Class I did a couple months ago, and since then I have worked with coaches to continue perfecting my craft, and I can’t wait to see the reaction from him and my fellow students when they see again (Considering I was just Arthur Kade, the guy with the feature in Philadelphia Magazine back then, and now I have become Arthur Kade, celebrity featured in popular tabloid websites like Gawker, DBTH, The Insider, and being featured on hit radio shows around the country).  I am curious if they will ask for pictures or autographs when I walk in, but I will want to just “Fit In” because it is important to stay humble and not ever throw your success in other’s faces, because you never know who you might need or want on the way up in “The Biz”, and if I meet someone who could be a good role player in a future feature film I star in, I don’t want them feeling like, “Arthur hated me”, “Arthur thought I sucked”, or “Arthur knew I wanted him”.
When I walk in, I hope that I have some of the classmates from the last class because we built a bond like in “Band Of Brothers”, and it will probably be like seeing a private who has been promted to General in just 8 weeks, and they will want to pick my brain on how I have achieved so much, but my focus has to be on excelling at Mike’s toughest class, preparing for my first principal role this year, my amazing auditions in front of the top commercial and film agents in NYC in 2.45 weeks, and most of all signing on with a top agent to take “The Journey” to new heights and take me from just “Celebrity” to “Award Winning Actor” (A fan told me at The Chels, “I think you’re blog will be the biggest one in the country soon”, and I responded people already tell me, “ArthurKade.com is the first thing I read in the morning, even ahead of CNN, Perez, and ESPN” because they are so intriguiged by my personality, looks, charm, and defiance of the impossible.
While talking to my acting coach Sharon about the summer, she told, “It’s always slower, but this year has been even worse because of the economy”, and I thought, “Wow, great actors like her are worrying about work, and yet here I have been getting tons of it, so that just shows me that I’m doing great”.  I have also perfected my “Wedding Crashers” monologue, and will be seeing Sharon tommorow at 2PM, and then have class at 6:30PM, so it’s back to the grindstone, and developing The Brand.  I will also be heading to the salon as well to color my hair blond, so stay tuned, and I am working on some crazy stuff that will blow the minds of The Gen Pop, and take “The Journey” to new, groundbreaking heights.  I also just bought my new Kade Cam after that 5 broke my other one, and will show it tommorow in a blog, but it kills the other one I had, and is more refelective of a celeb than Gen Pop status.  I also have a fashion show later this week will show my continued dedication to keeping a high profile like other celebs do in other productions outside of their craft like Seacrest doing Idol and Klum doing Runway, although I am more “Retired” in that industry now, although I think I could still be in Abercrombie, Armani, or Prada Ads if I really wanted to got that direction
I am also still weighing my choice on Celebrity Boxing (This seemed to be the most talked about topin down the shore, and everyone has has mixed reviews with some people wanting to watch Arthur Kade pummel someone, and others being scared that I might hurt my “Street Cred”, and potentially hurt my face or body and slow “The Journey”), and one girl said, “Why would you want to break your beautiful nose after you’ve gotten it fixed before”, and I said, “I don’t know that anyone can hit me because I am very athletic and fast, and it would be great exposure, but I’m not sure it’s the direction that a future A List Actor wants to go in it’s development to Commercial/Media Product”.  It’s something that I am really thinking through, but most people think that I will have no problem winning, because I am a winner at everything.
If you missed my groundbreaking interview with The Ace and Tj Show out of Charlotte on Friday (The top rated syndicated radio show in The South which made me a household name in new teritories in “The Bible Belt”), and I have been told that their link is malfunctioning, I was just forwarded this link to listen to the show.  Enjow how they praise me, and tell me they are fans of “The Journey”.
“I am not an “”Idiot Savant”, because they are only brilliant at one thing, I am a “”Life Savant”"”….Arthur Kade…09/07/09
A Touching Fan Email I received from one Of My Aussie Fans.  Gracias Mate, “The Journey” is going to new levels right now so stay tuned.
Hey Arthur
You are a genius, can’t wait to see more of your Kween character on youtube - her, I mean it’s, development (Mr Belvedere meets Queen Elizabeth) has been so inspiring to watch over its course. I can definitely see a Borat style movie or Ali G or Alan Partridge style interview program based on this character - with people believing that she, I mean it, is a real character! It amazes me that you can develop such original and funny concepts while still keeping in such good shape, rock such good fashion, develop a boxing career, etc, etc…also I have to say your website is unbelievable - do you create/design that your self? - you are a trail blazer and believe me, it’s not just future young actors who are going to see you as their Christopher Columbus - it’s the youth of the future…period! Have you ever considered a sideline in music or song writing? I can totally imagine you as the next Sting, Bono, Frank Sinatra, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon or Charles Manson if you have any guitar/song writing ambitions. O.K, I know you’re a busy man and have better things to do than read such lengthy fan emails, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m a big fan and can’t wait to see more of The Kween (Mr Belvedere meets Queen Elizabeth) and also can’t wait to see you diversify into more and more outlets for your prodigious talent and creativity and watch you continue your meteoric rise to the top. You’re starting to get quite a fan base here in Australia by the way and a grass roots level of support and respect.
Fuck the haters, Don’t ever change!
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Arthur continues to not get laid. Is anyone shocked?

After setting Dusk on fire last night, “Kade Style”, we rolled back to “The Chels”, and had a quick party in our room because I wanted to avoid creating a spectacle by heading to the pool and having everyone say, “There’s Arthur Kade”, like they were doing at Dusk. My server actually told me that the girls she tried to round-up for my 7 bottle table (We bought 5, and were comped 2 as a gift which showed the influence I have as a premier client and socialite and was so “Monte Carlo-Like” on my part), were scared to come over because I was Arthur Kade and the blog scares them, although I think that they were just intimidated by my celebrity (Some horrible 5 broke my camera last night while we were taking pictures with me so I had to use my KadeBerry the rest of the night). I deal with fear of hanging with me a lot because people are scared to be in The Public Eye and be all over the tabloids, and then I got 3 hours of sleep, and decided to head back to the pool today for the daytime party today which I turned into Rehab in AC. It’s amazing to see how girls react differently to me now because some are scared because of my popularity and famousness, while others are so attracted to “One of the biggest Bad Boys in “”The Biz”””, and I have started realizing that being Arthur Kade may cost me a few conquests due to fear, but in the end, girls want to know they were taken by an “A Lister” in his prime.

Me and 2 of The Entourage decided to get a cabana and we grabbed the first one so that we had maximum visibility and access, and we had girls being shuttled in and out the whole day, and as I am lying in the bed of my suite typing this, we have lined up several parties with randoms who we will probably board like a spaceship take-over, “Kade Style” if I go out tonight. All we talked about with the girls today, was about “The Journey” , the orgies that we wanted to have with them, told them to take off their clothes, and even give sexual favors (Which they wouldn’t do either which was a bit irritating because I was jonesing for some goodness), and I think that as soon as all of the different groups were told who I was (I sat in the corner of the cabana because I wanted to show power by my position because it looked like I was hidden from the public, and if a girl wanted to give me oral sex, it could be done privately) they all either loved me or were scared. We actually had a solid NYC 8 in the cabana who had gorgeous eyes and a striking face, but her and her friend were so uptight that I felt like they were a human Ambien putting me to sleep instead of wanting me to have them, and tell their boyfriends about the “Star Fuck” they could have had. They were “Too educated” and just wanted to hang out which is a complete waste of my time. I was also challenged to an acting improv (Video Below) to prove my skills, and the girls were blown away by my quick lyrics and masterful word moves, and I called myself “The Biggie Smalls of “”The Biz”””.

We were all in rare form, and one of my friends got numbers from several of the girls who he called while laying next to me in the suite and told them, “I want to eat your pussy”, “Did you shave your pussy?” (One girl told him at The Chels that she didn’t shave which almost prompted me to have her kicked out of The Hotel), and he even tried to have some girl come over to blow him (She looked like a cracked out homeless girl, who had leather skin, saggy tits and ass, and was a 5 10 years ago, but is now a 3 who made out with him at The Chels, and probably gave him herpes through the air), but I kicked her out of the room when she got there because I wanted no parts of it, and when she got upset that I thought she was ugly and didn’t want to get kicked out, I told her, “I will have security escort you out” so she left right away knowing that my brand can’t be associated with ugliness.

Girls all have different opinions of Arthur Kade, but the fact that is that all girls love the rawness that I provide to them, and they enjoy “The Truth” and will make it the topic of their lives (Good or bad, and one girl said she called me a “Genius” last night because of what I have created) even though they will say “I hate him” or “He is a pig”, they probably secretly want me and are die hard fans because I am their challenge that they can’t have. I told the server at Dusk when she said that girls were scared to come over, “Trust me, it will be very popular to hang with me soon”, and “I am a great guy, I just say all the things that guys like us say behind the scenes”.

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